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Full text of "A woorke concerning the trewnesse of the Christian religion"

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in 2013 

UU *A 



concerning the trew- 

nejfe of th ChriHian 

Religion , written 

in French: 

Againft Atheifts, Epicures.. P«nynim?,Tc v, 
Mahumetifts, and other Infidels. 

By PhilipofsJMomay Lord of 

Begunne to be tranflated into Englifh by Sir 

rhiiip Sidrury Knight, and at hisrequeil: 

finifhed by At lr*r Golding. 

^■Imprinted at London for Thomas 
C adman. 1587. 


Cz^N^i"' »2"*>*'*y» *c*^f r S* */T f ^iT'2' *7*^ 

To the 




ble liis finguler good Lqrd Robert Earle 

of LeyceHorfBaron of r Denbigh > Kmght of the order of' 
ihcGarter,and of S.Michaell , one of the Lords of the mod Ho- 
norable prime Coiinfiik 3 and MatBer of the Horfe to the Qjteencs 

Maicftie:Lord Generall of her Maiefties Forces in the Lowe Countries, 
and Gouernour Generall of the vnited Prouinces , and of thcit 

Ailbeiates : Arthur Goldmg wifheth long continuance •. . - '; . 
of heakh,muchincreafeof Honour, and in the 

life to come in endkfie fclicitic. ' * . 

Any caufes doe fully per ftvade me ~ " 
(right Honorable,)tbat this pre- 
fent Tbwke Ithich I pre fume to of- 
fer <~vntoyou , Ipill in diuers re~ 
ffeBs be <-vnto you Very accepta- 
ble. For <~vntofuch as are ofgrea- 
tefl Ivifedomefvertue and Noli- •* 
litie > the^ifefl befl and^veightiefl matters areahvaies 
mofl a^reeab/e.zAnd whereas all men are naturally defi- 
rous of the fouereine loelfure^ highefifelicitie, or cheefe 
good > holvbeit that Veryfeltw doe knolve Tvhat it is y or 
therein it confisieth 5 or Iphich is the right Ifray that 
leadeth thereunto : aAndyet notlvithsianding^vithout 
the knowledge of that trueth , all their Ifofedomc is but 
mere ignorance blyndnejfe and folly 5 all their goodnejfe £ 
is but mere corruption ^^ickedneffe^ al their braue- : </. ■■. 
rie tryumphe lollitie andpompe is but vtter miferie and?-- 

* z Tvretdecl- 


firetchedneJfe:Thisprefent "toorke treatetb of the treTo- 
titffejhatis to fay of theperpetuallandtnuariablecon^ 
ftancie and ftedfkUneffe of the Christian Religion y the 
only band that linketh God <~unto man , and men one to 
another >and all rvnto God.the only Lampe that enligh- 
teneth mans "bit Ifrit'b true loifedome > the onely Tbater- 
ffring that replenijheth his loi&lvith true goodneffe, and 
the only might ie poller that giueth (Irength and courage 
to mans fjnrit P thereby he is enabled both perfectly to 
dijcerne and beholde his fouereine^velfhre or f elicit ie y 
Tvhich is God the Very founder furtherer andfini(her of 
trueth or rather the Very trueth itfelfe$ and constantly 
to hold on loith toy to the obteynement of the fame jh an 
the Tuhich no greater thing can by any meanes bee ima- 
gined.aAnd in the difcourfe ofthismoflgraue fj'Sveigh- 
tie matter^ many deepepoynts ofhumaine "Thilofofhie^ 
and -many high mifteries ofheauenly Dmimtie, be lear- 
nedly breefly and plainly difcujfedandlayd open, to the 
njnderslanding euen of the meanefl capacitiesjhat loill 
youtjafe to reade aduifedly^ to conferre the parts to- 
gether loith diligence. For the Author of thislvorkjbeing 
a man of great reading judgement Jearning ^skiU^nd 
therewith addi&edor rather ^voiced (as appeareth by 
this and dyuers other of his excellent Writings) to the 
furthering ofGodsglorie by his mofl faith full and pain- 
full imploymg of him f elf e in the feruice of his Church > 
hath conueyed into this Ivorke^ohatfoeuer he found ey- 
(kcr m the common reafon of all Nat ions 9 or in the pecu- 


liar principles of the cheefe Pbilofopbers,or in the mifli- 
call doctrine of the fe^ijb Kabbmes^or in the Writings 
of the Historiographers and IPoets 3 that might conue- 
niently make to the manifestation of that truetb lohich 
he takethin hand to prone. Wherby he hathfo effectu- 
ally brought hispurpofe topaffe^th'at if any zAtheift In- 
fidel or lelo hamng read this his ivorke TPith aduifemet* 
fhallyet denye the Chriflian Religion to be the true and 
only pathway to eternal! f elicit ie,& all other "Religions 
to bee mere vanitie and^oickedneffe, muft needesjbe^ve 
himfelfto be either utterly Voydeuenofbumawefence x 
or els objlmatly and Wilfully bent to impugne the mam- 
fefl truetb againfl the continuaUteHimonie ofhiso^one 
confcience.Not without iufl caufe therfore hath fo great 
loue and lykjng of this Ivorkg of bis bene generally con- 
cerned-, that many not onely of Gentlemen in the ffourt 
and Country ^but alfo of Students in both the Zlniuerfi- 
tiesy hauepurpofed and attempted the tranflating ther- 
of into our EnglifJ? tongue,as anincreafe of comfort and 
gladneffe tofuch as are alreadie rooted and grounded in 
the truetb > as aflablipment tofuch as any loay eyther 
by their olone infrmitie or through the loilinejfe of Tric- 
ked per fons are made to loauer and bang infuf^ence^and 
as ameane to reuoke fuch as of themfelues or by fini{ler 
perftiafions are gone a^ay into error>and alfo( if it pof~ 
fible beejto reforme the malicious and (liibbomhearted. 
-Among lohicb number of Doeldiffofed ^rightly jealous 
Gentlemen J may not Without iufl defer t of blame omit 

* 3 & 


tofayfomewhat (though fkrre lejfe than is meet) of that 
. rig ] :t Ivor t hie and Valianf s Knigbtjy our good Lord/hips 

, >- noble kin f man Sir Pbitip' k $idney,wbofe rare Vertuejoa- 
i lour 3 and courtefie^matchtd With equall loue and care of 
the true (fhri(lianRelig)on>being difappoynted of their 
purpofedendby auerhafiie death in the very enter an ce 
of his honorable race , haue left iuft caufe to his lomng 
(fountrie to beWayle the njntymely forgoing of fo great 
an Ornament) and the fodeyne bereumgof fo hopefully 
• flay arid defence. Whereof notwithstanding this com- 
,vt fort remayneth > That he dyed not languiflnng inydle- 
neffe ryot and exceffe > nor as ouercome With nyce plea- 
fur es and fond Vanities -^but of manly Wounds receiued 
infermce of his ^Prince >in defence ofperfons oppreffed y 
in maintenance of the only true (ffatholichj& Chrifiian 
^Religionyamong the noble valiant and Wife> in the open 

I fielde > in ^Martiallmaner , the honor ablefl death that 
could be defired,andbe(l befeeming a Chrifiian Knight '> 
where! y he hath Worthely Wonne to himfelfe immortall 
fame among the godly^andleft example Wort hie of imi- 
tation to others of his calling. This honorable gentleman 
being delightedWith the excellecie of this prcfent Work^ 
began to put the fame into our Language for the benefite 
ofthishisnatiue Countrie, and had proceeded certeyne 
Chapters therein^Vntill that intending a higher kind of 
ferine e towards Cod and his prince >not draWen t her to 

:?• by fubtile dcuyce of aWylieVlyfts from compameof 

. . Cmrtly Ladies : himfelf being difguifedin Ladies attire 



after the maner ofzAehilles $ nor difcouered againfl hk , 
lW# by the ^ifedome of aTa/amedes after the maner 
ofVlyffes^but aduaunced through the hardyneffe of his .^. 
olvne knightly courage like tfrfProfilaus 5 he 'Willingly f t " 
faffed for a tyme from the companie of the £Mufes to 
the (fampe of {Mar sphere to mdltytryallas Tbellofthe 
Fyke as he had done of his Pen^afier the example of the 
njaliant Julius C<zfar,lvhofe excellencie mall kinde of 
knowledge and learnings ould not hold him hackee from 
feeking to mlarge his reno^ome by hazarding his noble 
per f on among the Weapons of armed Souldyers , 7> eein^* 
thus determined tofollo^oe the affayres of Chiualrie j it ' 
Tpos bispleafure to commit the per form ace of this peecg 
offeruice ^ohichhe had intended to the Mufes or rather 
to ffhnfles Church and his natiue (fountne y^vnto my 
charge^declaringnjntomehol^it'^ashismeamng > that 
the fame being accomplifhed jhmld bee dedicated njnto j. 
your Honors matter fo acceptable <-unto mefbothin re- 
fyeSl of the charge it felf^andofthe par tie that 'wpofed A«fc 
it ^vponme^andof theperfon toDvhom it Ivas mi :nded: 
that although inrefyeSi of the toylefome and tedious 
troubles ibhereHutb J loasthen prejfed and am yetflill 
in maner opprejfed \ I could haue found m my heart to 
haue forborne the ^undertaking of fo great a taske at 
that tyme$yet not^ithBanding 1 gladly tooke it ^vpom 
we>&(by the goodneffe of God)kaue faithfully perfor- 
med it tothevttermoflofmysktll. Jn his name there^X •*;; 
fore &as an executor of his Ivillinthat behalf 1 hum- 



I$y offer this excellent ^orke fnto your goodLordfl)ip\ 
as his and not myne. Wherein if any loords orphrafes 
JJ?allfeemeftraunge>(as in fome places perchaunce they 
% 'may) I doubt not but your good Lord/hip "bill impute it 
to the rarenejje and prof oundneffe of the matters there 
handled, not accuHomed heretofore to bee treated of in 
our language. For the auoydingoflvhich inconuenience 
as much as might be>great care hath bene taken > by for- 
ming and deryuingof fit names and termes , out of the 
fountaynes of our crtone tongne , though not altogether 
mo ft yfuall^yet alftaies conceyuable andeafie to beVn- 
derflood^rather than by nyfurping the Latin termes >or 
hy borrowing the loords of anyforreine language , leafl 
the matters lohich in fome cafes are mi fiscal/ enough of 
themfelues by reafon of their o"Wneprofoundneffe might 
haue bene made more obfeuretothe njnlearned^by fet- 
ting them dolvne in termes ^utterly runknolvne njnto 
them . Wherefore forbearing to loithholdyour Honor 
Ivith A*,y further procejfe of loordsfro reading the mat- 
ter ttfelfe, Ivhicbmay much more delight you: I 
refer re both myfelfe and it toyourfhuou- 
table acceptation . Written the 
13 My of *ftl*y 1*87. 

Tour good LordfJoips mofi humble 
al^aiesatyour commaundc- 
ment ^Arthur Golding* 

To the right high & mightie Prince*,. 
Henne k^ng of3\(auarre, Soue- % 

reigne of Bearnc,and a Pccrcand chief 
Vrince of the blond, royatt oftmnce. 

N this "Wretched time sir y where in yngodlinc/fc 
(which Was Woont but to whiff er men in the car?, 
And to mumble betweene we tfeth) hath binfo bold 
d$ tofiep into the pulpit, and to belie out blaffhe- 
mies againfr God and his Goffell : t take ypon mac 
{through d new kind of hardineffe, ds in rcffecl: of 
thefmall abilitie that God hath put into mee) to conuince hir, eucn 
by hir oWne principles and peculiar records ^that if I cannot make 
hir to come backe againe to a better mind, I may at leaflwife yet 
make hir hold hir peace for fl?ame> and keepe clofehir yenim in hir 
hart : A right great enterprife, and (in the iudgement ofmofl men) 
ouerhardbut yetfuch as wherein I fee great helpes to imbolden mc\ 
namely the < XX)orld, Man, the open examples of all ages, and (at one 
Woord) God himfelfe (who neuer faileth thofe which feeke his glo- 
rie)anda!I thateuerhe hath yttered concerning himfelfe,dSWell 
m the creating ds in the gouering of all things. The World for that 
it is ds a fbadoW of Gods brightne/Je: and Man, for that he is his, 
image and hkenefe : And both of them^ for that if it appear* eSten 
by the vhilofophers themfelues,that the r lXorld Was made for man, 
how greatly then are We boundynto the Creator thereof* HoW 
great is the dignitieofthis creature . ? and what elfc is his shootean* 
ker and his Welfare, but to flicke wholly ynto God ? soothly /;> c or 
whom the World Was made, mufl needes bee made for more than the 
<XX)orld . He for whomefo durable and fubflantiaU a thing Was 
made ^muft needs be made for another than this fraiU and Wretched 
life, that is to Wit f&r the euerlafting life, With him that is the 
euerlafting. And that is the foundation of all Religion, for Re//- 
gion (to ffeake proper lie) is nothing elfe but the fchoole where in 
We learnemansdutie towards God, and the way to be lincted moff 
firaightly ynto him. Againe, in the world We fee afledie and f aft- 
fettled order,and euery creature to doferuice in his fort. Onely man 
WithdraWeth his dutie, shrinking from God, andwandrin? away 
in hixafelfe % Hetlxit is mofi indebted, is tothefi to pay and haft able 

** tOpdv, 

The Epistle Dedicators 

to pay .lie for whome the highefl thinges are made is become a bond- 
~ flauc to the bafefand yikjt thinges : And the Kecordes of all ages 
arc ds indttements again ft all marSundprouing him to he ynthank- 
fitll to God,a murtherer of ha neighbors. a yiolatcr of?;aturc>and an 
' - tncmie to himfclfc . shall not he then, which in f cad ofdooing his 

. d&ticjs not a/ktmed to offend Cod, (land in dread of the death 'Which 
TCayteth Vpon him for his offence ? Tes :for Tvhat is Qod,but lufticc? 
( XX)hatis lufiice, but a iudgement of ducty ? And before that judge- 
ment who daretb'app'eare ? <XX:hat remedy than u there, both for 
» Cods g lor ie and for mans "Welfare : but that the debt be difcharged 
" by relcafe,andthe luflicefatisfcd with free fauour I The duty thcr- 
fore oftreW Religion, is to conuiCi ys by the LaW> and to iuftife ys 
by grace, to make ysfcele ourdifeafe > and thereWithj.ll to offer ys 
remedy. But Tvho shall pur chafe ys this grace fo neceffurie for mans 
Welfare} Either the Wvrld(as We thinkej or elfe man. Nay, what is 
there in man (l fay euen in thebeflinan) which burncth not before 
Cods \uflice,andwhtch fetteth itnotcnfre ? And what shall become 
' . of the World. thcn,ifman for whom it is created be ynable to ftand ? 

ioothly it is the Welbcloucd Sonne of God that wu(f ftande for all : 
the righteous for the ynrighteous , the might ie fortheynrnightye, 
the rich for the poore , the dear ling and the Well eloued for tkem 
that are in the difh lea fire and curfe of God his father, and the fame 
(fay I) is our Lorde lefus chrijl.lhe foole (fayth the vfa(mift) hath 
pftltnci 4 , Jaid in his heart>Thc tz is no God. And a Heathen man hath faffed 
Auicen the yet further, faying : He: that denieth the one God and his pro- 
Asioian, l]K { ence |. n a |j tlnnges, is not onely witlc(lc,but alfo fenfelciTiv 
Andhis fo faying is > becaufe the World which effereth itfelfc con- 
tinuallyynta ys > replcrJficth our 7Vittes With the know ledge of 
God : acn in this reffeci > that with one yieW of the eye , We fee this 
y.niuerfali ma jfe furnished Withfo many andfodiucrfe th'mges, lir.- 
kedone to another y\nd tending all to one marke . Truly \ dare fay^ 
and by Cods grace I dare ynde; take to prcoue,.that whofceuerwill 
lay before himwholly in one table (fo as he may fee them together 
T:ith one yiew>) the fromifes andprophefes concerning chriji , the 
comming of our Lord lefus and the proceeding of his G off ell Jjc shall 
net be able to deny,euen by the yery rules oflhilofophie y but that he 
T?. is fevt of Coined and that hewas Cod himfelfe , Uowbeit/in this 
hah our fault , that (whether it be through ignor dunce or through 
P.'^ligence) Wc con f tier not the incomparable Worke of our Creator 


The Epistle Dedicatorie. 

*n d Kecreator, but by piecemeale i "Without laying the one of them to 
the other : like as if a man "Would iudge ojtffjc echoic space of time 
by tie night, or byfom: one feafbn of the. year e y or by fome one of 
the Elementes : or as if he "Would iudge of a building by fomc one 
quarter : or of an Oration by fome jj ilables thereof: 'Whereas not* 
"Withfianding.Gods "Wifedomc in creating thtnges cannot be con fi de- 
red, but in the ynion of the partes "With we "Whole, and of tbemj clues 
among themfelues: nor his goodneffc in#ecr % cating or renewing 
them,and in regenerating of mankind for "Whom hi? made the "World* 
but by the heedf ull conferring of all times from the £rfl byrth of 
Man ynto thefeconde byrth , and repairing of him againe,"which it 
hath pleafed Cod to ordaine and make for him. 

As for the "World, it is fufficiently conuerfant before our eyes, 
dnd"WouldGodifWere leffe grauen in our banes : and therefore 
let ys lea ue the "World, and b ufie o u rfelues in the yn iuerfd 11 ta b le 
of 'mans faluation and reparation , r Uohen man had by his fnne 
dratone Gods "Wrath and the decay of the "World yppon his.orwne 
bead : Gods euerlafting "Wifedome > euen the fame "Whereby God had 
created him,flepped in and procured his fauour, fo as it "Waspromi- 
fed ynto thefirft man > that chrift should come and breake the ser- 
pents head,and make attonement bet"Weene God and man. J hat "Was 
the foundation-fione of the "Wonder full building of the church, and 
the feede whereof men "Were to be regenerated ne"W againe "W home 
God did as it "Were create,beget, and adopt ne"W againe in his fonnc, 
'Which is his cuerlafling "Wifedome ♦ This promife was deli uc red o- 
uerfrom hand to hand , and conucyedfrom father to Sonne, folcmn- 
ly declared to Abraham , \faac , and lacob : committed as a pa; ne 
by Mopes to the people of ifraell , celebrated by Dauid in his S orgs, 
and renewed from time to time by many excellent Prophets , "Which 
pointed out we time, place , and manner of his com ming , and fctte 
. do"Wne plainly andexprefly his foc^chis parents and h ; t. birth, ma- 
ny hundred yeares,yc a and fame thouj and year es aforehand : "which 
are fuch t hinges as no man could &no"We , nor any creature teach or 
conceiue. r CObat were they elfe' therefore but Vierauldss that fore- 
she"Wed the comming of the king of the "World into the "World : an d 
certes by another ffirite than the fbirite of the "World: Afera 
long fuccefe of thefe Heranldes* came the sauiour in the felfe 
fame manner "Which they badforetolde and painted out <VOhat- 
foeuertheyhadfaideofhim, agreedynto him, and "Which more 

The Epistle Dedicatorie* 

\s. could agree to none but him. r Cuho then can doubt that the promift 
is not perfbrmed,and that be is not the bringer of 
$o the World ? Andfeing that the Prophets could not tell any tidings 
iff him but from God, from whence can hebefent but from Cod J I 
KnoW Well that this one'thing is a fiumblingblocHe ynto ys, name- 
ly that after the founding of Co many clarions and trumpets, We fee 
<t man in outward show baje, and to the fight of our fleshly eies 
rontewptiblccome iniotfie World ; whereas notwithftanding if We 
opened the eies of ouv mind, We should contrariwife effie in that 
W i etchedneffcthe. yerie Godhead, and in that humane Weakenefife, 
the felfe fame infinite almightines which made both the World and 
man. He Was borne fay you: buff a yirgin.Ue Was Weake: but yet 
With his onely yoicehe healed all infirmities, He diedibutyet he rai- 
ded the dead, and rofe himfclfe from the dead ton. \f thou beleeuc 
thatfhou beleeueflthat he Was bothfent andfuftdned by God. Or if 
thou Wilt doubt thereof tell mee then hoW he did the things after his 
deatlhWhich are Witneffed by thine oWne hiftorics ? As foone as he 
Was tome fay I, he by and by chaunged the outward shape of the 
World, making it to ffring new againe all after another fort. 
<V£hen he Was once crucified, he turned the reproch of his croffe into 
gloricand the curfe thereof into a blefiing. Y\c Was croWned With 
thomes,and now Kings and Emperors dco caftdoWne their croWnes 
and Diudemcs at hisfeete. TJCbat a death Was that,which didfuch 
things as all the lining could not doo ? By ignorance he fuidued 
learning .by folly,Wifedomejby Weakeneffe , poWer\ by miferie>yic- 
toriejby rcproch,tr iumphs\by that which feemed not to be : the things 
which feemed ferity and chiefly for to be . TWelue Y isbcr- men in 
effect, did in short ff ace fubdue the whole World ynio him, by fuffe- 
ring and by teaching tofi<ffcr,yea and by dying, and by teaching to 
die. And the great chrifian kingdomes whici? We noWga^e at, and 
which We exalt fo much , are butfmall remnants of their cxploites, 
and little pieces of their Gonjuefls, if his birth offend thcejoeke yp- 
pon the Heraulds that Went a fare him, and yppon the Trumpetters 
that told tidings of him,both in the beginning and in the chiefeftate 
of the World, from whom, b ut from him that ma de tl. e v orlde- A nd 
wherefore in all agesjb 'it for the welfare of the World? if his crofe 
offend thee fee how the Impercurs and their r mpyres,the idols whom 
they Worshrpped,and the deuils whom they fcracd. I e altogether o- 
uer -thrown? > Iro'tcn in pieces > faft bound andfrriken dumbc at the 


The Epistle DedicAtorie. 

feeteofthis crucified rnan.AndhoaV, but by a fo\Xer faffing tbefo~ 
tee r of man -faffing the footer oflOnges, faffing thefotcer of An* 
gels , yea, faffing the former of all creatures together ? if the little 
shoto of the Afojtles tnoue thee : confiderhoiV the fi lie nettes ofthofe 
fishermen, dre'We the f ride of the tCorld i namely thetcife men, the 
vhilcfcf hers, and the Orators, by ignjorancr^as thou tearmcflit) ta> 
beleeu.e,and by folly to die for bele. uing. And for belcuing of what? 
euen of things contrary to the laiVe oftheCKor.ld,and to the toitte of 
man : namely, that this lefus chrifi crucified isQo.d ,. and that it is a 
bles full thing to indure all mis fortune for hisfa&e\ Be;;old aJfqkoW 
one of them dratCes me into his nette the lefjer A fa , another Italy e 9 . 
the third jEgyft>Andfome other of them extend Vnto the Scythians, 
the Ethiopians, andthe Indians, and ynto other places, tchither.the 
poaVer of the mofl renowned Imfyres did neuer attaine, and tohich 
baue hardly come to our knowledge noto within thefe hundred yea- 
res, and yet haue toe euen there found "very great cenquefts of theirs, 
gr //5e renotomed tokens of their yiflories, as are heere among our 
felues, \^dy,tohich more is, fee bot& thefe conquerors enriched tcith- 
fo many triumphs, do die for a dead man,<*F are crucified for acru* 
cified man,& their Difcifles alfo by heaps as 'tie/as th y.And avhat 
tnouetb them thercto,but that they be fire that their potoer cammet h } 
from x him, and that they be nothing, further foorth than they are im 
him and for him? that is to fay , that herliucth and ma&eth th.mto* 
liucyea euen for euersxhich die in him and for him . surely ~\>pfon- 
tlie confidering of this table, toe become as men rauishcd,dinraught>. 
and be fid: s our felues , and haue nothing to fay , but that hee tchicfr 
created man and the "World of nothing , and none other tea's able to 
ma$e and regenerate man and the "World againe of nothing, euen in- 
defptre of man and the 'porld- This inuifible Cod which hath made 
himfelfe yifible ly creating the yifib'U ^orld.r^ hath shet'edhim— 
fplfe.atmlgbtic 9 in clothing himfeffe tcith the infirmitieofa con- 
>tible man,is the edeemtr,~very God>and "Very Man, the Sonne of 
Cod,andis come in the fbcsb*cucn lefus chriffour Lord. 

il:-;re sir, you haue ,'nfe\V tOordesthe s ' oot-an-ser of this bbo&es* 
toht the tretsnepe of the chrifian Kei/gion^ and that 

{ds \ lhfe)ttith fuch Hcafons, that the defpifersofCod,ifthey tciltl 
■■■:, shall :t hajhxifefind then: felues graueledtogainfay it;. 
Horeouer to offer this to yourMdieftie, i haue chiefly r&o caufes, he 
one is that Cod hath made you to be borne, not onely a chrijlia n, but* 

** iij- aljfp 

The Epistle Dedicatorie* 

.dlfo a cbriflian Vrince, to whom it belongtth chiefly both for him* 
fife and for others,to knoWewhat the chriftian Religion is. Tor ye 
shaibe the more inflamed to aduaunce it , W hen you be throughly 
■j)erfwaded thai it is not a deuife of man as other Religions are, but 
the Law and truth of God* which maketh both kings and kingdoms* 
and hath made you a many ea>and fct you ouer men. To be short. that 
it is both your prof per itie in this life which dependeth yppon Gods 
gratiousgoodnes y andyo.ur Welfare in the other life 9 tohich is of far 
greater import ancfyhan ail that euer We can endure or attaine ~va» 
to here. 

The other reafon is* that forafmuch as Cod hath called me to be a- 
bout your Maieflie^as I hope)to do you feruice in that notable Worke 
which he is about to doe in our daies to his glory , and wherein he 
hath put into your hart ti imploy your perfon Without fpar in g of 
your life : reafon Would that the fruits both of my labors and of my 
leifure should beyours 3 as Well as the field ts yours. Without that it 
should be in my poWer to diffofe othcrWife thereof, A nd I pray the 
almighty to increafe his grace in you from day today > and to giue 
Tntoyou his fpirit to go forward With his Worke , and ynto me to 
do yon feruice to the yttermojiof my fmall power as long as I lyue. 

Yourmoft humbl^obedicnt, 

and faithftill Seruanr, 

D«. VleJZis. 


The Preface to the 


T is the ordmane matter of Prefaces, to do " 
dare firft of all the apparant profit, or rather nc- 
cefsitie that mooueth them to vndcrtake anie. 
worke ♦ But I to my great gricfe,doo thinke my 
felfe difcharged of that paine^in this cace. For he 
that mall but read the tttie of thisbooke^O^^e Trevone/Jeof 
thechriftian Keligion , if he lift to call to remembrance how 
manie blafphemies he heareth howerly againft Godand his 
word; how manie defpifers of Religion he meeteth with at e- 
uery ftepjand how great either coldneffe in the things which 
they ought to follow moil: who'ie , or doubting in the things 
which they ought to beleeue mo ft ftedfaftlie, he findeth eucn- 
inthofe which profeile the Chriftian godlineiTe : fhall by and 
by anfwer and yeeld the reafon of himfelfe, why I haue taken 
this worke in hand,more needful! now adaies(yea euen(which; 
lam afhamed to faie) among thofe which beare the name of 
Chriftians)than euer it was among the verie Heathen and Infi- 
dels . Some bufie themfelues To much about their pleasures*. 
that they can neuerfind anie leifure, not to mount vp vnto» 
God,but onelie To much as to enter into themfeluesrin fomuch 
that they be more ftrangers to their owne nature,to their owne 
"Soules, and to the things whickconcerne them molt neerelie 
and peculiarlie, than they bin either to the dcfeits of Inde, or 
to the Seas that are worft to-be haunted <Sc leaft knowen. ThaC- 
is the vene welipring of the Atheifts, who(to fpcake rightlie' 
of them) offend not through reafonmg, but for want of reafo* 
ning; nor by ahufing of reafon, but by drowning of reafon, or 
rather by bemiringit in the filthie and bcafthe pleafures of 
the world. Otherfome match their pleafures with malice, and 
to make ihort waie to the atteinement of goods or honour, doo> 
ouerreach and betraic othermen,-. felling their freends, their' 
kinsfolke,yea and their owne foules, 6c not (licking to do anie' 
euill,that may feme their turne,neuer alledging or pretending; 
honeftie oi*£onfcience,but to their owne profit .- Of men kind* 
offtuffe are die Epkuies made, who bicaufe they fcele their 

,** i Hajsrdfe ' 

TheVre faceted* Redder. 

minds etultic of fo many crimcs,do thinke themfelnes to haue 
efcaped the Iufhce and prouidence of G O D by denying it. 
And of theft wc may fay, that their reafon is called away and 
oucimaiiTercd by the courfe of the world, whervn'o it is whol- 
lie tied,fo as they can haue none other courfe or difcourfe than 

Some go yet a litle further,both in refpccl of God, and of 
thcmfelues. They thmkc thcic is a God, and that of him man 
hath receiued an immortal! foule : that God gouerneth all 
things, and that man ons;ht to feme him . But forafmuch as 
they fee both Gentiles and Iewes, Turkes and Clinicians in 
the world, and m diuerfe nations diuerfe Religions, whereof 
cuery one thinkcth he ferueth God, and that he ihali find Val- 
uation in his owne Religion : Thcfc ( like men at a floppc 
where many waies meet, ) in freed of choofing the right way 
by the iudgement of reafon, do Hand frill amazed, and in that 
amazement conclude that all comes to one, as who would fay, 
that South and North lead both to one place ♦ But footbly if 
they applied their wit as admfedly toiudge betweene truth 
and faifhoodj godlmeiTe and worldlinefle, as cuery man in his 
trade doth to juds;e bctweene profit and loffe : they fhould 
fborthwith by principles bred within themfelues,and by con- 
clusions, following vpon the fame, difcernc the true Religion 
from the falfe : and the way which GOD hath ordeined to 
welfare, from the deceitful! bywaies and from the croiTe and 
crooked inuentions of men . What fhall I lay of the moft part 
of vs ? Of vs Imeane which bcleeue the Gofpclland profeilc 
the Christian Religion, and yet hue as though we bclceued it 
not ? Which preach the kingdome of hcaucn, and haue our 
groynes cuer wrooting in the ground? Wh/ch will needes 
fecme and bee taken to be Gods children and coheires with 
Chri ft, children of fo rich a father and heires of fo goodly an 
inheritance, and yet doo fcarily thinke carneflly vpon it once 
in a whole yeare , but are readie to forfake it cuery howre, 
for lefle than amefle of gre well and a bit of bread ? Surely 
wee may well fay then, that if cuer it were needefull, it is 
r.eedcfull at this time to waken fuch as are afleepe, to bring 
backe fuch as are gone aflraie, to lift vp fuch as are funke 
downc, and to chafe them a heat which are waxed cold. And 


l7;f Vnfdceto the KcdcleY. 

thatis to bee done by painting out the true Religion !iueJj 
before their eyes, with the ioy,happincs, and glorie which in- 
iue therevpon, to the intent that the voluptuous may feeke 
their ioy, the coftetous their gaine , and the ambitious their 
glorie there, bending themfelues with their whole hearts vn* 
to that alone , which all oncly can fill their harts , and fatisfie 
their defiles. 

That is the thing which I indeuor to doo in this worke, 
m\<\ G O D of his gratious goodnelTcvouchfafe to guide my 
hand, to his owne glorie and to the welfare of thofe that are 
Jiis ♦ But afore 1 enter into the matter, I haue to anfwere vn- 
to two fortes of people . The one are fuch as fay that Reli- 
gion cannot bee declared vnto Infidels or vnbcleeuers by 
rcafon . The other forte arc thofe whiche vphold , that al- 
though rca(bn doo fomewhat inlighten it , yet it is neyther 
lawfull nor expedient to doo it* But let vs fee what icafon 
they can haue , to exclude reafbn from this difcourfe ♦ The 
firft fort fay,It is to no purpofc to difpute aga'inft fuch as de- 
nie grounded principles ♦ And by thismcanes, becaufeone 
grounded principle is denied them » they breake of quite and 
cleanc, as though all meane of conference were taken awaicj 
Surelie this principle of theirs is very true , but yet ( in my 
iudgeriient ) it is very ill vnderftood . I graunt it is to no pur- 
pose to difpute againfr. fuch as denie grounded principles, 
by the fame principles which they denie : That is very true. 
But there may be fome other principles common to both 
fides, by the which a man may profitably difpute with them, 
and by thofe common principles oftentimes prooue and ve- 
rifie his owne principles . And that is the thing which I in- 
tend to doo in this worke . As for example; The Chriilian 
groundcth himfelfe vpon the Gofpell ; the lew deniethit: 
and therefore it were to nopurpofe to alledge it vnto him. 
But both the lew and the Chriftian haue one common princi- 
ple and ground, which is the old Teftament : By this may the 
Chriftian profitably difpute againil thclewjyea eue to the ve- 
rifying of the gofbef, as if ye ihould make one to call Come ma 
to his knowledge, by the draughts or defcriptions of his por- 
traiture . Likewife the lew is grounded vpon the old Tcfta- 
met, which the Gentile would mocke at if he Ihould alledge it 



ike Preface to the Reader. 

vnto him . Eut both the Gentile raid the lew haue one com* 
mon nature, which furnifncth them both with one common 
Philofophie, and with one common fort of principles •, as that 
there is one God which goucmeth all things ; that he is 2;ood, 
and no author of euill; That he is wife,and doth notanie thing 
in vaine . Alfo that man is borne to be immortal! ; that to be 
bappie he ought to feme God and continew in his fauour. 
And therewithal!, that he is fubieel topafsions, inclined to e- 
tull,wcake vnto good and fo forth . Of thefe common pnnci- 
ples,the lew lriale draw necelTarie concluficm, which the Gen- 
tile ilia! 1 notpeiceiue at the fir ft, like as when a man vnder- 
ftandeth a proportion, but conceiueth not yet the drift and 
confequence thereof. He that markeththat the Adamant or 
Loadftone pointeth to the North, perceiucth not foorthwith 
that by the lame a man maie goe about the world, although he 
was of capacitie to ccnceiue it. After the fame maner, by this 

tuclid.Jih. principle : He that from equallth ingnakctht quail things Jcaueth 

hprotf, £jr, the remainder equal! ; and by a few other piopolitions which 
children learne in piaying-,the Mathematician leadeth vs gent- 
lie(and ere we be aware o'fanie mounting vnto this fo greatlie 
renowmed proposition and experiment of Pythagoras, that in 
a Triang/e, the fide that heareth yp the right Knglc>yceldeth a 
fquare equallto the other rwaine > which at the full: fight fee- 
meth vnpofsible 3 and yet by degrees i s found to be fo of necef- 

.' .\ fitie. Thus ffiall the lew by common principles and conclu- 

fions, verifie his owne ground which is the old Tcftamcnt. 

* For he fl-iall prone vnto the Gent.'les by their owne Philofe- 

phers>that vnto God a!one,things to come are prefent,and that 
vnto Spirits they be knowen but onelie by conic&ure , and fo 
fane forth as they can read them in the (lanes . And he fhall 
proue by their Aftro!ogers,th;,t the names of men and the cir- 
'*\ cumftances of their doings cannot be betokened nor red in 
the ftarres.. And he fliall proue by their Hiftoriographers, 
that the bookes of the old Teftament, which eoiitaine fo ma- 
nic andfo perticular prophefics, were written manic hunched 
ycares afore the things came to paile. Now what will reafbna- 
blie iniue hereof but the proofe of the principle which is m 
: Gontrouerfie,by the principles which arc agreed vpo betwecne 

• ' . : 'them both : nametethat the old Tcltamcnc is of God, feing it 


The Vreface to the Kcdier. 

Cannot be from amc other. And what clfc is all this, than that! 
which is commonlie done in Geometric and Logicke, which., 
by two lines or by two proportions that are comonlie knowen 
& certeine,do gacher a third proportion that was vnkuower,,or 
a third propofition(that is to faie a conclusion) that was eift ei- 
ther doubted of or hidden, and by meanes of. the other two is 
euidcntlie found out, and neceftarilie pipoued. Such are thefe 
proofes againft the Atheifts : nothing hath moumg of it fclfc. 
It is nature that faieth fo. The world turneth .about, and the 
heauenlie bodies haue a moiling : and that doth man himfclfe 
fee.Therfore they muft needs be moued by fome other power 
and that is the Godhead ; which our eie feeth not, and yet by 
means of the eie,our reafon conceiueth and perceiueth it in all 
things. Againft them which denie Chriftes Godhead, [we al- 
led^e this principle of their owne.]That naturally of nothing 
nothing is made. It is the faying of Ariftotle,and the fchooles 
would haue him by the cares that fhould denie it. Iefiis Chrift. 
hath of nothing made verie great things, yea euen contraries 
by contraries* The Heathen wonder at it, all ages crie it out, 
our eies do ftiil behold it. He that will denie this; muft denie 
the world, he muft denie all things, he muft denie himfelfe. 
It folio we th then that Chrift wrought by a powre, that is mi- 
iftreiTe of Nature. Ariftotle himfelfe faw it not, and yet An- 
ftodemakethvs to fecit. The writers of Hiftones tookeno 
heed of it; and yet they themfe lues make vs to beleeue it» 
The Philofbpher thought but onelie vpon nature, and the 
Hiftographer but onelie vpon hisowne wTiting . And yet 
from both twaine of them, wee drawe both the Godhead of 
Chnft,and the truth of our Scriptures : CertefTe in like man- 
ner as by Arithmetike, out of two and fixe wee draw out one 
continuall proportionable line hidden after a fort in either 
ofthem,and yet greater than both of them togither, which is 
Hghteene : &as out of tw r o fticks chafed one againft another, 
we draw out fire which is not feene in the two,the confirming; 
of the both out of hand. To be £hort,the marke that our faith 
looketh at, is the Author of Nature & principle of all princi- 
ples.The rules therefore & the principles of Nature which he 
hath made cannot be contrarie vnto himfe lfe . And he is alio 
the verie reafon and truth it felfe. All other reafon then,& all 


The Vrefaceto the Reader. 

other truth dependeth vpon him, 6c relieth vpon him, neither 
is therc,or can there be any rcafon or truth but in him : So far 
off is it,that the tiring which is trevve and reafonable in nature, 
is or can be falfe in Diuinitie, which(to fpeake properly) is not 
againfl: nature, but againft the corruption of nature,and in verie 
deede aboue nature. 
HoiftJ farre Nowe come I confequently to the other fort, which fay that 
matters of although it bee poflible in fome forte ; yet the faith (that is to 
faith Are to fay, the Chnflian doctrine) ought not to be proued or declared 
bee dealt by reafon : And their rcafon is > becaufe it confifteth in manic 
ton/? hy things which exceed the capacitie of man, 6c therefore that he 
reafon. which ihould meafure them by reafon , fhoulde diminifhthc 
dignitie and greatnes of them. Surely I will fay more for them 
than they recjuire : namely,that mans reafon is fo farre efffrom 
being the meafurer of faith, which very far exceedeth nature, 
that it is not fo much as the meafurer of nature , 6c of the leafi 
creatures which lie farre vnderneath man; becaufe of the igno- 
rance and vntowardnes which is in vs and raigneth in vs.But in 
this they deceiue themfelues,that they imagine vs to vpholde, 
that wee fhould beleeue no further than reafon can meafure 6c 
comprehend ♦ For what a great way cloth the truth of thinges 
excend further than mans reafon ? But we fay that mans reafon 
h able to lead vs to that point; namely,that we ought to belcuc 
euen beyond reafon, 1 meane the things whercunto all the ca- 
pacitie of man cannot attaine* And likewife, that when things 
are reuealed \ nto-vs , which rcafon could neuer hauc entered 
into nor once imagined , no not euen when it was at the (but- 
jjefijthc fame reafbn(wlnch ncuer couldhaue found them out) 
maketh vs to allow of them : the reafon I fay(whereunto thofc 
mylteries were inuiiible afore) maketh them credible vnto vs: 
* . • furely euen after the fame maner that our eye maketh vs to fee 
that in the vifible tilings, which we ought to bcleue of the in- 
vifible , without the which the vifible could haue no becing : 
that is to vvit,the inuifible God,by the vifible Sonnc,6c alfo to 
fee many things when the Sim is vp, which were hidden afore 
i|i darkneffe ; not that the eie-fi ght was of ielfe force , or the 
thing it felfe Idle vifible afore : but becaufe the Sonne is row 
', yp, which lightcireth the aire with his brightness which is the 
• 'meane both whciby the cie fceth-, & vvherby the thing is fecn. 

As tor. 

The Prefdce to the Kedder. 

As for cxample,wc bclccue that there is one God,the Father, 
the Son,& the holy Ghofh This is the article which they op- 
pofe againfl: vs,& therfore doe I take the very fame.This arti- 
cle canot in any wife fal within the copalTc of vnderftading,6<: 
much lelTe be coprehended by roans reafon.But yet doth reafo 
lead vs to the faid point,that there is a God: that he hath cre- 
ated man to liue for euer: that whereas man hath ftepped out 
of the way,to follows his owne fway,hc reformeth him again 
by his wordrThat this word(as I haue faid already heretofore) 
is the olde and newe Teftamcnt, which conteine thinges that 
cannot proceed from creatures. Hecre Reafon ftaycth^ec hol- 
deth it fclfe contented « For feeing that God fpcaketh, it be- 
commeth man to holde his peace: and feeing that hee vouch- 
faFeth to teache vs , it becommeth vs to beleeue . No we wee 
reade this doctrine in Gods forefaid bookes , yea oftentimes 
rcpeated.Lo how Reafon teacheth vs that which fhe her felfe 
neither knewe nor beleeued,namely by leading vs to the tea- 
cher, whom w r e ought to hearc and beleeue; and to the booke 
wherein he vouchfafeth to ope^himfelfe vnto vs,in giuing vs 
infallible markes and tokens, whereby to difcerne what com- 
meth of God^and what commeth not of him f But when Rea- 
fon commeth to the reading of the doctrine, and is perfwaded 
thereof; then flic awaketh, and if the Gentile refufe it as im~ 
pofsible and repugnant to reafon and truth,then fteppeth ihe 
forth ftoutly, and marketh the hkeneflc thereof in naturcthe 
images thereof in her fclfe to fet it fborth , and the Recordes 
of the Gentiles thcmfelues to incounter them withall, 

Aifo flie findeth out folutions of their arguments, and aun- 
fwers to their abfiirdities. For furely all truth cannot be faffi- 
ciently proued by reafon , confidering that many thinges ex- 
ceedc reafon and nature. But yet cannot any vntruth preuayle 
by reafon againft truth ; nor any truth bee vanquished by the 
judgement of reafon. For vntruth is contrary to naturc 5 nature 
lielpeth reafon,reafon is fcruaunt to truth;and one truth is not 
contrary to another, that is to fay,to it Cdfe, For truth cannqt 
be buttiuth,and Reafor>reafon, 

The hke may wee fay of the incarnation of the Sonne of 
God, that no man could of himfelfe haue imagined it y nor as 
jiowalfo conceiue it; and yet notwithftandmgj that reafon is ; 

Tkc Preface to the Redder. 

able both to teach it vs,and to defendc it. What will i7ic fa? 
then to vs in this bchalfc ? That the workes which I E S V S 
wrought could not proccedc, neither from a man, nor from a 

• rfcuil, nor from an Angcll coniidcred in their fcuerali kindes, 
hut onely fi om God the maker of heauen and earth. And this 
will ihc prouc vnto ys^botfa in the refpect of the hiftory, and 
in refpeft of the kindes of his workers well by the Hutorio- 
graphers and Philosophers who were enemies to Christ and 
his doclrine,as by conclufions of ncccffitie conucyed from the 
principles which remaine in the natures of catty of them. 
And what will enfue thereof, but that Iefus vvoorjeing by the 
power of God, was fent of God , and therefore ought to bee 
heard and beleeued: Eelccucd (fay I) to bee God the forme of 
God,becaufe hee fayth it;and to bee man borne of woman, he- 
caufe the world fawe him to be fo;& that other wife he mould 
be an enemie to God, and God an enemie to mankind; God (I 
fay) too good to a (Tift him with his power to our ouerthrowe, 
and too wife, to lend him his fpirit,to the defacing of his owne 
glory : But if vngodlines fhrrecoales; Reafon will open her 
mouth and fhewe,that it was agreabie to Gods Iuftice,and ne- 
ceflary for mans welfare; poffible to the power of the creator, 
and agreeable to his wil and promifes;behooffull for our bafe- 
nes>and befeeming his glorie. And euen in vngodlines ltfelfe 
ihc will find wherewith to put vngodlines to nlence,howbeit 
thatcucn in all godlincs, me findeth not wherewith to fpeakc 
thereof fufliciently . The fame is to bee vndcrftocd of other 
like mi fieri es,whicb fhalbe treated of in their due places. And 
this biingeth vs backe againe to the faide point>that the truth 
bceing reuealed, enlightencth reafon; and that reafon rowfeth 
vp her felfe to reft vpon truth. And Co farre offis Reafon from 

• abafing fayth, tomalce vs attaine thereto, that contrariwife fhe 
lifteth vs vp as it were vpon her fhouldcrs,to make vs to fee it, 
and to take it for our guide , as the onely thing that can bring 
vs to God;and the onely fchoolemiilrefle of whbroe we ought 
to lcarne our faluation. To bee fhort, we fay not that hecaufe. 
Reafon comprehended"! not this or that, therefore lette vs 
not bcleeueit: for that were a meafuringof Fayth by Rea- 

i fon, as they fay . But wee lay that Reafon and Nature hauc 
' Tuch a Rule , and that diat is the common way , and yet not- 


the Vrefdce to the Reader. 

withftanding, that this thing or that thins; is done or fpoken 
beyond reafon and beyond nature ♦ I fay then thajt the workc 
and word of God are an extraordinarie ca(c,& that forafmuch 
as they are of Gocl,it bchoueth vs to beleeue them; and to be- . 
leeue is to fubmit our reafon and vndcrftanding to him. And 
fo it is a making of reafon feruant to faith by 'reafon,and a ma- 
king of reafon to iloope to the highnciTe of faith : and not an 
abating of faith to the meafurc of reafon* 

Now forafmuch as we take reafon to our helpc againft the 
Infidels , the proofes which ihc ihall yeeld vnto vs to guide 
vs to the doclrine andfehoole of faith, fhalbe chiefly of two 
forts •, namely, Arguments 6c Records.The Arguments winch 
we will vfe againft the Icwes,wc will take out of the grounds 
of the lewifh Religion *the maieftie of God , the nature and 
ftate of man, and the mod euident and bell: authorifed prin- 
ciples or conclufions among them. Againft the Gentries, wee 
will take them out of their fubftantialleft Rules, out of the 
mod renowmed Authors of Philofophie,and out of the expo 
fitions of their owne moft approued Interpreters ; one while 
abiding vpon their principles, 6c another, while (landing vpo 
the conclufions which they the mfe lues do gather of them, $z 
fometimes drawing fuch lieceftarie corifequents and fcqueales 
out of them ray lclfe , as they oftentimes perceiued not, as 
though they ^acl not vnderfbod what they thcmfelues (pake*,. 
Alfo againft either of them r wee will iudge of the caufe by 
his effecis,and ofthe effects by their caufe; of the end, by the 
inftrument or moouer thereto, and ofthe mouer, by the avi^ 
& fo forth of other things : which are the ftrongeft arguments 
that can be, as which arc either demonftratiue, br very ucere 
demonftratiue. At a word, we will not a! ledge any argument: 
which' (hall not be fuhftantiall, or at lea ft wife which we ftiall 
not thinkc to be fo, neither will wee vrge anything whereof.' 
we be not throughly perfwaded in our feiues : chooilng alway 
the euidenteft & eafieft that we can, to apply our felues to alf 
mens capacities. K 1 otwithftanding,let not any man looke here 
for arguments that may bee felt, as thatlihould prone fire 
to behotte by touching it, or the myfterief of GOD and! 
Religion by the outward fence : but him foffife him that 
mine aigunientes foal bee fully as apparant* imd<orxmionl* 


The P re face to the Redder. 

more apparant , than the argumentes which the Philofbphers 
alledge in natural! things : Howbcit that krifltitle would hauc 
men to looke for argumentes of lefle force at his handc in his 
firll Phi!ofophie,then in his difcourfcsofnaturall thinges;and 
for reafons of leCe force in his morals (fo they behke]y,)thaii 
in his firfl ck higheft Philofophie : which tiling we may with 
much better right require in the thinges that furmount both 
nature and man, that is to wittc,in Diuinitie.Moreoucr,often- 
times hecre fhall bee quefrions propounded to vnfold, or ob- 
lections made to bee confuted, which might trouble the Rea- 
der if he were not (atisficd in them, or elfe breakc ofTthe con- 
tinuance of our proofes. And in them I ihal be compelled now 
and then to be obfeure, either by reafon that the nature of the 
thing depending in controuerfie,may perchaunce bee of fome 
old forworne opinion,or els in refpect of the tearmes peculiar 
to the cafe, which may hap to be lelfe vn lei-Rood of the com- 
mon force, and more difFi?ze,and leffe pithie in our language, 
wherein fuch things hauc not hitherto bene treated of. Ne- 
uerthcleire,I hope to take fuch paines in the opening of them 
that the Reader whofoeuer he be, if he t^ke any heede at all, 
fhall eafily attajne to the vnderftandingof them. 

As touching the Records , they fhalbe ( in my iudgement) 
of the worthiest fort,and fuch as arc lead to be iufpecled or re- 
fufed,as necre as I can choofe. We be to declare our doctrine 
vnto men, & men themfelues are a part of the doctrine whieb. 
we fet foorth. And what more cleareneiTe can there bce,than 
to make themfelues parties in the prQofe, Iudges in their own 
cafcand witneiTes againll: themfelues? Vnto men therfore we 
will brins; the. witnefsin2;s of men, cuen the things that eueric 
man readeth in his owne nature, and in his owne heart, from 
whence hee vttereththem either wittingly or vnwittinglv, as 
things that are fo written there,that he cannot wype them out 
though he would neuer fo faine. Thefe are common infightes, 
or inlets (as a man may tearme them) namely the perfwafion 
of the Godhead, the confeience of euill,the defire ofimmorta- 
litie,the longing for felicitic,and fuch other thinges, which in 
this neather world arc incident vnto man alone,and in al men, 
without the which a man is no more a man;infomuch that hee 
cannot deny them except he be out of his wittcs,nor cal them 

in cjuc* 

In queftion without relying of himfelf wrongfully. And here- 
of proceedeth the agreeable confent of all mankind in certaine 
bcleefes which depend immediatly vpon the faid Principles; 
which confent we ought to hold for certaine andvndouhtecJ. 
For the vniuerfalneffe of this confent fheweth that it is nature, 
and not inftru&ion,imitation,or bringing vp,that focaketh, & 
the voice or nature is the voice of truth . As for 1) ing or vn- 
truth,it is a foundling,& not a thing bred; a meere corruption 
and not a fruit of nature. NeuertheleiTc, whether it were tho- 
rough ignorance which hath as good as choked the,or through 
frowardncilc which hath turned reaion a wrong way & made 
man as a ftranger to himfelfe ; thofc common and generall In- 
fets haue remained barren in the mod: part of men. Yet not- 
withftanding fome men in fundrie nations haue mounted a- 
boue the common rate r and mdeuored to cherifh and aduauncc 
the faid Infights , and drawen fome finall fparkes of truth and . 
wifedome out of them , as out of fome little fire raked ivp vn- 
jder a great heape of afhes ; the which they haue afterward 
taught vnto others , and for fb doing haue bene called Sophies 
anctPhilofophers, that is to fay, Wife men and louers of wife- 
dome . Thefe alfo doo we take for witneiTes of our do&rine; 
and amongft them , the notablefr. and fuch as the world hath 
efteemed wifeff. ♦ And whereioeucr they inall di [agree, 
cither one with another, or with themfelues ; there fhall com- 
mon reafon be Iudge . And like as they haue caught fome 
fparkes from the fire, fo will we kindle a fire of their fparkes : 
howbeit (in verie deed)not to lead vs to faiuation the hauen of 
our life; for in that behalfe we haue neede of God himfelfe to 
be our Pilote : but to lTiew vs as it were from a Tower ; which 
way it flandeth in the darke wherin we now be , to the end we 
may call to God for helpc , and euer after make thitherward 
with all our whole hart. Particularly againfl: die Atheifts and 
Epicures, we will bring themfelues, the world,cc the creatures 
therein for witneiTes . For thofe are the Recordes which they 
^efl loue and mohY beleeue,& from the which they be lo'theft, 
to depart, Againft the falfe naturahftsjjhat is to fay profeiiois 
of the knowledge of nature and naturall things] I wr 11 al ledge 
nature it felfe, the Secies that haue fought out nature, & fuch 
\yritc«s in cucry Sect* as they hold for chiefc Difciplcs, Inter- 

*** preters, 

prefers ,and Anatomiftsor Decipherers of nature; as Vyhdgo- 
YdS,i'Lto>kriftotlcA\t bcudemzket and Vcripatctike shoih old and 
new, and fpecial lie fuch as hauc molt iloutly defended their 
owne Philofophic, and impugned our doctrine ; as UmUich, 
% b%tin> Vcjphii ic t Vroclesimplicc> and fuch others : whofc depo- 
fitions or iathec oppofitions againft vs, Ithinke men will 
wonder at, 

Againft the Iewes I will produce the old Tcftament > for 
that is the Scripture whereto their fathers tiuftcd, and for the 
which they hauc fuflercd death, & whereby they allure them- 
klues of life. And for the interpreting thereof,I will alledgc 
their Paraphrafts,& thofc which trantiated it into the Greekc 
andChaldcy tongues afore the comming of our i.ord Iefus 
Chrift . For they were Iewes borne, of the notablcft men a- 
mong them,chofcn by publike authoritie to tranllatc it,and at 
that time reafon was not fo intangled with p - r : ons, as it hatli 
bene fnce, Alfo I will alledge their ancient doftors,difpcrfed 
as well in their Cabales as in their Talmud, which are their 
bookesofgreateft authoritie and moft credit ♦ And diucrfc 
times I will interlace the Commentaries of their late writers* 
which generally haue bene moll; contraric to the Chriffen do- 
ctrine, whom (notwithfranding) the truth hath compelled fc- 
uerajly to agree, in expounding the Texts wheresn the fame 
is chiefly grounded. 

Now in thefe allegations I fnall fomctimes belong , and 
pcraduentnre tedious to the Reader , "whome manifeft reafon 
fliall haue fatisfied alreadie,fo as(to his feeming)there needed 
not fo manie tcltimomes . Eut I pray him to beleeue , that in 
this longncfle *of mine , I fhaine my nature to apply myfclfc 
to all men; knqwing that fbme like better of Reafons, <ando- 
' . therfome of Teftimonies ; and that all men (notwithfranding 

V 4 . ' that they make more account of the one than of theotHcr) are 
-*fceft fatisfied by both, when they fee , both reafon authonfed 
by witnclTes, (for that is as much to fay, as that many men had 
one felfe lame reafon) and alfo Recordes declared by reafon; 
for that is as much to fay,as that credit is not giuen to the out- 
ward perfon , but to the diuine thing which the perfon hath 
within him, that is to wit, to Reafon . Herewithall I thought 
-alfo, tiiat all men hauc not either the meanc to come Ly all 



The Vrefuce to the Ke<tder. 

tookes , or the leyrure to read them •, whofe labour I haue by 
that meane eafed. And oftentimes I am driuen to doo that in 
one Chapter, whereof others haue made whole volumes. 

To conclude, I pray the Reader, firfi: to read this bookc *; 
throughout , for without mounting by degrees, a man cannot # . 
attaine to high things; and the breaking of a ladders (leak ca- 
fteth a man backe,& makcth the thing wearifomc which was 
cafie . Secondly I defire him to bring, his wit rather than his 
will, to the reading thereof. For foredecmings and forcfetlecf 
opinions doo bring in bondage the rcaion of them that haue 
belt wits;wheras notwith(tandmg,it belongcth not to the will 
to ouerrule the wit,but to the wit to guide the will . Thirdly 
and moil of all I befeech him to beare alwaic in mind that I 
am a man, ana among men,one of the lead; that is to fay, that 
if I fatisfie him not in all points, my reafon attaine th not euc- 
riewherc fo far as& >. «h doth ; to the end that mine ignorance 
and wcakeneiTe preiudice not the cafe , mine vndcrtaking 
whcrcof,in good footh is not vpon truft of mine owne wit, or 
of mine owne abiiitie-,but vpon aflured truft of the cleerneffc r 
fcwndnciTc,fubftantialneiTe,aud fbothnclTe thereof. 

Now God vouch(afe to ihead out his blef>ing vpon this 
worke, and by the furtherance thereof to glad them that be- 
]ccue,to confirtne them that wauer, & to confute them whick 
go about to fhaicc downc his doctrine. This is the onely plea- 
lure that I defire , the onely fruit which I feeke of my labour,, ..;..;'• 

And (to fay the truth) I feele alreadic fomc effeel: and con- ••/.:' 

tentment thereof in my hart . But lette vs praic him alio to* 
vouchftfe in our daie$,to touch our (lonie harts with the force 
*>fbis fpirit, and with his owne finger to plant his ddclrine? 

fo deeply in them , as it may take roote and bring .y'v- 

foorth fruit . For ccrtefTc it is Gods workc to per- ; •"*■;• "' ¥j$ 

fwade and win men, albeit that to counfell . :■■{ : 

them, yea and to mooue them,fee- • ; ; • 

aneth in fomc fort to lie • ■'. , • 

in man, '■'.■'. \ " 



TheSummes of the Qbapters. 

t THit there is a God ; and that all men a* 

-"■ grfec in the Godhead. 
i Tharrhercisbutoncly oncGol. 
, 3 That the wifedome of the world acknow* 
Icdgcd one onely God- 

4 Whit it is that man is able to comprehend 
concerning God. 

5 Thu in the one fubfhncc of God there are 
three per ions , which we call the Trinitic, 

6 That the Philofcphie of olde time agreed 
to the doctrine ofthc Trinitic. '• 

7 That the world had a beginning. 

S When the world had his beginning* 

9 That the wifdome of the world a:know» 

ledgedthc creation of the world. 
ip That GoJ created the world of nothing 
. *" # tnat is to fay , without any matter, fub- 
" • fhnce.or ftuftc whereof to make it. 
, H That God by his prouidence gouerncth 
; th;worId,ani all things therein. 
1 1 That all the cuill which is or which fee* 
mcth to bee in the worlde is fubiect to 
Gods prouidence.- 
*3 That mans wifedome hath acknowled- 
ged Gods prouidence, and howe the fame 
wadeth bctweene deftinie and fortune. 
.41 That mans foule isimmorrall. 
i^Tlut the immortal icic of the foule hath 
?*' bene taught by the auncient Phiiofophers 

and beleeued by all nations. 
l& Tint mans nature is corrupted, and hec 
nimfclfc fallen from his rlrft originally & 
by what meanes, 
m Q That the men oroide time are ofaccorde 
; -with vs concerning mans corruption and 
.;. >jthecaufe thereof. 

'IS; That God is the fouereigne welfare of 
man, & therefore that the chicfc fhootan* 
kcr of ma ought to be to return vnto god 
1 9 That the wifeft of all ages are ofaccorde, 
that God is the ctiicfe fliootanker 3 and fo- 
uereigne welfare of man. 
to That true Religion is the way to attcinc 
.. to that fhootanker & fouereigne welfare, 

1*4 what are the markes thereof. 
ti That the tr ue God was worshipped in If* 

rael,which is the 1. mark oftrue religion, 
1 1 That the God<s which were worshipped 
by the heathen, were men confecrated or 
canonized to pofteritie. 

13 That the Spiritcs which made men to 
woorfhip them vnder the names of thofc 
men, were wicked fpiritesjbat is to faye» 

14 That in ifrael Gods wordc was the Rule 
of his Seruice: which is the fecond markc 
of the true Religion. 

15 That throughout the whole proceflc of 
the Bible or olde Teitament, there arc 
things which canot proceed but fro God* 

16 That the things which feememoft won 
derful in our icriptures,a:c confirmed by 
the heathen tliemfelucs. xlfo the (biuti- 
ons of their ooiectiens, 

1 7 That the meane which God hath ordey* 
ned for mans {aluatio, hath bene reucaled 
from time to time to the people of jfiae!, 
which is the 3 . mark of the true religion* 

1 8 That the mediator or Meifias is promifed 
in the Scriptures to be both God & man, 
that is to wit , rig eternal] Sonne of God 
taking mans flefli vnto him. 

1 9 That the time whereat tlie mediator was 
promifed to ouerpaft:& therfore 
that he muft needes bee come already, as 
wel according to the accora 
ding to the traditions of the Iewes. 

3 o That refus the Son of Mary came at the 

time promised by the fcripturcs,& that he 

is the mediator and Mesfias, 
31 A folutionofthe Obiections which the 

Icwsallcdgc againfticfuSjthat he might 

not bee receiued for the true Chrift cr 

3 a Tha t iefus Chrift wjs & is god, the fon of 

god,cotrary to the opinio of the Gentiles. 
33 A folutionofthe obieetions of the Gens 

riles againft the Sonne of God. 
3 4 That the Gofpell doth in very deede cons 

teine the hiftorie and doctrine of lefus 

Chrift the Sonne of God, 
j^The Conclusion of the whole bookc* 



V ^ 

The firft Chapter. 

That there is a God, and that all men agree in the God- 

<3cb a0 makepjofeflion to teacb b0,tjc& 
fap tbep neuer ftnoe leflfe tobat t© fap, 
djot totyen tfje tbing tobicb tbep treate 
ofi0mojemarafelf antjmoje tenotome 
of it felfe,tben all tbat can bee aHeageii 
foj ti)t fitting fee jtb tbereot 3m> furf) 
are tie pjinciptasof aHtije^riencesf, 
aim fpeciaHp of tbe certepneft\a0 tobidi 
confift in Demonftratioiu The whole 
Quill Euclyde fap)is greater then his part. And if from equall 
things ye take equall things, the Remaynder (hall be equall* 
Cljfa te ratber percciueo of euerp manbp comma fenee 3 tben p?©* 
tteo bp fljarpnefle of Reafon ♦ 3m> like a0 tbep tbat toiouto goe a* 
bout ta> pjotte it 3 t>© (betofc tbemfelue0 town tbie to bee Iaugbea at, 
as tobicb^bouto take&pontbem to inligbten tbegmnnetoJitb a 
Cautjletfo trjep tbat&enp it , ooe fljetoe ri)emfelue0 to bee to?ang* 
lets ana tmtoiojtbie of all conference, as contenoer0 againft rfjetr 
otone motber tott^ea aim againft tbeir otnne eonfeflion;accojtiing 
to tbi0 common faping of tbe <§>cb©le0 ? Cbat tbere i0 no reaso- 
ning againff tbofe tobicb aenp tbe ]pjincipfe0*Ji2otD 3 if tbere bk a* 
tip matter therein tW Hule 10 fount; treto) 5 it 10 molt peculiarly 
m tbi0,tbat tbere 10 a <5oo* jf o? it i0 fo manp tomie0 ana To liuelp 
papnteofrajtb in all tbing0 5 ami fo peculiarly ingraueninman0 
bart;tbat all tbat euer can b& neui^o,fapu,antj to?itten*bereof,i0 
mucb leffc tben tbat toljicb 10 (km tbereof euerp tobere,anti tobicl) 
men feeie tbereof in tbemfelue0* 3!f p& toke toptoar& 3 pa: fee tbere 
infinite bom'e0 ami infinite mouing0 ; m'ucr0,ano pet not trubling 
one anotber ♦ 31f p& toke tjo^nemar^pce fee ti)t S>ea continually 
threatening t^e <£artt> , ano pet not pairing bis bcunng : anu like* 

& fcnfe 



toift thz tfartf) alt©gitljer beaute ami malfie,anb petnottm'tfjffatt- 
tiing fettleb o? rather bangeb in $ 3p?e, fo as fc ftirretb not atob& 
Cbefebobieg ntrecttig incontinentlp t© ag>pirtt,am> tijt0 o?aerli« 
uz& t© a certeine ©ouerner -, fojfomucb as it isfccrteine in nature, 
tbat bonier baue of tbemfelueg no moumg,ann tbat etten tfyofe bo* 
t)it$ tobicb are quickened coulo not agroe (tefaftlp extficr ftutb o* 
tber bontces o? tottb tbemfelueg,but bp tl;e o?bering ana gouewing 
fif a <§>uperiour ♦ 'But toben toee enter aftertearb int© our ftfucg, 
anu finue tbere an abjibgement of tbe tobole bniuerfall ; a bonte fit 
fo? ail fojts of moumg£,a g>ou!e tobicb (tmtbout remouing) ma* 
Serb tbe boniest© moouetoljicb &apitliffetb;al&ea?ontfjcreur 
tobtcb gupaetb tbem eueipebone in tbeirxwmgg ; antj petnottoitb* 
ftansiug , tbfe bottle t© bk fucb as txiee can neitber fee tt no? com 
ttim it : 3jt ougbt in all reason t© make bs all t© bnaerftan^tbat 
in tbte great bniuerfall malfe , tbere te a foucrame <§>pirite tobi cb 
mafcetb, moouetb>an& gonernetb all tbat tooe fee tbere; bp tobom 
b)k liue,moue,am> b^tubo in our bonier batb ftameo a Counter* 
fet of tbe tobale toojlMtft in our @>oules( batb ingrauen an image 
Trimegiftus f ftmttlfMW te tt t^at caufeb one auncient pbitofopber t© fap, 
famMkhw tftat tobereag ourepeg cannot pearee bnto @ob ? befuffattb bint- 
concerning * fclfe t© bk felt toitb our ijitnti^ x 9tob anotljer t© fap, tbat tbe berp 
Miftcrycs. firtt bfe of Hea? on , i$ implopeb m concerning ^t 45 obbeau ; not 
Chaptg, p^operlp bp fcnotomg it,but ag it toere bp feelmg it,tobtcb te mo?e 
certeme: pea, anb tbat tbe boring of our ftoule 10 notbing tl$,but 
tbeknotoing of (Sob bpon tofyotn it bepem»etb*3nb Auicen fpea* 
fcetb pet mo?e bolblp, Taping tbat be taijicb atfmotolengetb not tbe 
(Btobbeab^fa bopu,not of Keafon,but tuzn of ^>ence* jftoto,if tbefe 
g>eneeg from brfjence our firft fmotole&ge pjoc&uetb, 0© toitnelfe 
tbe tbingbntobjovanb toee 00 firmlp belkut atbingtoben ine feele 
it, anb tbat (ajs tbep teacb bsi) tooe map fele <&©D aja^ueU in tbe 
too?lb ass in our felue&gburelp bnto bim tbat treatetb of Keligto, 
ft ougbt t© bigraunteb a0 an bnuiolable ip^inciple, That there 
is a God ; anb all men ougbt t© bee fojbtooen t© call it into que* 
ffion,bpon pame of not being men anp mo?e*5To? if euerp S>ctence 
^aue W p?inciple$,tobtcb it i$ not latofuil to remoue,ba it neuer 
fo little:mucb mo?e reafon fe it tbat it ftoulu be fo,toitb tbat rbing 
tobicb \)^ti)t grounn of alip^inciplesS fo? bis^ ip?mriple. jl5euer* 
tbele(Te,let biai britb tbe leaue of all g©b men, before tbfe Cbap* 
ter bpon tbe toiefcebneffe of thia our age:ano if tbere b& anp tobicb 
tp fojgetcing ©ob^aue in berp b^be fojgotten tl;eir obane fyapc, 



mtt mtftafcentljeir otone nature : let tfoemlearneJjeere&p tea re* 
fatctoleoge tbemfelue* agame* 

at fa a ffrattnge car e,tbat tbefe men tofn'dj ojoinarilp fpeafte of Thc w 
uotbmgbuttfjetoojlo, touTlnot&ein tbe too?lo 3 fte tbing tnfjtcfj J^X* 
tbe tDo^lo fbctoetfc ano teamed) m an part* ♦ tfofc let b$ begin at 
t^e fotoetl^ mount bp t<o tbe Jjigbeft * ano let bg confioer it to&ole 
together oj in bfa partjg; aim to# (ball not finoe anp t&ing t&erein, 
eitber ft great oj ft fmafl, urfjidf) leaoetb &$ not fiep bp ftep bntco a 
<Soobeao*3|n tbfa too?lo(t© confioer it firft in tbe to&oIe 5 )toe &aue 
fotner oegree* of tbingtf : to frit, Mjirfj fcaue Seeing, lu^tci) baue 
JLi& 3 tobtc& &aue g>ence 3 ano to&tcfj fcaueHeafom Sbome are inoe* 
toeo toitb all tbefe gifteg 3 ano ftme but toitlj fome of rijem ♦ Ctje 
flp je , tbe S>ea , ano tbe <£artb are great, ano Ijaue a great fcope* 
Cbepbearebp ano fuffepneaHtbmg^tbatljauelife^antiingjj 
tbat baue g>ence > ano aH tbingg t&at fiaue Keafon ♦ 3no pet not* 
hutbltanomg, tbep tbemfelues baue not anp moje tben onelp bare 
3$m'ng 5 tDitbout Life 3 toitf)out g>ence 5 imtbout fteaftm t&at fa tco 
fap,tbe noereft to notbeing* C&e piant^befioeg being 5 baue al& 
life 3 ano tbep ojato tbeir nouriibment ftomrije €art& ? ano tbeir re* 
freeing from tlje apje^ije^eafte* &aue bottj l$omtg,l ife 3 anB 
Sbence, ano take rijeir fooe botb from $e <£Iementg ano from tije 
3plantg*^an fcatb ^eemg,ano iife,ano <§>ence 3 ano IReaftn ; ami 
be iniopetb t&e Clement^Imed* of tie plants commaunoetb tbe 
3$eatfe$,ano oifcourfetb of aH tbings: botb aboue bim ano beneath 
Jjmn lo^emano?oer 3 fuci)fromoegrattDOegree,tbatti)ljoft^ 
ucr conceiuetb not bp ano bp ftme 3utfjoj tbereof , batijneitljet 
Beaten no? £S>enre 3 no no? fa too?tbie tco &aue eitber life o? beeing* 
31 P?ap pou from tofjence commetb tW g©&Ip pjopojtion^ano tbfa 
o?oerlp pjoc#oing of tbingss b^ oegri^ *t WXljtnct commetb tbe 
difference in tljeir partition^ ffitftence commetb it tbat tbe bugeflt 
ano toifceft tfjingg are bnoerlingss to tbe leaft ano toeakeft tbingss*: 
22tbereof commetb it tbat ftme tljings ^a\it but a oeao being 5 ano 
nert bnto notbeing; ano tbat otberftme baue a beeing tbat fa mm* 
uiiigXenOble^ano rcaftnable, botobettftmemo?e 5 ano ftmeleflfe*: 
Commetlj it of tbe tbingsi tbemfelues^oto can tbat bed jfo? fife 
ing tbat notbmgootblDtllittglp become an bnoeding onto otber^: 
tobp bee not tbe beauieft maOes? aflotteo to tbe bztt (barest ftHber* 
of commetb it t^at tbe liuing tl)in$$ tobicb in refpect of ri;e lubole 
&>ta are but as a ojop 3 ano in refpea of tbe tobole €artij are but 
4S a grapne of Duff , are in oegr& of p?et)eminence aboue fym't 

« 2 ana 


3no totjereof commetb it , tfjat man being tbe frapldt of an Imtnj 
Imgbtes , is ferueo bp tbe Clements , bv tbe plants 5 ano bp tbe 
15catfes 3 pea ctten bp tbe toiloeft of tljtnt*: Cbcn is tfym a neuter 
02 ottfributer of djefe tf)ing$,ti>l)Q bailing impart eo t^c to odjcrs, 
bao djem ftrft bimfeIfe,anD tbat molt abottnoantlp^ano tobo rnoje* 
otter id of necelTitic^imigbtte, feeing rijat in fo tmequad partttion, 
be boloetlj tljem neuerdjclcfle tn coucojoe ♦ 31 fap furtljet, djat all 
things are compjtjcn bnoer tbefc folner:ti;at is t© toit,tmuer Bee- 
ing,Lifc,Scncc, andReafon.,accojOtngt©biSOiuer!5 imparting 
of tljem Unto all djings* 

.Roto 3!Ocmatmo,lof)etbertaas fir^ofBeeingo^ Notbeing; 
tlfLiuing ojNotliuing; ofSenfible 3 02Xotfenfible;of Reafona- 
ble oj Notreafonable I gmrelp tt tuas neitljerftcafonable, no* 
g>enfibIc 3 no? liumg ; fo? dje time badj bra djat toce mere not/25 ut 
tuee fcnotoie djat toee ban fatbers 5 ano tijat our fatbers ban fojefa* 
tbers : ano tbe enoe of tbem makedj bs t© bcleeuc djat tbep bao a 
beginning, 31n like race is tt toitb beafts ano plants ; fo? toa knoui 
tbe booing, growing, oecaping ann faoing of tbem. S^urij nunc 
tijen map tooe fap tbe fame of Being, jf o? tbe djings b#re beneath 
tobirf) bauebut oneip bare beeing, are farre infertour t© tbe odjet 
tbings ; ann tberefoje cannot tying foojdj djemfclues , ano ronfe- 
qttentlp mud) IelTe toingf©ztb t^)t otber tbings*3t remained* tben 
rtjat Notbeeing,Notliuing, Notfenfible, ano Notreafonable, 
toereaftne Beeing, Liuing,Senfible, and Reafonable. 3nOpct 
ttottoidjftanotng tocc baue bod; 13tfMg 5 Ltfe,^>cncc,ano Eeafon* 
3!t follotoetb djerefoje tbat it is a potoer from tuttbout bs , tobicft 
|atlj biougbt bs ottt of .teotbecing into b£ing,ano bad) parteo dje 
faio gifts among fcs oiuerflp arrowing t© btS g©o pleafttre* fox 
fitberU)tfe 3 from out of djat notbingtobicb too? toere ( 3if J map fo 
termc it,)\uz fyoulo neuer batte come t© be anp tbing at an, i^ota 
bettocenenotbinganofomedjing, (bote little focuerdjat fome* 
tbing can bee)tbcre is an inSnite fpace, locoes tberefoie muff tt be 
tbat tbz cattfe djereof ftas infinite(at leafttmfc if tt map bde calico a 
caufe 3 )ano tbat is dje fcerp fame tobidj-toe call c^oo. 

let ds come to tbe nature of tbe Clements tobcreof dje tobole 
is compactetuCbe f pie is contrarie t© tbe cdater, ano d)eo?p to 
t^t mopl! ; ann of tbtfe contraries are infinite odjer djings piomts 
reo bnoer tbem, ji2oto tbenatttre of contraries ts t© oedrop one a* 
nod;er j ano no tto© tbings^etten of dje lead, can bee coupleo togt< 
tljerjbtttbp tlje toojfuug of a Ijigljer potoer tjjat is able t© compen 



tfjettn 9$ut tuee fee tTjat tbefe tbtngg n© not incrocbc o? bfurpe one 
appon anotijer , but eontraritmfe tbat tljep matcb t©gitber m tbe 
compofing of manp tljingg : aim petnottoitbftantimgtbatnotfo 
mucb a$ ttoo firings bteing of one feifefame nature , can agree m 
cne tune 3 toitbout tbe tntc of a man tbat can f kill too ttreme tbem 
ami too flake tbem ag be feetb tt gootu 3!t fcHotoetb tbetefoje tbat 
tbe beauenipbarmonietoberein fo manp contraries are maae too 
accoja botb bninerfaflp ana particular!?, are fet t©gitber ann gup* 
sen by a fpirit* 3lnfomucb tijat if toe toiU fap,tbat accoutring t© tbe 
ronton opinion , tbe aire fa fpjean f©?tb as a flicker bettoeene tbe 
jf p?e ano tJje 223ater , ano fa iopneo too tbe one by bfa moptture, 
ami too tfje otljer bp bfa beate: $&tnutt neene-s fap a!fo,tbat tbere 
fa a great an* fo uerein 3iunge aboue tf)em 3 to&icb |atl; mane tijem 

let bs mount bp btgbet ♦ (KUee fee rtje $eauen fjoto it mouetft 
tcmxtj toitf) a continuafl mouing* 9Ifo toee fee tbere tbe ipianetg 
one bn&er anotber 5 tobtcb (nottoirfjttansing tbe biolence of tbe firtt 
moueable) baue euerp one bfa feuerall courfe ana mcuing by bint* 
felfe* 3no (ban toee fap tbat tfyb mouingg bappen by anuemurtt 
35ut ti)t fame atmenture tobftb maaetbcmtomoue, (bculoalfa 
make tbem to ttano ttffl* 3gein,a$ fo? amtenture o? cbaunce , ft fa 
nothing efa but mfojner anu ccnfufiom bixt in aH tljefc oiuetfltietf, 
tbere is; onebnifojmitie ofmouing,tobtcb fa neuer interrupted 
Cpoto tben *t D© tbep moue of tbem felueg ^ jftap ; fo? notbing 
mouetbitfelfe, an&toberetbingsmoueoneanotber, tbere fa na 
pofltbflitie of infinite botoing on ; but in tbe eno men mutt be faine 
to mountfcp to a firtt beginning 3 ano tbat fa a reft9te fo? example, 
from H)t batttmer of a Clocke to# come ten a toboeie,ano from tbat 
tnbcefe t© anotber, ana finaflp t© tijt font of tbe Clockmaker, tobo 
bp bfa cunning batb fo ojnetea tbem,tbat uotfritbttanoing t bat bz 
maketb tbem afl t© moue,pet be bintfelfe remouetb not*3|t remap* 
tietb tben tbat of an tbefe mouingjeJ , tuoe mutt imagine one [Mo- 
ucr]tjnmouabie: ann of afl tbefe ft conttant m'uerfitie0 3 on£p}nua* 
riable] altoaiesi like it fetfhana of att tbefe botsie^one fpirite*Sini3i 
like ag from tbe €artb tooe Wit ttpeu bp t© t^t 3p?e , from tbe 
3p?e t© tlje g>fepe 3 from tbe S>kpe t© tbe 4)eauen of ^eauen^ttiH 
mounting Dp from greater t© greater, fromIigbtt©Iigbt, ana 
from fubtile to fubttle:ft let b0 anuaunce our felue^s ytt one negree 
tigber,namelp t© tbe infinite^© tbe ligbt toljicb fa not t© ba con^ 
* etuea but in DnnerttanDing,ant> t© tf;e quickening fpin'tjin refpect 

31 i ioljeteof, 


thereof, rtje tbing tljat toee totomier at imz beneatfj,fe leffe tljett 
a popnt,our ligbt is but a fljanotoe, aitn our fpirit & but a feapour* 
Snu pet notlmtbtfanmng be batb fo papntea out Ijfe glo?ie am> tn^ 
fi!UteneiTe 5 etten in tbe things tobicb to* moll nefpife 5 as tbat eueti 
ri;e gnnTefftoitg map eafelp comp?ebenn ft* 

let &$ come ootune a game too n© tije lifce beere belotoe* ZJ&k 
(ball fee tbe €artb replenilben toitb ^erbes, ^ree*,airo jf ruitea: 
botb &?a mm Lanti furmibea toitb Ifreatfesf, if ifibe*, JBtoaimegf, 
ano H5u:M of al fo?tfteuerp of tbem fo perfect in bis kino,as mans 
tm&erttS&mg cannot fppe anp toant 0? fuperfluttie in tbe* W\)zmz 
it all tb&':3is it of tbe dement^jftapjfjoto (ball tbetbing tobicb 
batb neitbec life no? fence, giue life ano fence t© otber tbmgs ^ flDj 
commetb it of tbe g>umte *t jftap,toben ntn tocc euer fee bim b?ing 
fco?tb anp fucb like tbing *t flUbence tben is tbte uarietie,but of a 
molt fruitfttll $ bncofumable migbrt SObence commetb tbis per* 
fection,but of a finguler feufenome^fpiantgjfome are bot, ana 
fome coltijfome ftoeete, aim fome bitter;fame nouriflnng,aM> fome 
pealing, 3no of tbe mod naungeroug,tbe remeoie is founn eitber 
tn tbemfelueg 0? in tbe nm unto tbem. £lfo aa toucbing 'Beaftegi, 
tbe toilneft ant? fucb as liue bp p?ap,fc#pe by tbemfelueg a!one,be* 
caufe tbe flocking of tbem togetfjer tooulu bee nopfome ♦ T5ut tbe 
tame 9 fuel; a£ are moft fo? our p?ofite,&co naturallp liue in flocfeeg 
ano beat&etf , becaufe tbe great numbers of tbem are fo? our com* 
monitie*3I$ tfyi$ alto a too?ke of fortune*: jftap, 3! fap furtben Zljz 
&>unnz beatetb tbe €artb , t^z g>tarreg rrco limit ber fea^ong , tbe 
Sp?e mopffenetb bet njougbt ; tbe €artlr feruetfr tbe ©raile , tbe 
(SraflTe feruetb tbe3£eaGfe,ann tbe 3$ealte ferue spam €acb tbinj 
feruetb otber , ano all ferue one alone ♦ OTjence map tbfe bonne 
come *t 3!f tbingtf bee euerlaff inglp, anu of tbemfelueg; boto baue 
tbep tfjug put tbemfelues in fubiection^p W)*t meaner 02 tobett 
began tbep firtt toa uo fo^3lfo bol» can one of tbem be fo? anotber, 
Teeing tbat tbe enoe M) erefo?e tbingsi are, ti euer afo?e ti;e tbingu 
tbemfelueiEf,eitber in nature,o? cist in confitieration; ano tbat tbe e* 
ternitie bat^ not anp tbing eitbtt afo?e 0? after itt @>o tl;at if tbep 
Ijaue ban tbeir beginning of tbemfelueg; nio tbep b?ing fco?tb tbem 
feluess in feeo,in flotoer,o? inliernelhm Cgge,o? in full Itfe'tfmall 
0? great,ann fo fooitb^againe/eeing tbattbeone cannot bee tottb- 
out tbe otberjneitber'Beaaes toitbout (SralTe,no? (^ralfe toitbout 
tbe €artb, no? tbe €artb b?ing fco?tb anp tbing toitbout t^z ^ea^ 
tien;tofyd& of t\zvx came afoje t ann tofcicfc of tljem came afto: % ®i 



ff tl)ep toete all breo togetber: tofjcnce commetb tbtd agr&ment a* 
mong fo maiip Dtuer^ tljtH^g; •, but of t\)z fame mpnu tofttcij maoe 
ano M gouernetb all tbingd ': Seeing tben tbat tijefe tbingd are 
fo linden togetber 5 auo tbat tljep teno all to one: let bd conduce a!* 
fo tbat tljat cannot come topafle b\xt tbrougbone, tobotyougbc 
tbem fo3?t!) altogether at one tnffaunt ano one burtljen , toben bee 
tijougijt g©5* 15m noto let bd fee tobence commctij tljid oxber one 
toberunto tbep teno , tbat 10 to twit $®m $ ano tobetber be alfo b& 
not fo? anu b? tbat one tobicb Ijati; mane fytxn > tljat id to tott , foj 

it>e tbat feetb but one!p tbe portraiture of a man, falletb bp anti Man leadcdi 
bp to tbinke bpon a papnter ; ano tbe firft fpeecb tbat be btteretb, vs t0 God » 
id to afke tobo mane it, jftoto,if a oeao toorke ooe make 130 to con* 
ceiue a liuing toojker : mucb more reafon fe tt,tljat a liuing toorke - 
as man fe , fboulo make bd to bet^tnke bd of a quickening toorke* 
maiff er:pea euen of fucb a one as map b#(at leal! toife)ad farre a* 
boue man , ad man ig aboue tbe portraiture of W otone making, 
(forfomucb ad tbere ig an infinite oiffaunce bettoijet being ano not 
being , liuing ano not iiuing ; ) ano tbe fame againe i$ <£5oo* %\yz 
proportion to mand booie , tofttdb i$ fo toeU obferueo , tbat afl out 
3rted noe bor rotoe from tbence , ootb toitnefle bnto b d a fingulec 
Cunning: ano tbe parts alfo in tbat tbep afl ferue eatb others bfe 5 
ano euerp of tbem ferue tbe tobole ; betoken a great toifeoome* 
jftoto , tobere Cunning ano toifeoome bee , tbere cbaunce Ijatft no 
place* fo} toben a man tofetb an epe,an arme,or a legge^toee follow 
toing tbe common error &o commonlp fap,it id a mifefjaunce^ue 
luben a member tijat toad out of iopnt id fet in againe > or a mem- 
ber tfjat toad loll id fupplpeo^tbougb it be but toiti) a botcbeo one; 
none of bd toiii fap it toad cbaunce ; bzcmfz tljat in tbe iuogement 
euen of tbe groflfeft fort , tbe propertie of cbaunce i^ to unoo ano to 
marretbingd,anonottomakeormenoanptl)ingatafl* Againe, . ^ 
bp our fenced tobiclj conceiue al Co!ourd,S>ounod,S)entd3§)ai 
uord, ano jFoeimgd ; tooe map fee, Ijeare, fmeH,taft,ana feele 3 tbat 
one felffame toorkman raaoe botb tbe 5g>enred,ano tbe tbingd tbat 
are fubiect to tbe fenced ♦ 4f or to tobat purpofe toere tbe ^enceiJ 
toitbout tbe fenfible tbingd *t or tbe fenCble tbingd , toitbout tbe 
fenced *; 3no fzzin^ tbat tbep relpe one ^jpon another ; tobicb of 
tbem toad b) eo firft in tlje toorln 1 : 3lf man maoe tbem for bte S>en* 
ced-jtobpmaketbbenottbelikeftifl*: Slfbemaoebimfelfetob* 
bojne foi tfytmfity fufferet^ ^e ijimfelfe to b& bereft of W &*"* 

a 4 tti 


m one aftet anoftert Zlw ig it to be fougbt fo? elfmbere ften m 
man » lBut toben m tbe fame man lue pet farther conltoec &p*ft: 
mult luce not nceocs fap ftat Ije toas rud* to communicate bim* 
felfe to manp t 3no boto ace tljep boute one fa? anoftet<: 3($ame^ 
toljen toeecome to btf Q^iro , tolnft in oifcoiirihgteacbeft fan* 
bcpanu all fenftble cftfngf ; ftafl toee not fap ftat ftece are t\)in$$ 
mecelp to bee campjebenneo bp tonaerftamnng , fo? tfje tobtft fte 
Sppno toas maoe 't Sao on fte otfter fioe, if toee ftnoe a ^pwbt in 
ouc felues tolnft ace but a little gcapne of fte tobole too?lo ; oace 
tore fap ftat ftece i<& no S^pnti elfabece ften tn our feluestt 3frm* 
ouet, feeing ftat bp ftte Sppno of ours toee bnoeiffano all ofter 
fting3;tobift tytpwo pet foj all ftat bnoecftanuetb not ne kitotoeft 
not it felfe, neiftecpecceiue toee tobat oj tofjence fttasppnoets 
tobtcb fo totoecftanoeft in tog : ougbt toee not to aeknotoleoge ftat 
ftece te a $$v\tt) aboue &a , tobecebp toee baue bnoecftanoing of 0- 
ftec ftings/ano tolnft bnoecttanoeft $ knotoeft in b$ t|»e fting£ 
toljtft toee ouc fefoeg knotoe not ftere 4 : 

jQoto ften/eeing toe fcnoerffamr not ne knotoe not otic feluesf, 
(mp meaning is ftat toe bee ignorant tobat toe bee , ano toljat it t* 
fcom tobence our noblett actions pjocooeOcan toe bee fte auftojtf 
of our felues *: 3no from tobence ften outfit to# t© acknotoleoge 
our ftluejas tco Ijaue ouc original! *t © man,it map bee tftat ftou lm* 
feeft but t© ftp faftec3ut fcom father t© faftec, toe fljaH come at 
length too a beginning* 3no fcotfilp ftou act beep oulfjeaoeo m 
ft inke ftp felfe too bee fte auft o? of a man , confioering tfjac net - 
ftec ftou in begetting bim, no^igi^ortjecmb^eeoing^im, uin 
once tftinfte bppon fte fal&iomng of b tm in bit toombe : j3o nun e 
(fap 3!)ftan tbe jftuttree ooft toljen a Butte failed from it to fte 
gcoun&,tol)ift neuertyefeflfe toit^out t^e jQuttcawf linking djece* 
of,grotoerf) into Kote^p jtg,Baifa, ano bougbe* 5 ano in p cnn 
R?a3tefoo^tb mt© JLeauest , if totoetg ano fruite : 3no pet nottoitft* 
Canoing,in petnting of an 3!mage tljou ioofeed bpon it a btmo^en 
time^ano oiuec^ napes; ; tfjo u amenoeS it,ann tbou buCefi all ftp 
looter about it* 3!f tijou be fte 0©ec f tfj 1 ;<$ to oo?fee in tlje making of 
wan,teH mee to^p tljou Ijail not rfjifojen toljen ftou tooutoeft,ann 
fcofjp rijou b at! rijem bmttimt toljen tftou toouloett not. ? ^Ubp Ijafl 
tbo u a Dauglj ter,toben tljou too uloeft baue a ©omte,o? a 3>onne 
to^en tljou toouloeff fjaue a Daugbtec ? 3|n peinting ftp jptoureii 
ftou ooed not fo Dtfap mt ftp felfe* 3Ifo , if ft u beeft ft iiet goon 
top^maito ui making of ft y c^iiDj tin n« ^0 to ft u ^ aft faftia^ 


nentt*t Whzwt fa fttbaroneflfe of W bones \ ftelHjttojof&i* 
fcepnes^ftefpiriteaf bfa ^eattfftwg^mio tfe beating ofi>fa pi& 
feS': feeeft ftou ftis,toWft fa nlfo as finally m ftp pon*er 5 a3 if ft 
toere none of ftine *; '^eH ma twljat fa btooen in bfa ^catJ,ano fte 
tobole tooj&emanl&tp ftat fa coucften toitljin ijiim 3|f ftou baft not 
feene it fa fte opening of ftp like, ftouftnotoeftnoftingftere* 
oC CeUmcepetfurtljtrtijeimagmatioitgofftfa^apne, ano fte 
ftougbts of bfa beart x nap 5 tell mee tljtne otone,tobift oftentimes 
tlWttoouioeftfaine alter ojttap, ano canft not* Jtfaabottem- 
leffe pit>fte tobici) tljou canft not gage : ano ftevefoje it foilotoet \y 
ftat ftou maoeff it not*Enotoe ftou fterefoje © man,ftat all ftfa 
commeft too ftee from fome caufe ftat fa aboue ftp ftlft*3im fte* 
ing ftat ftou bait bnoerffanoing, neeoes mull ftat caufe baue bn* 
aerftanoing too ; ano feeing ftat ftou bnoerftanoeff not ftp felfe, 
neeoes mutt ftat bnoerftano ftee x ano feeing ftat ftou after a fojt 
art infinite in nomber,but mucb moje infinite in ftp ftougbts ami 
aeeoes : neeoes mutt ftat bee infinite tan 3no ftat is it lufttcft toe 
call ©oo* saibat (bai 31 Tap moje*: o? rafter oj tobat remaineft not 
foj mee t<o fap *t 31 fap toift fte auncient Trifmegift, lo?t»>flja!i 31 
lake apon ftee in fte ftings ft at ^re bere beneaft,oj in fte ftings 
ftat are aboue ? %fa\\ maoeft ail ftings, ano tobole nature is no* 
ftmg eis but an image of ftee* 3no 3! toil! concluoe toift Dauid, 
3&leiTepe ftelojo allpe toojkes of bfa ; pee 5>eauens, poe toaters, 
pee (I2ttnos 5 peeligbtemngS5pee <g>botoers, pee&eas , ytzl&U 
tiers , ano aH ftat euer is > blelTe pee fte Jtojoe : pea ano ftou mp 
foule alfo blelTe ftou ftelojo foj euer*5Fo?,to lap fojft fte p?cofe£ 
hfttft are boft in fte great toojio ano m fte little too?io ; it tooutti 
ftano me in ftano to ranfaefce fte tobole toojio ; as fte tobift (toift 
aH ftat euer is fterein,) is a plaine bcofcelaioe open to ail men,pea 
ruenbnto Cbflojettto reaoe, ano (as pee toouio fap)euentofpeli 

Botoe Iifce as all men map reaoe in ftis bcofte as toeH of fte Vniucrfiu 
hio^lo as of ftemfelueSj fo toas ftere neuer pet anp Bation bnoer ConfcnL 
leauen , toftift baft not fterebp iearneo ano perceiueo a certeine 
©oobeao^nottoiftttanoinff ftat ftep baue conceiueo it oiuerflp,ac* 
coding to fte oiuerfitie of fteir otone imaginations* let amair 
ronnefrom€afitodBett, ano from g>ouft to jf^o^ft: let bint 
ranfacfe aH ages one after anofter : ano toberefoeuer be finoeft a* 
tip men,ftere (baa ije fino aifo a ftino of Keiigion ano g>eruingxif 
^5 a toiftpjajers m Sacrifices^eDiuertWeto^ereof is &e* 


rp great; but pet tljcp I;aue altsoapesc confenteo allot djfe popnt, 
Cl;at tfcm fe a <S©D»ato as touching t\)t ruuerfitte tojbicti fc in 
t ftat beiialf, it beared; trntnetft d;at it i$ a ncctrine not ncltuerru al- 
cnlp from people to people ; but alfo tyeti ana b?ougl;t bp toift e* 
ucrp of tl;em in d;eir otuue Clpmate , pea aim eueitin djcir otonc 
fdttt&idait&tti tljefe bunu^en peres maitp jSatume ijaue bene ntf* 
r aueceo,ano man? are oaflp aifcottmo fiitt,tofticlj toerefcnftnc&en 
tn former ages* $mong tijem, fome fjaue bene fount* to liuetmtfc* 
6Ut Iatoe 9 totd;out Eing^totdjottt J?oufe 3 gomg Itarke naken 9 anQ 
luanuung abjoao in dje ftelog : but pet none tuitfjout fomefcnoto* 
ienge of (Son , none loitijout fome fpice of Religion : to fljetoe tm< 
to Dg,djat tt is»not fo natural a d;mg m man to loue companp,atuj 
to dm ^imfeife again&gurtf of dje toetfcer, (toi;ic!) d;ingg toee u 
ffeeme to be bene fttn&lpO a$ it te naturall bnto \)im to futotoe tfj* 
autbo? ofijts life, ri;at ig to Tap, <©otu flD j tf toee peelo moje to dje 
iuogementofd;ofeto{ric&toere counteo tnife among t&el^eatijen 
ttation^ ( toljomeaftettoarobp a moje moneft name men calleu 
HDi;ilofop*>erSO ®fre Brachmanes among tije Indians, anotlje 
Magics among d;e Perfians,neuer began anp dung toidjout pjap * 
ing bnto (Soiu'Cije leflfong of Pythagoras ano Plato,ano of tljetc 
Difcipleas,began imd> pjaper ano enoea tomb p?aper ♦ %\z awxcU 
ent3£oet0(tol;o toett all^fnlofopl;er0,)a0 Orphey,Homer,He- 
fiodus, Pherecides , ano Theognis , fpeafce of none odjer d)ing* 
H&e $§>d;cole$ of $e Stoikes, Acadcmikes , anD Pcnpatetikes, 
ano an otfcer rc^coXejS d;at flo^ifbeo in olo tin^rcong of djat* W)i 
fcerp Epicures d;2felueg toljo toere fljameleffe in all otljer djings, 
toere ailjameo to oenie <85oo* Co be fco&tfce men of olo time (a$ 
toitneffed; Plato)d)ofe d;eir l^ieffeg (toljicb toere to Ijatu regaro 
of dje fevuice tbat toag to be p#loeo bnto ©oo, ) from among d;e 
jpbilofopljerg , ag from among djofe fcrfrirl) bp djerr confiaeratton 
of nature,^au atteineo totmotoe ©on* ano fo(tirinri) nioomeJjap^ 
pened) but in an apparant trued)) dje opinion of tlje comon people 
ann tlje opimon of t^e toife \ Ijaue met bod; tump togid;er in tftijJ 

MfcHmap tljere beefotmti in aH agegi fometo^etclien feaptife^ 
toljiri; ^jaue not acknotoleugeo ©on , ag d;ere be fome euen at tfitsg 
Uap3ut if toe toke tnto d;f 3 eidjer t\)q> tuere fomepong fcolesi gt* 
uenouertotbeirpleafureii, toi;iri;ueuer Ijao iepfuretob^t^inte 
t\)tm of d;e matter , anti pettol;en peered camebppon tljem,came 
UtU againe to tye tootoing of tljemfclueg , ano confe^uendp of 



©on: oj ete tfjep tere fome perfons groten qutte out of fcintr, fa* 

pen in tuicfetjneflc^ann fttdj a$ ban nefaceo t!;eir oton nature in tbe 

fdueoj . tofjo to tbe intent tbep mtgbt pjactife all mauer oftDtcfees* 

neg tottl; tbe lelfe remajfe^aue ftriueo to perfiaane tbcmfelueg fcp 

fcotbing tbeir otee fimte^t&at tbep ftatieno gmuleat all,ann rfjat 

tbereid no31unge to make inqtttrie oftljetr finned 9nn pet not* 

toutb$anning,if tfjefe fall into neuer fo little naunger,o;i be but ta- 

&en fepon dje bip$tf P fall to quaking , tljcp crpe out Dnto beauen, 

tbep callbpon G5on*3nn if tbep app^od^bttt a farre of>bntc neatb, 

tljep fall to fretting ami gnawing; of tbeir trietb* ann \xfyzn tbep be 

tell beaten ; ttjere fe not anp fijanote of rt>e ®onbean fo f©ne of* 

feren bnto tbem, but tbep imbjaceit : fo reaop are nature anxj con* 

fcience QMl)it\) tbep teulnbauereftreinen ann impjifonen ) teput 

tbem in mifflr thereof at aflbotojeg^bep belotb to confelfe ©on, su«oniusin> 

fo? feare to ftano in ate of btm;ano pet tlje feareof tlje feaft tbingg the life <tf c& 

maketbtbem to eonfeflebim* jftap^becaufe tbep fearenot bim tbat ^^ 

mane all tbings, tberefoje tljcp if ann in ate af all tbinge: ; ass tee 

fee in tbe Cmperour Caligula 5 tubo tbjeateneo tf>e 3p je if it rap* 

nen bpon W ©ameplaperg ; ann pet nottoitbffanning be trapped 

bfe Cape about W b^ro* *>? bin ln'mfelfebnnerb& 3$en 5 ateuerp 

flafb of ligbtening* 31 btlmt ( faitb Seneca concerning tbt fame Scnec*tn his 

matter ) tbat tb# tb?eatem'ng of W nin grcatlp batten W neatb, firft bookc 

fo? fo mud) a$ folke fate tbat tbep mere too beare fucba one > a$ S^ 11 " 8 ' 

couln not beare^euentoritb tbe (Sonnet 

among tbe learoen , altbougb t^t libertie of g>ert$ tea lata* oWcftioM 
leffe : pet tbe cbiefe tbat men counten fo? at&etflfe, tere one Dia- concerning 
goras a Melian poet>oneTheodore a Cyremair,one Ewhemere ^^J^ 
a Tegean, ano a berp fete otbersu ^ut to fap true!p 3 tf)efe ratber thcUfe- 
ffeo?nen tbe 31&ol!e$ ann falfe ©annejJ of tbeir tpm^tben nenpen 
tbe true (0on*9cco?ninglp a«5 toe f& manp of tbempet l!ill among 
fc^tobicb W* tbemfelueis cotenten fcrirfj tbelutotuing ofuntruetlj, 
luitbout feeking after tbe truetb ; ann toitb mocking of <§>uper(& 
tionij 3 taitbout feeding tbe pure ann true Religion ♦ Of tbe fapn 
Diagoras it fe reporter*, tbat ass ^tz twas; burning an 31mage of 
Hercules in bi£ ftre^ be fapti,Thou muft now doe me feruice in 
this thirteenth incounter,as well as thou haft done to Eurift- 
heus in the other tweluc. , Cbi^toajaibutafko?ttingof3lDol(e^ 
^ro?not%>itbftanomortbi0: W OerfeiJbtganrijU0 5 tbatafltbmgsf 
are gouernen b^ a (Sooljeatr > aifo it i$ repojten of tbe otber, tbat 
lie u)0UlH ftp to t&C Egiptiansjlf they be Gods,why beway Fe ye 



them?atid if they be dead folkes,why worfhipye thcm>%%it 
alfo toasi a oifpjouing of tlje falft <£o&&$Jmj ag fo? Ewhemere of 
Tcgea , men ate of accojue djat tlje caufe tobp ijctua^ callen an 8* 
rtjettf 5 tmi0 fo? djat fce luxate tbe true IJ)tffo?ie ana (Senealogie of 
tije llpeadjen <&&$ ; fbe&ing tbat tljep toere Stingy p;tinces,ami 
great perfonageg, fortjofe Umagejs being kept foj a remembrance 
of rfjem toere tuxnz* into 3i&oHeMJW to©jdjieooing$ into pere* 
Ip (Samings,anritbetrljono?ingstntoiDO?(bippings{. anotnbidj 
tifbg at d;ie; napbeleetterijnot as mud) % 'Cberetoereinoeenea 
kinse of ipbrtofopbers caUeo <g>ceptick0(d)at fe to fap Doluterg) 
iMbtdjtito ratljer fufpenn djeir 33uogement concerning tlje ©oa* 
ljea&, rijen call it in tiuefticm ♦ 3But pet it ougfjt to fufftje tog , tbat 
tljep be dje fdffame tobid) nenp al <g>cience£,pea euen tfjofe tofcirf) 
ronfift in Demonffration-, ana vtijid) p?ofe(Te tljemfeluetf to ooubt 
of tlje tfringg tabid) tljep fee ano feele ; in ft mud; tbat tljep ooubt 
tnbertjer tbep tljemfelues Ijaue anp beeing o? no ♦ l&vttytt fo? an 
tljat, let b$ fee after toljatmanerdjefe kino of people ooereafcn* 
Sgainff tlje tfjtng tofcirij tlje tuojto p?eadjet&,tobtdj JI5ationgs too?* 
fljip, ano tofjidj toife men toonoer at ; tljefe folke fap at a too j&e foj 
aU^oto (JjaH toee beleeue djat tljere is! a ©on^Ctfj me fee t\im noVi 
SD farte,ano Qnl)i&) toojfe fe) S> forte by being wife in tljpne otnne 
conception beteueft djat tljere tit a g>unne 3 euen luben tbou art 
in a Dongeon oj in t^z bottome of a pjifon , becaufe Ijfe beamed 
are (ben in at tljptoinootoeg t anuooubtefftfjou pet (till taljetljec 
tljere be a ©on oj no, toljen Ije Ibetnetlj Ijimfelf to tljee dj?ougb tbe 
^mnne, dje Spoone, ano rije fetarres ; in tlje 9pje,rije €ardj,tbe 
%>za- 7 in all tljingg tfcat tbep contepne,pea ano euen in rijp felfe *t 3lf 
tljou Ijaooeft neuer feene %m afoje , tbp loit at tlje toerp firft figbt 
of it,tooulo leaoe tljee to t!je ro)te to^id) it bnner tbe Creetano tbe 
figljt of a Uliuer toouto Icane t^ee to tlje toelfp?ing tbereof , inbicfi 
map peramienture be ttoo ^unu^eo JLeagutis of ♦ 3no tobofoeuec 
tboulo tefl tljee tlje contrarie , tljou toouloett ftano at nefiaunce a^ 
gaintt l)tm ♦ SD man, like ag rtje Cree leauetl) tfjee to tbe roote bp 
Ijig b^aundje^Botb not dje roote lease tbeel&etoife to t^e kernel!, 
ano tbefcemellto^im tljat mane it^^ino a^ rijelRiuer leaoetl) tba 
to W ieaHjftal v it t^z Ijeau leane rfja to tlje original* fpjmg tljer^ 
of , feeing tljou . mft not ooubt but it Ijatlj a beginning , fid) djou 
feetttljatit runnrtl) toitlj a Creamed 3lftbou (bouloeftarriuea- 
mong tbe 3Inotan?s , anti finoe but fome fillie Cottage in tlje nefo* 
lateft Cauntrep tl^reof j 'C^ou tooulneft bp ann bp conriuue,tbi^ 


3He is mbabiten,fome man batb patten beere* 3nn \xfyp $ecaufe' 
tbou feeft tbere fome tokens of mans toit 5 aim knotoeft toell tbat 
tlje <Boat0«5 Urijtcl) djou tralf ftene raungingoj fktppmgtopoutbe 
Ii£ockes,canbuilOHofucbtbing ♦. Jftoto 5 tobentboubecmgbojne 
beneatb/ecft berc abtmnjcn ann a bunnjcntboufann tbtngs xrifyid) 
are not pofftble to be mane bp man : nap(tobicb moje is 3 ) tobtcb it 
te not poiltble foj ijtm to knotoe no? to fcnnerftann t ou$)tzft tbott 
Hot to fap immeniatlp , ©ons fytrttc batl) patten tbiS UDap 3 nccutjS 
wuft bere baue bene fome bigger tf)ing tben man'; 

Mention is mane of certepne p^ect^e pecfons 5 Mricb be!#uen pfctarch in Ms 
notbmg but tbat tobtcb tbep fatue, ann rfje ffiKijar&a mane tbem twatifeofthc 
to fee Deuilles t SHberetjpon tbejr came to beleeue alio tbat tbere ccaifin s ofo - 
ts a ©on* at teas a man kinne of conuerfton,to beleeue in ©on bp r 4h that Tru- 
tbe mmifterie of tbe Deuill ♦ 33ut tobat a number of otljer things kt D f eaida * 
beleeueft tbou tobtcb tbou feeft nart Cftou beleeueft tbat $ plants which was an 
baue a kinne of §>oule , tbat is to fap, a certepne intoam potner oj Ath«ft,came 
Uertue W<$ maketb tbem to tboote fcojtb in tbeir feafon ♦ ^bou tp J: h ^ bd b e ef a °J 
feeft tbem, buttbou feeft not it; neitljerknotnefttbou tobence it an{ ^ er ; J^ 
commetb,oj nrf)erc it Ipetb* Cbou beleeueft tbat tbe 15eaftes alfo f rom thebra- 
|>aue one otber kinne of feoule, tobtcb maketb tbem to manse : ann ck of Mopfus,. 
pet tbou feeft it as little as tbe otljer* glfo tbou beleeueft tbat tbou to -a demaund 
ti& feIf(beGoes tbefe)baftan abilitie ofreafoningbotbfcpon tbem, ^dS^dT 
ann bpon tbp felfe,ano bpon fucb as are like tbp felfe ♦ Sinn pet as £ a i cc j. 
toucbing tbe bonie , tfjou feeft not anp tbing alteren in tlje partes 
tbereof after neatb - r neither tnitbin no? tmtjoutv Whzxz is tbat 
feoule tljen,oj tobere baft tbou euer feene iftSIf tbou beleeue tber* 
fif becaufe of tlje effects tehiib tbou feeft , tDbtcji cannot come from 
anp tbing els:31 allure tljee zum bv tbe fame effects,tbat if tbou be^ 
laue notbing thereof but tbat tobtcb tbou feeft toitlj tbpnc zptfy 
tbpne epes fee not but b}> tbp g>oule 3 ann tbpne epes tbemfelues 
fee not tbp ^oulev^o be lljo^tjtbou btletutft tbat tbou baft a face^ 
bJbicb tuitbout a looking <Sla(Te tbou feeft not: anntoflt tbou not 
beteue tbere is a ©on,tnbofe face $f»ed; fca?tb in all foingz't 

iSDtberfome to ibetoe tbemfelues mo?e findjeanen , baue arge^ 
toen tbus*3If tbere bee a <BflDD,&e muft neenes be a boni!^ lining 
Sngl)t 5 o? els be ibouln be fencelelfe ♦ Sna if be Ija fences 5 tbeii is 
%z rfjaungeable j ann if be be cbaungcablc, tljen m»ip Ije penty: tbat 
is to fap,be is no longer ©on* ^eafts are tbep in uerp neen 5 iubicb 
can conceiue no better tben tbat tobicb <s common to 3l5eafts* 

ffitbers l)mz fapn tbus;J|f be bz toitbout bonie 5 be is alfo tnitb* 




out feottle,an& confequenrtp tmtbout action,®? tf^c be a io&fe,$e 
10 fubiect to tbt rijaungea tberok 3Ia# tbat tf;ep fijouio not 6c able 
to concetue a feptrtte toittjout a booie , no? to fee tbat euen tn out 
felufsttt* tfjeonclp^ouletljattoo^edj, ano tbat tfoebooiefti* 
rctb not but as it fa moueo bp tijt ^ ouie. 

ffitberg againe no rcafon,rijat tf tfrere be a <Sou 3 1je muft neeoe* 

be perfect!? bappie: ano tf be be perfectfp I;apjjtc 3 ljc fe bertuoug: if 

bertuotts , be ouermaifferetb W affections : ano if %z ouermaiffec 

W affectionate fa tempteo of bfa teffe$ a tljing altogether bnbe* 

teeming tlje <Soobeao*3no by tbefe inconuenienceg tbo> conduce, 

(bat tbere fa no ©00 at afl: not perceiuing,o? rarber toilfuflp refu* 

WntaAc inhis fing to perceiue ti^at tobicb Pluurke faptb berp toeH:nameIp,t&at 

trcatifc of mo- tfjc perfon tobWb ouermaiff eretb bfa affections , 10 but Ijalfe bertu* 

oil vamc oug,but tbe ffapeo perfon fa toboflp feertuou$,becaufe tye one oorfj 

fmt b}in\z bfa paOioniES bp fo?ce of reafon , ailjcreas tbe otljer ^atfj 

tbem alteaoie fettleo accusing to reafom^ut tbere fa yzt moje tit 

<8oo : fo? be fa reafon it fetfe , ano tbere fa norbing in bim but tea* 

fom<g>ootbIp tbfa kino of reafoning of rijeirs agreed) in effect toritlj 

ash^^iS ** * fa ?* n £ of Xenophanes , djat tf QSeaCeS toere able to papnt, 

gcd by cic- " $)ty tooulo pojttrap ©00 like to tbemfelue0,bec aufe tbep coulo not 

ment of Ale- naturallp concern anp furfljer* £>ucb ano orijer lifce are tbe argu* 

sundria in his m ent$ of tbefe gmolp ]|9l)ilofopber$,tofncb euen little babes mtgbt 

Soomats. | au ^ ta f^ ^ : (, ttt t ig tyep coixto not baue bene againit fo mam. 

fed ano euioent a truetb* 3no yzt oare 31 alfo toeH affure pou,tbac 

tbep tbemfelues fcnetoe d>e falfenelTe of tbofe argument^but t^ac 

tb^ toere as; it loere ftoojne to ooubt of all djingg, ano to gainfap 


tetbsirijenconcluoe tot'rt) tbe learner? ano tljetgno^atmt^ fyz 
Greekes ano tbe Barbarians, Spen ano 3eafte^ 3 tbinga fenCbfe 
ano fenceleffe 5 tfje indole ano euerp part tbereof : %b& tbere isi a 
©00 ♦ 9no if tbere bee pet anp folke tbat catre ooubtg tbereof, in* 
Deuouring to race out not onelp (Soo but alfo man bimfelfe out of 
tbeir beart&let b$ bololp appeale etten bnto tbemfelue0;not ooub* 
ting at an, but ri;at tbeir ottme Confcience to^tc^ cannot be De&fc 
te^iuill one cap mafee t^em to bnoerdano it* 


Thefecond Chapter. 
That there is but onely one God- 

Ct b g ttmit further in tbe bcafce of natute,an& The world 
fee tobetber tbat as it batl; taugbt us a ©on- lead . ct ^ r ° onC 
bcan 5 tt tcacb W not alfo tbat tbe fame confik one y ° ' 
tetb in onety one <0otu3i bane touls pou airea* 
ti^ftat of rbings^fome bauebetng 5 fomebaue! 
fiemg ana Iife,fome baue bcing 3 Ipfe ana fence; 
ami etber fomebaue being 3 Ipfe,fence,anorea* 
fon, Cbefe folsjcr fo^tess fan into tbjee , from tbjee into ttoo , ana 
from ttoo tnto one, antrtbat one is Beeing; aftne tbe tobicb (as 3f 
ftaue p^oueu alrea&p)tbere totxtt a Notbeeing^be reftmte tbere* 
foje boto otuera fo euer djep be,ate all conueteo in tlje one Beeing, 
ami tfjteone Beeing muff neewsf-reff tn tbe potoer of one firff Be- 
ing 5 to^crcoftl^e being tobicb toe fe,fa but a fljanotoe* %aine, it* 
all $ tbing* tobicfr toe {& ; toe re&uce tbepattictdara too an mm* 
fein&,tbe tortierimttig to an upper&f ffl>,am> tbe fcpperftino to a mod 
generally fo? ejample,toe retmce all particular bumane perfonjs 
fcnoer tbe terme of man? 9fl[ men won tbe terme of ftDTtgbt », all 
toigbtf imoer tbe terme ofltuing tbittg$5 ano an liutng tbings tin* 
fcer tbe terme of tbtngja; tbat are oj be ; altoapeg referring euerp at* 
tterfitie to fome tmitie 3 anu tbe fame imitie to anotber toutte tobicf) 
te mo?e tmtuerfail*31t remained) tben tbat toljen toe can mount no 
fngberjtoe mutt atfttnguifb f tbtngg tbat are,tnto tbe tbing tobicfr 
it of tt felfe , anfrtbe tbing tobicb te not of it felfe, Cijat toljtcb to 
not of tt felfe, fetbe £2Jo?io ano ail tbat etter i$ tberein, a*3l baue 
pjoueo afbje, 'Cbat tobtcb i$ of it felfe, fe tbe tbing tobtcb toe caf 
©on, beponutobom notbing can beetmagine^anti bp tolbomeafl 
tbings botb are ana bane bene , as tobicb coulti fjaue no Seeing of 
ftemfeluea* jQoto to pjonuce from jftotbeeing into beeing,requt* 
tetb an infinite potoer* jfo? betto&nenotbmg ano fometbing it art 
infinite oiffance •, ano ttoa infinites cannot be abtoiren, no nc j tmar« 
ginerr togetber* jTo? tbe infinitenelTe of tbe out tiotb incibafe anir 
6pnn tbe potoer of tbe otber,am> i©te tobatfoetter is giuen too tbe 
«te,fe tafeen atoap from all otljer^ ^erefoje ItSe k tl?ere mu(f 


nrirtics be one 3!nfimte,fo muft tbere be but onlp one 5 pea aim moll 
Untplp one : from tobofe tmitie neuertbc'cfle flotoe all tfje otuerljs 
ties to!)irij toefe m tbe trrfjole toojlo , Ife a^ from a Wcte> p?o* 
c#oedj a lpne,an outGoe,auo an fubft antiall bonier* 3no of unttte 
. 0} one to nombering 5 p?oceeoetb mtn ano oDoe,rouno ano fquare, 
ana afl tbe multiplicities, proportions, ano ijarmonies tobicb toee 
fetfauing tljat tbe pjicfte ano tbe tmitie of nomber are tntermmg* 
ieo ano interlaceo tm'tb an things , tobereas tbe fojcfapo moft fin< 
gleano alpnlp ffine, abpoingfttfl one in ttfdfe, fytngetb fffljtb afl 
tbe otber imtties,ano conteinetb tbem afl* 

let tos examine euerp fo?t of tbings feueranp bp tfjem felues, 
ano toe fl;ali leawe tbe like flftl its tbenn 3!n tfje Clements toee fee 
contrarie qualities $ operations*3no tobere contraries are, tbere 
xi&dz but tloo beaos to ftt tbem at toarre* tfo} tbep camtot otoell 
togetber,neitber can tbep matcb together, ano mucb lefle can tbe? 
teigne togetber* Cbe further tbat anp of tbem ettenoetb bis po* 
' luer,tbe lefle can bee atoap toitb anp felloiae* jftolio tben if one ret* 
gneo ouer tbe ideate, ano anodjer ouer tbe Coloe; one ouer tl)t 
D^ptft , ano another ouer ti;e spoptf tire; fo as tbere toere outer* 
materia; oj gouerners of tbe toojloe:toee(boulo alfo fee oiuer* 
fitter of factions , Element againtt Clement in tbe totjole tuo?loe 
ano in euerp tljtng tbat is compounoeo,ano continual toarre in tbe 
mioses of tbeir 3ftotoels*But noto fee toe no fudj tljing; but euerp 
aftbem imtyacetb otber, botb in tbetoboleano in euerp feueraH 
cbing, ttottotttjftanomg tbat naturallp tbep ntfylace ano oeftrop 

if urtbermaje tbep ff ano not at oefpance alone by tbem fclues, 
iut tbe feea bedeapetb tbe €artb,tbe ;g>ea ano Cartb togitber are 
iappeo tip in tbe 3p?e, tbe 3p?e it compatf about toitb tbe S>fepe, 
ano euerp of tbem tfcopetb imocr otber; infomucb tbat of tbeir con- 
trarieties pe fo tbere pjoceeoetb a g©olp bnifojmitie^ffing t^zn 
» w ^ tljat tbere are not ttoo factiong,tbere is but one mato, ano feeing 
tbep peelo all into one,tt cannot be but alfo by one ♦ 3In t^z Cartfc 
ioeefeelRiuerSjtobicl) runneaberp long race, but pet from one 
beao : ano againe maup {treames, tisbicb peelo tbemfelues all into 
one 3 tubicb one is tbe S>ea ; ano tbe &ea alfo being fcnoiuioable 
pafietb tb?ougb tbe tobole inferiour too^lo* like as ^ come out 
of one fcnttie , fo ooe tbep peelo tbemfelues up into one otber Uni* 
tit ♦ 3In tbe Upeauenuieeobferue infinite oiuerSmouings, but pet 
anobepingimto one ♦ d;eret'Sonelig^ttobtcb ©eaoe^tt fejfe 




tbjougfjotit all ylaccsaf^but pet it pjocdeoetlj from one onelp ; tabid* 
feemetb to multiplp it felfe infim't elp, f pet cannot by anp meaner 
fce partco : 31 meane one gmnne , txrfjofe beamed fpjeaoing out on 
all fine^uoe reacb from tlje Skpe unto tlje €artb, ano pet netted 
tbelelfe continue Hill fatf knit togetber in one bono bp one bmtie. 
Jftoto all tljefe parts,tnbicb p^oceeue from one ano tzito to cne,ooe 
make bs to betoue tljat all pjoceeoe from one moft fingle one* 

&$mz,in tbe tijings tbat b^tie life, as in Upearbes ano 'Crfe; 
toee fee a barke, a Mke o? trunke, manp boughs oj b^auncbe^^ 
ano an infiiu'te number of leaues ♦ Cbe booiebatlj no ItkeneiTe to 
tbe leaues , no? tbe leaues to tlje fttti je , no? tfje fruite to tlje Wof* 
fomes* 3no pet ooe all tljefe come from one roote,tobt$ W Ijis 
fojee bniteo to it felfe ; ano tbe roote fpjinging of akernell oj of a 
grapne, (toljiclj cannot be tlje too?k of anp mo tljen one laojkman) 
contepnetb an tbe fapo oiuerfities in brS bnifo?mitie, ano of it felfe 
alone p&ioetb fantlj fafintts of tlje fame ktnne ; ano of one begin* , . . : . . 
ning of lift Ui^'rf) is not multiplpeo in it felfe, maketb it felfe a be* 
ginning of life(as toeli toitfcin it felfe as toitljout it felfe)bnto ma* 

Itiketoife as touching toigfjts,toee fee in euerp of tljem a tfrou* 
fano oiuers part^ + ©ut\Marolp,©eao,€pe^ jl5ofe,€are^'C^tl;, 
Congue,5f#te,Caple,ano fof©jtb: ano intoarolp tbe $>eart, tbe 
&ungs,tlje <§>tcmacke,tl)e JLiuer 3 rije ^oinelles^e Eioneps,ti# 
35ones, tlje <g>inete* s, tfje ©eartOrings, tbe €Jepnes,ano furij o* 
tljer tbings^fce beginning of tljis tobole gpaiFe ano of afl tfjofe fo 
manifoio parts,is neict coufen bnto notljing ; abetp fmall o?op,of 
xmeibape,butoti£lpone* ^etnottoftbftano^itbatb tbe begin* ■«„/. 

nmg of life ano fence bntteo in it felfe; toljicb multipipetb it feif in* 
to manp abilities , fences, actions,ano mouings : ano tljat not in* 
taarolp onelp , but alfo outtoarolp in infmitz numbers of tlje fame 
kinoe,tobitb in p?oce(Te of tpme ooe fill taljole Countries^o cer* 
uynz is tbiS principle in nature,tljat all multituoes come from an > ? % . 
Knitiz 0} jJDne, ano tbat tljere cannot bee anp multituoe 5 bnielTe tbe 
fame baue ffrif bin no multituoe ♦ !But toee take no iyezu of it,be- 
caufe twee fee it euerp nap : ano yzt is it gitten bs to fake bpon , to 
tbe eno uoe (boulo baue regaro of it J^otobett/ojafmucb as man i$ 
toil) tbe image of (Boo ? ano tlje Counterpane of tbetoojlo toge* 
tber : tuee cannot fee tbis \>nitiz fo apparantlp in anp tbitig , as in 
man Ijimfeife. 3lf toe Icoke bpon bt'S booie 3 all tbe parts tljerecf are Man ^*h 
mm one fo? another , ana mmifter one to another tuit^ mutuall vs to one Go4 

55 ouecies; 


mtcttegtano toitljout To ooing,be coulo not continue no? lute* Cljc 
Cpeg gupoe tlje jFeete ; tbe jF&te beare tlje Cpecf ; bp one part tlje 
tl)trrgcf tljat are neeofulare taken iti;ano bp anortjer tbe rtjings tljat 
are fuperfluous are bopoeo out : ano all ano etterp of tljem referre 
tljeir ooings to tbe beneftte of tlje tui;olc booie. ♦ €bis bnton of du 
tiers; operations; tenoing al to one popnt 3 ffjeb)eg tljat tbe framing 
of man boas mane b]> one onelp bjojkemanfljip^no ag rfje bjojke- 
manfljip id but one , fo mud tlje b)o?kemaitrec alfo neeoes bee but 
one, fo^likt an bp a builoing tljat in maoe bp pceceg ano of oiuer$ 
pjopojtionsMue oeeme tlje oi.uerStie of tfee maptferbuilocrg •, fo bp 
tlje bnifojmitie tl>ereof toe iuoge it to be tlje oeuife ano toojkmaits 
flnp of one alone* %ty ftepnesare'fpjeo foo^tb tfeougljouttfje 
toljole borne , Ijotobeit from one boelljeao , tljat in to fap from tlje 
Jliuenfo be tlje SnuebJCg, Ijobubeit from tlje 15>apnc;<§>o Itkeiuife 
are tlje ^earttfringiai^obobcit from rtje !£eait^p tljefe tfyee ftnt$ 
of Cunnitpppe^are fife, fence, ano fyeatlj fljeao fco?tlj zwzn to t!je 
ieaff ano bttermoft parts , ano tlje bjauncljeg tljereof are toitljouc 
number, but tbe ojiginallofafiis onelp one ♦ 33ut pet oortjtljia 
fljine fwtlj moje cleerelp in tlje g>ottle of man ♦ 3!t Ijattj We,fence, 
ano moumg*3Il tljefe are Dealt fcD?tb 3 mapntepneri,ano gupoeo bp 
tlje onelp one g>oule ♦ ©erepe fee alreaoie one bnitieXije &oule 
fo&icft Ijatlj Ijte potoer&fo biuerg ano fo farre fpieo , in tofjole tljo* 
rotoout all tbe toljole booie , anb irfjole in euerp part thereof, ag 
muclj in tlje lead as in tlje greateff , ano ag mud) in tfteleatf an in 
tlje toljole^ljere pe fee pet a ftretgljter bnitie* 9gaine, tbe g>oule 
in pet moje ftreigbtlp ffjut bp into ©pnoe , tn(jirij in tbe S>oufe of 
tlje <g>ottle,a0 tfje 9pple of tbe €pe is tbe €pe of tlje Cpejano pet 
ttottmtfjtfanoing, tljig Sppno (ad entierlp one an it itf,) concerned) 
ano ootlj infinite tijings , enteretb into a tfjoufano places; tottljout 
remouing, paCTetb ouer tlje &wn , mottntetlj bp to tlje ^eaueng, 
ano reacbetb uolnne to tlje oeapdj of tbe Cart!;* £o Ijere an bnitie 
moll itreigljt in it felfe, ano pet eytenoen to tlje btmoft parts; of tlje 


Hermes faitlj tljat the Sunnebeames of God are his Anions, 
the Sunnebeames of the World are the Natures of things, 
and the Sunnebeames of Man arc Artes and Sciences, ^fym? 
fo?e let b& fee tobetbec tlje 9rteg ano S>cienre^ mill gupoe b$ to 
tlje famebnitie^luberunto tljofe Actions ano tlje natures of tfjinga 
Jjaue leo b n alreaoie, beginning at dje lobjer, ano mounting bp to 
tip |jigljer* ©rammer teadjetij b^ to tying tlje Diuer* part^of 



fpced) into out congruette,ann tije eitu thereof fs to fpeaSe; mn dje 
eiftoffpealmtgisfocietie* Bbccojfte teacl;etl; totyatoemennes 
minus to one felfftme opinionXog&e teamed; to lift out $ trued* 
from a nober of faldjoas, tufttcft trued? can be bat one, Wjrir eno$ 
tben ace congruetie^lbctetie^ mitiz of mino ano trued) , tofcicfc are 
butfuntyiefojtesot'bnitie* 3rid)tMticfcpjocee&e$ftom bnitie, 
<£$eometrie from a pjtcfte ; anD spuficfe from agreement of foun&S; 
auo dje ena of tijem is to reouce dungs to one comon reafon,to one 
p?opo?tion 3 anti to oneftarmonie ? allto)bicb arefcinss of bmtie 3 ami 
djeirbjaundjesarebjaunefces oftlje fame* jfojiperfpecttiueoja* 
tuetf; all Ins Ipnes to onepopnt : ^afonrreano Carpentrte tenoe 
to bmfo?mitie* %\)t Ijatrticraft inaeuered) to bjutg manp potoerg 
ano manp mouings bnoer one, to ouerrule djem all : 311 to^tclj a< 
gain are but funtyp fo?ts of bnitie ♦ pbtflck tenneti; to d>e prefer* 
wation oj reftttution of fcealdj ; ana fcealdj is nothing els but a met 
pjopojttoneo buion of &iuers bumojs togidjer^e f MI of tame 
tmttfy to migrans djere is but one ftigijt^ougb tljere be info 
nice tojongs* 'Cljen femes it but to maintepne^retfoje, ano tying 
tttenbacfce ageine bnto bnitie* let bSp?oceeae further ;$po?all 
IPbilofop&te ftitjoetoedjmanpsiuers partions ana affections bnto 
one reafen, in one mam fipctotfjoltigouewment bjingetf) ma* 
npmetttotbeobepingofone Ijoufebolner * Ctuillgcuernmentre* 
tweed* manp baufcljol&s into one Commonuaeaie, tofjiclj is no* 
tiding bnt an bnitk of man? peopIe,to!jet!jer it be bnner one latoe 
0} baser one magiftrate; infomucb tbat eue tije mod popular Co* 
montoeales baue ( in tbeir extremities ) tafcen a Bictato? , ano in 
djeir ojtJinane courfe of gouernment a Confull , fin one after tlje 
otber* jftotodjen ad djat euer man concerned), invented) ana oik 
pofetk&ot& lease bs altoapes to ait bnitie* flBbere bnitie is lot!* 
tbere things goe to tojecke^rtes are confounneu, ans Common* 
loeales are oifToluetuCIjett like as in bntotiteb oiuerfitie tuee 5noe 
toaff e ano fubuerfion; fo mull toe loke in bnitp foj tlje increafe ana 
pjeferuatton of all djutgs, jftoto if man,anu all djat is luifyin man 
ann tuitljout #m ooe leane to to one alone t fijall Ije fuffer Ijtmftlft 
to raunge out bnto manp *: 9nu if all dje ^>onnebeames of matt, 
31 meane bis $rts ann Sciences, tm tm one bnttie t Iball onlp du 
utnitie tucue us afioe to a pluralitie of Monties': Bap rarijer,bp fo 
manp bntties 5 fte taifl make bS ilpe bp to t^e true ano perfect but* 
tie^ano tbat bnitie is d;e onelp one (0od* 
^ut let b|$ fe nolo fcoto all things being lb niuevS in tfie toljole 

25 z to$}% 



Thelinkingin toojloe , are referred one to anotljer* Cbe flfttater mopffenetf) cfje 
of things togc- €artb,tbe 3pjemaketb itfattc tottij Ijis fljotoers , tljegmnne in* 
tha. ligbtenetb it ana beatctb it accojoing to bis feafons* %bz €artb 

nourifljetb tbelplants,tbe plants feeoe tlje Beatfes,* tbe 3£eafts 
ferue man,3game,notbmgis fcnebereto bemaoefoj itfelfe/Clje 
gmnnc flnnetb ano Ijeatctl; ; but not fo} it felfe : tbe €artb bearctb 
ano pet batb no beneftte tbercbp : tbe clhimjs blotoe , ano pet tbcp^ 
faple not : but all tfjefe tbings renouna to tbe glo?p of tlje maker, 
to tbe accomplifljment of tbe tobole, anototbebenefiteofman* 
Co be tfjo;tt,tbe nobleft creatures baue neeu of tlje baceff, ano tbe 
baeeft are ferueo by tbenoblefe j anu all are fo linkeo together from 
tbe bigbeft to tbe lotoetf, tbat tbe ring thereof cannot bee biokcn 
tottbout confufiom %bz gutmie cannot be €clipfeo,tbe planter 
toitberea, o? tbe maine leant ; but all t&mg* fele tlje bttrt tbereof* 
j^oto tben, can toe imagine tbat tbis toco^e tobiclj confiaetb of Co 
manp $ fo m'uers peeccs , tentring all to one entJ, fo cuppleo one to 
anotljer, making one botip,^ ful of fo apparant confents of atfetft* 
on^ pjoceeaetb from elfetobere tban from tlje potoe r of one alone^ 
<KElben in a folo toe fee manp 'Battels, Bitters g>tam»er&s, fun&a* 
JLiueries , anu pet all turning bean toitb one ftuape ^ toee conceiue 
tbat tbere is one (Senerall of tbe fielo, tobo commanoetb tbem all* 
9lfo toben in a €itiz 0} a Kealme tee fe aitequalitieof gooB be* 
Ijauioj in an bnequalitp of Degrees of people, in&nitz tra&es xuf}t<i> 
ferue one anotber,tbe fmaller reuerenffng tbe greater , tlje greater 
feruing to tbebenefite of tfre finafler , botb of tljem mane equall m 
3|u(!ice , ami all tenting in tl;is oiuerfitic to tbe common feruice of 
tbeir Countrte : te ooubt not but tbere is one Latoe,anu a Spagi* 
ftrate toljtcb by tbat iatoe boloetb tbe faio oiuerCtie in bnioiu3mi 
if anp man tell of manp Spagiftrates ; toe toill byannby inquire fr£ 
tbz foueraine* 2>et nottoitbffanoing, all tbis is but an oj&er fet a* 
mong Bitters men , tobo ougbt tuen naturallp to be tinim, by tbe 
commtmttie of tijerr Itino^ut toben tijings as toel ligbt as beaup , 
tobot as colo,mopl! as o?p,Iiumg as bnliumgjenoetoeti tnitb fence 
as fenceMe,ano ecbe of infinite fortes, noe fo clofe in one eompo* 
Ctiou,as one of tljem cannot fo^beare anotber ; nap ratfjer to our 
feming, tbe toojtbieft ooc feruice to tbe baceft , tbe greatel! to tbe 
fmaHeft,tbe (trongeft to tbe tueafceft, anu all of tbem togetfjer are 
uifpofeo to tbe accompliftment of tbe toojloe , ano to tbe contents 
mnt of man tobo alonlp is able to confioer it : ougbt toe not fojtb- 
toit&toperceiue, t^attljetoljole toojloe anu all things contepnen 




tberein,ooe bp tbeir tenoing nnto ns 3 ftacb fcs to teno bnto one a* 
lone *t 3no feing tbat ft manp tbings tenne tinto man ; (Ijail man 
(batter bis noings tinto timers enns <* ffij fyall bee bee fo tojetcben 
as to feme manp mapfters *: J2ap furtber 3 to finittip tbiS popnt 
tutsan , feing tbat all tbings tbe nobler tfjep bee , tbe mo?e tbep 
noe clofe into one nnitie , ( as fo? example , toee fee tbat tbe tbings 
Ipijtcij bane bnt mere being are of infinite ftpnns > tbe tbings tbat 
baue life are of infinite fojtes 3 tlje tbings tbat baue fence are of ma- 
tip fojtes,botobeit not of fo manp ; ann tbe things tbat bane reafon 
are manp, onelp in particulars) : nodj tt not follotoe alfo tbat tlje 
©oobean from tobence tbep Ijaue tb#r reafon(as nobler tba tbep) 
is alfo mucb mo?e one tban tbep,tbatis to fap> onlp one as toeli in 
particularitie ann nomber,as alfo infcpnn«t - 

ilpotubeitjnotlDitbltanoingalltbefeconJ&erations, fojafmucfc Thcobicaios 
as tbere is niuerfitie, pea ann contraritie in toojlnlp tbings ; fome of fuch as 
ftauegatbereiH3pontbisniuer(itie 3 tbattbatbeuiuers ©ons,ac* GoXtfoon«T 
fenotolengmg nenertbelelfe one §lmigbtie aboue t%zxn all* 3nn o* 
tberfome, in refpect of tbe contrarietie, battefttnotonebutttneo 
(Sous onelp^be firft fap,3If onelp one ©on ban mane all tbings, Mian the a- 
tbere (bouln bane bene no Difference in tbings t but tbere is nitfe^^" 1 ^* 
tence $ ann tberefbje it mutt n&oes bee tbat tbere are manp ©ons* 
gmrelp ban tbefe mzn toel contineren tlje tbings afo?e allengen bp 
m#; tbep iljouln baue fone tbat nature is Wbollp ann altogetber 
againtt tbis Confequence^bere is great niuerfitie in one plan?, 
in one flUigbt , in one flSten : ann pet nottoitbffanning tlje groumi 
tbereof is nnifo?me*J)ea ann it is fo true tbat onelp nnitie is fruit* 
full, tbat me fo boto tbe niuerlltie it felfe ann tbat toljicb commetfj 
tbereof 3 iS btterlp barrein, botb in ffiOigbts, (as in Spules) ann in 
plants 3 as in tfyz Stergon , ann alfo in all otljer like things* 3If stergon isan 
tfcep confioer tl)Z gmnne , bee mafcetb pants to grotne all at one hcrbc which 
tpme, niuers one from anotber, ann as niuers in tbcmfelues* Ipee ^ r ^ h ft ^ 
mafcetb fome of tbem too (bootefajtb 3 fome to rppen 3 ann fome to wXianfccd© 
feritber* 9t one inttant be botb toojketb njougbt in tbe €artlj > ann or feede of 
njatoetb ftp Clotones out of it to moptten it : be ^tl) &ommer 3 F ^ ax - 
Dapli^jt 5 $ fep?e toeatber to fome,ano 2Hinter,nigbMnn tele 
toetber fcnto otberfome : l)u maketb fome folfees \xbytz , fome 
blacfee 5 fome rean 3 ann fome 'Eatnnp ; ann pet is bee but one felfe* 
fame <!>unne,ann on* felfefame Creature, tobicb at one felfefame 
inttant^bp one felfefame courfe 3 ann iuttb one felfefame qualitie of 
fjeatc^noflj all tfje fapn tljings^not onelp ntuers 3 but alio contraries 

3B 3 ann 


9nn Ijee ttjat fyouln Tap tTjac it fe anp odjer djanonefclfefame 
femme tljat mafcedj tlje €tljpopian blacfce, ana tlje <§>cottepello* 
tonj,toere not toojdjp to be anfcuercn* jftoto if a Creature nod) bp 
Ijeate (toljiclj te but a qualitie) ty&M Co mm effected ; toljat fi?all 
me rap of tlje Creato? 3 3i meane tlje infinite Being of ©flDD^toljo 
imparted) fjtmfelfe to all dringsft 

ajauijif man confifoer bfmfelfe 3 lje felerij 5 lje fijetjfelje Cpea^tcTj, 
Ije nunerirannedj a djoufann tatter? djing^txntljout anp alteraf ton 
in IjimfelfeJftap Woid) mo?e i^Ije conceiuedj.lje inuentetlj 3 ann be 
performed) fo nttter^ toojfcea 5 tljat JQattongl noe toonner one at & 
notljer* Cue man po c tf rapetlj out tbe tobole toojlne rn a little peerc 
tf paper jjemttng out all fyi images of tlje Iptmnd, ann an dje 
Clunaeeg ofcl;c Cardj* @>omeoneotljcr counterfeited) all liuing 
fo3tgljt3 3 fo)l)tdj Cr&pe,toljidj <Soe 5 tt)l)iclj jflpe^Ijidj Stoimme* 
anu all djfe commedj but of one mpnn tuljidj cunmml) ann biee- 
nedj all tljefe formes , becaufe it batlj no fojtme of it ottme ; fo? ijan 
it anp of it otmte 5 it coulnnottoeene tbem 3 becaufe it otoneiaouto 
occupte it to tlje full* 2Bijae tmtte toe djen to tljmfte ofljim, tobofe 
fculUngs are potoer^ann toljofe djougbte are Hectics? £Qljo i$ an 
infinite tnynty in comparifon of tbeb^igbtnelletoljerof our mpnns 
are but a fyanatoe?3If&e,t)3tj0(to fpeafce property) are but inouu 
toarn fljotoc 3 noe tljingd in outtnaw tfjatue fo niuerg: no me ncttbt 
tljat Ije toljielj i$ in nerp trued? ,cannot no djcm alfo in berp mtedj? 
^o?eouer,if tfjeniuerfitie mafte&s to imagine ninety ©on^ljoto* 
btii all pjoc&ning of one alone:(!jall toe fap t&at be toljicb in fjfe b* 
mtiz 5 b?eo t-je reft of tlje ©ons tout) tljetr fo niuerg potrser^ , Ijan 
not die famepotoers in lj& bnitie^gaine/edng f!>€ fapn nittcrfi* 
tit toas once inclunen tottbiu t\)t fapn imitteifa it to be (apt! tfat !jr 
toag fapne to Ijatcljbp niuers ©ons/c? t!je bringing of ttjat Bluer- 
ficie to Itt$ft )8ap 3 Mke as nature notij alUbings tlje ftojteff to^p: 
fo alfo ©on mane all things immeniatlp + Snn if tljep fap it toas ty$ 
pleafure to make tlje bigb things fotm&lfe 3 ann to leaue tfje iotoe 
tljings to be none bp e?jepetcte (0on^: luemuft confiner tbat $pigf) 
aim lolne ? jftoble ann Onnoble s are but coniinerations of man* 
jfoj to make tlje one oj tlje odjer , is ail one bnto ^oUj \ul)o of fjiss 
infinite goonneile ann potwer 5 fratfrtyatonebatfrttoajme ofdjem 
out of notbing, mljiclj lua^ no mo?e t!jc one djan dje odjer 5 ajai U?de 
A«ainfttw6 ietw come to fuclj tt$ baucbpljilne tto beginnings, tbe one 
bcmnnuiM. g©5 to^om t^ep call Oromafes j ann tlje cdjer euia \uljom djei> 



caflArimanius^fjicl) opinion mm fap pjoc&nenfirft from Zorc- pv 
aftres, ann afcetbiara from tie Perfians ann Manichies ; but tece V 
fljail fame no formation thereof m namte+'Cietr meaning fe,tiat ai 
tie €lements,tie piants,l!5eaftes,spen,pea ann feptrttes, toere 
ass pee toottlo fap patten bettefrt tieft tto oo (Bote , fo as tie one 
fiouln bee ttje Creator of tlje one, ann tie otier ofot^ei^ tie goon 
<0on,of tie gootyann tie etttll of tlje euilU 31f it be fo,t!jen is tiers 
a Ctutlltoarre fullp furntfien , of forces fet in battelrap on botlj 
Cues : fo as tiere remapneti noting but ftgiting,ann pet after fa 
longtime toe fee no fuel) %it ata!U3nntierfo?eletbS conclude, 
tiat tiis cotrartette of beginnings t& not t Unto tie one,tljep alot* 
ten Ligit:ann bnto tie otier,Darftneffh bnto tie one,<§>ommers 
ami bnto tie otier Winter : bnto tie one, ilpeate : ann bnto tie o* 
tier, Coin* 3|n berp n&ne tiefe are Contraries,but pet is one felf* 
fante§>unne tie ooer of tiem all, after asie goetifurtierftom 
i>S o* commetb neerer to bs* 9ton its going ftom bs is not to fo?* 
gee its ligit 3 but to lime tljereboiti tie neerlper bnto otiers 5 no j 
to coole iimfelfe,but to ieate otier folkes ♦ ^Lbtn if tiefe contra* 
tics come of one felffame one, tiat is to toit of tie gmnne : Sgucfr 
mo?e likelp is it in reafon,tiat tie gutnne ijtmfelf fljouln not come 
of ttoo*3gaine,tobp fioulo tie one of tiefe contraries be g©n,ana 
tie otier ban 4 ; dBljofoeuer fljaU iaue trpen tie ejettemttte boti of 
tie ilpeate ann of tie Coln,(iall not be able to nifcerne tuiici is tie 
toojfcr Aitoifeie tiat fyall iaue obferuen tie benefite tiat com* 
meti of ettier of tiern in tietr feafonS,tiafl not be able to nifcerne 
ioiici of tiem to take fo? tie better* 'Cic ^eate ripeneti fruttes; 
but it alfo feareti ann parcieti tiem ♦ Cie Coloe ftartteti tiem; 
but ft alfo mafceti tiem to bun ♦ .^ake atoap eitier of tiem boti, 
ann pott take atoap all fruttes* Snn lifte as boti of tiem are neen- 
full to one felffame tiing , tiat is to toit , to tie 6j togmjj fcojti of 
ftuites: fo be tljep alfo pjocureo by y courfe of one felffame mtgit, ' 
toitci ts tie ^unne+'&ie fame S>unne is tie ligitner of our cyt$ 
to our beiarfe ; ann i* is alfo tie bltnner of tiem if &ee ga?e bpon 
itm at tie bepgiti of tie nap ♦ $?et nottantiftanning, boti vx tie 
^>tmne ann in our epes is tie felffame ligit &itci tljep call gcon, 
ann toitci by iis reckoning liouln bee to tiem bod) goon ann ban: 
ann if it be fo,ontoiici fine (iall tiep turne tbemfelues*: 

djep anne furtier:3mong plants tiere are fo manp pepfons, 
ann among liuing digits , fo manp nopfome^eaHeS : tljatiotti 
liouln a goon ©on bee autio* of tiem \ gillie man tl;at tljou art/ 

» 4 fie 


^beipnpfons tbou occuppeff m Crpades fo? tfjp fcealtb , mm a* 
gatnft tbepiaguc*3nti ofcbofe TSeaffes tbou canfl; fkill to tofe tbe 
Dunnes to clothe tbee againft tbe Cotoc ♦ 3no if tbou baft an ettill 
opinion of fome of tbem, becaufe tbou canft not feme tljptttme 
arid; tbem-,as mucb tooul&eft tboubauefapo fometimeof p Bpojfe, 
toljidj aef noto aotb tbee feruice fo manp tuatees : $ a* mud) migljt 
tbe &atp?e batte fatn of jfire teljen it burnt* bim,nottoitbftan&mg 
cijat as nob) it be fo man? toaies neceflfacie* j^oto tijzn djcp mtgbt 
6cnefttetbee,tf tbou toifteftboUi to bfe tbem: ana urfjereas tbep a= 
nop tljee,it is not of tbeir nature, but tb?ougb tbpne otone toeake= 
neOTe 0} ratber ignorance* T5ut if tbep be goon fo farre fojtb ass ti>ou 
ijaft fkiHoftbemtfljalltbepnotbeegcDtito ijtm tobicb fcnotocd) 
tbem tfyougblp *: 3JnrijeClofetofag>urgion tobote but a matt 
as tljou art , tbou (bait finue a tboufans tailed ; aao tbou toilt per- 
tfawxct efteeme Ijim fotoife,tbat djou totlt not tbinke tbere is an? 
one of tbem,t»bicb feruetb not to fome purpofe* 2>ea,anti if anp of 
tbem ooe cut tfjae o? race d;#; tbou torilt not blame tbe tcole no? tbe 
maift er thereof, but tbp felfe tabid; tcokeft it bp tbe bIaoe,t»berea2! 
tbou ffjautoeft baue taken it b^ tbe bannle* 3nu ad little canft tbou 
Tap , tbat tbe tcole lobicb titn cut tbee , as tbat tbe tcole tobetetoitb 
tbou tjfo&eft cut tobat tboutnouloelf ,b^D^notber maiftecojma; 
fter* jftoto rfjen,totft tbou tying lefle regam ttitb tbee in djis great 
(Jop of tbe Creator 3[t is bt^ toifl tbat fome tbmgs (ban fertte o* 
tbet liuingtoigbts tobicb feruetb^ano otfterfome (ball feme tbee 
a!one*|>ea,anai be tutil baue euen tbe barmes tobicb tbou receiuett 
bp tbem , to feme tf)& to fome purpofe x ano be feruetb bis otome 
turne better bp tbee,tben tbou canft ferue tbpne otone* 9no if tbou 
toljidj art notbing^baft pet fo mud) toit as to tyatoe fome peculiar 
gcou to tbp feif,out of anotber boaies too?kes,peaetten out of (tuft 
as tbou accounted euifyas out of lpopfon,beaftb;fromdje GUoIfe, 
&ts ffunnc to cotter ^k 5 from tbe nigbt,reft ; ano fo famb : ^>ball 
not tbe aimigbtte ana infinite Spirit mucb better mTpofe tbem fcj 
tbe benefite of all men, pea anu of an tbe tobole too#o tabid) com* 
pjebenoetb fo manp djings togedjer*: 

'Ojep fap pet againe;7£ut tdjp (boutn a gcou ©on take pleafttre 
in fo manp neeulelTe tbings^i^o? to lobat purpofe feruetb d?e jrip, 
ami fucb otber tbings^Cefl me,l»ouIt>eil tbou like U)eH tbat rijitte 
otone Cbiteen (Tjouln fpeakefucfcrep^oacb of ri;p too^kes *i ftfy 
ratber toberem Dotb tbe jflpe anope tbee^ano tnberfo^e ferueo tbe 
jf Ipe t^ac Zeuxis papnteo in Ijte ^able \ 3|t ferueo to make ty* 



greateftnifnepners 3 (euen ftofe toljirf) twoulD baue ban ftat rafter 
ften all fte reft topped out of tfje Cable ) tfr confefle fjtsi arte aim 
excellent fkilU 3no ftt'S ferueft to conuict ftee of blockitt)nes 5 ft# 
(31 fap) t»i;tc^ banneft rafter to finne fault toift <£on ann toift ft e 
.fflpe,ften ta toonner at fte ejccellencie of fctm^o baft tnclofen fo 
liuelp a life , fo quicke a mowing , ann fo great an ejccellencie in fa 
little a fting,Ǥ>o ften,it is not fo? i?s to ftace ber out of fte table* 
but rafter to confeffe our otone igno?aunce,o? els to ftace it atoap* 
©erebp fterefo?e toe perceme,ftat of all fte ftings tobtft ftep can 
alleoge,ftere is none mbift tt not gxon ann bebofefufl in it felons 
ftat fte euilnefle ftereof commeft onelp ft?ougb t)S,ano fterfo?* 
ft at fte fting baft but onelp one beginner ftereof,tobo is g©n* 
Q$ut bebofyftep brge fte matter pet mo?e Uronglp ♦ Spotofoe* 
uer fte cafe ftao(fap ftep)it cannot beoenpen but ftere is euilncflfe 
in ftings, feeing ftat ftep co?rupt ftemfelues 3 ann fte Umxt ftat 
ts m our felues is b tterlp euill : ann lift it is fo, front toljence map 
ftat bee*: jf o? if <Son be ga>n 3 be cannot Uee fte aufto? of eutll; an& 
fterefo?e ftere mutt n&nes bee anofter aufto? ftereotCbiS t[\xt< 
ftiou (Trail bee bannlen mo?e Iigbtfomelp toben 31 come to treate of 
ipms fall,tobift is fte banger in of fte ttoo euilles, namelp boft 
of papne ann faultjbut pet map toe affbple it if toe take beene* W& 
fap ftat making ann creating arereferren to natures o? fubltan^ 
ces,ann ftat an natures ann fubff auces are ga% ann fterefo?e ftat 
<0on tobo is gcon 5 is fte attfto? ann Creato? of ftem,©n fte con* 
tcarp part,toe fap ftat euill is neifter a nature no? a fufcftance, but 
an income o? accinent tofyici) is falne into natures ann fubftancesj 
31t is(fap»3l)a bereuing o? niminiCbing of fte gcon qualities tobtft 
ftings ougbt naturallp to baue* %W cuiH baft not anp being in: 
it felfc*,neifter can baue anp btin^bat in fte fting ftat is gon ♦ 3lt 
tS not an effect, but a nefault •, no? a p?onuctton , but a co?rup tioiu 
Sinn fterefo?e to fpeake p?operlp, toe mutt not feeke tobence tcnu 
meft fte noiug of euill, but tobence commeft fte imnoingof gcon* 
9s fo? example, IB&m is of <S5ons creating, ann it is g©n* J^otxr 
ftis goan fubftance falling to necap,ftat is to fap,to abate o? nimU 
m(b of bis &ertuc,becommeft ftineger* fc&berebpon no mnn a£ 
keft tobo mane fte fubftatmce ftat is become (barpe , fox it is fte 
felffame ftat it teas afo?e#ut ftep afke tobence cometb fte (!>arp^ 
nes o? eagernelfe^ftat is to fap^fte alteration ftat is befalne to fte 
fubffance*3ff ftou fap ftat it commeft of fte fo?efapn euill ^egtn* 
ner fte aufto? of all euifl^as fte gon beginner is fte aufto? of all 



gcoDneflTc : fojafmucb as mill is natftmg els but a Default, tnaiit oj 
fcplwg of gcoojit is t|e foueceme o> cljicfe Default oj fapling^as rtje 
flora is tlje fouereine o? cljiefe being* 9no if it be tlje cbiefe Default, 
5jen 10 it not anp mo;e ♦ 4fo? tlje Default o? fapltng of a tljutg^is at 
tcnoing of tbe tiring to notbeing anpmoje t&e famertjattttoas: 
an* tfje fapling of all, is a tenDing to t&e utter bnbeing oj notbeing 

spcjeouer, tfje fapD eutfl beginner , tt&tclj too?&et& not but m 
dje fubtf ance tl;at is maDe o;t createD bp another, coulD do noticing 
iftfjc gcoD beginner tujougbt not firft 5 an* ft fljoulo fyefjaue ti)e 
Commencement of Iris potoer DepenD tug upon another tijan bim* 
felfe/tofcicb is a tiring repugnant to a (SoDljean ♦ 3ns if pott affce 
Nothing be- &$at is t&en t&e caufe thereof: 31 tell pott it is tlje berp nothing it 
ingancgaduc, f e jf e . $ at fc t0 ^ t f> at <g otl a inugljfie 3 to (Ijetttfc&S t^atije maDe 
tWwh?ch is a * 1 of not ^ n S > & at & * eft a rattpne inclination in bis features, 
dicp°duatiue. tofrerebp tl)tv tenD naturallp to nothing, ti;at is to ftp, to djaunge 
anD to?ruptiou,bnlefle tfoep bee bplrilD by bis poller, tofjo letting 
all in fyimfelfe,abiDetlj aionlp bncbaungeable anD free from all pak 
Cons ♦ 9a; in refpect tl;eu tJjat things be,tljep be of (Sod ; but as tit 
refpett tfoat tfcep corrupt $ tenD to notbeing tfyat tolrirf) tijep toere 
afoje;tbat commetlj of tlje fapD notbeing, thereof tljep toere crea* 
teD ♦ 9no fo tljep be gcoD,as in refpect of tljeir bare bzin^ anD euiH 
as in refpect tbat tfcep fojgo tbeir formal being,tbat is to fap,tljeir 
gcoDnelfe: <£<dd on tbe bebalfe of tlje [fouereine]<Sa)D,tbe fatfjer of 
all fubftanceS;€uill as on tbe beljalfe of tlje jftotbing : 9nD fcotblp 
neither by nature no? by iuftitt ougbt tljep to be maDe equall toitlj 
tbe bnefjaungeabfe Q5eing of t^eir Creato^9nD t|t'0 i^ to be feene 
ali^einaUtbing^.anapplerotte^anD amanDpet^^e 9pple 
^nD tfjeman, t^at i0 to fap , tfjenaturesJ of tljem are (SOD0 Crea^ 
ture^ ♦ 90 fo? tfje rottenneflTe anD tfje CrkneITe 5 tbep bee but abate- 
ments anD Defaults of tfje g©o nature tfjat toaiai in either of t^em 
from ttje g©D Creato? ♦ Span againe becommet!) a dinner, ann 
hereunto be neeDetb no netoe creation ♦ 3ft is a uaniQjing atuap of 
tbe g©D nature, to^icl) lofetb ber tafte ♦ 9nD tberefo?eg)^Auftine 
faptb 3 tbat tbe Latins terme an euillman Nequam , anD an eutll* 
neffeNequitiam, tfjat is to fap , Naughtie anD Naughtinefle. 
jftoto, Irke as of rigljtnougbt tl;ere neeDetlj no beginner ; fo alto i# 
tljere none to bee fougbt of naugbtineffe 0? euin*9nD by £> meaner 
tbere remapnetb^nto bS but onelp one (Sod tlje beginner anD au«: 
tfyoi of all tljing$ 3 a^ toee^aue DefoieD tym alreaDie afoje ♦ Plato, 



Kotin^ami ot&er great $bilofopl;er* of aHSej**, arc of opinion *!^ 8 his 
tftat Euill t^ not a tljing of itfclfe , no? can bee imagine* but in fte Plotin in Enn# 
abfence of all gcotmes, as a u^imtion of tl>e gao to&icfj owgfct to , .nb.8. 
be natutaHp in euerp tfcing s ^at euill is a fcjma of notbeing, anb Trifmegiftja 
Ijatb no abpm'ng but m fte gooti , hereof it ig a default 02 otmini^ **jg?* VD 
fyn$> WW m eaufe tljereof is to t&e serp matter hereof (Boo p 0n p Epito £ 
create* tl)iix$^Wti) matter tfcep termeo the very vnbeing , djat * 
is to fap 5 in fcerp trofte no being atail , thereof tfce Creatures re* 
tepnefffll acertemeincIination 3 ^erebp tijcp map fall atuap from 
t\m geooneffe: Sns tljat in tlje beep Motile of man>t&e ml ttjat i* 
tbere is a kino ofoa*neiTe,fo? toan't of toftingfcp toifigljtoft&e 
fottcrepne mpnoe tuljiclj foouft inligbten it ; ano tbjbugf) fuffeving 
it felfe eco bee carieo t© mucb atoap to tbe material! tljtngs tofticft 
are nothing* T5ttt no& ftat toe f>aue atone Untfc nature , fett gaotr 
tpme to f& tol;at tfoe topfeU men frill teacf) b£ concerning tlje one* 
Ip one (Sou* 

The third Chapter* 

That the Wifdome of the world hath acknowledged one 
onely God* 

©me man tain fap bnto m«,if in tlje toorioe, 
ifintbetbingd rontepneo in t!jetoo?loe, if in 
man Ijimfeife Jt bee fo liuelp painter? out tl;at 
tljere te but onlp one (Sot : ; hereof ftert com* 
mzfy tbe multimoeof 0am among mew,pea 
aiti among tljofe frljome tlje too^lse counteo 
iifcjpfefift 31 toillnot pjouebire tbat ait tfcofe 
©oi?0 toere either ueatj nun oj Diuelg t fej tftat (fcaftebaffljlefc 
moje materially in another place. 33ut it ftali fuffice fo? t&fe pje* 
ftnt>to Hje&e tf>e irmuerfalitie of content in tbfe point, ana efcat e* 
wen tljofe toljidfj tfeougb caffiome sia celebrate tljt pluralttte of 
(Doud ,. trio petnotfcritfoSamring htlmiz tiyat tljsrc & but onelp one 
true ®os r <££fncb tfjiug 31 Ml fird- mapntepite bp tbe topfe men 
tabic!) Ituet! from age to age, Mercurius Trifmegifhts,to$o(ff t$e 
bcofceg mljiclj are fatljereo bpponljim fcee Iji^s ino&oe, ad intrttet^ 



fljcp beetjerp atmcient) in tlje founoec oftljem all^teacijetfj etterp* 
&3ijere,€;tjat rljra id but one 0DD: Cljatone tsi tljeroote of all 
tljingd^ano tbattoitljout tljat one, norljingljatljbeneof alltljingd 
t^at are: ®jat tlje fame one in calleo tlje onelp goon ano tlje goto* 
lteflfeitfelfe, to^tcl) &at& tmiuerfallpotoer of creating all tljingd: 
^Dljat ft in fcnpoffible tljat tljere fljoulo bee manp makers ®ljat tn 
Cpeauen Ije Ijatlj planteo immojtalitie 5 m eartfc, intercljaunge, ana 
i)niuerfallp,lpfe anrr mouing $ Wfjat bnto Ijim alone belonged* tfce 
name of jfatljerano of ©000 \ ano tljat tottljout blafpljemietljofe 
titled cannot be attributes either to 3ngefa, to JF4nW> 0? to men, 
t>} to anp of al tfoofe toljom mat no cal ©ood ad in refpett of fjonoj 
ann not of naturejpecalletlj Ijim father of tlje toojIo.,tlje Creator 
tfce'Beginning^tlje ©Io?ie 3 tlje J9ature,tlje ©toe, tlje jaeceflttie* 
tlje IRenetoer of all tljmgd , tlje toojker of all potoerd , ano tlje po* 
tner of all toojfcd^tlje onelp ljolp,tlje onelp tmbegotten,tlje onelp u 
uerMing,tl)eJlojo of euerlaffinpefle, ano tlje etterlaihngnefie it 
felfe ; tlje onelp one , ana bp toljome tljere in but onelp one toojloe; 
alone,ano bimfelfe alonlp all ; nameleflfe , ano mo?e excellent tfjatt 
al named^nto Ijim alone toill Ije Ijaue id to offer tip our pjaperd, 
our ip?apfed,am> our Sacrificed* ano neuer to caU bpon anp otfjer 

31 tooulo fame fatotoe toW&er ft bee pofltble fb? bd to fap anp 

tljing, either mo?e,oj better fo? tlje letting fojtlj of rlje fapo unities 

3ln o&oe in fome placed Ijee fpeaketl) of (Sood in tlje plurall nom- 

fcer,ad loljen Ije called tlje toojlo a ©00, ano tlje Jpeauen toi$ tlje 

jpianetd torfjiclj rule tlje ^eauen, <6ood : but tljat in after tlje fame 

tnaner tofciclj Ije (bmetpmed calletlj man Ijimfclfe a ©oo^nottmtlj- 

tfanoing tljat noman can noubt of \)in bfrtij ano oeatlj , tofjirf) are 

Mercurius tljingd deane contrarie to tlje true ©ooljeao/The Starrcs(faft| Ije, 

^h^Sman- fP ca ^ llt ff °f $* Creation) were nombrcd according to the 

^cr.cha^g" Gods that dwell in them. 3no in an otljer place Ijefaitb , There 

1 o. 1 1 . 1 2. And are two forts of Gods,the one wandring,and the other fixed. 

in his Afdc- 35ut ^ tlje tpmed going befo?e,lje Ijao fapo tljat ©00 in tlje begin* 

pius.chap.2. ner f tljem^ljat Ije maoe tljan^ljat be in tlje jf arljcr ano onelp 

*'*' 9 ' gooo, tonto tuljont nothing in to bee comparer*, either of tlje tljingd 

beneatb,o? tlje tljingd aboue^lfo Ije faitlj furrljer,^ljat rije too?ltt 

in a fecono ©oo,ano a fenfible (SootaHO trjae ^an in a tljito ®QV y 

bv reafon of tlje immojtall §>oule loljiclj in in him : but pet Ije cal-- 

ietlj t^em Cljilo^en^mped ano Creatured of tlje onelp one (Son, 

ana molt commonlp ^tianoloe^ ann amageg offjim •, neitljer in it 



|>fe meaning to attribute fo mud) bnto djem 5 a£ onlp one fparfce of 
g©rmes 3 oj Ptoer to mafee tbe lead tljtng tbat is, *£o be fyojt, b& 
retted) ootone fome <0obS as pjiucipall^fome as meane^ano odjer 
fomeaSbntJergouernourst'But tbe concludon of bto matter to* 
tbat djefouereineoominion belonged) to <8ood)£ foueremelo^ 
*>f tbem all,bpon tobom alonlp djep ncpenn , ano from tobom djep 
pjoceetie,tobo alonlp is caUen Vatijei* ana loj&e, ann tobatfocuer 
bolper name can be gmett,toi)0 mase bod? men ana <Bo&s 5 pea antr 
men (faptb bO nutcb better am> mo?e excellent tben all tbe (Sons* 
Sno as at tbe beginning of btotoojfce be baapjapen bnto bima^ 
ionc^fo dmnfced) ano pjaifedj be &mt alone in ti)t en&ejtobidj fttncf. 
31 djougbt £©*» ta fet out at lzn$tl) , becaufe manp pf)tiofopbct:iai 
l;aue taatone djeir Hull ann fcnotole&ge out of bto fountapne* 

Pythagoras fpeaked) of (Son in tbefe termestGod is but one; Alleged hy 
not as fome thinke/withoutgouernment of the world,but all ^Jcfemens 
in all. He is theorderer of all Ages, the light of all powres,the f Alexandria,. 
Originall of al things,the Creflet of Heaue,the Father,Mynd, an d Cyrillus. " 
Quickener 5 and Mouer of all. $9ojeouer 3 be called) i)tm The in- 
finite power from whence ai other powers flowe-,tobicb cannot 
be berifie& but ofljtm alone^Philolaus aotfctple of bto fap^'Cbat phiio the Tewr. 
tbere is but onelp one <£otr, tbe \piixice ann <0upner of all djings, and iambn- 
tobo to altoaies fingular,bnmouable, lifee bimfelfe , ano bnl&e all ch " s °^ e . 
otber d)ings*3lfo Architas fapdj, tbatlje effeemed) no man toife, O c ol ^ J1 
but bim tobidj renucetb all tljtngg bnto one felffame 3D?iginall ? D 
tbat is to toit 3 bnto <0on 3 tobo to tbe beginning^en^amntuoole of 
all tbings ♦ 3no Hierocles one of tbe fame g>etf, faptb, tbat tbe Hicrocies a- 
fame to be tobom ^ call bp tbe name of Zena ana Dia ? dje if a^ g ain ^ the A ~ 
tfjer ann maker of all djings 5 becaufe all djings baue djeir life an* thafts * 
btin$ of btm ♦ Oerelp(bp t\)t report of Eudorus as l*e is alleagea 
6p Simplicius)tbep calleo bim tbe founder of matter* Sintj ban toe smpiicius in 
tbe brakes of Numenius,toe perceiue toell bp t\)t tbings teWb toe h is Phi 
reaae 9 b#w djere,tbat toe fijoulo finue djem manifeff ano plaine* Numenius 
3f5oto , all tbefe ban tbto doctrine botb from Mature ann from tbe G>nc«ningthc: 
@>cb©Ie of Pherecydes tbe Syrian tbe Sigatto of Pythagoras, ^ Mc 
bnto tobom Ariftodc attributetb it in bis ^etapbiCcks ♦ Empe- taph.cap.4. - 
docks dje fucceflb? of Py thagoras,celeb?aten none otber but tbi^ 
unelp one 3 as appeared) bp tbefe Oerfes of bto. An&xk ai- 

sAll things that are >or euer rvere 3 orjl)a/l hereafter he y led^cth them 

Bothman &xvoman i BeaftandBird,Fijh i Worme 3 Herb,Grafle 3 & inhisfirftPhi- 
j4nd entry other t hingyeaeuen the aancient Gods cash one (Tree, his^ookTof^ 
Whom Veeefo highly honor heerejome all of one alone., the WorkL 


cap. i o. lib. 3. 


Tlato in lils 
King Denis, 


Parmcnides ano Meliffus tawftt tbe fame; an& fo&t&tfcefe 
§>c^cDlcmai(lei* Xenophanes dje Colophonian,as toe bee treat* 
fa!p infcnmeo bp tbe Cinfes of Parmenides rcbearfen bp Simpli- 
cius ; fa tbe tubic^ fterfeg fjee called) Ijm tlje Vnbegotten , the 
whole,the only one, not which hath bin or fhalbe,but which 
euerlaftingly is all together and all of himfelfe.'Eo be fto^of 
tije lifte opinion toereThales , Anaxagoras ,Timeus of Locres, 
Acmon,Euclide, Archc£uetus,ano others of tbe auncienteft ]pbt* 
lofopber3 ♦ 9no Atiftotle toitneffetl) in manp placet tfjat it toag 
the common Doctrine of t&e men of oloe tpme ; ®)e tobici) Zeno 
Info fo frretgbtlp , tljat to oenp tbe ftnitie of 600. auo to ocnp fyz 
(Sooijeas it feife^e t^ougbt to bee afl one* 3ns tf/e caufe of fo fap« 
mg among fyz a uncient 1£btiofop^er£,toas! not time onlp reaoin j 
tljerof in tbe tojtcmgg of fome tbat totnt afoje tfjem^aiai toe migbt 
Hoe noto ) ; but alfo tbeit rearing thereof boti; in tije Mtojlo ano in 
tbcmfelueg » 35ut let feg come to tfct ctyefc g>ectss of tjje ipfnlofo* 

Socrates rtje §>cf)artematffer of Plato,confefleo onlp one ©03, 
ana ( as Aulus Gellius ana Apuleius report ) toajs conoemneo to 
tyinkcipopfon, foj teaching tbat tbe©ofc$tobicbtoeretoo?(bip* 
pea in fctg tpme toere but banittt:3no fo? tijat in fco?ne of tl;em ije 
toaa toontto ftoearebp anffifte, bj> a 35oate 3 ano bp a Dogge; ag 
tobo tooulo fap tbere toas no moje (Sottas in tfte one Am m tfjt 
ctijer^et nottotrijftanm'ng,be toa$ tlje man toijom Apollo bv W 
£>jacle oaemcu to bee tfyt toifeft of all Greece 5 tbercbp 
tbat fce iumfclfe toa$ no 6oD4)is Difciple Plato oeliueretl; a rule 
in fetoe too?Ds,toberebp to mfcerne W meaning ♦ When I write 
in good earneft(faptb &e)you (hall knowe it hereby, that I be- 
gin my letters with onely one God : and when I write other- 
wife,I begin them with many Gods. Clctelp bi$ o^inarie ma* 
net of fpacfoesrtoett not, 3ftt pleafe tfyi <£oog , toitb tbe belpeof 
tbe 6ousi 5 ana fuel) like: but tf it pleafe 6oa,bp tberjelpe ano gup* 
&ing of <0otr 5 <5ot> knotted) it , S>uc!j a man te tlje caufe thereof 
nett bnto 6on 5 ano fuc^ otber like*2£!ftfi*ea«s b^ afiSmietft al otl;et 
tfu'ngg not to bee in berp oeeoe : Upe calletb ®oo,tbe jratber of tbc 
toljole CHo^lo^tlje 3Mer 5 tbac te to lap, bt tobo onlp it 0? bad) bk* 
ing;tbe felfb^eo^to^o alfo mane f Ipeauen^t^c €attb,tije Sunne, 
tbe 9pone 3 tbe tpmejs ano feafonii , ano all orljer tijingjsi botb bta^ 
«enlp ano eartblp,bigb ano lotoe,ano tobatfoeuer elss is> 3to otfcet 
jlacejs ])t called Wi tfyz ^eginnittj,t^e Spiwjle,anD tl;e Cm-, bp 



tu!)om, foj tofjom, ano about tobom all tbtngs ate ; rtjc (Souetner piato in Ti- 
of all tljat euer is ano (ball be-, tfce fcerp ©©rmene^ana tbe paterae m«us,m h» 
of all gco&neOe ; tlje ftmg of all totgbts m&eujeo lxiitb reafoit ana ^^ 
mpnU;of Inborn all tbtngs baue tbetr 3Wemo; s anu tobteb t* of mo?e ^ al ^3m 
excellence tljen tijc too?* IWerog* 3nn tbe names ana titles tuljtcb his Epiftk to 
Ije gtuetb iinto tbe true (Sou 5 are common!? guten btm fcnaer tbe Dion,Hcr- 
name of lupiter , ana betlnnketb tbat tljep be not to be communis nau&d Co- 
rates tmto anp otber*3!n nmz fometpmes be ftuTeretb btmfelfe to " cus ; i 
be caries atoap totbecomonmaner offpeafcmg, perbapsfojfeare VB, , tH ' v<x * 
of tbel&reno tljat bis <§>djcolemaifier baa , $ be uoti;it e^eiftlp **" la S' 
in bts broke of Latoes , lobicb &as to Dee publtfyes to tbe people* Plato in his 
jfoj tbereanti in owers orijerplaces,be called; tf>rt*auenfc*ftpi* fccokcof 
rites bp tbe name of ©ons : but pet be mafetb (Sou fpeafcmg to ^^^ 
tbem as to bts €reatureS;:ianung tbem (S>g&s begotten ant* ma&e ty ti e a Epino- 
bp bim ; aim btm on tbe contrarp part tlje .ff atber $ <0oo of ©ons* mis, 
Slfo be bono?etb !£>eauen tuitb tbe fame name 5 kcatife o f tbe fttb* *wc oil them 
ftanttalnes tbereoftanliltketuifetbe^tarie^bp reafon of tbe per* ^g^*- 
petuitieof tbetr courf<?;3tti> tt map be £> m tbat refpect tbe Greekes 
ralleo tbem*3fcoi,<£otis ♦ Hpo^beit 3 be anuetlj tbat tbep beefctfible *oftRe word 
®o&S, ana tbat tbe Speauen toas mane b^ [tfre onlp one inuifiOIeD Thcin,\vhiciv 
(Bon , Cbat it fab none otber tmmojtalttie, tban fuclj as be batl) gj^£ w 
gtuen trnto t^ans tbat be batb places tbz fetarres in tbe <§>fcpe foj 
tbe meafuring of tpmes 3 feafons ami botojes, appopnting tmto e* 
uerp of tbem bts Circuits toucbing m£ 5 be (betoetb toei encmgb plato in hIs 
tobat be bel&ueu of tbem , bp bis Beclaring of tbetr 6enealogie: J^^^ 
tbat is to fap,tbeir mo^talttte-, to tmt, tbat be adknotoletigen in tbe p^ocsh^ 
fome Ibanoto of tbe <£5osbean,but tfjat tlje lerp effence offubSance 
thereof toas ut tbe onelp true <S5o&* 

ail tl;e Platomifts bauefoHotoen tbefapn aottnne, b^ngmg tt 
fo mucb tbe mo?e to ligbt, as tljep tbemfelues batie tyifawz mxzt 
to our tpme* Damafcius faptb; The one bringcth foorth all Hamafcius. 
things;The one ought to be honored by filence:The one(like to & tsql^ 
the Sunne)i$ feene dimly a farre of, and the neerer the more <po£0£V 
dimly , and hard at hand taketh av/ay the fight of all things. 
Iamblichus furnameti tbfe Diume, atknotoleDgeQ euerp &bm a ramfeikhusi* 
uttu'ne cmife 5 tobtcb ts tbe begmningjen^ann mfeufe of ail tiu'ngs: ^ b coke of 
^Dbat tljere ts one (Bon tbe maiff er of aH 3 at tobofe ft ana welfare «f ^ s S a of p ^' 
to be fougbtr&bat tbe enn of all Contemplation ts to ame at one, ^s 01 "- 
tm to taitbtyatoe from multitutse trnto bnttie x 3nn tbat tbe fame 
oneo^ ijttitie it ©oti^e ©rounn am> of all uue^^appmeirt, anD 




his bookc of 
Chap 1.3.5. 

fubffatmce 5 pea ami of all otfjer ©rounttf t&emfelue& |>e fapt§ fit 
&&U£,(ana fyn bcoke^t arc fo full of it) Ei;at tljere are botb (Souse* 
ami jTanDesai ; ana of tbem Ije maketb mtterstiegTo^ as 3 g©& aim 
lambiichusin ba&,ljfgb afflj lotoe,anti fo fcojtb ♦ 35utpetfo? all tbat 3 Ije alluate^ 
arifcnoiDle&getlj one dbiefe , tobom be calletb tlje onely one God, 
toljtcl) batb but afoje all tbat fe 5 antj t£ tlje jFtmntame ana ftcote of 
alltljat firtf bntierffaiftetb 0? in firftDnnerfficotie, tljatte to fap of 
all fcnmea,fbapeei 0? patterne$[concemeD 0? concemable in rnpna 
0? imagtnatton 3 ]SbufBjfegto Ijimfelfeami jTati;erofljrmfclfc;tbc 
^gettcroftbe^oulesioftbeotber (^on-ei , arrowing to tije^at* 
tewes concerns in bte otane mpnti;toljo is not onlp tbc rfjiefe 3$e* 
tng , bit alfo tbe fupereflenttall Beetng, [tljat in to fap, a TBeeiixg 
toljtclj fatre furmountetlj, paCTctfe, ana trceiletb all 3$#tngg: ] no? 
fimplp <£>oon 5 buttbetterp (^tonann 6©mteflett fette:3infomucfr 
eMa^Truc #** & c ca ^ eti & a A $ e ot &^ ©oaaeg <§>euereti silences, ©mtmefle* 
«7roTKcdEo r 5en ' we5 » anl ' 0f>ptf&# fparfcltng fcojtlj from tbe 6o&bea& of tbe 
feuperfubtlanttal <Bo&,[ti)at tg to fap,of fyt ©on toljofe fubffanct 
furpaflfetl) ana excelled) all matter of fubffance&]tolj(ct) (Sons bn* 
nermann not an? tbing but bp beljotomg tlje fapo £>ne,noj are an? 
better tljan sealers Fco^tO of certain^ gtfteg tofttf) tlje? batte from 
trim ♦ 5n& Theodore tlje Platomift anued^tljat all of tbem pjap 
*arnefflp to tlje firft ,ann ajatoe from bim tofuclj in of Ijimfelfe; ami 
tljat otljertotft tljep Ibouto goe to nougbt* 

Proclus, (after tlje maner of tlje Platomifts, foljt'cb tuag fo? tfce 
moft part to be berp jgmpertf tttous ) turned* btntfelfe ofttpmes a* 
fine to manp (Song: but pet Ijts refolutio in tbfe to etpjefle fcuoj&ieu 
Who is he(faptl; lje)that is King of all, the onely God fepara- 
ted from all , and the producer of all things out of himfelfe, 
which turneth all ends vnto himfelfe, and is the end of ends, 
the firft caufe of operatios^the author of all that eueris good 
and beautifull, the inlightenerofall things with his light ? if 
thou bcleeue PIato } hecan neither be vttered nor vnderftood. 
_ v £im anon after , Then is it this firft fimplicitie which is the 
«OT£g£oAK. -King ; the Souereintie and Superexcellencie of all things, vn- 
comprehenfible,not to bee matched with any other thing,v- 
niforme,going beyond al caufes,the Creator of the fubftance 
of the Gods which hath fome forme of goodnefle. All things 
goc after him and fcicke vnto him:for he produceth and per- 
rec^eth a! things that are fubiecl: to vnderftanding,like as the 
SmmQ doik. to al things that ajre fubiecl to fence Jo be fliort, 



^rodusin Pia- 
nos Diuinitic. 




it is the vnutterable caufe which Plato teacheth vs vnder two 
names in his Corarhonweale*calling it theveryGoodnetfeit 
felfe , and the fountaync of trueth , which vhiteth the vndcr- 
ftanding to the things that are vnder{iood.$m> in W Parme- Ev Sti&y 
nides, TheOneorVnitie wherevpon allthediuineVnities hafr&p 
are groundcd,and which is the Originall of all that island of Zsa<xd<r wJfJ 
all that as yet is not.3|ni)&bcake of t&ejSbouIeans&ftbe Spirit, Proeiusinhis 
fjeteadjetb fcgtrje&ap to attepne from man? maltitunesE cotiits Mceof&e 
fapecfubaantiatt Bnitk , tofcteb Ijee calletfj t&e jSatute potm&eto S^!f 
tneteittttfej t&e life tljat!taet^ann;qmctoe^,t|je teasing tin* 4 * #53# F '* 
DcrSanainff, tfje toeifp?ing of afl tartrate, ft e infinite botb m eon* 
tmemante ami in potter 3 ana pet nottoitbff anting toitboue quan* 
tttfe,ann fo fm}ilh " jaeuertbeleffyje attributed; mucij to 9fngeHes 
anu #$ffi&e$ accounts to 3rt Cpagtcke,t»btcb tbe Flatomifts uiu 
greatlp affect in ttjofe oaieftb&tobeit in futf? fo&aa Ije continnaHp 
Motoetb tbte rule of W ft oft cepeateb in fjis baftesf , Cfeat aS , 
things are from tbe true <Sotitttf)or3 bftrt>en;an&tbatt&efecon& ManyGods 
teepee of ©aiwybat t* to fap tbe 3ngelleg anu jf#ffiie$j are from (M\ Produs) 
tbeaerp felffame: ana (to beeft)o?t) tijatto beteue anp mo C&ft* lsGodleIndic - 
tijan one. anu to beleette none at afl,are bstl) one tijing, 

Siinpiicius faptbiWhatfoeuer is beautifu!I,commtth of the Simplicius vpo 
firft and chiefe beautie: All trueth commeth of Gods trueth: theEpiactus 
And all beginnings mull: needes bee reduced to one begin- ot maa# 
ning ; which muft not bee a particular beginning as the reft 
are,but a beginning furpafsing al other beginnings,& moun- 
ting farre aboue them , and gathering them all into himfelfe, 
yea , and giuing the dignitie of beginning to all beginnings, 
accordingly as is conuenient for euery of their natures. 2Ifo 5 
The Good(faptl) ty)is the Welfpring & Originall of al things. T j fa^fo 
It produceth all things of it felfe , both the firft , the middle- ^ 
moft^and the laft.The oneGoodneiTe, bringeth foorth many 
Goodneffes ; The one Vnitie , many Vnities-, The one Begin- 
and God;thcy be all but one thing. For God is the firft caufe 
of all,& all particular Beginnings or Grounds, are faft fettled 
and grounded in him . He is the Caufe of Caufes,the God of p orp wj lls j n 
Gods,and the GoodnefTe of Goodneffes. hisz.booke of 

Porphyrins acknotoiengeu tbe one (M)D 5 tuljo alone fe etterp Absence, & 
k)bere,am» pet in no one placebo ftHetb al placesf 5 ann pet & con* in his to r °- e 
tc?m in no place } bp ixtyom all tying* are , botl; toijirfj are ann ew? r 


tobtrfj Hit not €bis <©on aotb be ea!l t&e jTat^nr^toTjtc^ retgnetft 
ft alhoi be teaijetb bs to facrifije our @>oules tmto bun in fiiencr, 
ann toftb cljalt tbouoftts, ©a t{je otber fine,be aduiomietigetb tbe 
ot&er ©on* ajg bis Creatures ant? Scruant^famc biftble,* fome 
unuiGWe : unto te&om Ije allowed) a material! feruice 3 farce Diffo 
rfeg from tfce feruice oftljr true 0ob* 
i»orpi iyr itis in Si traebmj Plocf ii (jfei £>djcoIemat(f er,furnamei> tbe Dunne, 

the life of Plo- tofcom #e ©jatfe Of Apollo ( 80 IS iCpO?,tCD b? Porphyrius5)UTt« 

** fetfs)Hto regttfer m tbe number of tbe totTe men of tbis vuo?In^ anu 

riotin m his w tbe number of tbe @qds in e&e otber moils x l)t ftat mould al* 

firft Enneadc fcoge tbe tfjingp itiliitl) be fradj fpofcen afamelp contenting tbe ir* 

lib.g.chap.z. mttebftbccnecSos, (!jou!tJbefaVnetafetDoU)ue{r^lavO!etrea^ 

E ™ ea ^ 6 - Iib - ttfes bn&imimtbeo^be^iMtme is^fcattberefe one*epm« 

Jmthcwhofc of aHtfnngg, tuljo jjatft all tljmgs anu is all things, tobafe batting 

6.booke,and of tbe is as tfcougb ?jc Ijao tljem notjbecaufe bis poireflfag of tijem 

ia the 5 -Ennc: is not as of things tbat lxscrc anotber man;?; ans bis being; tbem is 

tbJ * as tljougbbeteretbem not,becaufeI;eisneitb?raHtI)tng^3 no? 

anptbt'ngamonijtbra^buttbepomerofaUtbm^ ♦ ^battbia 

beginner Dtuelletb in bimfelfys fufficient of bimfeft <* of Ijimfelfe 

toingetlj f©2tb all matter of €irences 5 feoi:les,ant) ttmtf^M beinj 

ntD>e t&an €iTenre 3 anu all life ♦ 'Cljat bp bis Qmtie be pjomtcetl) 

mu!titttOe,triWc& coulo bz no mulutu$e,imlene be airooe One, 3g 

toucijing ebe bnnerpas 3 be faptl) tbat tbep neidjer biz no? can bog 

bappte of tbemfdues, butonelpbp tbe (ante meatte tbat mnt can 

become bappte •, namely, bp bebol&ino; tftclt^nt of tmoerflamnng, 

Jabtcb is @©D 5 tbjowgb tbetr parttaking mbereof tbey abtoe in 

bleiTesnelTe i gfca,lje affirmed tbat tbe bottle of tbe lBboIefcooifo 

funmse&by ii)t Platomifts , is not bappte but bp tbat meanest 

namely, by be&ofcing tijeltgbr tobtcfj cveatetJ ft, It^eas tbe ^©ne 

fptnetb noe^but bp tbe oueifonung of tbe &i\mz uponber, Cbat 

AuguiHtirde teas tbe t)d'p opmton of tbe Platonife as iweO olo as netoe ro:t* 

Cwitate Dei. cemittg tlje onelp one ©o5 , notmitbHau^ing tbat of all pbflofo* p^ ^ tjseremeft $inzn to tbe feruing; anu fee&ng; out ofdje 

bpiHleffe S?pir(tes, tn&am i^e call 3n^lS anti Detut^ano ujI;o;u 

tbep caJlen ©ons ana jramas* 

The Perlpate- ^ d1,u * £t ^^ come ta f ^ c Peripateticks, Mb h^n at Ariftotle 

ti«k&. " P^-oes Dtfn'pIc,i>jbo nottottbttimUmff l«as bnveiicyious in man? 

p!acc5,ur not pototag unto (Borj bis Due g!o?te,after tbe maner of 

tljefe fuperltifinus foikc.ioljo are ouerliberal in beftotoing it bpon 

otlje^Mnn pet euen m tyn\ d;afl me Sane tl)^ fclffame tn:et!>. a- 



riftotleleaaetb ti0 bp manp moutngs,bnto one firft mouet^ljom A riftotfe in his 
%t Declared? to bee tnfttu'te , tnit^out beginning ants imtfcout en&e* MetaphUiks, 
if torn tbence a man map Hep futtijmft? tljat tabicb & infinite can andin the firft 
be but one, becaufe (as 31 baue fapu afo?e ) t\)Z inSmtenefiTe of one g^^jjjj. 
reftrepnetb tlje potoer of all otljers ; 3ftetti)art> beseSnst!) bim to [oCo? L 
be L wtng,3immo?taH,ann euerlatrmg* 3mi agatnfc,j3>e nametft 
|im]lle onelp pof&flb? of tmfc&ome ? tbe beginner of all Caufe*, 
ano fucb Itfce : jftone of alltobicb tftingi can bee attributes to anp 
mo tban onelp one,5?et notfoitbftamung,be fettetb rertepne <$a& Ariftotie in his 
fceans in tbe t)eauen,in tbe ^tarrcs 3 ann m tbe fi&mme at ©ane-, bookeof Ha* 
into tortjtcb ® oobeasg be allotted) tbe gouernmet of tijofe tbings, ucn - 
ana tennetb tbem beauenlp v^pnugi, jf irft fubffance^bnebaunge* 
able ami bnyaflible 5 tt>btcb(nt b# opimon)cannot mere olDibccauft 
tbep be aboue tbe firtf 9pouabJe,f confequentlp aboue tymz^ta, 
ana Common cuftome, toitb tbe fo^ce of icuecarieti btm fo fane, 
as to fet bp 3!mage£ bnto Iuno ano lupicer , vmser tlje name of 
g>auiours , fo? tbe life of Nicanor, ano to soe Sacrifice to a too* 
man tobom be loueMg tbe Athenian stilt? bnto Ceres . TButyzt 
in W abridgement of pbilofopbie^btrfj be ncnicatc?i m bte oltre 
age bnto Alexander^ finall uotfrme is tl)i#> This wcrld(faprt) Ariftotie in hi* 
|>e)wherein all things are orderly difpofed , is mainteyned by bookeofthe 
God; & the higheft thing that is in that it is Gods dwel- world, which 
ling place. No nature is fufficient of it felfe to indure, if it bee Iuftine ^5 
not afsifted by his tuition . He is the Father of Gods & Men, J^wSue 
the breeder and Mainteyner of all the things whereof this bin named his 
world is compofed; and yet for all that , he entreth not into Abridgement 
them , but his power and prouidence ouerfitiingthem from ofPhiiofophy. 
aboue , atteyne vnto all things , moue the Heauen the Sunne yfcvftr&g. 
and the Moone , Preferue the things on earth , and make all 
and euery thing to doe according to their nature.^elifeeneeb 
Ijim to tbe great Eing of Perfia,tubo from out of bis pjitip Cbam* 
btt gouerneo bte tobole €mpp?e bp bis poller ann officer^faumg 
(uptb bOtbat tbe one is (Son in&nitt in potoer^ami tbe otijer a be* 
tp bare ann uxble tm'gbt ♦ Ipe faptb tmneouer , tbat all rtje names 
tobtcb are attributes to tbe ®oos , are but oeutres to crp'eflfe tbe 
potoers of tbe onelp one (Sod tbe 1t3?mce ana f atljer of all ♦ 9mi 
tb?refo?e it i* moze bebofefull to Tense tbe leasers to tbe reamng 
cf tbat labole treatife of bis tbjougbcmt , tban to fet m znv mm 
tl;ereofbere 5 beraufe tbep Iball tbere fee a toamserfull eloquence 
mattes 1014 tl;i!5 gcoolp Oiuinttie^ 

C 2 That 


Alexander of 
and Cynlla- 
gainft lulian 
Sic Apoftata. 


That which the firft and mod diuinc(fattf) lj& ntfctpfe Theo- 
Theophraftus phraftus ) will hauc all things to bee exceeding good ; and it 
in his Meta- may be alfo,that he is aboue the reache of all knowledge and 
? hl f^' , vnfearchable,8jjattw, There is(faitb be) One diuine beginner 
vz> jxoXTop. of all things 3 whereby they haue their beeing andcontinu- 
Thcophnftus ance.15ut m b& b©ke of &auo;4 be pafTctb furtber,ano faitb tiiat 
in his booke of ©on createn ad tbfarrg of notbwg* 35ut to create of notfjmcr, p}c s 
fuppofetft an infinite potoer ; ano agafae,tbat poiuer pjefuppofctfj 
an matte* 

Alexander of Aphrodife tn W brake of 3?otu'netTte tojttten ta 
t\)t Cmperottr Antonine, attributed) pjoutnence oucr all tfungg 
bneo oneonlp <0oo 5 tal)tcb cannoe tobatfoeuetbel!aetb,ag appee* 
ret!) bp all fct* tobole oifcourfe*ano be toas of fucb tenotome amocj 
all tbe Ariftotelians, tbattbepcalleotb^mfeluea Alexandrians 
after W name^obetbojt, tbemoffpattoftbe3!tttetpjeters aun 
Dtfctples of Ariftotle , founn it fo neeoefull to aclutotolenrreone 
onelp 3$egumer 3 ono fo abfum to mamtame anp mo tfjan one; tljat 
to dje intmt tfjcp mtcrbt not confefle an? fucb abfurottte in tljnr 
^apftcr,tbep ooe bp all meaned pofltble erxufe tobatfoeuer nugbt 
in \)i$ toojkes be conftrueo to tfje contrarie* 

9$ touebmg tbe Stoiks of aunctenteft tpme 5 U)eebaae no mo?e 
tban t9! gatberen into tlje tojttmgs of tfjet'r aouerfaries ; tobo no all 
attribute tinto tbcm[tbe maintenance of ] tl;e fcmtte $ mfimtenefle 
of (23 © D , accojnmcr. to tijt's tobt'eb Ariitotle repo?tetb of Zeno^ 
namelp tijat^ecc mult nines be but one <Son ? foj ete rijere (bouto 
be no 6on at aE,becaufe it bebouetbbintto be finjularlp goon ami 
alfo alm:gbrie,tobt<1) toere totterip bnpoffible tf tijete toerc anp ma 

3!fo Simplicius repojtetb of Cleanthes 5 ti&at m bt£ 3!ambtcfc 
uerfes be pjaien (Son to boutfafe to gupne bnn bp bis caufe tobtc & 
ffuinetl; all tbings fa cjner 3 tbe tobicb caufe b& caHetb odftme ann 
tlje caufe of caufeef* But t&e ttao rbief among tbem tubofe notf tine 
toe !?a«e in to;tttn$,toiTl eafc(p make us to crentt all tbe refioue* 

Epiclretus tb? Stoik^ljafeluoin^ Proclus^SimpliciuSjann Z* 
mn Lucian bmifelfe beln foj ©zacle^Ofpeatolj of onlp one 4dgz ¥ 
The firfl thing (fait^ be) thatis to be learned, is, that there is 
but one God,and that heeprouideth for all things , and that 
from him neither deede nor thought can be hidden. Cpe tea- 
cbetb w to refyttmto btm m our ntftreffe^ to acknotolen btm fo? 
our ^paaec aun jFatljcr ^ to lift bp out epeg unto l;im alone if toee 





toiA get out of tbe ©uampje of our {xtmc$ , to feeke our felicitie 
tbere,ant> to call fcponbim in all cijingg bo# peat aim fmall* fl)f 
all tbe (Sotjncsi tljat toere in tunc paft^be fpeaketb not a laojo : but 
furelp be faitb tfjat if toe can bpon tbe onelp one (Son , bee toili tn^ 
fojme b$ of all tbings bp bte 3ngefe* 

30 foj Seneca.,be neuer fpeafcetfj otbettoife* What doth God Scncca ^^ 
(faitb be)to fuch as behold him ? Hee caufeth his workes not w icrc * 
to be without witneife.SnO againe. To feme God (faitb tie) is 
to Reigne.God exercifeth vs with afflictions to trie mans na- 
ture : aud he requireth no more but that wee fhould pray to 
him.^efe ojtiinarp fpeerijes of bfe , fyeftie trjat be tbougbt tbere 
toasbutonetfeotu ^utijep^oceenet^petfurtljer* From things Seneca in Ills'; 
difcouered (fapfb bO wee muft proceede to things vndifcoue- Bo °kc of the 
red, and feeke out him that is auncienter than the world , of ^f S Trcatifc 
whom the Starres proceede . 3n0 fn tlje eno rje rottClttDet&jt^at'^comfo^ 
t\)t S&ofo snn an tljat i& cornermen tberein, ig tbe toojfce of <8ok 
3Ifo be called bint tbe jf ou&er,^afcer^ Creator of tbe SQojto, 
anti tije ^ptitc tobirfj 15 uje& fcojtb bpon all trjings botlj great ami 
(mail, SntJ in bis Clueftiang : It is he(faptfjbe) whom the He- Seneca in his 
trufcanes or Tufcans means by the namesofIupitgr 3 Gar-" atura11 Qi£- 
<lian,Gouernor, & Lord of the whole world, Jf tfiou call him ^°£^£ 
Deftinie,thou (halt not deceiue thy felfe^for at things depend Baiditing, 
vpon him,& from him comes the caufes of all caufes. If thou 
call him Prpuidence,thou fayeft weljfor by his direction dotk 
the World holde on his courfe without fwaruing , and vtter 
foorth his A&ions.If thou call him Nature, thou doeft not a- 
mifle : for he it is ofwhom all things arc bred ' and by whofe 
Spirite we liue.To be fhort,wilt thou call him the World? In 
very deede he is the whole which thou feeft 3 and he is in all 
the parts thereof, bearing vp both the whole World and all 
that is thereof, Tft tbfe fentence toe map alfo (betoe,tbat by trje 
terme Nature trje Ipbflofopfjerg tnent none ortjer tijan Gdoo Ijim* 
feife, accojoinglp ag Seneca faptb in another place 3 rfjat <®oo anu 
Mature are botfj one,lifce ag Annceus $ Seneca lie botfj one man* 
9n& tobereag tie faptb tbat (Son map be calleu tf)e 2Ho?fo ; it is! all 1 A 7 { ! otk cal- 
cue toitrj tbat tobicb be faptb in another place : namelp , G OD is Jf? ™ 
whatfoeuer thou feeft,and whatfoeuer thou feeft not: ^uljatig Xatltofa? 
to fap , tobereag tljott cant! not fee rjim in ty$ proper baeing , trjou A n die whole 
feeft bim in rjis too?ftsf* fat in otber places alfo %t uefinctb bim to 
& $®vm aim KJifc&cme tottljout bonte 3 tofjtclj cannot be fcene but 

C 3 m 


in bn&erfi amnng ♦ Jftoto,of all tbe former tijrngg &p brm repeats 
in manp pIacesi 3 none can bee tienfica of anp mo tban one* jFoj be 
cfjat mafcetb all, gouetnetb all, ano is all , leauetb notbmgfoj anp 
otljer to make,gouerne,o;t be,otbertotfe tljan from btmfdCBttt be 
Senc^ in his fp^*^ ? et mD ? £ ejcpjelTelp/apm&Thou confidreft not the ail- 
booke of fo- thoritie & maieftie of thy Iudge,the Gouernor of the World, 
deine death, & theGod of Heauen and of all Gods. All the Godheads which 
in his exhorta- we worfliipeuery man by himfelfe,depend wholly vpon him. 
bTaSul 3nD apmcjWhen he had layd the foundations of this good- 
lib, i^ap.™ 115 * ly Maffe , although he had fpred out his power throughout 
the bodie thereofryet notwithstanding he made Gods to be 
officers of his kingdome, to the end that euery thing (hould 
haue his guyde. jftoto 3 tI)fe i# after tbe fame maner tljat tbe bolp 
fecriptute fpeaftetb of tfte 3ngelles*g>o tben,be te not onelp ©on 
ebe eiccellentefi of all <©oxi!af>faut alfo trjetr uerp Srttl)W 3 %\xt\)0}>mv 

let tjsi pet further autie Cicero ana Plutarch , tobo fctue of e* 

tterp <g>ect taken tol;at t^ep thought geon^otl) of tbem fpeafce op 

ninartlp but of one <Sot» 3 tbeautbo? ants gouenierofafl t&mg$ 3 tm* 

to tobome trjep attribute all things , ami tit tbat enninarp ffple i$ 

rimr toojo Nature,tobtcb furmountetb tlje cuftome of tbet'r tpme; 

but pet uotb tbet'r Doctrine ejtpjeflTe muclj mo?e beere* Cicero trea* 

ting of tW matter in b& bcoke intptttlen Of the nature of the 

Gods,acimotoletJgetb one faueretne <Sf)D,tDbom be ralletb tbc 

(Sod of <©ong 3 $ tl;at is tbe Difference u>bicb bemafeetb ♦ The Na- 

Cicero in his ture of the Gods ( faptlj be ) k neither mightie nor excellent; 

booke of the for it is fubiec"t to the felfefame ( beit Nature or Necefsitie) 

Kamreofthe w hi c h ru i et h the Heauen,the Earth,and the Sea. But there is 

not any thing fo excellent as God,who ruieth the World,and 

is not fubieel: to Nature , but commaundeth Nature it felfe. 

9nt> be i$ full of tbc like fentenrea* 

<3g fo? Plutarke, be fufferetb bimfetfe to raunge ouetoften tnto 
piutarke in his fabler but pet in goao earneft be fpcaketb t\)\x$. Let vs not woor* 
treatifeof ifis (hip the Elements,the Heauen,theSunnc,the Moone, andfo 
and ofyris.of foorth :for they be but Lookingglaffcs for vs,wherein to con- 
° raclc l^ at fider the cunning of him that ordeyned all things^and all the 
oTSmencflc WorId is but his Temple, again*: Wherefore doth "Plato call 
of Mynd: God,thc Father and Maker of all? He calleth him the Father 
Againftigno- of the begotten Gods, and of men, like as Homere alfo doth: 
jaatPrinces: b ut h e ca n et h him the Creator of the things that haue no 


OF CHRISTIAN * E 1 1 G T O M. %9 

life nor Reafon . And therefore ( faptb Ije in another ptec) he of ptatonkaB 
made rhe World as a Common houfe both to Men & Gods. Qucftions: 
2>ea, ( faptlj Ije furtljer ) Although there were many moe fuch a gainft the 
Worldesas this is ; yet notwithstanding the one onely God ^° lks: . 
ftiould gouerne them all. jftoto tljiS true (So^tubom be calictb C J £. pi " 
tbe great 6ou,tf)e great £23ojkcmapfter, tlje Sea of 3$eautie,ttie what is ment 
©roum* of all gcotj tbings,ano tbe true ^#iug 3 of toljom alone it by thisGreckc 
cattbefaio:E{)ouart 3 ano not tfcott&aft but o? fljalt bc;tsi !jeu»ljom wordS.ex. 
demeaned) bp tbe name of Iupiter, faping : That of the Gods, 
one is called Liberall,another Gentle,and a third the Dryuer 
away of euill;but the great Iupiter is in Heauen,who hath care 
vniuerfally of all things. djuSpefee tbenbotoaH tbe pbitofo- 
p^rr0 of ail tpmes,of ail §>ed#>ano of all Bartons ftaue agrees in 
one ® ototobicb is tlje tljtng tljat p learner Varro notes fcerp toeH; Varro,as hefe 
itamelp, tljat altbougb tlje 'Ceacbers of tfje 0eati>cn names manp -lodged by s. 
<6oss ans ©ouueiresJtpetHaraJt^ilantimg tbep comp^eftentien ckkof God 
tbem all turner one,toljicb toas lupiter,of tonjom tbereftsue toere ^4.^.9.11 
fmt potoers an* functions: 3ns tbis Iupiter is fceftljom furl) folk & iib. 7 .cap.^ 
toojujippes bnser another name,as toojflnppes tbe onlp one ©00 923. 
toitbout 3lmages ; ans lje faptlj tljat fo (S5os ougbt to beetoojfbip* 
$ es*3ns to trjat purpofe allesgetfc l;e tljefe berfes of tfje rtg^t lear* 
lies poet Valerius Soranus. 

The lone almightie is the King of Kings andfyd ofCjods, 
One God,andall y the Father both and Moot her of the Gods. 

T5\xt noto it is tpme to come to tbe auncient poets 3 tobicb toere v<xt** 
alfo pijilotbpbets , ans tobo bp tbeir fepnings openes tbe gap to 
tbe pluralitie of ©000 ♦ 3mang tbefe tbe firl! tljat toee mate toitb 
is Orpheus , tobom luftine calletlj tbe firft 3utbo? of tbem , tlje i u fti n - m ni $ 
firft giuer of names bnto tbem 5 ana trje firtf blazer of rrjetr ]pese= booke of Mo- 
grees ♦ 'But pet tbere is a Recantation of bis in bis ©pmne bnto narchic. 
Mufeus,inbicb & cafles b& 'Cctfament, tljat is to fap ,bts faff soc- ^"1° thc 
trme,toIjereunto Ijetoouls baue mm to (ficfee* Lift vp thyne eyes j^^ ons 
(faptljbe)to the only maker oftheWorldjHe is but one,bred inhisT?eatife 
of himfelfe : and of that one are all things . He is all in all; he concerning the 
feeth all and is feene of none . He onely giueth both welfare ftefunection. 
and wofull teares and warre.He fitteth in Heauen gouerning Jq^q^' 
all things; with his feete he toucheth the Earth, and with his p h C us whois 
right had the vtmoft fhores of the SeaHe maketh the Moun* called the Au. 
taynes,Riuers and deepe Sea to quake,and fo foorth. 9nfc in thor of thc 
KAfyzt place ije called tymtfyz JFuHbo^ne, tbe ©reat, t^eappa ^ u " litic of 

C 4 rant, ^ 


p^rik w 18 Wttt 5^^ W& *»«HD an incorruptible boufe foj tb em tfiat art fm« 
the gLvIcs* mojtafl ♦ 3ifo tomer tije name of Zeus o? iupiter^e rapt^ of fum 
ag foflotoetfj* 

Looke vp to that fame only King t which did the world create* 

Who being only one,JeIfbrcd,all other things begate. 

Jind being With them all^vnfeene of any mortall wight y 

Beholdeth all things ;giuing Man no'W wealth and harts delight, 

Now tyofallwarre: For fare there is none other King but hee. 

J fee him not&ecaufe the Clowdes a couert to him bee. 

And in the eye of mortall man there is but mortall fight, 

Too weake too fee the light full lone that ruleth all With right. 

For fitting in the brazen Heauen aloft in Throne of gold, 

He makes the earth his footttoolc, and with either hand doth hold 

Thevtmojl of the Ocean wanes: and at hisprefens quake 

Both Mount ay nes huge,efr hideous Seas, and eke the Stygian Lake. 

3no anon after againe* 

The endlejfe Shye and /lately Heauens,andall things els befyde, 

Did once within the! hundring hue clofe hoorded vp abyde. 

The bleffed Gods and Goddeffa whofe beeing is fir ay, 

jindall things pafi or yet to come within foues bowelles lay. 

From hues wyde "womb did all things come-Ioue is bothfirfi & lafo 

Beginning y Middes^tnd End is foue-From hue are all things paft* 

loue lay d foundation of the Earth ,and of the flarry Sky, 

hue reigneth KingfThe felfifime J oue of all things fhrreandny 

The Father and the Author is. One power ^one God is hee; 

esilonly Great ,one Lordofall.ThisroyalttJIdajJeVvhich wee 

Behold 3 and all the things that are conteynedin the fame, 

*sfs Fyre and Water, Earth and Ayr e, and Titans golden fame 

Thatjlrines by Day 3 and droopy Night y and euery other thing 

Areplacedin the goodly Houfe of] oue the heauen ly King. 

Phocilides folfotoetb \)im in tfrefe tooj&eg* There is but one* 
ly one God,mightie,vnfeand happie.3nu againe. Honor the 
onely God. 9lfo, All of them are mortall men , God reigneth 
ouer their foules.3no Theognis(tol)0 i$ of tbe fame tpme)fpea* 
feed; not anp orbertoife*Homere(tobom Pythagoras repojtetf) to 
be puniujeti in Spell foj making jf ables of tfje <£5o0£0camiot make 
a notabler Difference bettoflme tbe true <S©D ana al tbe reft of tfjc 
(Sous tobome men toojffnppeo in tW time ; tban toben bcefaitik 
'Kbat if tljep toere all bangeo at a Cfjepne beneatl; ; be tooulo pull 
$em fcp fptgljt of tfym t&fy x ami alfo d;at Ije maketi) t&em all too 





tptafce bnaer \)tm \ am> tljat tubenfoeuer tbere it anp greater aeetie 
taften of,be fpea^ccl) altoaietf but of cme <8oo tn tbe Cnplar nom* 
ber*9lfo Hefiodus tobo aefcribeo f penegrees ofti^ (Son^flfjeto- Hcfiodus. 
*tb bte fcetef tljig onelp one fcerfe tojitten to W tyo» 

2?0ffc Goddes and \Mortall Men from one felfe race defcend. 

%\)& it to fap 5 311 tlje ©otmej* are ereateo bp rtje onelp one ©oo* 

lifcettufe Sophocles fatty tfm* » Sophocles in 

Certeffe of goddes there is nomo hut one gaKuban 

Who made the Heauens 3 andeeke the earth fo round, § 1C Apoftata. 

The dreadfull Seatyhich cleaps the fame about, 

tsind bluflring Winds which rayzjs the Wanes aloft. 

*But we fond men through folly gone astray, 

JLuen to the hurt and damning ofourfonles* 

Hauefet vp Idols made of Wood and Stone, 

Thinking lykefoolesjby meanes of 'honoring them 

Too giue full well I too God his honor due, 

Euripides goetf) pet fttrtber,faping«, Euripides cfe 

ThouNeptune y andthou Iupiter,W*£ meusinni* 

You other Goddes,fe wicked are you all, 
That if due Juilice vntoyou were dome* 
Both Heauen andTemples Jhould be emftiefbone. 

9to pet in &efacing rije falfe (SouoejS,^ ceafletf; not to comment 
t&e onelp true (Son in manp placed 

Aratus in tlje fame place tobicb it afleageti bp & Paule, attri* Anm - Iou& 
butetl) an to one lupitcr , tofjome Ijee toouto Ijaue to bee fjonojea s cnus rumus 

%t touching tije latins, Quid in fyt SgetamojpIjoGs attribu* ouid. 
Uti) tfje Creation of tfre &Sojlo ano of aft tbingg tberein 3 tmto tfce 
cnelp one ©on* 3nti Virgin notb ojainarilp call tn'm rtjc iSing of virgii in hk 
©oones ana S^en ; ano bee oefcribetb bpnt fbeaoing fco^ft bte po* fourth booke 
toer to tfje bttermoft coatteg of ^eauen ano €artf> , amnmtij W ^ Husban ^ 
fcertue quickening tbe mo^am an tfjat it tberein* &^cuaywnac 

*But fojafmttcb ag Scceuola tlje pi$)\>)&& of tbe Romaines 
fctftingutfbeo tbe ©000 of oto tpme into ttyk fo#e0,tljat it to tott, ?^| la \ a ? hc 
^btlofopljtcanjpoettca^anti Cmfll ; ana toee baue fene Ijoto tye £ a JJX m 
pbtlofopberd an&poetg , (nottoitbtfanning tfcetr oione <I2lpn&= the citicof 
lafeg ano fablegf 5 ani> tbe infinite fuperftitiong of tbeir tpntej5 3 )^oe God lib. * 
tnerte one anotber in tbe onelp one <M)D: let fctf fee confequenrtp €'ap-2r- 
tofrat t^e CiuiH (b^Mlfaf imto bjs, tfcat i$ to fap, M;at fcatb bin 


iiel&tteti , not onelp bp tbe learnen %t of all Batiottf 3 6ttt alfo bp 
The cogent tl)C * cr? ^ atlonsl tbemfelue^gxDtblp fo increnibie batb tbe Jam* 
of People. tlc of men W" tow tljric turning aCne from tbe true toap , tbat att 
JSattonsljauelettbcm felue* ronne looce after fuel) abfurmttejS 
a* loee tooulo not fteteue, tftoce fatoe not tlje like fifll at tbfe nap* 
^omeiBo^ippeDtfjetipeaueii, tbepianteg, anntijc Starred 
like ftllp foules IdIjicIj at tbeir fait comming into a Kmg* Court, 
fcoetbinketijat tbe fira gap apparellen man toi;ome tbep mate 
fcuitb is tbe King ♦ g>ome mane (Sons of tbe (Sooucjs tobicb 600 
gaue tbettn &ome toojujippen tbe 3fteaaeg tobtcb tuere fo? tbeit 
beneftte* 3nn finaflp tbep mane (SonneMQt onlp of tbemfdueg, 
but alfo of tbeir jg>peare$, <§>bfctotf ana <§>to©jne$, annbuploeu 
temple* to tbeir otone patfiong , as bnto jf earefulneg , Ipami* 
tteeJ ann fucfj oiljerjS 5 pea ano mtn bnto tying* fo filtbp ann lotb* 
Tome, as a man map bee albamen ami abafben to beare fpoken of* 
JBeuert&elelft, tbecoftomable bfe of fucfj tbingg mane folke tea 
baue no regarn of tbem, ann tje moft fpirituall fo?t of tbem toere 
fopoOWeotmtb Ambition, tbatit fillen all tbeir mpnnes to tbe 
full, getnotim'tbttanning, tobentyep toere onceatoaken, ana 
fell a little to t^z betbinking djemfelueg as of a tbtng in berp nine 
againtt Mature, tbep toere albamen of tbeir luring*, pea ann 
In the citicof ttte ? of tJjemfelues* Why Sir 5 (anfroeren tbep to <§>aind: Auftin? 
G0d.lib4.cap. Thinke you that our Forefathers were fo foolifli and blinde, 
34. as to beleeue that Bacchus , Ceres, 'Tan, and f uch others were 

Goddes ? It is not pofsible. Nay , they beleeued but in the 
onely one GOD, whofe giftes and funftions they hono- 
red vnder diuers names; and whatfoeuer is more , is but Su- 
perdition. ■Cruelp tbe ^Egyptians (a* toee reane ) nin bonouc 
Diuelsi, S£en ? ^eatfe*, Serpents, ann plant* : ann to bee 
ibojt, euerptbingtoa*totbema<Si2DD* T5ut as toucbing tbe 
true <&2DV,the? neftriben bim in tbeir bolp Careers a* a pilot 
lamMichus a * ouc SNwnring a <§>btp* 9nn all tbeir niuimtie(aa is to be feene in 
concerning the Iamblichus,)toa* referren bnto onelp one (Son* 31nfomucb tljat 
Myfterics of tlje people of Ihebais in i£gipt,teiecten all tbe fain abfurnitie* of 
.the Egiptians. man p ©3^,^ f a pt n g ^ )at $ )m ^aa none otber (Son but onlp be 
cap.37.39. to |j 0m t ^ C p ca rj eI , ^ nef ^ ^^ toag; nmt jj 0?nC5 n0 j C0U | D cwec 

Wmarke in his npe, t^at i# to fap t\)2 €uerla(ling» 9lfo in Say a Citiz of iEgipt, 
treatifc : of ifis tbe 3Image of Pallas,tbat it to fap of fcftifoome , ban W 3Infftip- 
aad O^ns. t j 0n : j am a jj t j iat j^^ ^j n ? j Sj or euer fa^fe ? an d there was 

acuer yet any mortall man, that vncouered my face. $nn Pro- 



dus aUtJCtf) thereto, And the Fruites that I haue brought forth 
is the Sonne , ass toljo toouto fap , 3!t i* tfje £&tfoome tofjerebp 
<fcao toojfatf) 5 to)i)td) te tfje (Botmeffetoo^er* .fftoto if euen among 
tfje /Egiptians tfce opinion of ttje one onelp (Sou toasas not quen* 
tfjes : mud) mo je rcafon fjaue toe to oeeme, $at it toa$ not quen* 
ct)en among otijet nations* 

3ln t^e iatoeg of tije ttuelue dairies toere tojitten tljefe toojfcg: cicero in hfs 
Let Men come to the Goddes chaftly. Let Pompc bee re- fecond booke 

moued away : If they doe otherwife 3 God himfelfc ( tljat is! to ° f Lawcs - 
fap, Iupitertirt;omond? tfcep caileot&emoft paciouss ««5moft^.*^"^ 
mig;l)tic)will reuenge it. jDttnottott&ftan&in&tt is certepne tljat m0 uento:fi 

aftettoatt) Rome became tfje &erp §>incftpan of ali tije 3inoIatrtesi fecus ftxint, 
of rf;e txioilD : fo? in winning of jftatton^tljep toan alfo t&eir &u« Deus jpfe via- 
perihtuW ♦ 05utcouItiaHt]j^toppeoutmtljemrl)ep?itttofiJ5a= q^^q^ 1 * 
ture *; jI5ap,contrarptotfe 5 Tertullian fpeaiung of $e tyeatfjen of cl ^ : , ° 
|)t$ tpme 5 fapti) tfjus : As wholly as their Souks are brought in moU e away 
bondage to falfe Goddes, yet when they awake as a dronken richestifany 
man out of his fleepe,they name but one God,and the fpeech doc otherwiie 
of cuery man is, as it pkafeth GOD. They call vpon him as ^ ^ 
their Iudge,fayingjGod(eeth it,I referre my felftoGod,Godhi m ; 
requite it me.O record of a Soule by nature Chriftian/ To be Tertullian m 
{hort,in vtteringthofe wordes, they looke vp to Heauen,and his Defence 
not to the Capitoll: for they knowe that Heauen is the Seate 
of theliuingGod.La&antiustoljo came a gart turtle after 3 fatrtj Laaamiu* 
tl)d&e*When they fweare,(fapti;fye) when they wiih,whethey lib.z.cap.t* 
giue thanks; they name neither Iupiter, nor Gods in the plu- 
rail number , but the onely one God: fo greatly doth Nature 
conftreyne them to acknowledge the truth. If there come an 
Alarum,or if they be threatened with warre^they do after the 
fame maner : But as foone as the daunger is paft , by and by 
they runne to the Temples of many Gods, whereas notwith- 
{landing they called but the one God to their fuccour.QnO ill 
toerp truer!;, if toe confinei* tlje naturaH motions luljicl) *»e featte in 
our affltction^;t^cp part not our batts into ntu?rs papers at onre, 
but uae put w in mpift of onelp one <So&,mtf to offer our pjaperg 

jftoto, fojafmurfj as jftature, €pangf tmfenome, ana tfjefcopce 
of all people, tioe in all languages comment*, tuoojftnp, ano con* 
felfe one onelp ©on : 3!t remapnetf) fo? us to fee defter \n& map- 
not gather tfce lii^mn ty tlje fcerj coufeflion of tl;e falfe <So&r>c£ 




Laftamh* lib. tbcfrftte^tobicb baue gone about to oeface bw name bp al meaner 
i.chap.6. at to a cafe mfputeo among t!je learneo , bp toljat <§>pirite tfje Sy- 
iuftincin his billes fpato, betm(z it is not bnconuenient tbat (Sou fyouto com* 

T'>c ondcsof P eU ^ c bcr ? Dcuci * t0 ftt fcD ^ W* P? a P ft ** *£>otofoeuer tlje cafe 
die sibyiics. flauD:>t&ep Tpeake but of onelp one <&oo,faping, 

77>*r* ;j &/tf A^Zy one true Godjright great ,and euer lasting, 
Almightie>and inuifible tyhicb feetb enery thing, 
"But cannot bee beheld himfelfi ofanyflefoly man, 

Sift tbep crpe out againtt tbe falfe ©ottoes , ano ejrijojt men ta 
fceate fcotone tbeiraitarg, accounting tbem bappie tobicb giue 
tbemfelueg to tbe glo?ifping of tbe onlp one @oo3ut let w \\kxz 
Apollo bimfelfe* Q5eing affceo at Colophon b^ one Theophilus 
tobetber tbere tnag a ©on oj no , ano toljat be 10 x l)z anfinereo in 
2 1 4 <8rofce berfes rebearfeo bp La&antius , hereof 31 toiii Ijoloe 
me contenteo tottf) tbe latter tfco, txjljicl; are to be englifyeo $ug« 

The felfebredjbred without the helpe oftJMcother % 
Wife ofhimfelfejwhofi name no Wright can tell, 
Doth dwell in fyre beyond all reach of thought: 
Oftyhom we Angellesare thefmaUeftpart. 

%\>z r*ff oft^efe Serfeg comment! ann ret fcojtfj tfje Sgteteffte of 

tl)t greai (Bon , but tljefe fuffi^e fo? tbte matter ♦ l)kxz tbe Jeena 

totb toljat be can to magnifie bimfelfe ? faping tbat be 10 an 3ngeH 

ami a little portion of @oo , but pet bee acfenotoleogetb bim as b& 

forphyriusin g>ouereme ♦ Porphyrius tbe great enemieofCb?iffian$,rebear* 

^tth mh b r° k ft * man? ot ^ ec Wlte * ^ e fame A P oll ° tein B af ketl Wb <S©£> 
^piXfophy. toa ^^ be ^ojtbippen, anfaereo in 2 2^erfe$, calling bint tbe e* 
uerlafting jfatber^tbe C&alfterbpontbeltpeauenofOeauens, tbe 
iFafyioner 0} framer of fubffanceg , tbe father df all tbingg, ^z fa* 
tber of all toigbtg botb mojtall ano tmmojtaH ♦ 3no on ti)z otbec 
Cue be calletb all otberg big Cbilojen^bte feeruant^ b& S^effim* 
gcrtf, ano tlje !|)erault$ 0? blazers abjoao of bfe p?apfe$ • 3ln ano* 
tber anfuiere comp?ifeo in ten SJerfeg , \>z calletb bint tbe burning 
.flame 5 tbe aaielfpjing ano ©^iginall of all t&tng^ tlje autljo? of 
iife^ano fo fcDjtfoano aftertoaro beconcluoetb, 

J am but Phoebus *, more of mee ye get not at my hand$ 
It is as little in my myndas I can vnderUand. 

IBemgaffteoatanotber tpmebptlje*,ffounoer ofConftanti- 
nopie, toljetljer ty Qjouln reftft an mm of l)i$ oj no - 7 \)t anftoe^ 




ts4pollo is not of that mynd;bewarc 
How then doefi dea!e- y he is toofirongfir thee. 
For God it is that makes him vndertake 
This enterprife,and doth the feme maynteyne, 
E Hen God I tell thee vnder whom both Heanen 
And Earth and Sea andeuery thing therein, 
And V hatha* eke and Hellit felfe doth quake. 

Proclus faptfj , tl>at tlje iD?acIes ariutotuleugeo tfje great <3o& p roc ius vpon 
$e SBdfpjmg oftf?c fountapne of all tbings ♦ 9no fo? an example Timaeus. 
l)t alleged) tf)i$ ©?acle of fotoer Uttfcz ; From God fpringeth 
the generation of all matter;from the fame ground rifeth the 
finenefle of the fyre,and the Globes of the World, and what- 
foeuer els is bred,and fo foorth. Cfcat ig tf)C anfuJer of A polio 
tbe <£5oo fo greatlp renotometr among tbe Jpeatbeu 3 toben be toast 
affteo tofjat ©on taasf ♦ 9m> being fcrgen to tell tobat fjc fjimfelfe 
toa^,ann boto tie toouln be calle& 3 be fapo: 

Call me the Feend that knoweth all and is right fege and Wife m 

9no at another tpme be faptb tbus* 

Wee Feends "which haunt both Sea and Land through all the world ft 
Do treble at the Whip of God which all the world doth guide, (wide 9 

%\)th fojtefapo Shades arerepojteo bp Porphyrius,Proclus, 
ana otbec i^eatben men,ti>berof fome be rebeatfeo alfoftp La&an- 
tius: toljtcb map fuffi^e to fyetoe Ijoto tbeberp Detwfe ooe befeuc 
one <8o& 3 atttj quake at burn 3£ut 31 bope 31 Iball bee pamoneo fo? 
Ijamrtmg tbis matter a little at tije largetf , becaufe tbe confent of 
all men in tbat bebalfe tobicb 31 We alteasiepjoueo , tg contrary 
to tbe ojiHroon of manp inen ♦ 9no tberefoje pe fee beere boto tbe 
ffiao^to 3 flpen,aiu> tbe Deuilled tljemfelues crpe out tmtb tfje bolp 
Scripture, Hearken O Ifraell , the Lord thy God is but one r>euter.<?, 
God,the God of Gods,who onely worketh wonders,& hath 
not his like among the Gods . 3n& tljat is tlje tbtng tol)td) JJ| 
Jaue gone about to pjoue in tljefe laft ttoo Cbapters* 

The fourth Chapter. 
What it is that we can comprehend concerning God. 

flD aZ3 3 aIbett cfjac c!je lead tbings iDbtcb ait in j&atttre 

ana in our felues, tioefiuTiciearfy fljefti M tljatmtz 

f fe but one ©2DD:S? zi nottoitbffk&ingaH Mature is 

* not able to tearf; b£ toljat tljat ©on fc, neither i* man* 


in nature able to compjeljenn am> tijt'ng of Ijimtann tlje reafon tfjet^ 
of is rttitient in both ttoapne^n Span, becaufe tlje greater can ne* 
Man cannot uc? be compjeljennen 'up tlje JelTer,nettber ran ®an bane anp tftt'ng 
^pichcnd j rl tm^^ftaittitog , iufttcfc batb not firft bene to bis fences, as from 
licence piorceoetfjtonto bint tbe beginning of all natural! knotty 
fenge:3ttto be neither feetlj noj perceiuetlj (Son in ljimfelf 3 but only 
ftp bis effects ♦ Sin jftamre.,befaufe t't is a tljing ujjougbt bp (Son, 
*itt) no Djojft o? effect ftnto great fo etter it be,can perfectlp erpjeflfe 
tbe caufe a? toojter tbereo w ©an is able to nifecurfe after a fo?t,of 
tbe tijings that are leflfe tftanftjmfclft, as of 1£eaftcs, pants 5 ann 
©tones ♦ 3nn pet if bee toifl enter into tljdr fubftaunces • Ije muff 
ureses (top foojt , ann is conftrepnen to fcap fcpon tlje bttrojtes of 
t^nn^onfeiVingbis fcnotolenge to be but tgnojaimce* Sir be come 
t3 inmfclf, to fenoine Ijis otone §>ou!e bj) tbe potuer of l)is &oule: 
ftp ann bp be is at bis tatcs enne: Sro} tbe maner of bis nifecurfe is 
ft t to piac&ne from kpnn to kpnn,ann to palTe from one reafon to 
a i otfter* 'But on tlje contrarp partite mpnn feetb not it felfe,but 
onelp turnetlj into it felfe, leauingnot anp tfjtng emptp toitbout it 
feif toljereunto to eytenn, no moje tljan a Circle notlj^nn pet not* 
toitljftanning 5 euerp tljing is equall to it felfe,ann meafurable b^ it 
felfe*£2%at (ball toe tljen t&infce tfcat Sgan can noe, if tje anuaunre 
ftimfelfe to tlje confinering of (Soones nature; feeing tljat tbe leaft 
Creatures tljat are noe put Ijim to tjfe trumps Cljat is tlje toerp 
thine; tjaijtrfj batb mane tbe ignorant fojt to ouerfljoote tbemfelueg 
fo farre , as to counterfeit (Son b^ a (bape like tljemfelues : totyefr 
tbtng tbe berp 35eaftes ( faptb Xenophanes ) tooulo Ijaue none 5 tf 
tljep ban bin papnters , as toljtrij cannot ojninarilp roncetue anp 
greater tljing tljan tljemfeluesi^e fee tljen bot» Span is of btmfelf 
t© farre nnable to conreiue fuel) a (Sreatnefle* 3gaine,tf tue conK- 
fter tbe effect^ a man plantetlj, buplnetb 3 papntetb,ann toeauetlj at 
tboufanne niuers mo?kes x ann uiee tbmfee it not ftraunge tfjat tbe 
ft2utteBea{!esconceiue not tberebptoljat^an t^ 3 boiobeittbat 
tljere is altoaiea fome p^oponion of tntoerffanning bettuene Crea* 
tureann Creature*, but bettoeene tlje Creature ann tbe Creator 
tljere i<$ none at all * Bap, tbere is )>ct tbiS mo?e,tftat a man fljall 
fee ann feele tbe \»o^es of anovber man, ann be foall knotoe from 
tuftence be talked; bis 0uffe , after lnbat maner ftentatcftetft tbtngss 
togetber,ann tuftat 9rte be batb obferueD:^ut fijall be fin all tbat, 
fcnoujf leftat tlje Motile o^p v ;n of tftatmante^ Mo-, nc?prtbis» 
mmie^ouletjf o; %i& nnaigVcwne nothing narc to tijat Urijicl; be 


fe, no not fo met* as tlje Ijeate toljirfj tlje S&umte fljea&etf) into us» 
ftom abotte, appjocbetb neerc to tlje naturafl potoec tbat is in tlje 
gmnmr; tbe toljirb ncttoitljltamiiug toce mult not take fcpon fcs to 
&efcribe,if toe ban neuer felt it otfjetfmfe tljan m a]p?ifon ♦ 3i5ut if 
tljott coulseft battc entered into tbe mpn&e of tljat ntim at tlje ma* 
king of bis tooifte, tljoufljoulrjeiHjaue feene it farce mo?e beauty ciceroiirfoa 
full tljemano all tljat euec be ccutti no o? tljou fap 3 is alixiaicsi fltrre bookc ot the 
ieflfc t&an bis Conccptjaim pet tlje fame Concept offcisf is but as a N -^ re of the 
fparke of tbe sppm^toljereof tlje fame too;>ke is a part* JSoto tljen, ^£ us Enji 
if t!)oa being a man , canS mt eoncetue tlje mpnue of a man by Ins 6 .iib.g.cap. i * 
fcorngs^tljaug!) tljou bcare tlje l&e mpnn about tljec tijp fel&jann if Galen in his 
Ijis Doings (oftobatfojtefoeuer tljepbe) come farce iljojt of tljat 9bookevpon 
i»ljicb!)e!)imfelfeis: uareatfjoubefobolD as to&efcribecSotibp *****»<* 
I;is toojks toljac fje is 5 anD to mfpute of bis fubltaunce*: Qinti if tfjou AiShouXit* 
canS not conreiue Ijint by bis too?kes#oto toilt tljou tljen tontzm appeared cer- , 
Ijim 5 feeing tljou canft not bdjolo bim otljertoife** Co tljis purpofe tone demon- 
toe Ijaue tbe common #:>tfto?ie of Simonides, toljo being af ken by ftrajpMiat « 
Hiero King of Syracufe tobat <£oti is ; uemaunnen one nates re= *4kmavfter 
fptt to gitte anfujere , ann aftertoara ttoo , ami tljen fctoet 5 ami in tnat h at h pro- 
tbe enn coufelTcn tfjat tlje mo^elje tljougbt tbereon 3 tlje lelTe be *m= created vs:ye* 
fceritos tbereof ; ami yet Ije toas tlje man toljitlj taugljt tierp toetl 3 can we not by 
tbat ©on toastljr berp toifenome it felfe* Xenophon, Plato,Plo- *¥*»«** 
tin am> odjers fap tbat be is a tbing tobicb cannot bee faumi 3 no? ^^JEt* 
ougljt to be fougbt. Co bee fto?t,aIl tbepbiiofopbers crpe m one hisfuEi&nce 
toopcetottfj Dauid, * Lord, thou haft made darkneffe thy Co- is,norhowhc 
uert , Lord I am wearied euen in thyne outter Courtes „ JDet madevs.Eor 
iwttoit&iJatttmrg, toljereasnicn are not able to atteptse to •oft^™J^?' 
fubHaunce ; tl)Cj> Ijaue gone about to bztsktn it by dje ereeHcntctf £ lrre C th er ' 
names tljat tljep couln temTe,as toe Ijaue (mz in tljelaa Cljapter, thing, to fhw 
Cbep conftneretj p us^afmucfj as all tbmgs Ijaue tljeir jjeeing from that a cateync 
Ijnn^je Ijimfelfe toas tije foueretne %mm<\ anu ffrkt to be fo^tt be^ ^°f dcn T 
fjoueabimtobeeeuer^ antitljerefoetljep caUentjim t!;e€uerla^ tokiiowethe* 
llmg.Snn tljat to Ijaue bm\% toiiljoutlifevt's nofying t anis tljatljfTubftance, q* 
toljidj gmecb life to al^muftneeses bee aiilifet ants tbcrrft^c thtv ther of our 
rattfem"it&elming©cn* 3nnagaine 3 rtjatlife toitfjonttinnerllan^ ownesouie, 
*tog is beau , ami fcn^ftflamiing tottljout potoer is bnperfect; ^ a ° dev T 
nr& tljat Ije tobicb giuetb botlj of tljem to afl^tmiS ntos bane t?;e "X/J/ S /^- 
m Ijimfelfe fo? al! : ami tljcrefoje tljcp call Ijim ^pnn ami <2®v$)t, bmsUnbukn* 
attributing bnto Ijim tlje perfect fawtoletigeanb inUnite potoer s£ff«*»J>*ftc* 
all ti;mgS4fma%fojafmuclj as to-55%taJUue, to jPbiimifbaffi, »^^*' 


aim to be mfaf&tie, tlje fcigljer ftac c^cp be , arc fo *nuclj tlje leffc to 

be effamte&» ifgcctj alfo abounn not on aii partem : becaufemenon 

t:je otber Hoe recettp fo matt? goo turnes at !jt3 Ijann , t!jep call 

ijim (Ba^eicatetng gco v n n tbe crcoT?:TcSTc it feife ; affuring tljem* 

felues tbat no otber name sot!) fo peculiarly St Ijtm as tbat* 2>et 

riottottbftanttttig nett&er tbat, no? rnip tjjtitg els tljat Use cau ima* 

gine mc?e , can conte n&re fjim bp infinite niftance* Let bS arm* 

bate Unto ijim tljeljigbeft negiife of all perfections tljat can be, (a* 

in Dcrp noene be mitft neenes fcane tbent at djc bigbeft pitclj, feemg 

tljat tijere ft not anp tljat batlj meafuten tljcm bnto him: ) pet noe 

toe attribute bnto &ntt but imperfection* jf 0? tf anp of tljem be 8* 

mte,tljenis be notinfinite,as "joeougbt to conceiuebim to be: ana 

infinite it cannot be,becaufe tlje one of tbem (bouln bv tbe infinite* 

to ov «Wi!ov lie ^ e ^ cre °f ^ tlt ^P $ c °* ei * toitljin bounn s* ^berefcje ft bebo* 

^t • > -tietbbs(toconcetueamofllingIefingIeneire, tobicfj neuertbelelte 

j I l S *T° * in one perfection comp?eljennctb ai perfectio^a^ tlje rcote of them; 

qw.vovg, to | jif {) f^ met ^ a tijtns contrarie to mans bnnerttanning s tbat is to 

diuva^tictr- ftxjijM tyg pjouinence is! no mo?ep?outnence tban 3lultice 3 noj 

T£A.exei<x. ty$ 3|ufttce tno?e Juftiee tljan mercie, no?bisfcnotolengemo?e 

to ay«8ey. fcnotolenge tben life , no? ljiS life mo?e life tban tingle beeing : ^0 

Mcrcurius be (bo?t, tbat bts being is fucb a being as is toljollp aun alonlp all, 

Tnfmegiftus 31 meane altogetljer necne,altogetber fojme, altogetljer perfection 

an his Pocman- ann fo f©?tb* 3nn tljat is tlje tbing tobiclj ©on bimfelfe teacbetlj 

<ier.cap.2.& 6. w ^ n tljat fefeg a ffceD jjtg name b^ Moyfes ? Ijee anfmereu bim, I 

Ehjeh afber am r ^ at * am : ^bicb name tlje 3letoes ban in fuel; reuerence 5 tbat 

*/>/**. #* berp p,:iefl;es tbemfelues (as tbep fap) named it not but at tbe 

great jfeaftes*3nn pet in tlje iungement of Plotine^rtjat name is 

not fufftcient fo? Ijim* 3lfo toe call Ijim tlje g©n, ann pet is tljat to 

little fo? Ijim ; fo? <0co& is tlje genu of gartmes,as bcate is tbe beate 

of botnes^ut (Son is tlje gconnes it felfe-, ann Mjatfoeuerts gton, 

is of bim^et nott»rtbltanbing,tbeberp tuo^o ©oobnes is not fuf^ 

ficient «, fo? gootines battj bis being in fome fubtf ance* 15ut in 6o» 

tljere cannot anp tljing be conceitteti,lUijtclj is not fubttanttallp 3 pea 

annmo?etljanfub(!anttallp fubftance* 9gaine, toljentDefap,lje 

feetb,be fmoU3etb 5 bc bnnerltantietlj ; tljefe tljings ijaue relation to 

tpme; ann bee tljat mane time is tottbout tbe readje of time. 9lfa 

to\)m taee fap 5 ljee is b*re 5 o? bee is $ere>tt is all one ; fo? bee tbat 

mane all places is not conteinen in anp place* 9ton tljerefo?e Ti if- 

nnegiftus faitlj berp toell 5 ^bat be is better ann migbtier tljen anp 

name can ejcp?e(Te» Snn Salamon crpetl; out initlj anmiration, 



tobat i# W name * 3d &bo moulD fap,man ties not able to btter oj 
conceiueanptooja p fcodr^opedp lit bim,neittjer in jftotonednoj 
in fllerbed no? in tmxyict fpaclj , becaufe man is an elTence fubiect 
to mm, place aim aeq&entd , hroid) cannot paflfe beponti it felft* 
jai)U] tben 3 tobat it tbeattermoft >popnt tbat all our fine conceited s^Slsx S 
can readme t>sito ** Qerilp tbe mot! m effect cfjat toe can knotoe con. t7re ' !U)va 
tenting bid hete^tt t^at toe can mmccttaitD noting at a! thereof, vo ~ c f th 
anfomucfti efcat tobatfcesier toe Tap tjbfise&f affttmacfotelp, tobetber p h ^ 0K- 
Dae terme ft j&atfbneffea? ODflbome, oj ISingaome, oj 8Imtie 5 oj ^ Kr jffjl 
<&o&beai\o? anp tbtng ete tobicb toe-meane tljerebp , it can not lit '^J' * 
fctm* jftnaflp , toe can no mo?e name ijtm tl;an compiebena btm, v * ° Z, £' 
Ijoto bigb fo euet toe tbincke toe mount bp* Sua tbcrfbje toe mu# ^ c Y? ' r 
toitb Trifmegiftus call bpon i)inx in ftlence 5 ana Tap unto Urn toitl; ?w™ v J<X m 
Dauid 5 lo?5,tljebeap?apfetbat3I rangmcmita tb*fe Kenee* I^. p °" 
j#oto (®ing toe cannot knotoe toljat <£>oa i#, but bp not knoto* Dennis in his 
tug ft 3 ft liantsetfj fed on bans to knotoe tobat ije td not, tobicb 10 no bookcofthc 
fntall Ijelpe &? Hd to knoto bim afeec a fajt* MSberein toe mini toh namesof God» 
lotoe a cieane contran'e rule* tfo} ad toe bane farn , tbat of all tlje f^n H $ a - 
fbmga tfcat are fpaken ana affirmed of ©o&d effence oj fubftance, vsmQuc. 
none Sttett bmt 3 bemg taken tfnalptfo tobatfoeuer ts; fpoken t&er* T&ijUentium 
tf negatfuelpjibalbe fount) true .being taken after tbe fame mancr: ^ t g odig 
3!nfomucb tbat tbat man map bee fapu to bee moft f fetlfufl in tbat nou 
beljalfe, tobicb knotoetlj mod jftegatiued 0? IRemotiond ( ad tbep 
tcrme tljemO^o make tbid popnt pet clearer , nature ijatb taugbt 
&d bp tbe m'uerd mouingd tobtcb toe fee %mt beneatb,tbat tbere tsi 
a 6©D tobicb te tbefirttmouer of tbe tobole too^Io ♦ 3nu bp tbe 
fame reafon , toe fap tbat be bimfelfe i$ bnmouable, tbat tsi to fap 3 VnmouaHc 
remouetb not at all* tfo} toe fee tbat tbe nature of bun tobiclj mo* 
ttetb,mfomucb as be mouetb,te to be ana to be fetlea in reit €uett 
our g)ou!e(as{ m refpect of tbe bo&p) id unmouable , notimtb&an* 
utng tbat tt caufe ant» pzocure all tbe maumgss of tbe bonp : anu tbe 
mo tbings tbat a man tntennetb to mout^tin mo?e tt bebouetb bfm 
to baue bfe mmn fettles* jfojafmucb ad ©on is; euerma^e ncoing, 
be fe euer at red, ana bei;atb not bid re£ing in anotber but in lyym 
fe!fe,o^ ratbec id W otone red bimfelf* 3na tberefoje tbe aunmnt t ,mcik.$, 
Pbitofopberd c^Ilcu bim to MmTovrf a-r^octbat i<i to fap,thc T j dbu't HTq£ 
vnmouable and ftedfafl, to put a Diiference bettoeeae Ijim ana 
tbebeauen 3 tbe]'3Ianetd 5 ana tbe g>tarre5 3 tobtcb arefttbtectto mo* 
«ing 5 ana to\)om tbe ignorance of folke batb callea ©oad Jpere&p* 
pon toe fap alfo t&at $e id Unchangeable : fo? tbe change of a tiling 

D in 

fes of Parme- 
nidcs reported 




in it felf,ad a to of mouing tobtcb teoeri; out of it felf*3d fo? tfh 
pl?,!J)e tl;at neCretl) 0? cottetetb,*efiretb 0? eouetetb £ tbing tobicfc 
bebadj not.?5ut (Son to one,^ ai togitber v neither is tt pofliblefoj 
bim to recetue being front any otbenfo? nothing 10 cftanjjcu but bp 
fome otber tbmgjtobicb m fome refpcrt tjs mo?e migbticr tba it,a£ 
8El©& i$s rbaageo bp jFp?e*H5ut ai tijutgd baue tbcir potoer I fo?ee 
fro ©o&alone^ljerfojebp tbtetmnc Vnchaungeable,toei!enp 
Jim to be Ipkc tbe immojtall fouled, Uifiidj atomic furf; paOtond aa 
toe perceiue,o? alfo to tbe bap bonilclle Spirited, tobGme toe call 
9ngeld,$ tbe pjilofopberd call <Sotid;tobo be not imcbangeable, 
fautng fo fairs fcojtlj as tijep reft in p beboiomg of bim toljtcb cinot 
be cbangeD*3nt> it mafeedj notbtng againft tbe matter, tbat toe fe 
fo uiuers cljanged in all tl;ing£* jfo? it is one tbtng to cbange oneg 
felfe,$ anotbec djing to toifl j> tbere fyouln be a d>aunge jitfte ad it 
id one tbtng to mctte oned felfe,^ another tbing to totll p tbere be a 
ntouing. %\)t §>unne maftetb manp muerd cljanged in rije tbtng* 
tobicl; me fee beere beneadj, be maketb tbingd gnsne, bee mafcetfc 
tbiitgd pelloto,be rppenetb tbingd,be timbered) tijingd 9 fo fo?tb, 
ano pet nottoiebftanaing be cfjangetlj wo tobit of b& beat^ann fan- 
\)t alfo a mpno(ad fome fuppofe bim to batte,)be migbt alfo toil al 
tbefe cbaunged toidjout cbanging bimfelf* g>o alfo map <Son,aim 
roucb betterJpe toidjout altering bid oton being 5 toilledj 9 mafcedj 
al tbe cbanged ixi tbe beings of rijingd:? pet it id ad certeine p be iff 
Unchangeable,^ tbat if be^ere not fo p tobolerbaungeable nature 
fljouto peril!) ; ad it id certatne tbat if be toere not vmnoueable,aH 
motting njoulo mztly ceaflfe* Jftoto out of tbefe ttoo negatiued toe 
tyatoe a tbirtytamelp p b* batfjneidjet beginning no? tnu 3 tobicli 
tbing toe call Euerlattingnes, /fo? tbe beginning ann enm'ng cf all 
tbingd^ocoenetb of moumg nm rbattngeratiD ftcrefo?e be tljat i# 
not fubiect to tbe 3 can rjmt uzityct beginning no? enu* ^c^couer, 
*&im i$ but a meautre of moutng 5 toberin tbere id botij a fa? aienr 
fr an aftemefle^e tberefo^e tobiri) id not fttbtert to mcutiig^id not 
fubfert to. timc,anu b^ ^jify id not fubtcctto time 5 batb norbid be= 
ing bp continuance of fucceflionftcm one moumg to anotber.3nrr 
fo (Bote being i^ altogetbcr at mice, U?^icb id tbe peculiar pjopa** 
tie of euerla(tinped*3nti toberead toe fap 3 be batb bin 3 anu be iljall 
bej it id as mucb to fap ad tljere toad neuer anp tpme tolien be toas 
not,ncitber (ball it euer come to palTe tbat be (ball cealfe to be> 

SLgmt, being euerlafttng be ti not fubtcct to anp paflme pcJT^ 
bfltttejtbat id to fap 5 lcoke tobatfoeuer be id, be i^ tbe fame actually 
^im in teiy n^e : anu !# cannot become anp ot^jer tl;ing tljan ^e ii 


afreante ♦ f o? , mere tbere anp paflwe poflibilitie m ftmt as from 
imnfelfi^tben Iboulo tfjere be a cbaunge in btm-, ann tftt mere from 
clfdibere^tfjen (boulo tljere be a mouing from pciTibtlitie to nane* 
oj to nooing; fr be is not fubiect to any oftljem botb* jfurtljermoje, Erom p fnbi> 
€ucrla(tmgnefife cannot be in map of poiTtbilitie,but onlp actttallp litie into d«<L 
ann in tierp n&ne* jf 0? euerp maner of ncene being fimplp taken is 
afo?e tbe poOtbilitie tbereof , as tlje cattle & afoje ijis effect , fo?af= 
tnurfj as tije poflibilitie iS(as pe tooulo fap) quiefcenen by tbe necne* 
9* fo;> ej;ample,from a graine to an ©erbe,ann from a kernell to a a grayne may 
^r&bp tbepotoer of tbe &unne3utasfo? <£uerlaaingneire, ft^ raca " 
can abpne neither fo^eneffe no? aftemeffejann tljerefoje fake ttrfjat* ^m£ tm.» 
(better it can bee , it is tlje fame all at once, ann artuallp o? in betp which they be 
t>flene,ann euer* COljer&po it follotoetf) alfo immeniatlp,tljat (Son not fo long as 
is nettijer matter no? material!: fo? dje piopertie of matter is to be thc y continue 
nterelp paffiue; tijat is to fap, capable of sitters fo?mes 0? fljapes, jJIneir anda 
mm fudj aeJ map in poflibilitie receiue,being it felfe altogetber na* ynmatcnaiL 
fcen ann fucb as rtjelpljilofopljers nefcribe it to bee ♦ Bp tfjefe eon* 
dufions toe come to anotljer, toljicb is, tbat ©on 10 not compound God is fingk 
nen . jf oj toljatfoeuer is fo,toe fap is! of later tymt $an tlje rtjmgss ^^^ 
hereof it is compounnen, T&at (Son is eueclafting,ann bnto bint p u 
notfjing can be neto*9game,Compounningis abutting of manp 
tljtngs into one ; 9 ere tbofe things couln bee bniten in berp nine, 
it beljouen tlje to be firft in pofltbtlitie*, tljat is to fap, to bk capable 
thereof* jftoto,as fo? (Son , Ije is not a tbing in poflibilitie (tobict> 
is an bnperfect beeing)but altogetber actualfp ann in berp nine* 

$pa?eouer,toce Cap tfjat (Son mane all tfnttgs,aiin lutotoetb aU 
things ♦ j$oto,if ije ban in bim tbe nature of anp of tbem,dje fame 
luouln trouble tfje natures of tbe reft,as toee fee tljat tbe tongue of 
afiefcemantbat is ficfte of an 3getoe, isbnable toiunge of tlje 
tall of tbings, becauft it is furren by a cbolerick b«mo2;ann tbe epe 
tabicl) ijatl; anp matter t^ereiu,can fee notbing* 3lt foiloi»et!j tl;en 
tbat tco make ann tco kuotoe all t\)in$$, (Son mud ncenes bee berp 
Cngle,ann not bolning anp tbing at al in Ijtm^nn tbe mo?e fingle 
fjee is , tbe mo?e is bee capable of tbe innumerable multitudes of 
tbtngs ; Ifke as tbe epe is tben molt capable of all colours ann tbe 
rare of all &opces 5 toben [ in tbemfelues ] tlje one is leaff troublen 
toitb nop^es ann tlje otljer toitb colours* £23bcrebpon it foliotoetlj 
tbat feeing be is not compounnen,be cannot be a bonie : fo? all bo- Bodyicfle. 
nies are contepnen toitljin bounnes, ann baue pmt#, tobicb tfjing Numenius 
mod people fcaue fenotone toell enough as N umenius tl;e Py tha- my t5 «* 

D z gomny*$$. 


Place is to be gorian repojtetb^nb not being a botne,be cannot be in pTacc 5 nefe 
confidcrcd,ey tfeer lubollp no* partlp ♦ ^ reafon tobcceof, tocc map Tap in find 

ther as a thing fy^ ? ^ J j0 fc no ^^ ^ ^ f0 fi^tfyg no part f ^ fc fe 

wn^wofa 3 m * tet3 to*** 11 an ? P IafC t0 be po?"^ *. JSottmtbftanomg 5 !ftc as 

thing placed, be maw all tbtngs bp tbepotoer of b^ btting;fo nctb tbe fame po^ 
ThiswayGod leer enter into all tbm^ , fill all tbtngsE ann contepnc all tbings* 
is nowhere: g nr , fyafnmcb as tlje fame is bnniuinable , it is tobofe in all , ana 

h e l°eiie r ry Way to &° le lU tU?r ? P ai ' C ' autl ft Kfafctfe & ^ Ijimfclff ;t&at 10 CO GpjfyC 

whae. so is he t* euerptobere, toljole tb?cmgbout , fti tobom all tbings hmt tljeir 

both euery bmnj , botobeit tbat bee isi not aeterminatlp o) befinieelp in aap 

where, and no ^fa g 4 ffiajee baue an image .bereof in oar oume mpnu, tobitfj pet 

whercMi ttottoiitbffamitng taae but a bapne Oja&otoc ♦ Sfo} 3 tu as mucb as all 

jniotiou or ^ c $)&$* *#& toe conmue are lelle fljan toe;tbep be in tbe mpnb 

poynting tottbout mtentmi gling of tbe mpntj toitb tbent>ant> t\)t mpnn after 

downe of a cerfeptte fatfrion toucbetb tbem all , altbougb it bee not compje* 

pl h C ' b ST 7 b me * ix[ an P of tljem ♦ Mote, if all tbefe tbings be in our mpnt^ 

Uiaaiipkces. beiaufe rfiep beentereb into itb^ our fcnre&fcotjo mucb moie (ball 

° F all elfenres be in <0ob anb be in all of tbem, feeing tbat all of tbem 

pjocoene from bim , ana tbat l)i$ onelpconccpuingoftbem batlj 

bjougbt tljem foo^ti^iQolxi tljenjet bs not imagine anp intermix 

gling in tbis beljalfe ♦ Wfje ligbt of tbe gmmte continuetf; entierlp 

tb?ougbout - y it cannot bee fceuioeti int© partes , no? fljet bp in anp 

place,noj feuercb from tbe toelfp^ing tl;ereof:it fljeauetlj it felfe in* 

to all places , it fiHetb all places , anb it is p^efent tort!) all ti)in$$ 

toljicb toe fee,(3! fpeafte after tl)2 numer of tbe Dimnes)in e(Tence y . 

m potoer^ann in p>efence^be 9p?e is ligbtenen luoitb tt)e p?efeitce 

tbereofj anbuarkenebloitljtbeabfence, anbtoeepercepuebotb 

ttuapneof tbetn^anbpetfo? altbat,itintermingletb not it ftlf uritfr 

tlje ap2e,!:e leauetb anp lobit of it felfe into iu 3nb (ball toee p?e^ 

fume to tbinfcelefle of tbe ligljt tobicb i$ not to bee concepuen but 

inbnuerffanbing; conKoeringtbat toee fee tlje like toitb our epes^ 

2D) (ball luee tt;inke it ff ramtge tbat (g©D (bouto bee botb euei*p 

tobereanti notobere, conquering Ijoto toee fee tfjat from a borne 

tbere ilTeloetb fucbabonrteflfetbing, astoitbouttoucbinganpof 

tbem 5 ligbtenetb tbem all ^ 9nn if a Kgbt (bint in all tfjings djat 

flunejfball not tbe fouereine efTence bee in all tbmgs tbat arc*: Sun 

feeing tbat tbingscoulD notljaue bin mane bnlcfie 6ons potoer 

(tobicb i^ W b erp elTence) Jjan bin p^efent luitij all tbings ff toitb 

£uerp of tbem ; (ball anp tljing let bnn from being p^efent tutt(; alt 

tiimgs ff ill % j<2olu, lik a^ tlje lidjt of tlje g>unne ^atlj bitters ef* 



feetg tfjjougb tty mfpofitton of meng eptsi 5 ann of tbe tlmtncffz 
of tbingg,ano tl)C0tuerfitieg of tbefubftanceg thereon it Itgljtetl): 
fo td <£5oog pjefence mucus t© oiuerg tbingg, ano pet tg it tmtljout 
mrp Diuetlme in it felfe* Heis(faptb^Auftin)in himfelf,asthc s.Auftintpo* 
beginning and the end: to the VVorld,as the Author and go- thePfalmca, 
iierflor thereof: to his Church,as a father in his Houfe:to our 
Soules,as a Bridegroome in his Chambento the Rightuous, 
as a Helper and defender : to the Reprobatcs,as a trembling 
and terror. No man fleeth from him but to him^rom his ri- 
gor to his goodnefle , and Co foorth . For what place (hail he 
meete with ( faptb ije) where he (hall not finde thy prefence? 
Cljefelfe&me p?efeucetubtf5 ttmg jgeTcnt at tbe making of all i.Phj(ic.2.&* 
tfjingg^g pjefrnt U)itb cucrp' rtjing to p^eferue tfjem all: ann pet t!3 & to forti* 
it ncuertbeleflTe abfent from all tbingg ano from euerp tbing i a^ it ?gv. 
toag at tl;e tpme rijat tljere tore no things: at all ; becaufe none of 
tljem contepnetb tt o) anp part of it,but tt contepnetfj all tbingg* 

35ut toe mult palle pet one tfep fitrtbet,6oo(fap to)i0 pjefcnt 
suerptoljere ♦ Cijen in Ije innmte 5 ano pet fe Ije not contepneo m a^ infinite. 
up plarr/oj Ije in not a borne ♦ 31t followed) tljerefoje tfjat be ig not 
infinite in bontejbut in g>pint 5 no? m rjuantttte, but in go&oneg ano infinite,™* 
$otoer,ano better if better map be fap^^berfo^e^et bg not tma tyjfrwdnng 
gtne Jim to bee a buge o? malfie lumpe, ag tbe ignorant fo?te ooe* °[^ JJJT3 
^be mallmeHe of tbingg ig tijat (ag toee fee)lMljtrb mafcetb tbem {^^mo L 
Enable to ooe tbings.ContrartUHfe 5 tbe mo?e fptrituall a tbing tg, 
tbe moje atfitte tt ig J)t tben tobicb ig tbe action of al potoerg,muft 
tteeoeg bee a Spirit of infinite potuer, ano yzt nottm'tbtfanomg tx* 
*mpte& from all quantitie, Qntycty P?operip is but a toeataeile 0} 
tojatit of potoer)pea 5 ano pet in fuel) fo>t faSafte,80 all tbe infinite* 
nefTe tbereof bee comp?ebenoeo laitljin bounty ag to btmfelfe,tbat 
tg to fap,fo ag Ije finilb o? botmo Ijimfelfe^becaufe l;e nc;tt;er in noj 
Ijatb anp tbing toltljout bimfelf* 'Eljug baue tae b^ reafon(ant) tae 
map alfo Ijaue it bp tbe Deutlleg in tbe fojealleageo ©?acleg, ann 
Itoifebp allt&epjtMopbers) tbat (3'^DD i5 DnmojuaWe, urn 
changeable, beginninglelfe, enolefie, fingle, bot)plelu? 5 ano iufc 
iute;aUiMl)icb are termes luberebp toeeoeclare 3 not luljat be t'g,biit 
onelp toftat be vi not;not to make bg to tontine ljim,bttt to ftospc 
1jg from becepuing our felueg b'p our otone bapne concepteg ♦ 9uip 
of all tbefe j^egatiueg toe concepuebut one afermatiue 3 ag toe bin 
at tbe &ta;namelp 3 tbat (Bon ig big otone being 3 ag be In'mfelf laitb 
unto Moyfesjinfomucl) tijat %z ig of l;imfelfe,ann all ti)ingg are of 

D 3 jjim, 



Ijtm^mtti Ije cannot be augljt el0 tljan Tje t^j tnfomucb alfotbatttfa 
fi({ one toitb btm to be great am* mtgbtie^ag m&telp ann Gmplp to 
fadeiUiIjtdj te ag mttcb to Tap ag tljat toe mutt(asi mtulj as toee can) 
conrepue btm to be gcos toitbout qualitie 3 great toitbout quantity 
etterlafting toitbout tpme, euetptobece pje&nt toitbout place,amr 
fo fantlj^ns to conclu&e tW €bapter,toberea$ toee cannot com- 
p^eljcna <£o& m big berp being , tneetoiU tn&euer to come n#re ta 
tlje fmotole&ge of btm tb?ee toaieg bp confoering W efiTctst ; bote 
bett m fuel) fo?t ag tljat toe mutt tljinfte infinitelp ofbim 3 aboue ana 
beponn tfje tbings tofjicb feeme grcatctf bnto win tbe perfections 
tobidj toe percepue to be in all tljings ; as, gootmefTe., truetlj,toife* 
Dome 3 3itifttce 3 ltfe3tjnttie !) anti fitdj like; ann pet concepumg btm (if 
toe can)to be but one onlp peifcm'on coinpjebe&ing an perfections 
in one, ann pet euerp of tbem infinitelp aboue tlje Ijt gbeff aegrce of 
perfection tljat toe can imagine* 3no finaUp a$ tn refpect of tbe urn 
jjerfediong tot>trf) arem all tljing^C as cljaungeablenelTe, toeake^ 
neirejinatertalnelTe^nli fucb Iil%e 3 )bp cmt^ixin^ tljem to be mo?e 
infinitelp farre of from \yi$ nature, tban toee can fet tbem of in out 
tofterftanoing* 1£uttobentoeeljaue o? (ball baue taken neuer fa 
mucb papnegf in tljat bebalfe, pet tbe bttermoff tbat toee (ball baue 
leameu, it but onlp not to be ignorant of our otone toant of ftnoto* 
toge* 3n& tberefoje,to tbe intent toe lofe not our fcfueg mfofcfa g- 
i)im 3 tbe fureft toap fo? b$ is to poflfelfe btm b^ louing Teruing ami 
tooojflnpptng btm; tbetobicb tbtng bee of IjtelouetotoaroiSb!* 
graunt &S to ooe* Amen. 

The fifth Chaffer v 

That in theonely one Eflfence orSubftanccof God there 
are three perfons which we call the Trinitie. 

] €C fctf pjefume ^tt a little fattier , not b^ raffj fe 
puifitiuenes of man 3 butbp tbe mercifull gupDmgof 
i^^^oti, tobobatb tojutfafcstoitftctijimfclfetotcobg 
m W fee ripturc&ana let b3 fife toljcdjer reafon toifl 
ijelpe tog to mamtepne ano pjcoue tlje tljingg tobicbi 
(&e of &er fclfe coals neuer Ijaue fotuto out ♦ tfoj, reafon t# after a 



fo?t tn Itfec cafe toU?artsgf (Sou , as our epe is totoarns tfec fib write* 
jSeitber tbe fimmte no? in? tying tmset tye Attune, can tueli bee 
feene toityout tye S>ramc ; liketoife neither (Son no? anp tying be* 
longing to (Sou can bee feene lnttljouc (Sob 5 feoiu genu epeSgfct o; 
tnpnofigijt fo euer toee Ijaur * 38ttt tofjen tye gmmte flnnety, tyen 
our epe feet!) die tyings toljity ft fatoe not afo?e,$ iuogety of tyem 
at ljt0 eafe 5 nottoitytf anm'ng tyat dje *pe to but tye flrnte ft toast a* 
fo?e,ano &au* but tye fame po toer of figbt toljity ft Ijau afo?e,toity* 
outrecepumganpnetoeinrceafetyereof* Lfetoife^toljen <S£>D 
fcrmtfafiety to utter anp ooctrine Unto u^dje felflame reafon tobicl) 
ctyertoife coulo nettcr baue , ooty tyen fee ft , ano &iG 
tourfe tt,ano allotoe of ft,tmtI;out recepuing anp netoe potoer abt* 
ittte 01 tyaunge in ft felfe* ZZte Ijatte concluueo bp reafon 3 tyat (Soa 
Is a mod fingle eITenc£:9nii toe beteue by Difcouerp from Ijeauen, 
tyat in tye fame motf fingle elTence are tljm perfons o? 31nbeings* 
Heafou of ft felfe coulo neuer t>mz attcpneo to tye finoing tyereof:. 
fo? toe cannot m&nguity tyings bnlefle toe concepue tftemjaim pet 
neuertyelcfl^reafon totll ferue tos to p?oue ft* 

fixft of all, toe Ijaue alreaoie acknotolesgeo bp (Son s effects o? The begetting 
aoings 3 tyat tyere is in Ijim a too^mg nature o? potoer, (31 muft of the Sonne, 
be fame to fpeake in tye fpeety of man feentg tyat tye uiutne fpoety ^d Pcrfok 
is tmknotone to fcs) tobity is tye beginner ano mouer of al tyings* 
5no tn euerp ofljis too?kes, toee fee a lingular cunning; ano in tye 
knitting of all,boty great aim fmall togetycr 3 to# fee a toonoerfull 
oj&er 3 a$ 31 baue oifcourfeo betetofo?e;ano toee fee tyere is wityec 
o?ncr no? cunning toljere tljere is no torterftanm'ng* 3lt follotoety 
tyercfo?e tyat tye fouereine tmoerftanoing is in (Sou from toljotn 
tyis great o?oer ano cunning p?occcse* 3gaine, albeit tljat of tye 
tyings toWb are in tyts too?fti,fome toioerffano 3 auo fome imoer* 
llano not ; )>zt nottoitljftanr5ing 5 all of tljem are apijopnteo to fame 
certepne eno ano marke^as t\jz <@>tmne to make tlje oap $ to beate; 
ti)t l^cone to ligbten tbe mgbt,ant3 all thz planets ano ^>tarres to 
marke out tbe S>eafons-,ann fo faj>tt) of all ocijer ti)in$$* Monz of 
tljem dumblctl; in bis toap^none Iteppetb afine from bis entiet ana 
pet nottoitblautomg , tl;e moft part of tl;em coufe not p?efcrtbe it 
to tljemfelues . jTo? t\)z beginner of all enos is miootf aha ws&aii& 
in ti)z mod ofxbefetbere is no tmDerl!antJing> J^&oes mull it bee 
tberefo?ejtljat (Son tl)z maker of tfjem niti alfo appopnt t\)zm tljeic 
enos,ano eonlequentlp tbat be ban unoeritanDing fo? tbem^oto, 
S;e innumerable multitude of tying*, ano tye linking of tljeir enos 

D 4 mxt 


one to anotbet as tbep noto be,oo Q&m tbat al of tljnnljauetfjcfr 
beginning from one felffame unsertf anting, Cben mult tt noeBe£ 
be,t?jat tbiS common autbo* of tbetr being, tbat f * to fap,tbe foue- 
retne being,mult alto be tbe foueretne bnocfllanontg,fieuig be fe 
parted; tf)C effects of tmoerilanomg to fo manp tilings tuljicb baue 
it uot,3Dojeouer,tbe tbings tubicb Ijaue tmoerftanomg are tl;e uiG 
pofcr^nno ojoerers of tbeotljer tbings, ano not contrarptmfe, 
$£an bupIoetl;,plantetb,rearetb bp Cartel!, ano mafoetl; bis conu 
mooitte of all of tl;em togetber*©f men tbemfe!ues,tbe ffcflfullcft 
make Latoes, ano take upon tbem tortile otbers* 'Co befyo}t,tbe 
tbings tabid; baue no bnoerftanoing troe naturallp feme as inftrtfc 
mentis to tbofc tobicb b^tte it; ants tl;c tbing feJncb bad; tlje letfc of 
tt,feruetl>tbat tobtcb datf> tl;e moje of if^ano no pmtut nature oete 
Jetl; to tbe contrary ♦ 3no(as tocebauep^oueo bp all tbepbilofo* 
pbe^S tfjemfelues ) ttt^ ©on tbat crcateo an tbings tbat baue bti* 
&eri!anoiug,astoell tf;ofetol;icb arenottpeo tobooies,astbofe 
tobtcb baue booies-,allotting to tljem tbetr officer ami enos, ano fo 
confequentip be is tl;e berp beginner ano eno of tbembtmfelf* 

%\)m once againe,fo farre fcojtb as me can oefctibe tl;is bnocE* 
ftanoing bp tf>e outtoarn effects tl;mof,it mutihtooes btin ©on ar 
mod excellent abilitie (if it map bee To nameo)bp m'rettion tobereof 
i;e eiceattetb moil tmfelp tbe aaiut o? (mooting bertue potter anti 
nature tobicb toe marfce in all tbings in tbis toojlo, l;oiubeit,fo a£ 
t^t djtefe tooling of tbem ootl; abtoe ano reff ftifl m tynu 31 baur 
pjoueoberetofoje tbat <$ob is mfimte:labtcfj being fo-,notbmgcatt 
be imagineo in l;im,t)3btcb is trot infinite liketoife: foj otberliiife be 
fboulo bee as toell finite as infinite botb togetber ♦ 3nt> infinite be 
tore not,if be coalo bnoerftano oj fmotne tbat to trap tabid; be bits 
oerftaxo not afoje* jft&oes tl;en mult it be,tf;at be from at etermtie: 
fcmieritanoetb ami knotted; tbe tbings ttbirl; &aue bm,tti;icb are, 
ano ttbirl; (ball be,-tbe toboIe,atto tbe partSjtbe generallcs,tbc fpe^ 
rialleS,ano tbeparticulars-,ti;e o t iigtna(les,tbep?oc0eoings,ano t\)t 
aftercommings$ tbe ooings, fapings,mto tljougljts of men;ano fa 
feojtb,fo as tbts bnoerfianoing in <0oo is euerlaftinglp infinite* 

3gaine, bnoerfianoing is an mtoojkmg tobicb abioetb ano re^ 
mapnetb in tbe partie l»i)icb b^tb it , ano paflfetb not into anp out* 
toaro tbing* jfo?,tuben tue bnoerfiano tlje courfe of tbe @>unne,toe 
beconte t\)t mo?e fkilful tberof in our feluesjbut as fo? tbe S>unne, 
be is notlung altered tbercbp ♦ $lfo 31 baue tolo pou alreaoie,tbat 
©od is moft fingle a ann tljat t^ere is not anp tljing in fjim W<h 


fenotbte berp effence o? being, ffiaberbpon it foXiotactT^tftat ©05 
not oneip b&b totmerttanomg , but alfo tijat bis tm&erffairomg is 
fu'S berp e(Tencc[tbat is to fap ? l;c is tbe berp bntjeiffammtg tt felfQ 
jftoto tben>ict t>s fee toljat tt is tbat tin's im^erffanmng begettetb ♦ 
31 bauetol&pott tbat (Son 10 a mere soing 5 ana tbat t&batfoeuer b* 
notf> , be noc!> ft front eueriatf inn; ; ana tbat o:t rtje otijer fee being 
moft ffitgle,tbcve 121 natbtng m form tobfcb is not a nojer ♦ ffiEfbece* 
fcpon tt folloteti; tbat tin* bffljerftStung is eueriaftingip occuppes 
in Doing* Qtati tobecein tlj en is ft occuppetrt&ftbat is tbe tbing tbat 
tt te?ketb bppon *i &uteip it can mate tnitb notbing but tt feife* 
<Doo tljen concepucti am* mttaetftcoti bintfelfe;ant> it mud neenes be 
tbat be bnuertf con bimfelfe , feeing tbat tbe cbrefeff tmfetrome is to 
knote ones felfe,lobereof be emtio not faple* 'Cbercfoje it &as of 
neceffttie,tbat rtjtss bnoerff an&ing of <&q% , f&ottln peeio a reflexion 
bacfee againe to it feif>as afaee ootb in a itokingglaffe^ano atfour 
mpn& ootb u>ben it fettetb it feif to tbe conquering of it otoite pjo* 
per naturejano tbat it fboulo concepueami beget in it feife a perfect 
image of it ottme felfe 3 tobicb image is tbe fame tbing tobitb w t\)z 
*&rinitie te caii tbe g>onne,tbe <r£tojo,oj tbe g>peecb;namelp,tbs 
liuelp ami perfect image ano toifeoome of tbe if atber # j$oto 5 tbts 
tmtierftamiing ts aduallp euerlaffing 5 [tbat is to fap 5 euerlaftmg in 
neene] ann eueriaftingip amtaii , [tbat is to fap , eueriaftingip oo* 
tng, ] ano tberefo?e tee fap tbat tbe fecono perfon tobicbit beget* 
tetf) is aifo euerlaftingtann <0oo in bis bn&erftautiing bat» not con* 
ttyato anp tbing tbat is iefle tban bimfeif-foj it is equal tottb fyttr* 
gno tobereas tee comp?ebeno not our feiueS;tbat commetb of fte 
fcatkneffeano lumptCbnette of our fleflj^tobicb maketbbstmlfke 
mtrfeiues* Wit fap tijen tljat fyz <§>onne is equal! to tbe jFatber, 
ana tbe image of tbe tf atbec ♦ %\xt pet mojeouer, tbe being of tbe 
jf atljer ann bis bnoerftanning are botb one : $ bts being 0? eifence 
(betngbnoerftcoTie of it feife ) is none otber tbing tljan t\)t being of 
tbe S>onne , tobo is bjeo ano begotten bp tbe jfatijers bntierftan* 
tine; 0? mpnoing of bimfelf, ftdberebpori te conciuoe againe,tbat 
tbe effence of tbe if atber is tbeeifenceof tbe<§>onne,[tbatistjr 
fap , tbat ia&e twbatfoeuer tlje jTatber is, tbe g)onne is tbe fame;] 
fo as djep Differ not but by top of relation : ano confequentip tbat 
tbep be CoeternailjCoectuai^ann CoeiTentiali^ [tbat is to fap, of 
ene feifefame euerlafting continuance^of one feifefame ftate conot* 
tion ano oegree,ann of one feifefame fubffance 02 beingQ txifjcdj i^ 
t|je tiding ttat toe be taugijt in (& &\)\ixfl)&l)i$ fecono perfon Fo^ 



bitters refpects is bctofteneb bp amers names* ^eisojbfnarffp 

calico tlje feonne,becaufe Ije is a Conception oftijebnbertfan&ing 

foljiclj 195 m (Sou , ant? a perfect refemblance of binn 3nb bere toes 

baue to confine? , tljat accopmg to tlje biuerSttcs of natures $ tlje 

maner of brings oj begettings boe barie alfo* Sro) euerp life(tf 

31 map fo (peake)begettetlj oj tyeeoetlj a >g)onne , tfltte o? offp?tng 

in ft felfe afoje it fens it out ; ami tlje ejccellenter tbat tlje life is, tlje 

mo}Z iiUxiarb to it is tijat tuljiclj pjocceoetlj 02 id b;ai rtjereof^ere* 

bpon fome Ijaue fuppofeb t\)t jf ire to be a liumg totgljt, becaufe it 

tyeeoetlj 0? bcgettetlj anotljer fire l&c it felfe* T&nt Ijotofoeuer tlje 

cafe (Sana, like as tlje Clements are naturally tlje baceft tljings in 

aegwe , fo Ijatlj jfire tlje baceft maner of baaing 0? begetting ; aa 

toljiclj id not able to boe it but out of it felf, anb b^ tlje applping of 

fome outtoarb matter to Ijmn %%z plant concepuetlj mopfture in 

it felfe, tolji'clj fpjingetlj ftojtlj into bwo^ from bu& into flotner,an& 

from flobaennto frmte-,toljiclj fruitebeing ripe failed) to f grounrr, 

anb tljcre fyingetl) foo^tfj anotljer jpiant* Bolu,tljis fecono plant 

Ituefc in tlje fitft plant ere it Itueo in it felfe 5 anb all lining toigij tgS 

noe liue,moue anb feele in tljeir Bammes bzllizx, afo?e tljep come 

foajtlj-, toljicljtspetamojetittoarb maner of booing aim begets 

ting tljan tlje otijer* %\z fenfitiue life concepuetlj an imagination 

tafjitfj IjcD^etlj bp it felfe in t\)t memo?ie:but as! it pjocaebetfj from 

tlje fences anb fenfible tfoingSjfo botlj it oepart out of it fclf*dje 

reafonable iife Ijatl) fjis conceptions anb tyoebings pet moie m 

fcjarb tfyaa all tlje reft* jf oj it Ijatb Ijis reflexion backe to it felfe^ana 

tuee commonlp terme tlje boings 0? actions thereof bp tlje nmte of 

Conceptions 0} Concepts,aftec toljicl) maner tlje learoeb fo?t uoe 

call tljeir bcokes tljeir Cbilbjen* Vnt ?zt tbere is t^is moje in tljis 

matter;namelp, tljat in men tins conceptting pjocoebetlj of tmagt* 

nation,U)ljiclj is an outbaarb tljingbnto it,becaufe notljtng can en* 

ter into tlje bnberftanbing of man bm b? tlje Genres ; ano mo?eo* 

tter, foi tijat tljz tljingtoijirlj is mpnbeb o) bnnertob D anb J mpntj 

o^t bnoerdanbing it felfe,are not botb one inbs* Q£ut fo^afmttdj as 

cnelp (Sobisaltogeterlife, ana bis life is altogether bntserftan^ 

&mg,taijicl) is tlje bigijetl oegrde of iife ; be Ijatlj Ijts maner of con* 

wty&efc- ttpvdnca anb begetting molt intoarb of all* jfo^ Ije concepttetlj in 

<ond pcrfon is Ijimfclf anb of Ijimfel^attb ijts concepuing is a begetting, ana tf)is 

called the son, begetting abitJetlj ffifll in Ijfmfelfe, becaufe l; is bnberfl-aiibingcan 

s ie ^i°w r mm an? ^ )txt m ^ £c ^^ m V *^ n S * m tljat **** !je ^ im ' rrtfe 
aomc&c * C " **♦ anl1 $ at ^ ^ ft C0tt5 8^ 6tt *^ om tow caH d ^ ^onne, anu 



into Mbomrijat name nod) fo murfjdjemoje pjoperlp agree, be- 
caufe fcis refembling of J)tm te mo>e perfect , ami bis begetting 0} 
g>onne(Irip(if 31 map fo terme it) is mo?e im»am,d)&i ail ttje b)fe 
sings ann begettings \nljid) itae comntonlp fee, o? tfcan anp otber 
ft at toe can imagine* Mo tue cal Ijim Logos,ta!j iclj fome tranflate 
Word o? Speech,ano odjerfome Reafon.Cpdjer of dpfe fignifi* 
raions is ojninarp to tbe toojn Logos,ann agreeable to tfyat tofcicfc 
is intenncn to beCgniften cftercbp 5 fo favre fcojd) as nim'ne djings 
ran be ejtpjeflen bp dje fp&d) of man, m&n tee call fjim g>p&dj Lookc in the 
o? dOojo, it is accojning to dje Doctrine of t\)t p.)ilofop!)ers ? toijo 1 2. chapter of 
l;atte marfceo tbat djere is in man a nubble <g>poed) ; dje one in $e M ^ ri % tri " 
mpntr.,tobid) tf^rp rail tfje in&arn g>pMj, ipo^tcl) toee concepue a-- mafda! ^ 
fo je toe utter it;,ann dje otijer dje founning image tfeereof,tolju# is 
frtceren bp our moud) ann is termen dje gjposclj of dje Ocpce ♦, ep* 
tijer of bad) dje toljidj toe perceptte at euerp t»o?u djat &ee intern* 
to pronounce : iwbicb d)ing djofe foffiie migijt pet mud) better ob* 
ferue,tobid)ban neuerieamen anpLanguage,becaufedjep fbouln 
notceafe to Ijaue djofeintoaro Concepts in d)emfeittes[d)ougIj 
fyzy couln not fpeafte] f 0? dje toitte 0? annerftannrng nod) bp ann 
&p concepue an intoaroe @>p#rf) bppon djedjing tofjirij is otferen ^ ua 
imto it , ann begcttcd) 0? tyoened) djat concept in our mpnne as it j^c£Z(u. 
toere bp a funnein flaifr of Iligfjtnimfcann aftertoaro our mpnn bt= thneperfun- 
tcredj it moje at lepfurebp tbe bopce, d)e tofndj bopce ( nottoitfc ditanhmm. 
Canning) is bnable to repjefent 0? eicpjefle f intoam fepeeft per= ; h n tis j of ^* 
fectlp : infomud) djat mee fee manp men tiaue a great number of ^U2hth<r 
goonlp concepts in tijeir mpnn^toljicb tbep be not able to tfffltSb; myncfwith a 
ann tljat in ejtpjeflingdjem epdjer bp toojne oj bp xo)itiix$ , ftepemcynefwift 
nttflfte tbeir olime nomg^ 5 becaufe tbep bee farre infa*iour to t\jz giiftai«g» 
tljtttg^ tobtc^ tljepfcan concepuen in tbeir mpnn^* j5otD 3 t!je fpeed) 
of tbe mpnn is berp Eeafon it felf: ann ltdkz tobat tbe fp&cb of tije ZmSl'jtio- 
mpnn reafonetb ann irebatet^tbat notfj t!je toytz btter,ann eptber cmatu^M*** 
of tftem is tfje image of fte nzzt ftat toent afo^e * jfo;t looke tuljat tuserbumippi 
p?opo?tioni0betta^netl)eDopceo?g>p^d>oftl)emou{^ aim tbe R ^yM^ 
g>peedj of tlje mpnn 5 tfte life p?opo?tion is betto&ne tfte fep^dj ^ w Jf*j^ 
of tbe mpnn 3 ann tbe ^paecf) of tbe tmne r^aoing* Cbe bopce bat^ t hc mynTreJ 
neene of ap?e,ann is niutnen into paits,ann required) lepfttuer^be foncdi or de- 
Sppnn in n^ne is bnniuinable, but pet fjatl) it n&b of tpme to patTe ba«th,and fa 
fro one codufianoj reafon to a:tot!jei\ Tut as foi v bnnerflaning, Rcafon i y' ne 
ttaccomplifijet^fs action 0? tooling in leOetlian a moment, ann Shof^ 
toit^ one onelp act natl; fc ©l t^e laea&n ann mpniy&at it is coir^ u y ld. 


(trepnen to make many arts of one* &nn ting uiucrfftie map euerp 
man marke in btmfe{f,nottintbftanning tljat all tljefc acts feeme to 
be none togetljer like djunner ann ligbtmug,.}3oU) t!jen,tlje fato 
Conception o) Concept urijiclj ^onsbnnerltanningljatb concept 
.iteu euer'aftinglp tn fcimfelfe, toeecaUg-pcedj o? cao^toljirf) it 
ft e perfect image of bis bnncrftanning, ann G3ons tmnerftanning, 
to ®oo (jimielf ♦ atfolaee call tt Scafcn 3 becauft Seafon is as pe 
Xnotitn Tap tije Daug&ter, fepaclj oj niojnc oftbebnnertfanning, 
ann toe fap tjjatjbp tl>e fame @>peeeb 02 toojn,<£on mane al tljings,. 
ir o? 3 ass tije Craftfman maketlj b& ttw?fce bp tije patterne tobtcf) 
%z ban rvtt concepuca in W mpnne , labiclj patterne is bte tntnarD 
luojmfo ©on mane tije 2Bo2ln ann all tljat is tljetein,bp tljat faptt 
^>peerij of bis as b)> bis imaarn f kill oj arte, JF 0? be being but one, 
t oncepuetlj all tljings bp concepuing ljimfelfe*Co be fljo?t 5 tue can 
fjtm alfo fyz (UHifenome of tbe if atljer , pea, ann etten meerelp ana 
ftmplp Uufenome , Sro^ CtCtf fenome(euen in man)is notbing eliS 
tut a fjauiout pjoceening of outers Concepts 0? intoaro fpserijes* 
ftljerebp our mpnne is perfetten in tljeknotolenge of Ijigb tljings* 
Jf2oto,<Zpon is tije Ijepg^rfj of all ljcpgbrtjcs,ann bp fte concepuing 
xif Ijimfelfbeknotoetb btmfclf, 1i5utpet toemull take tljts toitljalf, 
tljat tije tljing toljicl) is a bauiour tn bs, ts tttznte in Ijim 3 pbat is 
to fap,tljat Ijeis tije berp tljings tljemfelues tobicb toee obtepne tu 
fcaue bp meanes,] ann tljat be btmfelfe is tbe grounn ofljis oiune 
totTenome,lobereas tbe true toifenome of men,batb not anp otbet 
grounn tban (Son, Boto tben,can tljere bee anp greater toifenome 
in (Son ,tljan to knotoe Inmfelfe \ 3nn ts not tljat kno&lenge tycD 
Theprocee- let bs come to tije tfu'tn perfon, 2£te Ijattc atfmotolengen Ijcre* 
ding of the tofoje , tljat in tije molt (ingle eflence of (Son , tbere is a too^kfult 
holy Ghoft. potoer,abilitie, 0? nature, matcben tattlj an bnnerffanning, acco^ 
or third per- ^g ^Ijcireuto tije fapne bertue 0? potoer erecutetb Ijis actions* 
Jftouu ,in tbe felfefame eflence, fbouln tljat not alfo be a CftiH be* 
fines tlje fapn bnneritanning^f toee conftner all t\)t tbings m tbe 
too^n,toe(ballfinnein tbem akpnn of SUtll, tenntng to tbe fette- 
rail welfare of euerp of tbem:$ tbe mo^e bnne^lf anning tbep baue, 
tbe mo?e iml alfo baue tbep^becaufe tljat tije mo L 2e tljeir welfare is 
fcnotonc bnto rtjem,tbe mo?e alfo ts it nefiren-,? tije moje it is ncll^ 
ren,tbemo^ealfo is tbcirtmflbiufo?me 3 ann djelette parten, 3! 0* 
mtt tije feucelelTe tljings , as piants 5 ^)erbes,ann g)tones 5 U3!jicl) 
liaitt certcine uaturall iucliiiaaon0,fufficicntlp marken bp tije fear* 




rijmg out of tbeir natures ♦ ^>ut yet it cannot bee senpc n, but tbat 
tbc'Beatfesbauea fenOtitte appetite tofollotte tbe tbing tabid) 
tbeir feenr e taftetf) bolo of to fee g©n fo? tbenu©en alfo noe rtmne 
toritb all tf>eic batts after tbe djinc^ &biclj $ep fuppofe to bee gcon 
fo? tbem, tobetber it bee bono?, ricbes o? pleatae ♦ 3 an tbe mo?e 
tbep ftno&e it 0? fttnfcf tbemfef ues to fuwtoe it, ilje mo?c noe tbep 
peclo tijetr toillbnto it: ann tljemo?e tbep boln ann poflelTc tberof, 
tbe mo?e is tbeir feart fettleo tberebpom SDnlp tbeir imnerftannmg 
being beftritdjen Op tianitie, is neceptfullp n?itten to cljafe tlje eutU 
fo? tbe g©tj;bp meant* toberof,tbe mill &Ijicb ougbt to be nifcreet e 
ann fun of toit ann tmnerftanning,is fo?ceo of neceffitie to ncgene* 
rate into flefblp ann beaftlp luit ^be Sngelles litoife(as fap tbe 
i9bi!ofopbers)baue aifo a toill, ann mucb mo?e ftmplp one # mo?e 
liuelp tfoan ourS*3nn as by tbeir bnnerif anntng tbep imolu tbe be* 
rp gcon it felf,tljat is to trie ©on;fo baue tbep tbeir tmtl euer fettlea 
on bim alone,toitbout turning it aCne to anp of a(! t!je great mttfc 
tituneof obiertS ttrberontoe be front to fet our mpnos*Jl2oto,fball 
not be fnmfelf baue a toill, tobo batb giueu toil* to al lining tbings 
ann imp?inteo it in tbem «: Sinn be tbat bad? imparten fo manp be* 
nefites to alltbings,to fomemo ann to fome leflfc^atfrnot be (fajr 
3i)beffoU)en tfjofe benefits toppon tbem toillinglp ? 9nn be tuitlr 
tbe beboloing of tobom $ bleflenoeff Spirits no feeoe tbeir toilles y 
fcatb not be tbe pleafure of contenting bimfelf tb?ougblp limb bntt 
felfe, feeing Ije fcnotoetb bimfelfe perfectlp *t 3nn tofeat els is tbis 
pleafure,tban Ml fulftllen, pea cum fillen to tfce full tmtb t\^t true 
0©n tabid* fufficetb to bimfelfe, tabid) is tbe onelp peculiar tbmg 
fobereon tijt berp bnll reftetb in o#ne *: 3gaine,tbe nature of l»t(t 
is to applpe all abilities to tljeir actions* ^o no purpofe baue boee 
ljearing 5 if tnee lit! not to beare,-to no purpofe baue W figl;t 3 if tnee 
lit! not to fee; to no purpofe baue toee abilitie to noe tbings,if loee 
lift not to noe tbem » Snn tbis appearetb naplp in ail our noings, 
tobicb neuer come to effect, till tljtv be quic^enen ann put fcojtb bp^ 
tbe toil! ♦ 5But toe fee tbat ©on \)iti) applpen bis potoer to t\)t no* 
ingof manp tbings , pea of tbings infinite ann mfinitelp niuers^ 
Cberefo?e it follometb tbat be liiten to noe tbem, ann tbat be Iiftea 
to mafte one t\)i\\S t0 m z ^ n ^e ann another to anotber , ann one of 
tbem fo? anotber , ann finallp all fo? bi'mfelfe , ann fo confequentlp 
tf)ttl)zl)atf) atoitL 9nn tl;is totUCfo farre as W be able to nifcerne 
it by tbe effects)is a muyn abilitie toljerbp be applpetb bis tuojfc* 
M potoer, UJ^en^to^ere^ ann fcoiofje tl;mfeert; gconj gupning ann 



performing it at coding to bis ototte mpn^botobett tljat tfje cftfeft 

act thereof is perfojmeo toitljht it fclfe* JlSeueitbdefl^tbte is fpo* 

fccn altoatejsf after tbe matter of mem if oj if toe batte mud) a ooe to 

fcifccrne tlje uiffereuce bcttomz tbe abilities of ££*iil ana ftn&er* 

Canning in our otone @>oules,bp reaftm of t&dtnfcing of djem to* 

getbenmucft moje reafon is tc tbat in tbis riTencc nf (Son tobicb irf 

iho(E fingle 5 ano infinitely mo?e one tb<m «trS>toe fgmdD name aH 

djefe tljings to be but one inbim 5 nottoitbff"mm;;g i%n tbep nifftr 

in certepne refpetts*(Son fcnnerffannetk but 3! fcatte toln pou,d;at 

to be anii to bnoertf ann is all one in ljim ♦ 2Kb (Sou totHetJ o? li* 

Stztb ; but to toill ana to totnerftann ace ifkttuift betb one in bim: 

ann fo all tb?ee come into one eflenre [ tfcat is , bee afl one tijing j 

Cbe rcafon fjereofts! berp euinent : jtameip^tbat toilliug e? iittmj 

tsf no mo?e an action tljacpaireri; into tbe cuttoatD t&in&tfjan an* 

nertf anning i^buc abinetl; (h'fi in tbe SKiller* jfa? l?p our lifting of 

a tbing,toe map perceiue fome alteration in our felues;but p tbut£ 

ft felf tbat is liffen o? toillcD feeletlj nothing rfjereof. J3oto,31 baue 

pjouen beretofo^tbat toljatfoeuer is o? reffetb in <Son 5 is bis berp 

being; ana mojeoutr , 6 on toilletb not anp t\)in$but as in refpect 

tbat be imnerff annetb it-, fo? tlje knotone goo is tbe grounn of bftf 

toill, ana be bnnerttannctb not but bp W tttzntt 3 [ tijat is; to fap, 

fo? tbat be is tbe &erp nnoertf anning it felfe • ] 3It fbllotoetb tfjen, 

tbat in <Son,bis Mfcll is bis berp elfence as toell as bis bnnerftan* 

Ding; tnfomucl; t^atijeis botf)Potoer 3 £lnnertfanning 3 ann tail! 

all in one* 

^ut letbs feenototo&atpjoc&netb of (BODbpbfe 23tfl 31 
&aue fapn afo^tbat (Son is mere 3d"ion,ano mo?eouer,tbat be i& 
mod fingle: tberfoje be is M noing from all eternitie,ano fo I&e* 
toife is tobatfoeua* els toe confiner in bis eiTence* Jftoto^tijcre toe 
&aue founn an &nnetftannmg 5 bptbe 3!ntoo^ing tobereof be 'kna* 
toetb btmfeff;anu alfo a ^afll 5 toberebp be cannot but totflbtmfdf, 
feeing befatotoed) bnnfelfe*3nn tbis ^Jnner(lanning,bp a certeme 
Season of it felfe bpon it felft 3 barij begotten bS a feconti perforr, 
tobom toe call tbe feomte ann tbe Q^ifeDome of tbe fatber* Cbi^ 
torU tben tobtcb too?fetb euerlaltinglp 5 b^«:ng Ifectoife none otbec 
tbtng to too?ke bpponbut it feife 3 notb alfo b^ bis tooling tfrike 
backe bpon Ijimfelfe 3 ano neligbt it felfe in tfje infinite gon tofytb 
ft futotottb ^jere , anii fo tycmfy out it felfe tobolip to tbe lotting 
tbereof-, ami b^ tbis attion it tytngetb bs fo?tl) a tbtrc perfon (if 3 
tuap fo tenne ft) toijom toe caH (Sous Spirit ann ity ijolp <SboU, 



tfjat fe to toit, tbemutuallluttmeflre aim loumgneffe of #e JFatbet 
anooftbe&onne* of tbe jFatber tbe bnoerftanoer, totoaros tbe 
feonne conceyueo ano begotten bp bfe bnoerftanoing : ano of tbe 
feonne bacfce againe totoarog tlje tfatber 3 aclmotoleogmg all tbat 
be batb ano an tbat be fa to be of t%t J atber ♦ 3no tbfa fayo flBtR 
is tbeeffence of ©oo bimfelfe, ano confequently eternally actitte, 
ano actittely eternal!* jf oj, m tbe euerlaffing all tbingg are eaerla* 
fitng ; ano m a mere act,all tbtngs are act ? ano of fucb can nothing 
pjoceeoe io)brcb tytil not be (the tbem* jfteeoesi tberefoje mutt tbte 
g>pirit,tbi£ £oumpeire,oj tbfa g©otoill 3 bee alfo actually euerla* 
Ctng + Spo?eouer,tf)e toill ejtenoetb a^ farre ag tbe bnoerftanoing: 
fo j ( as 31 b^ue fayo afo?e } toil! ano bnoerftanoing are botb one in 
<Boo-, ano tmoerftanoingootb perfectly comp?ebeuo ttyz tbmg tbat 
fe bnoerlfaxytamely tfjc tbmg tbat fc beloueo, tbat fa to toit (Sou 
bimfelfe^be toiil tljen ootb by bfa action(tobicb fa lotte $ lifting) 
erteno it felfe ag farre as ©oo btmfelfe j ano fo t\yz tbito perfon i# 
equal! to tbefecono ano tbe firft* 3no yet ootb tbfa tbtro perforc 
p?oc#oe of tfyz toifl, ano tbe toill fa (S>oog efTence, f of tbat eflence* 
can notbing p?oc#oe lu^tdj fa not bfa efTence* 'SDberefoje fy fa not 
onely coetemafl ano coequall^but alfo coeflfcntialU 3game,toee fee 
tbat tn b£,tbere goetb altoaieg fome act of tbe fcnoerftanoing afb?e 
t(?e act of our toill; fo? f caufe toby to toill tbmgs^fa tbat toe tbinft 
toee bnoeritano tbem;, aim tote oefire tbem fa? tbe gooo tobtrb toee 
perceyue m tbem# tbeloueof a tbmg cannotbe in tbelouertbere- 
of, but bppon bfa Knototng of tbe tbmg loueo ; nettber fa toill any 
tbmg efa tban appetite, b?eo oftmoetftanomg* ^be tbtro perfotr 
tbertfcue pjoc&oetb fromtbe firff,not only bv tije toil!, but alfo b$ 
tbe bnoerltanm'ng,ano by tbe ^ototoge tobicb tljc bnoerffv^omg 
ty&oetb * 3no becaufe it p?occeoetb of ttoo,ano not b^ toay of re* 
femblance,but bv act of (HStll; toe termebtm Proceeding ano not 
Begotten ; tobtcb fe m effect tbe reafon of all tbat ties taugbt te itt 
fte Cburcb conremmg tbat matter* jl5ottottbUanomg, tobcreag 
toeefay tb^ti^z action of anoertfanonig goetb afo^e^eaction of 
iKJiU;our meaning i$ not to tmagine any going afoie ax comming 
after in tbefe perfon^; but ondy to fay fojtb tbtjs p^oreeoing b^ tbe 
o?oer of Mature , )j^id) toee coulo not bane oone fo tocll by tbe 
ttmt^ of tbe matter: ag iftoee (boulo fay^tfsnt tbt^onite ia confc 
nereo afo^e tbe boly <8b<*% in like maner ag ^ feototng of a ttjtngr 
goetb afo?e tbeoefireof it , feecaufetbat if tbey cculo l;aueIjao any 
iegnwmg^je j§)OJtne fyto bin fcjmottm$at cate; 



Ate touching name3,toe caHfcim nta£?3montp tty tjolp <8f)oft«, 

J \ubercbp be & toTremeb from al otljer SbpintStanb ©boft oj 4pt* 
Eit>becaufe tee commonlp caHtfcofc Cfcings 2Dptrics,tlje beginning 

7. ihyuzTK* OfUrtjofemOUtngtefcntaO^ 

ginning is bnfmotoBe bnto &S: tlje bjeatijing of tlje 5>eartftrings 3 
ijjtrbp^ocoe^etijfi-am an itttoattj beginning tljat is Ijtooenftoin 
H0;anD fucb oti;ec tljing&anlii to be Oja^becaufe rfat in ail tfcinga 
inljtc!) baue life , tbe tnbaarae fo c 3cc pjocafljetfc from fomefcjmae of 
fowii bp a cenepne Spirit* 38obi,as fo? loue, it i^ noting; els but 
a ceitepne couert fiajetoattmeiTe 0} fcojtfjgoing of#e t,uii totoaross 
tlje tWng tljat 125 loueo ; infonmrb tljat tfje berp bmfitz &biclj toe 
recepae bp bis loue , is a fecreee ana infenftble tijiougbbzeatbtng, 
tuljiclj toojketb in bs, $ pet toe cannot &ell peirepue from mbence 
it coatmetlj*3gaine 5 t»ce call ijim alfo Loue ami Cfjaritie^becauft 
all tbe actions; of ttull ace in lout ana Hiellplung as in tljm r<ate,fa 
like maner as all tljeooings of ©ods Qn&erffan&ing, mite alto* 
gedjer m W toifebome* jf o?,U)ljereas toee beftre tbe tfjing toljtdfj 
toe toant^oj be glao of tbe tbing totycb toce Ijaue-, tlje caufe tljercof 
is tbat toe loue it o? like teen of itXifcetoife alfo 5 tobereas toe fcace 
a tbing, o?lotl)e«t;tbatcommetl)ofabatreti,U)bicb canbaueno 
place in ©ob,toljofe mill notbing is able to toubftano ♦ ®betefo?e 
as toeljaue ©ob of ©ob(tljatis to toit,t^e <§>onne of tbe JFatber) 
lip t&e euerlafting intoojfting of W Onberftanbing ; fo alfo baue 
tuee ©on of (0ob againe (tbat is to tutt , tbe Ijolp ©boll 0} loue of 
tbem botlj ) b^ tlje topnttoojking of tbe ftnberftanbing ano &[TiIl 
togetljer* $3berebpon to conclube tljjee biftind: pctfons oj 3!nbe* 
ings in oneeffence; not to ejcclube tbe OnglenefTe thereof toljicb it 
beljouetlj bS to bolo ffill ; but to ejepjefife tlje biuecfitie thereof aftec 
a fo^to^id) ougljt not to bee bnftnotone; namelp tbe potocr of tbe 

whftdui iTatljer^tbe toifebomc of tlje S>onnc , $ tlje gcobnelTe of tbeir loue; 

whom! l ^ fo? tobom, bp tobom 3 anb in to!;om, it l;atb pleafeo tlje fapo onelp 
one bnfpeakable elTence to create ano to loue all tbingS* 

Three Pcrfons jgut tbereis pet mo?e 5 namelp,tljat as tbere are t\)>et 31nbeingsC 

and no mo. 0? pcrfons in tijis elTence ; fo alfo tljere can bee no mo but tfyee: 
toljiclj tbing map be mabe euibent b]> tbe fame reafomSQbofo be=j 
npetb tbat tljere is ftnoerflatibing ano tOili in ©on as toeetaue 
feene afo?e,muft alfo benpe ftat be batb maoe anp tbing^o? tbat be 
fcotb anp tbing : foz all tlje tbings mljiclj toee fee bere beloloe, are 
merkeobot^toirtjtl^oneanb moid; tljeotl;ci\ HikeU)ife,betbat 



confcfTetb tfjat an tbingsare m irim, (aecojning to tfjetr p?eacbmg 
tonto bS) muff n&oes aifo coufeflfe tlje feonne ana tbe Ijolp (Sbcft, 
to bee tfic toifeoome ann tbe louc ; fo? tftcp bee but actions of tftofe 
ttoo 5 tobicb cannot be toitbout tbeir action; neither can action bee e* 
uerlaftinglp anp tobere els tban in (Son Ijtmfeif. jftoto, as toe can 
not imagine (Son toitbout big! actions; fo can toee not confinec anp 
titber tljan tljofe to abpne m bim 5 no? confequentlp anp otber Urn 
nerbeings tbat piocoene from tljence; toberebpon toe fap alfo,tbat a 
fourtb perfon cannot be aomitten*9s fo? e^ample,toe fap be is fyz 
Creato?,ann toe fap true; ann in fo faping toee finne aifo a relation 
to tbe Creatures ♦ %\xt tljis potoer of Creating p?oceenetb from 
tbe poioer tobicb is in fyz if atber^ano is not an action tljat abioetfo 
(till tottbin bim , b\xt pafletb nirectlp into tbe tying creates > \xfyiti) 
in tefped of tbe Creato? > is as notbing in comparifon of infinite* 
ire(Te 3 tobereof it cannot bam tfje p?eljeminence* 9lfo toe fap fee i$ 
a Sbauiourtann tbat is all one toity tlje otyer* jf o? Ijis being a S>a* 
*iiour,is bp Ijis g>omte 3 as toe lljall fee hereafter ; ann mo?eouer, it 
ts an action tbatpalletb into t^z tljingfauen, ann abpnetl) not in 
<Son alone ♦ ©ljerefo?e it maket^ not to tlje tf ablifljmg of a fourth 
perfon o? tnbemgjfe? tfjen it oug^t to be CoefTenttalLCo be ff)o?£ 
aH ©ons operations ooe eptljer p?oceene from Myitbin Ijim , ann a* 
bpne ffill in tfyz too?ker ann in tbeir firft grounn-,0? els tbep p?oc#& 
from toitbout , ann patte into tbe outtoam effect ♦ ©bat too?ke o? 
action tobicb p?oceeoetb from toitbin 3 can bee of none otber eflence 
tijan tbz tbiug from toljience it commetl;: fo? in (S2DD t^ere is no* 
tbing but elfence , ann in tbat effence can notbing abpne but tJje efc 
fence it ftlfe* ©bat tobicb p?oceenetb from toitbout,is altoaies of a 
funn?ie eflence, as are tbe Creatures aim too?fces of (Son , tofjicb 
come notbing nere tlje ellence of tbe Creato? ♦ ©be tying toljirfj 
notytye too?fce toitbout, is (Soospotoer , Ijotobeitaccompanpen 
toitb W bnnerffanning ann toill3nn tbe tying tljat do$ t^z too^ft 
toitbin,is W bnoerffanning ann toill ann notbing els,as toee map 
uifcerne in our felue£ ? to^o are but a berp flenner image thereof* 
9nn like as in bebolning a papnten ©able,o? in reaning tfje berfes 
ufa poet, toe imagine not tljerefoje ^at tljere toas a peculiar ann 
immentate abtlitie of papntmg o? berGfping in t^e mpnn o? foue* 
repne part of tbeir g>ou!e; but toe refrrre t^oft fkflles ann al ortjer 
Ifte,tmto WLit ann ^tllteuen fo ann mucb mo?e acco^ning to rea* 
fon^of all tbz too?kes ann noings tobicb toe fee none bp (Sons po* 
toer, toe cannot gather anp otfcer perfons o? inbeings m ^im,tban 

C t^ofe 


tfjofe tofndj p?oces&e tmmematlp of W Onoerffar *mg am WHO; 
ann alonlp tljofe ana none od>er can be Coeflentiallm tjmt, jftoto, 
Sln&erftanbinganb <KM in <8DD, art eflencejafflrbis eflence is 
merelp one ann moft Gngle ♦ 3m> mojeouer,tbe flUojo oj g>peertr 
concepuetb not auotber g>potb 5 but turned; to^rsllp bnto tbe f&* 
rijer ; neidjer Dot!) dje <g>pirtt concepue anotber loue tban djelotte 
of djofe ttoo^but reft etb ann repofed) it felf altogetber in tbem,S>o 
tfjen,tbere can bttt one onelp toojo oj fpeecb p?oc*tie bp tbebimer* 
banning, no? but onlp one Loue pjoceeoe bp tbe (EJt'U ? neidjer can 
anp odjer pjoc&oe of djat CBojo aim rtjat loue ♦ 9no fo djere re* 
ntapne bnto bS dje onelp tfea perfons of tbe Jfad;cr,tbc g>onne, 
aim tbe Ijolp (Sljoff ; bp tbe tobicb ttoo, tlje jfatber gouemetlj ann 
iouedj all djings,becaufe lie btmfelf alone is an dungs* 
jftoto, as toe baue reao in nature ttjae tbere is but one 6oo,as 
Trac« of the & tljtng toljirfj toe finoe tojttten mm in d>e leaft creatures : fo map 
Trinitie iti the toe noto percepue dje euioent featffeps of d;e tb?# tnbeings 0} per* 
world and in f on g nj 01tt eflence , as a marfce of tbe toojker djat mane d)em , in 
Man- fome rnojc ami in fome lefle ? atcojoing to tbeir otgmtic^ tobid; pet 

nottoitbttan&ing are fuck a* ^e coulo not toell perceinttbemjbn* 
till tbe Doctrine tbereof toas reuealeo bnto &s,no moje tfjan toe carc 
tm&erftano tlje letters of Cppljering,trf}irfr toee tm neitber rea&e 
no? &ecppljer,bnleire toe \)mz fome knotoleoge of f matter tob tdj 
t&ep impo?t,from otfjer folfees fcamiS,oj bp conietture, oj bp fome 
otber toap ♦ Witt fame an Qnitie in all things , pea etien intbofe 
tobicb baue but onlp beings oj all rijings are inafmurfj as tljep be 
cineraim tobenfoeuer tf>ep cealfe to bee tbat one, tbep confequentlp 
realle alfo to be* £gaine,toe fee in d;em a fojme oj ff>ape,am> tbat 
IS tbe marfce of rfjat tuttfull action(djat is to fap,of rfjc euetMmrj 
Cao?o 0} Concept toberebp (Sob maoe tbem) tobicb bad; b^eo btf 
tbe elTentiall fo^me o? fi>ape 3 ano all otber maner of formes antr 
tbapes * 3lfo toe fee an inclination o? oifpoCtion,in fome moje ap* 
parant tljan in otberfome;tn fome to mount aloft,as in ftre;in fome 
to fincfte ootone totoarbS tfje Center, as in a ^tone ; ano m all, to 
f)Dln rijemfelues bmteo in tbeir matter 9 fojme^bts i$ tftc marke 
of tt>e too?kfun mm , toberein <&oo batb boutfafeo to Itoope bnto 
tljemjaim oftbebnion tobicb p^oc^tjetb tbercf, toberein be louetlr, 
fcpljol&etikfr p^eftruerf) all ri)inrjs3ut mm in fome of tbe tbtngs 
of tbis baceft fo^tjtbere appearetb not onelp a trace, but almoft ait 
image thereof ♦ iro? , dje feurate b^eetietb 0? begettetb bis otone 
kames > toI;iri;d^lpoets Doe call tljeberp fonnc ofe^e&unne: 



ann from tiem ttoo pjoeecneti tie ligit , toi id; imparted) ft felfe 
to all tiing* iere beneatb ; ann pet fc not tie one of tiem afo?e tie 
nt^er; fo? nettljer icf tie<g>unne afojeiiss beamesf, no? tiegmnne 
oj bte beamed afoje tie ligit, otiertoifetian in confioerationof 
ojner ann relation, tiat te to tout, as in refpect tftat tie beamed are 
begotten ann tie ligit it pjoceeoing; toiici te an apparant image 
of tie Coeternitie«JLiketoifein <^ater$,t»eiaue tieieao of tiem 
in tie earti , $ tie §>p?ing bopling out of it, $ tie ftreame toljici Thc ^j^ 
is mane of tijem boti ann fieanetb it felf out farre of from tience* the spring,** 
3[t is but one felfefame continuall ann imfeparable elfence , tulji'c^ the tot 
iati neither fojenefffc no? aftewelfe , faue onlp in ojner ann not in 
^pme, tfjat is to fap, accojoing to our confineringof tt,iauingre* 
fpettto caufe$,an& not arrowing to trueti ♦ jfoj, tie flBelljean i$ 
not a iran,but in refpett of tie g>pjing;noj tie fepjing a fepung, 
but in refpect of tie ftHelieatynoj tie Streame a <§>treame,but in 
irefprct of tiem botfoann fo all tijee be but one $Hater,ann cannot 
almofl be confineren one tottliottt anotier,iotobeit tiat tie one i* 
not tie otier*3|t i* an erpjeiFe marft of tie ojigmall relation* ana 
perfous CoeflentiaHintieottlp oneetifenceof ©on^ielifce t* to 
bee fapn of 4f ire , tobici ingennjeti fire, ana iati in it boti ieate 
ann fyigitnefle imfeparable* 3lfo tiere are otier examples to bee 
founn of ficci a* lid to feefee tiem out ♦ 3[n Ipeatbes ann plants* 
tiere is a roote , toiici peeloeti a flippe, floefce oj pmpe, ann tie 
famepmpe grotoeti aftertoarn into a Eree*3lt cannot toellbe na* 
men 0? neemen to be a roote,but tiat tieretoiti it iati alfo ingen* 
tyen an pmpe o? ftocke^fo? in tiat refpect is it eadeo a roote, ann fo 
to tie one as fame a* tie otier* 3lfo tljere is a fappe infjiclj p affeti 
from tie one to tie otier, iopning,lmitting,ann bniting tiem to* 
getier bp one common life,toitbottt tie toitci ltfe,neitier tie rente 
ftoulo bee a r<ote,noj tie flip a fltp,ann fo in effect tfjep bee altoge* 
tier , tie one a* fame a* tie otier ♦ 90o?eotter , among all Itutng 
lmgits , euerp of tiem ingennjeti after W o &ne kino ann fojme; 
of toiom one is an ingenojerannanotierisingenojen; among 
men,afatier ann a fomte;am> bp annbp ttyougbknoti)lenge,tiere 
pjoceeneti a naturall loue ann affection from tie one to tie otier* 
toitcilmttteti ann linfceti tiem togetier*3ll tiefcaretraces/cot* 
ffeps 5 ann imager, (iotobeitfcntb tie groflTeft ) of tiat itgi mtfte^ 
rte^ann alfo 31 iaue toln pou afo?e,tiat no effect noti fullp refetnble 
iis cau(e,ann muci leKe tl;at caufe toiirf? in all refpectgi i$ moft in* 


JfSottottbttanomg, tn titans AouIe 9 (toben3ffapfi>ott& y 31 
meane tljere tbe bigbefc tiotoer thereof) fyz image ano likeneffe of 
tbe ^rinitie & pet mttci) mo?e Ipuelp ano mo?e e^efle* jFoj firit 
tijere is in it a jQature $ abilitie of too?fting,ano ag it toere a mere 
act , thereby tt liueti) ano giuetb Ipfe r ano is tt felfe in continual! 
mMxgMty Latins call tt Mem[$>at i* to Tap Sppno]^ toe call 
tt alfo tl;e reafonable g>oule , tbe \xfyid) toee map Uften to ttje jf a* 
tfjer^fei q&pno bieeoetb an tmoerffanoingo;* ^ttjbp tije tobiclj 
' toe bnoertf ano ano titfceme y not onelp otljcr tbings , but aifo out 
lilies ; ans agate bp totoerftanoing toe come to toiil 3 tljjougb tbe 
tobtcb toe Ioue otljer tbings>ano moff of tbem fo? our otone fafces* 
^befetl^apotoer^aitberptitllmrtmlj^tfo^toeetoc^e not al* 
toapes bp aBit,not altoapes b^ mn\ y ano pet our rcpno toojfcetfc 
nntimtallp* $g)o;teouer,oftentpmes toee toiil t\)z rijtng tofy'cb toee 
tonoerffano not,ano toee bnoerffano tbt tfjtng tobtctj toee toiil not* 
Sno tljerefo je to totfl ano to tmoerffano are not botb one* jSeuer* 
tbeleOetbis t^fttng ? £tnoerftanoingano C2Mmg 3 are not tb?& 
Ipucsf 0} ttyk Joules in&S , but one Ipfe ano <g>ouie , ano tijat ft 
ftrettlp tmiteo in once efTence, rijat mm tn tbe fdffame inftant rfjat 
our mino ootlj a tbing,tt alfo bnoerttauoetb tbe reafon tobp it toil* 
letb itoj totUeri) tt not,tn tobtcb tooike botb our intoojfung potocr 
ano aifo our tott ano our toill ooe concurte all togetljer* £>et not* 
tottbffanoing,tbis image is farre from tbe tbiug tt felfe* jFo? tbefe 
tb}& potoers are feuerall in tbe tftmtz of our pottle ; ano botoe,. 
n#tlp fo etter tbep be bntteo together , ^zt is not tbe one tlje otber; 
$5ut in ©oo tobo is moll finglp one,^ring is £Jnoerftanomg,an& 
tmoerftanomg is toill,as 31 bauefaio afo?e* 3no agame 3 bp <£oos 
traoer&moing ano bp bis toiil tbere pjoc&oe from tym ttoo 31nbe= 
tng$ , b^ reafon toljercof Ijeempnoetb ano louetb btntfelfe, ano m 
Ijtmfelfe all tfjtngef* 3gi fo? our &oule tijere can no fucb ibing p?o^ 
tmz fiom tt bv t\)t tott oj tlje totll , becaufe altbougb ftep be botft 
in it, pet tfjep iekt ttjefr grotmog from tottbout tbemfclue^ , tnfo^ 
mud; tljat tt can neitljer bnoerftano noi loue, ijulelfe tlje abilities 
tbereof be fet atoo&tng b^ fome outtoaro tljtng* 9no tobicf) mo?e 
tgjdje mo?e it fcnoerfranoetb it felfe^tbe mo?e ootb it ftreine it felfe 
to unoeraano ano fcnotoe anctber tban itfelfe : ano tlje mo?e it lo^ 
uetl) it felfe tb?oug!j true fcnotoleoge of it felfe , tlje mo?e oootb it 
(tike contentment bp louing another , tobt'cl) otljer it cannot loue 
but bp bating it felfe ; tbat i# to toit , it lh:epnetb it felfe too beljoto 
anD loue (So^rnui to fcuotoe ann loue it feife but onl? fo? \)i$ fake, 




to uj&ome alonlp it belonged) to fcntjeraani^ll things in frfntfdfe, 
ana to loue all tbinga of feimfclfe* 5?ut nujb it 10 Ijigij time ience* 
fco^tli to fittaljat antiquftfe toullfap to tig concerning t&ig matter, 
rbaialnd) ft Mbe better ft? referue to tlje nej* Chapter ftl* 
Jotoing, 9no a^ touching tlje qucltion^ tijat map bee mane bp tfce 
curious fo?t bppon tljt0 popnt^e auifeere tljem at oitt too?u •, let 
tljem tell us ijolu tlytv tbemfeluesrare b^eu ants begotten, anr> tljen 
Jet tljem affee M of tlje begetting of tlje <§>onne of 6ot> : let tfjent* 
tell &s ttje nature of tlje fpirit tljat beatet!) tn t&eir pulfcg ; ant> ttjg 
let tljem bee inqttifitiue at our fjant^ ft? tlje presetting of tljeljolp 
(Sboft^ 8itti if tljep muft be fapne to tepe fiienct tn fo comen mat* 
ter^tobidj tljep aaplp fe ann ftele in tfjemfe&eief ; let tljem giue b£ 
ieaue to be ignorant in man? tlringg.,toljicl) ate fucl)(as faptij Em- 
pedocles)a$ no 'tgz Ijatlj figtu^to; tare &eart> 3 n°? tout of man can 

The vj. Chaffer. 
That the Philofophie of old tyme confenteth to thifdoo 
trine of the Trinitie. 

Grelp (ag 31 fjaue fapt> afo?e ) tins tiortrine tg 
not tyes of mang b?ame,tljougb it be papnteo 
tbttt after fomefojt; buttoag berelp rcfp#£5 
into our fojefatbers from aboue,ttljdf(a£ fait!) 
I Plato)\uere better tljan toe,ano nerer alfo tm* 
I to (Sou ♦ 3n& in gtou fcotlj toe fee an infallible 
! arguntent thereof 5 in tfjat tbe el&er tlje toojto 
t£roftet!j 3 t!je mo?c no mens; octtrineg grotn to perfection $ imoto- 
lenge ♦ 3£ttt contrarptMf£,ti)e furtljer tljat tljtss bat!) gone from tlje 
former age^tlje mo?e Ijatl) it bin fount* aarftenct^ feat& noftijere 
bin fo iigbtfome ag at ttie toelfpjing tbereofjbntill tljat bp tlje bird) 
of tlje true aapfonne in nttot^it recepucn greater ligbt tljan euer it 
Ijau aftie* 9nti tfcrefoje toben Plato , pea ann A riftotle Ijimfelfe 
fpeafce of tlje (55o&ljeat>,of tlje Creation of i%t £2Jo?fo,ans of otljer 
li&e $ptfferte0;t!jep fce fapne to afienge t!je amxtitnt repo^tjanti tbe 
teco?u of antiquitie Defcenuen from Ijanu to !;ann 3 as p furelt l!affe 
i fiano bp in mattery tfjat m&bz tlje capacctie of man ♦ JKajutj 

C 3 t!;ing 

Plato In his 

his Common- 


IO.& 12.0f 




1 2. of his Mc- 


Plotin often. 



The Chaidies t])ii '$ ^ *W cir * ^"WrAp *V t&efe uJcecbeS, According to the 
heard fpcake olc * Sav/e > as tnc auncientcll reports goe, As our forefathers 
of tlicTrimtie. and Eldei s fay,an0 fact) (fW + 3motig tbeftnten ofti)c atmeftiteft fef , tbe firft t&at taee me'ete tattb is Zoroaftres ,to!jom Plutarkc 
riutarke ia his r epo?tcdj to fcatte inter? ccttcpne tljaafaaDfiS of peres afoje p tuarteg 
andoi^s * Troy. JBttimWWtt^ «po?t of tbe beft 3ut&0]KJ 5 be Defcem>ea 
Plinicand A- of Cham, ana bias UauquxfljcH bp Nynus fetftg of tbe AfTyrians. 
riftotk beare fflf Inm came Hjz Magies,tbat fas to fap tbe (Qltfemea of Chaldey, 
wmeffc that ai1 i3 from tijem fputttg tip tbe i&e in Perfia,tobo baa m tbeir cuifru 
n booted * te tl)Z T^fo** of $ e ^S* of tfjofe nates, $ nnate tbeir sorts, 
ny ( ann baa tbe ozocrmg of matter pmefctag to Sfceligt0tu3ffl> noto 

marfee lu&at t»e finu m tlytvc fapings gatljereo bp men of olD time, 
•noivTct tfe- totyrfj are camm jU |p ca ij ell Logia,tIjat to to fap ©jacles* The fa- 
T&tri thx- ther (faptb Zoroaftres ) did perred: all things, and gaue them 
TH(*tg v£ to a fecond Mynd whom all mankind taketh for the firft.StolJ 
ireLqi&G&M Pletho Gemilhis a Platonift faptb , tljat bv tljts fecond Mynd, 
At ure?2. &e meanetlj a (econn ©*& tobicb fuccsftctf; tbe jf atber , aim barb 
picthoGcmi- bfe begetting of rtje tfatber ; ana tfmt mm baue taken bint foi tijc 
ftus. fir8,becanfe ©on creates ti>e 2£to?fo bp bmt,botobeit tbat t!>e jfl a* 

% tljer creates tbe mpntrtp fbape0 5 antr gaue t!je gouemment of tbetn 
t k TraT^oc t0 t {j ^ feconTJ $9pntu |>e fee tben bere is a feconn perfon begotten 
aAKHccA$€- cftbe jratljer* Proclus re'jearfetl) tbe fame, faping;Thf 5 Mynd 
$a/A$u2K hauing alone taken the flower of Vhder (lading from thepo- 
w* av6^. wer of the Father,pofTefleth the vnderftanding and power ta 
deale foorth his Fathers vnderftanding or mynd to all Ori- 
ginalles and all Beginnings of things, ^benb^tlj IjeijtsS being 
ano bis bnberi&m&mg from tbe jf atber, ans all otbet t\)it\%$ faue 
tt;em from bmt3ttt tbe ti)in$$ W^l) are fauna in b& Comment 
Prociusiib.z. tarie upon tbe parmemae* of Plato are toomjcrfulf > 
& 3.vpon pia- ^ tbe better p^toing of tlje fence mbereof, 3i toffltvanflate it 
«oes panncm- ^ nt0 p ?0 fe 3 nottoitb0ani>ing ^ it be Iwjittcn in ucife m tbe (Br&ke* 
The Mynd of the Father ( faptb l)C ) being fettled by determi- 
nate purpofe, did (lied foorth (hapes of all forts ; which iHued 
all from one felfefame fountayne, becaufe the deuife and end 
were both of the Father.But yet were they diuided by a Fyrc. 
ofvnderftanding,and (as it were by deltinie) diftributcd into 
other vnderftandings . For afore the making of this fundry- 
fhaped world, God had conceyued an incorruptible patterne 
thereof, as a world fubieel: only to mynd and vnderftanding:. 
In the mould whereof this prcfent World being (tamped,be- 



came Full of al thole fliapes,of the which there is but one on- 
ly gracious Fountaine. 

£us againe in another place fje faptrj ag foilotoerfu 

^{jat fa to fap. The loue of God being a fyrie bond , hTued 
firftfrom his vnderftanding , and clothed it feife with fire to 
temper the conueyances of the waterfprings , by fpreadiug 
his heate vpon the fame.^fjefc are tvjetr acruftomeo obfcurtttes; 
taberein (nottottbffantung) ft fa clerelp enough btteren,tbat tbere 
fa a jFatrjer 5 a <g>omte,ami a Jtoue rtjat Imfcetb tfjem together : ana 
mo?eouer,tl)attfje fapo begotten $$yx& o? fllnuertfanmng fa Ije 
bp tobom <Sos frames tlje SHojin , ano tfoat from bun p^oceeaetlj 
t\)t amine Loue 3 as 3! fcaue fapu beretofoje* 3ln another place tbep 
fap tbat tfje fapa Fatherly My nd barb fotoe&atm planter intuxc^owocr^alg 
feouleg, accrtepne refemblance of tijefapo begotten tmoerftau* voCc. 
tmtg,ano t^at our totlles be not acceptable bnto butt, bnttfl toee a* 
toafce out of fo?getfu!neflTe , ano betrjinfce our felueg agat'ne of tfyt 
J| pure fatrjerfp marfte tobtcb fa m bg ♦ 3nn againe, tbat tbe fame 
Onnerff anting, bemg of * potoer to beget oj ty&to of tt felfe 3 ma | [ 7re<T^^ 
(bp conCoermg)cattafp?tebomioflouel3pon afltlnnggytorjerbp ffuve^aTos 
tljep be contmueo fo? euer* *But tt fa enougvj foj bg trjat in tbe fap* <ty V0 *. 
tngd afo?e aUeaogea,toee Ijaue a tytefe gmmme of tbe umtnttte of a u T0 -y { V e^i 
tlje Magies,toba belo tbjfc begmmngs^tubom (as twee tease tn o= ^ ^ 
tljer placeg)tbep cailefc Oromafes,Mitris ,and Ariminis£tbat fa 
to fap] God,Mynd,and Soule. 3no fureip t»ee (boulfc toonuer at 
tJjem mud) mo?e,tf toe f)ao tbeit tol;ote b©fces,as toe feaue but pee* 
ces of tljem remapm'ng* jf3otu.,tbe Magies toere ftrfr ttt Chaldye, 
an* toe reane m Moyfes boto btgblp Balaam toas e(t0mtet> 3 m tbat 
l;etoa3ttjougbt able to blefTe jftattong ano 3rmies* 3no tbefe 
Chaldies are tbe fame of tobom tbe ©jacfe of Apollo auftoeres, 
CJac onlp tljep ano tlje Hebrewes ijao toifeoome parteo bettoijct 

Mivoi ycsX^cthi o-ocpiccv A«^oV «c/T ctp, ISecctot* 
j4lltytfedo?ne certejfe parted is betrveene 
The Chaldies and the Hebrewes as isfeene. 

Mercurius Trifmegiftus (as tae Ijaue feene m tbe tOirti Cl;ap ? Mercurie. 
ter) ad?nofeJcuge!i but on!p one (Dou,to!)o cannot WH bee nameo Thc -Egiptians 
but bp tlDD names, to tau% Good, ann Father . $n& beraufe tlje 
fame ®os i'g tnucvuet! tottj baser ftantsmg , fametpmes be cailetlj 
J)tm NcctD, botwbeit trjat moff conjmonlp be makes a SJifference be* 
mmt tfjc v f atfier mm i&e CLJntfCtgamjinc^txiijtcl; I;ecalietb gppnu 

e 4 htotfe* 

7* OF t H fi t H IE VV N E S 

teefott'fc > mhitf) tying appear^) in tljte taping of bfe, I am Pce- 
7hc xvStfm mander,the Feeder of Men , & the vnderftanding of the Beer 
Ti'ac vo'Jc- which is of himfelf.Bitt befeto fere rcco^tisi as ctere as can fee* 
of the felfebe- God(faptl) be)who is alfo Mynd, and Life,and Light,& Mak- 
ing in his Pee- female ; begace or bred Logon the Speech or Word, which is 
mandcrjcap.2. another Mynd,and the workmayfter of all things;& with that 
o A vju? o Speech,another which is the fyrie God andtheSpirite of the 
$ik «cej- Godhead.lo fere a qjtyiui beptte of a ©pn^anuerttanamg of 
?o5h\ic,^v <3m>erffanDm<j, an* Ligfe of Ligfe; aim befitoes tbar.,mojeouer a 
£ok hj cp£c fejjtftt ♦ 3n& apttt^This Speech that proceedeth from GOD 
otTTiMHo-i being altogether perfect, and fruitful!, and Workmiftreffe of 
hiyyt in* all things,lighteth vpon the water and maketh it fruitfull. JC 
$>v vout (Ah- & tfe fame tljincy tfjnft fe fpoken of m Moy fes , tofere ©od faptl;, 
^pyov Sec. An ^ tne waters immediatly brought foorth. 3£o be(l)3U 5 Uuta 
tljts felp fp&c!Xa$ be teemtb it) be atmbittetb tbe begetting;, m^ 
gean^mj^ f^eanmgf^iti) of aiding* from offpungto offpn'wk 
Nov; 7txt^ as & to be feene*7r>ut fere & pet moje: I thy God(faptb (&otOam 
t5 Ao'yS. Light and Mynd, of more antiquitie than the nature of moy* 
fture that is ifTuedfro the fhadow. And this lightfome Speech 
which proceedeth from the mynd,is the Sonne of God. That 
which heareth and feeth in thee,is the word of the Lord; and 
Mercury ailed- the Mynd is God the Father ; thefe differ not one from ano- 
ged bj Cyril, ther; and as for their vnion, it is the vnion of life, &c. 3nU 8* 
• Vi r ^ ne : ^ s s P cecn being the workman of God trie Lord of 
&iahisPce- n tne whole World,hath chiefe power next him,and is vncrea- 
mandercap.i. ted , infinite , proceeding from him , the Commaunder of all 
if wtivov things which he made,thc perfect & naturall firftborne Sonne 
7r£ou,o*lccGx of the mod perfeel:. ^o be ifentybe called) tymy mpnMp fpacrf), 
•xxvTitek ^uerIatting,i3ncbatmgeabIe,unco)rttpttbie,l>tttucreafiiin:,btttiecrea^ 
vptyw®' fiti&aloitlp Itfte tym, ann firftbeknotane after ©otJ ; ana mojeouet 
fi i vvhjioc ^ om ^ ®wm nc > W* toelbeloueu Sbamte > tfe <§>onne of tfe mod 
Jrtv, felp^tubofe name cannot be names bp mautb of man ♦ 3nn is not 

Moc'i ^ a2{ muclj asl t0 caI1 W m CoeiTentfan,Coetei:naI,an& tlje Crea^ 
JVilo AHifiir t0? of aW tfwS^no tubat moje can u>e fap tfereof: 

©f tbe tfeco parfon be fpeakctb ffltye narklp* Al kind of things 
Auto in'the m this World ( fa ** &*) are quickened by a Spirit ; One Spirit 
Prayer of Fme filleth all things ; the World nourifheth the bodies , and the 
Herefies. Spirit the Soules •, and this Spirit as a toole or inftrument , is 
Mercuric in his fabie&tothe will of God. 'But fere te pet fomeUibatmo^e* All 
Eicuiapius. things(fait!j &e)hauc neede of tliis Spirit ; it beareth them vp, 


it nouriihcth thermit quickeneth them according to euery of 
their capacities : it proceedeth from a holy fount aine, and is 
the mainteyner of all lining things and of all Spirits, liperepee 
fe tbe teafou tubp tee call btm tbe Ijolp ©&ofte,nameIp,b*caufe be 
yjoccetseti) from tlje fountapne XoW) is tbe Deep bolp neffe it felfe* 
3n& lead toe fljouln trjinkc bun to bz a £teatute 3 There was(faitb Mercuric™ his 
!>e)an infinite (hadowe in the Deepe, whereon was the water, holy Sermon 
and a fine vnderftanding Spirit was in that confuzed m a{Te inhlsPoem *' m *' 
through the power of God. From thece there rloriflied a cer- *•***•*• 
teine holy brightneffe , which out of the Sand and the moyft 
nature brought foorth the Elements and all things els. Alfa 
the Gods themfelues which dwell in the Starres , tooke their 
place by the direction &appoyntment of this Spirit of God. 
Cbus tfjen Ijee toas pjefent at tlje creation of tljmggi •> mm tt is tbe 
fame (pint tobereof it is fap& in tbe OBpble, Cbat tbe fpmt of tbe Gen.i . 
JLoja tyMtxzxi fepon tbe outftoe of tbe neepe* 'But in fome places be 
matcljetb all tfya pecfons togitbet.O lyfe(faptb be)faue that life Mercllrie in te 
which is in mee* O light and God the Spirit inlightcn mee Pcemander, 
wholy.O worker which beared: thy Spirit about,let thy word cap. 1 3. 
gouerne mee.Lord,thou art the only one God.giyaine, there irviv^ccTO-* 
was(faptb bO a light of vnderftanding , afore the Hght of vn^ (pop. 
derftanding,and there was euer a mind of the lightfull Mind, Nofig yoog 
and befides thofe,there was not any thing els than the vnion cp^Teivoc- 
of them by one Spirit vpholding all things : without which Cyrillus*. 
there is neither God nor A ngel,nor other Subftance: For hee gainft Tuk 
is Lord,Father,and God of all,andin him and vnderTiim are gentius. 
al things.9to batting fato fo(faptb Suydas)beatJtietb tbis plater* suidas in hi* 
I adiure thee 6 Heauen the wife woorke of the great God ; I Mercuric 
adiure thee 6 voyce which God vttered firft when he founded Movoyivovg 
the world ; I adiure thee by the onely begotten Speeche, and ta'yoJW 
by the Father who contcynethall thiiigs,&c.'Ebtte is no man 
but be tooulo too&nser to fe in tbis autboj tlje bcrp tooojes of §>♦ 
lohn : amj pet notimtbffamiing bis bcokes toere tranffatea bp tbe 
Platoniftslonfftpineafo^tbecomtngofotttiLo^ 3feftts CfgSfc 
9nu it is no marttaple tbougb toe finn fapitt gs of bis in sitters pl& 
ces tobtcb are not tojitten in bis Poemander, remfftjering; tbat bee 
taote u?e ami tbiitie tbottlanti, fiitebuntyeo, ami fttte ana mzntit 
Ciolumcs 5 tbatis to fap Holies of papa* > as Jamblichus repoj* ramWichusin 
tetb^nn it is faio tbattbiSTrifmegiftus ofbertoife calleD Theut, his 3 9. chap. 
is tbe tone tl;at taugbt tbe ifcgiptians to reaa^ami tobtd; imien* ofM y felie5 * 


tea tljcm Geometric ana 3ftronomie, tabid) fceutDeu ^Egiptfnta 

partem, tolucb left ijt3rozcU)^rmm3ran:atn(louri*aoljDmg2iU)?tttcn 
Phcdon Mid m tm Pflta# 5 ( tobtrb Proclus cepojtetb to bauebeene ftanmng 
Phiiebus. l l^iii in W tpme ^ )ano to b: ibcu , u>b;d; Ijao brae reputes aitn bo* 
Eufcbiusof nauo as a (Sod among; tbetmSnn it map be,djat tbe treble outer? 
DcmonOra- ^jitl) rtje ;£gipuans maoc U) calling bppou tbe Srft Beginner, 
ia°inbi; hus to ^ jm£: dW tcamteti dje oarfceneffe bepenn all knctolenoftbfce ten 
Chapti . tfjc Enfoph of tije Hebre\Yes,ant> d)e Night of tbe Orpheus,toa$ 
Produs vpon ftfll rcmapnmg bitto tbem, ofijcaJ btmnttte, dps fjaue pou feme 
Plato. {jolD Zoroafues ano Mercurie ijaue aunfaereo buto bS /tije one 

rh maf ft USthC fo? rtjc Perfians mx > Chaldeans,auo tije otljct fcn tbe £giptians. 

fai in matters oEiXSuDome^e ttife ouo#t to be bdeeueo foj ti;e 

tu!;oIe Ration* 
The aundcat j^^ j 0t ^ comc t0 ^ Greekes. Orpheus tilndj t'S ti;e ami* 
orphels cientea of t!;em ali> as fame as be begumetlj to fpcake of tbefe mu 
rfivtouou ficric ^5 fi0£ ^ ^(tann fo2moail)iitaI(i[)eari)ent(bfoIkeoutoftbe 

-a ' l,m ^ 2( 5 anD *& cn faP$ *&"* : Let t ^ ne e ) re ^ e v P on tne worc * °^ 

^ , ^ J y f ; God , and ftart not away from it , for that is it that made the 
<rvfx$ dk. v ^orlcLand is immortall, and ( according to the old faying) is 
7T<$c<r$fc perfect ofit felfe,and the perfe&er of all things 3 and it cannot 
§f%jf:iho \u be feene but with the mynd. 9n0 afcerUiacD , I adiure thee 6 
And agaync. Heauen(faptb i)e)the wyfe woorke of the great God, I adiure 
eS (At Koyiy thee thou voyce of the father which he fpake firft,ano fo fojtb* 
deoy f/Afc= ^tbis(asappearetbafo2e)toa0ap?ater\i)b;djbebati!earneoof 
<j* g tqvt* Mercurie ; from inborn alio pjocaeoeo tbe common mrtterte of ri;e 
ttqqo-^w P^ctS,Cbat Pallas toasbjeo of Iupiters tyapne* ^fjefamemait 
t* &c ^0 ^ at & ^ l * ^ CD ^ 1 ' of djtno;6 toas b)i(bome,ano aftertoarD 
cic "ens lib. 5 aefe'sfttfuHIoue* 9ns in bis &rgonatote bee calcdj tbis toue, moft 
sw om.orph. atmctent,moff perfect in it fclfe, ano ttje b}in$zt fa^tlj ano btfpofet 
%&Ay.Zr4 ofalldjnigs^ 

virojp kzjl Gfcar&T i(pv<rtv &7roLVrte c^xtjtpi^ TccTho iff* aMy. 

» m 7n>Av i uLTberebpon Pherecydes alfo faptb , Cbat (Son tntenbmg to 
' / «c ma ^ c ^ e luo ^ r,e » t^witgeo Inmfelfe into loue. SJttixi Iamblichus 
Orohin Ar- ft P^ tl ^ at Pythagoras bau djepb^ofopbte of Orpheus alUiapeS 
gonaut. More W epcss ; ano tfjerefene tt is not fo^ bs to ttpomiet , tljougft 
phenxydes in be attutbutto d)e creation of al tbmn;s to CTifoomCjTCas Proclus 
Proclus. repcntctb)commcntiCu tbiee (3otiS tegttber in Plato Dot!)* 
f r"fb°ookc of' £W utetCc ft* cafc •*" ^ Ariftotle fapetb, tbat to f^icvcn all 
Hcaum C ° tjjeir jcrfcmoni3jjout&2«, 9noParmenidesbtDfetBDli)iieIouc 



m bp Numerous tl)t Pythagorift, Zcno iijt fatbcr of ttjc Scoiks, ^ w ' T isw 
acknotolespo tbe toaja to be a^cj^miD alfa ity Spirit of Iupiter, ^w * 

0O!D is a mpnse, a$j tfja: in tfre 

$n$ Alcinous reyouetb tfcat Socrates anil Plato taujljt tijat <, - 

fame t^eve t^s a ccttains 3fn(bapr, [J M , 

iuyicb 3m0)ape as in tefpect of 0on 3 t5 tljeimottleogeiubtcb ®o& <rXT07r ^" 
tya$ of bimfelfe •, am> in refpect of tbe to^l«3e , is! tbe patterne o? Tfl S> r 
Cpjuio thereof; aim in refpect of it felfe •, isfcerp edence* &bfe m plo ^ n - §J* 
feujetoo^g contepttetb imtdj ntatt£i*,tfjat i£ to lint, tbe one eftence chap 4 ?! W 
y%\)i&<&Mbz%zttet\)byi\)Z conf&eriffcg o?knoDain£^of(jtntfeIfc 5 zenotheftoifc 
a&tyrtrflRf to tljaiutterne tubereof be ljT!t(jbuplTjeDtbeU)o?In.Dttt Aidnous con- 
vet Plato bitnreil i fpeafteil) mo?e plapnlp in bis Epinomis.Euery c ^ m !"g thc 
Starre ( favtb be ) keepeth his courfe according to the order p^ 1 "^ 
vrhich(hotogos)fIje ^Ito^^at!ifet,tMbicl)ti3o?nbe caaetb Moft piaVinhis e. 
diuine, 3Jn bte booke of Commontocaftfjes cafietb Ijim ti;e begat* pinomis. 
ten<g>onne of tbe 6a3t! 5 m^ ipfte fento t>tm in all jfyin£$,f Good otw TraV- 
(faptl)!)e) being as the Sunne that minethin the skye, and the TiJ ^Ji W W 
begotten Sonne beeingas the power of the Sunne whereby r Q, ^j- 
we feeQtljat i& to.fap,a$ f Itg&tjaifj $&* €pr#Ie to Hermius, ^ 
Era(tus,an& Corifcus-, bee cbargetlj t&ent taitb an otlje to rear it $ lato * n ^ 
often 5 an& at t%t leair, nan of tbem togi^er , faptng : Call vpp on jR xt booke of 
God the Ptince of al things,that are and fhalb«,and the Lord Common- 
the Father of that Prince and of that Caufe ; of whome if wee wcalc 
feeke the knowledge aright,we haue as much skill as can bee tqv my vq& 
giuentoblefledmen. %fan id tijeitaitotfse ana Caufe of ailT* iyx&iu 
tbino^ano mojeottet a fatljec of tbe fame Lorn* But tmto Eittg Plato in his e- 
Dennis tofjo Ijan afken of^tnt tbe nature of ©on, \je fettei!> solan P iftle 5? n ™- 
altlje tb?eeparfoii5.The nature of the firftcfattl) be)is to be fpo- ^eoTS 
ken'of in Riddle wife^to the intent that if any mifchaurice be- pi aC0 vn to 
fall the Letter by Sea or by Land, the reading thereof may be Dennis the 
as good as no reading at all. Thus then ftands the cafe. All Tyrant, 
things are at commaundement of the King of the whole ^t/^ay 
worId ? and all things are for his fake,and he is the caufe of the -n^-Tve A~ 
bcautie that is in them ; And about the fecond are the fecod vrtpz 3 ^ 
things,and about the third are the third,and fo foortli^olo ^f'rcu is<c~ 
rfje&(ag fcefumftlfe fapd))ateBi5Me0 to Dennis ti;eCp?aue Drr^ > _ . /^ 
totobomebeUnote^antniiperymm^ ' ^ 

toiitssioj^erfowjS in tfce (Sotfjea^ i^s &p tl;e coufent of an tfts 


7^ O F T H E T R B W N E S 

fciatonifts, n>fto (jaue ma&e long Commentaries irppott tfjofe 

tooo^a, agtanag all in tfett pojmt , t&at bp tfcefe tfyeefting* tee 

nicancttj the Good , the vnderftanding , and the Soule of the 

Origeninhis World. 3mi Origenc apinft Celfuj allctgeil) ccrtapn^ ctfjtt 

a.bookca- places of Plato to i\)t fame pttrpofe ; fljetol;irij 31 leaue, ftn auoy* 

jgainft cdfus. DfojfiftcWcufue^ 55ttt tljig poctrine toWd; beemg reuealea from 

aboue 3 camc from fcann to tattib tmto Anflotle, ( fctfjo liueu about 

tfy# ijuti^cu peres afc?e tbeconrnung of Ctyifr ( femctlj to Ijaue 

fcecapefc intjini^ i»ljo intenfcteg to ouerttyote a! tlje pijilofoplxn^ 

tfcat toent afo?tI;im, ctyrtqjfftti tljcir ootftiue aiuers tuaprjaf* 3nn 

tberetoitfafl ije gaue l)im felf mo?e to ti) fktkixxt; ami fearcljing of 

Ji2aturall djing&tljan tp tlje mpn&mg of trje 3utrjoj of tijem, get 

in his frft nottoitljffaiuwng , !;<* fatftertti) tlje caufe of a!i tljiqigtf Dppon acer* 

booke of phi- **?«* atmerflanDtng^toWci i;e cafletrj Noun, p ig to fap ^pnae, 

lofophy. aclmbtolerjging $e fame t j b^ infinite in ® 00 ; ana alfo toppon a 

Aifo in his #x& toil! fofjmfrpfje tjfljjfotftf) all things ; tofjerebppon in tlje laff 

worid° fthc ^ a P tcr 31 couclunea a fecono ant! a tbtro perfone* 3infomucfj timt 

in hL firft * * n a ^ttffw place !je faprtf) plapn!p>tljat (Don ig to beTjomneu ac* 

tooke of Hea- cojtang tb H)t nomber of ti)^ ana #at tlje fame t# after a fo;t t^e 

«nco. Jtatoe of Mature* 

jftoto , fo? afmucrj ag tljfc ijotfrine i^s not l»eu of mang fyapne; 
if it bee aemaunneo thence all ttje pfrilofopfcetg ttofce if; tuee fijafl 
finne tljat tlje Greekes fcafc it from out of iEgipt . Orpheus lute 
neffetlj in W 3rgonatotg , tfyat to feeke tije spifteries ( tl;at is to 
fap tije^eltgion ) of tf)e iEgiptians , Ije toent ag farre a$ Mem- 
phis^fiting all tlje Cities topon tlje Ktuer Nyle. 

Orpheus mh's ^ <£, ,. j 1 ^ - r i * 

Araonawts. ^ sj^lemyhis and the Cities entry chom 

That Vtorflup tsifis or he feat ed by 
The Riuer Nyle Vrh oft ft reame dothfivetlfo hy. 
3lfo Pythagoras fctfiteD rl;e iEgiptians , Arabians anil Chal- 
deans, pea, anntuent into Iewry alfo , ano uiuelta longtime at 
Cicero.iam- % m \\t Carmd (ajS Strabo ftp^j) infmtiur!) t^at dje ^^tcftegi of 
h -^ Pof r ^ at ^ DUntl: ^ fi)^^ Strabo Ml tlje iountepe0 anu UualkeiS of 
ciia" aw in Wtt fttre ♦ jJ5otD 5 in ^gipt be toas rije Difctple of one Sonchedie 
the fuft booke tbe c!)iefep?opl)et of tlje /Egiptians, ano of one Natarie an Affy- 
©f his stro- r i an ( ag { Alexander reported; in W bcoke of Pythagorafis ntD 
n ats * f ai wurfcsJ) toftom fome (mifcountmg tfje cjmte)tbougljt to bee Eze- 
andcf&ite. chid - 3n0 Hermippus a Pythagorift to?!tet|) tfcat Pythagoras 
mippus. iearneo manp t^mg^ out of tlje latoe of Moyfes. 9lfo tlje fapc &- 



giptian pjtea bpb?apnen Solon , t&at tbe G reekes toere 1$abe< pht0 in his 
aim knew noting: of 9nttquittc ♦ 3nu Solon(a<ai faptb Proclus) Timceus . 
tuaaf Dtfciplc in Says a Cttte o,f j£gipt 5 to one Patanit 3 oi(aS Plu- Proclus rpo» 
tarke faptb)to tmc SotK&isaft Heliopte,to one Oeclapie ; aim 01 J ima ? s \ . . 
Scbenitie,to one Etimon. Plato fta* tbe Difrip.feof oneSechnu- ^S^rfS 
pfiis of Heliople in ^gipt ; ann Eudoxus tlje Guidian t»a<3 tlje an a ofyris. 
Dtfaple of one Conuphis ; all ; tobtcl) <®apirerteacbet0 tfietoen cut 
of tl;e @>rij(Dle of tbe ggat rrifmegiffusafo?enameu^o be (&o?t, p ^?^ 
Plato confefletlj m many placed, tfjat fcnotolenge came to t!)e ^ 1S an( i pint. 
Greekesbp t!;ofe tobomtbep comifflmlp cSllcn tfjc barbanfa peo^ J 
pie ♦ ®$ tokbtngZorotftres ann Tfifmegftus, tbe one toag an JJSCSJ^ 
Hebrewe,ann tbe otIjer,an i£giptian. 3no at tbe fame tpme tbe ocd b y iofc- 
HeSrewes totf^-conuerfant tottl} tbe y£giptians,a<2{ fa to be fene pbus againft. 
^uen in tbe Ipeac&en 3utbo?& 2£tberebp tt appeared tljat ttyz o?i* Appiou- 
gtnall fountapneof tljfa doctrine ^||k^e^|M^||iton^tl;eni; 
tufotrij fa tbe tbmg tfjat toee baue to pjoif ag f8!B?S1rieane *M tD 
gatber better a great fojt of Certs of tlje ^pble,torjerein mention 
fa mm as toefl of t&e feconn perfon as of tbe tjrttn , of te&icljfet 
ate tbefe > Thou art my Sonne, this day hauc I begotten mee. pfalm.2. 
The Lord (faptf) aSTtfenome) poffefled me in the beginning of Prouerb.8. 
his wayes-, afore the depths was I conceyued.&c 3lfo concer* ^ n * l ' 
lung t^e bolp <Sbotf > The Spirit of the Lord walked vpon the ay ' 53 ' 
waters .The Spirit of Wifedome is gentle: Sinn it fa an ojninatp 
fpoecb among tlje pjopbeteg to fap , The Spirit of the Lord was e%.6r. 
vpon me. 9nn m tbfa netf faping are ttoo of tljem togetfjer,oj ra* ( 
tber all tbjee* TheHeauens were fpred out by the worctof the **&& 
Lord , and all the power of them by the Spirit of his mouth. 
3Fo} ti)t? be fo allengen ann eitpounnen in infinite bookes, botobeic 
tljat ti)t lewes at tljfa nap no labour as mutt) as tljep can, to turne 

3i5utletb$ fee toljat tfjet'r otune Docto?^ Ijatteleft b^ merp|elTe T he iew« 
too?n^(fo? ^ mottpart)culleD bp tbemfeluesf out of to^tttebcolie^ themfduesao 
afo?e tbat f coming of our lo?o 3!eto Cfctft ban mane pnocttrine v to ^ the Tri- 
fufpectetr^ 31n tljetr Zohartoljtcb fa one of tbetr 3S©fces: of greateft nitie * 
autljo^tte, Rabbi Simeon, tbe fonne of Iohai, ctterb Rabbi Ibba Ra ^i Simeon 
ejcpountng tbfa tejet of Deuteronomie, Hearken 6 Ifraeljhe E- bcnibhai 


uerlafting our God is one God. ^be Hebrewe ftannetb tljug, zoharvpon 
Jehonah Schad lehonah E loh em.T&)> f SxttJehouah toljtcl) fa p pe= thc 6,of ■ Dcnti " 

tultar name of (Son not to b* communtcaten to anp otber , Rabbi 
Ibba fai$ hemeaneth the Father the Princcof al^p Sloh en* 




t m it to ftp our GodJbe meanetb the Sonne the Fountaine of 
all knowledge. 3nn bp ttje feconn /^o«^ he meaneth the holy 
Ghofl proceeding from them both, who is the meafurer of 
the voyce.And he calleth him One,becaufe he is vndiuidablc; 
It Simeon ben anc * l ^ ls Sccrct ^ a ^ &) lHall not be reucaled afore the com. 
ioh^cxp'ouQ' min S °^ tne Mefsias. %\)t fame Rabbi Simeon eitpofining tbefe 
<fin g the 6.of tocnD$ of Efay, Holy , Holy , Holy Lord God of Hoiks ; faptb, 
Kfay. Holy is the Father ,Holy is the Sonne,& Holy alfo is the holy 

Ghoft* 3|n ft murij tfeat tbfe Sutbo? tobo it ft mitficafl among 
tbem, Dotb m otbet places call tbem tl;e Three Mirrours,Lights t 
and Souerein f athers,which haue neither beginning nor end, 
and are the name and fubftaunce to the Roote of all Rooter 
9nt» Rabbi Ionathas tit manp Coptetf of bfa Chaldcy para* 
pb?afe 3 faptb tbe fame* 3nn tberefojeno maruelltljougb tbeThal- 
mudifts of olne tpme commatmnen men to fap tbat Qetfe ttmfe a 
aap 5 am> tbat ftme obferue it ffifl at tbte nap* Qpon tbefe too?ng of 
rfaim.50.and fte $o.ffitimz,El elohiw lehouah dibber djatiz to fap>TheLord 
the Midrafch of Lords the Euerlafting hath fpokent'Ebe ojninarp Commen* 
vpo the lame, tatie faptb alfo , tbat frp tbe fapo repetition tbe popbet meaner!) 
tbe ty& MMoth Properties toljerbp ©on ereaten tlje toojln*3c* 
R.Moyfes Ha- coding to&ereunto Rabbi Moy fes Hadarfan fapetb , tbat bee 
darfan vpon ereaten bp fjfe toojn ; 3nn Rabbi Simeon fapetb be creates bp tfo 
M C ^ 2 r°h r cn * ^ ea * of lji * wwuft* 3nn t^tss faptng of £ pjeaefcet^bat a tfnee* 
fofoh chap 4 folt11 ^°J DC & not fo f(Dne ty<*e»,te wpottimen bp tbe fame glofe, 
f ' ' ( 31 eramme not tu^crfjet filtbp 0? no) tljat tlje mifferte of tbe Cri* 
ntrte in tbe one (Sou fe not eafie to bee er^eflTen* jftotoe tbefe tb?a 
Jj^opertteg, (tobicb tbe Hebrewes call Tamm , tbe Greekes 
TrecffaTa^anD toe $ tbe Latins call perftng) are betokeneo by ni« 
uera names among tfje mm of oft tpme , but pet tbep iumpe all i» 
one,acco?ning a$ tbep tmnerftone tbem , ftme rmne clearelp tljatt 
Rabbi ifliac otbet ftme^feome name tbem the Beginning, the Wifdome, & 
ben Schola vp- tne Feare or Loue of God : ant) tbep fap tbat tbisl 25Itfenome \% 
MeenfifhM fy* Cabalifts tearme it,tljat is to fape 3 of tlje infinite 
ana moft intoarn bntieraanm'ng of ©on , tobo bebolnctb bpmfelfc 
m bmtfelfjfo? ft Doe tbep eicpouno it* 2BbW w tbe felftfame tbiitg 
tbat 3! fpafee of in tbe former Cbapter , namelp tbat ©on bt$zt* 
tetb W S>onne 0^ SXttiftome by W mpnning; of bimfelfe* ffitbet* 
R.Azarie!ifi f ome ^^ Spirit,Word,and Voyce : aei Rabbi Azariell notfr 
tan! TorTadfe in ^ efe m W ftllotomg.The Spirit bringeth foorth the Word 
©f Holindfe. and the Voyce,but not by opening the Lippes, or by fpeechc 


pon the laft 
1 1 1 .and 1 1 z 




of the tongue , or by breathing after the maner of man ; And 
thcfe three be one Spirit, to wit one God, as we reade(fapetb 
J>e)in the booke of the creating of man in thefe termes : One / e ^er hAyeh 
Spirit rightly liuing,blefTed bee heeand his name,who Uueth/m*. 
for euer^and euer,Spirit,Word,and Voyce,that is to Tay,One 
holy Ghoft and two Spirits of that Spirit, jftoto tbfc booke of 
$e Creation tobiclj be alieogetb, it one Rabbi Abrahams a Sjerp 
atmcient Cabalift \ BeuertbeleiTe it it of fo great autbaptie amog 
tljcm, tljat tT;epfatl>er it mm fcpou tbe flaattiarte Abraham fynu 
felfc*ann tl;at ^W) be faptb agteetb tn^oip to tbat tobicb toe fap; 
fo? tbe mpno concepuctb tbe intoaro fpeeri^ano of tbe mpno ami of 
bjeatb pjoca&etb tlje bopce* Thefe three ( faptb Rabbi Hamay) R.Hamay i» 
beeing one , haue fucb a proportionable refped one towards J} 1S J^on 
another,as that the one,the Vnite^andthe^hiug Vnited are ^J^*" 
but one poynt, to wit , the Lord of the whole world. Rabbi R.ifhaacvpora 
Ifaac bppon tbe bcoke of tbe Creation maketb tl#ee nombeting^ the booke ©f 
(tobicb be termed) the Loftie one)in the Enfoph , tbat it to fap, th « Creation. 
tntbe 3|ttftmte>tljat is! to toitGarlond,Wifdom,and vnderftan- cetherchoch- 
ding. 3no to betoken tbem , Rabby Affee faptb tbat tbe cuftome nahbmah. 
inag to marfe tfjem in all ageg after tbtg maner toitb tl#ee3io&0 Ra bbiAffcc * 
leboHaktofyid) it a£ mttcb to fap tit the Reeer,or He that isMd 
be fbojt,tobat oiuerCtie foeuer tljere it in j nameg,tbep al agree iit 
(be tfyt# 31nbmug$ oj perfon& 3nt> it ig no matuefl tbougb tije? 
coulo not fo toell eppftttt tbem a^ toe can noto. Rabbi lofeph tbe In his hodke 
Caftilian y batting learneo it out of tbe auncienteff tojitersi, fepetb mtytied, seh*- 
tbug : The light of the Soule of the Mefsias^s the liuing God; gudrw<th.$ox 
and the liuing God is the fauntaine of the liuing waters 5 and isto fay/rhe 
the Soule of the Mcfsias is the Riuer or Streame of lyfe. 9n0 Gatcof Li S hfe 
tn anotber pIare,None but the Mefsias(faptb be)knoweth God 
fully,becaufe he is the light of God and the light of the Gen- 
tiles,and therefore he knoweth God, and God is knowen by 
him.j|2ototobena0 tbep fap tbatbeknotoetb <6 © DfuHp, tljep 
gtatmt bim to be 6on ; foj tobo can compjebeno ©00 but (B JD D 
fitmftlfe 1 3no it ittbc felfefame tbing tobicb 3! fyake of toben 3! 
fapu light of light,ami \j^m in comparing tbe fibomte to t^t jf a* 
tber 3 31 Ipkeneo bim at a ftreame to tbe fountain^ ana tbe & unite 
beamea to tbegmmte* 9Ifo toe (ban fee in place conuenient, tbat 
bp tbe Soule of the Mefsias , tibtp meant The Word $ ant) it it a 
toonuerfuH tbing tbat all tbe nattiest of (Bon in Hebrewe ( fauin jf 
wieip tbenameof W €Qmto} finj^eb^tng^aue tbeptoaH ter* 



iwmaticm,nottottbftanfctng; tbat tljcp be iopneu toft^ a berbe of tfjt 
finjate nombet 3 (^ereoftfje auncient 3letoeg noe peeto tbe Tame 
reafan ftat toe noe: ) aun tbat a great fo?t of t!je ^Lejrtjai of tlje* cite 
Steftament to!j(cb Dae allcD^c foj tbe y^cofc of tbe 'Crimtie, are zt* 
pottnoeD bp tbemtn tbe feifefame fence, botabett tbat tljeTalum- 
<<iiics iiacedje coiwrnngof our loj&e 3iefus Cbjift, Ijaue tafcen 
great papne to tojett tljem to anotljer meaning* 

Rabbi ludas Nagid tobom tbep commonly calico tbeSbatnct 
mis pjopbet/pcafcetb moft plainlp of all* SBbercbpon it te to boe 
*hc seaoT °/ ** Tt,eracDt, i *&** men toere ^biu^en to totter tbe incommunicable 
n .Nchamia° name of <Bo*,(t|)at fa to ixitt lehoua,)faue onlp in tbe nates of at* 
the Sonne of tonementmakt tg ; ano in (tea thereof tljep toere commaunoeo to 
Hacana. bfe tbe name of ©»el«e letters, foj tbe otber afo?e metioneo barfj 
*Thisistobeeb ut f to et ^ g tt |, beeutg afkeo tobattljename of Ctoelue letter 
5aba C Math! toa * > &* anfoeteo tbat ittoag Father, Sonne, and holy Ghoft. 
<ha P .i.ver.2o. $lfo being oemauntieo tobattbename of 'Stoo ano fojtie letter* 
wheretheAn- toa$ beanfa}ereO,The Father is God, the Sonne is God, and 
geil fayth to the holy Ghoft is God,three in one,and one in three.* jQota 
iofe P h,that tben,it toajs a Doctrine receiueo ftomljano to bano tn tbe g>cb©letf 
xhud tythT of $ e Iewes >^ toee fee bp tbe long continuance thereof tn tbe foe* 
holy Ghoft: ceiTton of tbett Cabale* 3no tberefoje tbe contention of tbe levies 
for otherwifc ano of tbe Rabbynes toag not ( to fpeafte pjoperlp ) tn toitbffan* 
« had bin to utngr tbe ooctrine of tbe tb?& Iperfong in tbe €ttzncz of ©oo -, but 
hSoken in $ e a PP*P* n S hereof , namelp to tbe incarnation of tbe 2HojD, 
of the Liy tobicb tn tbeir epe toag fcerp farre tnibefeeming tbe Spaietfie of 

Ghoft,of who @OU* 

they had not £# jjg g oe ( phifo tbe lew fobo folate tn Greeke 5 am> toe (ball 
? tiidn-a fi^^bim like in allpopnts from leafe to leafe ♦ God (faptb be)is 
.^pea mga- t h e {bu^reine begetter,and nextto him,is the Word of God. 
The fame is 9lfo,Tnere are two Firfts-,the one is Gods word, & the other 
alfointhc is God who is afore the Word; and the fame Word is the be- 
Preaching of gi nn £ n g an( l the ende thc oL^<rmiot(; of his good pleaTure, in- 
t^chapter P ' l ^^r wi\\.%tto in anortjer p!ace,Like as a Citie((attb bc)wher- 
s.verfe io.He of the platforme is yet but fet doune in the mynd of the Buil- 
fliall baptifeye der,hath no place elfvhere than in the Builder :So this world 
with the holy f^j not any being elfwhere than in the Word of God which 
^^^^ordeyncd all things. For what other place could conteyne 
<jfuerso n ther the operations of God,yea or euen the fimpleft of his concei- 
places. And in ued patternes ? Therefore to fpeake plainly , The World in 
^ery deedc the ynderflanding, is the Word or Concey t of God that made it. 



And this is not the opinion of mc onely , but alfo of Moyfcs " a !j nco , ft a C . 
feimfelfe. anu to conclude caUctb btm tfje Pattcrne of all Pat- ^^°^ 
terncs,and the Mould wherein all things were caft. &nt> in an t j, c Rabbmes. 
otber place,This World(faptb \)t)is Gods yonger Sonnqbut as philo in his 
for the dder Sonne, he cannot beecomprehended but in v n- Treatifc vpon 
derftanding . For he it is who by prerogatiue of elderlhip a- * hc fixc D ^ 
bydeth with the Father . jftott), t\)i$ fe too?fc fcij toop t\)t fame That Drama 
tbmg tbat g> John faptb, And the Word was with God . atom arcof God. 
agame, The Word is the place, the Temple, and the dwelling in his bookc 
houfe of God, becaufe the Word is the onely thing that can of the World. 
conteynehim . Stou tljat fe tbertjmgtobtcb 31 fapt>,namelp, tbat O f^rcmo! 
<g®D compjebenmngbhnfelfe bp W bmiertfantimg, ijegatet^e U in g sof Abra- 
feonne ojtlje <KSojo equall to bmifclfe, becaufe be concepuetb not ham. 
anptfjinglelfetbanbuttfetfe* 3no toifietuet^ejreatneffeoftijfe 
ft2Joj&,be coulo fcarxc tell tobat names tu gitte it* l^e called it tlje philo in the 
3$coke tofjerem t&e efTenceg of all tbmgg ttat are tn £ tobole toojlo Allegories of 
aretojtttenami jnmteU;tfce perfectpatterne of tbe caojto;tl;e^ Kl ? w * inh * 
Dapfomte rijat fe to tie feene but only of tbe ^m *, tfje^mce of ^ r ^ amcs 
tbe 9ngeDe^ tije if triftojne of (Sou-, tbe ^bepfcearn of bfe flocfte; c f Tviia g e,of 
tbe cbtefe !!?pgbp?teft of tbe (D&o?lti; tbe Sganna of meng «g>oute-, the % &orf, 
tbe mtfeuome of <So&; tbe perfect image of tlje ©pgbeff*, anu tbe of the Hare of 
©jgane o? 3In(rrument toljercbp ©on(bemg moueo tbereto of bte SSa 
afcme gcomiefTe) creates tbe (UtojUuamj to be fto?t 3 be called &tm j^i, fanes 
tbe jficObegmntrjitgbtfulnelfe, o? altogetber ltglit,v0ou,ant> tbe for the good, 
TBktt tbatia of btmfelf* 311 tbefe are fud) tbings ag mo^e cannot &c. 
be attcibnten to ©on btmfelfetanti be coulo not baue fapn moje ^ Trccvwyilt 
p?effelp , tbat tbe $Hoj& te Coeternall ana Coeflfentiall uit'tb tbe 
jFatfjer^tbat is; to fap, of one felfefame fubftaunce aim of one fetfe* 
fame euerlafftngneflTe i»ttb tl;e jFaeber ♦ jJ5euertbelefle 3 i)e a&tietb 
pet furtber > 'Cbat tbta <KE*o?tJC batb in it tbe fee&es of all tftmgtf; 
CbatbebatbtJiftributeuto euerp of tbem tbetrfeuerall natures; 
ano tbat be i$ tbe mmnctble bonn of tlje tobole too;>lD $ of ai things 
tberem ♦ feo tijen^be is(tf 3! map fb terme bim)tbe matcuaU, efft^ 
dent 5 attii fo?mall caufe of all tbtng^* &tto bnto tobom can tbat bi f hil ° in hk 
attributen butbvto ©oD^ggatnejCbcceareCfattb be)TVoSpee- ™r? ™£ 
dies or words; the one beingasan Original! deede,isaboue Hereof Hca- 
vs ; and the other being as an Exemplification or Copy ther- uenly things, 
of, is within vs. And Moyfes (fapib be) calleth the fame the I- of tll <-' mode% 
mage of God ; and this other which is our vnderftanding, he of Y'r 1 ?™* 
calleth alater Copy thereof. And the fayd firft Speech (fapctib ^id &c 

4F (e ' 


iKtiayuv'y *K &1 fcte bafte oftlje ftaOifa ) is theexprefTe print or flampe of 

that is to %, God,and euerlafting as God him felre is.Stnfc Vorjat moje faptlj 

asaprint prin- §> John, o? tljc 3poltle to t!)t Htbrewes ? ^ttDinali tlrofepla* 

tcdin Waxc, eesi 3 0flf)icb aretocntbieto bereao tbiougfjoutObebfetb & Johns 

otonterme(nameIp Logos)to (igniffe tfoefapa ^>peeri). # ZOojtv 

Cft^cl)oIp(SI|3ftI)wfj)wkert)moj2DerrWp , becaufetljeHe- 

bre wes (as tue ffjal fee rjereafter) amen cljteSp at tlje ZZXafl ca fe- 

conn $>erfon^ut it i* enough foj 1)3 to rjaue Gsnr,4tttftft Bum* 

tapneabo&efuffirientlp ctere among tlje Hcbrewes , ttlltbe com< 

mtng of C^tft ( fo? Philo ItucD im&er tlje CinperourS Tiberius 

ana Caligula) tbougb tfre ftreame3 thereof toere as geeft a<3 typen 

ftp among tlje Gentiles; berelpbecaufetrje SgeflTas toastobee 

foojne among tl)e Hebrewes, of tjfje betefe ixi toijom, tljig Doctrine 

luastobetljegrouuniyo^ke^jrozagifcDnea^ Cfytfttoas come into 

tlje <!fttojfa 5 « toxfce Itgfrt of bint agame , asi at tlje aapftmne tobtrfj 

inItgf)tenetljnotonelp tfjrl}alfecompaaetoljereo:ibe(IniTet(;, but 

alfo euen a part of rfjattobtdj feetfj Ijim not* tfo: tty<$ notrrine tote 

not onlp rereptieti in tbe Cfjutrij, but alfo imbjacen of all d?e great 

Ipijifofopbereuljat came after, nottmtljffanm'ng rijatinall otljec 

djing$,d)ep toere Deaulp enemies to tfje Cbnftiansu 

iha^nslc" Numenius,tl)e ercellenteft of all tlje Pythagorians, (of tofjorrt 

Aca^cmiks. Porphyrie reptJjtedr Plotinus to fraue mane fo great account 3 rijat 

Numenius in Ije tmate a buutueti bcoktst of Commentaries! bpon Ijmtjfattljt&efe 

hisbookcof toojtreS , He that will knowe the firft and fecond GOD, muft 

LookeE 1 V we ^" diftinguifli. , and aboue all things he muft well fettle his 

bius and Cy- m Y nc * » an °' tncn hauing called vpon GOD, he may open the 

cillus.lib.8. treafure of his thoughts. And therforelet vs begin thus. God 

(I meane the firft who is in himfelf,) is fingle,throughout co- 

pacted,and one in himfel£and in no part diuidable. Alfo the 

fecond and third God is one:but yetyou muft confider,that 

the Firft is the father of him that is the worker of all things. 

TheRcadcr [jj^oUo pe rmtft bnoertcatm, djat] toljereas toee fap 5 rije jfrtf,^ 

fhnd ^hafb tom > ® ^ to ^ err ° n 5 lt to rt ^ lr wraner to fap,dje jFirff ,<g>ccontr, 

tiuccaodstha *** ®W& ©on 5 torjid) djittgpou mtrftmarfterjeteatoncefoj an 

mean? three t je retfrue foilotomg* 3nn tobereag be faptb trjat tlje firft of tfjent 

inbeeings, as ig tfje jfatber 5 anti d;at \)t tai tingle, ami tijat tijep bee but one; it i$ 

rfiey thefdues not t0 beetrotibteD but tljat l)t mtikct}) t!)em all one €iTence , fo as 

do declare ^ c feronn rjoloeti) of tbefirft, agf tf)eItgi)tboloetl) of tfje^imne* 

9game,The fTrft God(faptf) be) is free from all worke,but the 

fecond is the maker which coxnmaundeth Heauen: and ther- 



fore arc there two lyues,the one from the n*rit, and the other 
from the fecond ; the one occupyed about things fubiect to 
vnderftanding , and the other about things fubie<5t both to 
vuderftanding & fence . And moreouer,by reafon of the mo- 
iling which goeth afore in the fecond , there is alfo a fending 
which goeth atore in the firft^and fo there is a certeyne ioynt- 
niouing from whence the healthfull order of the World is 
fpred foorth vniuerfally. jftoto,fo)btt^ \)t fpeakeft of mourns, c-vvQvrci 
itijs after fte maner of fte Platonifts ,toi)o (tmtapbo?icanp)nae x j™<n$. 
meane,ftat to be bnofteritoo oj fcnoftme i* tamoue, ana to Wbtt* 
fianti oj fcnotoe fe to bee mouen,bccaule ftep toanten toojus to q;* 
pjelfe ftefe ueepe matters* 3no in fte fame fence ooe toee tease in 
fte <§>cripture,ftat fte &>omte i* fent of fte /after* 9no againe, 
God the worker or maker(fapft be) is the beginner of Beget- oSnptirgz 
ting ; and God the Good is the beginner of Beeing: and the yfa 
Second is the liucly exppreffer of the Firft , as Begetting is an 
Image of Beeing. 3nti in anotber place be fapft,That this Wor- 
ker beeing the Sonne , is knownc to all men by reafon of the 
creating of the Worldjbut as for the firft Spirite,which is the 
Father,he is vnknowne vnto them.9ttD furelp(c60nerittg fteit 
maner of fpeafcing)be coulo not baue fapo mo?e plainly, ^bat ft e 
&omte isf fte 3!magc of fte 5fatber,ftat be baft W being in bim, 
t^at fce te one tettb btm,£ ftat bp bint tbe f after mane all ftings,, 
3nu it is arable to ftat tobtft Proclus toitnefleft of btm , tuba 
repojtteft of ftts Numenius,ftat be toauffnppeo ttyk (Sooner of 
inborn be cafletb fte firft fte jFafter,tbe feconn fte $paker,amj fte 
ftirn fte ftllojkepjocoe&ing from ftem boft*&31berem to& ougbt 
not fo mucb to feeke into fte Default, as to commenn fte g©o ftat 
is ftetein ♦ 'BeSoeg ftis,it fe gcti to marJke bere once fo? an, ftat 
ftefe men tobtft fpeafce bnto as bere of ftjee ©oihs , are tbe fame 
toftift coufelfeo bnto t>$ bertofoie,ftat ftere is but onlp one ©otu 
^abtrebponitfollotoeft ftatftofeft?#bebutftjfc3inueings o? This Piotinus 
Jperfon$,in one Cflcuce* Jiued vndtr th c 

Piotinus, tuba toas ferp toeHftutW) in fte bmkt* of Nume- * m P erour <£- 
iiius,fteppetb pet furfter into fte matter . ano firft of aH,be baft ™ ** ou 
wane a Opcode erpjettelp 9 purpofelp of fte ftjee cbtefe Inbeings, Loid 2 5 or. 
thereof 31 toill fee oatone bere a certepne bjiefe Sbumme * There Piotin. Enn.5. 
are(fapftbe) three chiefelnbeings,the One or the Good.the 11 ^ 1 - 
Vnderftanding or Wiitc,and the Soule of the World . And of feWgJg 8 
thefe three it is not for any man to fpeake , without praying c h«fe pafons 

F: VlltO or Inbcings. 


To the intent vnto God , 6V without fettling his mynd afore vnto quietnes. 

the Reader And if it be-demaunded how one of them begetteth another; 

tht" *- any lt IS t0 bee conficiereci chat wce fpeake of euerlafting things, 

tliisoro'her ^ therfore we muft not imagine any temporal! begetting, 

that folio w,hc For tn * s begetting which wee fpeake of heere,importeth and 

muftraiicm- betokeneth but onely caufe and order . How commeth it ta 

_ jiibnejthe 

Philofophcrs roorth euerywhere , ftreaming from the One as brightnefle 
giuc the names from the Sunne , and begotten of the One, howbeit without 
of the One, any mouing of the One . For all things , as in refped of their 
Good 1 the Fa contmuin g or " tne "" nature , doe neceSariiy yeeld out of their 
ther,and the °wne eflence and prefent power , a cetteyne nature that de- 
Begetter: vnto pendeth vpon them, which is a very Image and counter (hape 
the fecond per- of the power from whence it proceedeth • As for example, 
fonc ' ri c na " Fyre yeeldeth heate,& Snowe cold: and Herbes yeeld chiefly 
or he^hadf ^ ents or fauors. And al things whe they be in their perfection, 
witorvnder- ingender fbme what .That then which is euerlaftingly perfect, 
ftanding.the doth euerlaftingly beget , yea and it begetteth a perfect and 
BeautifulUnd euerlafting thing, howbeit that thething begotten islefle 
^TechTvvord tlian tne begetter . And what (hall wee fay then of the m oft 
R«Sbn,wS; ' perfe&PThat nothing proceedeth from himPNay rather,that 
dom,Sonne, the greateft next him proceedeth of him . Now, the greateft 
and the begot- and chiefeft next vnto the One, is the Vnderftanding ; the 
** h nd / lUO wmcn natn neea * e alonl y of tne ° ne > DUt the One hath no 
fonc the na" neec * e of it.Needes then muft it bee, that that thing which is 
mes'of Loue, begotten of that which is better than Vnderftanding , muft 
Willpower,' be the Vnderftanding it felfe. And this Vndcrftanding,being 
and the Soule the very Word of G OD and the Image of GO D , beholde t h 
of the World: Q 0( j >an d [ s vnfeparably ioyned with God , and cannot be fe- 
thc fecond 108 ' P arate< i from him otherwife than refpectiuefy , for that the 
world, &c. one of them is not the other . fterelp after tlje fame matter d;at 
in refpeft of fcee afftrme tfje jFarfjer to bee one perfon antr tbe S>onne another* 
*» u ir.£ hci * m V n ne ^ er ^ rt em & or & t0 be a^rp otber ertenre tfjan tlje otbet* 
Si Amfabit ^ Ut fet w fte ljoto ® or> begettetl) tftisas &ntierffmttang; 5 tf)i$ mit r 
andinrefpeci Oj rfjfa £2Io?0 ♦ It is (fapttjbO by the fuper abundance of him* 
of the Second, felfe.And therfore this begotten Vnderftanding muft needes 
they call him reteyne much of the begetter in him,and haue almoft like re- 
ftlu^to f emo * ance vnt0 h" 1 ^ the light hath vnto the Sunne,howbe- 
by example*. 

it fo as the begetter is not the very vndcrftanding it felf: tfcat xovc. 
is to fap,tbcp nvutf mfFer-refpectiuelp aito not c(fentiaHp,tobtfb er* Another p» 
ppjfeWtf former fyacb tofcere fee fapo tTte<rrirri after another ^^^ 
matter* And how then (lull he(faptl)be) beget him? Huen by a 
certeyne turning backeof the begotten to behold the beget- 
ter,and this beholding is nothing els butthe mynding or vn- 
derftanding of the good. And like as the One is but One,fb 
the vnderlianding thereof is all things. For by being bred of 
the Firit Beginner,it knoweth ail things,and bringeth foorth 
all things that arc: namely ,all BeautieoHliapes,yeaand al the 
Goddes that are to bee difcerned by infight of Mynd. %%tft 
\xo}te of l)tis are repeated infimt* tpme?, ano tijerefo^e 2! UHlifoj* 
beare to rebcaife tfcem litre a»p mo#« * 

■a* touching t\)ztfym linbemg. ^omftecaTfetft tlje &ou!e of florin. Enn.j. 
tfje fflQo?to,tljug faptfebe tSeteof, Like as the Vnderflandingis ^^• h ^ 3# 
the begotten ifL'W,Word and 'mage of God or of the one; fo Ennca<U.UU 
is the Soule of the World tl, iffew , Word and Imageof the 9 .cap.vk 
Vnder(randing,and is as a ce teyne Reafon ingendred of the Thcvndcr- 
Vnderftanding , the fubitance whereof confilieth in contem- flawing of 
plation^and the fame Reafon is as the light of the Vnderftan- tlie . Good * 
ding and dependeth thereupon.And as there is no meane be- 
tweene the One,and the Vnderftanding;fois there no meane 
betweene the Vnderftanding& this Soule of the World : but 
the difference is only this , that the one of them is as the very 
heate which is in fyre it felf, & the other is as the heate which 
Fyre communicatethor imparteth vnto other things[bp l)ea* 
ting tbem toitb fris beate, ] 9no tbat fe tbe fame ttym tofyiA) toee 
affame tofjen toe fapj^ljat dje bolp OMjoft p?ocie&etb from tbe f*^ 
tbetbp tlje <§>otwe, caHing bmt tbe ©tft of <£ou , becaufe tbat bp 
btm(tobo ttf b& lone) be tioutfafetb to impart Ijtmfelfe to to berc 
bencatlj.But toe 0;al fctfretne W meaning pet bmti bp tlje effects 
toljtcl) be attributerb bnto bint ♦ This Soule(faptlj be)hath brea- 
thed life into all liuing things in the Ayre ,in the Sea , and on 
the Land. It ruleth the Sunne, the Starres and the Heauen; It 
hath quickened the Matterwhich eril was nothing and vtter- 
ly full of darkneffe; and all this hath it done by the onely will 
of it is all throughout ail,like to the Father, as well in 
that it is but one ,as in that it extend, th it felf into all places. 
3ttD be concltttjetb tint* : And thus farre extendeth the God- 
head. Snoe&elje fpeafcetl; not fo oifttmtlp thereof, ag Gregoric 

F 3 Nazi* 



Nazianzenqbut pet fojafmudj as be faptl) tbatt&ep be aflrtj?£& 
tei«aIl,of one felfefame fubftance, am siffeimg onelp in tbia 5 tf;at 
t!je one of tbem i£ not tbe otber;tbe fame map toell bee gatbetefc of 
l)i$ faptngs ♦ 3i» tlje reQoue of bies b©ke be p?ouer!j tbat tbe fame 
toa$ tbe opinion of Plato, Parmenides , ano Anaxagoras . 3m> 
becaufe tbe mtoaro man (a$ be termecb it,) i$ t!je 3[mage of (Dofr; 
fjc taftetb P?©fe of tbe ttyk 3lnbemg^frcm tbe coftoevatfon of out 
<g>oule 3 toberein tbere te a <©pno,a Heafon ann a Itfejlubicb tfyee 
bcCnottmtljftanmng)aII but oneSouIe ♦ i^ettertljeMe,^ ejtpjef- 
fetb t\)2 maner of tbe Htpn begetting m stuers ocbtr places , The 
One(faitb !je)begetteth the vnderftending,of the abundance 
riotmus Enn. of himfelf.And the vnderftading is the Beeer,yea and the ve* 
j.lib.2.&Ub.3 ry being of the BeeeY/mat1ietbafelUD?rj^fo?aUtbatfonoluetb) 
phap.5.6.7. anc j turneth backe againe to him,and is filled with him . 9n& 
bis coclufion is, tbat tbe Sppnaer, tbe gppnm'ng aim tlje Sppnsrt^ 
are tu tbe (^oDbeatr all one tljm&anD tbat ti;te ®pntimg 5 toljicb i$ 
t\)t firif ano moft excellent act of tlje (Soybean, fe eflenttall, tbat fe 
to fapjtlje uerp fttbftance 0} b#mg of tbe 6ot)bea&,becaufe tbat all 
tbeaittong of tbe ©otrbeaa are tije^erp ©onbean o* ©ou btmfclfe* 
jJ5olu 3 b}> tlje Mynder , fje meanetb tbe One 0? tlje Firft perfon; 
ann bp tbe Mynded 0? Beeer,be meanetf) tf)eg>econt>; anD confer 
quentlp djat t\)Z^ be Coe(TenttaI!,[tbat fe to fap^bori; one felffome 
tbtng D tobtcb fe @©DO Sgaine,* There is (faptb bO a dubble 
kynd of Mynding : For a man myndeth , evther another 3 or 
himfelfe . Now, he that myndeth himfelfe,nath not a feuerall 
beeing from that thing which he myndethjbut being both in 
one,he beholdcth himfelf in himfelf, and fo becommeth two 
parties,whichyet notwithfrading be both but one thing ftflh 
jftotu tberefoie tbereremapnctij no mo?e but to continue > tbat tbe 
piotin. Enn. 5 . ^egettev anD tbe 3£ego:ten,tbe ajpnser ano tbe £r9pnse& are botfr 
iib.5. ch.3. & togetber 5 ann alfo botb onefeIffametbtng-,ann tfrat tf tfjep bcebotfr 1 . & one felfefame tbmg , tbe one of tliem & not better tfjan tbe otber* 1 2. & £2#jertpott ft foiioiyetbjtbat tei?)ezeaa be fato beretofcne tbat The 

p tlje My nded Jlje ment it but in tuap of rcIattoir,anD not m toap of 

becin$> jTo? m anotber place l)t fapti) againe, 1 1 He that is the ve- 
ry Liuing himfelf^is not the Mynded,but we cal him the Myn- 
der. And although they differ one from another,yet notwith- 
ftanding it is not pofsible for them to bee difTeuered . Ouely 
they may be difcerned in vnderftanding, the one from the o- 




ther, becaufe the one of them is not the other ; which maner 
ot decerning is no impediment but that they remayne both 
one thing full . For only God is both the partie that is con- 
ceyucd in Mynd or Vnderitanding , and alfo the partie that 
conccyueth him. Infomuch that when wee fay,that the Myn- 
der beholdeth the formes or Patternes of things; wee meane T^Iorln. Enn.j. 
not that he looketh at them in another 5 but that he pofl elTeth lib.9.Chap.i. 
them in himfelfe,by hauingin himfelr the partie that is myn- 
ded . Or rather were it amifie to fay , that the fame which is 
myndedis the very Mynder himfelfe in his vnitie and fettled 
ftate ; and that the nature of the Mynded which is behild , is 
an ad: that iffeweth from him that Myndeth, which ac"t con- 
filteth in beholding or mynding him , and in beholding him 
becometh one felfefame thing with him?3gamebefaptb in an 
Otber place; To bee and to vnderftand , are both one thing [ht 
(ftotj :]and it' any thing proceede thereof inwardly r yct is it no 
whit diminished thereby, becaufe the Mynder and the Myn- 
ded are both one fame thing. For the beholding of ones felfe 
in his felfe,is nothing but himfelfe:Butyec mult there needes 
be alwaies both a felrefameneiTe and alfo an otherneffe. Jftoll) 
tfjen 3 let bs conclude t\>m 5 tbat tljefe itao Stobemgs; cjperfons?, 
iiamelp,! he Mynded and the Mynder, atebotb en: tljrng; ana 
tfjerefrn* tijat tbep Differ not but onlp tn tuap of relation: 3im ffjat 
fcnafmucb a$ tljere mud nknza bee euer botlj a felfefamroefle aim 
alfo an otljerneiTe, (if 31 map fo terme tljatt ) tfje fdfefamenefie t? piorin.Enn.< 
in tlje €ITencc oj beemg, becaufe tfjat from <J5cn tbere pjori&etlj & 
ttotljing but <3oo ; ano tfje otljemefle i$ in tbe 3inbeing$ 0) Ipet * lib -7- . 
fong , as in refped tfjat tfje one ia tfce begetter aim tlje o$er 10 tfce l!™r^*& 

tegOttem another in a- 

Spajeottcr, tfjte Plotinus calletfj tlje begetter tlje Srtttyt 3 arm notherrefpea: 
tlje begotten tlje g>onne 3 after rfje fame maner tijat toe boe* Cer- or,aU one in 
tefTe (fay tf) be ) the vnderitanding is beautifull , and the ir.oft ^t'fno? 
beautifull of all, (aim tljerefoje in oiuerg orljer places Ije termetlj th^efoa.^ 
tym tlje »eattttfufl,(aa be termen tlje jfirit tlje <Doop>nd fittcth plotin Fnn J# 
incleereli^htandbrightneiTe,and conteynetH in "him the^^p.,* 
nature of all things that are. As for this Worlde of ours , al- 
though it be beautifull, yet it is fcarce an image or fhadowe of 
him j but the world that is aboue,is fet in the very light itfelf, 
where there is nothing that is voyd of vnderflandingmor no- 
thing darkejbut euery where is led a mofl- blefled lyfe • Now, 

F 4 tyke 


lyke as he that beholdeth the Skyc and the Starres, falleth by 
and bytofeeking the author of this World : Sohethatcon- 
fidereth aud commendeth the World that is not to be difcer- 
ned but in vnderftanding , doth lykewife feeke the author 
thereofcnamely who he is that begatethat World,and where 
and how he begate that Sonne,thatvnderffonding,that Child 
fo bright and beautifull , euen that Sonne full ok the Father. 
As for the fouerein father heeis neither the vndcr Handing, 
nor the Sonne, nor the Child, but a Mynd higher tha Vnder- 
ftanding and Child. And next vnto him is the Vnderftanding 
or Child,who needeth both vnderftanding and nouriQimenr, 
and is next to him that hath neede of nothing. And yet for al 
9 * this , the Sonne hath the very fulncfle of vnderftanding , be- 
V ^ caufeheehathitimmediatlyandatthemftharKi Bursas ror 

X* 4 him that is the higher(that is to wit the Father j ) he hath no 

neede of him : for then fhould the Sonne be the very good it 
felfe. &o fap toe alfo tfiac t&e ft oirne batb all ftilnelTe , b'otobett of 
tbe if atber, mm tbat tfje jpatfjer Ijatfj all fiitartfe , but of btmfelfe: 
ana tljat tbe jf after fe not tfje ftonne 02 tlje ULXo^z , but tbat tlje 
&onneojtI)e&2Jojtieteoftbe tfatber* 9nn m anotljer place ftce 
faprt; 3 What (hall a man haue gayned by feeing or beholding 
God ? That hceihall haue feene God begetting a Sonne, and 
in that Sonne al things,and yet holding him ftill in him with- 
out payne after his conceyuingof him , of whom this World 
(as beautifull as we fee it to be)is but an Image: Jit tobtcb ftnt 
a pamten ^able to after a maner a pojtrepture of tbe mpn& of bun 
trjat mane iu 31 fap& mojeouer tbat tb& ftaimt ig tbe CBtfenome 

Kbdn.inn.f. oftbejFatber; tijeltketobereof Plotinusalfofeptbtmto&tf* AU 

Jib.8.Chap.5. t hi n gs (faptb be ) that are done ey ther by Art or by Nature, 

are done by Wifedome . If they bee done by Arte,rrom Arte 

we come to Nature,and of Nature againe we demaund from 

N whence (he hath it: whereby wee finally come to a Mynd,and 

Wove. t h en are we to f ee fc e whether the Mynd haue begotten Wife- 

dome: And if that bee graunted,wee will inquire yet further, 
whereof? And if they fay it be getteth it of it Cc\^: That cannot 
be/vnleffe the Mynd be the very Wifedome it felfe. Wifedome 
therfore fhalbe the EfTence,and the very EfTence fhalbe Wife- 
dome , and the worthineffe of theEffcnce {halbe Wifedome. 
And therefore euery Effcnce that wanteth Wifedome , is in 
deede anEflence as in refpe&that Wifedome made it:but 




forafmuch as it hath no Wifedome in it felfe, it is no true Ef- , * 
fence in deede. jftoto,tbe oj&inarp teaching of Plotinc t^to call TQ ov ™ > c ' 
tbe ftnaertfantiing oj fecono perfon tbe toerp Vktt in t?&t>, oj tbe 
bcrp true €(Tence ; ana tbe firft perfon a tfotng fcijfter tftmt Sinner* 
(tanning oj €KznczM\\)tmpon it f&ottlo follotue^tbat toritb bim, 
dfljifefcome attr true €flence are botb one t tbat is to Tap, tbat tbe 
fecono pcrfon i$ SOifeoome ♦ Co tbe fame purpofe alfo be faptb:, Pi<*m in his 
tbat tbe fap& 8?pm> poflefletb ail tbingsmbfebometyeD mifc k° okeofl11 * 
aomet'&bat all fbapeg are but beamed ann effects tbtreof:am> tbat ^"lib.* 
t\)z fame is tfyt tttietb , pea ano ISing of truetb ; toljtc^ te a name chap.2. ' 
tbat dje Scripture alfo attributed) to trje fecono perfotn 

3g tottcbing tbe tljtro perfon 3 ttmomb*caHetb tfce bottle of tbe piotin.Enn.6. 
ZBXoil* 5 bs feemetb in bis otber bcokes to lap fcgfl fountiation of a ub.8.s.chap/ 
better optmoinjTo?,God(faitb be) hath wrought^ he wrought x 3I 5 * 27 ^ 
not vmviilingly:and therefore there is a will in GOD . Now 
furely he whofe power is anfwerable to his will,(hould by and 
by become the better.God then who is the good it felf [than 
the which nothing can be betterjfilleth his ownc will to the 
full/o as he is the thing that he lifteth to be , and lifteth to be 
that which he is , and his will is his very Eflence . This will a- 
gaine,is his act or operatio, and that acl: is his very fubftance. 
And Co God fetteth downe himfelf in this ad of Beeing. 9n& 
tbis is in a maner all one toitb tlje tbings tobtcb 31 fp^te in tbc fo?* 
titer Cbapter:namelp,tbat ®o& bp W toillpjoimcetb atbtro per* 
fon,tbatts to fap 5 tbeloue of bimfelf bp Mi$tin$in btmfelf* 3nu 
in anotber plare, This fame GOD (faptb \)t)is both the louely 
and loue:and this Loue is the loue of himfelfe :for of himfelfe 
and in himfelfe is he altogether beautifull. And whereas he is 
fayd to be altogether with himfelfe;it could not be fbjvn'efle 
that both the thing which is and alfo the perfon which is to- 
gether therewith, were both one felfefame thing. Now,if the p!ot ; n Enn g# 
togetherbeer,(foj 31 mttftbefapne to bfe tbattDO t iO)& the thing ub.g.chap.'i* 
together wherewith he is,bc both one ; and likewife the defi- 
rer and the thing defired be one alfo;Sure!y the defire and the 
EfTence muft alfo needes be one felfefame thing.9n& ihi$ ue- 
fire of tbe Sppnfc i$ tbe loue it feIf,tobom foe call tbebolp 6boff, 
tobWj p;tcc#tietb bp tbe&Ml, ann fo bp tbefojefap&reafcmsts . 
patten to bee Coelfentiall . And this defire (faptb be m another ^ n ^' 
placets in the Mynd,which alwaies defireth and alwaies pof- ■ " 9 * ***** 
feth the Sx&.%W $•&& tfcen pjootoetft not alonlp from tbe firff 


and in his 
booke of the 
Myfteries of 


perfon , but alfo fcom tfjc feconn, acannmg to b& former reacbntg 
cdncermttg tbe g>ou(c of t\)z OLlo^lu 5 UJbiclj is 3 tbat it pjoaaeoetfj 
front tbe arft pafon bp tljz feconn » Sto twites baue toee tbe tb?c c 
perfons 0) Styfeeuigtf admo&Iengen ano lapn fcoubbp Plotinus, 
lu'jojn 3i fcaue afle&gea fometobat tbe moje at length * becaufe be 
auotortiieti) tt to be a Derp aunctent Doarine,ann tbat be ban iearnen 
it ofbfc p^euecciT^io Numenius,Seutr js,Cronius, Gaius,Atti- 
Cyritagainft cus,Longinus,ann Philarcharus,anti Did afrertoarn tcaclj it to W 
luUan ub.t. 3Difriples,Oubo eft&mtt Ijtm a$ a 6oo 3 ) as toe {f>all fee bereaftet 

Porphyrias in fo t!|Ctr UJJlCmg^ 

timisV Cof Pi °" Iamblicmis raptlj plamlp tbat ©on mane tbe cQojtlo bp b& ni* 
Pbt^asagaift Wtte <^ ?& > fa* be plapetb tbe pbitofopber moje pjofounnlp m 
the Gnoftiks. tbis brfjalfe ♦The firft God(faptf; l)e)beingafore the Beeer, and 
Enn.2.1ib.9. alone^is the father of a firft God whom he begetteth, and yet 
Chap. 1. neuerthelefleabydeth (till in the folenefle of his vnitie: which 
tl^edof the thi ?? farre e xceedeth all abilitie of vnderftanding.This is the 
Original! patterne of him that is called both Father to him 
felfc and Sonne to himfelf,and is the Father of one alone,and 
God verely good in deede . Jftoto, toijen \)t faptb tbat be is fa* 
ttjer to btmfeife,ano father to a fecoiitytbrtem be nttfingutfljetb tbe 
c'hap^and Pttfona* 9nn mljcreasf be faptb tbat notimtbffannmg tbis: beget* 
39. ting,pet be abpnetb one ttflfefce (betted) tbat tbere is no feparatinj 

of tbe eiTeucesu3nn be fpeafcetlj tbere after tlje opinion recepuen a* 
mong tbe Diumes of /Egipt. 
Porphiriein Q^utlcctisi beare Porphirie 3 (to tobom Plotinus eommitten tip 
cTe vhMo o«erIcDkingof bia b©te,)tbe beftlearnen of all tbeipbtfofopber* 
phers. aes faptb @>amt Auftin,ann vzt neuertbelefle tbe ftuojne enemie of 

cyriii.againft Cb?iffenfo!fce ♦ 3In W fipiftojtte of tbe Wtofbpber$,tbefe are W 
luhan.Ub.i. tocnn&Plato taught(faptfj be)that of the Good, (tbat fe to fap 
of tbefirftpetfon)is begotten an vnderftading,by a maner vn- 
knowne to men^and that the fame vnderftanding is all whole 
next vnto himfelfe. In this vnderftanding are all things that 
truely are, and all the EfTences of all things that haue beeing. 
It is the firft beautifull, and beautifull of it felfe, and hath the 
grace of beautie of himfelfejand before all worlds proceeded 
From God as from his caufe,felfeborne and father of himfelf. 
And this proceeding of his, was not as ye would fay by Gods 
mouing of himfelfe to the begetting of him; but by his owne 
proceeding of himfelfe from God, and by his iffewin^of him 
feife , I fay by proceeding , hewbeit not at any beginning of 




tyme:(for there was not yet any ty me,) and tymc is nothing 
in comparifon of himjBut this My nd is without time and on- 
ly euerlafting. Yet notwith(tanding,as the firft God is alwaies 
one,and alone although he haue made all thing;s,becaufe no- 
thing can match or compare with him : To alfo is this Vnder- 
ftanding or Mynd euerlafting,alone, without tyme, the tyme 
of things that are in tyme,andyet alwaies abydingin the vni- 
tie of his own fubftance.£)f atrttetbbe cottto notbaue laps mo?e 
plainlp,tbat t\)t g>omte te tl;e feottne etemailp, ano of tlje fatljerg 
oto efubftance* 

Spine,ej:pounxim£ tbat fojefato ft cptatly tenotomes place cf cyriii a ? ainft 
Platoes CptSe,The EfTence ofGod(faptl) be)extendeth euen Iulian.lib.i. 
vnto three Inbeeings; For there is the higheft G O D or the 
good ; and next him 3 the Second, who is the workmayfter of 
all things^and laftly the third,who is Soule of the World : for 
the Godhead extendeth euen vnto the Soule . And that is the 
thing that Plato met in fpeaking of three Kings: for although 
all things depend vppon thefe three : yet is their depending, 
firft vpon the firft God, fecondly vpon the God that ifleweth 
of him,and thirdly vpon the third that proceedeth from him. 
jSoto, nuljatljeraunget^tljemmo^ertljusione tmner another; 
Ije feemetb to plap tbe3rnan*3n& pet is tbat wrp muclj in a Jf)ea* 
tljcn man^ut tuvjetea^ be arimotoleogetb one felffameeflrence; be 
ftetoetl) tbat tbe m'uerGtie tg onlp in tbe functton!8,antJ in tbe ojoet 
of caufeg,tobicb fe one (teppe beponfc tbe 3rrian<c!*3lfo §>♦ Auftin, 
fattb djat be ato put tbe tljtro petfon ag a meane bettuene tije otljer 
ttoo, after tobtcb matter toe alfo aoe call btm tfje batm ana tottott of 
tbem ttoo^ nottrntfrftentring tljat Plotine uoeput btm bnnertbe 
amierttamimo^ut in Iji* ba&e of tbe cljiefe ffafym 0} firft 3u= v^t?** j? 
tbozoi of tbtng^Proclus fcttetb ooune W opinion ya moje plains tl f e c \ZkL 
Ip; (aping, tbat tljere fe an ettetfaftmg o? eternal* 93pno , ano pet t hers, aikdged 
jiottoitbttantring, tbat afoje tbe fame tljere tea Foreetemall oj byProcius. 
former eueclaff tng^nto toljom trjc euerlalh'ng fttckecl^ber aufe tbe 
if ojcettettafting; is bepono all t ami tbat in tbe euerlafting beemor, 
tbere is a feconu ano a tbirmantr tbat bttwm tlje tf ojeeuerMincr. 
anu tbe <£uerla(rtn^6tertttttereftet^ in trjc mioneff* jfroto 3 fa?af* vp&i&yiau 
mucb as al eternities! are alike equa!l,tbts fojenefle ano afterntffe 
tobicb are attributes to tbe perfons , is not in refpert of quite, but 
(asi Plotine fapd; ) in refpect of Jftatttre ^ ami(ag pe tooulo Cip)ui 


tQ#> Diuiimic 



*y Te\3fc- 



Proclus the Difciplc of Iamblichus fapetb rfjat tl;e atmrfent 
PlacomftsDfe rct&olunettoee^cgfcmens ( tobome tore can {per* 
fons.) © rtlje ix3l)tc!| , t!ir ff rff, t&ep ralteD tfte flDne , ^ijefecotti 
(namely tbe fepa atftftttaffluitg) tbrp calleo tbe one manp 3 aim 
[tije ifctrfc, tljat to to MQtye feoulc Cofc&c toojtoj tijev calico tbe 
One c np mat. Tut it is belt fo? bs to beare Uibat fre IjtmfeK fattb* 
The Lflencc or vnderftanding (fapetb l;e) fioj among rt;e Plato- 
nifts botlj are one ) is fayd firft of all, to hauc his being , or the 
Good,and to be about the fame Good , and to be filled with 
the light oftraeth which proceedcth from it, and to be par- 
taker thereof by the vnion which it hath therewith ,and is 
mod diuinCjbecaufe it dependeth originally vpon the Good. 
Spelt pe fee nolo a fecono pevfene, itgljt of JUgfrt , Ijaumcr. bis M* 
neiTe from tbe fitlf Mm tobercas; bee fttetlj of tbe firft ligijt tljat tt 
id moff Diuine ; tt is becaufe be kuotoctb not bp Uiljat toojoa to eje* 
jjjefle tije preeminence of tije jf atber* 3ln auotber place bee fapctlj 
tljat tbisat bnoerfranmng, (tljat is to fap tlje <§>oule)is become ©ne 
tottfj tbe (Soa^tbat ts to fap,tottl) tbe jf atber,ano alfo tbat bp bis 
mpnolp 3fntoojkmg ije is tbe berp eteniitie tt felfe,faum g tbat bee 
uepenoetl) bpon tbe ftnitie ; ano tljat be is like fcato tbe £me : ami 
tbat tije ^>oule oj tbtro peribne is like to tbe mpn&e, from -torijence 
tt pzoceeoetb^ut bere is ^t a moje eutoent thing, 1 he moft part 
(fattb lje)doe fet downe three Beginnings,the Good, the Vn- 
derftanding or the Beeer, & the Soule.l he firft principail and 
vncommunicable , is the One, who is before and beyond all 
things. Next vnto him is the one Vnitie , which hath his be- 
ing about the fayd firft fubftance, and aboundeth by partici- 
pation of him that is the One firft of all. And this Inbeing is 
more then Subftantiall , and the firft of all the Inbeeings in 
the Trinitie that is to be conceyued in vnderftanding. And 
feeing that thefetwo namely the One and the Vnderftan- 
ding bee in the firft rancke of the Trinitie, the firft as the 
Begettcr,the fecond as the Begotten , the firft as the Perfec- 
ter,the fecodas the Perfected: there muft needes be a meanc 
power'betwixt them , w r hereby and wherewith the one may 
yeeld being and perfection to the vnderftading or Beeer. Fc r 
this proceeding of the Beeer from the One, and likewife the 
turning back of the Beeer vnto the One, is done by a certeyn 
power cr might , and fo there is a Trinirie ; which is the full 
number of things belonging to a Mynd , fo as thisTrinit'e is 



Vnitle or Oneneife , Power or Might , and Vnderftanding of ^'^/i^ * 
Mynd .The Oneisthe Producer or yeelderforth, the Vnder- * ,^^ 
ftanding is the thing produced or yecldedfoorth,and the Po- (j , * 
weror Might depending vppon the One,isalfo linked to the * «*;* , 
Vnderftanding or Beeer. And this Trinitie is the Vrritie or T<t<r.$«5T# 
Oncneffcthe Beeer or Vnderftanding, and the Behauiour of ck 3 «r*jtt» 
them both,wherby the Vnitie is the Vnitie of the Vnderftan- ^cfiyoVj 
ding,and the Vnderftanding is the vnderftanding of the Vni- T j j$ 7ni ^ 
tie or One. Whereby Plato fheweth that the Father is the Fa- ^ y ^ m¥ ^ 
ther of the Vnderftanding,& the Vnderftanding is thcSonne™' 
of the Father, and that the Might or Power is coucrtly com- 
prifed betweene them both . jfroto fcotljty, confioetmg ttiat Ije 
toag a^ofefleo enemie to w CJntifians , ana tljerefoje efrfjetoea 
to fete our termed ; fje couto not fcaue fpofcen (letter, no? fjaue fapfr 
moje plamlp tfjat tfje tin* 3tnbemg$ 0} petfones utf&v onelp bp 
toap of relation, fo ag tljere in a jf atfrer, a &onne, ana a 35eljauu 
out of M uotb,toIncf) toetooulo fraue caUcn tfje Loue,rfje anion 3 
o? tlje funtmeflTe of tljem, tljat in to tout tfje ijolp (fifyott 

AmeliustfjeDtTctpIeaf Plotine , (ag Proclus reported)) ma-- Amdiusatf*. 
ketlj aifo rinfcfrotgg o? tfn& Omieitfan&mgStttamelp, fte Beeer, tenia. 
tl)eHauer,ar«i tljeSeeentlje firff, tijereaH ®ntierifcuttimg,tf)e fe* 
can* tfje Onoerft anm'ng from dje fitft , ano t^e rijtrD tfyz &nm* 
ff a&mg m tije feeono* Wbom Theodorus imitating, bat|) termetr 
ri)em,t&e fubftantiall Vnderftanding,the Vnderftandable fub- 
ftance,and the Fountayneof Soules J8euertbeleflfe 3 a£ great art 
enemie ag Amelius tomg to ti;e Cfytfttans y pet n#tottf)ftan&tttg 
after many flojtfljeg ana fetdjeg about, m tlje enoe fpeakmg of ttje 
feconu perfon be p&toetb to tijat tobtcb <§>♦ lohn fpeafcctb of btm * „£ 
in IjtsS <8ofpefl*Surely(faptb &e)this is the Word that was from ^ > r * ~ • 
cuerlafting,by whom ail things that are,were made,as Hera- &%0V * l JJy 
dims fuppofed . And before God(faptl) be) it is the very fame ® %0¥ *&•& 
Word which that barbarus fdlow(foj fo HiO be terme S> John) * t« }wg* 
auowcheth to haue bin with God at the beginning i n the or- pSbov ^ 9 
dering and difpofing of things when they were confu(ed,and ty £&{& iy 
to be God, by whom all things were abfolutely made,and in ov ^t^vkI^ 
whom they bee Kuing and of whom they haue their life and vcu 
beeing; and that the fame Word clothing it felfe with Mans cwHa^ainft 
flelhjappeared a Man,and yet left not to (hewe the Maieftie of iiiiian.lib.», 
his natute . Infomuch that after he had bin put to death, he Auffininth<r 
tooke his Godhead to him againe , and was very G OD as he 5; itie of God * 

had ho -^ 


had bin afore ere he came downe into Bodie^led^and Man« 
3noti)er Platonift fpeafcing to tJ)r fame effecr,fap& ti>at cbe b gin* 
time; of ^> Johns ©ofprll toasi toojdjie to be giaueb euetptotjeie 
tn letters! of <BoJd ♦ 1Zl\m V* fte tbat tij* ©rafte pbftofopi)ie a* 
toel afoje as after rfje comming of our Lq?d ZM* Cijjiltjagimi; 
toitlj out Dtutmtie* 
Phiio^Tera. ®* toudbinff tbe Latins,tl)*p fell to TpMofopttc fomefcljat lafe$ 
chSusvp. but P et a * K** as5 toe ^ aue oftljeir totug*, tbep tugreOc not from 
pon piatocs tfce otljer^ Chalcidius toljo tiJja' e t) ;pon Platoes rimxus,&at& 
Thucus, ijjefetonj&S: "IheSouereync2nd vautterabIeGod,is the Ori- 
ginall of all things;next vnco whom is his Prouidence as a fe- 
cond God,who giueth tl)e lawaf.veli ror rhe cemporall as for 
the eternall life . And furthermore, there is a third fubftance 
as a fecond Vnderftanding, which is the keeper of the fayd e- 
ternall LaweThe higheft God commaundeth,the fecond or- 
dereth, and the third vttereth or publrihech . Now the Soules 
doe the Lawe, and the Lawe is the very Deftinie it felfe. 3ito a 
little afoje Ije faptfj , tbat tlje fap& pjoutuence, toljirt) be tettztl) in 
t&e fecona place 3 fe tlje eutrlafting Glnberffantiing of ©on, toljidf) 
fe an euetlaiftng ad^anti a refembler of Ins goonefle, bee aufelje ig 
^on^thc a ^ atesl tumea totoarttf Ijim tfat fe tlje berp ©art it felf,9ifo Ma- 
Dreamc of cr <>bius fapdfctfcat Platoes opinion concerning tlje one djief 600 
scipb. ana t(je one ftnacrftanbing Inco ana bo;me of Ijim 3 is no fable at 
cod& MyndaU 3 butat5mgcerteptte 5 tiolDbettd)at^ coulD not otrjntoife e]r* 
gET™ ° f W*^ * e **" ty ^amplea *f ft* Dapfomte ann furl) otljer tbings* 
3no furelp tftoeljan tjjjeb©fcc0 of Varro,anB otljer great Cleritf, 
it tfit pofTible tljat toe ffjottfo fin* mudj mo?e to tW purpofe^ljua 
tljen pe fee Ijoto ti)e Platonifts are all of one optmon ana mpn& in 
tlje&ottrme of tlje Crtniti*, therein feme of than fatoenune ami 
fome leltyfome affirme tlje pjemttfes tobrreof our conclufiontf eiu 
{enje,am> otberfome condu&e tbe fame ejcpjeffelp tt)irb bs* 

©Ije Ariftotelians baue no bopce bcre^becaufe tljep (tann aH m 
commenting bpon Ariftotle , tofjo gaue bimfelfe mo?e to tlje libe* 
rail 3rtes{ anu tlje feardjiug of Mature, tbati to leaking up to (Don 
Auiccn. t {j£ ma ^ cr f a j| ^^gg # jDtf nottoitbltantiing, Auicen reiccten it 
not:infomucb tfjat ^efaptlj tljat tl;c firft ^ppnti poDluctb fo^rlj a fe* 
ronn ^pno 3 ait5 tfyz fteono a t^ir^but Ije toatieu no fciper into t^e 
<r c n . f matter* 

DiucHcl let ^ g totohtt* *e ronfelHon^ of t|ie berp DntflW, toljo cp^ 

sybui. rijer bp meaner of t^ ieuelations( rijeroftuUiri; Ijaue bin maoe bn= 



to b$ 5 oj bp reafon of tljeir falling fro aboue, baue baa fome fuurta* wcc?* ^a - 
leage tbereof* fe©tWp it is atoate* a pleafute to bear* tljcm peels ^ KTis lw 
mofb to tlje tntetb euen fpigbt of tbetc fcart^fflSee veane tbat one j siC . At/X j 
Thulis reignea in olo tpme in ^gipt,tuJo toejeing p?ouse , affceb ^ f t ~ ^ £- 
Serapis tbe c&fcfc 3&oll of tbe iEgiptians,(aumring btm ftronglp * 
tijat lie fljmrto not mew bim)&bo be taass tljat IjaD reigneu afoje , ♦ 
bim ana toljo ftouto reigne after bun, an* aifq tobo t»aa metier kotjkto %, 
0} greater tl;an Ijee ♦ %o toijom Serapis anfoiereo in tl;efe fo&er *ywrHf* 

Firfi God y andnext the Word,and I then their Sprighty T&y main* 

Which three be one and ioyne in one all three*. # w ^ 

T heir fircc is endlefaget thee hence fiaile wight, Suidasintfie 

The man oflifi vnknowne excelleth thee. lyfc of Thulis 

Sifo Apollo being fcemaunaea contenting $e mteUleligton, 
rniftueren in ten Uttfcz tfyt&\ 

Vnhappie Priefi y demaund not me the lafi 
lAndmeanefl Feendjonteming that ditiint 
*Begett er, and the deere and only Sonne 
« Of that renoxvmed Kingjior of his Spirit 
(onteyning all things plenteoujly throughout , 
Hilles^rookeSySea, Land>HelL Ayre>*nd light/owe Fyrt. 
y^ow Vwr is mefirfrom this houfe ofmyne 
That Spirit W/ me driitetyithin a ^hile. 
So as this Temple \\>here mens dcsTynies 
ssfre newfiretold,pjall [land all defolate. 

35etngaffteD another tpme(a$ faptbPorphmusJtobetlljerttfag Porphiriosa* 
tbe better of tbe HJofli ojt tl>c Xa\»c 5 l>e anfujercn Itfeetuife inberfe, ?% sa MH 
€:iiat ittetr ctrgbt to bzlmz in ©on tbe bt$ztttt, ann in tlje King J^n&^fc 
tbat toa$ afoje a!! tbings, tmoer tobom qaafcetb botb Upeauen ami of^ cmc of 
Cartb, fee&ana B^en, pea ano tlje berp ©o&g rijeinfelues , lobofe Goi.cha. **- 
iatoe fa tbz jfatber tbat is Ijono?** b]> tijc Hebrewes . 9nn tljefe 
flDiacIesi tore toont to be fung in &erfe, to tbe intent tbat all men 
fbouftj remember tbem tbe better ag Plutarch reported?; jftoto 31 
Jane bin tbe longer in ti)i$ Chapter, toaufemoffment$mftetbi$ 
uodrinefo repugnant to mans lSUa&n,tbatpbifofopbiecouItJ ne* 
tier allotoe of it ; not confinering t^at it igi anotljer matter to mm 
repue a tbing,tban tap^ame o) affotM it totyn it fe concepueu^nn 
ftere&^eafu)enfo?tbfe Cbapterajsfc^ tbat^icb toent afo^e, let 
fcg conclune, botfj b^ reafon met* to ©Dtig reuealtng, mm bp t!;e 
traced thereof in tlje JXBo^to , aiui bp ti;e 3Image tljereof iftinm j 



foojrt) m our felucia; , ano bp tbe Confeifion of an tbe aunrfent 1DU 
uinefif,ano bp tbe &crp oepofittons of tbe Deludes tbemfelue^tbat 
in tbe onclp one €(Tence a) fub&mce of ©oo ? tbeve te a jfatber 3 a 
<gbonne,ano a bolp ©boff ; tbe jf atber euerlaffinglp begetting tlje 
feonnc, ano tbefepintcuerlaainglpp^oceetifngfromtbein botb; 
tbe g>omte begotten bp tbe flppno 3 ano tbe <§>pirit processing bp 
tbe MM: toljtcb te tbe tbing tbat toe bao here to Declare ♦ 3no let 
tbtsf banolwg of tbat matter concerning ©oog clfencc bee taken a* 
none bp toap of p?cucntion 5 botobeit tbat it acpenn mod pjoperlp 
fcppontijereuelation of our g>cripture$, tob^b being pjoueo toiH 
confequcntlp paeto p?©fe to tbte popnt alfo* "Cbere map bee fome 
jpercbaunce toljicb totfl oeffre yzt moje apparant p?Wte : but let 
tbem conlioertbattoeefpeakeoftbmgg tobtfbfurmountborfjtbt 
arguments of Logike ano aifo Demonftratiom jf ok inafinucb a* 
Demonftrationg are maoe bp tbe Caufeg , t^z Caufe of afl Cau- 
fes can baue no Demonftration^ut if anp be fo toilful ag to ftann 
infyeir otune opinion agamft tbe truetb tobteb all tbe 2Hojlo pjo* 
uetb 9 al 3geg acknotolcogerlet tbem take tbe papne to fet ooune 
tbeir fteafim* m tojttm&ano men (ball fee boto tljep be bttf eptbet 
bare Denpalle$ 5 o? ©*ffe$ 5 o? fimple uiitrutJsS oj mif beleefe of tbe 
tbing* tobicb tb*P bnoetftano not 5 ana tbat tbep be unable to toe? 
againft fo graue ano large Tfceafong ano T&ecojoes , as 3I baue ftt 
aotone beretofoje* 3no eJjerefoje^tlje glojie tbereof be bnto ©oo« 
Amen. * * 

The vij. Chapter. 
That the World had a beginnings 

€t bsJ noto retpje bacfte agatne from tbfa bot* 
tomlefle plfe ; fo? tbe tbing tbat is tmpolftble 
to be founoeo fe bnpoflible to beknofc)em9n& 
feeing tbat our epfigbt canot abpoc tbe bjigbt 
neffe of fo great a ligbt ; let it content t)$ to be* 
boloe it in tlje fl;aoctoe, jfloto, tbis fenfible 
ttio^ln tobereinioe Dtoefl, i$(a$ tbe Platonifts 
terme it) t^z fijaooto of tbe toojlo tbat is fubiect to tmocrftanmng: 
fo? errteflTe it cannot bz calleo an 3lmage fycreof,no moje tban tbe 



fruplmitg of a ^apffcrmafon is tlje 3!mage oflna mpn& ♦ 9fnn pet 
for all tbe greatnefle , beautie 5 ano Hg&t toljicb toee fee tljerein, 31 
camtottcUU)I)eti;a*tIje^oo?Dfi)atJoit)eooct!)>ougljIp fit it ojno 5 
confiaering tljat ^janotocs bauefome m^afure in ixfpectt)fti;eit 
boutess , but bcttoeene finite ant) infinite is no proportionable re* 
fcmblance at ail* <I£te tljat ate Ijoere in tbe l»o?lo 3 noc tnontier at it y 
aim tor toottlo tljtnke toee oiti amtflfe if toe fljoulo belceue tljat anp 
ttyn$ is better or morebeautifull tljan tijat JFor our flcflj ann com- 
plcjtrtons: are pr&portioneti after tlje Clements thereof, anu to tbe 
tljtngs toljiclj it bringetlj fco^tl^astna* epes buto tlje Itgbt thereof, 
ami all our fences teo tlje fenfible nature thereof: ant) tljofe toljic!) 
are of tljettrorlti feeke but onelp to content tlje fenfualitie tljat is in: 
tbetm'But as toe Ijaue a 8£pnti,fa alfo let bs beloeue tljat tbe fame 
tS not toitljout bis obietf or matter to reft bpon ♦ $n& as tlje fences 
Me tljings feme tlje things tbat bane fence; fo let bs make tbe 
fendble tljings to ferue t%t $$ym , ana tlje Sppnt) it felfe to feruc 
Ijim bp toljom it is anu ton&erftannetb* Sg)p meaniug i&, tfjat toee 
(boulo not toonoer at tbe toorlo for tlje toorlos fane it felfe , but ra* 
tljer *tjlje tooorkemaitfer ant) autfjor of tlje tuo^lti* jfo? it toere tea 
manifea a cljitoilbnes to toawner at a portraiture matie bp a ]ptixi* 
tenant) not to toconoer muclj more at tbe pepnter bimfelfe* 

jftoto t\)t firft confitieration tljat offeretb it felfe to tfoe beljotoer 
oftbis tocorke,is tobedjer it batb ban a beginning o) no:a queftiott 
tobiclj toere percljaunce bnneceflfarie in tbis beljalfe , tf euerp man 
tootilo confult toitb bis otone IReafoit, tobereunto notbing is mo?c 
repugnant , tljan to tbinke an eternitie to bee in tljings tobicb toee 
not onelp perceiue toitlj our fences 5 but alfo Doe foe to peril!) JJ> M* 
btit forafmucb as tlje toorlo fpeaketb (Taptb tlje pfalmift) botb in 
all languages ami to all Rations : let bs examine it , botb tobole 
togetljer,anti according to tbe feuerall parts tljereof.f or it map be The world it 
tbat tlje toojtolingsfif tljep Diffruff tbeir otone recortOtoill at leaff* fdfc teiicth vs 
toife anmit tljat tobicb tlje toorto it felfe fball bepofe tljereof ♦ let {J 1 * 1 ! " ^ a 
tos tljen amine tbe Clements an together : djcp palTe from one b -s inmn §* 
into anotljrr ; tbe Cartlj into SHater 9 tbe tvUater into %wz , ami 
3pre into mam againe 5 ano fo fcortb* JJSoto tljis intercottrfe cat^ 
not be matie but in tpme,anti tpme is a meafuring of mouing.anti 
toljere meafure ts ? tljere can be no eternitie A et bs gamine tbe fe^ 
weralipr^be Cartb batb bis feafons ; after @>p?ingtime commerfj 
S>ammer , after ^>ommer fucreenet^ Uparttea , ant) af:a* ?t>artiett 
follol»etlj 22ttater,^e®ealjatljlj^ continual ebbing ann Eoiu^ 


ing, toljicb goetlj increaftng ano oecrcafing bp certepne meafuretf, 
Diuerd lRtuer0,ano efpeciaUp Nyle,ljaue their increaftngsi at en* 
tepne feafon$,ano to a certepne meafure of Cubitsf.^tje 3p;te alfo 
batb fjte; SLttnoeg, toljicb ooe one toljile ctere it ano another tactic 
trubble it : ano tlje fame SUmacs ooe reigne bp turner , blotoittnc 
fometime from tbe €aft, ano fometime ftont tlje Klcfyfomctime 
from cfjc JRojtb ano fometime from tlje feoutlj* 9no fcppon tljcm 
ocpenoetlj'Rapneanofairetoetljer,^>to?me!3 ann Calmer t£ljefe 
tntcrcljaungeg tobiclj are tojottgljt bp turner cannot bee toitboue 
beginning* if oj toljere ojoer te,tljere i# a fojmernelTe ano an after= 
ne(Te,ano all cljatmge is a kino of mouing, infomuclj tljat tlje alec= 
rations toljicb are maoe fuccefiiuelp one after anotljer, mud of ne* 
ceflitie baue Ijao a beginning; at fome popnt oj otljer; on tlje lano, 
bp fome one of tlje Sbeafons; on tlje &ea, b^ ebbing ano flotoing; 
ano in tlje 3p?e , bp jfrojtlj o? b^ ^>outfo ano fo ftDjtlj, JF02 if tljep 
began not at anp one popnt, tljen coulo tljep not Ijolo out onto an 
otljer popnt ♦ Delano tljen bp l)i^ <§>eafon$, tbe^pjebpljis 
cbatwge$,ano tbe &ea b)> big ^poe3,ceaire not to crpe out ano to 
pjeaclj bnto all tbatbaue earestoljeare, tljattljeretenoeuerla; 
ft ingneflfe in tljem,but tbat tbep bant bao a beginning all of tljenn 
3gaine , toljen toe conttoer tljat tlje €artlj recepuetb W ^eafons 
from tbe @> unite, tlje <§>ea bis Cpoes from tbe $©©ne,$ tbe 9p?e 
ijfe a&inoegfromanouttoavo potoertljatisibnfeene: ougljttoee 
not to feefce tlje bt^innin^ tljereof aboue ano not beneatlj, toitljout 
tfcem ano not toitbin tbem , feeing tljat notbing Ij&re belotoe batft 
motting of it fcife ? 3no if tbe €Iement$ tutjtcb are accounteo fo? 
tlje berp grounog ano beginnings of tbings(,ackttotoleoge a begin* 
ning of tljeir mouingg; ougbt toe not to acfcnotoleoge j> fame in alt 
otber tljingsftSlgahyf toe conGoer Ijoto tljis Spame tobiclj makeri* 
tlje %?M$ in tbe <§>ea , Ijatlj no ligbt but from tbe Sbunne toljiclj 
manetb tbe feeafong on tbe €artlj;Ooetoenot concluoebp ano bp, 
tljat tlje gjeafong of tlje €artb,ano tbe ^poeaf of tbe jg>ea,ano tlje 
continnall rijaungeg, mouingg, ano (a$petooulofap)bacKetyea^ 
tljings of tbe €icment0,ljaue one commo beginning*; T5ut it map 
bee tljat tljefe mouings Ijaue place but onelp bnoer tlje Spame, ano 
not in tbat fiftlj ©uinteflence of tbe Ipzmm , tlje fubftantialnefle 
ano eternitie toljereof Ariftotle ootb fo btgblp commeno ♦ jflap, 
tobat if tlje Ijigberbaee mount bp, tljep pioclapme tljeir beginning 
(till tbe lotooer *: WLb*t if tlje tljing tobicb toe moft cbieflp toonoer 
at in tlje Jpeauen,be mott repugnant to eternitie < ;'Ct)e <§>umte ma^ 



ftetlj tljere W natural! rourfe in tlje Jouiacfe betto&ttetljetttio 
Cropicks o? Cumepopncs > fo as tfte ?ontac!te tgJ aiS tttacrefei^ 
race, ana tlje Cropicks arc Ijis utmoft litfes , botlj tije toljtclj are fa 
uitf mgmtfjeu bp oegr&s anu minutes; , tljat Ijee cannot pa(Tc one 
ljcarcb?eutlj beponu tljem.'Cljepopnts of Ijis ttoo ftops are Ijis ut* 
moft bounnss , tlje toljiclj fo fcone as Ije commctlj at , bp anu by Ije 
tumetlj ijeau back againe* $©uft Ije not tlje wsues Ijaue Ijau a place 
to fet out front, feeing Ije fjatij a place thereat to flop *t €uerp fo* 
toer anu mtntit Ijoluers Ijee is carpeu from Call to WLcft by tlje 
motttng oftije <g>kpe:anu like as bp Ijis natural mounts be maketfj 
tlje gbommer anu tlje stutter; fobptljisuiolent mowing be ma* 
fcetlj Dap anu jftigljtCan fuel) fucceflton of tpmes anu §>eafons 
fee mane otfjetlmfe tljan in tpme, o? rather be anp otljer tljtng tljan 
tpme^E(;e #[tone liketoife finiiljetlj ber courfe euerp $£onetb: toe 
fee boto flje rijaungetb,grotoetb,becommetb full 3 ano toanctb* €* 
uerp planet batb bis p?eftjceu tpme anu IjtaJ ojomarp couifc/Co be 
fljo?t, men fee tlje rifing anu tlje going uotone of tlje <§>tarrcs, anu 
liketoife tljeir appearing anu tbeir tarping out of Kgbt:anu tlje Ue* 
rp Jpeauen it fetfe toljirt) tottft IjimfeKe carpetb ali tlje reft about, 
&ot!j it not but by morning :♦ jftoto tobatfoeuer is moueu,is moueu 
tn tpme ; atio all goings o? toljeelhtgs about, muft neeues begin at 
fome one popnt ; like as in tlje u?att)ing of a Circle, tlje one fljanke 
nf rije Compafles is fet faff in fome place , anu tlje otljer ffjanke is 
carpeu rounu about* (GBbat follotoetlj tljen 5 but tljat tlje mowing of 
tlje Upeauen anu of al tlje tijings toljiclj tlje !Ipeauen beared* ami ca^ 
rpetfj about^atlj ban a beginnings ^ben let us not toonuer at tlje 
b?tgbtnelTe anu iigljt tljereof as Ariftotle uiu ; fo? rijat beU)?apetlj 
tlje matter fomucbtljemo?e apparantlp, in tljat it batb not tljat 
ligbt but by uiftribution of mouing; no? at l)is perpetuall mouing, 
fo?tbat(betoetlj tfjemo?e Ijis ftreptferuicetoljereto Ije is fubiect; 
no? at Ijis Conffancie, fo? tljat is necelfttie ; no? at Ijis ljuge greats 
neflfe,fo? be is fo mudj tlje mo?e bttgelp botoeu uolijne*&ure{p tlje 
&>fyt is as t^e great uobeele of a Clocke, toljiclj (Ijetoetlj tlje pia^ 
nets, tlje g>ipes, tlje Ijotucrs, anu tlje ta:pues, euerp one in tbeir 
tpme;anu tljat ujljiclj feemetlj to be Ijis cljirfe tuonuer 3 p?ouetlj Ijtm 
to bee fubiert to tpme, pea anu to bee tlje uerp inftrumtnt of tpme* 
jftoto , feeing Ije is an inftvument, tljere is a fiBo?ker tljat puttetlj 
Ijim to bfe , a Clockkaper tljat ruletfj ^irn , a Sppnu tljat toas tlje 
firlt p?ocurer of Ijis mouing ♦ jfo? euerp inlh:umettt 5 ljoto mouable 
fo euer it be 3 ig but a ueau tljiug fo farre fco?tb as it is5 but an inftrtu 

<& a ment 3 


meat , tf ft baue not life an& moutng from Tome odjer dung rijan tt 
An obicciion ****• S?ca,but(toill fome man ftp) rijc fipeauen goetb about cob 
' tinuallp;an& in fo manp Ido?Ids: aim ages as bat r ebin,taeperceiue 
no alteration at all ♦ COrettbcti man tfjat tbou art ' ^p Upart aim 
tbp Ltgbts alfo banc a continual* moutng, atm neuer Ipe fttfl ; aim 
tbou , tottij all dje luitte tbou baft , c and neidjer increafe it no? re= 
ftteine tt^lje pbiffttons tbemfclues fecit it,but can fiim no caufe 
of it^be pbtlofopbers ouertp?e tbemfelucs in feeding it, aim pet 
canft tljou not tell tbe eime ami tbe beginning tljcreof ♦ Doeff not 
tljou tbtngs tbp felfe tabid) men as tbou art ooenaeme to bttoitb* 
out eim, as ffraunge Rifles aim 'Crumlcs, atm fucb otber kinn of 
felfmouings , of toljofe beginnings not etten Cbtteen are ipc^ 
rant* 3nn pet bimer colour rijat tbe peat tab&le of ©eaucn bad; 
no\uoflongtpmeturnen about tutdjoutceairtng,tutlttboubefo 
djilmlb 0} fo blum, as to beleeue tbat it batb turneb fo from euerla- 
ffing*: © man^tbe fame tao?kmapffertabidj fjattj fetbp d>e Clock 
of tbp b*rt fo? batfe a fco?e peaces , batb alfo fet bp tbis bugt en^ 
gine of tbe ^>fcpes fo? cntt^nt rijoufanas of peares* <£5reat are bis 
Circuits ami fmall are tbpne; anb pettoben tbou Ijaff accounted 
tljem tb?ougblp 3 tbcp come bod; to one* 

let bs coira to tl;ed;ings tbatbauelpfe aim fence* Cl;e plate! 
0jcote fond) into bjancbes , ana bearebotb bun aim fruite : but pet 
ritljer tbe plant fpjinptb oftbefceroell, o? tbe fomell of tbe plant, 
atm botb of tbe pjocaetieof a maker*i©f fitting toigbts, fome tying 
f©?tb tbeir pong on ^ alpue,atm fome lap Cgges, atm torknotae 
to\)id) is tngeim?e& of tabid; : but taljetber tbe Cgge come ofttrc 
5>en,o? tbe ©en of tbe Cgge ; tt muff nanes bk cemfeflen tbat die 
one of tbem bab a beginning* 35ut 31 taill leaue d;ts bapne mfptu 
tine; toller of tbem tuas tbe firff ; tabid; queffiontbeljolp fcrip-- 
ture taill mfcufle in one too;m* S?ea aim nature it felfe alfo taill &fc 
cuflfe it , tabicb required; to \)mt tl>e firff tbtngs bmttgbt fooul; m 
tbeir perfect being, tf o? it is enaugl; fo£ our purpofe,d;at djcp map 
fiim d;emfelues conuictcti of a beginning djiougbottt all tilings*. 
9nD3lP5appou, if tl;cp cannot tell tul;edjerd;e moutng of ri;eir 
$eatt o? of tljeir Ltongs , began firff toitb (butting 02 taitb ope= 
ning,at tfje tl^uffing of tbe b?ctb fcnitlj , 0? at tfje mataing of it in; 
(tabereof nottaitbffanuing tbep cannot but knotae tbat tbere taas 
a begimung:) ougbt djep to be atimitteo to nenp tbat tbings ban a 
beginning, becaufe it migbt be DoutcD at tabtdjpcpnt tbcp began*: 
JSota if tlje Dumb mm fpeecljeleflTc rijings krp out fo lotus, aim 



tbe things tW aw bopo of itafon concluoe fo reafonablp; (ball on* Man hr , a b ^ 

Ip man t»f>om <£oo ijatfc tinmen hztl) toicb fp&cb ano reafon 3 be cu ^a^ 

tbec fo bnbonett ass to {join bis peace , o? fo fbameleiTe as to refill * 

g>©tf)lp as tourfjingour botipc^tueknotu tbe beginning of tfant; 

ano our fo curious fearcljingoutcf peoegrees , mafcetb bs ton 

confeXe it tuljetber toce toill o? no* 3no tf anp dung in dje toojloe 

migbt baue anp true pretence oj Ipfcelpboo to boaft of an eternitie; 

our §>oules migbt ooe it , Daljtt^ tottbout moutng tbemfelues noe 

Doc caufe a djoufano djings to remote Cbep mout up bnto ©ea* 

uen 5 ano go ootone to tbe o#pc,imtbout fluffing tfteir place + Cbep 

&©jo bp dje tobole toojlo tn tbe ftojeboufe of tbet'r memo?te 3 toitf> 

out rombering of anp ramie tbere* C^ep patfee bp all tpmes pad 

pjefeat ano to come together, tmtbout paHIng from one to a* 

notbm'&o be flj»o?t>tbep conrepue ano contepne all t^ing0,ann at 

ter a fojt euen tbemfelues alfo* 3no pet (ball toe be fo bolo as toa 

fap ttyp be eternal toitbout beginning *t J2ap,boto can tbat be 3 fid) 

toe f« tbat tbep profit ano learne,pea ano oftentimes alfo appapje 

ano forget, from age to age , ano from nap to nap *t $oto ( 31 fap) 

tm tbat be,fitb toe fe tbat tbep paffe fro ignorance to Imotoleoge, 

from oarkenefle to ligbt,ftom glaoneflfe to faoneffe^ano from bope 

to oefpapje ; ano tbat not b}> peered , but euen in tnimtte ano ma* 

ntents % 3no ( tobicb moje is ) toee f# tbem recepue great trouble 

aim alteration bp ano fo? tbe t^in^ tbat are mutable ano tranfitQ* 

rte,tobicb flojiflrtn dje mo?mng , ano are toitbereo ano parrijeo ag 

in an k)\xtn at nigbt* jSoto, to be altereo ano djaungco^impojtedj 

a moutng, ano be tbat grauntetb a mouing,grauntedj alfo abt%in* 

ntng ; ano to be moueo b^ dungs mutable , (betoetb an oucr great 

mconftancie of uatur^tobicb is a tbing tcocoo contrarte bnto eternt* 

tit. %o be ffjo?t , boto can p tbing be eternall oj euerlafting>tobirf) 

cannot fomucb as b^ anp imagination refemble augbt tbattljis 

toojo mtnitit betokened* *: 9no pet tbis foule of ours tS tbe tbing 

iobicbiumaniopnetb i&eauen ano Cartb togitl)er,marKetbtbe 

cbaunges in tbings aboue 3 ano fo? tbe moft part tooled) tbem in 

tbe tbtngs bcttcatb,carping bp a banofull of ouft aboue tbe f kpes, 

ano after a fojt banging oolune fipeauen bnto tbe €artb ♦ Qptif^ 

mo?e reafon tbe:t is it tbat neitber in t^e !{)eaueu,no? in tbe €mb» 

noMnalltbe^armonieof tbe lobole too?lo tobicb^eefogreatl? 

locnoer at^tbere (boulo not be anp app^ocbing at al bnto etemitte* 

feome man perrijaunce toill fap bnto mee, tbat in tbt partes cf An obieaioxv 
ti)t 22Jo?lo tfjere is no eternitie,bttt pet tljere map be in tl;e tobole* 

© 3 ^aj> a 

102 • F THE- T*H TV MBS 

jflap, b&to can a Wfyttit bee etemall , tobt'eb is compofeo of brittle 

ano tempojall parted 3no bobat calltftep tbe 2£Jbole,but tbe buge 

frame of $eauen» tobofe mouing pjouetb tljat it ban a beginning? 

3game 3 rome otber tmTl perbapa fap, tbere fe a beginning of mm 

rung in tbe bJojlo,a$ toell in tbe tobole as m tbe part* tbereof; but 

pet it ootb not tberefoje follotoe , tbat it ban beginning of beeing* 

jftap,if tbe being tbereof bias euerlaftinglp afo?e tbe mouing iber* 

of;boU) coulo it be caHeo iihLatine Mundus $ in ©reeke Cofmos,. 

tbat te to fap , A goodly or beautifull order , feeing tl;at foj tbc 

mod part , ©per oepenoetb bppon mowing \ #o? 3 take from tbe 

Jpcauens tbeir turning about,ano from tbe Smnne bis courfe,ano 

fet tbem fait in fome place fcojjere pou lift ; ano pou (ball make tbe 

one balfe of tbe €artb blpno, ann tbe tnrjolc Carrlj eptber feojebeu 

tmtb W continual! pjefence,oj oefert ann bnmbabttable b? W ab* 

fcnce:ann pe (ball make tbe &ea fo? tbe moll part bttfapleable,am> 

tbe 3p?e bnftuitfttll oj bntemperate ♦ ^berefoje it bull follotue at 

t\)t leaff,tbat tbe <3Hojlo batirj not bin inbabiteo etterlaftinglp, noi 

tbe iplantg tbereof bin etemall , noj tbe liuing Creatures (no not 

tuzn £^ankpno)bin britbout beginning* gmrelp 31 toote not tobat 

epes tbefe igrtjtlofopbera baa,tobo ban leuer to eternife p fetone^ 

Itocta^ano ^ountaine^tban tbemfelue* fo? tobom tbofetbmgg 

fcoere mane ♦ 3no agatne, to tobat purpofe feruen tbe gumne ana 

tbe Spame at tbat tpme^<IIlberefo?e feruen 3p?e 3 toberefo?e ferueu 

<g>ea, boben notbing oin ^tt liue 3 fee 3 ann bjeatbe *: 3It remapnetfr 

tben tbat afoje bmg but a confufeo beape,ma(Te o? lump 

of tbingsi britbout (bape 3 ano tbat inp?ocefle of tpme(a0 fbme Tap) 

a certepne Sboule toouno it ftlfe into it, ano gaue (bape to tbat bo* 

oie 3 auo aftettoaro life 3 mouing ann fence to tbe partem tbereof,acs 

coping a$ be ba& mane euerp of tbem capable to receiue:tnfomuclj 

tbat tbe bjojlo fe notbing ete but tbat confufeo beape nob) ojoerlp 

oifpofeo 3 innebaco britb foule ano life 3 fo as of tbat foule ano r onftu 

feo lumpe together , tbere ig nob) mane one perfect liuing brigbt* 

3 proper imagination furelp, ano mate foj a berp ^ea(r,to fatbet 

W fo operlp el&nce bppon tbe IbaptlelTenelTe of a Cbaos?, tbat in 

to fap 3 of confufeoneJTe remoueo atoap ; ratber tban iipon tbe toife* 

Dome ^polaoer of a quickning Spirit/But feeing tbat tty& Cbaoies 

coulo not recepue eptber ibape o j oper 3 but by tbe fapo g>oule ; if 

tbep be botb eternafl,bolo met tbtp togetber in one popnt 5 being of 

lb contrarp natureji,tbe one to (bape ano tbe otber to be fljapeo^Jf 

it toete bp an ucnturc, bnb) nin p §>ou(e bp anucnturc fo fct tl;ing^ 


OF C HK1 ST 1 AH V A B 1 1 G tO *t. IOj 

in o?uer, ana Ijotxi bappenetb tt tbaflt fjatfj not Once $af f^mt put 
tbem out of o?ner agatne *: £)? if tt torn bp aoutfejof inborn tboula 
ti?at afluife be but of a feupertour *t 3no tobo is tbat ^uperiour, 
tut (Sou $ 3gaine,eptbertbiSfeou!etoas tpeu reallp ano inberp 
Uceoe to tbis booie of tt>e too?lo from ail etermtie ; o? els tt ntn but 
onelp pearce tb?ougb it bp bis potoer , as feemeo belt of tbe otone 
freeurill* 3lf ittoere tpeo 3 fpeciallp to fucb a confufeo mafle;bp tobo 
but bp fo?ce of a bigber potoert 3no tben tobat els; coulo tbat con* 
fufeu Cbaos be to btm,but an euerlafting grauet3no tobat els al* 
fotoeretbattofap,$ant&at tbefapo Cbaos toas as a fbapeleflfe 
Cbito pet nefolp begotten ano fcarcefet togetbertn tljemojtbers 
toombe^tobtcb umbin afeto oaies after,bp tbe infuGon of a §>oule 
begitmetlj to batte fyape , moumg,ano fence •, ano aftertnaro in bis 
sue tpme is bo?ne , ano being groyne bp oecapetb agapne, ano fo 
*noetb,as our booies ooe^ £>? if a g>oule pearceo into tt ana toent 
tb?ougb tcbp a frcetoil ano potoer; (let bs not tfriue about termed; 
fo? a ^oulejs fo nameo tn refpect of a borne Sobereto tt is tpen)tbe 
fame is tbe Itutng (B©D, tobo dt bis pleafure gaue tt botb (bape, 
Itfe,ano moiling, 'But 31 toill fljeto bereafter,tbat be not onlp gaue 
tbe £&to?loebtS (bape, but alfo createu tlje berp matter tfuffe ana 
fubftance tbereof ♦ IBut tt fitfftfetb mk at tbis tpme to to?eft from 
tljem,tbat be is tbe maker ano (baper tbereof* 

Let as petmoje ciearelp fetfo?tb tbe o?tgtnall of tbe 3ftto?ttL31 
affcetobattbetoo?lois ofitfelfe^ 3!f it mouenot,itfo?goetbbotlj 
Ins o?oet ano fcis beautie,as 31 fapb afo?e*3no if it moue, tt (beta* 
rtb it felfe bncapable of eternitie* 35ut tbere is pet mo?e« Cbefe fo= Thciinking of 
toer fpaces oftbei»o?to are tbe barb?ougb of lining creatures, ana things to^- 
fpeciallp of man,tobo knotoetb bom to tafce benefite thereof* Cbe ther ° 
temperateneffe of tbe aire feruetb fo? butt-, ano pet tbe aire can not 
bee tempered no? tbe Cartb ligijtet* , toitbout tbe feonne ano tlje 
S^ojne: jf5eitber can tije gmnne ano tbe Spcone gtue Itgfct ann tttn* 
^eratnelte tnttbout mouing* %\)t Spcone batlj no Jigbt but of tbe 
2g>unne;neitbercantbeg)tume palo tteitbertotbe 9pojneo?tco 
tbe €artb 3 but by tbemouing of tbe!J)eauen: anu tbe great Com* 
pafle of tbe l^eauen going about , is tbe berp tbing mbicf) tooe call 
tlje (KUojlo, not elteenting tbefe lotoer parts ( as in refpect of tbeic 
matter)otberlotfe tfean as tbeo?egges of tbe inbole* 3no lubereajs 
tlje Clements ferue man.anti tbelplanets fcrue tbe eiements 5 peai 
ano tbe planets tbem felues ferue one anotber: ooe tbep not (bettf 
^at tljep be one fo? mtotlier*; 3no if t!;ep be one fo? anottierj is not 

© 4 one 


one of tbem m confiocration afojeanotber; as tbeen&eafojetbe 
Theinwoor- tbings tbat tcito bnto tbe cntJ.,acco?mng to tfyit common rule,tbat 
king of the t h e Mynd beginncth his work at the end thereof ?J3otutt)ttT, 

ncth aah 8 c n ^ tl)C turm ' n B abDUt °^ c #>* ailcn fa'"* t0 ft rt»* tbe planets, ana 

S! attC ^W tD V^ Mgbt t0 ^ c ^*rtfo am > t0 a ** tbingtf tbercon : oodj it 

not feme foj tbe Cartb *: 3no if it ferue tlje Cartb ; J pjap pou i* 

tbat oone bp appopntment of tbe Cartb,o^ tatter bp appopntment 

of fome onetljat commatmocd) botb l)tmtn ana €m\)<: 9 jatne, 

fleing tbat dje tnoe id in confiueration afo^e tbe tbings tbat ceitf> 

thereto : fljal! d)is confioeration be in tbe tbings djemfcl ues,oj ra- 

ftm in fome S>ptritetbat o?fceretb tbem *t fecodjlp, in tbednng* 

tijcmfelucs it cannot be t foj if tbep bauefcnticriiansing, rtjcp bau* 

alfo l»il(; ano d)e Ml intended) ratber to commauna tban to obep 3 

ano tmto fraftome radjer tban bonoage:ano if tfjep Ijaue no bnoer* 

ftanmng,tbeu knotue tljep neither cno no? beginning ♦ spojeouer, 

fojafmudj ags tbep bee Hitters, ano of contrarp natures^tbep (I>oufa 

ante at oiuers enus , tobereas nob) rijep ame afl at one cm>* $$$?> 

tubid) moie is,boto iboulo tbe<§>unne anu dje &£ame,tbe Speauen 

ann d;e Card; tjaue met eucrlaftinglp in matcbingdieiroealings 

fo iumpe together ,dje one hi giuhtg ligbt , ano dje odjer m taking 

it \ 31n fcibat popnt, b]> tabat coucnant, a:to imocr tafjat Bate toa£ 

tbtS oone,feeing it oepenocd; altogetber bppon mouurg , tobid) is 

not to be none but ht t^mz^t rcmapnetb tben,tbat tbe fapo confc 

aeration toas uone bj> a Spirit djat commaunoedj al tfjings alike, 

ana tbat be puttetlj d;em in fubtection one to another as fcemetfr 

bed to bimfelfe , fojfomttcb as f>e is migbtie to keepe djem m obe* 

Hience^ano toife to gttpae tbem to djeir peculiar eno^, ana ad rtjeir 

enos bnto W o^ne enne ; aim be tbatdjtnfced; otbertoife rf)inked> 

tijat a lute is in turn of it ofcmcaccop*®? if be fapdjat djts &yu 

tit 10 a bottle tnclofeo in tbe tni;oIe,b^ oodj fonolp incorporate fyc 

Spirit of t!;e I uteplaper in tbe lute it felfe^ann Wetoifc tbe bupl= 

iiet int^z bup!Dmg,3Jn effect it is aEenr as if a Cbtfo tbat is boine 

ano biougbt bp in a boufe,S;oulD djinke tbe boufe to be etcntari o? 

elss maueof it fel&^bccaufebe ban not feene it maDe : 02 as if a man 

tbat ba$ bin call out netolp borne in a nefert Jlano , ana djcre ntir» 

fe* bp bp a (IQoIfeaS Romulus toa<s;(!)ouI& imagine blmfelfto be 

b}th out of tbe.€artb in one nigbt like a ^ufi^om^iTo^to beteue 

tbat tbe Wic)lo is etemall, mto tbat tbe race of C^ankinnc ts b?eD 

of it ftlfe toitbout amaker 5 is all one dung, ano fpimg botb of one 

mo} ♦ Doe not tl;e ttoo ©ws of ^ale ano jfcmale in all U'utng 




- ftiitfftf otterttyotoe dje fap& etewine «t jFo? fccte ftouft tfjcp bee e* 
ucrlafttncclp tl;e one fo? tbe ort;er,feeing tl;ep be fo mttenrtagaine, 
iiaue tljep bin etterlaftinlp but tu>o 5 o? euerlafflnglp mo tban ttoot 
31f but duo, tobere arc tbofc t&o become , feeing tfcat eteemtte im* 
po?tetb immo?ta!itie, ano abcgmmng!circfo?ebemgftomeucrla* 
ftinct inferred; an entrfeffe afterbeing o? coetnuance to euerlatfmgt 
anntftfjepttciemanp: fee pe notMltbefelfefrmeabfttrbities? 
Snn if pe ftp tbep be mane euecMmg h^ fuccefuon of tpine ; tobat 
(31 P?ap pott is tseatiObut a token tljat tfcep toere bo?ne «t OLIbat is 
ltfc(3l fpeafce of ttjiS our ltfe)but a continuance of oeatb*: ana uftat 
fe fuccetfion 5 but a p?olongmg of time^bttf tljen pe fee fjott tljat 
afuoell bv tlje parts of tl)e 2Bo?Io 5 anti bv tlje laljole ££teto it fe!f, 
as alfo b^ tlje agramtent of tbe toljole ttutfc fj& pavtgf 5 ana ofti;e 
parts among tbemfelue$;toe beeuioentlp taugbttbat tlje frame of 
tbe2£to?tobai>botbatoo?kmapfter anti a beginning* TButnoto 
fome man toil afke H tw^cn it began*;3n& tljat is tfce popnt toljicfc 

The viij. Chapter. 
When die World had his beginning, 

©otfclp, it is not fo? mk to ftann fjere nilp?©^ 
uing tlje aoubtes of tbe accounted of tpmes-, 
fo? p ous of fome peres, pea o? of fome tofjole 
btm&?e&s of peres , is not to bee accounted of 
t bettoeene ttnnitit am a beginning^ut if toe 
baue an epe to tlje p?oceemng of d>islot»ec 
£Oo?lu:feje (ball euiaentlp percepue, tljat like 
a Cfcfl&e it batlj l;a& fts ages , bis tbmn$t$ , antr £is full popnt*, 
retted o? ttoppes ; fo a«f it Ijatb b^ little antr little grotone , bin pes* 
pleu,anti replemffjetyami tbat(to be flfjo?t)tobereas tbe Iud^Id {Up* 
pofetb tbat it (Ijall insure fo? etter,it noti> but referable m ola Do* 
tarae, tufetcft (bee bee neuerfo fa?too?ne ana tapping fo? age,) pet 
tljmfces bimfelfe ft ill to Ijaue erne pece mm to litte^ut 3 fcatte al* 
teamc fufficientlp piouea, ti;at botlj ©eauen ana Cartb Ijatte frito a 
begmmn&an& alfo t^at feing tije one of tljem to fo? t^e otl>er,tbep 

lW ib,c lame at one felfefame tpme,ann botb of tbem from one fdf 

fame ground 3m> tberftne lake ftftat fyalbe Beclareo oft^e eartb, 

ft all aifote Declares of tbe beauemano fojafmucb a* tbeeartb fcr* 

uetb fo? tlje tofe ofliumg creature^a^ fpaiallp of man;l©fa brfjat 

■beginning toe fl;aii pjoue of uian 3 tbe like (ball toee baue pjoueo of 

tbe mfpoftttcn of tbe eartb* jf oj to toijat purpofe tore tbe 5?eauctx 

being imbolaeo about tljefe Iotoer parts like a (3ault$ oj to tobat 

purpofe mere tbe eartb being as a fiou»e o? plandjer to goefcpott; 

if tfom toere no inbabiter at ail bpon eartb *i <§>urelp if tbe ftflojlu 

The Originaii tore toitbout beginning , tt (Ijoato alfo ijaue bin tnljabiteii from 

©fscicnecs. tmtbout begmn!r;g 5 ano no people fboulo be of mo?e antiquitie tba 

Thi^iumrc & 6tljrc : ®* at leaftto * ^ auncimt fo etter it tore 3 pet ftoulo no 

tclcoToCth~io S neto W n S be fe ttu * tljereitu 3$ut if euen tlje oloeft auncienteff 

w -asiatdyfoud tbings but neto;ottgbt it not to bee a fute argument bnto 

ouvmdimy ij^oftljt ncttmelTc tfjereof*: ^battbing3lp;tapi>oucantopicke 

{d f • 'TaT 0Ut * n *&** to0 ^f°? an W^pte of antiquitie 1 : 

did tumble at ^ Ct w * e B in at fy* JLtbcrall g>ctence$;an& to %a!l wane of tbe 

Tpon it, & am firi* commings tip of tbem aILpbrtofopbie 3 tubicb conftttetb in tbe 

able to'tume it fearcbing out of ttattttall tbings , i$ of fo late continuance, tbat a-- 

into my na- f ^ tje tpme of Pythagoras, tbe berp name tbereof teas not fcno= 

a" d Ia plfmf ' totn*Z\)t Romanes counted it fo? follp long tymt after tbat 9na 

fiyth,it«mc Lwcrccc tbe Epicure fiugetb in bte tpme,tbat tbe nature of tbing* 

hitha after the toagfouno out but late afo^e* 9Hb Seneca tobo came long aftet 

timcthat my tym , faptb tbat front tbe firfJ eommtng bp of jpbttofopbie to bi£ 

countrymen tp,^ tbete tore not full a tboufano poereg ♦ Socrates fe fapo to 

oflepper and & aue to ft * 6rft #** ^?ougbt it from ftutiie to p?adife, tnatotng it 

Dates. (%$ tljep fapo ) from ^eauen to €artb , ami from Citiz$ to boufetf 

Auftin.iib. 1 8. ano perfons : tbat ts to (ap,bp tearijiug men to lmot»e tbemfeluea 

of :he cme o( an ^, t0 gouernebotb tbemfeluesi anu otbens*3no tbat i$ not aboue 

<God, cha.37. ttxjorijoufano peered agoe attbemoa: Jo^beteagi Cncetbetpme 

Wkus^Por rfEfdrasMote p laft Jpiffojtograpfrrr oftbe^pbie. 3milobat^ 

rphyriiis. focuer imotoleoge tbep ban tbereof , tbep baa it ( as 31 fapa afoje) 

Orpheus in his f r om tbe jEgiptians, rj tbe iEgiptians ban it from t\)t Hebrewes 

Argonauts. nm Chaldeans, fo} Pythagoras learneo W ffeiH of Sonchedie, 

TSeu S s Vp0n m of ^ e Ieures i piato ' of Sechnuphis ; Eudoxus,of Conuphis; 

Plutarkinhis ana aH tbep, of tbe DifcipIeS of Trifmegilius; ano Trifmegiflus, 

ifisand ofiris. (a$ appeared) bp f)tss bcokee; ) leameo of Moyfes . %o bee lbo?t, 

iambiicus in ciearchus tbe Peripatetick faptb^b^ fartoe tbe lew of tnbont Ari- 

m ftcria ° f ftotle iwifeife iearneo W ^btlofopbie.aifo lamblichus mafotfi 

cL»T' towtiim of Mercuries ^illarjS , to^erein Pythagoras ami Plato 


fcat» Xttoty* Doctrine: 3n0 Porphyrius toitnefTetlj tTjat all tlje Clemens Ale- 
Pjilofopbie of tbe Greekcs tobicb tijep boatt oftoitlj fo «n«»P ^" ofst!^ 
towojoSjCame top at tlje ieaft a tljoufans peres after Moy fes. jftoto matsalledgin „ 
if tbe Utttiic of saxtfoome be fo late in tbe toojlo - 7 boto late is &3if« Alexander, ° 
Borne it felf t 9no if Greece mere fo latetoaro tljerein 7 to^ere fyal Hermippus,& 
^e anttquitie tljereof be fount among tbe (Bentiles^ ciearchus, 

^ome man toill fap tbat in afmucb as Socrates ojetoe men fro f^e^Eu^ 
$ eauen to Cartb , 9ftrologie ougljt to be of mo?e antiqmtie : ano febTudib. 1 u. 
31 uuUinglp agree thereto: fo? toben a man looked up to!t)eauen, 
be fettetljWs firtttljougbts upon tl>at place* 1$ut boto) man? peres 
fltfll w gaine bp tljat *t 3lf Thales mere tlje 6rfi tljat tangbt it te Lamms in the 
tbe Greekes/as tljep tljetfifelues fap:) W fenoto) botb bp tije toerp lyfc of Thales. 
Greeke auiljojs $bp Thales fttitifeIf,H*te& it oftbe^giptians yThal€sinhis 
# t\)t iEgtptians of tlje Chalcteans,\»^a are in toerp oeeoe tlje 3u- Epiftie to Phe- 
tljojstbenafynfomuelj j> tty toojo Chaldean is ojibinarilppntfo^ccydes in cle- 
an 3ffrologer, 9no if Ujc Cap toitbPUnie^Iupiter Belustoas tlje S^AH^.' 
9uti)o? tbereof •, if tbe fame Belus toa$ tbe firft of tbat name, tljen ™' l h " 
tolas it about tbe time of Abraham* anUiftbePhenicianstoere 
t&e founders thereof, as it is fapo in anotljer plaeettoljat tuere tbe? 
els but tbe Hebrewcs ? 9gaine,3I pjappoutobattouagtljeafiro: 
logte of tbofe folke IVf tbe report of Plinie, Thales txias tbe fir ft PHnie.lib.2. 
among tbe Greekes,anto Sulpitius Gallus among tlje Romanes f l r Ut ^Nkeas! 
tbat obferueo tlje Cclipfes of tbe &unne ano S£oone* 3Infomucb Q^nuiiaT^ 
tbat tbeir 9rmpes(as Plutarche ano Quintilian repojr)toere oif* ub. u 
mapeo at tlje Ggljt of tfcem ; To as tfie one of tbem nis let paffe tbe 
neict tljjee oates^e tlje otljer oio le t paflfc all tlje red of tbat Spoone, 
ere tljep ourtt enterpjife o? g* in Ijao toitlj anp t&ing* my-it toa& 
counteo btgb 3Creafon totoiaros (Sou to alleoge anp natnrall caufe 
thereof* Anaxagoras tyasrput in Pjifon fo? it ,ano Pericles Ijati- 
tnucfraooe to get bim telfafer>*Protagoras tuast baniOjeoAthens 
fo? it; ano tlje Mathematicals toereuttcrlp conoemneo fo^t^an^ 
mljat mo^e ooe tlje fauaged people of tlje uiojlo our poo?e Ameri- 
cans ? 3J{iDa* at tributeoun to Thales ,tijatbcettjastbefirHtbat: 
abfemeo tlje Jiftntb %tmt 7 anfi to Pythagoras,tljat tlje moaning 
Carre ant) tlje euening ffarre be botlj one , ano tljat tbe Zodiacke 
goes a &kie\u, ano gtroetlj tbe Sftojlo about lifeea ^irole : am** 
into Sblon(as faptl) Proclus)tbat tbe ^oone &u(betb ber courfe 
m tbirtie oapes*9ftertopo tame Archimedes, toljo gatberetr tbt 
abferuattons of manp tbmgs , ano tbereof mane tlje Sphere, jjctr 
ttamit&aanning, allt^efe are but licle entrauuee^ M tbe greatr 


Ccnfoiius co- 
ftcs birthday. 
Cap. 9. 

Arithmctik & 
Fiato in hig 

The Original! 
of Crafts.Tra- 
<ies and Artes. 
Varro in His 
fifth booke & 
fiift Chapter 

which com- 

Cicero in his 
bookc of the 
nature of the 
K*o lotUS. 



Specular ion of tbe jplanctMame long time aftrnSH&at (fall toe 
tip to tljis , tljac tbe toerp account of tbe peere inas bncei eeine and 
confute in t\yz countrie of Europe , witiUtbc time of Iulius Cat- 
far , aim fo remained) ff ill tutto tljis nap in tbc greater balfc of tbe 
ujojlo'tjnfomticl) cfritimtttla tb?ee fomojeopcrea afoie tbe btrt^ 
an? ©uanjant, no? anp Cloch^DpaH^jtrtftncucn of Ijotojes* 

9s touching 3rit!jmettfeeann Geometric , fciftrb iaere taugljt 
fo pjecpfelp i3nto clnlojcn in Platoes tywe, it is lucil knoforn tijat 
tbe autbojs ofttjc notabWr grounns of tljofe artegs , are Pythago- 
ras, Eudoxus , ann Euclides (tu^o gathered tijem out of tljeiDjt* 
ter-es of otoe tpme) aim ttxt^m otbeis;'3no tbcp trljtcf) father rtjc 
finning of tbem bpon Trifmegiftusjcoulo not tjaue len ns mo?e nu 

I5ut fo?afmucb as man is natura^p mo?e careful! ofljts fceaWj 
aim commooitie, tban curious of tije <§>tarres.> it map bee tfjat Iji* 
Cranes, Craftes ann 9rtes 3 are of moie antiquirie tljan bis S>n- 
ences^urelp as tourfjmgfcan&icrafte, Varro a greate fearcfjer of 
antiquities toitnetTetl), tbat all tbe l^anniccaftes toeteinuenteB 
toritinn tbe fpace of a tboufann peres reefcenen backe fro W tpmc. 
9nn let not tbe (Sraekes b?ag anp nt3?e > jf 0? mtn in tbeir {f>ifto* 
ties toe finn t&e faff inuention 0? finning out of jf p?e,tobicb is tbe 
ground ana beginning ( if 31 map fo termc it ) oftrjc moft part of 
5>anoicrafts^nri fojafmuri) as tbere are tabic!) Ijaue tojitten par* 
ticulartp of ti)t fpnnin j out of eue rp of t&em : 31 &nn tl;e l&canet 

3$ut let bs fpeafce of leactjecraft ttfjieb conteinetlj p&iGft at& 
gmtgerie, tfje3rtetol)icl)isfoneceirariefo?aIlman , kmtie* Doe 
toee not fee boio it bjoenetljj ana from nap to nap grotoert) ann in* 
creafetb of Mnefles ann fcftounns , pea ano men of tbe neat!) of 
men ? Diodorus attributed) it to tbe Egyptians, ann Moy* 
&s in Genefis maketb fome mention of Pharaos i;aljifitions* ©- 
t^crs noe father it bppon Efculapius , ann fome Dpon Arabus tfce 
fonne of Apollo : but tubat maner of pljificfee luas tl;at ? 3If toee 
follotoe tlje tooo?ns of Moyfes , tbep toere rafter 3imbalmcrs of 
Dean bonpes , ftan partitions of ficke pecfons* 9nn Efculapius 
(as faptb Cicero) toas etomen as a (Bon fo? teaching to pull out 
Catb,ann to Ico^en tbe'Bellp^lfo Podalirius ann Machaonbttf 
fucccfltes,menlen notbuttortl) outtwam Cures^ %ts be fl;o?t,He- 
rodotus fai^tljat om toas aJLeac^c fo? tlje €pe, another fo? tfjc 



$ean , arm a tbim foj the jf cete ] ana tljat toljen tljcp lucre at tljctt 
luttsc enn,tbep lapn tlje nifeafen perfon in a place of refojte , to trpe 
djere bpon btm tlje recept 3 of toljofoeuer came firth ann tljat toas a 
fcinn of £ecbecraft,tobicb as pet Ijan ncitlja* Upcan no? 'Eaple, 91* 
ft tlje !i2uct beaftg taugljt men tiutcrsJ KpcrDe^ ann rementes bp lit* 
tie ann ittlc^attn fome men nin put tljeiw in pjcofe bpon otljeri^ w- 
to tlje tobiclj Uperbes tbeplefttljeir names; infomucb tljat in tlje 
tun one Hippocrates ann certeine otljers mane a collection of ail 
tljofe tljings^ann fo of man? mens ejcperiences toag mane an arte, 
ana tbat 3rte Jjatlj bent inrtcben from time to time, ann moje per* 
anuencure in our age tljajveuerittoas befoje* Bpotofoeuer tlje cafe 
ffano 3 it ig certepne tljat tlje firff ]pljifition tbat toas fene in Home 
toas one Archagatus , luljo about a firfcoje peeres afo?e tbe com* 
ttttng of Cb?ift>tn tlje Confullbip of Lucius ^milius Paulus,and 
Marcus Liuius 3 toas mane free of tlje Citiz 5 after tobom niucrs 0- 
tber Greeke IPbiKtions came tljitljcr bp beapes,but tljep lucre bp 
ann b^ tytuen atoap againe b^ Cato tbe Cenfcn , as hangmen 0? 
'Cojmenters fent bp t|e Greekes to murtber tlje Barbarians (fo? 
fo bin tbe Greekes call all otfjer Rations befioes ttjemfelues ) ra* 
tber tljan IpbtGttons to beale tlje nifeafen : ann tbat toas , (ricaufe 
tljat in all cafes toitbout nifcrction 3 tljcp bfen lanncing ann fearing: 
to all S>ojes* jftoto Gtb toe fee tlje Sciences ann 9rtcs grotoe af* 
ter tbat maner from ffibferaation to £)bferuation,auo from Wn* 
ciple to ipjinciple, ann to bee fo netolp comebp among tlje j#ati« 
ons of greater* renotone ann learning ; fljall toe nottbt to conclune 
tljat it toas fo among tbe runer nations Jifeetoife^ 

Letbscome tolatoes; fo? euen tbe barbaronfeft people ban of The onginair 
tbem : ann it map bee tljat feeing man is bojne toe focietie ann fefc o r goneramct 
lotofljip^bet ban greater care to fct an ojner among tbemfducs bp 
goon iatoes, tban tomarke tlje ojner of tlje &>fcpesc;t tlje nifpofi* 
tion of tbetr otone bonpes* ^utnctb not tbe tatoe to?ittcn,lc«ne 
tosfoojtbtoitb to tlje tatoe bnto^itten^ 9nn noe not tlje grcate so* 
Iwmesof latoes tobiclj toe turne oucr tioto annpes,lcane bs toclje 
peeccs of Trebonian ; annTrebonian, to tlje Sceuolaes ann Af- 
fricanes • nttD tljefe againe to tlje latoes of tbe €tof lue tables': 
9nn 3! pjap pou tobat tlje ttoelue ^ablcs,but tbe infancy cf 
goncrnment , like tljofe tobiclj are to bee fottnn at tbis nap among 
t(j? moff barbojete Rations , tore tlnouglj a foil (b F a ^ of ant^ 
Witiz nae toonner at in tl;e auncient Romanes, ann Defpyfc tbcm 





lib. 20. Cap. 1. 


ftl t\)C aunticnt Almancs , Thuringians , Burgonions, Salians, 

ana Ripuaries , \ui)o notumbftanomg baatbcnt farrc better djan 

tbe Romanes ? 13uc irbat antiqutttf can be fapa to be in tbem,fec- 

ing tbeir continuance batb not Dm patt a fc x j)cr bumnea pecres a« 

fo?c die routining of £b?ift,as tbe Romane iyi(lo?(es tbcmfelucs 

Pomponius of t ' n f 0?mc t,s <. 3g;ainc,aoe not tlje ttoeluc fables una us bztht to 

nv.n.M h 'oft[°c *&* Grccians ? 3nD of tobom baa tbe Greekes tbetn, but of Dra~ 

Umc? C co antJ S°l° n as injrefpect of die Athenians,tobo Iiueu in tbe time 

of Cyrus King of Perfia ; ano of Lvcurgus as in refpect of tbe La- 

cedemonians,tobo liuco about tbe cna of tbe Cnippjc of Afsiria? 

3ttn Uibat rls is all tl;is bougc Dcptlj of 9ntiquitic thereof tbe 

Greekes make fo great boa{t,but late netonefie among p lewes? 

Piutark in the qgojeoucr piutarkc faptlj tijat Solon ana Lycurgus ban becne in 

anTLmirau, n ^gyp* 10 fccke lawman* tljat tljere fo? all tbeir gagging of an* 

a^d in his Sea- f«qwicte,t|icp \i3erc fkojnea as pong Cbila?cn«Cfoe ^giptians aU 

rifeofifis and fo baatbrir Latoes of Mercury, & Mercury aoubtieffe baa tbeitt 

ofyris. ftom tbe Interne of Moyfes,tobom Diodorus toitneffctbtobaue 

him t ailed biXl ll)£ fir(l ^^ Z nWkCr ° f aIl *^° bt fi -W C ^ at ^ li W &?&** 

gefh Diodoms * n S c b at ( as lofephus notctb againtt Appion ) t\)t berp name of 
in his cxhom - JUto \xi00 bnknotnen amog tbe Greekes in tl;e time of Homere? 
tion. ^ut it map be tbat tberc baue bene Kings tpme toitbout mina: 

XoC T hus a- f 0? t ( jC p ^ere as a |j U j n g £ato >a na tijeir aeterminations tocrc tur* 
gain* Appion ncD fat8 jLauic0*£xc as marketben,tbat from tbe great 8©onark* 
toe rome to tbe Kings of feuerali j3ations , ana from tbcm to bn- 
acrfcings of Pjouinces ana of S>bp?es , ana aftertoaras to Ktnga 
of £ottmes,Cities>ana tillages, ana finaUp to Kings of *l)oufe* 
i;olas tobtcb tuere tbe # atljers ana Raiders of boufes , ana tocrc 
tbe claeff 0? aunctent eft of tbcm ; ana tijefe aoe fenae bs to tbe one 
comonffocke(tbatisto fap,tbeonc romonbeginning)of tbem all* 
9na tube toas tbat? Surety Iuftine tbe Epiftojptojitcr toimefletb, 
tbat tbe Kings tobtcb tocre afoje Ninus King of tbe Aflyrians, 
toere but particular Juages of controucrGes toljirb rofe bettoeenc 
folke of anp one Cottne,o? £itit>vi Cpoufebola^ana tljat tbe fapa 
Ninus toas tbefirftKingof toljomeanp BpiCo^ograpbers banc 
tojittett. 9na Herodotus faptl) tbat tlje /Egyptians baa tbe firff 
Kings* 3na be tljat totil mount bp anpbigber,muf!aoeitbptbe 
boip §>ertpture , tuljtcl; teacbetb bs tbat Nembrod toas tbe 6rtt 
tbat l^ake tbe fapa fatberlp o?aer of ^oufl;olagouernmcnt,bDbfre* 
in euerp fatber rcignea ouer tbofetbat aefrenaea of bun /toitljout 
an? oxber pjerogattue c^an of age, tobifO fo$ of ©oucmers Ma- 


Iuftine in his 
firil bookc. 

lib. 2. 



netho calletlj <§>bcpl)crb!ungs, fapmg tljat tljcp (jab beene a tljou* Manetho cy- 
fano pcres afoje tlje toarres of Troy, jfoj as foj tlje Greekes anb *j d b y Iofc - 
Romanes,eitber tljep tocre net as pet at all , oj cl0 furelp tljep lu ^ l ' s ^f in 
neb txritl) acojnes Ipfce tlje people toljome toee at tljisoap call 

!35ut let us fee if at lealf ttu'fe tlje (Sorts of tlje Epeatljen Ijaue a* The origsnan 
np antiquitie : foj m afmucrj as tfje etfentiall Ojape of man is to ac* of thcHeatM 
fcnotulebge a cevteme <8ooljeab,it is Ipkclp i> nocking (I;oulD be of Goddcs - 
grerter antiquitie tljan tljat 4 3nb m tjerp see be Rations Ijaue bene 
fottno bod) uuttjout Latoes anb umljout iatno:s:buc Uiitljout (Sobs 
ano urit&out fome fo?t of Keltgion , tljere toas neuer |anp fount** 
*&ut urtjat fljall toe fap if men Ijaue bene bojne afoje 6obs, pea ana 
alfoooeliue (fill after tljem 1 : let D3 notbu^ieour bjapnes about 
tlje firft comming Dp of tlje petigobs as toell of tlje Romanes as of 
tlje Greekes^ljoljab moeof tljemtljantljcpljab of &ljpjes, Ctt- 
ties;£oumes, ano tpoufes ; no? pet about tljcir Ipcbegrees tobidj 
are fufftcienclpoefctibeo b^ tljeir oume feruers ano ttiojftippers 
tbe Joolatcrs tbcmfelues : but let bs go to tlje berp roote of tljem* 
ftftljat is to be fapb of tbe firft Saturne, urtjo is calleb tlje fatljcr of 
tljem all *i ffi f toljat tpme is be ^ S>ootf)ip if \nee bzkmt tlje nota* 
Slett &tojpfc)?iters amog tlje Greekes,$ tlje Epitaphe of Ofyris 
repojteb bp Diodorus tlje Sicilian Saturne,(3 meane not tfce Sa- 
turne of t(je Greekes, but f auncientel! of all£ Saturncs)isnone 
otber tfoa Cham tjje fonne of Noe,ueitl)er is Ofyris anp ot&er tlja 
Mifraim tlje poungeft fonne of Cham , 3nb tbofe totjidj tooulbe 
wake Saturne auncienteff,fap Ijee toas but Noe Ijtmfelfe* 31 fo?« 
fceare to fap uiljat Berofus anb otljcrs of tbe Ipfce ffampe report of 
&im,bicaufe 31 &olb tljem foj fabling anb fojgeb aut(jo js* 9s tou- 
ching Iupiter, if pe meane Ijim tljat teas furnamcb Belus , tljat is 
to fap Ball o? Mayfter ; Ijee lnas tlje &onne of Nembrod , toljir ij 
Memrod loas alfo calleb«Saturnc,toljtclj toas a common name to 
tlje auncienteff perfons of great Upoufes.Qnb if ije toere tljat Iupi- 
terU)ljieljtoasfurname& Chammon o? Hammon; Ijcetoastlje 
fame Cham o^Chamafes tlje &onne ofiNoe,\uljifljU)asU)oji(r>ip* 
peb inLybya : fo? it is certeine tljat Ijee toofce l;is io^m? fljUbcr* 
jfo? asfo? lupiterof Crete 0} Candy, anb Saturne Ijis jTatber, 
tofcicl)toereU)0$)ippeD among tlje Greekes after tlje eyaniple of 
tie otljer Iupiter anb Saturne toljtclj toere of farre mo?e antique 
tieitbep toere but a little tu&pleafoje t|je taarres of Troy,anb lor g 
after t(je tpme of Moyfes.aaJbat maner of antiquitie tl;en is tljat, 




rwffik of 


z 2 y~ 



tad falling. 




Tibullus Elc- 

the Land of 
Berofus alle J- 
ged by Iofe- 
phns againft 


tuljicl) pa(!etb not tbe fpace of ttaee tlnufann pates; *; 3nn fljotito 
tbe Gteckts baue come lip die knotulenge thereof, if it ban not bin 
\mit tea bp otbrrss tfrn tbemfelues'jBuc $10 popnt tyallbe Ijano* 
lev) moje at large in anod'er place* 
UttptQpHloeftp of Eraffickebctto&ne jftaticns,ann ofbar* 

gapiffttg bct&ame man aim man, fccing tfjat from <£opne of goto 
toecmuftcometo Copne of fi(uer 3 from Copneof filuer to Coptic 
of fyalfe , aim from Copne of tyaTe to Copne of p?on, pea etten a* 
mon j tbe Romanes tbemfelues^nn againe, from $$qnq> ftatru 
pen atiD ccpnen,to V&mt? bp toeigbt ann ine.£ire toitbout Samp, 
from toeigbt to ejedjaunge of tuares ann of one djmg foj anotlj :r, 
anti from cjrdjaunge to tbat blelTcD comonnefle of al things toijidj 
toas in (i)t ftcft ages of djettioiln *i jftap , dje greater Ijaffe of tbe 
tuojln continued? (till tlje fapn ejecfjattnge, mm unto tbis tap s M* 
fome jaattonji Ijan neuer ban anp flull thereof ag pet 3 if tbe jSaut- 
gatioug of our tpme t)ao not tatigbt it tbem ♦ 3no as foj jftauiga* 
tion it felfe, tolnd) is ass tbe finetoes of Ctafftcke ann ^errfjatm* 
nife;if toe bcliue Plinie,$e ftrft febippe tbat euer toags fet a dote, 
tote bppon tbe ren <§>ea*, ann tlje ftrft <§>b:ppe that euer came into 
Greccc,came from tlje Coatf of ^Egipt. i3nn if U3e crenit Strabo, 
tbe Tynans toere tbe firftdjat ejtcelleninjftauigatton, infomurf? 
tbat f jme men make tljem tbe fitft aurijoja thereof ♦ Sr *n , w toiu 
djing dje Jftauigations of Vly (Tes^ljep paflen not out of tbe $©tte 
Jann @>ea*3nn toljat ete toag it(if it toere a true <§>tojie) but a tio^ 
ting of a UcMl at tt)e pleafure of tbe toinne , iMtdjout keeping of 
anp certepne cottrfe oj Direction*: jf oj it is cert epne tbat dje toopagc 
tuljidj Ije ban to make , i$ o?ninarilp none notoanapes in lefle tljait 
Cjce o) feuen naies ♦ 9nn notl; an tW Ieane bg anp furtljer tfjan to 
tljat little Countrep Ualjicl) on f one fine is*bounnen tnitlj iEgipt, 
ann on tlje otber Cine toitt) tbe tenn g)ea^ 9nn noe not t\)t @>tojie<* 
of rijat Cottntrienirect \)$ to tbe 9rke of Noe ? jf o} tobat efe toais 
tbat 9rke but a @>bt'ppe , a^ tbe true Berofas notb in nane call n't 
3nn tetym Moyfes telletb b^ djat anon after tbe jflun, farij ann 
fucb of Noes offpjing inbabiten tbe 31 to ; is it not afmudj to fap, 
a$ t^ it #)t example of tlje 3rke l;an imboinenen tljem to benturc 

' tPutfojafmucI) aei 'SDrafficke feemetlj to fetuefoj liumg treat 
tbllp ,annfimp!eliuing luentafo^e lining toealtbilp: 3lp?appott 
I)is\a (ong i«i it agoe (map toe t\)in^t) finre men liucn bp 9co?ness^ 
jTromtlienelicatwof Apitius,toeecometo ijoneft Ijotodjoln fare; 



ttft from fueb fyotoffjoto fare to p©?e labourtngmans fare: tfjat is 
to Tap , from BepntinefTe to tfeiftinetTe, $ fo fco^tij from ttyiftinefle 
to bjutilbneflfe , at fuclj tpme as men toapteu fo? tlje falling of *U 
cojnes ami Spaft from tbe ^rees l&e fetorae, ^o bee fbo?t 3 from 
Cities ano 'EotoncS-toe come to Ijcufes &ifprrfet>;from ftoufcgf 5 ta 
Afcfe^ from &beas to &ents ; ana from ^Eents to tbe life of tbe 
people cafleo tlje Nomads o? Grazyers. 3i mcane not bere tlje A- 
mericanes,no? pet tbe barbarous people of olo tpme; but zuzn tfee 
toerp Greekes ano Romanes tljemfeiues *t <L2lee fmotoe tbe firff 
Sifting out of Co?ne,of 9peale,ano ofpiougbes*3!f it toew Trip- pii n ie.!ib. 7 . & 
tolemus, tobo taugbt it to tlje Greekes ; be toas tbe fonne of Ce- Diodoms.Ub. 
res:©? if it toereCeres;tt toas tbe ©otmelTeot ^Egipt tbe toife of 1 > Z - 6 - 
Ofyris.9nn tobat toas tljis Gfyris(to fpeafce of bis molt antique 
tie,)bttt Mifraira tbe graumirijilo of Noe? Plinie faptb tbat afo?e 
tbe Perfian toarres 3 tbere toas no common 3$after in Rome. %\)t 
firft Cberries tbat came in Rome,toere bjougbt tljitljer bp Lucul- 
\us.Mhtn tbeGalies came into Italy,tbetetoereno Sipnes in all 
Gallia: infomucb tbat t\)t toojoe tobicb fipiftetlj £Otne aftoell in 
Oceke as in Latin, is ftraunge to tbem botb , ano id bojotoea of 
tlje Hebrcwe tooop laipi. %\yz €artlj batb bin manures bj> little 
ano little, $ zxmi pet it is fcarflp fjalfc inljabiteo* 3no at one too?», 
xrnr Deifying of tbe firft founders of Co?ne 3 of WLinz , of tillage, 
of if flv*I,an& of Baiung,as of pcrfcmages of great accsunt aboue 
us all;t>otbtoellconumce&s of our former rtftenelfe* Sitfipettoee 
mocfte at tlje fillie barbarous people [ of tbe JSetofomft JLaifts,] 
fo? terming bS folke falne from Heauen,toljen tbep fee our great 
<g>ljtppes:tobereas nottoitbftamnng it is not pet ful ttoo tljouiaim 
yeares agoe^fince toe toere toojfe tban tljep* 

Buttoeeftoulo not baue fcnotonetbofetbmgs (toill fame man Thefirft com- 
fajObnlefle tbep bao bin put in to;titmg;am> tljerefoje llpiirojies are ming vpof 
cf mo?e antiquitie tban all t!# tljings tbat toe baue fpoften of. TBtz Hiftonc*. 
it fo* But pet let bS rcpap?efrom tbe lipitrajies of tbe Romanes to 
tbe paerelp ftegifters of tljetu l£pg|p?tefte,ajfli toe tljali toe tbat 
t\)Z Romane Wtitnti are of mucb later tpme tban tbe Greekes, 
an& tlje Greekes of mudj later tpme tban tbe Babylonians . jfo? 
tbeir greatel! antiquitie is but from v reigns of tlje Perf litis. 3nD 
Phericydes tlje Aflyrian,tobom tbep report to baue bin tfyz felt 
ttjattujat* in p?ofe,toas toelnere et'gbt buiiD?eti p^res after Moy- pMcJkb.7* 
fes. Cbe Romane iiptftojie So?t0;en not 5 bnti!I fucb tpme as tbeir Apuidus'ia 
Commontoeale began to ojcope : aim tlje beginning ttjerecf is no-- his Fionflia. 

Jp tijing 




tljiiirr e!3 bttC a S©utfetbcoke of namea,airt> a rerouting of <g>b&fo$ 
faltic from ^eauen^ana of Launces trtomeu luitl; flotoers ♦ ffcbe 
Plutark in the Greeke Hpilfyuea began at tbe dnppjc of tbe Perfians:3nt> Plu- 
;*fc of The- tarkc (IbIjo toa* a mligent feavebet thereof, ) faptb erpjefleip tbat 
bepons Thebes/be Countae toaa notfjtng but <§>ant> 5 ai!t) atoaft 
<L0iitJenjeiTetmapp2ori)ab!e>a frozen <§>eacoa(r,oj fco^djen Coun* 
tries,fucb asi men papnt to tbe Sttemteft pacts of 9pappe*,tbat is 
to fap 3 epctjerbapne fables a? saike ipojance.3iu> yet foz ailtbis, 
tofjat el£ i3 tbe life of Thefeus rtjan a beape of font! fabled 0* tobat 
rutoentneflTe 0? certepntie te #m in fte Greeke ^ifhmes , afcic 
tbe foluetfco^be Olympiad* , tbat is to fap , afou tbe retgnc of 
Darius,fcemg tbere luas not pet aup f fell bfen to marking out tbe 
tpmecptber of tbe Carres of tbe Medes,o2of tfjetoarres of Pelo- 
ponnefusPVarro tbe b eft tear neu of tbe Latins 5 intent:mg to make 
an Epitope of tbe OUojlue , coulo U)e!l f kill to Btuioe it into tfyee 
parts . 'EIk ftrft,concermng tbat age 'jubifb fca* from tbe brgitt: 
King of tbe tuo^In bnto tlje jflufc ; tbe fecons , from tbe ftxib bnto 
tbe firft Olimpiad, tobicb failed; out about tbe tpme ofdjebuik 
timg of Rome'; ana tbe tljirD 5 from tbe 5rtt Olimpiad , bnto W 
otDitc tpme ♦ 'But a$ be ralietb tbte later age ij^tffop&B ; fo railed) 
i)e tbe feconn age fabulous ,becaufe b* fottn&not atip rertepntie 
tbereof , nettber in tbe jD?iginaH Kegitfer* ant> TSeroj&es of dje 
Romancs,no;t in d)e %)ifci}iz$ of tbe Greekes.^o be fljojt,to be^ 
gin fcfeijjiftojie at tbe furtbeffem> 5 bemaketlj iri* eittcraimre at 
tbe reigne of tbe Scyonians , b$c| uiad dje&erp felfefame tpme 
tbat Ninus began b^ reigne, eiten tbe fame Ninus tobirb mane 
toarrt againft Zoroa{lres,tnbidj teas abonit p tpme of Abraham. 
Cbe fame Varro accounted) Thebes foj tbeauncienteftCittteof 
third bookeof all Greece,as buttoes bp Ogyges,iuberebppon t\)Z Greekes ral- 
Huf bandry \fi a n aunctent tbingS Ogy gians ; antJ b)> bis reckoning it toas not 
paCttoo tljoufanD aim one bwimen peered afojeljteotnne tpme* 
Tragus Pompeius beginnetb bis fy&t%it at tbebottome of al an* 
tiquitre tbat remaineti in rememb;aunce;^nti tbat i# but at Ninus, 
tobo ( bp report of Diodorus) \»as( tbe firft ftat founo anp lf)iflcu 
tiograpber to lo^ite of bi^ tioing^* ^bc fame Diodorus (aitb rljat 
tbe gieateft antiquitie of Greece i& but from tbe time of Iuachus, 
tobo liueo in tbe tpme of Amofes liing of j£gipt,tfcat i^ to fap(a^ 
jcarwlr. in ids Appion coufc(Tetlj)in t\)t berp tpme of Moyfes. 3nD tntcnumg to 
firft bookeof bane bc$\in b& &>to}iz at d;e begimting of tbe too.2ii>,i}e beginnetft 
stow; at fyz )mtz$ of Troy :ano Ije Qwb tofitt pjeface 5 d;at ty* &to}k 



?n:^ Pco: 




contepnctb notabouea rbouranne one buntyeo tbiitte annrfg&e 
¥m£#,\to\)it\) fell out(faptb be)nt t\)Z reigne of Iulius Czfar^m tbe 
tpme ttjat betoaa mabiiis toarre acjafaft tbe Gallcs ; tbat is! to fap 5 
felfe tbanttoeluebuntycopreres afojet&e commuter, ofoutlojo 
Jefus Cb?i(t3Ub tbe gartlp ©tftojfe of Atticus,tobeceof Cicero 
cMnmenxreft tbeailigencefo grcatlp,conteinctb butfeueabuntyeo 
fm&tWbhfo tljmg Macrobius cbferutn&commctb to conclude 
fcritij b0*Who doubteth(faitb be) whether the World had a be- 
ginning or no,yeaeuen a feweyeeres fince/eeing thaethe ve- 
ry Hiftories or the Greekes do fcarfly conteyne the doings of 
two thoufand yeeres ? For afore the reigne of Ninus, who is 
reported to haue bin the father of Semiramis, there is not a- 
ny thing to be found in writing. J?ea aim Lucrece bmtfclfe(a£ 
great an €picure aim oefpifet of <0on as \)z toasOte eonftreinets to 
peeto tbereunto , tofytn be hzfy tbat tbe bttermoft bouno labitb all 
J£)tfto?ieg ( bee tbep neucr fo auncient) ooe attepnt bnto, fc but tlje 
fceffruffion of Troy, jf o? tbug faptb be* 

Now if that no beginning was ofHeauen and Earth at all, Lucretius the 

*Bnt that they enerlafting Veere,andfe continue frail; RomanePoet. 

How haps it that of former things no Toets had delight 
Afore the^wofullwarres of Troy andThebesfirto wright? 

S>ea, bixttfiz Hegiftet$ of tbe ChaldeesOafll fome man fap) 
m of maje mtttqutttc* ft oj (a$ Cicero repojtstb) tljcp ntafce fyzit 
fcaunt tbat tbcp fymt tbe nati\xitiz$ of Cbito?eb notes $ fet aotone 
in footing (front nattuttte to natiurtte) fo? aboue tbe fpace of tbjos 
ana fojtie tb ottfanD pereg afoje t^z reigne of tbe great Alexander. 
a«& tbat fa true* 75ai (a* it batb bin berp toell marftetOtoben tbep 
fpeakeaftertbetr^cba)!emaner5tbepmeanealtoateg(a^t33ttn£^ # 
fetb Diodorus)tbe monctbpare,rbat is to fap 5 euerp monetb to bz DIo(J orus.lih; 
a peerettflbtcb account being: retkonen bacfte from tbe tpme of Ale- 8u 
xander,btttetb tuft bppon tbe creation of tbe (L22ojIo,accojm'ngto 
tbe account oftbepaereg fetoolmtebp MoyfcsXfltetoife toben t\)t 
Iberians tap tbep baue bao tbe bfe of letters ana of tasting bp 
tbe fpace of foe tboufanti pares agoe-,tbep fpeake after tbemaner 
of tbeir oume accounting of tbe pare , tabicb ftag but fteer mo* 
netbsi to a pore* 3mi in g©n fcotb Porphirius bimfelfe toil! ferue 
■fo? a gcos toitnefle in tbat bebaIfe 3 tobo faptb tbat tbe obfetuationg 
of tbeChaldees tobtcb Callifthenes fent fto Baby 16 into Greece 
m tlje tpme of Alexander , palTctj not aboue a tboufanti ana npne 
ftunn^en poorer ♦ 3$ fo? tlje obferuattong of Hipparchus, (tabic** 

H 2 Ptolomic 


Ptolamie tofetlj)tljep tyatoe murij nkm tonto our tpmtfr, fin tbep 

read) not bepomi tbe tune of Nabugodonozer.&o be fbo&fcom 

mtr 3!»if tcttons toe mount top to tbe <S>to?tes of (be Rcniancs^ami 

from tljem to tlje poetelp Hegtfters of tbetc ^ieffesi, ami fo to tlje 

Calenders of rijeir jfeato $ fyoltoateM'ft finally to ftp time of 

tljetr truing of tlje naple into tbe toall of tlje temple of Minerua, 

tnljulj \nag uoue altoaies peerelp in tlje ^onetf) of September, to 

tlje intent tbat tlje number of tlje peered fljoulo not bee forgotten* 

Mniciib.7. ^ rom * m « toe p?on*toe to tbe Greeke SDHmptaw,t&e one Ijalfe 

Herodotus* of tuljtc f) tpme i$ altogetber fabulous! ; ano beponn tlje dvtt ffiltm* 

lib. 5 . piaoe , tljere is nothing but a fttcke Cloune of ignorance , euen in 

? a 1 .° in i!" s f e ^ e Ks^tfomett places! of all Greece. 3!n tooljtcl) uarknefle me baue 

AnabScf natfnng to *«*<* b^tf toe foflotoe not;Moyfes,toljo citetb tbe bcoke 

cratcs?he of tljeLojtos: toarreg , anti leaoetlj tog fafelp tmn to our firft ojigi* 

Grccke philo- nail beginning ♦ 3nto boto fboulo tlje J^iffojieg of tlje Gentiles be 

fopher demau- n f anp antiquitie,toljen tberetoag not pet anp reatoing o? touting 4 * 

GrliSccU ^ rom WMM&tot ftep top tonto brakes of bitten bam>- r fromtlje 

ned not the IPapet toljicl) toe {jauenotojjtoe come to iparcljment^ from parc^ 

names of their ment 3 to tbe paper of /Egipc r taljiclj toas inuenten in tbetpmeof 

letters faying AJexander;from tbat,tonto ^DablesJ of lean auto £2Ja|ce;anrj finals 

aa$oc 3 «A= ip to tlje Leauea anto ^arkes of DiuerS %xk<&. jTrom toijitinglD z 

<pxro;,as goeconfequentlpto reatoing 3 anDfo to tljeinuention of&etters: 

wci as thd faid toaljiclj letters tlje Greekes taugljt tonto tbe Latines^n^ tlje Phe- 

y?iw<t nicians to tlje Greekes , ( toljo ban not anp fktfl of tljem at tbe 

yf & Apxroi tpme of tlje toarrea at Troy , as tlje toerp name* of tljem tooe to>eli 

wasanfweed beto?ap) ano tlje Iewes taugljt tljem to tlje Phenicians . fo) in 

by the Greekes ^p &#ae ttrtjat are tlje Phenicians, in account of all Cofmogra* 

d C tir^w b ^ m ^ ilt Walters! of tlje Seacoaa of Paleftine o? lewrie? 3ffli 

caufeTofe y " ^° ^ z fipuiff of Ewpolemus a toerp aunricnt toiiter of Spifto^ies?, 

names of their iss fotmo truc:namelp 3 tljat Moyfes tuas tbe firl! teacber of ©ram<= 

letters are not mcr,tljat is to fap, of tlje 3rfe of Heading; (uotvuttbftantJingtbat 

Greeke but j>h[\ jj e fatljer it topon Abraham;) antftljat tbe Phenicians ban 

Luca^ehb 3 4t of ^ Iewes > am ^ c Greekes of rlje Phenicians 5 in refpett 

Eupoiemus in tuljereof letter^ tooere in olo tpme caHcn Phenicians* 

his booke of Phenicians were t hefirft(iftrnft beegiucn to Fame) 

the Kings of That durft exprejfe the voyce infliapes t hat might prefer He the fame. 

b" Clemfm of ^ etC 31 Canlt0t ^ mz CD % iilZ PIinic a * ittk ni ^l JC • JL^tW* 

AicxanXa'in (&?$ be)ljaue bin from etterMing ♦ Snn mfepTo^ jToKfapft be) 
hisfowrth tbetetterg of tbe^giptiansljao tbeirHrlt comming top abouta 
^>^» SSwaz p«re^ afoje tlje reigne of Ninus . 35ut Epigenes a r^raue 



3utho? faptb, that in Babylone certeine obferuation* of <fetarre<* 
toetetojitten m 'ftplc* o?^nckc^ag)Cuenijtmi>;etianiittoentte 
peere* afoje : #nt> Bcrofus atto Critodemus ( tobicb fpeaftr toitfj 
the Icaa)uoe Tap fotoerbuntnea ans fotoerfcojepere** © ejtreame 
blocfciGjne* / be conciusetb the etermtte of Ietter*,bpon that tohet* 
bp djcp be p?oucn to be but late come bp* Jftoto then, feeing toee 
fino the o jiginall comming bp of $rte* , of Latoe* ana ©ouecne* 
ment,of CrafBkana Spetcbatmtufe, of fooue ana of berp letter*; 
that i* to fap,bbti> of liuing toel,ant> ofliuing after any fojf; fljoula 
toe rather graunt an euerMing ignorance in man , than a fepna of 
pcttthfulneile tobicb bat!) leamen thing* accoutring to the grototljg 
thereof in ages \ 3to feeing that the iibrienceg , 3rte* , Cponoi*, 
ano Deintic* of the Ipfe it felfe soe p?oue b* a beginning thereof: 
i* there anp man either f ftilfull 0} bnf feiifull, greate o? little, pb^ 
Iofopher 0} Cpanoicraft* man,iabojer 0} jFollotoer of the toojtolp 
banitie* ; that toill anp moje bee fo boloe a* to ftanb in contention 
that the toojlo is toitbout beginnings fiBhat (ball toe then a* noto 
conclude of all this bifcourfe ? if irft that the inuention of all things 
i* of fo late tpme , that it i* of fufficient fojre too ma&e all men be* 
teue, ( of tiabat trane oj pjofelfion fo euer tbep bee ) that it i* but a 
tobple ago finee the toojloe began* 3n& feconblp that the fap& in* 
uention* gathering together into one tpme, boelea&e b* to fome 
one certeine Countriea* to a Centre, tohere mankino hath firff 
fpjong bp,anu aftertoarb fp?eb it felfe abjoaae a* to the outermott 
parte* of all the Circle* %W time i* the fame fpace that toa* be* 
ttoittMoyfesami the bniuerfall jflutu 3nothe Countries the 
feme tohere mankinb bis firft multiplie after their comming out of 
the 9rfce : that i* to toit,all the Coaftftom Sgtount Taurus along 
bp Mefopotamia, Syria anb Phenicc,bnto -£gypt ; toherein toee 
compjebenbthelanb of Paleftineo* lewrie as the mibble thereof, 
tobicb bp the auncient Greekeano Latin *f)i(tojiograpber*,(tobo 
toere bnfktfull in ©eograpbie)t*m'uerflpaccounteoan&allottc& 
to the greater Countries that Ipe rounb about it, acco?binglp a* it 
boj&eretb bpon them ; one tohile to Syria,another tohile to jfcgipr; 
fome time to Phenicia > ana fome time to Araby the neferw 3nn 
therefore a* touching tpme ana anti^t'tie-, ttfegoob reafon that 
toee (boula beleeue the 5)iftojte* of thofe Ration* , anb not of fte 
Greekes o? of the Latins^toho are but pong babe* in refpett of the 
other* 5 efpeciallp feeing that toee tooulb thinlie it a thing tocojtbp 
to be laugl;e5 at^ if a man i^outo llaib to the iubgement of tfjc (to* 

$ 3 riejj 


ries of leuTic tu tlje matters of tlje Greekes, Kutnotoelctttf 

locate tbeir contradictions* 

obicaioaj. 3f t(; C tuojto be fo neto (top tlje p) tobwof commetlj it tljat it it 

fo toell rcplcntujco ann full of people % J8ap tatter , if it bee hjk^ 

out beginning^ of fogreate antiqmtie as el;on funrn?rft;feo\& 

fcappcnetlj it tljac it Ijatb not aUwap bene knotoen *t uul>ereof com* 

met& it tljat it is cum pet fo flent>erlp peopleo \ bate comes it too 

piflc tl;at it is not tljjougljlp inljabtteo in all places^? at leafteife 

intljc belt places of tl>e toojloe, tobere eucn in our tpme are fount* 

botb lies ant> mapne ianos toellbabttable , ant) pet fcninljabitett 

The world 3jt is not paft a buntyco peresago^fince toe fenetoc nothing ae all 

bolder™ of mo>e tben tlje better fcaife of tbc too;ilD*<r<3ee lucre but at tlje en- 

tcrance of tijc cartl; , ano wt tbougbt our felues to baue bin come 

to tlje full fcnoMcoge of ©eograpljie. K3c tljougbc our fciues to 

feauc fcnotoen tljebttetmoffCoafles of tbc tt)o?lo,iDben as toebafr 

u^mutf mt pct P a ^ el1 ( ^^ ^>outljcit cle toljicljoiuioetbi toojlo in ttoapne* 

S!fp G o°rtin- 3nn pet notU)itftan*ing,be tbat bao fpoken otberteife,fijoulD baue 

gales and Spa- bene counter) of moll men (o) a foolc. £e a anD cuen ftt (till at t Iji* 

niards. &ap, toeknotonotbing of £ mapne lano of tbe &outb, $ but uerp 

little of tbe jao? tlj, 3t is not part ttoo bunojet) peres ago , finer tfc* 

Swedians fent tlje fird inljabttcrs into tbe countrp of Groneland? 

antJ botb Scotland ano Ireland(being in our part of tl>e too ?!o)are 

pet Bill ^aife barbarus^sjc (ball rcaoc in Csefars Commentaries 

tbac in bts tpme Germanie mas a continuall jFtyreft, ttrtjerein s 

mamigbt baue gone so,oaiesiourncp ercbecoulo fceanpeno of 

it,ant> tljat tbc people tljcreof tocre fauage ana beaftfofacrifpfmg 

tbeir otoneCbtlojen to tljeir ©o&ues, 5>e fecmctb beere to fpeake 

of tbe Cannibals 0? tlje people of Brafilie, Jt teas long time after 

ere tbe Romanes nurd atmentureouer farrc in tljat Cotmtriiv 

COberebp it appearctb tbat all tbe auncient Eotencs ano Cittic* 

toljiclj(!antit)ppontl)cEiuets of RhyneanDDanowejtotoJarDCs 

Fraunce ann Italy ,uft ferue ratljcr fo? a Bankc 0) a Jcttie againd 

tbc oucrflo&ing of tlje Germanes , tljan fo? ,f o^trcfite to affaple 

tbem mitbalLCucn ixi tlje tpme of Tacitus, loljattocre tlje people 

on tbe §>ea coatt of Germanie ? SQljat luere t&e Saxons in tb^ 

time of Charles tbe greater 3noa fealoebun^cDpeeres agoe, 

toljat tocre tlje loloe Countrpcs of Germanie, toljif fc at tbts oap 

lie tlje flojifljinge Q people of all Ewrope ? ^be fame is to be fapo 

of Ingland in Cxfars time ; ano ItKclDtfc of Fraunce, Iraly , ant> 

Spainp^if w mount a little bigb^JToj ftcing t\pt Roome is tfc* 



ohcS cicteof tlje Latines; Ijoto fcappenetbtt tbat AIexander(fcbo 
fougbtnftoeujojlDs to conquer ) kneloe it not bpcOetfatrlpneffe 
thereof ^botobappenctb it pbc knetoeas litlealfo of tbe French- 
men mt Spa iiards,of U)bomaHtljea»nctentll)t(lo)ie0fptafeC£i' 
tber uotbtng at all,oj els tetcfc Uum&crfttU tgnojanee ? 9nb toftac 
fta lltoc fap of Ephorus,)ubom men account tbe fttUgctitrlHipifto* 
t tograpber of tbcm all * 3* great a Counttie as Spay ne o) I beria 
is 5 be u$ttctb thereof in fweb foje,a« if tc mere but onip one totomr* 
Slfo lubat toas Greece afo?e tbe tpme of Orpheus anU Amphi- 

<>n,lubo(asThucididesre4)0?£ftb>K topt 6cGreekesoutOvtb^irTbuadic!«m 
jf o;irrff s an* Jf ennes,abottc tbe tpme of tlje toarres at Troy? gUitt his firft bookc 
tuljerclearneo Orpheus to lap atoapbte oU)nefauagenc[fe,butm 0rpheiisin | lis 
-£gypt ? ^Ije bolp Bible it felfe toben it fpeaketf) of *be Greekes Ar g 0nautSB 
ano of tbe letter A&Upcakctlj of tbem as of 3!lanB0,tba t is to fap, 
as of Countries tbat toere furtljeft of from tbe knotolebge of tljat 
time* 3EJjus&oe pee fee ttye latenefle of tbeCLt elf erne if2aacne; 
Unborn 31 call fo,as in refpetf of tbe retf of tbe tarfjole too}lD,airo of 
tbe Centre am> mimic popnt tbcreof, u>bt c() 3! fauc taken too bee 
from <9£ouitt Taurus bnto Syria. 

J3oto let bs fee tbe Catterne jQattons affo* Clje Cotmtue of 
&idiabeponb ^z Hitter Ganges, mas bnknotocn in t\)% tpme of 
Alexander , mbo notimtb&momg baD call tbe platfope of 10 
Conqttclf ,on tbat doe of tbe too?ln*anD bielppfetBtobicj) toent ta 
feeke nnu (KElojlDai,pa{reD not beponto tfce Jtann of Sumatra tljeit 
taller* Taprobane , tu&icbis bnoer tlje Cquinotfiall anb Cafterip 
a great toap of from tlje Mducques. ^nbteljcn it toasffoloe tlje Herodotus, 
Romanes tbat a &bt'P tnas found luWcb bp tbe commaunoemene 1&.4. 
t>f Necho&ing of £gyptbabfapleD about all tlje Coaffof Af- 
frike p tbep toofte it fo? a fable: anotbereftne mucb Iefle bib tbep e« 
tier come at laua tbe lelle oj Iaua tlje moje, 0? at tfce 6rme land 
tobtcbtsnejtfbnta tbeim'&o beiljo^f, rbcptKOnotojoinarilppafle 
tlje^treptt* of Gibraltar •, bp reafon thereof tbeirgreatefltpW* 
lofopbers cculDleCTefktll of tbe nature ano courfeof tfce tEpbes, 
tban tl;e meawft feeamrn 0? Jailer of our time. .IJSoto tben tobas 
iz to be fain of Plinie toinj bts Dogbeaoeb men,&is jJDneepeo men. 
Ins t ongear esi,bis Centaures, bis Py gmees, anb W Cyclopes, 
feeing tbat in all tbe Countrie tobere be plantetb tbem,fcee finoe 
$®m , Cities , anb fitngdomes , no lefle lobit flo^tfbtng tljan t\)t 
famevnbercin Ijeeljitnfelfe toas;ano as foj anp Ipkelpbob of tbat 
tn^icl; i;e Uijitet^ of cfeofe t&ing*,toe finb none at alh 3g toucljitrg 

ty 4 ^e 


(I)? <&>outbcountrpes aim rtje J5oji;jcountri :$ , tbat fetototf,be» 
poimtlje Circlesof tbe tloo [Soles: Ojefotucr Cmppjcs tobicb 
Hon , anD mud) IclTc crtcnDrn tbcm fc lues fo farrc-, in fo mud) tfeat 
eucn toe our fclues knoto but a little of tljcm , toljiclj temped ano 
S>IjipU)?eche Ijarij taugftt bmete, 

SEtbat turn tuee tben bp tbts mfcourfe*: Cletdp tfjat dje CCtorto 
1ua0 not Imolime of an tljofe great Cmpp?es, aim mttrfj Icffeof 
tbem tbat liucn tm&cr rf;eir fubiettiom3n& itl>at it toag not peoples 
an at once 3 but rfjat ad folke ouerfomrmea to a place, aim cbaunccu 
to bttbpon a man tbat toas armentrus, tbep fp;eu tljemfelues far* 
tber ans fuller bnncr!;t^ gup&ing, into tbe Countries next bnto 
tbem,3n& (to be Hjojt) tbat dje neerer anp Countries; hereto our 
fojelapn Centre , dje famer toere tbep inbabiten , mane cutifl., ana 
manuretutobtd) tbing appeared) moje plainlp euen bp rt;e berp gc* 
Thcproccedig nealogie of tfje £aoito*Cbereftneletb$ take our Centre to be ep* 
or growing ^ ^ t0 pp e of Mount Taurus tubete it i& calfe& Caucafus, mi5 
Aev^rii iai;ereg>toMe^ report tl# arkeof Noe to baue reften 5 0? ris tbe 
plapneof Sennaar,tobere Moyfes faptb tbat d)e Languages toere 
confoun&e&,am> folke Difperfco atyoauejoj ete fome place of Mefo* 
potamia,(foj it fkilletb little in refpert of dje toojto)anb bv confc 
taring tbe aunrientelt CHates., toe (T>aH ftntjeti)€ States of Afly* 
ria>of Syria,of /Egipt,anrj of Perfia to baue bin nereft to our Ceifc 
tre 3 ann tbat tfje ^State of Aflyria teas rt)e greateft of djem all, mm 
pet in berp tructb but fmall in comparifon of tbe g>tates tbat fuc* 
. ceesea it* jf rom $ Affyrians/be $9onarrbie tamz to tbe Perfians; 
from tijc Per(ians,to tbe Greekes 5 fro d;e Greekes/o tbe Latins; • 
from tfje Latins,to tl)e Frenchmen • anD from djt Frenchmen to 
tf>e Almanes , accoiDinglp as Countries multiplpen tijeir babit«* 
tions , ann tfjat tbeir people growing; in Ciuilitk, matcben djeir 
fo?cei»itb bnfenome*: am> Spaynetofjid) betetofee teas eounteo 
tbe uttermoft part of p StSo-^lo, is noto become p- firfrmfcouerer of 
tbe netoe 2Hojto*15ttt let M goe on tuitl) rtje Caff partt:ftom tfje 
Perfians toee goc to tije Indians, aim from tlje Eaflindians to ri)e 
Weftindians,folong bntill taee come tot^etrbttermolt Coaft, 
toijtd) is dje felfefame place toljere dje Spanyards fottntr djeir tfrft 
lanmng ♦ 3nu furelp if Huo foike Hjouln kirpe on rtn'r toap conti- 
nuaHp^e one on tfjc one fine anD tbe odjer on dte otber(t!)at te to 
fap, tlje one Cafttoaru aim tbe odjer ^teiftumrtiO to &)* *nue tbep 
ftxiuto nmclwtij toset^cr^tf d;ere toere 8rme lanb all tbe tow fo? 



tbrilt td go bpom&T.D in ber* r>oft 3 like as Ireland,a part of Scot- 
land,Laplond,antJ GroneJand, being tfjebttcrmoft parts of out 
(toe of tbe SHojfcr, are as got) as fating*: fo aifo be tbe uttermoft 
hibabitet^ of tbcWeftindieSjUamtlp Canada.BaccalcajBrafilie, 
aittJ Petagon,tobict) are befcentjea of tbe Eaftindies. 3nn contra* 
rptoife like as m our Countries , tbe mo?e tiicp tentJ totoatus tlje 
Centre toljici) 31 Ijaue taken 5 tlje mo tokens batte tljep of tbeir an* 
tiquitie;aS 5 FrauncemotbanGermanie;ItaIymo tljait Fraunce; 
Greece mo tljan Italy;iEgipt mo tljan Greece^ anti fo fojtb of tbe 
reft : <§>o tlje Spanyards,tof)0 m tbeir ftrlt Conqucffes fotmn but 
Cctages anii 'Bogge^mn at tim'r entering further into tljt lann, 
fiirtie gartlp €itit$ toel htl;abiteD,o?tierIp nuTinctton of Commons 
ana jftobilitte , spiniflrers of 3!uftice ana men of cHarre, ^raseg 
ana Epanfcpcraftes toell gouemeti, Uptftojies oftftctr boings,tootr* 
iierfuHanttquirieS 5 ^otaerspa(rmgt!)epp?amptiS of £gipt, anu 
tobatfoeuer els tbe tuo^n Ijatlj counteo toontjerfuU ♦ Sun out of 
uoubt tlje naerertftep come to tfce Centre of tbat part, tbemoje 
fball tljep Sua ffilL if oj tijere is no man ignorant notoanapes toljat An Hiftcry of 
gooulp great Cities ann flojifying&ing&omes , fjaue toitljin tljefe the Reaimeof 
fetoeptrasbintiifcouere&mt&eWeftindies : anDtoljerettcom^ china. 
tnetb to face tlje Eaftindia toitb tfee Sea bettoirt tbem botf) - r tfyere 
toe fee rfje great Cmppje of China,fo b£auttful(,fo flowing, an* 
fo toell gouernea in al refpecfcetfbat ri# ciufleff tpme of all tlje Ro>- 
mane €mpp?e,map toell fame fcnto Irs to fjaue bene barbarous in 
comparifon of tl)at* 3it ts in effect an one as tfoougb tfre SHefferne 
Indians making Cmtquefts bpon bS as toe Ijaue Hone bp5 djem 3 
ftoutobauearriutfi attbefirftm Ireland, Scotland, Q) Grone- 
land^foj as little cmtlD tljep lymz fapa of &s,as toee of tbenr* 3na 
tol;ereas it map be replpea,tljat altbougb tfjepeaple tljcre be rune,, 
pet nottoitljftamung it batb euermoje bin people&rlet it be a&aea 
tbereunto , tfrat in foliotoing rfje Coaftes , mzn baue fauna manp 
Countries men pet bnpeoplea*3m> alfo tljae euen in tbe beft pen* 
plea places of all tbetr Concedes , tljep %mz not founn tlje tentft 
partoffomucbpeoplras t^e Countrte being manure toereable 
to beare^toljereas on rf>e contrarp part, m our Countries tbe tflfc 
tions noe pefter one anotber*3nn toberas our berp Ktermoft bo?^ 
uers aremo>efrequettteo t^en tbetrS; tbecaufctbtrof is,tbat ours 
le muri> neerer tbe Centre tobicij 31 fet ootone,tben theirs htz -> a$ 
tbe CofmograpberS uoe eaflp proepxre^berebpoiritljatb come 
to jjafle, tftat tty people toljirfj ^aue bene fpjeo abjoaoe from out 



Cent* bnto tfce btcermoft C oaflte of tbe frofen @>ea,ffmrotg rtjertt 
fclucfli nio^te multtplpca tban tbeir Lano* mere able to maintepne, 
*»D being not able to go anp further fo? tbe feea tljat bemmen d;5 
tn$ Ijaue reboutt&et) backe agapnebppon tftenejt Countries;, atf 
nmflp ii)t Cymbrians bppon tbe Almdnes anD Romanes , ana 
aftertoars tlje Gothes bpoit Italy ana Frauncctfee Humes upon 
Pannoye, tlje Vandales bpon Spayne, an* laftlp tfce Turkes an& 
Tartarians bpon all Europe. SEtyirb tbingbatl; not!;appene& bp* 
pan t&e otijet part of tbe 2£lo;<to 5 becaufe of the large fcope of tfcefe 
Countrep^taljidj emptpetb tbe €aftan* Indya into p CBetfernr; 
*Cbe flHefterue into netoe Spayne ; netoe Spay ne into Brafiik;ann 
Brafilie into tije S>outrjernelanD,toberof not fa mud? ass tbe <g>ea* 
coaft is ytt knotone* Berber befrU it fo unto bg in tbe toll ages?, 
beraufe our part of ti;e mojlo toas not yet fufficientlp peoples to 
tbbz backe agapne : but it befell dbteflp a little afoje oj a little after 
tbe comming of 3Wta €b)i&, tljat is to toft, tolaatbg tfje perfed; 
age of tl)e ftQojlo^o bee fljojt,toere tljere neuer fo mud; people, 
pettoereitnotoKonbcrto fjim tbattoouto take tl)e pepness to ac* 
count toljat onelp one of fpjing migfct amount bnto in one rjumneu 
p ceres, anoljotomanponemanmigljt fee to come of btmfeife in 
fjig otone Hfetpme; tobidj in another ljunn?eb peere migbt increafe 
into an infinite multttuoe* %bt €mpp?e$ Ijaue altoaiea grtenbeu 
tbeir largeneiretotnarbjs ti)t j3o?tlj ann tfjeg>outl) , but pet mo?e 
jftcjtljerlp tijan feoutljerlp , becaufe tlje Centre toljicl) 31 take , is 
Skill afo?e tolDarn^ ttjc jftojtf) , ana in tlje temperateft Clpmate of 
our Ijalfe ©lobe , tfcat is to toft 3 totoat&s tbe 3 5 ♦ana 4o.negrae$ 
(0? djereaboutsQof tlje Cquinoctiall lpne,toljid) biuioetfj f ££to?Ui 
jeuen in t\)t mto&efytobicb tljing 31 befire Hje l£ea&er$ to mark ao* 
tufeblp*3a& truelp Ifeland(tolnri; in oln tpme toa$ caileb Thule,) 
toas knotone in tlje tpme of great Alexander, nottoidjftanmng 
djat it be fitttate about 68 ,begtasf j8o?d;; toljereas pet fo? al tljar, 
t\jz greateft part of Affrick taag bnknotone to tl;em,ano t(je btter? 
moft readj of tljeir knotoleage toasi t^e 3lte of Taprobanc , totytl) 
neucrtljeleire are but bnoer fte Cquinoctiall : fo farre of torn tbep 
from attepnmg to $ feoutfjpoIeXo be (bojt 5 tbe Coaft of Affrick 
i>} Barbarie # of Spayne,toas{ peopleb b^ tbe Phenecians, toljom 
lue reane to ijane bin long tpme ILo^nsf of tfje g>ea.3nD dje Com* 
inoniweale of Carthage, tubidj toags fo IjtgWp renolnmeb ano rea^ 
djeD fo farre of, toaei an pmpe of Tyrus tbe rljtefe Citit of Phene- 
cia^idj bo^ereb bpon Ie^rie. tfo} Tyrus fent t^etl;er tlje one 



balfe of tbetrpeop!e,toberebpon tttxia^ fallen Carthago.tbat is to 
fap,tbe balfe totone, ami tbe ficftpeople tbat otoellen tbere,toent Stra bo.fib. 3 . 
into tbat Countrep bp a nartotoe peece of o^pelamj callen Cata- piutnrk in the 
bathmos ,tobtcb& a falling grounn tbat iopnetb Paleftmetoito lyfcofsciyu* 
iEgipt, a* remapneo pet (till to bee rean m tbe tpme of tbe !£)pfl;o * 
riograpber Procopius,t)pon a piller in Tingie a Citte of A ffrick, 
fet tbere by tbe iubabitants of Chanaan tobicb ijao Hen atoap from 
tbt figbt of lofua.3no in goon fcotb 3 as appeared Dp manp fenten* 
ceias of &♦ Auftins,tfte Punicke tongue toas but a kinne of feuerall 
jnopjietie of tbe Hebrew. 

dome perKU pet ftfll m oemattnnmg,ftom tobtnez tbt @>otttfc The Hiftonc* 
lano,tbe Countcie of Brafilie, tbe JLann of Perow ann fucb otbers of Affiickc 
touln be peoplen«t 3nn tobence 31 p?ap pou toas Affricke peoples 
fojd;ereplem(bingtobereoftbou cam! not but knotoe tbat mba* 
bitants toere fent tbetber botb by g>ea ann by JtamrtAfFrick toas 
peoplen firft by tbe fo?efapo narroto pace of n?pe Lano callen Ca- 
tabathmos , ann aftertoam refreffjen agapne by tbt ffrcpgbts of 
Gibraltar . 9nn tbe <g>outf)lano toas peoples on tbe one fine by 
tbe 3lle of Taprobane,$ on tbe otber fine by rije ftrepgbts of Ma- 
gellan tobicb bo butt tbere bpo Brafilie.3nn Perow Iiketoife toag 
peopleo bp tbe narrotoe popnt oflann callen Darien, by tbe tobiclj 
toap Brafilie alfo toajai peoplen ♦ 3t fucb tpme as tfje Spanyards 
enteren ftrft into rijat great JSefle tobicb contepnetb botb Brafilie 
ann Perow,tbep tbougbt it to baue bin an 3|tann3ln like maner^if 
tbe Perouians |jan lanneo in Affrick by tbe Athlantick ^>ea, ami 
ban fouun fo long a doe as tbe fine of Affrick is tbat ft retcbetb fcn* 
to tbe ten g>ea , fo as t^zy being toearien toitb following it as tbe 
Romanes toere, ban mane tbe like queftiom toe todufo tbenbatte 
ntocken at tbem becaufe toe fcnotoe tbe paflage toberebp mtn came 
tbetbenann tbep baue like occafion to mock ns 5 becaufe tbep knob* 
tbeivs ♦ T5ut pet agapne, from tobence came tije people tobicb are 
fpjeo abzoanefrom tbeiann tbat t^ callenuetoeSpaynebptbe 
ftcepgbt of Daryen?p?ocane on pet altttle furtber,ann tljou (bait 
finne Cathay ann Indya iopning to tbat lann ; ann Groneland 
facingit on tbe jfrojtbtine;ann tbe ttrepgljt of Anian on tbe <I23et£ 
fine, tobicb is almott as nare tottbin tbe bietoe of it as Spay ne is 
into Affrick by ^repgbts ofGibraltare. 9nn 3Ip?appou tobatr 
mo^ematueKisittbatt^ep (grati&tfrutepaflto&p tbatCrepgbt» 
tban tbat tbe Latins palTen into Sicilie by tbt JFate of Me(Tana,o^ 
tijat t^e Vaadaks paffen into Affrick ann ^ Sarzins into Spayne 


bv t\)t fays ffrcpgfra of Gibraltare?35ttt tlje mtTiljtefe t^rfjat no* 
time; ran fuflfec as Fo? pjcofe of tlje traetfc but foj mitiiciTe againff 
f&toc atomic batfj Slgaajufa, ^erefap, ano Doubt&ano tlje toerp 
leatf fufpition* oj furmije $ tfcat ra come m our mptttu Jfoj J p?ap 
pou 'Uiljat can bee moje cljitoiuj , ( o? rafter a* Varro faptlj in Iji* 
Eumenidesjmoje Uiojtljie of Upefytljan to Tap tljat men fating bp 
in a Country' as ttetcd ana Rape* ape*: 9fter tljat maner toere 
tlje Athenians callm Aborigencs , tljat ig to fap , l£)omcbjeB 0£ 
b:cfc in tfcat place : aim in token tftercof tljcp nio?e a K&f afleljoppec 
ArKfaJo in his in tljeir Cappe en H5onet : mfomr.rij tfeat Ariftides to flatter tljem 
ffmdicuaik. ip*tIjaI,fo!ii tljem tljat font Ccnritoiietoas tfce firtt tljat euerboje 
men ; ana pet fo; all (feat , tljcr* bait bin toljole Uealmes of mea m 
Syria,aftnr tfyctt mere aap iwe in Greece.dje Latins alfo tooultt 
Datmt tfjemfcluesi of die fame : but Dennis of Halycarnaffus aitQ 
PorciusCato acftnotoleage tljem to Ijaue come out of Achaia. 
3fke t(je Sauages, ants tljep bull fop tlje uerp fame tljat tljefc <§>a«: 
ge$ fap ; -ftj tljep ftnotoe neither one tying noi otljer, further tfeau 
tljeir otmte remembrance can rearfj* 

IBwt goe to Moy fes , ami Ije luill ten pou tlje ©jtgtnalleg of tfjc 
firft J3ation<* 3 anu tlje ©encalogie of tlje tufjole SHojto ♦ 3no tlje 
tec out of all ooubt to a man of fcirterftanmng, jfo* of Noe bp lji£ 
el&eft g>onne Iaphet , ififetoea tlje Gomerians oj Cymbryans, 
tlje Medes , tlje Ionians fonjo toere tlje firtt iinjabiters of Greece, 
tljeTvrifcons Dnchmen oj Almanes, tlje Italians , ant) tlje Do- 
doneans:namelpofGomer,Maday 3 Iauan,Afchenes 3 Elifa,anii 
Dodanira , 35p Cham tljere ifletoefc tlje Chananites, tlje ^Egip- 
tians , tije Libyans , tlje Sabeans , anu fo fcntlj; toljo retepneo tbe 
names of lji0 Cljiltyen 5 tljat is to tntt^of Chanaao,Mifraim,Lud, 
Saba,anu fo fioojtlj: tfo) Mifraim in l£)ebjetoe betokenetlj ^Egipt. 
%y> Sem rfjere Defcenneo tlje Elamites j Perfians , d>e Aflyrians, 
dje Chafdeans o? Chaldees,p Lydians,tlje Aramitcso? Syrians, 
tlje people of Ophir $ otljerg; tljat t^ to lott,of Elam, Arphaxad, 
Lud, Aram,Ophir,antiotljer0 ♦ 9titJtljefenamej5toereto?ttten 
am reco^en (>p Moyfes,afo2e tljofe Bationg toere of anp rq)uta« 
tioit,anti ftep remapne pet tttll among tlje Hebrewes at ttjtiei uap^ 
i5olu fake in taljat meafuix tljefe fatljevs of boufe^ inert afeu tljeit 
Cljtln?en , fo hid euerp of tljem fp?eu out fn's; b?aunrijeg{ a farre of, 
ftfomucb tljat t^e offpjmg of tljat ftocfe uiti couer ana ouerftaaotoi 
t%efel;ak eord^ anu fyi 3rfce of Noc^to after amaner fapte ouec 




T5\xt b«e is an ffibicction tobtcb feemetb tfronger* Cbefe rea* An obicaion 
fons(fap tbep) no tying ns bp to tbe jf ton-, but a0 p jfXuti tyougbt of Fiuddcs 
manfcpnn ro tbat fmall number., toberebp tbe £&ojln toas bp little *£ cn out °* 
ann little renetocn agapne:<§>o map it be tbat tbere toere otber fo^ ^ 
mer jf luns, djat ban none tbe like afoje; fo as tins latter if lun toas 
ratbet a renetoing of tbe S2Jo?ln,tban a firft beginning tberof*3tti 
to tins purpofe tbep toill allenge tbis faping of Plato in bis Tu 
rnxus, tbat tfje ouerflotoings of toaters ann tbe burnings b^ fire, 
Doe from tpme to tpme refreflj tl;e <KEJo?ln,ann neffrop tberemem* 
berance of tbe former ages 3 ann a *fo of all 3rtes.>§>ciences 5 ann o* 
tbcr 3inuentions*Cbis is toojtbie of fome examination ♦ gmrelp 
countings eptbertmiuerfall oj anp tbing great in refpetf of tfye 
tobole toojlo 3 tbere is no mention founn in anp g>tojie< 3lfo of anp 
atber generall jHun, tban tljat tobicb toee tafce to bee t\jz firft, ana 
Iaft,djere is; as little to be founn 3 bnlefle tbep toill applp tljat name 
to tbe ouerflotoings of IRiuers in fome fmal quartern to tbe torn* 
tiing of tijt Sbea b^ fojce of bis breaking into fome Countrep a 
league oj ttoapne,tobicb can noticing feme to tijts purpofe* 3n& 
if tfjcrr allenging of it in tljat bebalfe te unfeinenlp ann in g©n ear* 
iteft as 31 bcimic it is 5 toell mougbt ti>ep fare fo? tbeir confeifion, 
,f 0? tben tuill 3! affte tbem tobetber ting jf lun toere touuerfall, o£ 
particular but to fome one Countrep ♦ iff it toere particular#oto 
commetb it to paflfe tfjac all jftations confefTe it to bee tmroerfalfc 
9an boto commetb it to palTe alfo tbat tbe Countries tobicb baa 
no parttbereof, batteno inclingtljereof eptberin memojieojm 
touting*:©? if it toere imiuerlafcnfo anp men efcape from it,o;t no* 
3|f none efcapen 3 boto tben come toee to tbf ftnotolenge of irt 3na 
tobence are toe alfo 3 but of a neto Creations 3nn Ije tbat toas able 
' to create bs agapne 3 tobp toas be not able ta create bs alfo afo?tfr 
3lf fome efcapen,as allof &s no confenf tbat tberenin:tobp btlmz 
toe tbem not as toell in tbe tbmgs tbat toent afo?e tbe ir lun, as toe 
beteue tbem concerning t))t if lun it felfe^ 3nn tobo bee tboft tbat 
tfcapen but Noe ann bis ilTetojtobo leane bs to tbe Mt beginning 
Iiotb of H)t mo)lo ann of mcn^ifo? in al tbe ipiftojies of tbe r $m 
tben,tobat finne toee tberccf toa^itb tbe aHengmg *: 3giu#, % u* 
maunntobetbertbisfapn jflunannctbers tofjtcft tfetp p^eteunto 
Ijaueabolilbentberememberance of tbe former tpm/s, befell bp 
cbaunce 0^ bv ppuinence 4 : 3lf bp cbaunce;toas it not pofuble ^tbat 
of & m^nj tol;icl) map percljauce Ijaue bin eptljer from etterlaflinff 


02 of bcrp olo tpme,pcrrijauce not fo mud) as anp one ffjotrto |>aue 
cffapco*:^ irDp p2outuertcc;lip tobofe picutucnce 0>oulD itbebut 
bp ©otj^ *: o? U)ljo couto baue potoer to tjn&oe ana confound ftig 
l»ojke,but onlp Ije ftat mm it*i 3no tobat warrant baft ftou ftac 
be oeftropen itmoje ftan once , feeing ftou art infojcen to graunt 
ftat be mane it but once*: J$ap,it map be ftat it befel ftjouglj fome 
Conjunction of fte S>tarres . ant> tofjo tola ftem fo*; 3no tftturp 
fmotoe fo muft ftercof,let ftem teH^ss toljat g>tarres ♦ 31 omit to 
cell ftem tljat fuel; C0munctiong(as ftep ftemfelttes tearij)ftjea* 
ten not fte indole anojlo, but feme fmall part thereof* after fti$ 
maner nto fte 3ttroIa^er^ fap 5 ftat in ftepoere 1 5 24,ftere (IjoulD 
m&te fte like Coniunaton as! toas at fte general! jflua 3 bp rea* 
fon thereof fte indole earrfj (bouto be cotiereo nrift toaterrann pet 
as(viucs fapdj)a fapjer pare ftas neuer feene • Co bee fljojt, all 
ftings unll goe fo? papment tm'ft tljefe folke 3 fauing tlje trueft* 
The obicaion ^ u t {& ijere rfjeir laff Snkeftolo* Ipoto bappeneft it (faptlj A- 
©f Aucrrhocs. uerr h is) ftat ©on fojboje fo long, ami tobn;e ban Ijee ftat netoe 
acuta of making fte toojltrt S>il(p fouletijat ftou art 'xubtclj glo* 
rieft in afkir.g ©cteffions toftereas fkifl conllfteft in anfroering* 
Cljou tuilt neeses pjoaue rfje toojlo b^ tbp reatbns to bee toiftoitt 
beginning : an* pet in tljjee toajjos toljidj djott Ijatt fpoken , tbott 
fyetoeft p tbou knotoeft not toga: eternitie o? euerlaftingnes is,3!n 
etermtieCfreemn mpne)t!jere is neitber lengft no? fljo^tnes of time: 
fte euerlafting pjouioence is not tpco to neto cafualtie* ConHoec 
ft at tbou art a man* Cbe plants; cannot iu&ge of g>ence; fte 
3$eaftes cannot iuage of dje tyift of l&cafon; neitber canff tbott 
fobift art fubiett to tpme.iu&ge of eternitie toljift is toirijout time* 
jfoj ifeuen tftp litle ^abe toljicb is in time, cannot conceiue mbat 
tpme i« : bolo (ball Ijee tljat is but in tpme , i?noer(lano tbe euerla* 
ftingnea! of tbe euerMing *; after tljat maner t^t b)\iu bealte ( if 
tbep ban fpeedj)tooulD necipljer tbe reacbe of tbp font acco^uing to 
tbeir otone imagination^nti tbou tooulocft modke at tbnti if tljep 
ftoul^ goe about to oefcribe luljat tbp memojie is , totytf) iopnetft 
paft,pjefent,an& to come all in one*3nti boto tljinkef! tljou tbp felf 
able to itDge of eternitie, tobirfj altered \nitfy tbe ZGXinMjxitl) fte 
89ame$,am> \aitlj tlje feafons of tlje pere *, eucrp oap,euerp bo)x)?f s 
ano euerp minutz *t 9f keft tbou toljp ©on fo?bo?e fo long tpme*: 
J5ap rafter , af ke toljp (Sod iiffeo to make fte tpme it felfe •, fo? in 
one imteuMblz moment is eternitie iopnen boft tco ^ beginning 
im* to fte ewe of tpme* $.tam tW al^ftat to^ere ft ere is an? 



botmtv oj enn,tljcre is no long tpme.3Hje long time of a ffi!So?me, 
is a mewetb ; ofan 3nt,a pere; of a (f>ojfc 3 tt)tittc pcrts? -, of a matt, 
a {)unn^n peercs ; of aUmaalunn , certeute tboufanns ofpcrref ; of 
tpme it felfe, a rcrteincfpacc of tpme; ann tijc terming cf anp of all 
tfjeir times iong,is m rcfpcct cf eft* long continuance of cbctr life in 
time ; but bitto birn tbat mane tpme, nothing tnnuretb lefTe Uubple 
tban time* put the u\te tbat tl;e luo^Io Ijajte Xal^cn a bantyen tfeu- 
fann peit^o^tf pe toiirjtenlrannjen tboafano , ttibat (ball pe pine 
bv ttfat ^ €ba: tbe tuo;in ftall Ijaue bent of t!>e greater antiqpttie, 
2i5ut in refpect of trijom *: of (^o^o^of tbp fdfe * of a a£tfflime,oj 
of a Spirit «t of etenuttc,o? of tpme ^ 9nn tobat is all tbat m com* 
parifaw of mfintenelft ? 3is not £ ©aeffion all one flfil ': EElbenee 
is tfjis neaice ': toljettce is tfjis cbatmre *; as tocil in a bunnjen > as 
in a tfjoafann , ann as b>ell in a tboufimn as a tboafanntboufann? 
2>et toas t\)t neuice ann purpofe eternan,not)antbffanning tfeat tbe 
cjcectition thereof be in tymz , infomucb tbat be ba?b bjoutrfjt fo?t!> 
tpme., ann tpme is ameafure of mouing,am*mouingp;muetb abe* 
ginning, anntlje beginning toln'cb it tafcetljis euentetue* ^Lljon 
tben tobicb bp a moumg baft a beginning pjoueo tmto tljee^ine o* 
tier tljp furmifen etevnitie ann confeflTe a netimeflfe of tpme , foj no* 
tljtng is netoer tban tpme ♦ SSitfrfifte reafonr mapfttljou nemamm 
tobp ©on mane tbe SRojlo rather bere tljan elfw&ere ♦ if o? tbefe 
niftintfions of time ann place toere createn ann bjougbt fo?tb toge* 
tljer at one infant toitb tfje 2Bo?lo , fo as tljep be neitber toifyout 
it no? afojett ♦ 5>e tfjat is tuitbout tpme ann imtljout place 3 mass 
botb tpme aim place * ann if be ban bin fubiett to tpme ann placets 
tljou ima$ineft$e roulo not &aue mane eptbet place cj tpme,!?ra, 
but tobat nin bee tben (fapeff tl;ou) afoje tbe tootfne ann out of tbe 
iuojlo^gDnre agapneamenn t\)p pfea» jfo? in ©en tbeve is neptljec 
afo?e no? after,tmt!jiii no) un'tbout ♦ TSnt futelp it is a goolp qtie- 
ftion,ann toelbefecmtng a great toit»9fo?e tfjp Clocke o? tbp bail* 
ning luas mane , tbou ninnefl not ceaffe to liue ann to neligbt tbp 
felfe in t&e perfertneffe of tbpne 3rte ^ ann aftertoarn tbp bailning 
annen notljing bnto tfj^but tljounnto thv bailing, %%m idouI^ 
ueft baue bin aftamen to bane affcen of Scipio toljat be ntn at borne 
in bis froufe in tbe Countne, after b^ ban gtuenoacr tbe atopics 
of tbe CommontDeale ann tbetjuatres: ann betaouln {)aue ar^e^ 
ten tbde p be toas neuer leOTe pnle tbamuben b^ && pnle 3 no? leife 
alone tban toljen be l»as alone. 3nn ^n tljou t^infeeft tbat it (tone 
<0on greatlp on l;an to mafee fyi$ gconlp palace of ^ )»o?m fo? tijee, 


Il8 OF T^I T n E W V B S 

ann to fjarber fucb Mafpbemers as tbou art tberein , a* tf^e route 
not baue fojboine tbac,oj liuen untbout tbp compahie*<Son did tbe 
fame tbing toitbout tbe toojlo , tobicb fje notb thfl totrtj tbe toojfo: 
Cbat te to toit,be is bappie m bimfelfe^be loojlo batb notbing at 
all au^mcitcru bis feltc itte oj bappinefle ♦ TBut to >tje tnteat(a$ pe 
tooulD fap)to (bcnfcnjtb Ijtfif bappinelft out of &tm&Ife;tt liken btm 
to create tbe toojlo*S>ea,but tuljp Din be ft no fanert BHbat a mm* 
btx of faults are beere in one fpacbVCbou toilt noenes be puuie to 
tbe caufe of ©ons toill m al tbings, ann pet is Oons toia t!)c caufe 
of tbe caufes of an rtjings^p eternitie tljattijannefi: net bin able ta 
fjauefcnotonebis potoer; fo? tbe flpatefftt tberaftooultj baue mane 
tty narfte;ann it is fo bugbt tbat tbou coulned baue tent le(Te,tbati 
tbou couloeft fee nolo if tbou toert longen in p bonp of tbe fetmne. 
32oto be mafcetb tbee to pcrrepue bis pafter,bp tbe creation of tbe 
tDojlo^bts eternttie 3 bp compartfon of tpmc;* bis glorious b?igbt* 
nede 3 bp tbe fijaootoe tbereof* 35p etemicie,tbou roulnetf not baue 
fmotone bis toifenome;foj rbau tuotitoeft baue m\nt% all things 
as toife as be,feemg tbep ban bin as euerlaftmg as be ♦ 3un tobat 
totfebeme ban remapnen in btm , if an tbings ban bin of n^ceffitie, 
two notbing at bis otone djepee aim libertie *t Tout notn tbou feeff 
Ijts toifenome in rije g>tones,m tbe J£erbs 3 in tbe numb creatures, 
pea ann euen in tbe toojkmanftip of tbp felfe* Cbou feed it m t!je 
o?ner,m tlje fucce(Tion,anb in tbe boning of all tbingsXbou ga* 
fed at it in tbt greated tbitigs,ann tbou toonnered at it in tf;e finals 
led;as m\x(^ in tbe jTIpe ann tbe 3nf,a* in tbe tobole Cope of bea* 
uemtoberas tbe eternity of tbmgs tooulo baue caufeo tbee to baue 
attributes ©oobean to tbe @>fcpes , tbe<g>tarres , tfje Cartb , tbz 
Rockes , tbe 3$owxttync$ , ann in effect to all tbings ratber tljatt 
tbp felfe^as tbep bin wind) iwere taugbt fo to no,9lfo by tbis eter^ 
nitie tbou coulneft not baue conrepueo bis gmnnerte , bmnte tbou 
tooutoeft Ijaue tbougljttbat ©©Dbaobaoasmucbncetieoftbe 
£2Xo?ln 5 as tijt SSJojfo ban of bim, Cbou fbouloeft not baue kno^ 
Uicn tbp felfe to bee anp moje beboloen to bim , tljan to tl)e fire fo? 
beating tb^o? to t&efi&umie fo? giuing tboeligbt, bemik tbcp 
^ouln no mo^e bee eptber fire o? feunne , if tbep foment tijat na^ 
ture ♦ QBut b t fljetoetb tba by tfje creation,botb tbat be Ijtmfclfc is 
tuer^anti tljat tbou bad ban tbp being ftnee tbe tpme tbat it pleafen 
bim to create tljee : tbat be Initbout tbee is etcnuill ; ann tbat tbou 
tmtboutbis gonnefie banned neuer bin tbat little tubicb tbou am 
^an to bee (bo&tfoat ije is uot tpen to anp nine oj necelHtie as A- 



riftotles <&oa i$,(ti)l)icb coula tint refufe to anue p ©ifl, but toag 
tpea to it tobetber be tooula oj no:) but tljat bis aoing of tbings is 
altogether of bis otonc infinite gcnaneire, lubeiccbjougb be bout* 
faferb to impact bimfelfe anto otljerS, Dp making tlje tbing to bee 
tobicb t»as not $ pea ana bp making tbe tbing Jjappie ? tuijub of it 
felfe coula not fo murij ass be ♦ Jf2oti),baa man anp mill ox f kill to 
acknotoleage tbe potticr^ioifeaome, ana gajanefte of bis <£oa<; [31 
tfyinbe not* ] Cben teas it fo? t!)p benefcte ana not foj bis otone, 
tbatljemaaenot tbe £cto?la eptljer of greater antiquitie, o? eter* 
ttall ♦ jfo? baa l?e maae it eternal^ ( let as! fo fpeake feeing pe toill 
tatte it fo , ) tbou toouiaefl: baue maae a 6oa of it , ana rljou canft 
notcuennoto fojbearetbe acing tbereof* 3nabaa be maae it of 
moie mtitimtizi tbou maulaeft baue maae it an occafion to forget 
ibp (Dotyana fo? all tbe netonelTe tbereof, pet toilt tbou not beare it 
in tbp mpna^ben feeke not tbe caufe tbereof inW potter ♦ %\)t 
caufe tberrof is in tbpne otnne infirmitie: Mwjbz caufe tbereof is 
m bis gtoanefle, in tbat be tntenaetb to fuccour tbpne ignorance* 
9na fo,nottoitbiiaaing al tbeir obiections,t»e (ball bp tbis meant* 
fjola ftili our conclufion 5 to frit, Cljat tl;e ££tojla is but of late con* 
timtanrev^bat it baa a beginning^ana tljat concerning tlje tpme of 
tbe firft beginning tbereof,ana concerning tbe continuance tbereof 
Imto our aates,toe ougbt to bzi&uz f boto of Moy fes aboue alU 



The ix. Chapter. 

That the wifedome of the World hath acknowledged the 
Creation of the World. 

3Itlj toe l;aue feene tntrf) tol;at confettt f tofjole 
barmonieof tbe (I&o;rfa rbauntetb tbe Crea* 
tton tberof ana tbep?aife of tlje Creator, noto 
it follctoerf) tbat toe feetubat tbettrifeaome of 
tbetoojlabatf) beleeueain tbatbebalfctobere* 
in toe baue to cofiaer tbe felffame tbtng tabic!) 
toe ronfioerea in tlje aoctrme of tbe tfyee per* 
Constat is to trn'f ,rtjat tbe n&rer m come to tbe toelljeaa thereof, 
t be nwe rimer lue finae it: pea ana it is alfo a fcbtolepepnt of Pb- 
toes tearing, cljat in tljefe l;igf) matters of tfje ©oaljeaa^of t; e 

31 Creation 


OF THE T R I VV N ! $ 

The men of 
mod antiqui 
tie beleeuea 
the Creation 
of the world. 

Creation of tlje toojlo, ami of fuel) otber lifce,toe muff gwe creoftc 
(as bnto afcpno of Demonftration,)to tlje fapingg of men of mo£ 
antiquitie, as fofte tljat toere better ano nrierer to 600 tljan toee* 
$perc 31 ITjouIn begin at Moyfes , as tlje auncienteft of all tojitertf, 
aim toljom all tlje i[>eatljen 3utbojs ooe bonoj ano toconoer at tit 
tbeir lu^ttino:^ , 3no tljeberp firtftoojoe of big bmkeltmplp fei 
fcoUmetn tljefe termeS, In the beginning God created Heauea 
and Earthy ougbt to bee bnto bg as a majrimce of Euclyde, toijtcti 
tn tbofe &aies men mere attjameo to can in quetfion/But to tlje in* 
tent toe confouno not rfje tao?ti of 600 toitlj tlje toojo of man 3 fo£= 
afmuclj as tbe folke toitlj tobom toee Ijaue to oeale, are fucb as re* 
fufe t!jofe toljom tljep cannot accufe : let bs ouercome tbem rattjer 
bp tbeir otone Doctor* Certepnlp toljofoeuer mill take tlje papne 
Mercury in his tD c ^ mt Mercurius Trifmegiftus tottft Moy fes,ff)all reape tljer* 
Pomwdcr. &P mott fi" jular contentation* 3!n <£eneGs Moyfes oefcribetb tlje 
Creation of tbe <D&Jo£lo-,ano fo ootb Mercurie Iiketutfe in IjiS Pce- 
mander .Moyfes efppetb oarfatefle bpon tbe £2laters:3no Mer- 
curie ftctl) a ojeaofull ffjaootoe Ijoucring on tbe mopff nature, ana 
tlje fame mopff nature as tt toere bjcooeo b^ p toojo of (Son* Moy- 
fes faptb tbat <B©D fpake,ano f©?tljtoitb tbings toere maoetano 
Mercurie aclutotoleogetij ano bjingetb in @oos toojoefyuting, 
toberebp be creates tlje ligljt anomaoetbe GBojlo ano all tljatte 
tberein ♦ Moyfes partetb tbe nature of mopfture into ttoapne , tlje 
one mounting aloft tobiclj be caUctf) Bpeauen^ano tbe otber remap ■ 
ningbeneatljtoljicbbe ealletlj&ea : 9no Mercurie feetljaligbt 
fire toljicb be calletb j£ther mounting bp as it toere out of tbe bo* 
toelles of tlje mopft nature, ano liftetoife m ap?e calling it felfe be^ 
mknt tlje toater ano tlje elementarie (Irc,toljicb is notbing els but 
a mo?e cleere ano futtle ap?e* Cbe <§>ea ano Lano(faptlj Moyfes) 
toere mingles togetber tottill <Boo Ijao fpoften;ano tljen bp ano bp 
eptber of tbem tooke W pl^^ ty btmfelfe ♦ 9fter tbe fame manct 
Mercurie faptlj tljat tbofe ttoo elements Iping erft mingleo toge= 
t^er y feuereo tljemfelues afunber at tbe fpeaking of tbe fpirituall 
Mercury in his ^^o tobicfc tnup?oneo tljem about* ffiXW mojc?6oo(fap botb of 
Poemander, tljem ) crcateo tbe fetarres ano tlje iplanets ♦ 9t tbe uopce ofW 
thcx.5c3.cap. ujo^tfte €artlj,tl)e 9p?e,ano tlje 22Iater 5 b?ougbtf©?tlj Stalls, 
O^iroe^ano jfifljes * taftof all^^oo createo man after bt$ otone 
3!mage,ano oeliuereo all bis toojfces into bis bano to bfe tijem»3I^ 
not tbis a fettingootune not onlp of one felffame fence , but atfo of 
^e felfefame termer ano toojog 4 ; 3Buc tu^en w Mercurie aooetfc 


aftertoata, tbat ®o& crpetb out fcnto bft tooflti bp bft &o!p toojtr, 
fapingj'Bjing pe fcajtb ftutte,groto, ano tncreafe:map tt not feme Mcrcur j ca f. 
imto as tbat toe be$re Moyfes btmfelfe fpeaking ? &no ag foj tbe le j gcd by ^ 
fmallmfferencesftrfjicb arc inbtm concerning tbe feuen Circle^ riljusinhisfe. 
tbe 5one$,amj fucb otber tbingg; tijcp ferue greatlp to tbe mantfe* cond bookc 
tfation of tbe truetb ; namelp 3 tbat tbft maner of Mercuries tojt* JCJSmS 
ting, ft not a bare bojrotmng oj tranffating out of Moy fes ; but ra* MercSnhis 
t^er a tradition conuepea to ti>e jEgiptians from tbe tf atber to tbe holy Samoa. 
g>onne*3in another place Ije faptb tbat <£oa b^ bft bolp, fpirituall 
ano migbtietoojfcing toojfc> commaunoeo tbe oapfonne to bee 3 ann 
tt toaa none : tbat tbe g>ea ano lano fljoulo bee feuereo afunner; 
tfcat tbe Starrer fbouto be creates, ano tbat ©erbes fboulo grotoe 
tjp euerp one tottb bft feeoe,bp fojee of tbe fame toojoe* 3ttb tbat 
t&e WLotfti ft but an alteration, a matting,* generating ano a eo?* 
rupting of tfring$,an& $)& ft cannot be cafleo gcotu'Cbcfe are con* 
cMong cleane contrarp to eternitie oj euerlafttngneflTe + 15ut fojaf* 
tmtc& ass [ if 3! ftoulo fet ootone all l;ft fapingg tobtcb be batb to 
rtjat pttrpofe,] 31 tyouio be fapne to copte tym almoft tobole out: tt 
ft better fojttte to oefire tf;e IReaoertf to go to tbe berp place tt felf* 

Orpheus t^t atmcienteft oftfte Grcekes , bao bin in ^gipt a$ orphem in his 
lie fjim&lfe fapt^ano tfcere lie Iearneo, Wfcat t&ere ft but one <£o&, Argonawtes. 

The Ayrejhe Heauen^he Sea,the Earth 3 and Hell 
With all the things that in them all doe dwell, 

to ere barber* in W bjeaft from all eternitie* 
Ann alfo tbat 

The running flreames^the Ocean fiods and Men \ 

Things prefentj kings to come lay all at eafi 

In that wide lap of his: and that within 

His bety large the bond lay lapped vp 

Which holdeth all this great huge Vvorke together m 

3n& afrertoara &e awetlj furtber, 

Thefe things tyhichyet lay hidden aU 
Within the trea/hretfhis brefi, 
He into open light did call, 
(reating as he deemed befi 
This ft at ely ft age whereon tojhowi 
His noble doings on a rowe. 

9m> fofcat eft ft t&fe-, tfjan tbat <8ot> afo ettetlaffmglp ioft tU 
toojte ^ftuen, (&% t&e %afcfe^) in tfee ^mtoieof ^ft tnfi* 

3! z nitt 


nice totfenome: ©?(** Dennis faptfj)m tlje Clofet offjfe ptrrpofc 

ann MB; ana afrcrtoam bjougfjt it femtfj in tpmc taljeit tt pleafeu 

fjtm *: 9nn m anotljer place, 1 fing(faptrj ljc)of the darke confu- 

Toxfyxiw fion,I meane the confufion that was in the beginning,how it 

\& 9- ♦ was diffigured in diuers natures,and how the Heauen,the Sea 

«f T<mA« anc * the ^ and werc macJe ' ^ ^ - mt mo?c * * ^"gCfepft fo-°f 
* Loue,euen of the Lone that is pcrfed of it felfe,of moreanti- 

quitie than all thefe things ; and of all things which the fame 

hath brought foorth,and fet in order , yea of tyme it felfe. % 

ijattc alreanie Ijeretofcne neclarcn toljat fje meanetlj fcp tljts Louet 

namclp,rt;e gconMl of 60D ; ann tljat alfo noc ctten fome oftl>r 

Orpheus in his Hebrewes mesne bv tlje Spirit turjid; Moy fes fpeaketfj of ♦ 'Co 

Argonawtes. jj C fljo?t > Ije fap ri) tljat rje Ijtmfetfe mane a bcoke of tfje Creation of 

rije luo^lD , toJjtdj tuas a common argument. ammtg rije poets of 

tljat tpmc , ag Empedocles, Hefiodus, Parmenides, aim furij o- 

tljerg,tu!jtrij toere all pljtlofopljcrs • 3nn in marrp places! Ije rentt* 

rerij all tljings to ££latec ana to a ecrtepne 35un as to rijetr 021'rjr- 

na^turjtdj tljmg agreed loell enoucrjj to tlje nape of Moyfes.Clje 

Hefiodusin ** e l '* * one &P Homer ann Hefiodus,to!)icfj came after fjim,,f o;, 

fcubookcoir Hefiodus maketlj ncfcrtptton,not onlp of rije Creating of ptoo2l& 

woorkesand ann of tlje p artg tljereof; but alfo of tlje Cljaosoj confufion ann of 

Bayes,and in tlje (Sons rijemfelues* 3nn ftlje Homer mtenncrij to curfeaman, 

h f th C G<dF C * woulcl C ^ tl J ^ ) that tnou mi g nteft returne to Water and 

c *• Earth rrijat te to fap,3| toouln rijou inert not anp mo&a* tlje thne 

fjarij btnt tljat tfjou toaff not^o be (fcnt^Sophocles, Aefchylus, 

ann tlje ucrp Comenp&jttcrs fpcafte after rije famr manertann foj 

p^cofeoftljemalljEwripidesftanfufeejtoljotnag rijeleattrelt- 

gtouS of tljem all ♦ The tyme hath bene (faprij lje)that Heauen 

and Earth were but a lumpe: but after that they were fepara- 

ted, they ingendred all things, & brought to light theTrees, 

the Birds , the Beaftes of the field, the Fifhes, and Men them 

felues. ^02 as foz otljer$,tljep fpcafemojeto tljepurpore 3 as Ara-- 

tus , tofto faptlj tljat (Son Ijarij fet tlje S>tarrcs m tlje fekpc to nt^ 

ItingutOj rlje@>eafon^ ofdjepeare: tljat Ijecreaten all rtjtngs: tljat 

men are W ofTpimffttljat h? tlje figitcs of Cprauen Ije ment to giuz 

tljem toarmng of dje djatmges; oftlje 3tre,au& of €empe(!^^3im 

._.... tlje uopce of djefc poets te to bee ronfincrca a^ rije opinion of trjc 

KS pecpleto^jomdjepfun^nrmrres 

ooiniosofthc 33otolet t»s p on undj dje atnictentpljtlofopljerei ♦ Pythago- 

jhiiofopiios. rasCbp dje report cf Plutarke)faitlj f> t!;c cCIojlo toajS begotten of 




<Bo& 3 of it otmte nature cojruptibIe,becaufe ittons fenfible anb bo* 
fcilp-,but pet tijar it is not co^tupten, becaufe it is bpljito ami main* 
tepnen&i* bfe pjaumence* Cbe fame tiring not!) alfo Diogenes VarroInIl j s 
Laertius tuttneiT^SnU toljeteas Varro faptfj djat Pythagoras ac^ r CC onci booke 
fenotoleogeo not anp beginning of liuing *£!igbts : Arcnitas ljis of Hufban- 
Difcipie (ballmaintepnet&e contrarp fo? yis Raider: jFtyljfe dr y- 
luojDes are tljefe: Of all liuing Wights man is bred moft wife iamblichus 
of capacitie to confider things, and to atteyne to knowledge, ^p ^ J^ 
and to iudge of them all. For GOD hath printed hi him the^^ 1 ^?^ 
falneflfe of all Reafon.And like as God hath macfe him the in- ta $, D 
ftrumentof all Voyces,Sounds,Names and vtterancesjfo alfo 
hath he made him the mftrument of all vnderftandings and 
conceyts,which is the workmanihip of wifedome : And euen 
for that caufe(faitlj be)doe I thinke that man is of Gods crea- 
ting , and hath receyued his inllruments and abilities at his 
hand .Thales one of tlje feuen feages Ijilo opinion^tbat all tbingS Lamms in the 
Jjautl)eirbegmn;nj of Skater, ana t&at<&S)Da:eatet> all firings lyfcofrhaks. 
tlKtaf 5 to!)o is alonlp bnbegotten, ami Ijatfo not anp eno oj anp be= . . . 

ginning. 3nti againe, The World (faptlj lje)is moft excellently ££££ mm 
bcautiful,for it is the worke of God.Slfb being af&eo tobetbet 
bias firlt of tije Dap oj tlje 3®i$t ; l*c anftoereD tbat the Night 
was fooner by one day: as if be ban HtCnt to fap, tljat afoje GdoU 
Ijan creates tbe ligbt , it muff n#t>es bee confeflcn tljat out of Irim 
tbete \uas noting but oaitaerte ♦ jftGto tbis pljilofopljer alfo as 
fcicll astlje reft ban gone to g>cb©le in ^Egipt . 

Timeus of Locres termetb 'Cpme t\)t 31mage of etermtie , ami 
faptlj tgat it tcofce bis beginning from tbe creating of Upeauen ana 
Cartb , ann tbat (fi5oo create* the berp <§>oule of tlje £Qo?lo afo?e 
tbe foUojlo it felfe, botlj in poffibilitie ami in tpme ♦ &o bee (bo?t 5 
Plutarke affirmed) tbat all clje naturall pfjilofopbers of olb time, 
Ijito opinion tljat tlje begetting o? creating of tbe 22Jo?lb began at 
rtje eartb as at $e Centre thereof: ami tfjat Empedocles faptlj 
tjjat tl)e (heft kpnn of 3er tofyid) tbep cal £thcr,taas tlje firft part 
thereof tljat bias tnatone bp on Irigb* 3nD Anaxagoras is repoj* 
ten bv Simplicius,to affirme tbat ©o&(toljom be calletb Mynd o? 
Vnderftanding) createti tbe Jpeauen, tlje €artl; 5 tbe gmnne anD 
tlje <&tarres ; ano fcarflp is tljere anp one to bee foum^tnlricl) tea* 
rljetbtbat tpme is toitljout beginning* 

@)ome of Platoes latter Difciples , (as namelp Proclus tyU 
tixi% agamftt^e Cl;jtttian^) toouto n^nes beare tl;eir Sptyftzz 

31 3 botone, 



Ariftolc in his 
eightth bookc 
Epicurus in 
Plutark in the 
Opinions of 
the Philofo- 
phers.,and in 
«hc creation of 

as nc is ailed - 
ged by Simpli- 
cius vpon the 
bookes of 

Tfo TTXhcU 


notttitCjtljat be beteueu tbe toojto to bane baa no Begfmttttg ♦ *&\& 
if tuee map beteue Ariftotle, tofro teas a feboflet off)t^ a ttoo ami 
ttuentie peered be taugbt t^ac tbe toojlo toas crcateDjano it i* one 
of tbe cbief principles tobereiu tbep mott&ifagKe,Philo tobo toa* 
a* another Plato,faitb tbat Plato l;ao learnco tt of Hdiodus.3m> 
Plutarch tobo tyztotti) bimfelfe to baue perufeo I;im tbjottgblp 
leafe bp leafe 3 fpeaftetb of btm m tbefe tooj&g/rhere are(faptb be) 
fome ftudyers of Plato,which by racking his wordes,indeuer 
by all meanes to make him deny the creation of the World 
and of theSoule,and to confeflc the euerlaftingnefle of time, 
notwithstanding that info doing theybereeue him of that 
mod excellent treatife of his concerning the Goddes,againft 
the defpy fers and skorners of whom in his tyme he wratc. 
And what needeth any thing to be alledged for proof e there- 
of, feeing that his whole booke of Timeus is nothing els but 
an expreffe treatife of the Creation of the World ? djefame 
tinner ai(b Ootb Aphrodifius tmtnefle concerning Plato . Jn \)i$ 
facofee intptleo Athlantick^c termed) tbe two^lo a tbtng Longago 
created.3[nbte matters of Stated faptb tbat tbe toojlo toag fet* 
ieo ann foutmefc bp <8roD 3 ami tbat tt cotepnetlj ffoje of ga>& tbings, 
ano tftat tbe troublefomeneffe tobtcb it batb 3 fe but a Kemnaut o j 
Bemapmier of tbe former cottfuCon^ 3ffo Socrates m bte bcofte of 
Commontoeale , termetb itStjoy y whtov A Godhead begot- 
ten or crcated.amj hxljidj of tbe aumitnt tauter^ tito euer ooubt, 
tbat Plato taugbt not tbe Creation of tbe i!2torto,conttoering tbat 
be batb ma&eoefcriptton^ botb of all tbe parts tbereo£ ana of tbe 
(Sottf tbemfelue^ano alfo tbat be faptb tbat tbe too?fo ftrag crea* 
ten corruptible of it felfe, but pet abotrc immortall ana tmco?rttptt* 
ble tbjottgb tbe grate of <Soo tobicb bpbotoetb it *t l$ut let t# era* 
min tbe racking tobicb Proclusofferetb tmto fytm*PIato(fai$ be) 
afflrmeth in his Commonweale , that whatfoeuer hath a be- 
ginning hath alfo an ende : Now the World,as he fayth in his 
Timeus, (hall haue no end; Therefore it followeth that it had 
no beginning . 3lf anotber man tbouto reafon after tbat maner a* 
gainlt Proclus 3 Proclus tooulo laugb btm to ffcomerfoj be flriftctfj 
tfyz terme* :atu> pet our Joules tobicb be conctoetb to be toitbout 
cntt,faile not to baue ban a begtnnmg^ut tbougb toe toere ncuer 
fo b>d contenteD to let bint pafletpet ootb Plato aflfople btm in one 
fcpojMfte toojUXfaitb be)te corruptible of it felfe,fo? euerp tfjing 
tijat ft compoun&ei^map alfo be oillbluefcbut it # not ©ou^ tutll 



tbat tt flEjouto b£C co?ruptcn ♦ And mync ordinance (fayth the c- 
uerlafting ) is of more power to make thee to continue, than 
thine owne Nature is to make thee to perifh.'&be tofrcb rbtng PIato * n ^ 
%t fpeaketb pet nunc ffjojtlp in anotljer place,faping tfjat tbe tocrjto common . 
rjatb recepuen an 3immo?talttte at tbe bans of tbe toojkmapffet weak, 
tebicb mane ft ♦ jftoto tben, feeing tbat bp Mature it map pertfb; ctLvxcixv 
furelp bp jftature ttljan a beginning: ami tlje potter trjat Ijatlj p?e-- *7r*xtv«V2 
ferueo tt from periflmt&ig tlje berp fame trjat maoe tt to bee* Pro- ^ ,* ^ 
clus annetb:Plato propoundeth a Que{tion(fapd) rje)whether v Ahum* 
the Work! was created after the patterneofa thing forecrea- * ^ *< 
ted , or of a thing without beginning . Therefore he dowted 7*+ 
whether it were eternall or no. flBfjat a conrtufion toag tljtt foj 
* great pfctlofopber*: 31 affte torjetfjer men bee b?en of tbemfeUteg 
0} creates of auotfjertfjerefoje 31 bpboto t^at tftep be b?eb of trjem* 
felue&ag tobo mottlo fap tbat in &tfputmg,it toere not an ojbinarp 
matter to fet boton botb tfee Contraries foj tfce affirming of p one 
ana tbe benping of tbe otbec* 3gapne 3 if tt toere begotten oj crea* 
tea after f erample of a tbmg afoiecteaterr, coulo tt be beginning* 
leiTe , feeing tfcat tbepatterne tbrreof rjao a beginning *i 3nb tf tt 
mere create* after tbe example of a tbtng bncreate^ran tt come to 
gaflfe trjat tt (bouto be euerlafting,feing tljat tt & not tbe Derp pat* 
terne tt felfe^ jftotbut ag 31 fcaue fapb afcne 5 toee aomtt ijojneo ar* 
gnment* agamft tbe trttetb , tnfjereag tn Defence of trje truetl) tfce 
perfected bemonttrations fufftje b$ not* &lto tn another booke in* 
tptleb of a Sbtring be faptb trjusi t Plato in his booke of Lawes 
fayth that Commonweales and Artes haue infinite tymes bin 
vtterly deftroyed by Wateriluds and Burnings,and therefore 
that men cannot certeinly fay from what time men haue firft 
growne into Commonweales : Ergo, he beleeued that the 
World had no beginning. J2ap,Jje faptlj tbefetbingg tn \)i$ Ti- 
tneus,UJbtclj fa tijc brake tobereof tbou canft not ootut, but tbat be 
treatetb trjere erpjeflelp of tlje Creation of trje SEto^in^nn be re* 
fleatetfj tbe fame agapne tn bis b©ke of Comrnontoealcmatters, 
fjautng fapo afo?e,rtat ©oo createo l^eatren $ €ar$,tbe g>tarre$ 
ana (Sons* j!2oto djen ? feeing tt fa one felffame 3tttJ;o? tbat fpea* 
feetb tbefe things, ana tn one felfefameplace, ann one immentatl? 
after anotbents tt not certepnetbatbementnottomatcbdeane 
contrarp ootfrmes togetber*: ^B^at tg to be Taps tben,btit tbat be 
fpafce trjete after trje maner of tbe common multttuoe, tnbo(a^ A- 
riflotle faptl;)ooe call tlje tfiwgis infimte,tot>trf) t^tg be not able to 

31 4 number 4 * 

Agenifl Ari- 

Arlftotle in 
his. i. 3 &8. 
bookes of na- 
tuiall Philofo- 
phicjn his 
the Kcauens. 
breede of li- 


number*:©? as Nfoyfesljimfclfefpeaftetf), toljo canetljtfjetljmgi 
eternally ucrlafting 0? emrtefTc^biri) ate of fcerp long cotinuance, 
nottontbftanoing tbat fte make a bcolic e?p?etfelp of dje Creation 
of all tbings't'But in tetie it &as a furffifce of tlje auncientnefle of 
dje QHoriQ , tabid) Plato ( as it QrottlH feeme ) Ijaa tyottgljt borne 
out of /Egipt.acco^inglp as dje report of Solon fuffictentlp nccla- 
ictlj 3 tobo telietb bim tbat tlje ^Egiptians ban IRegitos of npne 
rtjoufano peres 5 tljat is to ftp(a& Plutarke interprets tt)mne djou* 
fano ^©nes* 

^utletU^ come to Arifk>tle 3 to toljom tljfe opinion codj p?o* 
perlp belong* jFo? altljougb fome of bts §>d;oHers being afyamea 
on bis bdjaffe,toottto fapnebeare &tm on bans tljat Fje tnas of ano* 
tijer opinion^ at leatfimfe tbat fje ljila it as a noubtfull popnt;pet 
nottoitljttantiingbis fentences in tljat cafe are too certeine,tco dece, 
anu too manifesto? tljem to goe about to clofo l)is opinion ♦ Tout 
feeing fje teas fo bolo ass to remoue tlje fajmer boumj fettlea b}> tlje 
autljojitie ami betefe of an tljat taent afcne bimtiiceues muft it b& 
tljat ljebatiberperp?cflretermes 5 ansticrp certepne Demonffra* 
ti8& 3nti 31 p?ap pott lee us fee tuljat maner a ones tljep bdtf ront 
tlje mouings tljat are Ijcrc beneatlj 3 Ijt leaaetlj to to tlje mouings 
tjjat are aboue 5 ann from tljem to a ftrft mouer,ljMljerto fre is toe!* 
^utaftettuar&be toilUjauetbisfirfl: mouertomoueeuerlafting* 
Ip 5 ann tljerefoie tbat tpme fljoufo be eueriafting alfo* Bepttjer tbe 
grounn no? f confeqttenceof tljis argument are augbttoo?tb Jpoto 
lutH pe pjoue tljat t\)t 8rff mouer mouetlj eternally jftap ccntrari* 
toife,mouing argetnetlj a beginning, ffoi in mouingtljere is! a rer* 
tq>nt popnt from ftljence tlje mouing is mawjmto another popnt 
toljerto it tennetljtans zuen arrowing to Ariftotles otone or tfdne r 
fo?eneu%afternelTe ? anri continuance of tpme &o follotoefojencfle, 
afterneiTe^ann continuance of mouing j anti ti;at implpetlj a mani^ 
feff contrarietieto tf;e negnition of motung from place to place* 
3nti tljat tpme fl;oulo be begitwrnglefif^teijat tU i$ it to fap, djan 
djattpme i^ not tpme, ant) (as pe tt*ouiD Tap) an im^lfin^ ofmu 
tratiittion in tlje &erp lyoiti it felft jFoi tofjat eld t«( tpme acco^tung 
to Ariilotleliimfelfejtljan tfte number of moutug bp fojenefle ano 
aftemeffe, bp pail anti to come* 3nti if it be a number^bere is tlje 
mfhtiteneflfe tbereof become^ann if djere be afo?e ano afcer 3 tol;erc 
16 rije eternitie djereof *i %n another place be faptb 5 d;at mouing & 
*ternail because tpme i^ etemaH;antJ tbat tbe uit^c toljp time is fo 3 
fe tljat it ig aftoaiCi3 iopnen to ri;at iol;id; i$ pa$ 4 31 P?ap pou toljat 



artjttotfbneflTe to tWt S5p tfcc fame reafon 31 map tap tfcat tfje m* 
uing of a SpiII,o? tije (term g of aup lining toigft to sternaMg in 
tijofc cafes; euerp mffant follotoetf) immcmatlp fa t%t necfceof tljat 
toljtdj to patfjtio leflfe tljan tu dje mouing of tpme; anu pet toee bee 
net ignorant that tftep ftaue a beginning , Bat life ag tijere is a 
ccrtepne firft fo?tIjfettmg in tI>ofc/o to t!;ere alfo m tfre mouing of 
tlje J£)f auen 3 toljo to tlje fyoeticr of tpme » 3no Algazei anf vctzfy Aigazd. 
Auerrhois bcrp toelf Upon t!ji0 popnt;©jat fofce Urfjat a popnt oj 
prirftei* int&mgsdjatljoto on tol;ole Unvote of; t&e fame :to an 
fcittantoj moment in things t&at mtmeiriatlp o? conttmtallp fuc= 
cmz one after another: an* t&at as a popnt 0} petite to t&e begin- 
ning of a ipne,fo an mEant to tlje beginning of tpme: $ Auerrhois 
couto not sifpjoue tljto reafon, otbertoife tban bv floating btmfoj 
iu *£)e teplpctf) pet agapne, am faptfe £>ea but if tbe S3o?to baa a 
beginmng^oto ©all tlje maker thereof bebopa of alteration 4 : 'Eo 
fuclj a qucftum as ei;to to , me ti)inke0 fje ijimfetfe ftroulo anftaere 
tlra$:Cijat rtje aHc&gmg of an incfuaiibce aftbplecf) not tbs que* 
fium3nt gcoti feir pfrilofop'oer / Bp pour feeding to fyingbs to 
$to mronuemence 3 pou graunt at leafttoife that @od creates 3%fc 
ture* 3n& to it not a fitatinge ot; edtgftt in pou,t!jat pou toffl n&oeg 
tpebtmto tftelajtoetf ofj^ature,l»Wc!)tot!jemafierofBatuir; 
a is meafure tfje p Jtecr arm libertce of tfje €tocfcmafcec 3 bp tlje fab* 
lection of tlje Clo&e fcnto i;irtrt3rt ti>o« not a(t)ameo to poein Me 
piebeminence to ©SO , tljan to tijp Eingto!jom tfjou eyempteft 
from fubtatton to Ij to iatoe£ jbecaoft Itf to tlje maker of tbe iafcoe^ 
31 p?ap tl)& tofjat a ftjing &e;e it , if fo att t&oifl&efUntijertafte but 
o Ip to meafure JQatuie bp tfjpue otone font ^ CHfjat a nu:nber of 
tpmes bvifl tljou fount) t£p toil to (tumble at tbe leaft tbtng^'tilpoti) 
often Ijall tfjou founu it againft tijp feife 4 : BoUi>if Mature goe be- 
ponti ftereael) oftf)p^it 3 i)o^farte(i>antljeiierp maver of nature 
xiutgoe it *i %\)oa canH not ftift tljp place u>icl;o«t remo:ung; anti 
tljerefo^c t&oauoRneu thz iitie of 6;)n ♦ TSi\t conficerat ieaitljaife 
tfeat t&p bottle o? ® pno not being; limited tiottl}iu anp place a fe tijc 
place of a t^oufanii tljing^ 5 $ tljat a tljoufar.0 djing^s are ?ot place 
thereof ♦ Sgaine, tbp 4>mlz canmt conceiue aw? tijin$ , Without 
pafftng from contemplation to action : no no? <&y%z m epntempla? 
tion,iuitf)cmt cfa:m%z. Mali fyy DcSre \$ to I;aue (fi^>JD Xikctup 
ftlf in tfrto bcl)ar r . But if tbnittoflt not peelD tijp felfto otijer men* AiHfetfein h* 
xtafond ; at teaftbiife pselo tfjp felfe to ttyzz o ; u)ne reafon^ ♦ tfet firft bob"cc>r 
tol)era0 tijou fapj^a: bepo^ tl;e l^cauen t^ere to .leufjcr emptt- Hcaucn^^^ 

Proclus con- 
cerning the 
Influence of 
the full caule. 


nefle no? tvmt ; but tbat tuljatfoeuer fe tl;ere, fe ejxmpteu from aB 
maner of tpme.,momng,cbaunge,ano paffibflttie ; aim tljattn tbat 
Dmtterfalletcmitie all djtngss uoeleaoeamoft Jjappie anu todron* 
tcnten life: nareff tbou fap Irlte of ©on, to&om ti^ou tbp felfe noeft 
place fatre abouc all tljofe tbings^be uerp fyute 3$eatte* tooula 
jbabfe afta* tbat maner of tfc nature of tljp g>oule,pea aim mo?e to 
tbeputpofe tco.jTo? toberag tbere is no compartfon bettoeene ©on 
ano tb# 5 tbep petbaue a tiring tbat ootl) fometoljat refemble tfice., 
iTo? tbou cfjaungeft in noing , becauft tljp noing is another tbing 
tban ti# being; aim tbe tiring tl;at tbou ameft at i* out of tbp felfe; 
tubicb tl;ing cannotcbaunge fo? tb# , mm therefore rijou art fapne 
to cbaunge fo? it • 9Ifo tbou cljatmgeft in beboluing ; fo? tbe tbing 
toljicb tbou bebolneff, ano tbou tabid) brf;oloeft it,are tuao: ana ta 
bee fbojt , tit beboloing , tbou ooeft after a fo?t futfer at tbe tiring 
tabid) tbou bebolneff; $ m noing, tbou fuffereff at tbe tbing triririj 
tljou noeff tbut unto btm tobtcb fe tbe maker of al ri)ingg,to be ano 
to bef)olo,to beljolu aim to uoe,to ooe ano to MI are all one tbing* 
jfoj mm in toilling a tiring be fafy none it, aim W toilling t^ere^ 
af is after a certepne 9 oeterminate maner,(3i fcfe bumane toojneg 
fo? tlje uttering of mp meaning)* ^0 bee fbojt,unto fyim tbat be* 
Ijoloert) all things in IjimfeKe , nothing can fpjing top tbat (ball b« 
tteto* Let tog notu put t|>e cafe,tfjat tlje fojealleogen inconuenience 
be moft to purpofe ; atm let fcg fee at leafrtmfe if tljou rant! f hill to 
auopoe it in tfjpne ofeme opinion* 31f ©on(fapft tljou)oo make anp 
tbing neta^e muff n&ne* cljaunge bte mpnn* 9nn pet t&ou fapefc 
tljeretoitbai^ttjat in all tlriugg tobirfj are none Ijere beneatb bp na* 
turall caufeg , tljere te a certepne influence of ©on , at leafftotfe of 
tbefcniuerfafl influence unuer tbe tobicfctljou putteft all tbingg* 
g>o fpeakeff tfcou,fo fpeaketlj Auerrhois,fo fpeaketb Proclus ano 
tie reff of pou thereof* JSo^feeing tbat 6©D ootb euerp nap a 
tljoufann netoe tlrings Jerebnteatb;3I nemaunn of t\)& urfjetljer %z 
notl) t^emnponneto neuife^o^pponeuerlaftingfo^epurpore't 3(f 
be noe tbem bppon nehie ueutfe, tftott ftumbleff at tljat toljici tbou 
tooulnett efcljetoe : fo^bp tljp reckoning) ©00 ootft tbat toljicl) %t 
Din not afo^e , namelp, in (beaoing fo? tb %i $ influence anetoe, ano 
tn pjoottcing(bp tbat iufluence)tbe cljingtbac teag not afoje*©^ if 
iiz no tbem upon euerMingfojepurpofc; tben confeflefi 4ou tbat 
tobicb tbou meaneft to uenpe: to lu:t,tljat (San neterminen euerla* 
ftinglp to make 0? noe cbinga b^ W potoer, aim ttat accoming to 
$at net:nninacion 5 lje gmty to jeuerp tljing in tf;eir tpme^tubat^ 



fbeuet1;ee ban fojeailotteo tbem of W gatfmeffe* JFoj b3&at niffe^ 
rence mafceft tbou m tbe rate bettoeene one pant,ano all ijDlant^ 
fcetto&ne tbe plant tbat fe nete fpjong up to nap , am> tlje plant 
t^ac te$ toritbereo a tboufano pcerea agoe ? bzmmt tbe to^ole 
taojlo, ano tbe leatt tbing contepneo tberein ; if tbou be fapne tea 
aomit aneto ueutce , a$ tell fo? tbe leaft tiring ag fo? tlje greateft't 
jftaptboubaftoeuifeotb#a©oo tbat teturneti about bppoubt* 
inb&le, a ©00 tbat batb but a little moje toit tbatt tbp fetfe,ano a 
little moje ftrengtb tban tbp felfe : ano pet fuel) aretbp fpeecbeg of 
trim fomettme,tbat 31 caimot teatwljftljec tijouteMloett be conceit* 
ten to be likeneo to bint o? no* 

letbgfiebfe otberKeafonS* All theauncientPhilofophers 
(faptb be)fauing Plato , beleeued that tyme is without begin- 
ning. 3 ftrange cafe 3 tbat be tobtcb taketb fo great pleafure in con* 
trolling all men tbat tent afo^e bim , toill nato neeoes Ib&lo btm* 
felfe buner tbem .'T&ut 31 baue alreaote pjoBueo tbat tbat Taping of 
trig is falfe«3no againe to^at greater contraries can tbere be, tbaa 
tpme ann eternitte *: 9lfo,Thc Heauen(faptb be) is a diuine bo- 
dy jvncorruptible^the dwelliug place of the Goddes, wherein 
there hath not any corruption bin feene that can be remem- 
bred : Ergrit is eternal!. 3$ut bote tell be p?oue tbis Di\xinitk y 
ann tbfa ©uinteflTenceofbiS ? <£^encetoinb#P?c&uetbi^co?* 
ruptiWe nature*: (Kttbat toil be anfiaereto tbis Taping of bfe otmte,, 
tbat tbe (Sonnet ano ©oobeaog otell aboue !j>eauen, ano btterlp 
iDttbout tbe compalTe oj reacbeof tpmeVSIs not tbfe afetting 
uotone of tljat tbing fo? a grouno , lubicb fe tl;e tbmg tl;at reftetb 
to bepjoueo,ano(to fpeafte after bfe otomemaner)a craning of tbe 
principle *: T&txt if te beteue Plutarke,tobo affirmetb tbat Arifto- 
tie beloe opinion tbat tbe fatten ig a mingleo nature of beate ana 
tnopfture togetber ; (ban it not bee corruptible of it felfe a# tell a$ 
tbe grounos are tobereof it i$ eompofeo *i bee aooetb tbat tbe aim* 
cient (©reekeg cafleo it iEtherQags pe tnoulD fap Ayrun] becaufe it ™ft t« &i 
tonnetb about continuallp* 9notobatteflbeeanfu3eretoPlato r 3s4v. 
tobo faitb tbat tbe 5>eauen oj <§>fepe te eafleo j£ther,of bfe bpgbfe "3M»»»Wi 
jte(Te,in tobtcb refpert alfo be calletb tbe ^tarre of Mars^ithon. Crati | us - . 
Slfo tobatMl be anfuaere to al tl)e former pflofopber^ toljo are ™ * a T0 xi 
of opinion tbat tbe S>fepe ig a<s Crift all compofeo c£ WXstnt r 3 nn ^ t ^ oU * 
finallp tobat ig tbfe Running abouttbutaoeparttngfro one place 
to anotber *; fecotblp great reafong to mapnteme etermtie ; f(n if a. 
Jttaitooe but bjeatijetjjion tljem tl)ep fcarofy into fmofee^Snn tfyv* 


'' » 



b£X ollilc fo2e plotin ™ ^* bcDke of ^ c m °$* > am > Oamafcius to ejrpouni 
world. &MS Ariftotles bmfcc of tbe &fcpe>anti Proclus in fjts fecont> boofce 

Damafaus fcponPlatoesTimeiiSjbaueimiJnicllnotcD, tbatfo djcp20uiwj 
vppon the of tlje etcrmtie,Ariftotle bad) fct Dottme man? dnngs to^ti; naoe 
bookesof the miK tber 0ifp2©fe djan bare Denpail 5 antJ trtjidb idolIs be as Ijaro 

Proclus in his f °? ^ t0 # 0U M$ tO p20UX t\)t Mlft it iClfe ♦ CTi&at IS tO b« 

iccond booke tbougbt tben^if eucn by tlje pjopofttioug of Ariftotk bimfelfe ana 
vpon Timeus. tjffjt«f ^cboflcrs 3 tuee p2our agdhrft $m aim l)iS g)f boilers, tbat 
Arlftot j[ ea - tlje ££to?lD bao a beginning: *r ZXyz rao?ft> (fa? dicy)is eternal!, 
gaait Aruto- ant| p eU£; ctcrna jj ag j t ^ &epen&etb fcpon <5oo* 3ju djat pojmt 

tljcp all agriXbe oifagaxment among tbem is in tbis,d)at foms 
of tljem make tlje oepcnmng thereof bpon <$<to to bee as fepon an 
efficient caufe , ano fome as upon a final! caufe, ana euerp of tbem 
tyatuetb Ariftotle to bis Cue as mud) as Ije can* j$o]oi,tf it aepemi 
topon <£©D, as an effect oepenoetb upon l)is efficient caufe* tuba 
fed) not tljat an effect is after bis caufe,antj tbat djere taent a too?* 
fcing poiner afo?e tbe effect DiftingufCbeo elfentiatlp from tbe cau r e 
rberof*3no latere is d)e ttjis gartlp ground of djetrs become,d)ac 
tbe CBojlo is eternal! becaufe no fo^ctoojking potter toent afo?e 
As in way of i?:S)} if it uepniu oppon (Son as tbe final! caufe tbereof,djat is to 
«& fap,if it ttere fo? trim ano not from butt; fo as it ttas not a d)ing of 

bis making , but a tiding tbat be coulo not conueaientlp fojbearet 
toberefoeuer an enoe is intenoeo, is djere not alfu a fojecalft 9nB 
tt'jere fo^ecatf is 3 can djauncc ano neceflttte beace djere anp fmap^ 
Sno if ©00 ban no nofte of die <£lo)fo , ttas tt not at bis efcope* 
ttbedjcr it fljoulo be 0? no *t 9no being at bis d)opce, can it bee be* 
gmmngleCTe, feeing tbat dje being tljcrof ^epatned) upon anotbet 
tbanitfelfe*: 3gaine,iftbe ([fllojtoocpentitopan Ootias l^pondje 
enn tljereof ; tbe la3o?feing poiuer tobicb tbej> tbnnfelues require in 
tbe creation of all rtjingSjiball eptber baue gone afo?e it oi not* 3f 
tt muft ndenes baue gone afo^e it;tben tuas it not from euerlafhng; 
fo? tiji^ tMO^o forego being a beto^ener of tpme,crdunetb f ujoiU 
from eternitte 0) euerlaftingnelfe* ©2 if tbere neeneo not anp fo?e^ 
toojtfentfj potter to baue gone afo^e tlje U)o4o,but d)at it be (implp 
aw ilfette p^occtning from tbe fejee of d)e caufe ; tobv ftoulD it non 
j)20ceene as tocll in tpme as from euerlatting , feeing djat die fapD 
fo^ce 02 potter is mrecteo by Keafon ano by (Xttitt 9i«> ttbp tben 
fcolo tliep djis principle, Cbat tbe dttoto cannot be of cceation,be^ 
eaufe tbat if tt loere fo, fome caufe mull mrocs baue gtine afbjc it^ 
3gain,toljence bat^ t^e g>Kpe \)i$ beginning of mouwg 3 but frsm 




an 3fnft ant*: 9tm toljatfoeuer coulo be neuer fo little a tofjtle toitl> 

out mouing,ttbp migbt it not be tuttftcmt mouing a longer totyle, 

feeing tbat tbe refpect is all one , botb of eternitie tonto all tpmes, 

ami of inftnitenefle unto all places ? 'Cberefoje tobereas Ariftotle 

faptb tljat tbe ££tojlo (notbritbttan&ing tfjat tt is eternall) oepeu* 

ued) bpon Oou ; be grauntetb confequentlp tljac tt is not eternall* 

feeconnlp , contrary to tbz tearijtng of all tbat tnent afoje Ijtm , be 

ncltueretb us ti)}k firft grouims ; namelp, fatter, jubilance, of 

fttufle, fojme, fyape, oj faftuon, ann ^mation^fflSant, o; berea* 

um&ano bis fecbcoles are fo greatlp neltgbtea t&ertmtfj,tftat t&eie 

is notbing els to bee Ijearo fpcfceu of m tbem ♦ IBixt if tljefe be tbe 

firft beginnings o? grouting of tilings ; inhere is tljen tbeir tmnu 

tie*:3mi if tbep fceepe a circuit in going rouim about-,bot» can it bee 

tljat tbep ban not a beginning?$Ilfo boto can a fubftance be imagi* 

neo to be ttritfjout fojme,lbape,o? falbton;o? fojme,ll)ape,oj faflri5 

to be toitbout a fubtf ance,*feeing t^at turn mtfbapemtefle it felfe i$ 

a fcimo of tbape,ano alfo tbat a fljape is notljing els tban tbe fojme 

02 faffnon of a fubffaunce *t Spo?eouer,tnljat greater abfuroitie can 

tbere be, tljan to make tljat a beginning of being, toljiclj l;atlj bp it 

felfe no being at all , no? can Ijaue anp being but in another tln'ng* 

as if a mart tooulo m&z blimmeflTe to bee tbe beginner of figljt, o? 

uarimeflTe tlje beginner of ligbt *i 3gapne,feeing tljat neitljer fub- 

ftance no? fyape Ijaue of tljemfelues anp being at all: Ijoto can tljep 

caufe otfjer things to bee *i 3D} boto comes it to pafle p ttoo tbings 

toljicbljauebaanobeingatall, uoe mate together in one elfence 

0? beingjbut by bertue of tbe fouereine 35eeer,tobo Ijatlj toilleo aim 

aetermineo tbat it Iboulo be fo*: 3no if &is toilling o? Determining 

be tlje cauft of tbe being of tbem^toljo is be tljat Din fee o? appopnt 

Sim tlje terme toberein to noe tbenrt 35ut to e^cufe one tmmtetfca 

man telles a t^oufano ; ana to (bift of one erroj, befalletb into ten 

tboufano : ana ytt it cannot bee efdjetoca , but tbat tbe tmetl; toill 

fparkle out of tbe Contrartetie of bntruetbs,as fire fpaiiklcs out of 

tbe knocking of one jf lintdone againi! anotber ♦ 3jn bis boke of Ariftotle m his 

p?oblemes (tobicb feeme notioitbllantitng to bee of man? mnts? F obl( ™« 

gatben'ng,) be faptb concerning tlje ingeno^ing of liuing tbings, ^* 10 -™ i * 

tbat tbe fmalltbings,as OK©?mes,Cutfoules,ant) fucb otber 3 are 

ingenn?eti by tbe o^oinarie alterations of tbe tpme , tlje greater bp 

tbe greater alterations as tbings tbat Ijaue neene of greater bzzrn* 

nings 0} grounos ; aim tbat tbere batlj in tpme patf bin fucb an ak 

teration 3 as of it felfe Ijatlj ingennjen tljem , pea tmn tlje notablett 



Sea. 1 o.ProU. foun (j t&mg$ ann man Inmfelfe, fupplping t&erein bosh t%z mm 

is . of tbe efficient caufe,ano alfo oftfet materiaU,botb at once* 3nn it 

map bee tbat tbat is tbe caufe tofjp Varro faptb tbat Ariftotlc be* 

leeuen tbat tbere toag no beginning oniuing things, 0? tfjat Hutnj 

tfjings; baue bene from euet tottbout beginning ♦ 9Ifo in another 

place be (aptb 3 tljat tbere toaa fucb an alteration at tlje fame tpme 

tbatliuingtbings toereftrfl bjougbtfoojtb; ann tfjat if itbeboue 

M&ttte to tying foojtb unv mo of tbem,tbere mutt be fuel) anotljet 

alteration going afo?e,name!p,bp a rare Conjunction of fome 

Arift^icin his ^>tarreg*9nn in anotljer placed {aptf)furrfjer,tbat if$$m aim 0- 

thc 'brmiinaor^ ft ' uft| K totgljts !jan a beginnings toas eptber in egge,m feoe, 

auing vvy g ht°s. °? In tocDjme,ano fo fajjtlj. saijat a number of sponflers are bare 

Lucrea:fhc fo? tbe ttablifting of one S^onttar, ann ytt be batb not allengen a* 

wombes of tip tbing tobiclj i$ not againft btmfelfe ♦ 'ftfje leffer Conjunction* 

fiT forT* 1 gr£W ( fi? * & e ^ *°* h? * w ® z tm] *tt K uing tljingg , tbe meane fyorte 
r root**. tl)t mememf ^ g,.^ 0ltefii tyfo t ^ e gceat^tell^be it fo*S>et 

tbefe Conjunctions meet not but b}> tlje courfe of tbe fetarreg; ann 
tljat courfe is a mouing,ann euerp mouingbatl) a beginning : aim 
tljerefoje it foflotoetfj tbat toigbtg fcao a beginning ♦ 3gaine,tf tbe 
mouing of tlje g>ftpe ann of tbe fetarres be euerlattinglp; tfje Co* 
unutum* tbereof are euerlaflinglp alfo, ag Ariftotle Ijimfelfe con* 
Ariftotlc in his tlunetfcann fo on t^e eontrarp* f 0? if it baue turoeo about from e* 
jcji.booke of uerlafting, t^e Coniunctiong baue lifcetoife incountren from euer* 
lafling ♦ Vat euerlaflinglp tb*p coulo not incounter: fo? tfje fmall 
oneg,$e meane ones , ann tbe great ones are not all at once toge* 
eber , but tbep come feuctallp one after another toitb t&e fpace of 
certepne Imnnjen peered toitb niuers reuolutiong bettoijet tfjem: 
toljereas if t&ep toere eternall , none of tbem couln goe oj come a* 
foje another ♦ Cljerefoje it follotnet^ rtat tljere i$ a begimter oflu 
«ing toigbts, ann a beginner of tbe goings about of tbe S)fipe mn 
of ail tlje toljoie o?ner tobicb tne fee:3nn tbat i^ euen ©on bimfelf,. 
Anftodc in his 5>oto mucb better ftan Ariftotle none, if Ije Ijan Inln timfelfe to 
Second booke tfoat \xfyii% ty faptf) toell in otljer placeg ; uamelp,tf)at fo^afmucb ajj 
■n^S° n ntofltbinggi cannot Ijaue a perpetuall continuance in tfyz particu* 
tionicq!^ lar,tljat iss to fap in t^emfelueiE(,bp reafon of being ten farreniflanc 
and in his ' from tljetr beginning : tljerefo^e ©on batlj continuen tbem b^ t^e 
bookes of fp meaning f®}tf) of tljeir feinn-,ann to tfjat enn batlj mane tbem male 
ComottwcaJc. am f cma | e au5 o^nepnen copulation betluijct tbem^o? if toemafce 
tbe liuing ttimgjS toitljout beginning, noe toe not make tfrem to be 
suerlaflino^ 34in if toe grounn tfytix beginnings upon fome reuo* 

— • ~ iutioni* 




htttong oftfte &fepeg;can tbofe'lReuolutions be euerlaftmg?aifo, 
boto (ball tbep baue bene bjougbt fc&jtb, m fun grototl),o? pounce 
feeing t^at at tbe bringing fcojtlj of al tljings^tbe tbingjai are tenner 
anii imperfect <: 3no if tlje tljings be not euerlafting,toljere tben ig 
tbe euerlafting mouing of tlje 5>eauen : tljat i$ to fap,toljnx is A- 
riftotles eternitie become*: %U fame foflotoetb alfo of tbat tobicb 
Ije faptb in anotljer placejtiamelp tbat Ije tofciclj oio firft gatljer men 
togetber,toag $ autljoj of berp great gcoo * jFo? tit acknowledging 
tbat tljere toag a tpme toberem fofte liueo Ifte tfje men of Brafilie, 
oj lifte tlje toanoering Nomades; Ije acknotoleogetlj alfo an infan* 
tit of tbe 2Bojlo ♦ fio) ete toljat (boulo let tbat men baue not btnz 
ritbet euerlaffinglp oifperfeMJ ete euerlaftinglp ijntten togetbert 
3no boto corner it to paile © Ariftotle, tljat tbere baue not bene 
Ariftotles from euerlafting*; Sgapnejtobo (ball cbtofe out tlje berp 
inftant in eternitie foj tlje booing ano b?mgmg foa^tli of anp rijing 
pertirularlp,but Ije tbat is tlje 3Lo^n of eternitie it felfe^ 

Ariftotle inljisi $$0}a\U$ commenoetb goolineflfe,ano beljigl> 
tetb bleireonefle to tbem tljat follotae it ; ttncf)in^ b$ tbat it confe 
ftetb in Contemplation* jj2oto 3 feeing tbat tljfe Contemplation oj 
bebolomg t$ tlje meane to mate bs bleflfefc 5 it mutt neeoesi bee tbe 
bebolbing of a t&mg tljat fa rigljt bleffulkbut blefftill it cannot bee, 
if it confift in tljefe inferiour tljings tobicb are bafe ano fubiect to fo 
many miferieg ano turmoplea : meanetlj tbe Con- 
templation toljicb tt tbe beljoloing of tbe only one <Soo* Mo in 0* 
tber places Ije faptb tbat our §>oule# are of a amine nature, tbat 
tbep be immojtal,tbat tljep come into bs from toitljout^ tbat tbep 
be(after a fo?t) a kin to tbe (Song : ano W Difciples tooulo be of- 
fenoeo at bim tbat (boulo fap,tljat tbeir spapfter uototeo of tbe inu 
tnojtalitie of tbe <8>oule* 3no toljereto fa all tljfa,if tlje 2£lojlti bk 
ctemall^f it be eternall ; eptber our feoulcg alfo be eterna!l 5 tbac 
fe to fap toitbout begmning,o? el^ tbep be not eternall* 31f tbep be; 
Ijoto b^?penetb it tljat t^ty baue imp^ifoneo tbemfelues! mtbefe 
our booieg*:©? if tljep bee fo imp^ifoneo at tlje appopntment of an 
otber:l»bo (ball tbat otljer be but (frotrtano if 600 appopnt 0? ak 
lot tbem to tbijs nelue Htm in tpme certepne;tabo Ijatb mane one u 
tentttie fubiect to anotber?3nti U>ljat ijs tben become of tW Spajcu 
mee of tbeirg 3 tbat tlje COojlo ig eternall becaufe ©00 maketlj not 
anp tbing tljere a neU3e^ojeouer 3 if t^ep be euerlalTingjtubo Ijatft 
mat»e tbem proportionable to tbeir booies 5 tbat ijS to wit , infinite 
feoulejes to infinite Some^ 9no tlje wljat becomes agatne of tbfe 



iwfter Hule of tbars, tljat Mature cannot abpoe anp tiiffrn'tenelTrt 
©2 if tl)cp bee cucrlafling ami pet of fome cettepnc number, going 
ano camming into netoe booies bp cottcfc : is not tbat tbe opinion 
<jf Pythagoras,vul)ic!) Arillotlc ootb fo greatlp miflike*.9ffl> if out 
feotiles at t\j£it Departing out of our bootee, noe goc to tbe enicp* 
fog oftlje bledeD tmrnojealftte; nottj it not follotoe 5 tbat from aftet 
the paflingottcr of tbat rcuolutio,men mttft moue toitbout <§>oulc, 
fcifpttte toitbout reafon,ano wage toitbout ttqmOspea ano tbat euen 
Ariftode bimfelfe fpeafeetb ano rcafonctb toitbout toit *: Co bee 
fl;o?t , toljat baj- etb tt to bee gouty oj religious, if cur Monies ac* 
Imototoge no better tbing tban tbcmfelues* fcftljat auapletb it to 
Icoke fo? tbe bletfeo Contemplation, if tbep bee perfectlp blefleo of 
tbemfeUiest^ut perfectlp bleflco tbep bc,if tbep be eternal^ ana 
thereto tben feruetb tbe retoaroiug of tljem toitb immojtall llfcjif 
t^p \)wz tbe etctnitie oj immojtalitie alreaoie*: ^Ifjat els tben is 
ijis bpboloing of tbe toojlo to be eternal,tban a turning of p tobole 
t»02lti bpfioeootone *t IBut tbereare(faptl) Ariftode) (Boolinefle, 
Meireonelle,? 3?mmo?talitie:tben not!; it folloto tbat our <§>oule$ 
are not eternal 9nn if tbep be not etctnall;tben baue tbep a begins 
imtjgant tbat beginning baue tbep,eitber of <0oo,o;t of tbe too^fo* 
flDf tbe toojlo tbep baue it not: floras 31 baue fapo)toere tbe toojto 
eternal!, tbe Comterfions o? turnings about tbereof (boulo bee u 
ternal t(o,ano confequentlp fo (T)oulD our §>oules be alfo,as tobtel) 
fljoulo be bjetr of tbeir potoenlfrut noto are all tljings mouall tbat 
are ingentyeo b^ tbofe Conuerftons, as Ariftotle btmfelf grautu 
tetb.But toe put tbe cafe tbat tbep baue an ojiginall nottoitbftan* 
m'ng tbat tbtp be immojtall* djerfo^e it remapnetb tbat tbe fame 
is from ©on* jftoto, tljep coulo not pjocceoe from (Boo as beamed 
of bis fubttancc:fo? all of f pbtlofopbcrs bpbolo tbat be is a Jingle 
anu tfittritttoen fubffance , bniteo in it felfe ana molt perfectlp one; 
tut toe be fubiect to alteration, to igno?a!tce,to cuill affections aim 
fucb otljer tbtngs,3lt remapnetb tbcrefo?c(ano otbertoife it cannot 
tee) tbat cur Joules are tlje toojfce of (Sous potocr* ,J3oto, if our 
feoulc* ( tobicb after a fo?t ooe rompKbcno tbe tOojloe ano all 
tbings tbcrein ) bee tbe effects of (Boos potoer, tobicb tbiougb bis 
ganneflfe btteretb it felfe toben be Uttetb:fball not tbe toorio it felfe 
ano tbe fcnflciTe ano ttanfifonc tbngs toljitb feruebSvpea ano our 
tonics alfo tobicb arc but tbe Cotes 02 Jnftrumeats of our fouled 
bz fo in l&etoifc *: ftzxo tben, let Ariftotlcs Difciplcs ri;cofe tobe^ 
tdcr fyzg to;ll si:ic ouer t!jc eternitie of tl;e toojlo, oj tl;e muno?ta« 





litit of tbeir feottlcs: tlje cttcrlafh'ng turning about of a tob&le 5 o? 
tbe immoral fettlemtclfc of Weffen fflatc:fo? fcotlj of tfrera togeujet 
cannot ftano* 

But furelp fr'g Difaple Theopbraftus fcemeeli to Ijaue pcrcet- ^3^^ 
kcu tljefe inconucnienccs ana ronti-atrtcttond Ml, t»!jen be #}tx& scnts,Sau«« 
&etb fo farce ad to Cap tljat <0ou creates tlje fto^lD , pea euen of no= or smdio. 
t!jing*3mj fo not!) Algazel tfte Saracen agamlf Auerrhois,tmto 
fcubombe faptlj, tljat ®o& foz tlje creating of tI}etoo?fo n&sctj net 
tbet ffuffe no? netoe amufement, tut tljat like a moft perfect tuo^ 
man^jatung all tbings in a reamueiTe,be tee^e bis otiine Icifiux fb} 
tlje performance of IjtS too&e tobeu it pleafeD 1)im» Sim yzt it fee* 
wetfjtfeat Ariftotletotoatwriie en&eofljis life repentea fjim of 
tljat aodrinerinfomuclj tljat in bis bcoke of tlje toojlo, be rapt!) tbat 
<$©D ts tlje bj&oet ana pjeferuer of all tbings in tlje toojlo after 
tuljat maner foeuer it be* 9no euen in b& ^etapljifid^bauing re* 
tertes tlje opinions of manp men concerning tbcfe tljingS; be faptlj *•'*%, 
tljus * HethatfayththatGODorthefouereyne Myndisthe N^C^iTi®^ 
Caufe & Author not only of liuing things,but aifo of Nature 
it felfe and of the World,and of all the order therein-, feemeth 
to fpeake difcreetly and weladuifedly^and they that fpeake o- 
therwife/peake vnaduifedly.And they that are of the former 
opinion, haue very well fet downe that Caufe for the ground 
of all things that are , as the which is fuch a beginning as gi- 
ueth mouing to all things . 3mi in IjiS bake of dfton&erS 3 (tf it 
fce W) be fpeaketb pet mo?e eufoentlp : faptng, tbat naturallp tlje 
g>ea fbouto cotter tbe <£attlj as bigber tban it; but tbat ©on Ijatfj 
caufea tbe <§>ea to teitijtyato it felf, tbat tlje €attb migbt be fenco* 
tiereo fo? tl)e tjfe of man ana of otber liuing torigbts * 9fnu tljis fa 
in effect a commingbaefce to tlje opinion of ijis p?e&ecelXo?s 3 from 
tbe toljiclj l)e tooulo fo fapne baue separtea afcne * ©otofoeuer tbe 
cafe ftana , all tbe auncient p&ilofopljets ooe eptber conduce tbe 
Creation ofrfje toojlo toitlj M ? o} els peelo &s arguments into our 
fjanus toberetoitb to conclude it againtf tljemfelttes.Co bee ff)o?t, 
lube Ariitotle toljo toas tbe firlt tbat ffeppen out of tbe bigij toap, 
faptb tbat tbe toojlo te tuirtjout beginning , be feemetb to bee Ari- 
ftotle no mo?e;be tiotb fo often gaiufap bimfelf ana offena againtf 
%i* otnne rule^*3nu tebere !;e cljauncetb to lap ttjat tlje tao?lo toa* 
createo,be feemetb to be mimiea to pilo bimfelf to us*9no tobere 
tbe cafe concernetb not ( at leaOtoife eirp^eiTelp ) tlje one no? tlje o* 
tljenfjeleauetljitf manp Conclufion^tuljicij noe (iuiteouert|)?obj 



aim actinic tlie fap& opinion ofbig^ano malte l)im l»I;etber Ijelml 
o c 2 *io 3 to conclude on our fise. 
The Ufa. Cbe Latins fc! to pbiiafopbie fometobat lata: tban f Greekes; 
bprcafon tobcrnf djep ban tbe moje cattfe to otierfljODte tbemfeUie* 

Cicero in his *° ^ jt C ^ C ^ ^ tcrm ' t,c : but V Zi ^ C€ ^ e ^ at $>* m0 $ P art Of djOll 

firi^bookeof fo^eO the opinion of Plato.That man(faptb Cicero)that firft 
Inucntion,& gathered together men aforedifperfcd,was furely a great Per- 
il hisfirft fonage . And (aSfaptb Pythagoras) To was he which did fir ft 
booke of the gf ue namcs to things, and which firft comprifed within a cer- 
tcyne number of letters, the founds of mans voyce which fee- 
med to bee infinite , and which marked the Courfes and pro- 
ceedings of the wandring Planets , and which firft found out 
Corne,Cloth 3 buiIdmg,defen_-esagainft wilde Bcafts,and the 
reft of the things that make our Hues the moreciuili . COfjat 
els is ti)i$ trjan an atfmotoletiging of a beginning*: fo) if me tocre 
from euerlaftmg , niu ttjep not from eucriafring fpeafce \ Dta tljep 
not front eucrlalf nig gitte uamea to tbinga.'Couto tljep not iimnxt 
eucrp tbing from eueiaffing^esnano tberfinc be concUmetb/We 
be not created by haphazard; but furely there was a certeyne 
Might or Power which had a care of Mankynde, and which 
would not haue begotten him to fall into the milchicfe of 
endieffe death , after hee hath outworne the great and innu- 
merable aduerfities and toyles of this world, jfto'ayf toe lucre 
createn , aim tbat tljere bee a fourecpne potoer tobicb barb baa care 
of spanfepun ; furelp tben batb tfjere bene a beginning , feeing tbat 
tbc faptj potoer ban a care of b$, epiljcr toljen as yc: toec tuere not 
at aI,oj after tlje ipme tbat lue toere,3n& in anotber place be fattb, 
^tdl^Nanuc ®^ at ® oD nxatti ana furmil)crj ma>!,am> tbat it toasi W toil tbat 
of the Gods. be (TjouId \jmt tbe fouerepntie of ad otber tbingsiXbat tbe toofln, 
tbe §>ea 5 tbe tan&,ano all otbec tbings obep (Song tokens 9nn if 
a> anp tpme be bung in m epicure afle&ging fucb toojfbipfuU tea* 
fonS as tb te 3 With what engines & edgetooles did your God 
Cicero in his buyld the World , ana furl) otber ; eptber be fcn&etb bim auoap 
Lawcs. ^ : tlj f uf i } m (xom ad be oefeructfooj ete b]> boloing ^ peaee,fl;es 

toztl) fuffideiitlp tbat be neferuetb no anfocrc at an* 
Varro. Varro tbe bell Icarnco of tbe Latins , mafcetb an bmtierfan l)U 

fioiie&ettitjeti iato tlym tpmes* £be feC(asi 31 baue fapo alrcaoie) 
te from tbe Creation of the tnojto,tmto tbe firft ©limpiaae^bte 
man being a man of great reamng^fotmn tije Creatton of p toojUi 

to b^ue bene but late afye, pea ano fo iate 3 tl;at be io^neo it nnm& 


Cicero in his 
(econd booke 


natty to fte tpme of tbe firtt fiDHmpiaae* IftetmTe Seneca fotmo SEJ^JJ 
HI tbingd to be neto,anu acfcnotofc&getb m manp placed tljat Cod ^ ha °° lyfc# 
rreatea tljt tubole too?lo,mtu manpcculparlp to feme Witt. 3nn e- chap.? i and 
let Qtttt tl;c beginning; pftbe u3o?lo (faprtj be)tmto tijfa Dap luce 5 2 and in the 
n gupozD bp tbe intercotttfed of Datess ami mgfjtd 3 anrj fo famb, ^ book JL of 
Wacrobius paired) pet furtber,antj faptb tbat tbe toozlo cannot be ^,Xons 
)f anp long anttquitte, coSscting tbat tbe furtbelt fcnourtcDge t&at ^\ a his " 
:d to be ^ai> rt)ercof,reacJetfj net bepon^ttoot^ourandpaiesi* 3 2s Epifties. 
aucbmg tbe poet$ 3 toljofe fp&cbed 00 foj tbe molt part repjefent Mao-obiusiib. 
mtoto tbe opinion tijat toad aomtttet? among tije common peo; J s ^ turna " 
jletVirgilli^fuUofjejCfeHentfentences totbatpurpofe; ano Ouid y ^ 
jatb maue a bmkz ejcpjeflelp of tbat matter* 3nO euen Lucrece ah oufd.* 
i uj!)o pjofeflfertj tmgofclmeflfe , faptb tbat bepono t\)z starred of Lucretius the 
rroy ano Thebes , djere toad not anp iotcremapning to remem- Poct ' 
jeranrf ; tfyan b^ tbe tobWj 3 be couls not better baue~oeclareo tbe 
EStoto to be but potmg,botobcittbat(after tbe mancr of bid otim 
fect,)be fatberetb tljat tbingbpon cbaunce 5 toljicb all tH)z toife men 
afcribc to tbe euerlafiing pjouioence.Plinie td tbe onlp man tobom Pliny. 
3! toonoer at, tbat being fo curioud a fearrijer of Mature, be coufa 
not conccpue tbattnbtcb fe pjinteo in euerp part of it, anti tobicb t* 
tterp man migbt of btmfelf leame bp \)i$ otone reaoing rtjereinJpe 
mafeetb a long Calendar of tbe firft inuenterd of tbingd,ad of let^ 
terd,of IJ)oufed,of 9ppareH,ami of berp 'Bjeao* i)z reckoned bp piinic.lib.7; 
tbe Companies tbat bauefleeteo from place to place fo? tbe peo* 
plmg ano repleniOnng of Countries 3no can tbere bee a greater 
pwfe of netoneffe tban tbat*: g>ometpmed be faptb tbat ti>e Cartb PUn.iib.* 
id become toearp,ano fometpmed tbat it id toejteo barreine in peek 
Ding of frutte ano Spettallcd 5 becaufe it grotuetb oloe ♦ IBm in one 
place be faptb erp jeflelp, tbat mend booted b^ little 9 little become 
of fmaller ft atttte b]> reafon of tbe toitbereonelfe of p toojlo tobicb 
h3eretb oloe* 3no id not tbtd a reporting of tbe ^>kpe to bee like a 
tobee!e,\obicb gatberetb btate mr> cbafetb toitb rotoling ano tobir^ 
ling about ? 3m> tob^tt impo^tetb tbid tjoeicmg olo,but tbat it ban 
alfo (ad pe tooulo fap)a birtbtpme \ Z&fytit meanetb tbe toeartng 
hereof atoap^but tbat it ban erff bene netoe^CBbat id ment bp tbe 
cbafing of it,but tbat tbe temperature tbereof id altered jTox if tbe 
WLoflo be eternall •, tubp fe not tbe tob&le tbereof etecnallp in one 
beate,ano men etemaUp of fmall ftature ? © j if at leaatuife it be of 
berp aunrient continuance ; tobp toere not men become ppgmows 
long ago^ Sno if tlje contrarp bee to btz feene in jSaturc;t»bat re* 

IK a mapnetft 

, 4 8 



The Penpate 


The opinions 
of the Plato- 


mapnetb but to confetti? tbat tlje &3o;tto is bttt of late beginning': 
%o bee fljoit , tlje Stoikes (as VarrotDitneQertiof Zeno) taugbt 
tbat tfj? UjojId toa£ create*) of ©oo,ano tfjfci it fl)6ulo penfln Cbe 
Thepfawnifb piatoniftsaffirmetljatit'fe creates ant> motfall, but pet ui fultcp- 
The Epicures. nea from periflnng, bp <So& ♦ 'Cbe Epicures graunt tbat it bat$ a 
begmmn&botobeitbpbapba^artj&im notbpp*ouiDenre,CbrPe- 
ripateticks fap in tbeir concluGtfn*, tbat ft is; tcirijouf beginning; 
aim in tfmc pjcauffe* tljcp fctterlp nenp it* ?f|)e gtetiteft uefpifeta 
of ©on^ad Plink ano fitcb otberiihe 5 tioc tu^tte in tbeir prefaces, 
^bat tbe ttiojlo is an euetlafting ©on j ano tl^ougbout tbe toljole 
treatifes of tbeir broken tbep bnfap it agapne * j9oto tffen^after fo 
manp jjraueto)itnelfc*,ffim after tbe c5feifion$of tbe parties* tfcem 
felues, te tljerepet anp of tbcfepjetenfeo naturalitfeg to be fouim, 
toljid) oaretlj tbiiike tbe rontrarieftiH': 

'Bttt note Sure tbe romming of our lojo 3leru$ Cfytfl: into t&e 
earrtMljis nottrtne bat!) bene r#$pue& tbiougbouttbe tojlo,fo as 
tbe tbtng Uiljicb b^ afojetpmes bent Disputable among; tbe fi^ea* 
tben,te noui aomitten as ait article of faitlj 3 luelnere among all na* 
tion?s ano fed# on tbe eartb ♦ 3!t map bee rijat tbe mpjacles lutittfi 
toetefeenerijen m^eauen,tn €artfj,intbe§>ea, bppon men 5 aim- 
fcpon tbe wrp if aims, maoe tbe too?to to perceptte tbat tljere toa£ 
a Creator of tbe too?l&* tfoi to^o cottlo ooubt tbat tl;e creating of a 
netoe g>tarre 5 t\)t reftojmg of a oeaoman to life, oj onelp tbe ma- 
king of a blinoman to fee,U)ag not tbe toojke of an infinite potoer, 
pea twtn as toell ag tbe buploing of tbe toojltyconCtrecing tbat be* 
mmt boeing aim not boemg,betto&;ie life aim neatf^Jbetmsnc tbe 
bauing of a tbtng aim tbe notbauing^beoiffance tjs infinite % aim 
it map be tbat tbe fignes ti'oicl) toe baue feene from Hjeauen in out 
tpmt 5 aoe ferue to make tbe blafpbemers bpcm eartb tmejxufable* 
2£ut toberof foeuer it came 3 tbe toerp pbtlofopbers tbemfelues be* 
gan to make a grouoeo principle tberoftmfomuclj tbat p Greekes^ 
Perfians ano Arabians , ano ItketoifeafterU)artitbeTurkesanli 
Mahomctiftsjtito put it into tbeir betefe asS a tbtng out of all con* 
trouerfie^obe(bo?t,tl)ereiginotattbtfiil>apanp riuiflo? toello?* 
ueceo people, ferfjicb Wit not tbeir Ctym\itlc# ano ^)i(!o?ie^of 
tpme^jbegtm altoate^ at tfje Creation of tbe lao^lo y loberein tljep 
uoe all bolo of Moy fes,aim agree all toitl; b$ Ctytfttan^fauing hi 
tl;e controuerOe of fome fetoe peered. 

SDf all tbe^bflofopberd , onlp tlje Platonifts contiuuetj in effi^ 
ntation ; ano all men reietfea t^e netofouno opinion^ of Ariftotie, 



ana tftep Cart at oefiance,ratber toitb tbe Gnofticks rijan tottl) tbe 
Cbjiftiang ♦ g>amct Aiiftin faptfc concerning tlje ]pbtf ofoufaitf of 
1)10 tyme,tbattbeir opinion tuagj rtjat ©on toas afo?e tfce £&o?to, 
fcotobeit not in turnout in ojoet ami (jp toap of im&etfetting onlp: 
Ifkc ag if a foote ( faptb be) were euer in one place , the print 
thereof fhould alfo be euer there.ftnto ttrijdm it map be anfoe* 
teo in one fo)o?t!,tbat Ifte ag abilitfeano intent of going; toent afoje 
tbe going it feft>botb in tlje man ano in tbe feotejfo til ®oo aifo,tbe 
potter ano intent of creating, toent aftne tbe Creation ♦ TSi\t it te 
beft to ijeare tljeir oiune tocnitft Plotin in bte beoke of tlje 2Bo?lo, 
finnetJjbirofdfnot a little graueleo in tins cafe, ana be maket&De* . 
rp little account of alt Arifloties fuppofaile^ If we fay (fapt&fiO *^!^ f( 
that the Skye is euerlafting as in refpeel: of the whole bodie cap.i.and.^ 
therofrhow can that be,feeing that the liuing Creatures dye, 
and the Elements paflefrom one into another , and that (as 
Plato affirmeth)the Skye it felfc is in continuall wheeling ? If 
we fay that the Elements and the liuing wights cotinue their 
perpetuities in their kynds : why doth the Heauen continue 
his perpetuitie rather in number and particularitie ? If the 
caufe thereof bee, that nothing can flippe out of it becaufe it 
coteyneth all things :how can that reaion agree to the Starres 
and Planets,which doe not conteyne al things as the Heauen 
or Skye doth,and yet we affirme them to be euerlafting? And 
if nothing impeach it without; what fhould let that fome- 
thing may not impeach it within/eeing that all liuing wights 
doe naturally perifh through the diftemperace of their parts, 
notwithftanding that they Hue euen while they beeadiiTol- 
uing? And what infeweth hereokbut that both fortes of bo- 
dies^s well Cceleftiall as terref triall,doe peri(h?yea and both 
Heauen and Earth likewife , failing that the Coeleftiall indnre 
a longer tyme,and perifh more flowly than the Earthly? Cer- 
teynly (faptb be)if we tooke this word eternitie (as well in the 
whole world as in the parts thereof,) not to betoken an euer- 
laftingneiTe [ that is to fay,a perpetuitie or continuance with- 
out beginning or end,] but only a difference of continuance; 
there would be the lefte doubtful neiTe in the matter . But all 
• (hall be out of doubt,if we father the fame eternitie vpon the 
will of G OD , which of it felfe is able enough to vphold the 
World ; for fo fhail things haue their continuance according 
to his pleafure/ome in their ky ndes,and forae particularly in 

K 3 them 



Iv in H&l 


themfelues. jftoto,if tbe c£telo toere etemall;toere tt not fmpof* 
fible tljat it fbouln be otljertoife tbau it is ?3&ttt tf it Ijaue tljts being 
from tlje totll of ©©D^t's it not nifcbargcn of tijae nece(fitte*3n& 
firttft fljal tljen become of tljts fajung of ijis.,toljiclj be fettetlj nottne 
in nuters otber places; 3 namelp tljat tlje cXlo-iin is? of necetfttie, be* 
raufe it Motrin beljoue a feronn Mature to accompanie tlje firO-;t»n= 
IcUe toe bnnerftann it to be fpcken of the nece(Titie tljat is connitio- 
wall , ann not of tbe neccflitie tljat is abfolute as tljep terme it, 3* 
game,tlje fame toil! totjicl; mane t?;e eao?ln to b& 5 ami featij giuen 
continuance to tbe parts t^eretf , fome after one fcnt aim feme a& 
ter anotber,ann Ijatij nifpofen of tljem as it lilten it ftlfe ?$al it not 
alfo Ijaue mane tbem Mm it liifen it feWh MJljofoeua* tben fatdj, 
tljat tlje b&ing of tbe to#n 5 as toefl in tlje tobole as in tlje partes, 
nepennerij tyon tlje tuiil of a3on,taketb from tbe too?ln all neceflt* 
tie of beeingv 3im bee tljat fapetlj tljat tbere is no neceffitie tljat it 
ftouito Ijaue bin from euerlaftiwfc (let bs uft tbofe toojns foj toant 
of otljer 3 ) faptfj tberetoitball tljat it is not euerlafting* 

3!nljis boofte of <£ternitie ann of ^pme,lje faptb tljat eteniitie 
ann tpme niffer m tbts refpect , tljat ttttmtit is berifpen but of tbe 
euerlafting nature,ann tpme is to be benfien of tlje tl)i\\$# tbat are 
createtnfeo as eternitie,is ann abinetlj in ©on alone>ljom Ijc rai» 
letb tbe 2Sto?ln tljat is to bee concepuen but in mpnn oj bnnerff an* 
uing ; ann tymz abpnetlj in tlje too?ioe tljat is fubiect to tbe fences: 
anning neuertbeleife^tljat tlje toojln (to fpeake pjopetlp) toas not 
mane in tpmt ; after toljidj maner tuee alfo noe fay tljat it toas not 
mane in tpme but togetber toitlj tbe tpme* 15ut toljen be batlj neli- 
Beratlp fcannen all tbe nefinttions of time mane bp tlje former piju 
JofopljerS^ann batlj feardjen all tlje corners of Ijis twit too fetn out 
tlje bed ; in tlje enne Ije-conclunetb tljus jWXtt muft needes come 
backe ( faptb Ijee ) too the fayd firft nature , which I affirmed 
heretofore to be in eternitie, I meane the vnmouable nature, 
which is wholly all at once the infinite and endle(felyfe 3 and 
which confifteth whole in one, and tendeth vnto one.But as 
yet there was no tyme"at all", o r ^t lealf wife it was not among, 
the Natures thatconfift in vnderftading, but was to come af- 
terward,by a certeine maner and ky nd of pofterioritie. Now 
then if a man will vnderftand, how tyme proceeded firft from 
the hygher Naturestwhich relied in themfelues; good caufe 
fliall he haue to call the Mufes too his helpe , for the vttering 
therof : For it may be that the Mufes alfo were as then .There- 


fore let vs fay thus; Afore fuch time as ForenefTe iffued foorth 
and had neede of afterneffe; Tyme, (which as then was not,) 
retted in God with the refidewof all things that now arc.But 
a certein nature bent to many doings, that is to wit the Soule 
of the world,beeing defirous to haue more than the prefent, 
began to moue it felf,and fo from thence immediatly iflewed 
tyme,which pafleth on continually and is neuer the felffame. 
And we beholding the length therof, haue imagined tyme to 
be the image of cternitie. #nn tubat i# ment bp all tW contend 
plation,but tfeat a certeine &oule en mpno pjoceeoing from (Son, 
tbat is to twtt tbe Spirit of (Son, nin moue aim carp tbe too^lne a* 
bout^bat toWtbat mouing ann of tbat mouing, tpme teas b?eD 
aim tytmgbtfajjtb <; 'Cijat afoje tbat mobuingjtbere toag a fettled 
flate o) retiUs etermtie aftne time *t 3no tbat(asi be fctmfejfe faietfr 
tbere ) Cpme ann Upeauen toere mane botlj at once , ann'etemitie 

3* touching tbat ft te uemaunneo tuTjat (Sou nto aftne tlje 
C&ojlo t not!) not Plotinus bimfelfe fctrniu; ng im'tb fufHcient an* 
fujere,in tljat be faptb tbat (Sou not tooojfting at all but retfwg tit 
Irimfelf , ootb ann perfojmetb berp greate tbings *t 3no 10 not tlje 
iphe concluoenbptbegoolpnoctrmeoftSoospjouinence, tobere* 
of be treatetb in booses erpjelip bearing tbat tptle \ fo? if it be po& 
fible fo? tbe Mojlo to be eternall as toell as; (Son s loljere tben can 
tbere bee anp pjouinence t jFo? tobat elfe is pjouinence , tban t!je 
Ml of 0oo nttereo foojtb toitb Ueajoit , ann ojnerlp nifposeo bp 
bnnerft anning % 3nn if (Sons mill bee requires : fcoljere is; tljen tbe 
neceffitie of b&ing, WW) in otber placed bee attribute^ too dje 
tuojln t 3lfo toljcre 10 tbte fapiug of bid betome,tbat our j&ouleg 
areimmojtall'tano tbat fomeof tjem are eternall annafrneall ^V©-^ 
tpme*:3[nolpketoifetbi2S-,tbatafo?e (Son ban cteaten tbe inojln «.*&. 
ann b?eatben a foule into iu it toas but a nean co?fe,a mingle~man= vS *° * 
gle of eartb ann toater 3 a narfte matter; a tljing of notljing, ann (at 
atocojne) fudj a tijing as mm tlyz (Sonnes tbcmftfaeg mere aba* 
(ben at it : ann tbat after tbat (Son ban u)en tfjfe &>oule into tbe 
toojln, botb Ipfe $ mouing UJeretberbp tycatljco into tbe Partes* 
Haianet^ann t iuing topg&ts* jf 0? feeing tbat from notbeing,not^ 
Iiuiitg 5 ann notmouiitg, fbere fe an infinite ntttance to being lining 
ann moumgtDotb it not foliate alfo tbat tbere is inSnitz onn-s be^ 
meene bun tbat t3,l!uctb,ano mouetb^tljae is to fop (Son; ann tlje 
t&mg tjjat inaptetb to l;aue being Ipfe aim mouing at Ijtg l;ann,tbat 

as 4 tt 


fa tobrit tfce fojementioneo CljaojS* 3no toljatig tt rijat fcad) bo5< 
ueo o? ftlleo tip tljte oittance 3 but onlp tlje toil! of l)im tofjo onlp ia«: 
auoiftoilltoeretlje oooer thereof; tijeutoas it not of neteflitie: 
9no if it toas not of ncceflttte -, tljen tnljere is tlje cternitie thereof: 
Porphyriusoifputtng of rije^inu oj anoer(tantiing,tlje tobicb 
fcee tcrmetlj tlje beginning , grouno 3 oj toelfp^ing of tijc 2SXo?lD; 
fapctlj tfcat it baas tyeu of ©oo from euerla(ting,bp a certeine eter* 
nallojbeginninglefle bjeeaing, eucn fuel) a one agftagafojeall 
CtemitieJt was not bred in tyme (faptlj lje)for as yet there was 
no tyme at all : and after that tyme was made, the world can 
fcarfly bee fayd in very dede to be, if it be compared with the 
forefayd Vnderftanding or Mynd.djfe is all one toitJ) tlje Tap- 
ing of ^tifmegiftug in a certeine place,t»t)ro be called tljig mintr, 
ttie treto , eueilafting , anu firft bojne §>onne of (Son •, ano ring 
toojlo ©000 ponger &omK;tf>e one begotten of lj& berie nature, 
anti tljeotljer of ijtst inilU 
rorphyrius. Proclus ano Simplicius fteepe a greate cople m mapntenance 
oftl;e eternitieof tlje too?lo 5 ano Ijaue mane boote tijerof ageinff 
Philoponus: bat all tfjeir reafong are fufficientlp refutrti y bp tlje 
things torfnei) 31 fjaue oifcourfeo agatnlt AriftotleVBat feeing tlje? 
mapntepne <SotJj3 pjouioence ano tlje immojtalttic of tlje ^oule, 
aonljep notreiect etemittetoljitljer tljcp toifl oj no t 3no toljereag 
Proclus tutting againft fuel) ag bpljelo tljat tljere bee infinite 
iDOjlos toitljout nomber,faptlj tljat fuel) inSnitene-s i$ ageinftrea* 
fon ano knotoleoge-, ano tljat tbe aomitting tljerof eiccluoetlj ©00, 
ano abanooner!) all ttringtf to fortune : toljp fljoulo Ijeratljer aomit 
mfimtenelTe of time in ftte one toojlo tljan infiniteneffe of nomber 
tn manp , fperiallp feeing tjee allotoetlj ©oos pjouioence *: 9no 
toljerag Simplicius conoemnetl) ftofeto Upelltoljiclj beleeue not 
tlje]|a;touioence bppontljeEeafongof Epi&etus: nootrj Ijcenot 
confeqttentlp conoemne tfjeocfenoers oftljeeternitieoftljttoojftr 
too tlje fame punifyment^notnljen Auerrhoes Ijimfelfe faptlj 
tljat it te outoetotie tamagnifie ©on bp p?apet ano facrifi^e, aim 
tljat it fa planter mtn in nature to offer facrifi^e ; fa Ije not contra* 
tie to (tmlelf tfo? to tol;at eito reuerettcelMe ©oo,if toe be nothing 
beboloen to Ijim*: neuertijeletre mp aHengmg oftrjefc tljings is not 
as ftouglj 31 hxm not tocll tljat tlje Platonifts, pea ano eucn tbefe 
afo^mentioneo pljilofopfjcrg alfo,tJO call tlje too^lo euerlalring ann 
hnbegottentbut to fteto tijat tlje berp fureft of tljan ijaue toauereo 
inftijai opinioiu infomue^ tl;attljepl)aue Icftusaf principles com 



trade to tljetr canciuGang t ano after aH tljetr long nurmtflje^tfjep 

fino no reft but in our Camp* 9no fcotijlp tije moft part of tbem be 

H2tuett to arfmotoleoge certeme Degteea of eternitie, ££ttjerof tbe 

fir* fijottlo be,tl)attobtcb is meafureo bp tbe continetoance oftbat 

tobtclj & eun-nto^e of it felfe , ano becometb neither tbe longer fo? 

augljt tljat is to come , no? pet tlje filter Jfo? augbt tbat is paff; 

ano tfjat te ft tuijtel) isee to be afcribeo alonlp unto G£oiv£be fecona 

as t\)t meafure of fuel) tfn'ngg as Ijaue a 6 jreo ano beeing ft ab!e,ano 

pet Ijaue alfo a certeine fucceifion in ttjctr operation^ tobicij fojt 

are tbe bnoerftanoiug fpiritg o? 3ngelte *,- ano tfjig is property cat 

leu 3pneflfe. ^e tfjiro ag tbe meafuring of ouraMene(TeTontinu< 

en bp fojeneiTe antrafternefle, fcauing a beginning but not an emu, 

ano tbtetbep call ^pme 3 attributing it property to tfje cIHojlo* 

gnotoljatelfetetljis tfjan tofpeafce rfjattftingbp ciratmftance, 

tobtcfj toe Utter in one toojo^jf o? to to&at purpofe cal tbep a tljing 

eternal! 0} euerlatting 5 if bp tfye termer Eternall ano Euerlafting, 

ttjep meane temporal! V after to^td) maner tfce Cmperour lufti- iufttfuan m 

nian fpeafcing fcnpjoperlp of fy$ otone Jlatoe^fapo fje Ippeo tt>at thc p^^to 

tljep fboulo be eternall ano euerlafting* hiS Dl s clts * 

90 touting tfjc opinionof Epi&etus tfje Stoik $ of Plutarke, 
no wan can ooubt except fje ciuite ano cleane oifanull tfoc t c booker 
<£52DD (faptf) Epi&etus) hath ordeined that there (hould bee 
Wiinter and Sommer , goodfeafons and bad : he hath giuen 
to the Earth both fruitfulnes and barren nes ; and his difpo- 
fing of things fo by contraries , is to mainteynethe harmony 
of the whole.He hath brought vs into the world,giuen vs bo- 
dies and members , and afsigned vs heritages & fellowheires. 
It is hee that hath made both the fight and the colours , and 
neither Gght nor colours were aught worth, if it were not for 
the light ; and therefore hath he alfo made the light. %\)ii$ 
from popnt to popnt fceieaoetb te to tW coucludon, tbat <B£)D 
mane rije SMojIo ano all tl;at therein* Plutarke faptlj m$ t If p^tonk 
God were not the maker of all things, then fhould he bee re- yc °S omc * 
ftreynedin feme things ,and fowere he not Lord of all : But 
he is to be acknowledged for Lord of all,and therefore of co* 
fequence he is the maker of them all. 9no beremigbt a great 
tiomber of t&e. fo?eaHeogeo fentences oft&e felfefame 3utIjo^ be ^^"^ ^ 
afleogeo againc* theV tf the 

^ut tobat (ball toe fap if Galien(to&o in comon aceotmtis tbe Partes of 
mo{tijea$emu;Jof al tojiterjQafter IjefjatI) tljjougljjp tiptop bati) mens bodye*. 



man ana rije toojlo it fdfe 5 be m tf>e enu conftrepnea too romefiatfe 
to die famepopnt ^ I make hcre(faptl)!)e m Ijte fcofteof tteafeof 
part$)a true Hymnc in the honour of our Maker. Whofe fer- 
uicelbeleeue verily confifteth not in the facrimlng of hun- 
dreds of Oxen vnto him;6r in burning great heapes of Fran- 
kincenfe before him 5 but in acknowledging the greatnefle 
of his wifdome,Powre,and goodnes,and in making die fame 
knowenvnto others. For whereas of his owne free will hee 
hath voutfafed to garnifh and beawtifie all things in the beft 
maner that .could be, and hath not ended fo great a benefite 
to any thing ; I hould it for a pi oofe of perfect goodnes : and 
fofarreprayfed be his goodnes. A gain^to haue found out the 
meanes how to adorne thir. hly 5 (hewefli a fouereigne 

Wifdome,and to haue brought to paife and perfected al that 
euer he had forepurpofed,betokencth an incoparable might 
Gai.Hb.i i. and power. 3nti in fjte fmimtmtl) ba&e , who lb confidereth 
(faptlj l)t ) the compofing & knitting togither of eucry liuing 
thing , (hall find thatitcaryethin it a proofc of the Creators 
wifdom. And feeing that in themiddesofthat Puddle of hu- 
mors eche liuing wight hath a Soule dwelling,indued with fo 
great force and vertue : he ought of reafon the more to won- 
der at the greatnes and excellencie of the Mind that dwelleth 
boi" "n? * n neauen ' Anc * wno * s ne (^ ari & e f a P& afo?e) which looking but 
brccdincro^ one ty vpon theSkinne of a thing,woondereth not at the cun- 
children. ning of the Creator ? get nottoitljEanmngljee irilftmbletb not 
tljat \)t !)an trpeo bp all meaner t o fins fomc reafon of tlje compo- 
fing of Sums imgotsuntj tljat free tooula ratl;er ftaue fatijereo tlje 
fcomg thereof fcpon nature, tl;en fcppon tljciicrp autfjoj of nature* 
Galen m his ^ {l t pet foj all t!jat 5 in tlje ent> he concluded) tljttsU confe{le(fatrlj 
of h Cnt f b f° k ^ tIiat * ^nowe not wrnat tne Sou * c ls > notwithstanding that 
Partes! ' * naue fought ver y narrowly for it , neither can I yeeld a rea- 
fon how the Babe is formed in the Mothers Wombe. Well 
doe I fee that in that cafe there is very greate Wifdome ; and 
therefore I am of that opinion that it is not for any man too 
meddle with the fearching out of it , but that it ought to fuf- 
fice vs that our Creator hath willed it to be after that failnon. 
For fhall wee prefume to feekc a reafon of the dooing of that 
thing,which(without making of an Anatomie)we fhould ne- 
ucr knowe to haue bene done ? 3It tsi all one a3 tffye (!;ouJto fap 5 
tfcat JQature toljereat luee toconaet fo uutel; , i$ nothing els but 




1s$atfoetter it pleafetl) (Sod to commauno* 

9nu nolo toljat remained) moje but to fjeare Apollo(tfjat is to 
fap,tbeberp DwelH;tmfeIft) t»bo being p? apes to fap anHymne 
to tbe peat 6ot>,begimtetb it toxtlj tijis fcerfe* 

Which made the firil Man and called him Adam: ft^icfr 
berfc luftine tfoe Sprctpje afftrmetfr to Ijaue bete commenip fang 

after tbe cbnfeflion of tmcfcetmelfe it felf,if toe lift alfo to fjeare 
tfje confeflion of 3Igtto?ance, tijere is not at tljis t>ap fo bjutifl) a 
Ration, toljith eitijer bp teaming it int\)t great letters of tfte Spea* 
tiens,oj bp tranttion from tfcrir p^enecefTo^reteme not tbe optni* 
on tbat tljc toojlse toas creates , botobeeit tbat tlje c afe tot!) ttanzi 
tmrijtbemas itucotb toitb t!;e niuerfitie of pojtratures ajatoen 
mtt,tf)e firft from tifee Ipnelp patterne r't felfe , tlje fecono from tbat 
firff,a ri>iro from tbe fecon&,an& fo fawfyon bntill tbeM mutter* 
fet retepne fcarfe anp feature at an of tlje firft ojigmall paterne*©f 
tlje JJ5attou?s toljiclj toe call Wattage oj &Upar,fome affirme tbem* 
{eluestoftcepeano reuerence tbe places frberetijepfurmpfetofl 
ijaue bin tlje o^ginall of tbe&ea, of tbe Sonne, of tfje Spoone, of 
t\)t firft man ano of tlje ftrft toomaa,3f r* £>tl;erfome fjoltie opinion 
tfcat tljere came one fro tlje J^o?c|» into tijetr countrp ttsljicb beigb- 
tljeneo rije ftallepes antrleuelea tbe Hpifles , ann repleniffjeu tbeit 
Countrp tottb $pen ann flUomen tobom &e ban creates , anti tfjac 
tfje fame partie giuetfj tfjemfrtutes of all fojtes abuntiantIp*<iabo 
(toljenfoeuer tljcp p^ouofte bim to to?atb,)toift cljatmgetbeir goto 
fbpie into barrein Iana, ana take from tljem tbe fatneflfe of tfje Ijea* 
uen^ap pe not fee flearlp ijere tbe creation of tbe tt)ojIo,tbe finite 
af man,ano tbe curfe toljidj (Soo 6at{) giuen to tije eartb fo? titans 
fake 4 : 3ns as fo? tlje partie toi;om tljrp fpeake of, it is a mingling 
rf tlje fbjie of tbe Creation,tmtlj tbeilo^p of fome partietfcat firff 
6?ougbt people from tlje j!5o?tIj into tljofe Countries too mljabttc 
tbem euen long tpme after, icpuing tlje creation of tfje toojlD tottfj 
tbe peopling of €ountries,as tbtngs not farre&iuerS,acco?tjmgIp 
as is ticone in Diners J£>iff0?te&antj 3! pjappou botamanp euen of 
our jSeigljbournations tljatinljabite tbefcttermeft borers of tbe 
too?lo,coulo turn at tbis uap anftuere moie Stlp ta> tbat queftion*: 

jf^oto feeing tbatfte ^o?Io ano all tbe partes hereof doj (ing 
out tlje creanottjftetng tbetoifoom of tbe too^Iu teacbetb it,tjngon* 
lines ( euen tobitber it tuifl o? no ) auotoetb it^ 31gno?ance teetl) it? 
am aUtogtrfjer in allages bat!; tauc#t 3 auofc>eD 3 ann perceiuen fet 

map not toee toirf) tfje allowance eucn of tbe blorftifljeff ana of tfje 
luicbeweft , pronounce ring tjefimtme fentence, ^at t\)z dQUojto 
Ijao a beginning , ana tljat it fcao tt at facb tpme ag it pleafeto (Sob 
tlje Creatoj tljereofVBut tljere remapnetb pet one popnt to be oit 
cu(retynamelp,tol)erof <£5ot> createu tfoz ffiHojituaitti tl;at ig mattet 
enougb foj another Chapter* 

The, x.Cbapter 
That GOD created the World of nothing ; that is to fafr 
without any matrer or ftuffe whereof to make it. 

■-Catmox; teHtn^etlin: 31 map toamDermojeae 
$egcs&iu£gl)t of tlje auuctentpbilofopber* 
in tlje fmotule&ge of manp natutall tljings , oj 
at tfceir blinoneflfe in tfje fenotolenge of tlje att* 
tljo? of t&em,in tljat tljep fet it ootone foj a oe- 
finitine ftntence^ijat notljing in al tlje too?!* 
is mane of nougbt 5 ano tljerfo?e tljat tlje great 
toojkmapfter Ijimfeff coulti not make anp tljing twitfjout matter oj 
duffe toljereot 5Foj in effect it i$ a meafuring of tlje butlDer ano bte 
builmng botfc bp one rule oj fkantling, ami m abating of tlje po- 
toer tnbic^ cftep tljemfelues confefle to be infinite, tonto tfje Itate of 
ter tolj eteof* 8no tnljp 4 : 'Becaufe a Spafon cannot make anp bttpk 
uing toitljout ftuffe toljeteo£S& toljo toouto fap tljere tocre a mo?e 
abfutn kpno of reafoning in Logicke 5 tljan to conclude from tlje ft* 
jttte to tlje infinite y from tlje migljtlefle to tlje almigbtie , from tlje 
ttanGto?ietotljeeuerlaftmg* jSapratljer tbou fljoutoeft reafoit 
£lju$^an,tuljo is; lefte tljan a £2Io?me in comparifon of $ Ijigljeff, 
tyatoetlj golti out of tlje Hocke, oj out of tbe butt of tlje eartlj : SDf 
tlje fame eartlj o? ftone Ije maketlj furij tloatlj, topje, ano leaties of 
goIt>fopIe>ag no ma taoulo tieeme to Ijaue come of fo groflfe a mat* 
ter ♦ fflftlje grcene ©earbeljeojatoetlj outtotjite flotoer fo? bid fa* 
ftenauce: tf tlje ftalkes of jf \m anti Spempe 3 lje njatoetlj out tijjeen 
to make cloatlj of: of ragged be maketb Ipaper to lujite on: ant> of 
tijeerxrements! of tlje little fetlktoojme Ije ujatoetfj out a great 
%u\z xrf ^ilkclcatl;* %apne^;e turkpnet^rome one twz 9 rougfj 




ftpnu oflfuffc into a buntyeti tyoufanti faOjiondtof tye leaft tying* 
fie maketb trcrp great dungs , aim bp tye e£cellencie of bts lmt ma* 
tuety molt excellent tyings out of tyat toljere tlje moll part of men 
(noturityftanuing; tljat tyep be men as tpel as j)c)foum> not neper* 
cepucn not anp tying at all: as fo? example, out of tye g \mtfiiz to 
toiarme bmuout of tyebarrcpne if erne aim bple g>eatoa>t>e 5 gltffe* 
ring OMaire : out of a S>belfi(I) tyat tye <§>ea rattety bp, purple to 
make Ornaments? of^o bee fyG& after a certepne manege ma* 
kety fometobat erf notying ♦ jftcto , feeing t^at tye toeakeneffe of 
mtntall men can aoe fo muri),lball not tlje migbtie potoer of tbe e* 
ueriaffing, bee able to uoe mtttymoje *x 3ns feeing; tyat a tying of 
nougbt is able to Doe fo much 5 fyall anp tying be unpofftble to tye 
maker of all tying^ 35ut altyougb tyis tufjic!) 31 imue fapa migfte 
fuffi^e tbe &tfcreete,pet nottoitytfanomg let b$ fctfeufie moje large* 
Ip tyis matter concerning matter o? ftuffe* 

gxotylp if ®o*r neeneo matter 0} ftuffe to toojke bpon^eitljer fje 
Ijtmfelfe mane it^oj elg it tua$ eternalip of it felfe as uaell as be* 3if 
ije mane it,be mane it of notying: fo? in feeking tbe matter of mat* 
ter , pe fljall pjoceene to infinite ; ana fo baue 3! tlje tying 31 toouto 
ijaue * 3|f it mere from euerlatf ing, tyen toere tyere ttoo eternalles 
togetyer* i»bity is a tying repugnant to all reafon ann contrarp to 
it felfe* JFo? notying can beemoje contrarp to eternitie 3 tyan to fap 
tyat tyere is a matter o? ftuffe toi)ity attenaety o? toaptety to Ijaue 
W ftape fojme oj falljion at fome toojkmatfers bam>;oj tyat tyere 
U an eternal tying tobity fcaty not anp otyer life 0} being,tyan fuel) 
as anotyer etemall tying baty fcoutfafeb to giue bnto it ♦ jf o? let 
toS fee 31 p?ap pou totyat maner of tying tyep imagine tyis matter 
tob^-CbeplDillbaueittobeatyingtuityoutajape, butpetare= ^^f^ 
teiuer of all ftapes: ana tyep Ml Ijaue fyape to be taityout matter formcr,fofliio. 
therein to tee, but pet as a moulu totyetem to faflnon all matter^ ncr,or giucr of 
foastyematter fyoufa Ijaue no beeing at all, but bp reafon of tye flwpcsdoth 
(bape ojf0jme,a$ of tyegtuer of being tbereto^utbolo can mat. ^^toTc 
ter be liaityout fo?me , feeing tyat etteti uefo^mitie it felfe is a kpnn ^ aawr. 
of fo^me*:©? boto can matter be alone bi$ it felfe,feetng tljat fojme 
i0 tye tying tyat gittety being bnto it 4 : jj^oto tben,to fap tyat mat* 
ter fe t»ityoutfo?me,i^ all one a$ t& fap tyat it ties ana fe notjtaljui) 
toere tye faping of a manman, 

^ea(fap tyep) ; butfjoto ig it poffible fo? fomehrfjat to bemaue 
of notyiirg, fity tyere it an infinite uiftance bzttoixt fometuljat anu 
iwtying ^ JI2ap, 3] fap ratyer,tt&at is it &W) i^ not finite, in re* 


I 5 8 OF THE T R E W N E > 

fpetf of btm tftat is infinite*: J mcane m refpea of btm tofcom rtjott 
tbp fclf afF .oncft to featte botmnen tlje felfcfantc matter luljrdj tbou 
noed take am tearf) to be tnftmte^ut if tbou hded to conftnei it, 
tbou fyalt percepue tbat tljou confefleda tbingnoleflelmrrenibie 
to dipne oiunc fence , djan t* dje fame mJjtrij tbou reierted bp d;p 
fence ♦ .fojuiljcntljou imarcmeft a nutter Uu'tiputfcime, anna 
fomietuidjaut matter, tbou fpeaked things tbat nedrcp one ana* 
tIjcr.T5ttt toljeitas J fa? tbat ©on createn tlje caodn of uotljingf, 
f ')at is to fap nmbout batting mip tbiug tuljerof to make it:in nine 
31 ftp a tbing tbat is toonneifuU 3 bofcubeit tobidj batb not anp re* 
pngnancie in it felfe* jftoto 3 rt)ere ft great nifferenre bettoeene fpea* 
king abotte reafon 3 anu againdrcafen t jfoj t;tted; aim mans rea* 
fan are not inclofeo nn'djin tbe like ann feifefame bounns^ut foj< 
afmudj as tbou bait graunten djat 6on is! tlje audjo? ann to02ket 
of JJ5ature,3f toouln fapne knotoe ijoto tbou rand be fo boln to De- 
npe , djat be bad; put life ann mouing tobere none toere afoje, ana 
tbat be batb mane botb dgbtannligbt, bearing anD founns,fpad) 
ann bnncrdanning , tobcreerdtoasmo^edjanneatb, mo^edjaii 
blinnnede.moje tljan numbnede,ann mo?e tban nulnefic;djatis to 
fap, mojetban tbe bare pjtuation 0? bereuingofdjofed)ings,con* 
fioeringtbatneitbereobeenoj euertobauebene 5 aremuebmoe 
toats djan fimplp not to be* j3oto 3 bettocene iiuing ami not lining, 
feeing ann not feeing , ann fo fcojtb, tbere is an infinite nidanre a$ 
fcued as tljere is bewmxe being ann not being , tabid) nidance can 
not be fides bp but bp an infinite potoertann icokctobcte an infinite 
potuer is,it is alike migbtie totoarns ad djings ♦ Cberefoje it fofc 
lolyctb tbat Ctb djou attributed bnto bim tbe making of tbp figbt, 
of djp life 3 ann of tbpne tmnerdanning-,d)ou cand not ton? bim dje 
creation of djednngs tbatfjaue Iigbt,iife, anntmnerdanningitt 
tbem* Wfyid) if djou graunt in one tbinr&nanes mud tljou gratmt 
it alike in afl, JT 0? to giue ltfe,ann to giue b&ing; to giue fo?me 0? 
ft ape, ann to giue matter ; ann to giue tbem to one tying , ann to 
ftiuedjemto addjiugS;areadfc)o?kes ofonefelffamepotoer,boto 
f ittersi foetter tbe negrees of tbem feeme bnto tba at tbe fird dgbt* 
Ipe djerfo^e tbat confedetb ©on to be dje former 0? giuer efftape, 
notb alfo confede bim to bee tbe rreatoj of ad tbings ♦ j^ap, 3| fap 
mo;e,tkat toben dpu termed ©on tbe fouereine 0) big^Kd being, 
fe^^dbwkT ( a * Ariftotle notb)o? Ijim tbat elTentiaHp ann in Km nateiff,(as{ 
ofthingsa- I latonotb) : d)oufapd{tbougbbntoittinglp;tbatbe t?aJ cije Crea* 
re ta^t'jac i3 to faPjtlK aut^o? of d;c being of ail d;tng^ 





3|f toe Icokc into nature , tlje tljing tljat l;oloetb tlje firft place m 
tbmgs of ojoetys commonip tl;e cattfe of al tbe tbings tbat fall im* 
tot ic,3mongbot tbings 3 fomebee botter tban fome;but pet fire, 
tolrirbMttftbtbcbigbctf fccgrainbeate, is tbe caufe of beate in 
all tbings , ann fteaactlj it felfe into all toitijout fcimmitymg of ic 
felfe, ano by imparting it feife to tljem us (till inerealeo : tnfomucl) 
tbat tbe (taking of a tflint infojeetb tlje caftmgfojtlj of a tljotifann 
fpackes , tobereof euerp one toere enougb to fet the toljole ££tolo 
on fire*3|nltgbtfonietbmg^,oneltgbt ligbtetlj anotijer/»no bv im* 
parting; maketlj it felfe after a fojt infinite : ano tbe <§>unne tobtcfc 
te as tlje fotmtapne of ligln,ejcten&etb ano ftyeaoetf) it felfe out in- 
finitely tottbout oilleucring , 9 after a maner created; ligljt toljere 
toaS noticing but oarkneflfe* $lfo tit bttmaine affapjes^ings im- 
part djeir tit^ttittcjs to pjmces^mces to tbeir (Uaflfalles^ £JaD 
falles to tbeir gmbiects : ano toben djep giue any man a qualitie 
fobiclj bebati not afojc, tbep termetym tfjeir Creature, as; bluing 
mane bim fometobat of nothing 3 in refpetf of tbe qualitie toljere- 
toitb Ije toas inoetoeo afoje* ^0 bee fbo&fents oj fauojs arc (Ijeui 
En?tb,amj &>ckmt$ are taught from one to anotl>er,ano from one 
to inMtc : pea ami ami oifeafes , toljicl; are nodjmg els but co?- 
tuption^mgeoer one of another toitboutotmtnilbingtbenifeluesJ* 
j?2oto 5 as fty l[)eate,ltigl)t, feauour, gtfiei^ano Dignities djep 
be but qualities , termeo by tfjeoegrees of tlrft 3 fecono 3 ano tbiro 
qualities? ; pea ano mojeouer ocao , fenfleffe , ano liueleffetano pet 
nottoitbftaoing, l©ke tobicl; of djefe qualities Ijoteedj $ firftplace, 
tbe fame ootb natttrallp tying foul) al tfce reft 3 toitbflut oiminffljmg 
itfrife*3noO)alltoetben djinketcffratrngedjat^oo^toljo is tbe 
3i5eeing,tobicb tixtn by tbeir otone confeffton boloedj tlje djiefe ana 
firft place of all 3$aings 5 oj racier alonlp can in bcrp oaeoe be fapo 
to be)ft)ouIo by Ijis being tying foottfj all otber beings 

2?ea fap tljep 5 foj toee fee not anp tfyn$ tyougbt againe to no* 
tljing 3 ano djerefoje n#ses mud tbep Ijaue bene creates of fame* 
tbmg v Jftap, if too?Mp tbings fbouio retttrne to nothing, confine 
ring l;oto tranfitoue ano fitting tl>ep be alreanie 3 l>oto ft o^t a titnz 
eoulo tlje too?lo inoure; 0? ratfjer l>oto long agoe Ijan it come to an 
ma VBut it ujas ®otiflt toill tbat it fyoulo contimt ♦ 9no tljevefojc 
tbou 0)ouItrcft ratljer fap tljus 1 31 fee tbat tlje ®ms 3 an5 tbe grea 5 
tell ^eaffes, pea ano men tt emfelues ooe fp^ing as it toere of no* 
tbmg 5 ano are refolueo agapne Into as g©o as notljing*3i fee tl;em 
multiplpe,liue,ann do toonuc^,©f one felffame fee^e a fe fp?« l S 




borij floU)en*,Ieaues,ann fruit^ano of anotbei^^nneifulnefre 
of cpes , tbe fnbftantiatoiTe of bones , ann tfye fiaefle ofUitall fpi* 
rites* 3gapne,3i fee all tbefetbingsbamfl) atoap 31 tootenot bolt), 
fo ass tljete remapnetb nctbing of tbem Out a ijanufull of outf ♦ Sim 
(Tjali 31 uolM be fo Mockifl; as to fap,tfrat be tobicb of fo Httfe ann m 
fo little batb mane fo manp toonojous tbings tbat toerc not afoje, 
couln not make tbe little it felfe \ S>i tfjat Ijctolitrfj creates tbe life 
tbe fence ann tbe mouing, cou!o not create a n?ep of toater, a biaff 
ef apje,ann a fcannfu II of eartb 't Sftav, 3! tort! reafon tbus ratber: 
djattf <£oniaere not abletj create tbetjerp matter of matter rt 
felfe, ftirelp be couln nettbet giue fo?me 0? fljape to tbematter,no£ 
treatc fttcb tbmgs of tbe matter* S?cs u»tli tbep fap:fo? it appeared 
tljat all tbmgs retttrnc as it toere into one comma matter,tobetl)ec 
tueefoilotue tbe auncient pbtfofopbers toljfcb tenure tbem to tbe 
€Ieme:us,oj tbat luce follow tbe late u^itcrs tefjirij renuce tbem 
into £>ple 3 <g>aft,£aater,$c , TBtt it foann tben ougbteff tbou ta 
toncluoe tberebpon 3 tbat feeing tbere is but one matter,tljere is ah 
fo but one (Son-,bnto toljofe potter tfjou ougbteft not to oeeme anp 
tbing nnpolftble , feeingtljat of tl)at one tijing ije maketb fo man? 
tbings,notonlp niuers^but alfo contrary JF oj be tbat of one felfe* 
fame tbing maketlj botb fire ann toater 3 ootl; fje letfc tjjau fce toljtrtj 
. maketlj tljat one tbing it felfe? 
o e a£a of ail ^b^tuilt rfjou ftp tljen if 31 make tf)& to fee tfjat rfjere is not 
thing*. tljat tbing toljirf) tjatij not in it feif a peculiar creation^ a proper* 
tit createn 3 tt)bic^ cannot be attributen to tbe matter tuljcrof it con* 
fiffert) , butts a greater tbing tban tbe matter it felfe , toitljout tbe 
tttlji^neitber t^e mattet^no? fl)t eletuents,noj an tbe tbings tbat 
tl;ou tyatoeft out of tbem toercanp tbing at an*: 3no fitb tboutotlt 
noenes plap tbep&ilofopber afoje tbou ooeft btlkut-, 31 nemaum* 
of tbee toljetber tbmgs in tbeir nature baue tbeir beeing from mat* 
ter 0} from ftrjme*: 3lf from mattentobp te a plant ratber a plant 
rfjan a mettall^feeing tbat(bp tfjpne oton faping)matter being but 
one , is no moje one tfjiug tban anotber ., ne indpnen to one tbing 
mo?e tban to another, noj bounnen tontbtn anp otte particular fab* 
fiance otbertoife tban bp fo^me o? fafbion? 9nn fo?afmucb as tbou 
fcaft taken fo great papnes in refoluingo? banging tljingsbacke 
agapne into tbeir firtt matter ; tobence commetb it tbat tby ejetrac* 
tions o? t\)t tbings tobtcb tbou ojatoetf out of it 3 baue fo oiuets o^ 
contrarp operations, if beGnes tbe matter it felfe tl;ere be not ano* 
c§cr fubfiance lul;iclj giuetl; fyzmttyixfr 

- a 


3[ftf)in^ Ijaue tfjeir being from fo?me;3( oemauno againe tobe* 
tber fojmc bee a fubffance o? no + 3|fit bee net a fubftance, Ijato ran 
tljat tobidj is not a fubff aunce make a fiibftattnce>antJ boin map an 
accinent 0} income mate an elfentiaH tufferenee., $ f aufe life, fence, 
anti mouing to be tobere t!;ep toere not afoje *: 3ns if it bee a fub* 
ftance (as moft pbrtofopbers teacij in e^etTc toojues ) pea ana a 
bcrp perfect fubftance 3 as tabid) perfected tbe matter tfno mafcetfj 
it to be tbat tofyd) it is names to be:muft it not nri$£S foHo^tbat 
be tabid) gaue tbis ^opm tljape oj faflnon to tlje matter , creates a 
fubtece tobidj toas not afo?e,pea aim a mud) moje excellent fab* 
ttancetbanrire matter tobicbtboufurmifeft to baue bene afo?e it\ 
jftoU),t»bP ft outo not be tbat toags able to create tbe better 5 be alfo Aphro&fzu* 
^rtile to create dje ieflfer goirt IRigbdp tberefoje sotb Aphrodifeus in his firft 
sn bis brake of tbe <§>oule fap, djat tbe fojme fljape oj fallrio ito\)itf) boo | ce of *** 
tbe Craftfman giuetb to bis too^is no mow a fubif ance djan tlyz Soulc * 
,arte,craft 5 o? cunning toberebp be giuetb it:but tbat f fojme tabid) 
Mature giuedMs no lefle a fubftance djan Mature it feife is* let 
&s pjoc0et>efurtber*©f tbe 2l9etta!(es 5 tbou eftemet! <£oIo $ && 
timoftbe Upearb^tbou efteemef! fome fo? farte,am> fome foj ]jDbi* 
lidkemf d>e 3$eatfcs 3 tbou earned fome to eate,an& fome to fertte 
tl)^:of men , (mW) vtt nottoitbtf ansing make an but one tomae) 
tbou asmitteft ana accepted fame fo? one ptirpofe ana fome fo? an 
otber 4 Jftoto, if tljp eftaming of t\)tm bee fo? tbe matter thereof 
t\)ty con{tft$oto is d)at matter Jut one? ©j if it bee foj tbe fo?me, 
as in refpert toberof (Sola is not tbe fame tbat Lease is-,is not tbat 
fojme a fubftance^no if it be a fubftance; fijafl it not foilotoe tbat 
%i ttljid) gaue tljat fyapefejwttt o? faftion to dje matters alfo tlje 
■Creator of tbe matter it felfe \ &m feeing tbere is fttdi Difference 
af SpettaHeS^earbe^'Beaaes^no spen^otb it not follotoe djat 
tljere are as manp siuerGties of Creation *t 3nt! mbcreas bet;atb 
creates ail tbefe siuerfities of fubffances 5 taoulntlt tbou make bint 
to faple in tbat one t!;e baceft of all ^ tObat (ball 2! fap t& it, tbat 
fome one tbing HjaUbaue fitters powers, bertucs anti operations 
an uiuers parts d)ereof;fo as it ftalte co!D taitljout anu bet tottljiir* 
\u\)itz in tbe outQ^e ann ren in tbe faMfanc* , coltie in tbe leafe ana 
lot in $t rcDte 5 !aratiue in tbe pift anti coOiffe in d;e barked &$ foy 
•£jca!uple,tlie rpnue of tlje D jrenuge is bot^ano dje meate ftittyn it 
is colD^tbe leaues of tiotaers of tbe lnplD 2Iine ooe co}?e3antj tbe iiu 
ner part of djem Dotb burne* pbifeions report djat tbe lungs of 
atlpare tjcaletl? fot}^djatare fto^ttoinneu; tbatt&eblouo ofbtm 

JL b^ea^etft 


b^ftetfjrfje&tone, ant> tljat tfjeljeareofbim tfatmcfietfjMontu 
i[)aue not tljefe Hitters parts muers formes; , bcG&es tbc bmuerfall 
fo?me of tlje tijing toberrof tljep bee tlje parts *t 3n& are not tbefe 
Hitters fomtes as manp timers fubffaunces 5 anti confcquentlp as 
manp Creations *: Cbe Stoamant oj Lobcltonetyatwetlj pronto 
ftim^anu fbc&ctlj cSttmtallp tbe jftojtbpote, ana vet it fcifappcpn* 
ten ofijts fo?ce bp OarltAc ♦ Clje Slmber alfo i>;tateetb all Kgfct 
tbings Unto tt;Bpo^fd[pcis lapeti to a mans b&le make buffers in bi^ 
bIat>$er;Agaricke pttrgctb jfleagme., Rhubarb C&ofcfcjaM) Elle- 
borus ^etecbol:e*3if tbefe operations come of tbe matter alone, 
tell me ijott) tljat map bee ♦ 9ud luljp bee not tlje fame operations 
common to all tljings *t SO) tf (a$ tbou fapft)t{jep ccmeof a feerete 
pjcpcrtte^otlj it not tljen come of tlje fubffantial fojme.,fi£!ng tljat 
notljing can b&faps to bee tbat toljtclj it is,oj to Ijatte anp peculiar 
pjopertie,but b]> reafon of tbe fubftantiall fojme *: Cbou Unit per* 
cbaance fap^tljat it is tlje mingling; of tbe (Elements togctijer tljat 
gittctlj fojme ox fljape ♦ jftap: io) tf it bee tbat mingling, tuljere is 
tben tlje fojefapn common matter become'tano uibat mingling: to* 
getber oj tob^t menlep cj mature can bee maue of one felfefame 
tljing*: 9n& tf tbp meaning bee tljat tfre fajefapn matter is a m'uers 
composing of tlje Elements togetljer; tben is tbp matter a feme 
rompounbeb of Hitters fojmes^f o? utyerem do tlje Clements' bc= 
ingfo contrarp) bifferone from anotljer, but in tfjwefitnttal! 
fo?mes<:3n& if it bee a nurture 0} £ompoGtion 5 tobere is tljen tbe 
etetnitte hereof \ S&ojeouer^ee fee tbat in piauts^eaffes^mi 
$j9eu 3 tlje CcmpoSItio tljat is mate of t!;e mature of tbe elements, 
abpbetlj etten \n\)tn tljep be cut &oltme 02 fcil!et> ♦ Sf 0? put a blocfce 
into tbe fire 5 anb t%z mopfture tbat toas in it luben it gretoe a Crris 
bopletb tmt toitlj tlje beate 5 rtje aire tbercf fieametij bp into fmofce, 
tlje fine matter tbereof burned; out in an oplie fubSaunce, ana tbe 
eartblp parte thereof falletb uo&ne into afiljeg ♦ 3n& in ail lining 
ftugbts afajell as in man,tlje outtoato lump (toljicb tfjstt unit batte 
to be compofeb of tlje mature of tbe €lcments,)remapnetlj luljole 
after tbep be bean* 35ut as fa? tbe ftmtle toljerebp tbe tbmgs bane 
tbeir life,fence 5 anb reafon^icb Ǥ>ou!e is tlje peculiar femne botl) 
uf Cr^s , Beatles anb Spen eacb after tbeir fcpnti j tbat appeared 
no moje tifiw tbe tbing is once Dean* 3na tbercfo?e it follotoetb, 
tbat befines ti)t matter ( lubt'd) fe UutteKc ) aim t!;e mijttttte of tbe 
Clements, tbere is alfo a fubftantial fo?me 3 tobid) maketb f tljing 
to be a %x&& 3BeaC,o? a S^an 5 am> toit!;out t^e itwljicl) tt is not a 



%xk but a block? , no? a TSzatto} a ©an, but a neat? Carkcffeoj 
CaiTton ♦ ir urrtjcrmoje,to!jen a ^rce is tteavbere remapnc (till 
ccrte ine bcrtues bot\) in tlje bark,anfc fa tlje lno^ann in tbe ieaucs 
djereof;tuljicb toertues are not onlp &fttets,bttt alfo fomctpme con* 
ttarie^ann tbofebertucs pjoreea not of tbe matter,but oftbefub* 

pant tabid) fauetlj bp dje seatb of clje plant it felfe,tljere are alfo 
otber formes peculiar to euerp part tijereofjtoljid) abpoe after tljat 
tlje fojnw of tlje tobole plant is perifijeo ♦ jftoto, if dje mature of 
tbe Clements cannot make tlje fojme tobecebp tlje fcpperkpnues 
tritfer one from another , as tbefenrelefie drings from die dn'ngg 
tbat Ijaue fence * ann tlje tljings tbat baue but onlp fence , from tbe 
tljings tljat baue reafontco; canitmaknbe Difference tljat is be* 
ttoame tbe bn&erkptms tijat are compjebenaefc bnner euerp of dje 
fcpperkpnas ; o? betturienedje particulars tbat belong to euerp bn* 
fcerkin^o? bettu&ae tlje feueral parts tljat are in euerp particular^ 
3;f tbe mature of tlje Clements ( fap 31 ) make not a 3Drrie to line, 
tbat is to fap to bee a Cro* ftaH it make it to Ijeale, botb fome cer* 
tepneoifeafes , ano alfo fome certepne parts of it , fame certepne 
parts of man *t 9no if it make not a 35eafl: to baue fence, tljat is to 
fep to bee a TBzaft : can it make it to bee a &pon,an €lep!jan f 3 a;i a 
^tagge^no if it make not a man to ljauelife,fence,amj moumg; 
can it make bint to fpeake,anD to reafon 3 one of one djing anu ano* 
dierof anotljer, eadj man accoutring to bisfeueralltndpnation^ 
^;tt boto ftjoulo tlje Clements giue lift , tuljidj tljep tljemfclueg 
\>mz nottoj free mouing,djcp tbemfelues being cam?} bp $ rsounc 
toljetber tbep mill o? no*:o2 alfo fence,beiug tbemfelues but tlje ob* 
tetts of our fences': ®jen mult free conclude tljat tlje Difference of 
tlje bpperkptms from rije imoerkpnos,of tijetrnDerkpnus from tlje 
particulars ,anD of tljeir parts one from anodjer , confuted} not in 
tbz matter toljcreof djep bee mane,but in tbeir fojnie-, autf t bat tbe 
fame fojme is tbe peculiar fubltance of euerp djing ; anu djat -coke 
bm manp funr^ie fojts of formes djere are/o manp funmie fons 
of creations tljere Ijaue btnz , all pjocriemng from tbe potoer of tlje 
tfojmer o? giuer of djem, 9nn fo 3 ^e djat attributedj tmto 6on tbe 
forming 02 faflnoning of tlje OHo^Id , mud tobetber bee luill m no 
attribute into Ijim tbe potaer of creating it alfo* jFoj t»itljout crea^ 
ting ofane\u fubltance(tabat matter foeuerpep?efuppofe to baue 
bzn2 afo2e)beljao not creates tbe MoM in fucb fou as it is ♦ $m 
ty tljat taas able to create anp one of tbe , ttas able to create tljem 

1 2 all* 




all* jf o? like micfyt ann potter t's requifite to tlje creating of an £* 
met as of an €lcpbant, of a pontic as of tlje &ea,of a pe&ce of tlje 
toojlnas of die indole toozln* 
Pcripatc- ^^ pjocesne on ftfll i23itf> tljcxr Cfn'mem 6on(fap tljep)nja* 
tpctlj tlje fo;mte oat of tfje 9Klttte of t!je matter » let us eramme 
tljis Dotenc pet further. 3bu'ttie(fapdj Ariftotle)fe tlje. beginning 
rf moning ann of cljaunge ♦ Slfo djere are(fap Ijis Pifc^lesfttuw 
fo;tts of Qhiiitiz : tlje one tuljiclj tooled) tljefapo be ginning m tlje 
odjer 5 ann tljat is (Don ; ann cfte otljer toljiclj fufferetij tlje mouing 
ann cljatmge at tlje odjers |amr,mui t/;at is matter oj tfuffc 3 toljiclj 
&P tljemouing tnjcugljt into ft l-p tlje otljer , recepuetb bis perfect 
nan &Ijidj is termen jFD?mf*jQoto,3l nemaunntuijedjer djis paC 
flue 3btlitie ofttje matter,bee a qualitie az aaibftance* ®jep Dare 
not fa? it is a fubffance ; fo} toere it a fubltance, djen mn bp tbeir 
otonenoctrineit toeteafo?me alfo: aim taljerefoeucris a fo?mc 3 
tijeue is al& an act, am* tljat is moje djan an abilitietbut matt er(as 
tljep fap)is a mere abilitie, Sun if djep fap it is a ©ualitie, (as A- 
riflotle Ijimfelfe affirmed)): djen followed} it tljat ©on u^auictl) a 
fubffance out of tlje qualitie of an accioent* jSoto,ljc tljat matted) 
dje berp CiTenceoj beetng of tljings out ofd>e paflftuc abilitie of an 
fitter 5 can mud) mo?e tymz it out ofljis ottme actiue abilitie oj 
t»ojkfuIIpcrtDer*jFoj (fjalljebebarraine of frmfelfe,tiifjicfj maftedj 
a qualitie(pea ann iefle tban a fimple qualitie) fruitful! in bifagiraj- 
fcojtlj fo manp things': 3nn feeing rijat ©ualitie ann gmbtfatmce 
aim ail tlje Ijigljeft fcpnns of Contraries bee(as djep tearfj) furdjer 
trifferingone from anotljet djan fire from toater-,ano alfo tljat qua* 
Ktiz ann acdoent are nodjing of tljemfeJuesrfljall it not follow tljat 
©on is able to create fubtfances of nodjing «: <§>urelp it is dje fap* 
tng of Trifmegiftus in manp places, tbat (Son creates tlje £cto?ln 
ann all tljat is tljerein;ann man taitfj al Ijis parts bf l)is moft fruit- 
full ino^ntann alfo tljat tlje toifl of (Sontuas dje fyriener of tlje €le^ 
ments. Pythagoras ant) all tlje olD Diuntes afnrme,tljat ©on o^ 
H . tlje onlp ©ne is tbe beginner of a! d)ings 5 pea euen of d)e Srlt mat* 
po^thenlm-" ttv > i»Sfiiiplidiis reported) in allcngingtbe reco^n of Eudorus. 
nls. 9nn Syrian dje Raider of Simplicius fapd; , tljat iwtiytt bebalfe 

Syrian vppon Plato foflotoefc Arehenetus ann Brotinus , tobidj agraen inttft 
tiicSuperna- Pythagoras* 9nn in beep necneljetellrdjbSjtljat to fpeakepjopet* 
ttaak jp^atter is no €ttmc at al 5 no^ can be conceiuen otl;ertoife djan 

lip a baft am reafon,tJ;at is to \nit by tmagining it bopn of al ({jape* 
ann confeqttentlp alfo fcopn of aB bzin$+ 



3$ touching Ariftotle, Ije mafetfj matter to be tlje firff begin* 
rtfcg of aHtftfhgtf* ^ut if be bel&ueo tbe toojlo to baue bin begin* 
ontgieflre arcojj&mg to fjtss oiuue teac!;tng; tooljcre is tljis beginning 
btcomz <t Mo be utfpjcotietij tlje Cfjaos tin'tlj berp Ipuelp veafons; 
ano to fe^e$at,be&oloerb rjtmfelfto tlje etermtie 5 tobiclj is quite 
ano cleane agemft fjim* 35ut Ijotofceuer tlje cafe ftant>,ft t^ fullp a* 
grriRitopon among Ij^sf moft appjoueo interpreters^ tljefcnawie* 
of Matter, Form?, and Priuation , feme not too betcfeen t'jingS 
truclp bcetng tlje fainetobereof rijep patens tbe namegj but onelp 
are huteutcrj to teaclje tbeir fc&alfet^aftet ix^ljat mans* tljtngs are 
fyeu $ co?rupteo , bp patting of o:ic IJjape an!) potting on another 4 * 
Stan toljeras \)t fat$ t!jat tlje potoer of all Me fentetlj to be parta* 
ker of fom* uterine tbtng,? better tljau tbe Elements ; ano tfjat tlje 
feouleof man batlj W beemgfronmttjoat, ano not from tlje Ariftotle into 
elements o? from matter ad tbe bospe batlj : 9iai tfcat all joules ^o n a booke 
arefojmes , ano all formes are fubftances : Dootb bee not make °f huinl 
#00 to bee tlje creater of fubitances , pea ano of better fubffances t hin S s.chap.$. 
tljau tf;e elements t 3geine,toljen Ije faptlj tbat tbe knitting parts 
tbat is to 9m tbe bones,tbe fktn, tlje §>inetoes ano fucb tyke map 
be maoe of tlje miring togttber of tlje elements, ano tljat tlje bn- 
ftntttmg parts as tbe !^eao, tlje t eg, tbe 3rme,ano fo fcwtlj can* Ariftotle in his 
not be fo maoe,but are mane bp nature ano Ijeauenlp f tttymfomurib 4 too^e ot 
■ftat tbep^oper effence ano fojme of tbe knitters ,pjocfcOetb neitljer ^f ^ 
ofljeate noj of colu, of mopffure no* of u^ptlje : Dootlj Ijee not ac* p ' 
Imotoleogem euerpfeutrallparta fetterallfojme ano fubftatmce 
tofjicl) rommetljfrom fomeotbertobere,tljanoftlje matter oj of 
tlje mixture of tlje elements *t 9no fitb W faptlj in anotljer place, Ariftotle in his 
tljat it toerepaflftble to baue fucb a ronittntfion of tbe beauenlp bo= fecond bookc 
fcpes, asmpgbtpjotmcenotonlp an efficient cattfe, butalfoeuen ofthc breede 
matter tt felf fo? tlje creating ano banging fco^tlj of filling tljtngs, ^^f 
pea ano of manftmo alfotlwbp fboulo &e baue tljougljt it bncreoible, W a^ds theend, 
tbat <S © D t3l;o otoelletlj berpe fane aboue fucb Conjunction^ 
iljoulo be, able to 0© i> lifte^lfo toe fee tbat Theophraft tlje grea= Ar \ ft in hl * 
tea Clarkof alibis Difciples, finoetlj Ijimfelf fo graueleo mljis^}^ 1 ^' 
bookc of 5g>auo?s 0? ^>tm$ 3 ty reafon of tlje particular natures of pi ° 
things, tljatljee burttetb out into etpjeire&cDjos , ano fapetb tbat 
<£oo createo aHtljiugS of notljing, ^no Algazel tlje Arabian otf Aphr.probl.x, 
pitting agetnff Auerrhoes, ftpetlj tbat tbe cattfe of all tljtngs, oio 
alfo make matter it felfe* 9Ifu Aphrodifcus oeclaret^ in bis p?o* 
bleme^ tl;at t^e ^iiofopfia^ too* fapne to referre fyt effects ana 

& 3 iiertueg 


l66 ©F TH^ T R E VV N E S 

tmtuesofmanp tbings, to fomcotfjer tiring tban taf Clement*. 
9nn if tbcp coulor not fatljer tbem toppon t(je Ctementes , botoe 
rouln tbcp father tbem fcppon matter oj ftttffe^ feing tbat tbe eie* 
ntents baue potoer ano frnce to Do^tuljera* matter batb abtlictc but 
onlp to fuffer 0} to be tojoug&t toppom 3n& if tbcp couto not fatfjee 
tbem bppon matter •, toppon toljat elfc fbouto tbep father tbem t^an. 
toppon ©oiTjltt^o fcatlj createrj botb t!>epjopertie ano tbe fabffance 
of tbem togitljer*: 
Tiie riatonifts ^be Piatonifts tbat folate Cite? rije contmmg of Ctyift 3 baue 
gmen libertie too tl>etr oftne tyapiies , to gan out into a tboufam* 
biokoT Co * ma S lnat * an ^ ^ U£ toljercajs Plot in telfetb &s tbat <&oas action* 
tempiation &" mu > effects,are contemplations ln\)icl) imprint in nature tbe toes 
of the one. ofall tbings : Ijee teacbetb tos too tfytuft farre from Use fad; tyutifr 
queftionsastbefe-jnamelp. Of what kind of ftufte did God 
frame the world ? And with what tooles did hee it ? tobicl; are 
furtbet of from tbe nature oftbe ©o&beao , tban our nooiugs are 
from mere contemplations* jftntubatelfeis contemplation (ac* 
coding to tfjeir otone uocttine)tljan to be tobolp feuerea from mat* 
tzttyz fpeafcetb often of tbe firft matter 3 but boto uotb be aefcrpbe 
it t i)z fapetb tljat tbe berp matter it felfe tobicb is iopnea too tbe 
fojme batb not anp true b&ing, anu be termetb it The beeing of a. 
Notbeeing,tbat is to fap 5 a thing,that in deede is notj ana tbat 
nootb bee too oiffinguifl) tbeis tranfitojie natures from tbe toerpe 
Seeing of <©o&,tobicb be termetb The Superfubftantiall Beeing. 
35ut as foj tbe firft matter,be calletb it The very Notbeeing tbat 
is toa fap an imaginative tbmg tobicb batfj not any beeing at all in 
neeue ; as if pee tooulo fap (as b# bunfeif atmctb) a certeine bnflfja* 
peoneflfe, tofttf) fc the caufe ofall milbapemteflfe 3 t^z cb&f Default 
o) toant ; lobiclj is tbe caufe ofall tbe Defaults 0^ teams tbat are in 
particnlar tljings ; tbe fcerp euill 3 tobicb is t\)Z ojiginall of alf euilS; 
ano to be fljo?t 3 a tbmg tbat can neitber bk knotoen no? imagines, 
otberlDife tban toe imagine tobat Datfutefle is bp tlje Imotoleoge 
df ligbt ; namelp an totter abfence ofall ligbt* 

gea,but(tnill fome man (ap)3ltbougb it be not an €(Tence,pct 

ougbt it at tbe lead to bee a ©ualitie ; ann b^ Iris terming of it an^ 

Plotjn m his 1 . Eu jj| ^ jg wnet ^ tf ttt a f 0?t to malie it a qualitte*Nay ; Iike as(faitfc 

Whcnc C n Sll' l)e)when we call the firft ofall Beeings by the name of Good- 

commcth. nefle,we meane nor that that Goodneffe is in him a Qualitie, 

but a very fubftance,yea and more than a fubftance: So when 

wee call Matter by the name of Euill^our meaning is not that 



it is a Qualitie or hath any Qualitie in it ; But that it is no 
Qualitie ne hath Qualitie in it : For had it any Qualitie in it, 
then (hould it bee a Subftance , and confequentlya (hapeor 
forme too ; but it is not any forme at all . %b& in effect tsS t?jc Ennea.2.1ib.^ 
fumme ofbis bake concerning emu* ann tlje o?tgtnalI fteteof* 3in 
%ii boofte of Spatter ; be neclaretb tbat tljett toas a matter , (foj be 
fejottln not els baue mane b'cote thereof m toapnej)lmt pet ije faptb 
tbat tbe fame toas neitber eflence,quautie,no? quantities? Ijaa & 
np eiTcnce,qualitie o? quantttte m it ; ne nifferen anp Wgit from p?t= 
nation, fauing in tbis refpext, tfcat pjtuation is beuifpexi agi in re- 
fpect of fome fubiert 0} faWmnr tbat i$ bereft of fome tbmg t!;at 
A peculiar oj incident bnto it,toi)#a£ fatter i$ an bniuctfall ami 
Utter toant of all tftingg,tbat is to fap a tying farre toojfe tfjan p?i= 
*eation*9nn pet fo? all t&fe,fie toil! not !;aue it to be btterlp notljmg 
at all,but as a toalf oj cmpic fpace, a tbmg toitijottt bounns^a be* 
ingUntbout being, 3nntobato^ - 

(je linnet!) it in tbe toojlo tbat ig to be concepueo but onlp in bnner* 
ftanoing 5 tbat is to fap in <Son,in tubom be bail! Ijauc it to abioe ag 
^fo?meo?patterneofd;ebmuerfeUma(reofaKtbtna:2(* (Iftlljata 
raunging is (jerr atyoane to fall altoaieg into one felfefame pad; a* 
gaine <: Spigbt fre not foritb moje eafe baue confeffen plainlp, tljat 
• <£on i$ botb tbe fojmall ana rlje material* caufe of all things , tbat 
it to fap , tbe Creato? former ann fbaper of an tljings b^> W foife- 
Home ann potoett agapne^toljereag in otljer places Ije telletb b£, pi tin h Ms 
tl;at fatter being it felf no efTenee at all, cannot be tlje caufe of rfce bookc of pro- 
particular beings of fo manp fumnie tbmgjfytoj Ijauing no life 3 b& uidcncc > & 
tbe caufe of life, but tijat botlj life ann boeing arebjeatfcen into all |^, ■ 
tbings from toitijaut 5 euen from tbe fouerepne mpno : notb Ije not * p ' l? ' 
iumpeb)itJ& bs,tnbicl; fap tbat ©SDD cteateo all fubftanceg of no* 
tbing«:3nn if be coulo create tbat tomtit) toag,ann giue tmto it botfj 
firing anu life t caulo fje not alfo fo^beate tbe tljing tbat mass not, 
tbat is to fap matter*: Atticus ano ftfe anberentg tnoulo neetiegi 
beare Plato uoUme b]> reafon of certepne fentencesi of Ijfe Timeus 
ann ofljte Commontoealemattergs mifunnerlta)n,t}jat matter foag 
eternall asJ toell a^ ®on,botobeit tljat tfje fame being fcopo of rea^ 
fon 3 t»a^ b^ougbt bnto reafon bv bim t^at i$ tbe berp reafon it felf* 
flEfctb tbefefellotoeg toee our ftlue^(ballttotn&netoneale,but 
onlp beare Porphyrias nifp^ouing tljem after tf)i$ maner ♦ If nei- Por pJ;yn« ^ > - 
ther God(faptl) be)be of Matter,nor Matter of God,but both pon TunxxiS - 
of them be Beginnings alike \ whereof then commeth it that 

L 4 there 

1 6% 


there is fo great ods betwixt them, (ith we hold opinion that 
God is Good and the very worker or Doer,and contrarywife 
that Matter is Euill,and but only a Sufferer?The caufe of this 
difference cannot proceed from the one to the other,at Ieaft- 
wife if our faying be true:namely,that the one of them is not 
of the other . And much lcfleproceedethitofany third^on- 
fidering that wee acknowledge not any higher caufe : which 
beeing admitted , it followeth thatthefe two To difagreeable 
Beginnings met and matched together by chaunce,and con- 
fequently that all things aretoffrd and tumbled together by 
Fortune.a^apnc^IfGod (ftptfj !?r) bee apt to the beautifying 
and orderly difpofing of Matte^and Matter be apt to receiue 
beautie and orderlines at Gods hand} I demaund fro whence 
tiiis mutuallaptneiTeanddifpofitioncommeth? Forconfide- 
ring that they bee fo difagreeing and fo full contrary one to 
another ; furely they could neuer haue agreed of themfelues, 
but muft of necefsitie haue had a Third to make the attone- 
mec betwixt them. Now I am fure you will not fay that there 
was any third to commaund them: Neither wil I beleeue that 
they fell to greement by aduenture . To bee fhort,feeing that 
Matter is not fufficient of it felf to be in happie ftate,but nee- 
deth Gods helpe thereunto-,but God is of himklf abundant- 
ly fufricient,both to be,and to be happie: who feeth not that 
G OD is of more excellencie than Matter, and that Matter is 
not of it felfe fo much as able to be?For were it able to bee,it 
were alfo able to be happie. And therefore it is not to be de- 
nyed,but that he whom wee confeffe to haue perfected Mat- 
ter,was alfo the very firit maker and Creator of Matter . "But 
ijotocoulD Remake tt of noting ^ lecbsheareonrtappne fe$at 
tht Hipti Porphyrie faptij fcnto ring popnt*Handycrafts((atrij fre) 
haue need of inftruments or tooles. For their working is out- 
ward,and they haue nottheir mattet or ituffe at commaund- 
ment.Butthe naturall Powers as more perfect,& being with- 
in things , doo performe all their doings by their only being. 
After that forte the Soule by h is cflentiall life, doth nourifh, 
growe,ingender,breathe,feele,and fo foorth . So likewife the 
Imagination,by the only onelnworkingof it felfe, giueth di- 
ners qualities and mouings to the bodie,all at one inftanr.So 
alfo the bodile(fe Spirites themfelues/as theDiuines report) 
doe workewonderous things by their imaginations, without 


TnftrumentoracYion. Much rather therefore fliall theworke- 
mayfter of the whole world who is a Mynd , giue fublhnce to 
the whole by his owne only being, that is to wit,to this diui- 
dable world,himfelfe being vndiuidable.For why fhould it be 
thought ftrauge^hat a thing which is without a bodie,(hould 
produce things that haue bodies , confidering that of a very 
fmal kede there growcth fo great a Beaft,eompofed of fo ma- 
ny ,fo great,and fo differing parts ? For though the feede bee 
little, the reafon of the Ceedc cannot bee fmall , feeing it wor- 
keth fo great things: neither on the other fide can it be great, 
forafmuch as it vttereth and fl^eweth it felfe euen inthefmai- 
left percelles.Now,this rcafet; jf the feed^ needeth matter to 
worke vppon,but fo doth not the Reafon of Godjfor he nee- 
deth not any thing , but maketh and frameth all things ; and 
notwithftandingthat he bring foorth and moueth all things, 
yet abydeth he ftill in his owne proper nature. Mo\o,\n\yzn as 
tlje ftnefl: ano learnernjeft enemie tfrat euer Clniftias Ija^acknotu* 
togetlj tin's Doctrine in gcot* fattft amriu fo ejcp;icifrtt>o^eS;.t»ij& 
uaccti) open (jis lippes anp mo?e againtf it ': Dare rtje €picures 
toitfc tljeir motes u© it> ©oto can tljep allefcge anp reafon foj tijetn 
felues , being by tljeir obme opinion matre bp Ijaplja^avo at anuen* 
tore tmtftout reafon*;©^ fyal tlje natural! $>i>ilofcpljers no it 5 tmtlj 
tljetr tempering*, au& nurtures? jFirft let ttjem examine tlnit Spat* 
iter Galene , concermirg tlje tlnngs toljitlj 31 !jtaueaHei>getrom of 
%i\n in c!je former Cljapter t ana if tfjat taltnot fuffee tljem, tfcep 
ftjaH Ijeare Ijim pet agapne in rljugs Chapter ♦ CertelTe as it cannot 
bee &enpea , but tftat as Ije lalottretfj bp all meanes poffible* to fa* 
tljer tlje caufes of all things fcppon tlje 4Etemm$ , ami toppou tty 
nurture of tbem togetJjettfo is Ije tniuen at euerp tune, to acKnoto 
le&ge fometofjat in tljem toljiclj Ije is aftameo t* fatljer inpa tljem, 
3|n mfcottrGngboto tljebabeis fo?meo m tljemcodjers toombe, lie 
fmtjetl) fnmfeife turmoplea toitlj manp opinions • 3$ut pet in t&e Galen fn &'* 
*m>, Soothiy (couclttned) Ije ) I fee fo great a wifedome , and fo booke of the 
mightic a Powcr,that I cannot thinkeshat the Soule which is fa ^ io ' : ! n §;°? 
in the child that is begotten , maketh the (hape thereof 5 con- ^^S 
fidering that it is altogether voyde of reafon; but rather that ™ mbe. 
it is formed by that which we call Nature, in In'S bflfec of tlje ' 
tempering of things, a place tfjat femes belt foj t$e crafting of tfa 
powers of tlje Clements to tbetJttermolT ; %z berp Hjarplp rcpzo^ [ n ■wfioanji 
uetlj tfjofe totyty fiofeer tfe caufe of tlje forming of tl;c parts of tlje J^ 1 ^ 



bomcs ftf Hamg ibings>ttpctt tl>c qualities of tlje elements Nor- 
withftanding(fattl) be) that thefe Qualities be but inftrumets, 
and that there bee another that is the framer or fafliioner of 
things . J}\ U& bcoke oftrjc opinions of Plato ano Hippocrates, 
be mafcetb tbe uttall fpirite to bee tbe crxelienteft of all tbings tfeat 
baue a borne : ano pet fo? all tbat, be Intfl not baue it to bee eptbec 
tbe fubtfatice o? tbe nttelltng place , but onlp tbe inftrument oftfec 
£2>oule,9no in Ijis bcoke of jfieflbes be pzocotfetb turtbet, $■ faptlj 
tljat in treating of Lcacbctaft be fpake often accoutring to tije com* 
mon opiniombut tbat if it came tat'ge popnt of brtering tbe opinio 
tbat fceljimfelfe bib, be Declare tbat botb man ano Qoeaftljaue 
tbeir beginning from aboue, ano tbat tbeir feouto are from fytfc 
nen, ano finally tbattbe feoulepjoeeeoetb ncitberfrom tfjc qualu 
ties of tbe dementis , naj from airp of all tbe tljtngs tbat ttee fee 
i;ere bencatb ♦ J^otw, if cteS>ouIe of man, o) of tbe fcerp 'Beaded, 
pjoceeoe not of tbe €icmentg : bott Gjouln it pofltblp please of 
tbe Spatter? 3no if it pjoceeoc not of tfyz 9patter,mtt{r it not naoe* 
pjorco of tfyz fo?me,o? ratljer mult it not neeoeg be tfje berp fo?me 
it felfirt 3itt> ttbat ete t* fo excellent a fo?me, tban an excellent ftib* 
fiance <: 9nb from ttbence is tbat(bp W attne faping)but from a 
former faibioner oj {baper*:3no ttbat ete fbal tbat former be,tban 
a Creato;r,feeing tbat euen fbaping,te a creating of a fubftance*; 

j$ott tberefoje,ietbg concluoefoj tbiei Cbapter,botb bv imfo* 
Juble reafona , ana bp tbe teftimonies afttell of our enemies a$ of 
our ftienog; tljat 600 botb lua^ able to create ana alfo bio in oeeoe 
create tbe OHojlo of notbing,tijat fe to fap,bp W ottne onelp po- 
tter 5 ttitbout t^e belpe of anp rijing hereof to make it ♦ 3nu (to 
compjebeno in fetoe tto?oeg ttbatfoeuer 31 baue creates of bereto- 
fo?e)tbat ©©3D ofljtsJ ottne gcotmefle toifcoome ano potter, oto 
make, fljape, ano create tfje 2£lo?Io : tbat is to Capiat (if a man 
map fo fap) be i$ tbe efficient fojmafl ano material! caute thereof, 
ttitijout tljat \)Z neeueo eptfjer l;elpe , pattenie , oj fiufife to make it 
ttitfjaH*9no nott let te confcquentlp fee tbe finafl caufe: rijat t* to 
ttit, bott anb to ttbat cnoe I;e gupoetl; it ; ttljicb (ball feme fty tbt 
nffi Chapter follotoins* 


The xj. Chapter, 

That God gouerneth the World and all things therein by 
his Prouidence. 

Kiftotle toag to©nt to fap 5 tbat t!je m'uerfitte 
of Siuefftcms ougbt alfo to baue otuerGtteof 
flnftoatf* :%o:ae(faptf) fee) ooe affee forfjetbetr 
iFire bee bat: 9 tbefe muff bema&etoperceiue 
it bp tourijmg :t ; fo? tbetr fence fa fufficfent to 
fbape tbe an anfiner^ome oemauno toljetljer 
tbetr farmer $ matber be to be bono?ety $ fucfj 
are not too?tbte to be otfputeo tottb,but ratber to be rebttfceo rtgbt 
fbarplp ♦ 9m> otberg oefire to baue tt p?oueo to tbem bp apparant 
reafonsi,tbat tbere fa a p?otttoence tobtcb ruled; tbe too?lo* gmcfj 
fcpnti of folfte(faptb be)fl)Ottlo be anftnereo bp a tobtppe 0? a bang* 
ttian,ano not by a ]pbilofopber«Bpfa meaning toag infetoe too?a^ 
tbat tbere fa not anp tbtng fo fenlible ano natural! , no? anp trjutg 
tobtreof tbe feeling fa fo ftefy in our fenced , 0? fo o&pelp p?tnte& 
inournature,a$ (Sotfa p?outoence otter tbe ujo?Iu : ano tbat toee 
cugbt to tbmfce tt mo?e fure, tfean tbe tbt'ngg tobicb toee feele tmtfr 
our banos , 0? tban tbe tbtngs tubereof our ofome Confidence con* 
tuctetb tos ♦ jfo? m tbatbeo?oepnetb a greater pumfyment fo? btm 
tbat ooubterb of ®ons p?outoence > tba« fo? butt tfeat reRffetb fence 
am> nature | be uotb b$ to tm&erffamj,tbat tbe fault fa intolerable, 
aa $ tobtcb fa eptber a manifeft gupte,o? at leaftforife an ouergroflfe 
igno?ance 3 tobtcb tbelatoperg afftrme to benert cotofen to guple* ig™™?? 
3m> tn uerp b^oe,tf tbe oenping tbat tbere fa anp<g5oo 3 bee a belp* ° e c^ n v 
ing of a mana otone fenced , ano of bfa otmte nature^ano of all tbe y "' 
tobole t»o?lo tt fellas 31 baue fapo afo?et 3i cannot fap but tbat tfee 
graunting tbat tbere fa a (Son , ano pet nottoitbftamring to oenpe 
btm tbe gouemment of tbtn gs>fa mo^e intolerable tban tbe otber; 
conquering: boto great tniurte fa offerer) bnto bint in cofeflmg btm 
after fucb a fo?t 5 ag to attribute bntoljim epesJ uritfeout {fgbr>eares 
toitljout beartng 5 mtgbt tot'tboutmpn^mpnn l»ttboutrraan,mt(l 
to a ©ou|eao : 3|n refpect to^ereof tlje aunctent pijtlofopljer^ cal* 




Ieo t\)t ©oirfjeao it ftlfcpecfv oj n^o'i oi«xv,tljat ts to fap (Son oj ]pjo* 
uiistncr , becaufe tl;e one cannot bee imagmeo toitljout tlje otljer- 
Sno tljercfye in tbeir iuogement^as mutlj an 3tbeifttoas fee tbat 
aenpeD (Bote p?ouioence,as ijc tbat oenpea tbe ©onljeao tt felf, 31 
ucmauntJ of anp man tobicb confcCTetb tbat tljere is ©©D, 3! fap 
wen of tbe Dftiagctt of tbein all, tuljerebp be fmottetlj it ': fyk toill 
anfujere , bp tlje o^erip conucpance of tljingsi luljiclj be feetb botb 
aboue ann beneath bp tlje o?oer toljidj tljep ftcepe tottboutfapling, 
anfc bp tlje tensing of Co innumerable contrarieties to oiieniatfcc; 
tlje Upeauen beating tbe €attlj , tbe 3p?e mopffening it,tlje Card) 
bringing f©?tlj l£)earbes 5 tlje i>eaft es feeoing bppon tlje fame, ana 
allfetuingfo? tlje bfe ofman,3!t is aUonetljerefye as if ije Qpulo 
fap, tbat be fcnotuctlj Ijim bp bispjouioence, ano bv tfyz interline 
fctngofalitljingstogetbet toljiclj beb^tfj marfeeo in tljem all ♦ 3* 
gaine, Ije toill fap be Ijatlj percepueo, ra SS)ettalies , (as petoouto 
fap) cettepne ioombes toljiclj nourifi) tbem ano tying t^tm fco?tb; 
in plants, a certepne bertue urljxdb Ojatoetfj tbeir notiriQjment fro 
tljeeartlj, ano toitljberp g©o pjopojtiou oittributetljtbefamea* 
fyoaoe from bjaund) to fyaunclj,ano from leafe to leafe^ano toljicij 
(as tljougb it bao a fcpno of bnoerffanoing of tlje otone mojtalitte) 
tytngetb f©?$ a feefce at fuclj tpmeas tbe oecap tberof app?ocbetij: 
ano in Beatles alfo, $at one member not!) fo? another , ano etterp 
of tljem foj tlje toljole ; a oefire to increafe tbeir kpno •, Dcogges to 
jjiue fucke; ano a fkilfufl care to nourifi) ano pjeferue tljeir poung 
ones:3not)eI;at^cottDoereotbatnoneofa!(tf)is coulo beefolapo 
fojafoje&anobpitfetfe,amj tberefoje tljat tbere ferns fomeotbet 
tbiug aboue tbem^ljus muff it n#oeS be,tl*at be is leo againe bp 
tbe confioeration of tlje p?outoence,to tlje knoiuing of ©otr* jf2oto, 
if tlje pjoutoence toljiclj toee Ijaue markeo,ooe make bs to fap tbat 
tJjere is a ©©D b^ mounting bp from tlje effects to tbe caufeS of 
tljem^ootbit notfolloloet&at^ouiocnceis tbe peculiar effect af 
cSoo,ano rijat be tobieij oenpetb tfjat,oenpetb tlje ©oobeao it felfe, 
fojafmuclj a^ tlje (Sooljeao i$ not to be luurtww but bp tlje ^?ouu 

31f ©oo ^aue no rare of tlje toojto, 31 affec of #& tofjetljer it bfc 
fo? tljat be r aunot , o? foj tbat be Iwifl not*: 3If Ije .cannot,ljon> canft 
tbou fap be is alnrigljtie ? ffij Ijoto canff tbcu Hip Ije is infinite,fee* 
mg tbou kuotaeft tlje bounojS of iji^ potter \ 9gapne, boto canll 
tboucaflljimtoife, fitlj it is tlje p^operticof toifeoome to gupoc 
tfyinp to fome certepne arte, am not to leaue anp tljing fubicct to 



ttttttc *t 9nfl feeing tljat Ijts potoer ano tmftmme batte cjtten&ct) 
all tljings foji tlje creating of tbem > tubo (ball fceepc tbem from 
tcnoing to al cbingsi foj tlje opering ano maintepning of tljcnrt 
*Goes tljis,tljc Plant batlj no reafon to gupsc it frffe,noj to p?e« 
rue tt feife agaiitil tljat toljicb is ro come , aim petnottoritljttau- 
ngtljou feed tljere a mptto toljicb funrifbetlj out all tl>c partes 
ereof,a«o a toifoome tuljtcb taatcljetlj ouer it againa tfrtf tobicS 
to come* TOje 'Beaft alfo fjatij no mo?i? reafon tljan tlje plant, 
ouglj tt botlj feele aho moouc* get is tljere an 3intott in it tobiclx 
e^eaa knotocdjnotofVjDljicb 2nu?itconcoctetl),nio;caetl) s ant> 
ffributetlj tl>at toljiclj tlje bead ijatb eaten,ano nifperfetlj it fcojtb 
to bis parts bp Uxft piapopion, toatcljmg foj it toijen it Ikepetlj, 

10 tbmlung fcppoitit toljen it tijinketlj not tbereon, 3it pcrceiuetb 

11 mote notlj3to)tljat itijatb neet»of€artlj,of $pie*o*oOMto 
p tlje pong ones in x it p?ouiuetl> afojeljano foj tbe tpme to come* 
u> (Ijtftetp countries accoj&ing to tlje feafons of tlje peere, cljoc» 
ttg tbero out natttrallp^trntljoutfapling atanp time* 2n alltljefe 
lings tljere fbinetlj foojtfj a certepne pjouioencc,toljtcb pet fojt all 
lat , tfje bead neither fcno&etb no? conreiuctb* ^Ijou tljp fclfe 
iljtcfratt inoetoeo \uul> reafon^ljall a fo^ecait, ana bp tljat fojecalt 
Kit tlje tljings toljiclj otljcr toigbts fcoc bp nature^ ratljer tobicb 
Mure ( tljat is to fap tlje fojeojtoinanee of tiyc Creator oootlj foj 
iem>) tljeroojetobercoftljottljaft, tbemojealfoooeft t&ou p?o* 
ioeafojeljamnjfo? asltttlea^meastljouart ,tbouiuuente(t» 
joufauo traces ano artC0 y \d)itb are euericboncof tijem fomanp 
opnts of iL'ifoome , am> confequcntlp as manp p?oufoences* 3* 
web as tljoacanlt, tljou matal! all tljings toftoopetotljplure* 
jou applpeff tljerapne anu tbe fyougbMbe tjeate ano tlje coin, t& 
jpne oiwie commonitiettbou turnelt tlje Doings of tbp neigbbojs* 
f tljp attic ano of tljp Commomaealc ro tfjine olone pjriffts antr 
onoj x pea ano if it mere poflible,tbou toouloeff applp tlje beaueti^ 
be eartlj,tbt fea,ano oftentptras etten (Sou Ijimfelfe to tbine oum 
enifite* jftoto eljen toljo p?ouioetb foj clje Pants ano fo? tlje fyyte 
tades in U)ljom tljoufeell fogreat pjomoence tbouglj tljep tbem* 
elites Ijaue none at ali,but onelp be brfjtclj maut tfjem ? ffljt mbo ni^ 
eccetlj tlje 3rrotoe to t^e marhe , tlje arrouie (31 fap) toljidj feetb 
lot tfje matke,btK tlje Srcljer tobo Ijatlj epes fo? it ^ 3no rannct bt 
i^ouioefo? all^btdigiuetlj p^ouioence to all \ ano be tljat giuetb 
t tbee in fuclj fo^c as tljott tbetbp maked al tljings to ftoope to tbP 
Lwe^ toberea* f^C notUJitbflanning fym maoett tljen. not,ani> of 


tobom tljoufcarflp fcnotocC tfee nawes »s not be able to gouerne 

euerp one oftijemaeeojoiugto tljeir nature, ano coo aire ct tbcm, 

pea ano tljeetoo,bnto tbe eno tljat be fctb purpofeojceing be batfc 

maw tljem ? 3gaine,if ©oo be not able to pjouioc foj tbiugs, ano 

to oirect tbem to tljcir ent^joto fcip toe ?ljat be furmountctb all tbae 

cuer toe can imagine,Gtb toe cannot Deny, but tbat bee toljicb PJO* 

nices afojebano is of mojeabilitie tljan be c^at cannot*Sno if toee 

can imagine anp tljtng to be greater tljen bee,tobp fljoulo not tote 

our felues be tljat tbing \ QUfl if euen in man 3 tlje ab ilitie of pjoui* 

Ding be better tben tlje tmabiltttr , feeing toe bpbolo tbat tobatfoe- 

wcr is excellent in our felues,(toljicb pet nottoitljff anoing is but in 

meafureano bp perticipation,)tfje fame is infinitelp ano original* 

Ip in (Soo ; ftdlbp &oe toe not graunt tbat ©oo bp tys infinite toifr 

Some can oirect all tbings to bis enoe, as tocll as euerp tbing can 

bp cbeir particular totfoom tobicb be l;atlj pjinteo tberein , pjoutoe 

foj tlje tbings tobicb tbe nature tljereof rcquirctb *t 'Coo bee 0;o?t, 

what Proui- feeing tbat pjouioece is notbing els Out a toife gupoing of tbingg 

dence is. t0 t ^ f ir tm>m % t (j at cucr p r cafonab!c mpno tbat tooojketb>begm* 

netlj bis toojfce foj fome eno,ano tbat ©oo ( as 31 Imt fat* afoje; 

tlje toojkemaiff er of all cljings , batlj (o? to fap moje truelp) is tbe 

All working * om e * ne mpno 3 equaIl to (H* ctone potoer : ootb it n et folloto tb< 1 C 

ofanvndcr? ©oo in creating t!je too?loe,oio purpofe an eno *t 3no tobat otljcr 

ftanding mind coulo tfat eno bee,tban Ijimfclfe ann bis otone glojp , cenfiocring 

is to Tome end. tbat tlje eno toljerebnto a tbing tcnoetij* cannot beleflfegooo tljau 

tbat tobicb tenoetbbntoitunoagainc tbat as farreasljispotoec 

cyte noetb in abilittc to create tbe toojlo at tlje beginning , fo farre 

fcotlj bis toifoome ejtteno in abilitte to gupoe am> oirect it totljac 

eno ^ 3uo feeing tbat tlje beginner ano tbe ens of tljmgs (tlje 3r* 

cljer(3I mcane)ano tbe marfcc tljat be fljootcs at)arc betlj one,tbaC 

1 3 to toit @oo Ijimfelfc : can anp tbing croffc Ijim o) incounter bint 

bp tbe toap , to btnoer bis attcpning tbercimto «: C&lell tljen tljoit 

feeft noto.tbat tljou canff not oenp © © *D tlje gcuemment of tbe 

too) iDjMOer pretence tbat be is unable* 

*But poti totll fapjtbat be toil! not boutfafe to Ijatte a care tljere^ 
of»S)oto come pou 3! p?ap poti to be fo p?iuie to ty$ toilft tpatlj na* 
tare taugljt pott H jf5ap,^ou feel! ,tn tlje plants a certeine inclina* 
Cton to nourifl; all tljeir parts ; in bt&tti,* cljariCbnelTc to bating bp 
. tljeir pong; in men,a oefire to pjouioc fo? tljeir cljilo^en ano Ijottfe* 
l?olo ; ano in all fclftcs a regaro to tlje mapntenaunce of tlje djmf jJ 
tofciclj^ep l;aue either maoe ojmauureo f Snoljtm tfcat ootbo* 



f&ettotfe tbou elrriemeft «. _ bcv not a barbaroug perfone o? a toplse 
beaft 5 bttt a nerp black 0} a ft one* jftoto tben (ball not be tobtcb batb 
gten fttri) inclination to all tljnigcJ , pea caen to tbe berp fencelelfe 
creatures bp bis; touc&cnjj of £bcm,n;all not be bimfelf(3l fapjbaue 
it foj tljem all ^ Dait ft tbou bereeue fyttti of tbat to&tcft tbou tateft 
to bee a pjapfe to tbp felfe ': oj aareft tbou fatber tbat bppon turn, 
tobid) tbou tateft to bee an imvxiz to thv felfe *: jftap 3 lite as tbte 
race & a fparte of gawmca ? fo be tbat is tbe gcotmes it fclfcann tbe 
toelfp^ing of all tbat euer is g©& in a!! tbmgs, fyeanetb fa?tb tbiS 
care into all tbings bp W gafimtttyz fap 31 tolyid) batb boutfafet* 
to create b$ , tutXl not mfsepne to pjeferue MSStit fojafmucb as tt 
iuas bis totll to create b3 to foim purpofe,(fo c z if nature aoe not a= 
np tbing in bapne, bsto murij lelTe ootb be tbat creates nature**)!)* 
toill alfo gupse bs to tbat purpofeo cnt^bp bis toifoome, 

Let as fee to&at tbings uuctemtea can allesge againft fo mam- ^ c i f^ s 3 " 
feft a socttine* jFtrfc of all Hepped me f©?t& Epicureans nenpetb f rouidence. 
tbat be fees anp pjoutoence at all in tbe toojlt^but tbtnfta to matte Aiphonfe the 
man? tbings to tbe contrarie in tbe tobole uio^in ;b>berebp be to ill *«* King of 
nceDess gatber tbat tbere is no pjoutoencc^no no?(if be nurlt fap it) s w.?j % d 
a:ip 6ou at altfoj if tbere toere apjottfoence(faiibbe)tob? (fcouto ^'Vvkh God 
gpountapnes oceupie'anp part of d)z Cartb *j tobp (bonis tbere hk attnc creation 
anp topis beaftes f tobp (bottls tbere be anp ^>ea *x 3ns of tbat lit^ of the 
tie s$ grotms tbat t^tobp tbsulo ttoa parts be tottopbttable, t\yz &™ u h ™ e 
one fo? ouer great beate,ans tbe otber fo? otter great coin $ ans tbe ^JSarf as 
ttjfen part be in saungcr to be bnbabites alfo , toere it not tijat mm J [ s ^ n a God 
pluctesbp tbe 33;tpers ans 'Clones tbattooulseouergrotoeirt punifhed him 
WCty falletb tbe gntotoe fopon tijz Cohans tbe ifrolt bpon tl)z for fo faying. 
Oines *t Wity blotoe tbe toinrrg botb on g>ea ano lann t ^o bee 5.°f ? k °^ h 
fl)o?t 3 tobp bappen ficknelfeis ann Dtfcafcg accojning to tl)Z feafongj flx ° tl ^ c l™*J 
of tbe pere,anD ftnallp seatb *t 3nu at a too^tobp & man bo?ne in his 4 . booicc, 
too?fe cafe tban tbe lead tijfnjy tbat creepetb on tbe eartb 5 ann batb 
mbz of manp tljings tob:cb all otbet totgbts; map iszll fo^beare*: 

,iftap 3 be ftoulo ratber baue faps > 3! fee a tboufanu moumgd in 
t!je H?eauen,tobereof euerp one batb W peculfer enti 5 anb pet tzm 
all neuertbelelfe to one fdfeme generall cnti*3l fee tfetn all carpen 
b^ one bniuerdill mtoam j,nottoitbftant»tng tbat eitcrp of tijem in= 
fo?ce tbemfcluess to tbe contrarie b^ tbeir otone pioptt courife&anfc 
tbat ti)i$ bnitterfal motion tss mouen b^ one ^c&uer, tobicb mrauet 
fo ouerruling tbem^nttft newness be of fttfficient potoer to rule t&cm 
aHjContoerinj tb^t zmx tottlj one tto wcbUng of an cpe 3 l;ee ru'etlj 



*uen the fame $cauen that carpeth al! the reft about/Jftt foflotoetl 
then that tbere is onep^incipall mamer,Uibich gouernetb the Upea* 
uen ami all the oiuerfitie contetiied tberein* 3gapne 3 31 fee that tfje 
Clobe oftbe Cartft ann of S>ea togitber, is in refpea of the Upea* 
tten but a litle pointy (as Pythagoras fafo)but as oneof tljeleatt 
ft tarres : that the Sgmne ruietf; the Cpoe* of t!;e ftea , ana the 
ft unite tfje feafons of the eatth,aiiD thep both are uifpofeo bp the 
rourfe of the beauen t &Dtljerebpon 3! concW&e,that be luljtri) ruletfr 
the peatten, ruleth both the ftutme ern& the ^©ne, ann tbathee 
tohtib ruleth tbem,tJotb alfo rule both i\)z^tti ami the Cartb* jfoj 
Jioto is it poffible that he tohicb til ^th the trnjoIe^oulD come ibojt 
tit ruling an? part of the tohole ? SDj hctoe fljouln the fojee of bpm 
■lie impeaches bp the Carth, b3hich gottenteth tijofe bv Uibome tij£ 
•earth bath her fo?cc ? 31nfomuch that if ( to mp femittg ) his pjo* 
uioenre appere mojeligbtfomlp in the l^eauen than in the Cartb, 
(tohicb pet nonmtbftantiing is not fo ? ) ann 3! cannot p&foe a rea* 
fon of all the things tobicb 31 fet3! toill confiner toith mp felfe that 
3Ibauefenemanp inltruments mane bpmeu as 31 mp felfe am, 
tohereof 3! fce plainlp the efFectes, but 31 conceiue not the caufes of 
them :3lfo that in other fome 31 percepuetoell the bfe of fome 
partem of them,namelp of the greateft ann notablelf parts, but ag 
foj the fmaller parts, as the (ISices, j!2ailes,pinites,Kiuets,^ut* 
tons? aim fucb like , 3! haue thought them to be but bptocojks , ana 
pet tm'tbout them the reGtme coulo not holo togitber,noj performs 
that tohich thep toere manefo? : ana although tbep toere taken all 
a fumier 5 auti fhetoeo mee feuerallp one b^ one ; pet coufo 31 Ijartilp 
conceiue them* g?ea ann mo?eouer that 31 mp felfe haue mane 
fome,tobereof mp fteruants ann Cbil^en haue not perceiueo the 
teafon at all, but tooulo haue humeri them in the fire as frruing to 
no bfe* afnn therefore 31 toillpjapfe ©€»D in the things tohidj 31 
knotoe^oonner at him in the things tobtcb 31 conceiue not,ano ra- 
ther tbinfte mp felfe (toho am as nathtng) to toant \nit aim bntier^ 
banning, than mifoeeme htm that is the maker of all things to bee 
faultie in his pjoutoence* 15nt fith fcoles muft be aufaoereti to rhcic 
foliies^leaff t|ep (houlo tfiinke tljemfelues toife •, ano tljat th^ toif^ 
Home of theft folke conKfteth all togither in putting fouh tjucflu 
on^ano in anfoering to nothing t let bS etamine tijefe goonlp ne< 
Jf Moauincr ntaunnsi otter from popnt to popnc*3|f there be a pzouinence ( fa? 
thep)Uihereto feme the spountaines ? jI5ap 5 fap ratbeivif alluiere 
of one fo?t 3 \uhere toete tljen pjouin^nce i jf o} tol;at eK is p?oui'. 



ence,buta&ifpcGngof ma«p ftmtyie tbing£ tofomeoneemH*: 
Inn boto ra snp fitcb m'fpofmg be,iabere tljere is but one felffame 
bingeueipfcobte ttycugbout 4 : ^uttc bcafttljattlmi art/fi>o 
jouto an 3at fpeafee of tbae*3it \uouln af fee tobereto fetueo tbe xu 
;ng of tbp nofe aboue tbp fare 3 o? of tljp bjotoc$ aboue tfrpnc epes, 
I of t!jp tibbes aboue tbe red of tbp borne ; all tubicb are bigber a* 
ouetftp bcDte,tl)antije Spountames are aboue tbepaines oftlje 
artb«9£bou eftaemeff greatlp of tlje became tl;at is in tbp face,ana 
f tlje pjopojtion tl;at is in tbp boate ; infomucb that tbott falleft e* 
en in totte toitb tbem in anotberuns pet tljou trnlt fetse fault toutfj 
; in t!;c luljole too^as a oefo?micie am ttmnt of o?&er + 35ut tbott 
ucrece , fcurft tljoit (31 pjap t\)&) bee fo bolae as to fpeafce fo of a 
fainter*:©? tooulu it not offenn tb# if another man fbouto fpeak* 
) grollelp of tbp bofeft3lf a man Qotdft unu fault tnitb tbe (ba< 
otoing of a picture in a tablet to onto be anftuerea tbat ti)e febrc* 
taker cugbt not to p^elume aboue tlje pantople* fo} foritbout tije 
lacke, the tofjttr coulo baue no grace; neitber cottio tbe fyigbt bos 
x out 3 toit1;3Ut a &tmmmg;iu>? difference ana pjopojtion ofpartcf 
ppeare 3 tmtbout a me&lep of contrarp refemblance; ncj ftnalfp tlje 
unm'ng of tbepainter be perreiuetJ 5 tDitftottt fciuerfitie of colours 
Ufo be tljat ibouio ftu&e faulttoitb tbe art of tbp bcD&e 3 bauing re& 
\xt feme prieces of it bere ano tfjeve; fljoulo bp ami bp bee uxXmtzx 
p tbe Latoper 5 'Cljat a man cannot iufcge of t\)e latee , toitljout 
eamng it tobollp tbjougbout*9n& if tbere Ijappen anp abfurmtte; 
p ana bp tbaxftarts!meupatoljoleuao2!0 of ®ramarianS,tobirij 
tfojee tbeir toittes to tlje bttermoft to ejtrufe iu ana to fin&e fome 
legancie ixx tbpne incongruities* 9 Hedging tbat tbat tabid) is im* 
eemlp in tlje part , beauti'Setf) tbetoboletso^e, ann tbe (baootoe 
itoje tban tfje perfect coiour^anu tfje nimme mo?e tljan tbe b?i gftt» 
aljen tbep be fitlp placeu* 9H tbe commendation of tljefe papnte* 
(jingei ,cott{iftetIj in fym tJtuerfities ♦ 31nfomurij tbat if ttjou fee a 
aiapne ouertiangen tuitf) a (bam'e 1Rocfee,o^ a nanhillj Denne at t^e 
ican of a miner fpn'ngmg out of it ; tijou IfoeUt tfje better of tbe ta=: 
ifefont,anup?nj:feiltl)epapntertl)emo?efo^jig fkilL S>ure!? 
tissnot poiTtbletijattbe piapne fboutopleafetfjoemojetijantlje 
E)iHesi 5 o? tbeHiuer mo^e tban tbelRocto, but tbat neither tott^ 
iut otber couln pleaft fyk at all j$ouMf t^ou oiuoeft conBtier tlje 
LSto^lD asi tbe too^e of (Savant* cbe ^ountaineis ann otljer parf jJ 
»l)id) tljou tntflrtettjttcc in tbemfelues but as tljep be fmaU $wz$ 
tf t^at too^e^oubtURe tljou tooutoeil fap as mucb thereof* anu 

^ ^erfojc 


tljcrefojefitb tljoucanftnotat oncbicta bebotoad tljctoboIcttJc^fe 
toc^rtbcc , to tunge of tlje p:oponion of tlje toljole mafle ana of tlje 
feucrall partes thereof at one inffant ; learnc to comment* tlje run- 
ning of tlje toojfcmatller in tfje tljings toljiclj tijem ttynfceft tljp felfe 
to tmuerffantie 3 ratljcr tljan to call it into queftion , foj tlje trying* 
laljiclj tljou ftfterftan&eft not. 

Outlet us fe further tuljat rcafon tljcu baft to complainc^bou 
tooui&cft fljunnc bodj Uapne^aple,? jf toft,BeIjoto 5 tbc egou^ 
tapnes funritf) tljce Untlj Uieoa ana timber to rjoufe tlje^ to inciter 
tijce 3 ant> to m&t tljae toarme* ^bou follotocft tlje commoaitie of 
Ctaffid^anu bdjoitJ,tbtp feme tljp tunic toitlj Hitters from Catf, 
<£Ieft , jftoKrj, auo @>outy , making: toap from tl)e minncll of tlje 
JLanu to tlje ^ca, ana fopmfig tlje Coaftes of S>ea ana Lanu to* 
gctber* 'Clje ambition of djp neighbours ts fufpectea of tljec, ana 
tljpne petdjaunce is nopfome Unto tljeauttje !ngb £2ountasncs are 
as bounds to feparate illations afuntjcr^ ana to fteepftljem front 
inrrocljiug one Upon another* 3! omit tlje COines a:io fruits talari) 
trjep poelD Fco^tb , fte clerc toaters toljtdj tljep (1;cd out, tlje fiocfecs 
ana rjcartrsi of Cattcltobicfj tljep feeae, anti tlje pleafant niucllirtgsf 
toljirf) fyvp comtcp in tijem. 3Jf tljou cottlacft ftnae as manp tiling* 
in tljp bare l^lapnc alone, 31 taoula Qiixt tl;ae leaue to complapne of 
tlje Spauntapnes ♦ *2ap,on tlje contrarp parte 3 if tbouljaaaeftfelt 
tbe aifcommoaities of tlje piapnes of Ly bie - y 0} but ondp of tbe 
jpiapnes of Bcaw(Te,02 of tbe Defect of Champayne/rjoutooul* 
udt by ana by uitO) tljat all toete £0ountapnes ; ana pet nottoitJM 
ftanaing,if all toere piapne,o? al tucte lji!gtouna,tljou coulaeft not 
tell Ijotn to comment o) aifcommena eptjjcr of djem botlj ♦ jSotu 
tbctUet tW ftana fo} an anfbuere to all tbofe pjrtofopljet s teljicft 
tafobppon tijem to ctmtroll tbe parts of a uioite tobtrij tljcp cafc 
repuetuit toljoie ♦ tfo}> to blame tijeiobolc CCto2ltrfo? tbe a-fcmfc 
tapnes fake 3 o? tlje 9pountaptie fo? tbe ^Qcous tfjat grota tljereon, 
isalloneasifpeiljottlri finne fault tuiib tl;e toljcle man foH^lTe 
ftan a tacrt o? a beare^ljen as ytt notluitljl!a!Uiing,tn an oiB man 
tbouljono^eH tlje fame beare toljtrlj tlje barber cuttetfj off anu ca* 
ftetb iitto tlje fire , pea am tljou l;ono:<c£ tlje olne man fo^ tlje uerp 

Outlet H p?oc&wtoitfjt&e red of tljet'r argument* ♦ ©ftoti 

WjldBcallc5. complapneff oftljetmlne^eaffes^nti vtsfjo Ijatljmanetljnn loiln 

but tljp felfe*: &xp ratbcr 5 djcti ftculoeff uianncr at tlje p: eminence 

cf ©ou,lul)o(ajS Apollonius Ijatl; 'ujcII marfecnj (jati; p^iuUD fucfr 



m abie of man m ftem 3 tl;ac ftep butt b:m not bnlelfe ftep bee af< 
"atfteo o? ptnftea unft extreme btmger^nn ftetcm tobat no tljep 
no?e ft an man tosuln no fit ftfte fflwrntiMfat ftou ball pet fur* 
|it catfe to manner at W pymtnence , in tfeac tlje 15ea8es tabift 
ntgbt fjurt tb&,go Cngle alone bp ft emfc'iues. ann (jaunt fte Co* 
tertjs tttt Catted of fte earft 5 ann make but fmaH increafiy&bete* 
*S fte 3&eafts tuijtclj are fo? ftp 6enefite,boto buge ann (Irong foe* 
tec ftep be, come borne familiartp to $&> fubmftting ftemfelues 
n toijole flocked a*o beams to a Cbfloe,»fl increaGng into ftou* 
mmtoitiyin fmaH tpsne ♦ 'Cell me hi gain earned, is it a toojfee of 
r o?tune,ftat fte33eaftes bft (ft map anop ftp Me noe Ojmme tbdr, 
moftaiftofetoift toljofe life ftou mapmepnett ftpneoxunelife, 
Ijottln come ano offer ftemfelues bnto fy&\ 
35ttt ft e Sea oifpleafeft ft* fa? occ uppzng 6 muft of $ Carft* The Sea. 
EUart ftou a ntnelier in fte &ea as ftou art on p & aun,fte €atft Anftotie con* 
dduId ntfpleafe ft& fo? occupping fo muft of fte &ea ♦ 3no pet cludcrh * at 
aftat a neale ftereof is ffill emptte^bftift toere fit to be inbabften': ^Sk*^ 
Rnoto ft ou,ft at ftou art bebolnen to ft fe? fte great number of ii- ca ufe the earth 
img \m'g!jts ijobtcij ft foffereft fo? ft# , fo? fte great number of is vncouoed, 
£obmes ann Citkz toljift ft inrifteft fo? ftee; fo? fte jQatttga* which the sea 
;ionsb>berebpitfbo?teneftftp laapanopceloeft fta> ^^fft^^entwo^ 
mn fo? bis bapo?s loberbrift be maintepneft fte ap?e ann mafteft eifeTuer- 
;be earft fat* f o? put fte cafe ftat fte g>ea toere o?pen bp at an in* whelme. 
lant: toljae a number of Cities ftinfceft ftou (boulo be feene nefo= In Wsbookc 
[ate ann jflattons oefert, toben men fyoulo bee in cafe toift fte °fwoonder& 
*?ougbt, as jf ifbes are ftat be left on n?pe grounn at fte going a* 
toap of fte tpnev S£ftp (bouloeitftou not rafter commenn fte be- 
rcelicialnes ftereof ft z mo?e 3 m ftat not ftinfcing ft enougb to ienn 
It felfe to ftce to noe ft ee feruice ofterbnfe: ft alfo teafteft ftae fte 
titigbcte p?ouinence aim p?ouinent mtgbt of Jim ftat mane it,bfte 
ftou feeft ft ouemreepe fte earft, annft?eacen itb)iftn?oU3umg 
euerp minute of an tjotoer, ann pec tg not able to paife l)i$ bounns: 
o? ualjen ftou feelt ft feeke to ump?on a great €mntxe^ rounn a* 
bout as ft ouglj ft toere to imb?ace it •, ann pet to (tap at a berp nar* 
rotoe balfte , o? els to U)tnne ft felfe into fte boteelles of fte lann 
at a narrotoe cbanell; toljereas notbaitbltanni'/ig an infinite fo?t of 
little 3i!es are fettlen in fte minneft of fte narpe,l&e a fo?t of fmaH 
motes in a ponn ♦ jfo?, feeing ftat ftou feeketf tljp commonitie 
ann p?oftte tberebp 5 ftinfcetf ftou not tljat ije aifa feeder!) Ijis glo^ 
rie? ^nnftoug!; ftou !;anneft none ofterp?ofitebpit 3 b3ete ft not 

^ 2 s berj 

The wyni 

The "Firth vn« 


tup mttrfj foj tljee to haue f>ax> it ag a groumi ants matter tohetfoje 

&tje £ainse<* percbaunretio make tb& to Ijatc fttfsj thou muff 
*a$t? &mte a faping to them tfljsn* pet on tlje otter fioe,if it bol* 
calme>ti)0tt art tocarp of it ♦ 3£ut codoeft thou tDttbout them haue 
kntisme the tenth part of tl>c Carti; V fipolu council thou haue ntf 
f oueres tjfe Lmft of Pcrow anD the 3iies of Moluckes? J^ap,?jc\u 
toulocft tljou haue come to the nrred 3fl^ unto tb&, toitbout the* 
jf^otxr,tf tftoa Ufte of the GUttro tohen it ts fauottraWe tatba ^p 
fl;oa& not another man that Ijarfj to ooe in a contrarp Coaftj Itfee 
toeHoftttobcnitte contrary to t^Sntj if botlj ofj*JuftoefauIt 
toitljtbe ft o?jm'neffe thntof^uctoe pc that be tobitb mane it tofcbc 
glo^ifpeo therebp,in tfjat he boti) thee to fcntsertf anvhat ijc t£ aide 
to mate tmtlj tb& both on S>ea ana iant> 3 ann thou art taught to 
rail upon bim 5 toben the fdfefame toinne tobicb hath carpeo tijee at 
thppieafare^tereatiietc oaib thee againfttbeiLan&v 

15ut of that little of the type grounti tobicb remaincth,ttoo parte 
(frpft tbott)be tntfjabitaMe ♦ QH&o tolue thee fo«: jflap ratber,tohp 
noeft t!;ou not couclutretheret3pon 3 that there is a Creato? > feeing 
that euen tn thp tpme thofe part^ toere not inhabited Sbmelp the 
Wiix&$ Whom tbotr blameft fo mucb>baue taught m that in thofe 
CIpmates are gcotilp Countries, people of better health ant> gtea* 
ter ftrengtb than iree 5 moje beautiful! Cities , aiiD mo;e telrcate 
fmitefy ant) fcoee finne them fo temperate, that ice foliate therem* 
perateft Countries; hereto goe tljetfjec* 'Che sates arc* pares are 
weafurea othertoife tn one Countrie than in another : but ytt in 
this barter there is; a conitanne: ana the one fdfefame ^uune 
luhifh maketb to manp niuerOtie$,soth thee to bnnerftana 3 tbat he 
Whirl) mane the !§>unne coula turXI mate the other things, Co bee 
fho?t , there is fo great cunning tn all thefe things , that thou hafl 
bene mfo?cen to mafte an Srtefoj the learning of tbem,3na luhac 
els; is; an 3rte 3 bwt the fettmgof Diuers Ettleg in o?aer together? 
9na if 9rte bee fo mtofttfl fo2 th? knotting of them ; UjIjo mtU not 
fap that there is much moje 3rf etn the thing it kiWt 

Cboublameft the &bo?ne£ lepers atvo SduCjcs &jrcmterm8 
the earth: but thou confioereff not into bote manp mtf i)iefcs prno 
nefTeplungeth thee ♦ <&l)on bfamel! the .froil ann g>nol»e fo) hui= 
Bering thp fpttfbantyte, tobereas in Dfeie thei? tmitd) thee by the 
eare , to put t\)k in mpnn that the fop^on of the earth ammutJj of 
(DouXhou hlamell tfje Eapne fo? toetttng t!;&; -tufjereas pet not* 



tuttfeftanningit mopllenetfe tfep groun&g ana mate tfeem fat ♦ 3c 
a tao?&e, tljou plapeft tfee babe > tofeo tfente feig jfturce soeg feint 
to?ong twfeen (fee kenibeg fefe feeas 0? puts? on fefe rloatfecs 5 0? ra* 
tfeer toben fometpmes (Ije plucfe a firdrirke from fetm , 0? takes a 
knife out of W feant>:tfeat is to fap 3 tfeou mtfconlbetoeft al tfee gco& 
toijtcfe tfee bountiful* p?ouiaence of ©on aotfe bnto tfe&* 

HJut m tfee cnt>(fapa tljou) tofep be fte not able to feelp our felueg The bIrlh of 
altae as toe be bo?ne«: (KBfep bee taee fubiect to fo manp bifeafes, Man ' 
anb in tbe enu to fceatfe*:3l "toiH not noto p?etfe tfe# tuitfe tfeat ftfeicb 
3! toil! fpeafce of feeteaftmnamelp^tfeat fo? all tfeefe tfeings none te 
to blame but tfep felfetfo? euen to tfee fame tfeings tofeicfe tfeou 8n* 
&e£ faulttuitfe,3l tofll fpetoe tfeee Mi to tfep face,tfee p?ouibenre of 
©ob^fee babe i$ bo?netoitfeoutabtlitie to feelpefeimrclf,anb feati) 
none otber ffuH at all but to crpe ♦ Contrarptoife tbe bjw'te 35caft 
i^ no fomer come from fete Damme,but fee to able to goe^e tc ft* 
Pet notumfeff ammig, of all tfeefe babes (tofeicfe to tfep feeming are 
but as fo?lo?ne tfeings ) none tytfy fo? toant of nutce 0? nouriifc 
roent 5 tfeougfe tfeere be notfeing but papn anb care in bringing tfeent 
ip^feerfo?e it muft nmz$ folloto,tfeat turn from tfee beginning, 
s. certcpne p?oufoence featfe toatcfeet* ouer tfeem, tofeicfe featfe ingra* 
nen tfefe kinblp affection ana carefulnelfe in tfee mothers b?eaft;atm 
tfee leffe tfeat babes can uo fo? tbemfetucs 5 tfee mo?e mamfeftlp botfj 
. (Boas potoer fyinz foo?tfe in p?oupbing fo? tfeem* 3s fo? tfee b?uite 
^calls, it luas not requifite fo? tfeem to be b?ougfet into tfee &o?ln 
in tfeat fo?t,fo?afmucfe as being bnable to conccmereafou^tfeep fean 
no intereft at afl in tfee knotolebgc of tfeofetfeings* 

2s toucfeing &ifeafes.,if tfeou blame tfee feafons of tfee peere fo? &&&? 
tfeem; tfeou mapft afuaell blame tfee fire fo? burning tfe^tafeicfe pet 
nottoitfeftanbing tfeou canft not fo?beare: jf 0? tfee fault is in tfepne 
obrne bnoifcr#tne(Te,a!ib not in tfeeir nature;antj in tfepne oum an* 
tulineire,ano not in thm biffemperance*€fee felffamefeeate tofeer* 
laitfe tfeou finscl! fault 3 ripenetfe tfee Co?ne , t^ine , ami jTruiteiS 
tofeeretoitfe tfee moU part of tfee iuo?lD are fea ♦ 9n& if tfeou t!)tnke 
tfeat anp man be tfeerbp caft into an $geto;fee tntgfet feaue fo?bo?ne 
to feaue gone into tfee gninne, butfeecoulti not feaue fo?bo?ne tfee 
(feining of tfee gmnne bpon tfee eartfe^ut if fatfeer^ of ijoudiolntf 
feaue tonue^ atfeano to coiua tfeeir cfetlD?cnH3ttfeal,anti tfeat apart 
of tfecii* gouernment confix tfeerein : tfetnfeeft tfeou it (feaunge tfeat 
fee \xfyid) featfe fet &S in tfee 2Eto?lo, (feoulo feaue meaner to feolu b^ 
in atue 3 f to b?ing b^ feame to feim 4 ; aafeat toilt tfeou Cap to a num- 

^ I be* 


bcr of Dtfeafc£,tolnrij are as ccrteine fruits of fome trices 9 ftmtes': 

as one of D?unkemuit: ? ami anofter of Lecberie 3 ami fo fo^ri)*:©? 

tubat U«Tt tljou fap to Hippocrates btmfelfe , tubo fpeafting of 02- 

bmaricfo?es anomfeafes , tntopnctft tljclialjifition in anptoife ta 

conftoer todl 3 tobefter ftcre be anp peculiar ftrofce of ®ot> in ftem 

0? no?ftat is to fap, tabefter fte ftckuefle 0? nifeafe bee qctrao?in-: 

narie 3 fo as ftep?operannnereftcaufeftereof 3 betbebannof<£o& 

bpon fte partp': jftoto furftermo?e 5 if ftere be nofting but mfojuer 

ano tojetft etmeflfe in tljis {KBojto ; *whv blamcft ftou treatb^tobicir 

mafceft ftfc to depart out of it*: 3|f it bee becaufeftottljaft gectres 

toljidj ftou art loft to fo?go;ftou mttft conSbcc ■ ftat if tbp parents 

Ijan not giuen place to ftee bp o?ncr of jftature , ftofe goabes ban 

noto bene none of ftpne*3if it be becaufe Deaft makeri; cleane ritu 

uance of mod ftings ; tbinfce alfo ftat to fo boing it makeft place 

fo? otber moe ftat are to fp?ing bp in fteir place ♦ TBut yzt ifftott 

fcioulneft conCfoer \)tm often men gae to fcehe Deaft Habere it fee* 

meft to be boluen moft briepe^nb pet finbe itnotjboft manp meete 

toift it at ^anftetSjat jfeaftes 3 at 8&ariages 3 at ^Triumpbes, aim 

fcrfjere ftep tooulb moft fapneft forget it;boto man? ftcre be toljicfj 

tspe poang ann in g©& Ijealtfyanb Ijolo manp liue fo?e bifeafeo eueti 

to fte bepft of olbe age ; {job* manp returne fafe from moft cruelt 

!Battels,to ope in fteir bermeS; ann bob) manp tipe in batten 0? in 

fome frap,tolrift Ijaue ftjunneo ftrife ann tumult all tbeir life long: 

ftou fljalt eafeip percepue ftat our life anu our oeaft are not in our 

clone Ijanb^ne pet sepenb bpon fortune, fo?afmuclj as toe fcape fa 

manp places tobm fo?tunefeemeft to reigne; ann ftatmuft lefte 

&oft our life anb beaft bepenb bpon jSature 3 feeing it is not toift 

bs as it is toift %x&& anb otber liuing things to tobom ftere fe 

let a certepne terme 3 tofyd) fo? tlje moft part ftep fulfill ana ouer* 

pafle it nottbut ftat our life ano oeatb bepenu bpon a Ijigber raufe, 

i^ofeouelp brill bifpofeft anb bounoeftftem, acco?binglp as is 

i eicpebient fo? bis otone glo?ie , fo? tlje o?oer of tbe taljole 3 pea ano 


l£>an it not bene better tben(fapft ftou)ftat man ftan bmt mane 
immo?tall rather tban mo?taU *; 3no ban it not bene mucb better 
alfo (31 fap)tbat tbe eartb ban rafter bin fire tban eartb, 0? tbat tbe 
eare ban rafter bene epe tban eare , feeing ftat tlje one is mo?e ^ 
cellent ftan fte ofter , anb in tbe opinion of fte pbilofopbers it is 
better to baue qualities acttue ftan paffiue *t fipab fte earft bin fire, 
fcrfjere coittoeft tl>ou ijaue reften^nn if ftpne cares Ijan bene ^, 



lxrfjat Ijan become of tljp fpaeclj 5 pea $ of tljp reafen tart jftato tbere* 
fine mp fnenn,giuc tljis toojin leaue to be a too?lo 5 tljat tg to Unt a 
nifpofing of niuers tljings^ann an o?ner of manp Degress* Cticrp 
feinne of tbtng Ijatb lji$ bounty* ann buttefleei , accojtinglp a# ©on 
fcatlj liften to appopnt thereto ♦ 'Cbe plant is a plant becaufe it 
tsotl> but line ann gw%tf tt ban fence alfo,tbe fbouln ft be a 3$eaff* 
3 %a8 id a Beatf 5 becaufe it litt&b ann Ija$ fence : if it pjoccenen 
fa farre as to fraue reafon alfo^tbeniaere it a Span* Span reafonetfj 
ann nifcourfetb becaufe Ije $%an;ann mere lie tljeito bndjaunge* 
able,be mere a ©on^e tljercfo^e tljat nemaunnedj toljp tlje plant 
fcatb no fence, ana brijp spait is not immojtaH in tljis £23o#n ; ne* 
maunnctlj taljp tlje pijjgtt is a plant, ann uubp ^an fe span* 'Co 
fee fljo& tlje caufe luljp it fe fo,ig tbat it Jjatlj pleafeo (Son to fet ag 
it mere tbe niuerg ffringd of tlje SHojtlo in tnnt to make one bar* 
mottie, infomuelj tbattuljofoeuer taketl? atoap tlje niuerfitie of 
tljingg 5 taketb atoap tbe ft&ojln it felfe* 

15ut tljig is: apopnttoljereon tljep greatlp ffann*<KHellfap rfjep, obieftionof 
3nmit tbat tlje oiuinepjouinenceljaue aabltiben tfie 2Bo?ln, pea baft and iyic 
ann tbat it Ijaue an bnitteifall care t^ereoftget to tople it felf in tbe t imss * 
r arke ann care of fo manp particular ti)in$$, fpeciallp in tfyi$ Imke 
fcere beneatb,3i meane in tljtcJ elemental* toojln toljtclj fa fubted: to 
fo manp cbaungeg; feemetlj ratber tocojtljie of nifpjaife tljanof 
yjaife* jftap fap % but if it be a pjaiiebnto ©on to fcaue creates all 
things as wll beneatlj ag aboue;toljat nifcommennation can it bee 
tmto Ijim to pjeferue tljem an? 3nn feeing be mane tljem aflof no* 
tljing, toljence pjocoeoetb tbeir ^co^tfjmefle oj bntocojttbinelTc but 
of W mill? Why ffjoulo tlje clotlj of <&olo be of mo?e account tljau 
tbe clotb of 5pempe,o? tlje g>ilke of mo?e account tljan tlje Ltnnen, 
to tbepapnter tljat papnteo tbem botb*:3!f ©on gouerne tlje Ipea* 
tten,tobp Ibouln be not alfo gouerne tlje €artlj,iDbereon noe go fa 
infinite fo^tsi of Ituing tl)ings,m euerp of tlje iMljicfepea euen in tlje 
jf Ipe ann tlje 3ut,tbe greatneffe oftlj^ Creator (binetlj fojtlj mo^e ( 
tban in tlje berp $)ta\\zn\&$ namelp in tljeir fo liuelp life 5 fo reanie 
tjfe of fence^fo nimble ann free mouing^ea ann in tlje berp little* 
ne(feoftljem5tuljiclj in fo (mail came contepnetlj fo manp great 
tbings togetljen jfo? tuee toonner mo?e at tlje Clocfemakeris mn* 
ning in making a Clock toljidj a jflpe map couer loitlj Ijer toingisf, 
tljan in making a Clotke of great compaffi^tuljere tlje berp great* 
nelTe it felfe niminifijetlj tbe eltimation tljereof,3If tljou bee afrapn 
katt I fpirit of <0on i^oufti fople it felfe in tljefe corruptible tbtngjE?;: 

$$ 4 remember 


remember tljatfofte tottb tuljat mpmi Cfricinnatus contmatmBeir 
Ijis ;i?enof££Jarre aim rules tije Commcntucale , toitb tbebetp 
fame ntpntr did ije botfj trl! «tm mmg b& groun&,am> pet tljou cotli 
teftljim netttt tlje mo^enefileo o? imbaceo tijercbp* &lje felfefame 
feunne tuljtclj giuetij ligljt in tlje S>fcpe , pearretb tfyouglj £ Darke 
Clou&cg ami foggtc Sphtes, typetlj bp ujatugbts ana ^mfc^anir 
fbcaaetb fynljijia beamed earn into tlje tijmgs tuljiclj ftememoff- 
filtljie aim lotljlp; ann pet Ijeljimfelfe tenet bJemifljeD oj Defiles 
tljerelm'tfj* Boto tljen,art tljou afrapD lead ©on toljo rmretlj foj aft 
tijmgg uutljout rare 3 ntouet!) tljemumljout toudjmgtbem 5 anD at* 
tepnctlj to tljem toidjout putting Ijmifclf f(mdj,te not able to to cell* 
tljefe lotoer tbmgs Uuitljout sealing frrmlW bp ftenrt Bttt it toere 
moje c onuem'ent (faptlj Ariftotle) tljat 6ob ftoulD ceale \uitlj tlje 
great tljings fjimfelf 5 a2i t!?e *&ing of Perfra&otb ui&hs p?ime Cham- 
ber , attD tljat Ije fl^wls leaue tlje care of tlje fmaHer tijtngg to Ijia 
Jpjmce&3$ toljo fremiti fap,tljat tlje ©arnpner luljiclj Ijatb fotoet> 
botlj tlje great Cabbage ana tljeltctle 'Eurntppe, botb tbe ©out* 
ami cue ^elone, Iboulb ma&entoje account of tbe one fo? # great* 
»el£ djerof,$anof tl?e ocljet fo? tlje fmalnesi tljerou©? as tljougl) 
tbott tooultseft not alfo dje moje tooouner at tbe Sing, if toitljous . 
ftitring out of btep?iute Cljamber , be coulo appopnt all tljinge; to 
be &on* ? oj ratljer noe all dje tljmgs Ijimfelfe lirljtdf) otber men doc, 
Abatis tlje tljing (3!p?ap* tij«e) : ii3ljtc!jtbottfommentielt in Mi- 
thTidatcs,bttt tljat Ije cculD call all l;fe ^ottlmeres euerp one by ljt$ 
rrtimename *t ffi? in Ipljtllip King of Maccdonie, but tijat Ije biro 
felfe mane tlje pjouifion fo? ad W frljole Ipo(le 3 euen fo? tbeir cart* 
ages ami foz foDDer foj tlretr Beatles i? -ffl? m tlje great Captapnctf 
of our tpmejbut tljat tizzy can fktn.uot onelp to make SCTarre an) 
to o^ner tbeir BatteUe^ , but alfo to fet no^ne U)l;at tbe rraplp er^ 
$t\Kt$ of tbeir 3tm«^ tufll comebntn 5 euen to eucrp loafe ofb^eat 
anb eucrp bottle of ipap^ans laclncre tojtbtn one o? tiuo fi)ot 3 bo)n 
mm? fljot of tlje Cannon Ml mtikt a bj eacb m fucb a mall o? fuc^ 
a TBuIttatikejami fo fo^;?£)? Snallp in tfyi$ Captapneo? t!jat 5 fa^ 
utng tljat tljts Captaine coulu fktll to fet tlje ^tume upon tlje face 
cfijt^ enemte£;anb anotber to ca# tlje U)tnDe,tbe Dutl 01 tlje fmofce 
kx tbetr epe^;anb anotber to fcrue fjfe otone tutiu bv a © arri^;ann 
fame otljer to n^alue Ijt^ enemt'e into amp?te aim Dwtie Countries 
Sim loljat btler o? bafer tbmgeJ can tljere be tljan tljefe afojercljeac* 
fe ^ tf inallp iMljat te it tljat pe comment in tlje flulfullelt SOarri- 
fiur^ of tljem al^but tljat tljep coulb f kill to ftrue tljeir oUan turned 


of' christian reiioion. 1S5 

fl fit rtje moff glo?iot# Conqucrour^but tfjat tf)ep gat dje bitf o* 
\ int\)2 enuc? Snn fo tfjou mutt nee&e-ai gratmt cr^at tubeceas tbe 
ounterparties uiplcu to ace tbe i&e , ttlnas! not fo? toant of cou* 
ge o? gafctot'iymt foj toant of potoei o? fM,|2ottJ,tti&atfofttet 
tn ti)t tobole 2Bo?to 3 isi tbe $rmie o? fyottz of (Sorbin 9rmte $} 
ofte (31 fap) net tabic!) be Ijatb gatberea of bis neighbour* > but 
bid; be Ijatlj creates tmtb WtfxmttyanWt £peltfiotoetbafld;e 
>tarresbp name,-fo? bemasedjiem, fpe fjat!) p^out^eD fcotic fo? ail 
ungtbinga , ana one of tljem i£ no greater to btm tftan anodjer: 
? tljep baue no being at all any longer djan be lifted). 3!f be mafce 
arre bere beneath all bis Armies are reatite to tso bint fenuce am* 
toage battell baser Jfe banner 5 pea etteu tfjc ambitioufnrHeof 
?inces to pumlb tbemfeluts one. bp anodjer ♦ 3if B&iottg l^ejce 
otiT^be armed) agat;*ft djem tbe ©ralboppet^ann tbe Locutite, 
e ^efiGftes ana tlje2$iaCft'ngg, d)e aEtmow anu tbe Capo;* 
'tbe Cardan euerp of b3 be batb b&mlcokers to cbatti^ebS; iit 
it flelb 3 our co?ruptions - 7 m our mpnue,out paifiongjann in our 
>cules,Gur fcmes aim mfoj&ers ♦ Nereis not fo fmafl a tbing, 
bid) ferued> not bim to berp great jKtrpofe-, no? tbing fobple, 
bid; feruetb not to Ijte glo?ie;no? tljing fo enempfifte 5 toltftb ftgb* 
tb not to get bint tbebicto?ie^to? tbing fo to?ongfttH 5 tobtcij w* 
ml) not W 31 ttfiKccjno? tljmg fo ntudj againft ijim>btcf) !)ittetB 
it tbe matfce tbat be ametlj at*Cberfo?e ptaie not in tbfe behalf 
lamtifetJlp fo? <Box>$ g!o?ie* jFo?, tbe mo?e (ttrring , tbe mo?e 
suitge yt\)t mc?e mfo?uer djere i$ bere beneatb ; d)e mo?e aotb be 
etoe tbe immouable aecree of bfe euerlatting ^omaence, tabid) 
will tbep o? nil! djep) Directed) all d)e fcneonftanries of djis tuo?la 
i one certepnre:t&,3nn tfpertbaunce tbxm be afrapb leaft (SOD 
ottlD bee tp?en toitb d)e papneami trauell : (fo? be bad) neese of 
pnebnpuline^ toreteuebmt)co!tfi&erboto ibpneotanfeoule, 
id)out anp tople G3 it felfe, ann Xutcf)cue d;p wimtiz, uoxb at one 
Ifefaine inflantbodj p?ouine fo? tftc Mepning of dj& 3 ^^ rna^e 
Itbp parts to grota>euerp of djem accn?ning to W peculiar po?* 
on anu p?opo?tion 3 giuinff fence euen to tbp nailed anD dje beared 
fdip !)eao , tobicb are but otitgromingd anu not parisof tlip bo= 
ie.3nti ifdjcul^iltknolj) \jm tl)i$ p?oniDence fe cccupixts tottfr 
nt tople ; confiuer bouo tfjac fbp ©oufe ( uottisft^flanWDig all tbe 
ufinelTe i»bid)tbp Motile nod) imdjottt djp d)iu!tingtI;cron) fo?* 
eared) mt alfo ttttlje nteane labile to motint t)p eucn imto fymm, 
no bp t^e fciftourfeg thereof turmople dje tobole Caitlj ; to lap 



foj tbe maintenance ann nefence of innumerable bototyofoS, $ Iifee* 
tmfe fo? tlj£ neca? ann ouerttyoto ofa$ manp otTjcref; anu to fearcfc 
into dje nealings of tbe encmte, tomaketbemto feruebisotone 
turne ^ to cr^atr botlj of SBarre anu peace together at one tpme, 
anu tuttlj dje fdfefamc perfona bod) at once* 9no nartft tbou note 
tbtnketbat (Dot) is toplen in tl>e djings tabid) djou tbp felfe ooett 
tontijout topic*:©? djat be is tp?eo tnidj tl)e gouermtients tobereiu 
tbou foouineft take pleafure *: ffl? djat Ije being a free ann infinite 
fepirite , uotb not djat in a limiten bonie D luljicb ti)p g>oule being 
finite in it felfe 3 oodj in djp bonie ftljere it ties as in a p?ifonV3Do bee 
fljojt, feeing djou pjefumeit to Hoc tbp MI trndj dje things toljer* 
of djou canft not make one beate^an <££DD be enable to noeljiS 
toll toidj tbe tljtngs toljicij be of bis otone only toil batb mane ann 
rreatenv&be bertue djat is in a kernel! o? a plant 3 (beanetb it felfe 
from tbe rmte to djet)ttermottb?auncbes 3 peelning nouriflmtent 
feuerallp to dje ftocke o? ffalke 3 to dje pidj 3 to t^t batke 3 to tbe flo* 
toers 3 to tb* leaues 3 ann to tbe ftuite^o euerp of tbem acco?ning to 
tbe p?opo?tion ann nature tbereof ♦ Cbe Sbunne it felfe in toping 
fjis cou^ann toidjout mpnning anp fudj dung , pained) tjeate to 
innumerable plants, ann to innumerable people ; ann pet Ijeatetlj 
not bimfelf one lubrt tbe mo?e* j8oto,if a creature noe fottoljat fljal 
foe fap of tbe Creator 2Bbat fbali toe fap of bim tobicb t^ not tbe 
Motile of tljepiant 3 o? of tbe ^eat^o? of $pan*,but tbe maker of a! 
tbings,pea toijicb mane dje of nodjing, toljo is not (as fome piji* 
lofopbers baue&pbiln ) tbe &ou!eof tbe £ao?ln;butratber(iflje 
map be fo termen ) tbe toerp life ann g>oule of all life ann g>oule in 
tbe 223o?lo<: TBut as toe fee naplp, if tbe Counfell of a ISealme can 
not eeaOe one toe*e 3 toitbout confufion of tbe Commontoealejttoj 
tbe ^>oule of a man o? a 35eatf 3 fojbeare tooojfcing bee it neuer fo 
little,toitbout dje ncatb of dje parties no? dje life tbat is in plants 
ftapftidjouttoidjering of dje plant; noi dje&tmnegoeootone 
tuttljout procuring oarftnefte 3 o? fuffer €clips toitboutfome nota* 
Me cljaitge: reafon baue U)e to beleeue 3 djat if dje toojln 
ann al d)at is therein toere not gupnen^bpbiln^ann caren fo? b^ dje 
fame pcrtuer toifeoome ann gesnnefle djat createn it ann fet in fud) 
c?ner as it is : it tooulo in one moment fall from ojner into confu* 
Con,ann from confufion to notbing. jro? 5 to \mt no care of ifys to 
miflike of it : aim to mifiifce of it 5 is m 03on to tntnoe it y fo?afmucft 
iis (Sons toilling ofit,toas tbe uerpnoing of it, BcU) 3 if6ontf 
p?pninence eicteun it felfe ttyougljout to all djings^atocll in tyc& 




wen as in €m\) : Vuce cannot Doubt but t(>at it ejcten&e t& alfo bnto 
man* tfoj tobat ttyng 10 tbere of fo greatc ejrceilencie , cicljcr on 
Card; as mans bo&p , 0? in l£)eauen as mans Motile *: Snu in ejr* 
tensing it felfe to man,it mutt neetics rjccenD it fcife f quallp to all 
men. jf oj to&o is eitijer greate oj fmall,pooje 0? ricfjMH refpect of 
I;im tobicl) mafcc botb of noticing ^ €>j tufcat oot>es is tljcre bettoijet 
tbem, fauing tljat urfjerca* botb of tljem bee but flaues to bim tljat 
fettetb foojtlj t\)t trageme,bc appareletlj tbe one in Clotb of <M& 
to plap tbe £ing,ant) tbe otber in a courfe ipilelje to plap tbe 35cg* 
ger,making tbem to cbaunge tfecfc appatell toben be iiftetitf 

■But bri)olo 5 ljerc commetb almott an tmiucrfall gruoge* jfo? if T his fciiowe 
tbere be(fap rtjrp)a pjouioence ; l>oly commetb it too pafle tbat ill for his icawtf- 
menbauefomuebpjofperitie, anugebu men fomurijaauerfitte*: nesgataGib- 
tbat fome be fo long tmpunilbeti, ana otberfome fo long tmretoar* bct • F 
sea \ 3nu to be (bojt , tljat one fo? Ins mi cfeetmes commeti) to tlje 
<0allotDe3,ano another fo? rt>e fame caufe obteinetlj a Dtaneme 0? 
C rotone ? 'Cbte quetf ion bad; combjea not onelp tbe mod tjertu* 
ous among tbe l^eatben , but alfo eutn tl;e motf Heligious of all 
ages .1$ut it toere bell to take ij&re a little b?et^anu to put it ouec 
among titter* ott>ct tbingg tol;icb remapne to bee tteateo of in tl;e 
nejtCbapter following* 


That all the euill which is doone , or feemeth to be doonCj 
in the world^s fubied to theprouidence of God. 

&apn Ijoeretofoje concerning <B®'D)fhtt all 
tbings teacbe fcs tljat tbere is but one, aim pet 
nottottbftan&ing tljat all things togitljer cam 
not ftttFtcientlp teacbe b$ iufeat I;ee is* 9lfo let 
bS fap concerning l^ouiaence, Cl;at in all 
tl;tngs inee fee a mauifeft l^oufoence ;but pet 
t£P to fiefte out tbe caufe thereof in euerp tljmg,t$ 
as murf) as to founu a bottomleflfeptt, if it be not mucb tno?fe, feb 
tng tftac tbe Ml of (Sou is tbe caufe of all caufeg. ^urelp if a man 
toiH blame ©oag pjouitJatce P becaufe it agreettj not ttutb Ijis otonr 



opinion ;!;c it a tbouranofalo t© bet moje miflpken , tfian tyt tljat 

(baulo ftnn fault b3itt> tljc matfter of an boufeboln fo? tbe o^Mr of 

frs l)3tifc, toberebeebatb notlongco aboue one nigbt; o? control! 

tbe taiuejai $ Counfell of a ffratmge countrie, tobetof bebatb ban 

no fttrtber experience tljan bp refitting too tbe Cauewes ann com* 

mon annes : ffi? tl;an tbe 35abe tbat fbouln take bpon tym to giue 

feittencc of b& fatberg noingg, ej tljan tbe Qarlet tbat (bouln p?e* 

fume to iunge of tbe netermmation of a Court of iparliament 3 bn* 

ner pjetence tbat be ban btln fome mans Spale at tbe Jpalace gate: 

0} (31 toill fap moje) tban tbe bjute beaff tbat (b raft snnertake too 

nrieme of tbe oooings of men* # oj lxsfjat are &ee to be anmitteo to 

tbe Counfell of ©on 3 tobicb cannot fo mucb as abpne :lje tyigbt* 

tteflfe of fjtsf face <: 3no tubatbnner&mn toefitribcr of bntuban be 

fcoutfafetb too reueale bnto ns ^ JKSbat pjincfe Coun r cler fa & 

topfe,tbat be can giue bfa Jtojo gcon anuice, snfeflfe ty$ Lojue doc 

fed make bmt p?tuie to bte purpafe as toellp^efent ad paf^ann ta 

all tbe otber circumftanceg pertepning tbereunto ? ©j'ftbat £;u& 

banoman eomming from a farre 5 toili pjefume to nntreutann bet^ 

ter tobat tiltb,tobat fcne,tobat compoft^ann tobat time of relt fuclj 

0; fucb a p&ce afgrouno required) ; tljan be tb*t batb bin acquaint 

tea feritb it all tbe napes of bte Ipfe *t 3»n boto farre greater thing 

fe it to create 3 tban to till*: %ut fojafmucb as ©on is reafon it feif, 

ann toe tbjougb W gtace baue fome fparke tbereof:let bs fe lube* 

tber it bee not fo euinent in all \)i$ nosings, tbat in tbis popnt it i& 

ligbtenetb euen tbe oarkneife of cmr reafon* 3no if tuee perceiue ft 

not fo cleerlp in an tbings 5 let bs acknotolenge our felucs to be bat 

men 3 betto&ne inborn ann ©on tljereis no comparifon,tobereas in 

berp oeene tbere toere no m'Serence bettoijet bmt ann b^if toe couto 

tbjougblp conceitte all bte nettices* 

j!5alo tljen tnbereas itfe fapn,tbattf tberebe ap?ouinntce,tubp 
Ijaue gcon men fo mucb euill 3 ann euill mzn fo mucb go^afoje intt 
nealetoitbtfjematterjletus agree bpon tbe luaing;*31afkeoftbcc 
tobicb ^zn tbou called g©n 3 ann tobicb tljou caHelt euill ; ann like* 
tmfe t»bat tWp tboumeaneff to bee pioperlp gcon 0? euill* 3If 31 
fbouln afke tbtt lMbp bealtbp men baue fo manp nifeafcg, ann ni& 
^afen men fo mucb bealtb, tbou migbtefttmtb gcon reafon laugft 
tn^etofko^ne : foHjealtb makctb bealtbp , annfickneflemakec^ 
jicke^ut tubereas tbou af keft mee tubp gon mzn \jrnz fo mucb e* 
«ill,ann euill men fo mucb gen, pamon me tbougb 31 caufc tlja to 
^pottnn % nmnin$ : foj naturallp 31 cannot conceiue,tl;atritber 



t ©n men baue eutll^ii etuli men bane gam* jFoj tfbp gton men pott 
neattertclj men,mcn of ljonoflr,ann men tljat areljealtbp; anu tljat 
>e take rtcbesi Jtnibur , ann IjeaWj to bee tl>c goon things : tljcn te 
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jearneo men Ijaueij? aic on tijetr cbfotesf 5 ant> bearnleife men bane 
ione* T5ut if ($# 35 beare tb& lap ) tljou efi&meS Solons pouertte 
:o be better tbat! tfce go!n of Craffos ; ann Piatcx s boneftie better 
ijan Denuyfis tpjamtic; ann dje Coilidk ann tbe gbtone of a toik* 
nan UHtlj l>c<s uiifenom 3 to be better tljan tlje beaftb ann founnnelTe 
tfbonieoftbefcoleimtbbis foBte: tijenarttbounecepuentutdjdje 
;ap?e name of ©atofoj tt ts anotljer tljtng tban tbefc g©nes 3 t:obidj 
;aufetlj tljee to pjeferre tbem ann to efftsme tbem tlje better. Eber- 
T m let ns fap tljat tire ^cats ait tbofe Mjidj feefee after tlje true goto 
SjmgS 3 ann tljat tlje trne gcon nmijg are dStitolinzttz ann Osrcuet 
mn contrarptotfc tljat tlje ewtfl folfces are rtjofe iuljtcb aremennefc 
to tlje ttyng* tljat are euill in nine 3 tljat ts to fap, to finne ann m* 
jonlinelTc ; ann let lis not confounn tbtngs togerfjer, tlje gan tottb 
fee bar? anu tije ban toitfj tbe gcon ♦ jf oj tofjat gojnes foetier a man 
can.baue,oj(to fpeafce after d?pne oUme manetftobatfeettsreutne* 
^e ran mate fttdj}lje cannot bee gcos ttjottgb Ije baue all tbe gconeg 
In tbe U>o$j,& long as be btmfrtfe & not gcnn;nettber can fjc be tit 
ruin cafe^as long as Ije bmrfelf is not eufflL Ss foj tlje gooug fcjfjiclj 
goe about to beguple as Dnncr tljat attp^e ;,Ict fe£ fapdjep bee oufe 
toartj tfmw&common to tlje one foit as lire! as to dje otljn^fo; tlje 
tobt'dj a man can no mo?e bee termen geco oj ban 3 bleffull oj ys^zu 
rben; tljan be can bee callen fenfe oj learnen fo? bearing a ridj gar* 
ment : 3nn comrarptmfe tljat as all tljefe falfe gcones are tnttru* 
ments to tbeimcfeo to make tbem tyoajfe, (as ncbes trrcomtpt 
botb tljemfelues ann otber men; atttijontte 3 t&nor fcpolencr; bealdj 
to maiietbcm tbeittfner ann itouter to mse mtfcbtef,ann fo fantl;;) 
fo tlje etttlles lobfclj tbott termed eutfle^are befpejs to g©n men to 
uoe gajn^ann ftiriljerers of tljint in tlje erercife of uertttr 2 ns pcuer^ 
tie to b^tnle tljetr InfteSjbacenelTe to bumble tbenijfiefcteiR to m& 
kentbem^ann allmaner of combcranres to tyfuetljcm to flee unto 
<&&&) ann^to teacb tbem to fuctour tijrt'r neegbbonrs in tlje ltKe ? 
luljen ©on (bat bane nja&ne t^em out of djctmeuen after tbe fame 
maner tljat a ftcMp bonce tuvnetlj all tljtrjgs thzt arexm'mfrren <o\u 
to tt 3 into tbe tmfctmn bumy. tabteb gettetl) tbe i^ppet !jat:5; tuft^ 
as on tlje otljer fine 3 t!je faunn $ b^altbp borne tumetij to bte notfc 
iifbmeHt,eueu tlje meate^s tbat a^e &o$ of mgefiion, 



SSteS^ ^^ t^tn^ct bs come to t&e pojrot. CSilt tfjou fototoe M&p rfc 
fomon ?4th ri^ s an* boncur ait common botb tdgcon ann ban 4 * %'c is becaufe 
u o good and tljat ©oti ( euen in fpigbt of tfjc toi'cKeD)cannot but bee gcos ; info* 
bad. nutel; tljat be ma&ctb tlje fljotoers to tsfiu ann tbe ligijt to (Ijine 

Upon tlje one as &ell as on tfje otfje^nottmt^aammTg tbat d;e one 
fo>t nee cutft bun foj toetttng; tbcm oj foj making tljcm to ffcueate, 
ann tljz o$er fo?t noe blefle i;im foj moptfening ann ripening tlje 
fruttcjf of djetr labour ♦ 3[t is becaufe (Sod Deemed) it net agreea* 
bit eptljcr to fyls o&ne ljo!ioj,o? to tfje grecfes ann trauelles cflji^C 
feiuants 3 to retnam tbem toitb trifling djmgs.lcafl: djep fyottln fct 
t&etr mpnnes bpon tljem^ itfte aiS a fatber tbat topetij &te heritage 
fo? Ijis fonne, tbinfartj it not to bee foj l)is bebcofe, to apparel! bint 
in tije liueric of bis feruants ann flaues* %& bee (bo?t 3 it is becaufe 
Ijc nealcd) Iftea ipjmce 3 tobo maketb W pap common to alibte 
<g>oulnitrS;but as fo? tbe (Barloun of £)fte 3 be giuctl) it onlp to lurij 
as ait tlje ftcfr djat in fcaliug noe enter tbe bjeaelj 3 oj get bp bpott 
tbe toall of a t£otone tljat is aflaulten ♦ JUfcetoife iSings oce caft 
tljeir largeflfe at anuentttre among tbe people ; but as fo? tbeir bo* 
mtf ann oignities,tlKP beftoto tljem upon djofe tobom rijcp efpe* 
ciaflpfauour* 3ltmififtet!)tlj# tljat tljis man tilled) Ins ground 
fcritb moe ploughs tljan tljou : but anutfe tbp frlfetueil 3 to!)edjet 
tljou coulneff fino in tfjp Ijart to ejedjaunge £ intoarn gifts of grace 
\ohit\) ©©Dljatl) beftotteobppon dja 3 toidj ljis©j:en ann IjtsC 
flaiougljes ♦ 9notljer is in greater reputation ami audjo?itie taitft 
tbe ip?ince tljan djou art* 35ut confiner tljou tfjeretoidjall tijc Ijart* 
fcptings 3 tlje enuie 3 tlje Ijartburnings , ann furi? otljer tljings tobirfi 
Ije tntiuretl); mi* fee tolj£t{;er tije meaned negree in ©oos Ijoufe 
iiabere ttjou feruefl,being free ann ejemptcn from an rfjofe rtjings, 
bt not mud; better tljan tije beft rcome about anp Eing* %%z !^ing 
fo2 b& femicetionebp ()tm,rel»artiet{)Jjim toitb lantJS 5 fees 3 ann 
cfftceS:but if t!jou be fo bacempnneu anb tujongfull to tl^ felfe 3 a?$ 
to foffertfjp bonp lottf) tlje feruices ann djarges of djp g>ouIe;cons 
finer djat (Son being Itberall ann iuff 3 intennedj to relwam fpirttu^ 
all encounters toitf) fpiritual (SarIonns,ainn to recompenee tljoe ac* 
coining to bis olon ljono?,ann not accojning to tlje bacnteffe of tljp 
I;eart-, a^in tbat fo mud; tbe mo?e 5 becaufe tbat in uerp neene.lje re^ 
tuamedj not djp tao^s 3 but bis otDne toojftes in d)de* 90o?eotter, 
tbe retoam is giuen 3 not accoining to djp nefact 3 but accojoing to 
tbe to J?tl)!nelTe of Ijtm tl;at be(!o x a)etl) it ♦ Cbe recompenee of one 
teiiiaw feruic^is farre otl^r at $ Ijaan of a JKiiig,tJau of a mcaite 



lojtoe* 3If tfjou Tap tbou coultsclt bet contcntro toftft atboufan&e 
jfrcndb Crotoneg , Alexander tnoulo anfluere tlj«,t&at tt migbt 
perrfjauncebe enough fy tij& to recepue, but not enouglj foj Ale- 
xander to gtue* 3ho if tbou ujoulaetf Ijaue (££>D to giut tljee no 
greater rctuarn tban ptenric of S3me an* Cojnc , if tbou knetueft 
bint to*H,t&ou toouloeu; bee afljameo cfcljp felfe : to ft fe tlje fame 
tljat is c ommou to airmen , ann not peculiar to trjafe tl^at are bis, 
jSeuertbeleflc , tftijou (rep not fo farre, but art nefirous to knotoe 
fc)ljat be tbe goooes toljtcb goto men !jaue in tljig toojlu, (31 fpcsfte 
of tbem tljat feeme not to baue tl?em) Seneca tdless tbe^tbattbep 
make tbeir life allocable to <0oo ftljo knotoetb tljem ,- in bun tbep 
rcpofe tbemfelitcg 5 tljep baue peace in tljeir Conferences! ; ifljein* 
treafe not tbeir pjefcitt irate,t!jep alfo boe abate tbeir nefircg ; tbeur 
enemies comcntJ tbet'r bertue 3 a!l tbe too?io bemoanetb tbeir toaut, 
ana tbofe tbat baue tljeoiff routing of gaftes ano fronojs, areola^ 
nte&foj leauing tbemniiconGoereru %o beefl;o;it,tbe nerp afking 
uf tljat ©uelrion(be tbou a Cbjitfian oj an ©eatben man) te Unto 
tbem an ineftimabf c retoar^namelp^tbat tobereag concerning tbe 
motf part of otber men, tt is tuont to be onnaunueti toljerftne tbep 
be a&uauncea to ricljes,bono;t,ant> autbo?itie.,ano tbep tljemfciueg 
are oftentpmeg afljamco to tell boto tbep came op tbem^euerp man 
afketlj boi» tt bappenetb tbat tbe goou men are not ricljjljonojable* 
ann in autbojitie ♦ jj5oto,tf rljou baue tlje courage of a man,njoul* 
ueft tbou not rijcofe as Cato oio 5 tbat men fboufo ratber afke tolj? 
tbou banted not an Smage of tbpne fet op in tbe open place , ant* 
tobp tbou toaff not amnftteo to tljat bonour, tijau otbertmfe^ ge£ 
fapft tbou: 3l5ut if 0oD lifleu not to giue mee tljent; tobp baue 33 at 
leatftoife forgone tljofetobfcb 31 baa *t 2£tljpbatlj bee taken tbem 
from moe *i 3|t map be(fapd) Seneca) tbat ihljou fratrnefl: not foj* 
gone tljem^tbep toouto baue fojnane t\)&> 31 tell t\)k tbat if bee ban 
not taken tbem from tb^tljep tnottlo baue taken tlyk from fjim\ 31 
piap t!;& bote often ball tbou eaten from tbp €\ydu a v\t$$zt o% 
fome otber tope tljat beplapes urit&aH,to fee tobetljer §e t&oulu be 
ftubbojne m no H $;>oto oft balte tbou yiatkzti tbe knife out of \>i£ 
liana ,euen mben be crpetJ to baueit fttfl *t 3nD loljat ettill meaneff 
tbou tanjarned bim, njbratljouDjeancft Ijimftom ty$ Dttgge^ 
jftoto tljen , tljinkeft tbou it ftraintgs tbat ©® D (IjotiltJ call tbp 
gmtjes into tbe <g>ea , toljicb e!3 maulii baue belper^ to n^olnne tfm- 
in ncftrtttfton ^ ^D l)o\o greatb m Platoes %fjfjhn?afte atJttauu^ 
tage l)tm/o make ^iin Mz\ ©j Ujat Ije a>otao piucke tlje &too?n 



of autfiojttte out oftfjp ??ano toberof tljmt art To utttrDtt5f,tn6tc6 elf 

(peraouenntre)baii llapnetbpne otone&ouu:? £h tfeat to prepare 

tbee co anotber life better tban tbfe , be uSouto feate t^ee Urift furii 

fir mane-ai, a$ ma$ J make tljee to be* tit l:ut bttj it *; 'ftbou taste 

fap tljat tbou toouloeft baue fcfeD ftem toelbfcuttoijat a number of 

men Ijmc bin feene 5 totydj bitter tbe cJaCiftmcttt uf pouertte tone 

gart xnrrtjtobomricfje^ ans bonoim'o affrm^rs manx $ corrupt* 

3Hjou fuffereft tl)t]$Wtivn to ta£e fro tb& fome kpnus of meates 

fotycb tbou loueft toell, ano to atytoge tt;ar J jj>tlj of tbp fare ano of 

tbpne ererctfe^ano ofti>j> pleafure0 3 Wau r c U f 5atb feme ftp toa* 

tec 0} felt fometpmes tfjp pulfejano milt tftc u rut fuffer <3no(tob3 

(airing creates tljee anu ftapeoii3&« 5 feeIet& euerlaftmgljp tbe pulfe 

of tbp &cuie)totlt tfjou not fuffer btm 3! nip 3 to berate tbee of fome 

outtoaro taring toljirij be bmtfetfe maae , ana tobicb toculo too}hz 

tty oeffrum'on *t %%m commenoeft tbe Captapne, tobo ta make 

Jjifi? tournep tbe fpeeoiet againft Ijisj enemte, oifpatcbftb ataap aH 

bag; ano baggage from W 3rnue 3 tbat \yi$ <l>oulmer£ map ga tbe 

ltgbter,an& tbat tbe bjeafctng of a Chariot map not flap bun by tbe 

tuap : ana canft tbou not fin&e in tbpne gent tbatijr to&irlj ma&e 

tbee ana gouesnetb tba,ft o«to nifpofe of tbp baggage: tbat is to 

toit 3 of tbp purcbafeai oj mberttanceg tobrrb tbou baft gotten Ijeere 

ir!otoe,to make ttyet tbe nfmblcr againtt ticce 3 ann agamft tije con* 

tuiitall temptations cf cbtg toojft*; 

'But €nuiep?icketb tbee,22%p taltetb fce tfjem nat(fajrtf tl;ou> 
aftoellfrom tljt^ man ano tbat man,as from mee?9no labp louetij 
fce tb& percbatmce better tban tbem <: ^ell met tofjp ftep&tQtion 
appopntetb tbee a greater portion of IRb^tobarbe, tljas bim ^ 3E>e« 
c aufe fucb a one i$ mo?e mcuen tottb one ajamme, tljan another isas 
UJitb ^ee ♦ fflne it better ptirgeo toitlj a Cngle €iidcr,tban ana* 
tljer is! tutft a toerp arongpurgan'on ♦ fflne man is fonet toarnen 
of (Sod bp tbe (olfeofbi's cropp of (grapes o^ Cbw?, tfca:ianbt?jcr 
u; bp tije burutug ofOijs; boufe,tbe loffe of all bto g©oe«,ana tbe ta^ 
kmg of fjfe Ctiilo^en pjifonerg, feo lob fatue tljelolTe ofljis Cat* 
tell j tbe burning of bis boufes , ano tbe oeatb of all W Cbttyen* 
anti )>zt fo? all tljat,ltf pjapfeo (Son (ltll> Cbat toljtcb toag contfaru 
tie tn bmt,mtg!jt baue feemeo blochtlljneire m anotljer* H5ut tobeti 
(Boo came once to tbe tourbmg ofljt^ perfon^be coulD not tijen fojt* 
bcare to otfpute tottb l)im. jI5oto tben 5 fen:g ftat tlje tljmge; tobtcft 
tbou termed ewBe* ann mtfebtefes , are tn berp uaoe botb ^eoii 
cmejai ano g)alue^ toitt tftou not Jjaus t^m mmtftreo accopiitg ta 



tfie completion of tftepattoit *t Snn tbmkeff tbou tbp fcIfetDiTcr in 
Dtfcermng t!j£ sifpofition of $F §>oule,tba fjc tfoat creates it,tbou 
31 fap tofcidj tiar£fl not mm co tbpne oltut kuotolcogc m tfce curfag 
oft^Pbotiie*: ^Ije fameis to bee fapD of Diners j3ations,toljereof 
fome one map bappcu to be afilfcteD a longer tpme ^ moie fljarplp 
to >b tljejaiague 01 toitij &flIai;re,tJjaiTaiJG$er,a!iD oftcntpmrs a!* 
fo etten fo? tbe feifefeme caufes ♦ jf oj ©on fenotoeft botb tbe com- 
mon nature of tobole jftattons , anD tlje peculiar natures of caerp 
feuerai pecrom&ome natt:re,if it fljoulD not (& tfje fcurge altoafes 
-at l;anD, iDcuiD become tcmro pjouDeanD pjefumptuou^nctbcr, 
if it flfjoulo Ice it cominuaiIp 3 ly ouId be quite out of&att an* fall m^ 
to Difpap^e* 31f fome toere not ffcfftrr^peD toub t!;ar olune au^ 
itriffc'es 5 tijep couId not reftapnc from making IntlSbtef to otljcrs, 
flnotfjer agapne beetng mo^e giuen tc quietneiTe , is contented to 

xmt coueting otbcr mens gooses fo be map keepe I;is like 
rafe is it toiilj plants: fome require Dunging, feme rubbing tu 
make tbem deane,fome p}apning,fome neto graffing againe tottfr 
tie fame to take aiuap tbe barflmefle of tbct'r fruite , anD fome ta 
Jjaae tljeir beaD cropper* quite anD rlcane cfl\ flDne fclfefame 6ar* 
apner Dod) all tijefe t bings,anD a Clntoe of bis tfjat ftanDS bp ana 
fees it,toa3nDcrs at it : but |e tbat knotoetfj $e natures of tljtngs, 
toill count Ijim tbe fktlfuller in bis arte. 

gea fapft tbou,but tljougb tijefe euillcs map be ^eDicines anD Thc »w«He- 
g>alues,boto map Deartj be firt jf o? tobat a number of innocents ^and 1 ^- 
Doe toee fee Udpne in tbe t»o?In^ OTbat a number of g©D folke Doe i^ pc rf fs, ~ 
toe fee put to tbe flaugbter, not onelp g©D in tbe iuDgement of bs, 
imtalfo tutn in tbe iuDgementof tbofe tljatput tljem to Dearth 
Jfrap tatfjer,to&at is Dcatb but tbe common paflage toljtrf) it bcljo* 
uetb DS al to paired 9nD tobat great matter makes it,to!jetljer tbott 
patTe it bp g>eao? bp lanD ^ bv t&e corruption of tljpne otone bu- 
mo?s,o? bp tbe co?ruptne(Te of tbp Commontoeale*: Sgapne,ljou> 
often baue 3luDges connemneD fome manfo? a crpme,fe)!jereof bt 
Jjatb bene giltlelfe, anD in tbt Denpall tuljcreof be Ijatb Itconc eueu 
Ijpon tbe s&caffolD, anD petbatb ibece confeffeD Ijimfeife faultfe in 
fomeotber crpme, bnkuotonebotb to tbe JuDges anD to tbetfau* 
Ders bp *: a mamfett rep^ofe eitljer of tljie ignorance o? of tbe bnit^ 
fticz of tbe 3luDgci , but a $Up\\e acknotoleDgement of tlje toife^ 
Dome ar.D iutfice of tbe ctetnall (Sod *t 3nD if €od b?mg ft^t ta 
t^at popnt fo? one fatilt^auD tlje 3IuDge fo? anot&er^ljat Dniu^ice 


to in (Son fojfufferingtbem to bee cpnoemneo tojongfuRp hytfo 
3lungc,pca ann to be punifljen toitlj oeatb oj otbertoife, foj a crpme 
lubcreoftbcirotonc conference cleared tljcm asgiltieife,toben as 
Cod ann tbeir otonc confidence Deo iuftlp conoemne tbem foj Come 
ctber ? 9s foj example , %fyt 3iungc connemm tb tbem foj confpi- 
racieagainft tljc commomaeale, tobereas ®oo con&cnmrtf} tbem 
(percbaunee)fojbebauing tbemfclucs loofdp in trcfcimng tlje 
commonuiealc* Clje 3!unge bnnertfolour of offence gtnen te tbe 
Cbutcb.ann ®on fo? not rebu^tnej tbe Cbutc bmen frcclp inougb* 
iFoj J fpeake as tocU concerning iipeatbenfolke 3 as Cb?tHtanc in 
tljts bebalfe, 3no tol;at a nombcr Doetaec fee, tofcieb wifeffe of 
tbcmfiittes,ann ttituefTe of tbeit familiar ftcenns, tbat bp tbp pu* 
infying of tfcem,tebcrctott& tljou being c|je Junge mtnteff to bane 
put tbem in feare ant) too btwrctfraineo tbem, tbepbaue taken 
foaming to ameno,ann bin t!jc mojequickenenfcpann incojagcof 
9no toljat els is tbts, but tbat as in one fcifi fame neene , ©on liao 
one intent am* tbou anotljer 3 fo alfo be guinea tt to tbe t no tbat be 
Ijimft ife amen at,pea ann to a contrarie enn to tljat teljicb tljou tin* 
Deftpurpofe ': T3ut tobatatbinglaere it if tbonfatoeff tlje fruite 
tbat <S©D ojatuctboutof fe* Z\)t Cbilne tbat bcbolns bis 4Fa* 
tber treating of gooMp drapes, eonlu finn in bis; beart tooblame 
bimfojfoooiugjojbetbinketb tbattbep fyouio bee kept (Hll,an& 
cannot eonceiueto Vnbsttfc tbe treating of tbcm fljouio fetue:bitf 
tbe jfatber knotting tbe goonncs of tlje jfruite better tben tbe 
Cbrtn,(Toi [yt planten tbem 3 tennen tbnn^ann pjopneo tbem) con* 
finer etb alfo tbat txtitljin ttoo moonetbes 0) little moje 3 tbep tooulo 
limber ana mpatoap,anntberefojeto pjeferue tljcbertueof tbem, 
Ije maketb no account of tbe eating of tbcm 3 but trcaoctb tbem in a 
if atte to make Sfttpne of tbem* 9nn ttben tbe CCjtlD comes; after* 
tunrD to nifcreticn , be mufetb at bis oftnc follp , ann acknottilen* 
QUI) tbat at tbat tpme be plapen tbe berp £bi!n, notTDitbftanttng 
tbat as tben be tbougbt bimfelfetopfer tfjan bts ,f arbcr*9nn after 
tljz fame maner nctb be tofrcn be fees l)im make confer ue of Kofea, 
of &roIets 5 o? ofotljcr flowers X)z is fo?ptofcctbemmaro(as bee 
tbinkctb)ann is reanp to meepe fo j it ,ann be cannot be quieten, be* 
caufe be itiottln make jl5ofegapcs of tbem,ttbicb anon after toouto 
toitber, ann be bunfelf tooufr calT tljnn attap bp tbe nc]ct mo?roto* 
jf5oU) confiner 31 P?ap tbee, tobitber tcit(;out anp furtber innuce* 
mentjtbou finn not tbpfelfe too refemble tbis Cbiln. 6©D ttbo 
wane t^e goon men tl;at ttl;ici; t^ep be^aty no leffe confincration 



*nn louc cotoaro cbcnu&an tbofe toljicb be&aple tbcnU&ee Imoto* 
*tb co ttfct cnoc t^cir Ipfe fcructlj in tbts too^Dcalfoijce kno^etl) 
tobca it is time to gatber tbem,ano to put to bis Cpaoke oj Dickie, 
tocuttljem oottjne,tbattbcp rottc notfcppon tbe tree ojbppcn the 
ground, a'in bote long tijep map be ^cferucu in tbeir fttnse* Sun 
tljiiikc ft ftraunge tbat !jcc fijouln take fame toben cljcp bee 
frcfy ann gr:ene 5 too pjefrrue tfrem all tbe peer? long, o? t&at bee 
ftoulo makeCouferues of tbdrficfters to bee kept a long: time, 
o? cbK beeOjDulo of tbeir grapes make dpae ^bmkrll tbcu it 
Ihuimgefa? 3! , tbit bclbmft after a fojt make rtjeir fauotir , tbcfc 
f uieecr feat,ano tbeir uremftfj , clji t tc to fap tbeir goniiacs , tbrit 
fcpHgbtaels, anmljeirwrute too line after tbenNiobicbotbcrtoife 
fboulo free immo uncb tfotftn - Sifu tijac tb?p tpfucfe fuj tljemftlues: 
roulo nor baue Iiucu pad tb?ee o? fo&er pere0,Cboulo lute to t!jc be* 
nefiteoftbe Cburi1)anotbeccmmomaeale,not peregbuttoo;tU>s 
of peeres *; 2f tbou bee a Chilian take fo? mee example ti)t &pc» 
ffles anna great nomber of tbe Spsrtpjs tobicb baue fuffeicn per* 
fetation : ooeiJ tbou not euen pet ttill Djtnfc cf tbat It^uo? oftfjrtrs^ 
totij not tljcir conftant confefllou make tbee alfo to confefle Cl))itt 9 
ann tbeir neatbbrtpc tbee tootbecnnlefTc Ipfcl: CouId Ignatius 
ann Policarpus baue hueo abouefiue oj Grepcres mojc tljan tljep 
Bio*j 3m pet U)bat part of all tbeir ages batb laden fo long: cj tens 
fo mud) goon , as tbe lad balfe bob^c \rl;ercin tbep npeo *: ©j if 
tbou be npeatbm man , confioer mee tbe tieatb of Socrates o? of 
Papinian ? 3Jf Socrates ban not tyoonke tbe iewe of Epemlocke 
toitbout gilt ? banoeff tbou ban tbofe geonlp eifcourfes of bis con* 
tcrningtbe immortalize of tlje Motile *: flbj toottioeft tljouljaue 
beleeueo it fo eafelp <: ann tbrrebpon baue bene contenteD to fc?ga 
tl)^ Ipfe fo frcelp fo? tlje nefence of tbp Countries foj tlje mapnte* 
nance of tbe txtxnl) *: 8no if Papmian ban not (betorn bote bono* 
table a tljing tt is to npe fo? ncing rigbt , ann botu farre tbe foue* 
reine magiftrate U to be obepen , (baulo w not bet brrc ft of a lin- 
gular gooulp example uf HoutnelTe ann rigbtfull ncaling *t ££ibat 
tbing nio tbep in all tbeir tobole Ipfe , eitber fo mucb to c02ir otone 
honour, o? fobene&ciaUto tbem tbat Wte to come after tbcm, asf 
.fbeir nptng in fuel; fo?t': Sola tberfo?e,let us fap Wbc but babe?* 
9nn fo?afmucbasUiepcrreiuerbeU)tfDome of our jfstberteo bee 
fo great , tobnreas t^ee connemne bim of irant of ( kill, ann fc?ak 
macb as our otane ignorance is fo groOfe , \x$Wt$\$?t bcaden of 
towfenome, lettosratycr conftffeotir ^eakeneffeiu all cafes, tban 

J3 2 pjefume 

the Goddes 


pjcfitmc to tooubt of W fagc pioutoenre in anp tljing* 
Tiic Goddes 55wt Cato of VticatooulD nceued tljat (Son fyoulDpeetoljtma 
allowed that tcafon^lubp Csfar ouercamc Pompey :a« tuljo tooulo fap 5 tljat ti>e 
had the vpner ^ enea rafta](l fa tbc l&ealme 3 fIjouto commawfc tlje Ijtglj Court of 
hand. parliament to p# Id Ijtm account,lDljp bis cafe toatf oiicrtljiotoen* 

But cato with jfoj all our great ©ttarete ana Complaints arc lelfe before 60D, 
the vanqui fi m t jj C ^(j ca f C f a ^ m}Z aillaine (g afo?e tlje grcateft Sponarft 
of tbe too>ro* jftap, fjee fljmilo ratljer fjaue conftnercD tijat pnuate 
Stated arc pumOjcn bp o^bcr of La&c, ana Commonlucalcjs ana 
pubttft States bp ctufll toarres : 3na tljat tlje Commontoeale of 
Rome toa$(cucn bp W otoe c$tfe(Tton) fo cojrupcea in manete^ 
in gouernment 3 ana ui tlje Uerp Catoes tljemfehtcs; * r tljat be migbt 
jaue ftan mttcb iufter caufe to bauc aoubtea of <£5osjs p?otuacnce 5 if 
after Ijcr pumftin j of others fo? tbc Ipfte things , fl)e Ijcr felfe ban 
fcapca bnpunifljca : djat tlje (Create men, toljat part fo eutr tljcp 
maintepnea , toere tlje members molt mfectea, m fo mud) tljat tbe 
totfeff men of tljat age faia^We fee what part we ought to fhun,. 
but not what part wee ought to take : 3na tljat as Caefar maae 
toarrc openlp againfl: Ijis Countrie , fo Pompey rotiertlp ana fctu 
ncr Ijana mane lji$ partakers; to? figljt £bj tlje mapntenaiutre of hi& 
otone ambition , toljtcl) tuags paraauentureaifcountenancea t© tlje 
common people , but couln not be cotmterfettea before <5oa ; Uiljo 
fcetlj tlje berp bottom of our hearts* jftofo tljcn fljali toce tljinFe it 
ftraunge,tf)at to tlje intent to fljetoe tbe comom people Ijato great* 
!p rtjepbeefubiectto beaecepuea unaer pretence of gaa faptb ; ana 
to teaclje great men Ijoto fojelje mifliketlj tljat tbep ujoula flj^otuu 
fteitiea^tielullesibnuer tlje Clofeeof Juffice; <&oa fljoulafuflxi: 
Pompey to fall into tljeljanas of (jis enemieg H 9nu t^at t0 pimtffi 
tfoz p?pue of tire Senate anu tbe Utfjole Hate ; Ijoe Hjoulo cattfe tljeir 
Srmp to beebanquilbeD , anti let tbem fall into tlje bantig of tftctr 
clone Cotmtrpman tbeir naturail feubtcct *i Jl^ap Ijoto couln (Don ; 
%mt f&euicn Ijig p?ouioence mo?e manifeUlp , tban bp oucrtljicto* 
ing tljat Sbtate bp ber otone fo?re 5 lol)ictj tJjoitgbt t^ere tua«{ not a- 
tip potoer in tlje tojtltie able tro puniuj Ijrr 'x ano bf mahing ber at 
&ott)flaue to ber otonc fecruant,loljiclj Ijno biougljt fo manp €it* 
ties, CommomDcalec; 9 Hing^ in bondage bnto fjtr "tl5nt it map 
hz tljat Carfar bimfelft feaped; iinputtiujet!* Bap : Co fyctoc unto 
Cp?anne« tljat tljeljtgbcft ftep of tljcfr greatndTe isi tpet; to a ijak 
ter,ann tljat tijep be but (Bote fcc;trgC5 UJljtct) be toill cad into tfjc 
tyje toljen ^e ^atl; \wne foitlj tfjem -, Uut^u atomic after, !j* ujag; 




flapne miferablp m ft t Senate tu&sn it toas full* 9ttD &p to&ome* Seneca in nis 
Citfn bp ft ofe m tofjome bee truto , tobtft baa fought bnuer bus third bookc of 
fttamrata againft fte Commontocalcann toljtcb p^cfuming tljcm Anger. 
ftlucs to baue oeferuea moie at !n$ fjann tlian tl>cp ban in neeue, ^«fir 6we 
meant to nefctue alfo of fte Commcatocale in mutt&ering&pm* ^^™ 
2£iere toee nam ag Diligent in marking fte i^Gtofogd cf ftmgs a lidcaforcbin 
Done in flpitfo^ie^ag &e be m noting fte maner of fp#fte£,fte o^ very whote in 
net of nropcKUkoj fte antiquities Wijtdj fte t^ptcr reposed): affile his defence, sc 
ftaulDSnu fteipke pjcufrence of ®os in fteftattnge of aUSta- °^£ nf £ 
tes j| 25at 31 content mp felfe tcitlj tljfe one afoje mentioncr? 5 as tbe daatcsinAr- 
totydi is bed knoinen too all men > creep: 3! &ere mpnwm to take me s, ftad now 
fome example of our parentage to mligbten fte matter ftiftall with their 
jftoto ften, tuIjereasCatotletecbtmfeife tI#otigt> impattencte, Svvords draw£ 
tfyirikz pe not tbat if be ijao liueii fttiyje toouto baue ceaOeo to con* chalL oTe- 
teno toift ($ov. ? ano baue commenuefc W 3!nftice , ano batte &?& (tate^nd ta- 
ten bakes of b^ lingular pjouinence \ I>eg : ^ut fte rmfcbtcf is, king part with 
tljat fcftereas ire moiilu not iuuge of a Song bp one note,noj cf a tl £ Pompeics 
Cometue bp one Scene, no* cf an ©jatura bp one full Sentence, j^k***** 
luctDtU ^cfttme to iusgeoffte£)armonp ant? o?&erlp bireaionof ThcGmfc 
ftcftboletoojlo., affljofaflftatisifterein, b^ fome one action a-^hyme^fmd 
lone^ainejin ^ttKk toe bear eforiftftanges aaofyeafte^toift fault with 
paufca ami fctfcpjltfjj ; gn € omenta, toift ftctotmeafarable 1m> GodsProui- 
barous cruelties of an Atreus, fte toickcti preemptions of an aenc€ * 
Ixion, ktip tbe lamentable outcrpes of a Philo&etes : ana all ftiS 
fe(if toe toil! fap fte trueft)becaufe toe baue fo gcoa opinion of fte 
Sg)u(ician,tbat toe ftmk be toill make al to fall into a gort conco^u: 
aim of tbe Comememaket , tbat an bis Difagrtimcnts (ball eno in 
fame mariage : ant? of tbe ^ragctuctojpter , tbat ere ^ee leaue fte 
Stage, be l^rll t^z tlje s xi&& Ixi'on to t\jz <[£lij£le , o? make tbe 
fentJS of l^ell to tojment tlje A treus,o? contrarimife caufe ©£)D 
to beare tbeta)ofttH bopce ami pitiful! crp of tljep©je Philo&etcs* 
Sno if 0o& feeme erdvjl)pl€5 to boln l)i$ yutc, ans to fuffer men 
to plap tbeir partem • ottgbt toee not t© hmt & g©3 opinion of b& 
totfoome, a$ to tbtnke tbat be can tell myzri it U tpme to pap tbent 
tljeir bp?e *: 3n^ t^ae altbottgb be let tlje tcickeD toalk at large bp- 
pon tbe (tage,anu tbe goalp to Ipe itt p^ifon i be can alfo p?ouu>e ta 
cnu tbe biaueries of tbe one fo# Drift iufl pur.t(bment,anD tbe too* 
fall complaint es of x\)z ofter fo^t toift iopfuH triumpb H Z&ljzri a 
Crage^ie i^ plaptj afo:t §& , ftoti art not offender* at anp tbing 
D)^ic5 ftou Jeavett* dil;p Grt ^ecaufe ftat in tm ijotojes fpace: 

^ 3 ftou 


tbou (raft fljetoeD knto tljec tlje Dooings of a ten 0? ttoelue pe res, as 
tljc rauifljing cf Heletymt) tlje punifljimnt of Parish tlje mifera* 
tie ens of Herod upon biz muromng of lohn BapufUjnforauefr 
tfyat altljouglj tI)ou bee not acquainted toitlj tlje fto?ie ,pet tlje arte 
Xuljtc^ tljou percciueff,anD tlje c no iuljtclj tbou ctpcett ft,make tljce 
botlj to bcarc toitlj tlje matter, ai>o to comment) tlje tljing tuljicb 0* 
tljcrtotfe tljouiuoulDctT tljinke to beboiljinuuft, annaifc cruel! in 
t\)z gouerncr of tbe ^>tage* Upoto mucb moje outrljtcft tljou to re« 
frcme tljp mtflpking, if cljau condoereU tljat tlje UjojId is a kt*D of 
£>tag'cplap 5 conueieo to a certein^etjD bp a moll excellent nukcr 4 ; 
3n& )u(jat an excellent ojDcr toQtftyftttfeou fee tljerctf tljou mtglj- 
tcft bcljolD all tlje ages anD altcfati'ottf thereof as in a Comcsie, 
all tit one Dap*: pea ojbuttfjeftrrtfflfeof fome oneonelp Mmon 
£0) an IjunDjeD peres? , tuljtclj tocre lelTe tljan tfje fatcrttietoe of ttoa- 
6>crtnunts in a Comeuie *: Cljou bad feene Pompey ouercome* 
JLoe Ijere a DifcojD tfoat offenDctlj tljine eares, ^Cljou baft feene Car- 
Tar to tying Ijome Ijis fetoojD batfaD m tlje blouD of tlje Senate.3lf 
tbou be a CljilD , t(jou n>eepeff at it ; but if tljou beeft a mr.n , tbou 
pacifpeft tbe CljilD anoattcnDeft foj t!je knitting tip oftlje matter, 
ana foj tlje magement of tlje PoetiUpe rebpon tlje Chorus Bngctlj* 
anD tljen maketlj a patt)fe.9H tin's toljple tlje Poet feemetlj to fcaue 
forgotten anftice , anD if tljou Depart out of tlje c ompanp at tljae 
popnt,tljou canft not tell tofcat to make of it. TBut tarrp a tobple 
anD Ijcarken to tlje note tljat follotoetlj* Csefarigputtoceatbbp 
\}is ottme mem&ee Ijere Ijoto tlje Difco?D is turntD into a gooD con* 
co?D. €4jp Cljiloe feetlj tljat tljis pjotoD peacocke toljieb Dauntco 
Ijtmfelfe aboue all tlje tuo^is in one pap (fatten in tm'tlj infinite 
toounDs^ljcrcbp, Ijoto little a one foeuer tbp CljilD be, Ijc Ijatfc 
fome prrceiucrance of tlje fojecaft of tlje Poet. Doclt tljou not fee 
tbmagatne, tljat fcueebee like €ljilD?cn,tobitlj tooulDcomroIltfje 
j§>oug of all ages by one j#ote , oj a long ©nation by one Lett r t y 
luljcraja! noturitljftanDingjOur life as in refpeet of tlje tobolc Ijoo^Id, 
is leffe tljen a (Ijo^t ^inim in companion of a Uiljole fons*: 3jf tbou 
De a Cb?iftian,tbou reaDeft tbe i!;iao?p of Iofcph.^ljen tfeou reas 
Deftljotoljetoac fouiDintOiEgipt, tbou canftnotbe angrpinougt 
Intel) Ijis tyotljcrs^o^fufficientlpbetopleljispoo^eolDcjfdt^er* 
Slgainp,ty!jen ^ : is call into tlje Deepe Dungeon in recompenee of 
Ijis cbaftttie^tljou coulDeft finD in tljp Ijeart to Wame,not onlp Pha- 
rao,but tnen C5oD Ijimfelf. ^5ut luljen tbou feeft Ijiin taken out of 
$}ibn to rcaD e tlje JSings Djeame^anD (^itljtn a fclxic Dapes af^ 



ter)as a Etng in ^gipt ; a farceur to bis fat&tt m W dto a P; *' a * 
tlje rap fee up agapne of bfs toljolc Ijctife at tbcrc &$#£ : rijeu gj6*tt 
pnfyaa&efttbp felfe" that betoijirb mac biw to reigrie tn^gipt, 
ate faffer J)jm to be foln to tbe iEgiptians^atfje tpftfcl) marc bint 
tbe Beltuter of bis bottfe,&to alfo intite Ijtm to bee false into bon- 
dage afo?c by bts bt&tym : aim to bzz fbo c tf,tbat tbe tuTco?& tobicfr 
offenseo tb& 'ants tije barmanie tobicb i>eligbtetb cbec agapne, p?o* 
•teeae botb from one fclfefame £pu(ition /J[)otob2ft,fifc?e to'ee con* 
time tins matter, fee once agapne l;oto inucb mo?e bpiigbt tbou 
•art totoaros tbp U3?mce, $an digfffls 6ou ♦ Cfjoa fee2 a great 
number of ijts &vmte come : iww£ juounnen : if tbou bee a man, ft 
mult items greette d;ce* ^^W tyings tljee borne tljpne otone 
feonne ueasaf tljou bee a .f «%pw^uu:antl not fc?beare tcares*3 
neighbour of tbpne affumb t\)ze tbatbetoasflapnein aoingbte 
tiuet»c,mgct:inguWo2ie to bis Cotmtrie* 'Cbougb tbou take not 
comfort fa it at tfje fiuit b?ant , pet at leafttotfc tljou toilt not bee fa 
nut? as to lap tbe blame tn tbp p?ince* SEfttbin a iwbtle afcer,tobeu 
tljou falletf to countering tbe fruite of tbe bicto?ie • then as it batf; 
greeues tbee to fo?goe tbp fonne, fo toilt tbou tbanke <Sot> tbat be 
apes in defence of bis Countrie,amj tbat be uio bis part in fo noble 
a feruice ♦ <§>ball not (Bon tbtn ijattc as great p?ebemmcnce in Wu 
ting foutb bis glo?ie,as Kings fo? tbe obteiningof tbeir to'd:o?ies? 
(Bon ouer bis Creatures,as Kings ouer tljeir <l>ubietfS ? £>? (ball 
not toe baue as mudj pattece in tbe aeatb of tbofe tobom toe tying 
&p,toljen tbep ape fo? bis feruice, as tobftt tbzv ape fo? tlje bonout 
xif out prince*: ©? (ball toee baue lefle truft in Ijim as toucbing bis; 
imploping of tbem to genu purpofe,tban toeebatte in Kings )$)ini 
ces au& Captaines,tobicbknotoe not tbeilfue of tbeir otone enters 
p?ifes,o? atleadtoife fo? tbe moil parte knotoe it not, nebaue any 
care of tbe life o? ueatb of tbem tbat ferue tljennlet tbis fuffi^e fo j 
^nfiwer to fucb as uejee tljemfelues eitber fo? tbeir otone aHictions, 
pj fo? tbefonapneneatb of tbofe tobom tbep loueann etteeme.anu 
let us noto confequentlp fee,if toe can fatiffie tbofe tobicb are gm^ 
tteu,at tl;e p?ofperitie ann flotoe pumflbmeitt of tbe toicketu The nowepa- 

djou fapfttbat tbe toickeubaue toelfare attoill* King Cyrus niflimcntof 
toasnot of tbat opinion, Mytn fo? a punilbment to tbe people of tUe wlckd * 
tbe Citie of Sardis^b^ commaunticn tbem to fpenn tl>cir tpmeitt 
gaming ^ fearing. Jftap,tbou (bottlueft ratber fap,tbat tbep batte 
miferte; fo? all tiyz g©D tbings toljicb tljou termed gcon,anu tobicl) 
toee count ;ieitljerga3D no? euill, uoein tbeljanns oftl;etoickeu 

JS 4 turnc 

200 OF THE T R E VV N E S 

turnetnto ctufl, £CteT((fapft tboti) botofoeuer tbep be rerrticu, fttp 
Ijaue great tommorrite* in tbfe too? ItuCQfoat milt tfjou fap rf)ca 3 if 
tbcir otune toicftct) i>i(psQtt ou.ant) tijcir otae fim.e 5 ao tooik tijent 
moic mtfrijicfe tijaa aU dye Ijanttejai ana etttUeg Uulncf? tfjoufcetowifc 
left in tfjc a;catj men ? g>tt*j tljcrc is not a ^rearer mi&ftef? tfrati to 
Ii£*a)if^ctJ ; auD t\)M afl #ec3mmcmittesi tofjiefo tiicu Zimptft t!/cm 5 
Ijaue as Ittrie foia againtf tfys eatl bfttcfc tl;ep barter irsirlji-i tbcnx, 
as QduetJJantapfes Ijaue agiU'nfE tfcc 0otDte,qg Dpa&cmes &= 
gainft tlje Jfjeaaacb, 0,2 purple Btyto agahtft tbe CoHfcfct \ ©elTe 
(if tijott canft)tori;at feare>amj o>hat 9getoftt^ tfjep (itftepiie m fat 
io\ufng tbcir latches lufffyagi ncM^^ns ma in bmtntrn jof Oat* 
lots, tbat man m rpnutf to coimmrSppMerie ; one in popfonincj 
fjfe ottme &!ct!;?r 5 tl;at !je :stajrtinrc8tk few tlje KingDomeiano* 
tber in rising; 5©u Commohtbealcmenontoft^e taap , tljatbe 
map mamtepneljtmfclfe mil rn W twiwie. Conuf ertoljat mite* 
ric tl;ep rtttwre 5 afore tfjep ran came to tlje performance of fteir s^ 
afloat 8to abpse in tlje uctp ta'ng rtjeto^aim b$at a tormople 
tfjrir otime Confidence makeeb of (t 3 after t^ep bauepetfbpiteD "it: 
antJ rfjmi foalt fee tijat it fe a rontftmall jf euer,a ffraunge unquiet* 
nefle^aim a fljarpe fojrotoe; fa murij alunp tlje maje&aunjjcr0tt$, 
ftecaufe tbe flbamdefifeft of tfjem all 5 Dared) not to?ap bis aifeafe 
to tbe pijifitiott Alexander p Epiant of Pherey, teas teoilt cncir 
m tlje cbiefc of (jfe pjofptrttte , to get Ijimfelfe tottfnn a Bj&fe ami 
to ^atftevptie^foge after fnm, tofcenljetDentto !pe ti3:t!) t»^ 
Concubine* Dennis of Sicilie being afrapn to put am> Barber itt 
trulttoitb tlje trimming of l)i$ X*ear& 5 matiebis clone -bausbiev:* 
to fttpplpetljat officeiamrgratamg; aftettoam in telo?tc of tbem,ljc 
fiusgeo it off Ijimfelfe \uitb a fi^rn^fireb?am»*3fttdtjer^ oft as 
ije toratf to bet* tutt| bier tuife , fcarrljeti l;cr tofjefter Ojc ^D noc a 
luufe bitJDcn in hex bofomc 0? about I?cr * 'C!riui<c pn: nattljat tlje 
Ijappictt of an tljefe Cp^ant^laasmoje mtfe^able d;a;i tftc pcrfon 
tbat^a^molt oppjetTco tott^r^iss tp^aniiic ? rOmjlaTj.vMa^ce 
ftfr&e pou otu Dennis rate W t^jmtto? 5 5o|ni fje imagi ten l;:nt^ 
felfeto Ijattc a nakctj ©luo'-o Oangtng bnfmnalfp bv ajeaa 
tbe popnt ouer W beau, a^j tie Hife at &fe Cable ': 3tmget Wbat a 
number ttrcre djcre at tbat tjnite, to^fc^ envyzt tl)t purple r 
tbe Dpaocmcs aim tlje rjcpntte fare of rijofe jK^ant^ , aiits t 
fbmm fault \!)ttb©oi> fo? tfieeafe anu pjofperitte iubicl; !jc 
ttcm': ©abcis tbat lac be/cOe tooulD djaunge ottr ItateUit'tfj aim 
tife > t&at in plap ingtlje King in a SCrage&ie f u^eepct!; tfjc fcaffolo 


bn'rf) atonggotone of cloatb of <Solo 3 tobtcb toitbin afemebotocra . 
after,beemu(tbeefapneto ncliucr home againcto-tljeUpboifice 
tot'tb payment foi tlje bp?e of it: ana m tbe mean* tpme lae confer 
not fc$at ragged cloister , &!;at frafc&eSj tofjat dermm, ar.d tafeat 
it Ii a in flurrffe Ipcs bin dnderneatfj it ? ho? hoiu tijat oftentpnifli 
iii count crfetc ing tljc Spaiefl ie of tfje ISmg , beuaas &pn e to fcrub, 
and in manacmg ot!;ei : s 3 to grinde (jwi teetb in (jig bead* 9f$ut lucre 
toe flatbed but one tjotoer toirl) p tofcttfj be bearetb about fetm, and 
tobereofbe camtot rid bmifelfe,- fte toouft ratijee go naked tfjan be 
fo ciotftflkSbfttoljereag it iMWty tbeeco fee , Cp}ant£veigne 5 and wickecfaesis 
to flout it out 5 airu to criiniuffifpea and tfat fbme of tljem come to a puniihmcni 
tbeic Cntones bp dointfw (amertjutg* fo? folricfc ct ^ l ^ oir ^f c ^ r | nhis 
cjmcto tt)t ©aliases : dotfjfiribt ipratlp fktii (tijinftepbiOUrije? ThcbaYs? 
tfjer a man be tormented in a coate of Sleluet 0} tita coate of Can- Feare not : for 
tta^tobecber be be manacled and fettered in gpnes of geld oj ofp? he Hiaibc p«- 
ton*: 01 tsbctber m fo (bo ( u a fbmue 3 be $\ty dje great Lrjd o) tbe , : if | ie ^ & ^ al 
paje^egger *t ©ato often lafctfrotr feene fte Ctttpjrrfe banged S^Lner 
fcoitbtbepiirfeab3Utb& nermann tbe tbeefefjanged ni toe fame Thatisapu- 
apparelltbatb-e Ijaaffofttc^e rijou ofljigb o? Iotodegree 5 betbou nitiiment. 
ricb o? pcs-ie,be tboupjinceoj peasant; agcmie a£ tbou baft gitten And if , thou r 
cuer tbp felfe to bpee and fcUflfcediiefikj bp aim bp tbou act become ^"^Vhisft- 
fteir p.ufoner and flaue*atod if it & fo,to&at fSiUc^r it teljo tbou be, ^^d his " 
if tbou bee not tbvnt uGUt man *; £>? thereto femes fit? afl tbat grandfather, 
tbou art 3 butto betbemo?eli)ickeD.U)btcb is indeed to te$emoje 
to?etcbetr:15ut altfjougb tyce bee a payment to it felfe a and tbat 
(as faptb Hefiodus)it <p*ing dp fticb tl)t \?ctp mifocetie it ftifi pet 
natlutti) ^Duigjinaup men cannot content tbemfelucs U)itl).(3.oii0 
2uHice 5 bnlefTe t!jep fee tt>e offenna* !cd bv ana bp to tlje 6iubett 
tfjat & to fap > vjnIclTe tbeptmt'Hjment befpeem'e , an open example 
anti bifible, a^ tt*ba l^auto Cip 5 p tlje ©ibtiet; twete but p Oegutnmg 
of pumflrment anuirotratfter tht enDeof it ; cnbat tbep xuW) ^te 
raft in fttiftn fo> dealing , ban not tlje baiter about tl>eir nexkes al* 
reantCj from tbe Derp ini!ant tbat tbep bee .t akcii 3 nottutt JftanDing ' 
tbat fomerpmes fo.zgetting tfym oume miferiej tljep plap togetber 
at Caruesi annDpce* 

jflapcownrptoifc, i»ljereas5 Epicurus natfj grotnin bis grea* 
teft argument tljereupon 5 let dis learne tijerebp to ^aue (Sotia; p^o^ 
friTOcrftt tbe greater annutation ♦ 3| te.naunn tberefoje&fat i$ 
tbe enne of all 3!unge$ in punifljing, bjbcibej; it bee not tbe anient* 
milt of tljecranfgreirer 3 ifl;ee becnovput to neat?;, 0} els tbat !>ce 




fboufo be m tfaniple ann teaming to otOcr^ Id bis ncatiEtf? 3|f ft b* 
tbcamennmentof tbrpattte, toljp 8nnea tbou .fault toitlj it , fo? 
tbat ()c & not put to neatlj * (Don is a jp&ifcicnmui not an €tetu* 
tioner Jpeknob)Ci1) better tfjan tbou, ftbat bepe of recotterie t!;ere 
is in tije nifrafe* r Cbe partte(fapff tbott)tt as unrulp m fcfe potttb* 
Cbe SOine tijat is nolu milne anc gotr, teas a tm * monttijS agoe 
botb barti ann (barpe.,ann it null gtolxsr riper pet in tvmc. flSJojcoi 
tier 3 !et tbe offender flee as farre ad be lift 3 per is be in fafe p^ 
ann tinner fee game ♦ t£on tfanns in no fudj Doubt as tbou coclT: 
^be offenner tan neuer frape bis banns ♦ j$g: but tbou &ou!ncff 
tbat0onfl)oulnatleatoife bjonn l)un lnitfj e&s&joanearrotb& 
Z&fytii *t in tbe fo^eljean* ££%* art tbou afrapn rbat (Don couto 
itotknotoebim agapne , tf be ban once ujiften bis appareU in fome 
otber p?iuie place *: 9nn nottbteff tbou tbat bis Conning pjon ran 
not pearce euen to t\)z beatt 3 tubicb tbou feetl nott jftap ratber, tbe 
feifefame lann toljicb foj toant of tillage ann Ijuf banning tyougbt 
foojtl) lepers ann ©biffle* , tbat is to fap, bpces ann enormities, 
map bp gcon buf banning beare goon KEKnir ann gmn Co?ne,tbat i£ 
to fap 5 d3onlineire ann £iertue*aton banned tbou oncelbamen Ijim 
bp p pillojie 0} bp Cartingjmigbt it not greeue tbee to batte mane 
\)im pall graced 3if tbe Athenians (faptb Plutarke) ban kiflen o? 
uiifamen Themiftocles fo? t!je outrage of bis poutb; 0} Miltiades 
fo? bis rebelling in Cherfonefus ; tnbete ban tbe gamp Eticto;te£ 
become,tx)bicb tbep obtepnen in tbe^Iapnes of Marathon, on tfje 
Coaft of Artemi(ia,ann at tbe Kiuer Eurymedon? ©j Ijan Con- 
ftantinc alfo bene rigo?ottflp punifljen, fo? tbecrueltietoberetoirf) 
bis fojmerpoeres toereoiftepnen, ann tbat tboubannefttbeniuto* 
taen afojebano , tobat tbings be tnas to noe aftertoarn foj t\yt an- 
ttatmceutentofCb^iltianitie-, tbouteouloritbaue betoaplen Ijtnu 
Snn tobp faueft tbou fome from punifljment fo? great crpmes , in 
tefpect rtjat one is a gcon buplner , anotber an excellent spttGtiotr, 
ann a tfjirn a man of learmng;tuberas tbou&notocft notiobat tbep 
Inifl pjoue aftertoam; gf pet tbinfceff not tbat in fo noing tijou noeft 
anp b«rt , but ratber gcon feruice to tbp Contmonlneale t TBut as 
fo? <Bon,be knotuetb tobt'eb grounn is eufll of it felfe, ann mbicb it 
U tbat bearetb gambles ann ^biftlesfo^loant of buf banning^ 
l£e knotoetblubat is in euerp of our mpnns afeeiuee ourfelueiS 
knotuc it^be tbings inbirb tte are to noe in tpme to come, bee asf 
pjefent in bis ftgbt 3 as tl;e tbings tbat toe batte none alreanie* j!3ei* 
tl;er Nero »jftt f;:s fine p*ere£ jj«n bc^auiour , noj Conftentine, 


tontlj tlje toickeo m'fomer of W pconger fyme^ cottlo begttple <&otj y 
tbougb tftou \i)!)tc!) iccft but tt>c outtoaroeman, callcfttljeonctftc 

jfatber of bis Cottntrte^ano tlje otljer anDnkinolp $£urtljerer*{f)e 
fcnotoetlj toljett tlje tameo (Ktcolfe toill turne agapne to bis fcpno, 
ano toben tlje cfeitrltflj Dogge toil put off bis cburliOntes^e fo?e* 
&notoetl>mens nature in tlje berp feeoe,toljereas toefcarceftnoto 
ftem m tlje flotoer ♦ SLtljereas toee plap tlje blinoe barbers oftbe 
Coutttrie 5 tn Ijauing recourfe at euerp inftant to fearing, ctttttn^ 
Iatmcing 5 anti facing foj euerp fo?e ; be batlj a tljoufano recepts to 
beale bpces tiiitljall, ano a tboufano kpnos of fcurges to cojrect ok 
fenoers tmtljalUccojoing taeucrp M tbeir completions* 3m> tljuu 
feeft tljou tljen tljat Ije negle$ktlj ljis cure^becaufetljou feed not tlje 
fearing pjon m ljis Ijmm?©? tlj$ b.te potentfals(as tbe gmrgtons 
termetbem) are not Wronger tbantbpne actuals ^^nnijobetttljou 
feeff tbe finfull perfon cureo after tbat matter ttHtljoutlattncmg/ 
pea ano toitljout fcarre -, ougljteft tljou not to comment tlje curing 
thereof fo muclj tlje mo^e^ 

l&nt tbere are tobicb antentr not a toljit tfce tno?e foz tlje oelap of 
tljet'r puntflmtent*$!tmtit it be forget toljat a number alfo are djere 
ktljiclj ooe amenta jftap,conKtier pet furtljer 3 toljetber tljep bee not 
fuffereo to liue to pumlb tb& j tbee 3! ftp toljicb Ijaft bene fcurm 
bp tljem alreame,ano pet art neuer a toljit amenoeo* ^Ijou toou!* 
net! batte tbp fatljer totb?otoe bfe tonne into tlje firepans tljou ftaH . 
ff ill a curlt tym tbat cannot poelo ami af ke fcngiuenefle ♦ *BIame 
ttjpne otone ftubfrojmtelfetbat Ijeburnetlj not tbe ronoe* ConSoer 
alfo tobetf;er it bee not a greater puniffjment to tljenita line after 
tl;ep \>mc oone amifle,tljan to baueopeoin tljeoeeoe ooing, ftufa* 
mttcb as tbep fee tljat tbeir flaugbters baue not fuccetfe acceding 
to tbeir turtles, but tljat all tlje mtfcbtefe laljiclj tbep baue \x: ougbt 
ts intjapne, fo as tbep ^auebiit pjouo&eu <£5oo $ tlje toljole tttojlo 
agatnft tljemfelucs to no purpofe 5 ano baue gotten notbtng t!;erbp 
but (frame ann rep^oacl; ano torment of mpnn - 7 aim tobetlKt ®o& 
uoenotbp tbatmeanecompelltbemto crpeottt, Wee haue wea- 
ryed our felues in the vray of wickednefTe , vntill wee can no 
more?31f (Boo(fap 3I)bpbis feeming to beflotoe 3 tjoebotl) amenD 
tljee ano puni(b tl/e otber botb at once ; nocft tljott not perceptte a 
incontjetfuH too^e of p^ouioence *t $po?eouer 5 mbat fe tlje toljole 
continuance of all a mans life in refpect of <£>o& , but one momenta 
(boater tljan tbe tpme bettoeene tlje ^tnkiitg of tbe ([pemlodke, ami 
tlje oeatlj of ^im tljat ojtnk^ it \ am» mnclj lfro?ta' tljan bet\ua:ne 


tbe killing of a mau in tbe moaning:, ann tbe brinj bangen foj ft fit 
tbe aftcrnamet if thou batte an cpe to the cljicf: enn of punfl&mft*, 
namelp the example of the t^at Iiueftiil, to tbettiteflte cf vgc <xm< 
montocale,3! afk of tljoe tohetber tbou tijurtetf no^tbat f bep uiere 
better teamen bp Neros killing of bptttfclfe a gets i obple after but 
committing of fomanpflaugbtcrs $ bis ftttthg rf Rome on fp;e 5 
feaumg: neither jf ramn that coxilD fau? htm,no) fee t!;ac tocttlu flea 
Irim; than tfijeftan bene bumen in the foje&pn fire tobicj Ijee can* 
fen to befcmnlen t Jftap, confiner together it ought notto fed? pet a 
fetter teaming to tb# 5 tuben tbou feeil that the feucfeen man & e* 
tien tben bito fafteft bp the neefce, twben be tbutfytb btmfclf to batte 
cfcapen tbc baito of ©on ; feing:t'bere cannot bee a plainer pjmfe, 
3Dbat no man can pzefcribe time foj W toicfc DaeflTc agefatt O3cD0 
3!uftice ': 3geiu, toben Maximian after the committing of fo ma* 
tip cnieItte<Manpt(betb ann ppimb ateap bp p&cepeaie in infinite 
mfferfca ; 31 referre it to thine oUme iungemcnt.tobetber l)t do not 
moje apparantlp pjeaclje ©ons Suffice ageinft 'Cpjans? ann fcne* 
ken Courtiers 3 tban if be ban bene fl^nz ttften bee teas; pcong 5 a$ 
Domitian ann Commodus toere ? 3no to^etijer be feme not ta> 
tlj^to battebin as a ciper bp?en fo? tbe nonce , to make tbte ^0^ 
ciamation publiklp tnitb lamentable ann Iangutfttng bopce all hi* 
life Iaug 3 Takc warning by mce to doe IufKce,and not too dc- 
fpizeGod ? £)j tob ether, toben Dennis the Cp^an of Sicilie be- 
came a ^cbartcmapfter at Corinth , anrr fell too beating of Cbfl* 
n>ens Buttocks ; it teas not a bztm beating too him , than if tbe 
people ban cattfen bis (boulners to fauz bin rent from bint bpon a 
<g>caffolo \ ann tobetber all the potttb in tbe Citte lucre nat better 
taught tobat tbe enne of Dannie is 5 by bebolning bim toirb b& 
Konnes in bis bann in tbe *bcbco!e ; than tbep (boulo bane bene bp 
feeing bim put to neatb incontinentlp in tbe placet 

&nn if tbou think it not pnougb that Lycifcus noe rctte abctte 
tlje gr ounn,pea ann tbat be crpe out that be rottet b fo? bis treason; 
tonlcflfe tbe fame Orchomenians b)bom be brtrapen 3 noe come to 
t\)Z bebolotng of it: oj if tbou tljtnk it not enough tb«t Nero make 
a numerable enn; except Agrippina vubom bee minacurallp mur» 
tbrren,no fcene be r epes toitb t& figbt of it:ojt tbat Herod become 
a fojlojne creature,i;nlcfre tbe 3«nocents inborn be fleui,bc callcn 
to lookenpon %i\\\: beSnec cbat tbou require!! a tl;ing ageinft rea« 
foil, tbou mud alfo mmertfann , tbat 6onpunifbub not after t\)t 
mancr of moilolp 3iungcs,namelp to content t!;em £ &aue fuffcren 



toiong^? to fattffie tlyv mpnn ocfirous of rcuengco? too purcljnce 
btmfilf tbcrcpo?tauo elttmattpn of a gooo Jut>ge at tbpban&ibut 
bycaufe be batetb tbe r will tobicb be intended) to co?retf, ano null 
a'fotyabJegooDouttbereof* ^naipkeasarrifcreetefatber, toben 
Ifis Cbplo complapnerb to bim of fome to?oag noone unto bim bp 
one of bis ^eruants, ftotljnot by ann bv romte upon bis S>cruant 
Uittb a cusgelUfo? fo (boulo l>e make bis Cbpto rocktfl), aim caufe 
btm not onelp to noo cbc Ipke fo? euerp trpffe , but alfo to take tbe 
ttaffc in bis otone ban* $ to lap about btm,tobereas be tuouia baue 
btm to buule bfspaflton& ano to rcfrrre tbcretJ?eO> of bts tojongs? 
to ijim betng Ijts father j ) but ratljcr cahcclj bts fnruantaftee,ani> 
rbattp^etl; biro eptber before bis fellotues , o? before otbers of bis 
c bfltycn U)ljtcl> beare lyim not fo mucb grunge o? ill mpno : euen fa 
it is not to be tbougbt ftraunge, tf ©oo do oftentimes cbaftp?e tlje 
lpickco farre from tbe bieto of tl>e tooo?lo,pca ano fometpmes alfo 
ruen after tbe oecealfe of tbem tbat maoe eomplapnt ageinff tbem* 
J£is intent is t&pumfl) tbeir pa(ttons,but not to gratt&e tbtne. H?e 
null teaebe me bis 3iu(ltee, but be imll not baue tbee too tbink tljar 
tbott C&alt baue bim at t^ commaunDement, to Urike tobenfoeuc t 
tbou tocultreft baue btm* 3If be fboulD ttrpke at tljp appopntment, 
Iben fboulD be bee but tiyp Cjcecutioncr, ano tbou fljoulocft bee tbe 
3lK0ge» ^utlmoujetboutltatbcaecucethljtsoujne 3!ufttce anu 

$ea(fapett tbou)but tobat 3fuHice fe t't,tbat CbilD?en $oub be 
gmnifteo fo? tbeir fatljers *i 3no (dp 31) tobat uniuftice is tt, iftbe 
C(ito;cn be not conOoereo fo? tbe gooo feruice of tbeir fatbers «r 3 
\dmzz giurtb pjiuileoges too fome Citic,fo? tb* faptbfull feruice 
tobicb it fcatb Done bnto bim : ano tobo toill not blame bis feuccc G 
fo? &bicb flnll take tbem atoap agcinc a bunD?e& pcercs after *i 3* 
«otberU9?incebcreuetb a Citie of tbeir libertfesanb frauncbi?c& 
fc? rebelling ageinft btrnttobotoifl tbmkit anp rigo?,tbat tbeir 
Cbttojai tobicb come after tbem fljtmlo be in tbe fame bate*; Cbe 
p r t«cebootbitfo?fearelcaatbe Cbiltyenbatring tbe fame terri* 
to?p,a>outo rebell as tbeir fatbers fcto <£ot> ft anoetb not in feare of 
mcn : but be feerb tobat tbep bee % anu bis knotting of tbem is not 
as toe fmotee tbe 3fpU)0?mVb)) bis dinging of ds,o? tbe 8iper bp 
Ijis bprmg of bs *, but be fctroioctb tbemafo?e tbcp bee eptber 9fp« 
lijoo^it? o? cltper ; anu map be not tbtn bp tbat reafon fometpmetf 
punifb tbe, in tbe ferns refpect tbat bee pumfbeb tbf ir fa» 
tbcrs^^s foj ejtampU,bp takiag atoap cbeir attt{jc?itp if tbep com* 



ruttcD f prannp , lead tljep mpgljt abufc tljcit autljojif f e flfll *♦ fflf 
l v cMkmgatoap tljeir gooos tobtclj tfrey fpent i» rpoc auD ejccetfe, 
It-all tljcp BjaulD ftt rtjeir mpnDs tjpoh tljtfe wees ftill *i auDfofo)i{j 
oi o:i>cr tbings ^ li5«t toljp doo J terme it pumQjtng *: 3i ftoulD rat 
tiicc tcrmcic curing, jfoj tobat mojc t3 all tbi3,tijan toce Ice Daplp 
ron e Op Pjifitions , toljo m caccs tobcrc tlje facljr rs tor re uifeafeo 
tuitij tlje &tonc,tlje (Dout^cj tie Dimpfic^oc fojbiD tlje €IjiId?cb 
10? fame tljings toljtrij tljcp fojbaDe tljeir facljcrs , altfeougO tlje 
CfjilDjen be not pet trubbleD toitb tlje fame Difeafcsf 9no toljat cte 
are fumes anDbices,tutDifcafesanD fiknefles of iljefeouIrt3n& 
to^at ttraungeneffe is tljere in ©ods Dooinr^Gtlj tljat tljcu tljp felf 
Dooeililje ucrp fame \ %\m Difmbcritcft tlje Cl)tlr»?rnof tftem 
lljat IjaueattcmptcD treafon ageinft tlje i3?ince : ano if tlje l&tnce 
map no it foj tbe Defence of bis ttatc~ y lioto mud) mojecoinenDable 
is tlje Doing tljerof ,foj tlje pjeferuation of tljcpmiestjjcmfeluc^ 
15ut petin tljisappearecb tlje mercifulncs of @oD,tljat if tlje Cbiltt 
of tlje toickeDDeft man in tlje toojlD,rcfufc to be Ijeireof Ijis frcljera 
finne,ano toickcDnes, ano follow goDlpncs anD wrtue 5 (Sod Dot(j 
not onlp releafe btm tlje Debte Due to fuel) face eflton,tbat io to toir, 
iljepepne anD pcnaltie toljiclj is antmfeparabie appurtenance of 
finne ; bat alfo asopc bim into tlje nomber of bis otone CbtlDjen,to 
inakeljim partaker of (jisiljeaacnlpljeritagejQototben^ljatcaufc 
fjaue w to complapne ,eptljcr of clje pjofpentte of tbe toickeD,oj of 
tlje aDuertitte of tljofe toljom toee account to be gooD mcn s feeing 
tljat all tjjefe tljtngs tenD , not onelp to (Sods glojie anD tbe bene* 
fite of tlje Comontoeale , but alfo to tlje welfare anD fouleljealtlj of 
tljofe toljom toebctoaple % 9nD if toe did conGocr vtt furtljcr, Ijaiu 
manptberc be toljofe mtferies toe bonai Ie,tBbtclj foffer a fefterco 
fojein tljeir bofoni; Ijoto manp tljere be toljofe piofperitie toe enup, 
taljicb fane wuclj cleaner Ijearts tljant!jectber,anD Doefptt out all 
tljeir genome outtoarDlp-,boto manp tljere bee toljicb baue tljeir 
simples tobole , anD pet doo but little Ijarme toitlj fcratcljing ; botoi 
tnaup tljere be to'jt'cb toolD teare al tbings in peeces,if tbeir napletf 
lueti: not piuD Derpe Cjojit ; tobo fo? toant of potoje ( 3I meane ) 0$ 
fo^ toant of cojagc to z%:cuml)Ci\; naugljtpnes , feeme fo^ tlje p?e* 
fent time g©D mi n.anD a tbottfanD other fttclj circumftr.nces tobic Ij 
arc to be market in cuerp particular perfone:furclp tbcp U^biclj do 
fo lig^tlp crjar^c C3cds picuiDcnce, tooulD cbaim^c tljeir opinion; 
nnD inhere ft fecmrtb to tbem melt toojtljp of bUme 3 tljere tooulo 
fytvty mo?e toooaDcrtljcreat anD comment; it* 


*Bi\t this is pet t(>e greateff popnt af all : Cbat altljou^lj Q3oo 
pum(beuiUncuerfomucb-,petitcannotbeeoenpeo, buttfjacljec H , rf 
1 auctl) emll fitl! in tbe COojltJ , fcwg inec agree all m tljis 3 tljat fer ™ eui! j h " 
finite o?bpce is euilU i^oiu if bee be altogitber gooo, bote can be the world. 
fojbearetobateit^anoif beebeeaimigbtie, botiicanbeefuffet 
it*: 9noifbeeojoer ano fcifpofe all cbings, bote oootb bee permit 
it^Cbis ©uettionfbsllbee tbe clearelpcroifcufleOjiLiberetoee 
pjooue bote euill came firli into tbe $Uojlo •, namelp bp tbe fall cf 
nun* ant) tben (ball toee baue toberefoje coo tooonoerat ©ods 
p/ouioenee 3 tobobautngpunilbco &8bp our olunenaugljtpnes, 
couloe f kill too tunte tbe GrttfcWb to Ijis otone gloue,ano too tbe 
welfare of manftpnoc ♦ Co glaunce at it in featoe tooojos; bp 
tbe toap, 3t teas requtfite(ano otljertopfe it coulo not bee) tbac 
tbere Ibouloe bee fome oiffcrence beettoeene tlje Creatour an& 
tbe Cceaturcto tbe intent tbat tbe Creature Cboulo aclmotoleoge 
it felfe to be a Creature , ano peelo bonoj to bis Creato? tobo bao 
maoebtm of notbing . jftoto tfa Creators tl>e gcoo tljat is infinite 
ano bncbaungeable : ano tberefoje tbe gooonefle tbat is in an? 
Creature^oulonot but be finite ano cbaungca'ole, fauing fo farre 
foojtb as it confenteo to oepeno fcppon bim alone* (Sou tfeerefo?e 
rreateomangooo,botobcit ebaungeabip gooo,ftee from euill,, 
fcotobeit fo as be mpgbt cbofe tbe etttU -,- antj be Created \)im rigb t* 
Ip mpnoeo, botubeit in fitclj fo?t as be mpgbt alfo go a ftrap* 9nfr 
tbis man bp turning atoap from tbe £2Mfpjpngof gooonefle,t& 
tberebpfallatoap from bis otone goomtes ; ano bp following \)i& 
etone toillinfteo of ©00s BBill, be left bis freetiome ano became 
abonofcruant bnto euilU 911 tbep tbat are bojne of ctjts eo?ruptco 
feeoe,rctepne tbe faultpnes of tbat firS fault, anu cannot topt it x>& 
pon anp otber tljan tbe firll mau.3DI)frfoje if it be oemaunoeo &bp 
<3od creates manfree , ano not bnfree , feeing bis freeooroc maoe 
bim bono , it is all one as if it tocre oematmocD , tobp bee created 
fpje to be lujbt ano futtle, tbat is to fap jf pje , oj tab? bee create* 
toater mopit ano colo?,tbat is to Tap, £23ater, oj f be ftLlojlo full of 
fo manp bariettes , tbat is to fap,a &Uojlo,anD to bee Poojt , cuerp 
funs of cbing^to be of tl;is 0? tljat natures oj to \ym free mouhrg 
anu capable of Keafotr, is to be a man 5 ano iftoe bao not bao it fo, 
toe toottlo friue complapneo t 9gain,tobaue frcemootung ano fticft 
as cannot be but reafonable,is to be reafon it felfe , tbat is to lap,. 
to be (Boo. j^o\D (Soo mr nt not to create a ©at^buta man to feme 
fcim, Iffte ass to^en ^e inteu&eo timm ^vaflcg foj t^e feruice o£ 

iuan 5 


mm$t treaten tljcm legato ann not \Mti.TButM)c:nn twit tfjott 
mo?e toconncr at tbe piouiucncc of ifct euerlafting <8©D , tfjan m 
tb-^t be not onlp ojneretb $r nifpofeft' tbe tfjing* tbat be barb rrca* 
ten, but alfo tbe tbtng tabtcb be createo net ; infomucb tbat be nja* 
tnetb geon out of tbe etu!! 3 pea ann compelled) tbeeuifl(contrarp to 
tfte nature thereof) to ferae Ditto ©con *i Jf a <£aptapne toere of 
fact) ffttfl as to ojner al tljinga m fur!) txriO? in biz 3rmie 5 tfjat eue* 
tp tbing fbouln ferue to tbe attepnement of bis buto?te;tfjou tocul* 
Heft commenn btm bfgblp,^ tt ire re in D&ne one at tije rate ft fratcg 
of (fttatre ♦ 3ut tfije couln mo?eouer gapi^e tome part of ijte ene- 
tttied ilpofte 3 ann make tbetn to take l;t* claae parte; tbou coulneit 
not toconncr (hffin'entlp at bis poftirie. EOJat toft tbou fap tfoen of 
6fm,tDl;tcl; couln maketljem to Softt on bis ftnennftitfingto tbem 
felucs , ann tbat euen W enemies E;>arc;toebuflcs ftjottln belpe to 
giue tbemfelues tbe fople *t fecotblp euen after tbat fort is tt tbat 
©on can f toll to make botfj Onners ann tbeir Gmtes to ferue bim* 
Cyrus(as appearetb bp tbe lipidoses ) l»as an ambitious l&incr; 
ann ambition (as pe futotoe) cannot be tttelliften ofd5oti 4 jfloto, t& 
fatiffle bis ambitton^Cyrus leupes a great tpofte againft tlje A fly* 
rians.if a man fttouln ijaue toto bun it ban bin to neliuet tbe Jfra- 
clites, ann to bupln bp ©oos temple agapne, asi Efay ban foje* 
tolfr,tabae tbinft pou be toouln bane fapn bnto irt^et notuutbftan* 
Ht'ng tbe enn of bis Carres ann cf bis toarfare, fell out to be fo in 
fceene^bus pe fee boto an ambitious perfon ann b& ambition fer* 
tten ©on 5 toidjout meaning anp fucb tbing*Cbe €mperour Titus 
ment to tying Iewry to nue obeniencetann it ban bin fc ?etolne 3 tbat 
of Hierufalem one ftone (bouln not be left ftannmg bpon anotber* 
Jftonoubt but tbat Titufsisotone paflumcarten bint; but pet fee 
Ijoto ©on ouerruletb iu %bt fame man tobtebperfecuten f Ctyu 
ftiam at Rome , goetb to reuenge Cbjifteief neatb at Hicrufalem, 
ann(ad faptl)lofephus)intbatfactbetcokenotbtmfelfea5 €mpe^ 
rour of t(je £®o?ln,but as tbe ejeecuter of ©ons 3!«fticc againft tbc 
lewes. Iudastbjougb CouctoufnelTebetrapentbeblunof^ rigb^ 
tuoufe to neatb/But ©on bp tljc leaning of tbat blun(if tbou be a 
Cb?iftian)renimen t^ann ytt tbc bolp Scripture fattf^tbat tl;e 
Deutii being in Indas 5 nin put tbat purpofe into bfe beart ♦ ge fee 
tijen tbat not tl;e Couctoufnefie of rudas onIp 5 btit alfo tt)C DeuiH 
^imfdfe fertten ©©D^efines tbat,d)e fetojicg of tlje Wyblc be 
fuH of fur!) matter , w? \i\igl)t marfce tbc like crampiece o^ninanlp 
fa t&e vrnW of tl;e ^ea((jeu, if tee toere au ntJigent in cbferuiuj 


tm^tSw bee tnjofcferuing tbe arte of Bbetojicfte o? logiefce m 

e autbojs tubicfe i»e ceane*#o;i bp reafon of tbe great corruption 

bid* reignefc at f&ofe oates m Kome,aH men crpeo out tbat diere 

as not anp Commontoeale rfjere , appealing to ©oa foj defence 

pintttbetmiullice of tbe "Senate, at tbe fame tpme tbat©£)D 

ecutco tut! fcengeance fepon tbem fo? it , bp tlje toniuft couetouf- 

rflfe of Ca?far . Lifcetoife to&en Attila entercn euen into tl;e bo* Saluian in hfe 

efles of Europe,all tbepjeacbers of Chriftendomc&fo notbing «» bookcof 

ei but betoaple tbe tujetdjeonefTe of djat tpme ♦ S>e mull tbinfce Proul<lcncc 

attobentbiS great HLobber caftlots inbiS CountrieofScythia, 

betbec be (bouto toe tljedj trtj part of tbat lanti^e (an another 

eaning tban to refojme tbe toojto* g>et notferitbftanmng,alI men 

ftnotoleogeti bint to be a neceflarie feurge of ©£> D, ana to bauc 

me m Hue feafon » 2>ea> ami Ije btm Mfe confioering tfjat Ije baa 

nqucrcti mud; mo? e of tij e Countrie , tbau euer be bopcu at rtjc 

rft to baue fdene 5 tnfomud) d; at b e ban ouercome euen tbofe tobtclj 

ere counten tbe ftrengtb of tbe ©Uojfotas barbarous as! be toas, 

: fen to tfjtnke of btmfclfe, tgat be toas tbe &curge toljerbp ©on . 

athfra tbe c£to jltu jftot tbat (Sou is not able to cbaftife bs btm* 

Ife rabenfoeuer be lilted; ; ( fo? btS £t>to?eboufe is; neuer b nfurm* 

ea of roa&es to fcurge bs toitball , as of pagues,3Dtfcafe!5,5Fas 

:ine 3 ana furf> otber tbings, ) but tbat as a fl&ailter of a botofb oltt 

jftretb ffcojne tolabippebis §>!aues bimfelfe 3 caullng eptber bfe 

itefe g>er uant 02 fome otber of th tit fellotues to ooe it : pea and 

ben bis otmte Cbtltyen offent) btm grieuouflp,b£ feoutfafetb not 

1 beate tbem tmtb bis otone banned , ( fo? fo lb uto be ooe tbem ten 

reat anbonour)but caufetb(peratwenture) rtje gromteof bis ffa* 

[e to noe it,to tbe intent to Ibetoe tbem tbe iuffneflfe of #$ mfplea* 

ire: €«en fo ootb ©00 puniib tbeiuickeu one bp anotber,toIjom 

z coulo confume aH at once in one botner^ea ami bis Cbflajen al^ 

1 bp tbe uricken , tuben not counting of t jjem H of W Cbfltyen, 

utt being ream'e asi it tuere to oilberite t{jem y be nifoepnetb to pu= 

i(b tbem untb W otone banus* Cbusi tberefo^e pe fee,boto ©on 

xuerfj bii ofcme tunte tp tbe tBtdken attn tbeir totckeunelTe, to ty$ 

lune glojte ami to tbe welfare of tl;ofe tbat are btsi* 

3nn as touching tbe offences tobereinto be fufferetb gcou folfes The v«y 
oto ami tljen to Ml t tuljat greater popnt of p^outtiettcc can tljere sinncs of s°°<* 
ee , tban to tume tbem into inftrumentsi ami furtberances of tier= ^JjyJ ^ • 
tt ? *; 3lf ©on (Joulo boln ug altoap bp tbe ijano, it is certepne tljat boicfitcT " 
jc coutt neuer ttippe<9ttt it ^ not to be fcoubtea alfo^but tbat toe 

© ftouto 


the world as 
thing? fez one 
ageinft ano- 
ther,aftcr the 
in the elo- 
quence of 
The actions 
and mouings 
are of God: 
and the hal- 
tings are of 


tuoulu tfn'nk at tbe Icit^tlj^tbat it toag of out oume ffeatipneffr,antr 
not of (Soss^pbolDlngoftts^tot only tbat toe trtppeD not 3 butak 
f j drat luc: tumWcn not &otoue» f oj tobat maar fcs fall but pjfte^ 
a;rt tuljat mtatet of p?uie 3 but tfrat toe tl)augl)t toe toouto be 6on* 
toicbout (3o3,pea men of our feiues*: j/2oto 5 to moke bs to knotoe 
one (n8nttttie 5 t»btrin it i# \)i$ pleafuve to fijeto bts ftrengtbt&me* 
tpmes be Icttctbbsgoe alone bpouc fclues fojatobile, anatben 
ftumble toe at tbe nejet tab tfae toe mecte teitk j9eumbcwre,tf>i* 
tripping ami ftumblmg fatted) bs from a greater falltfoj it nta&etft 
t»3 to call fat b& bann to bcto bs bp, «lfter tlje fame manse sealed) 
t be jstirce tottfe ber Jfturreebtto *Ijat imketbbafte to goe alone tea 
font: febe fufFeretb bint to ftagcrcr mtb to roele till be erpe ; but pet 
fatettngWm g:e toicirtbeGnebami, (be!;olDert)btm bp toirtj tlje 
ot!;ci^nD fometpmea be tbiitkes bt gae$ alaIone,toben as fyc gut* 
tjetbbmxtotbtoirjbb^epe an* toitb bee banu ♦ ^ometpmetf aifo 
tobea toee bee oaerMKe^ Cot; fufferetb bs to fall into fome finne, 
botb tofctmglp tm to ;I!ing!p , $ afcertoartj maketb bs to feele fuel; 
grppes ant*, bacebpeings fo? tt 5 d)at euen t!;e bpec it felfe ferucdj b$ 
foj a ^cbrolemmae^to mine bs to efdjetoe iu&o tbe fatber fuffe* 
ml) i)i$ Cbt'lD to burne bts finder m a Caanle^neip of purpofe tcr 
make bmt aftapn of ftre , tbat tbeitttldmnging of bis fingei, map 
fc&pe b*m from dje burmngof bfeface^jereare examples bereof 
in <S>.Peter, m Dauid an& in od;ers y tobtcl; recepueb gort bp tbeir 
tripper anb fallen 3nn 31 banc no troubt but dja t a great fojtc eueit 
of die !£>eatta, baue feitm dtffelues bototjreatlp djetrerpertenre 
efbpce in tbemfelue^ b^p^ofiten rijem to tbe mo^eeamcftloue 
of bertue* @>o tben Jet bs not grunge at tbe pjnfperttre of tbe toiu 
feeB^fo? toito djem itfe a bane:nettber let bs complainc of dje mtfe 
tfejES of tbe got»Ip;foj tbep be to tbeirtoelfare* letb^ not retterence 
tbe btp? of bercttem tbe to:cfceb,fo;i tt ts but an inftrument ofbiee ; 
nettber let b$ mfoepne d;e fallen of djebertuouei , fax tb:p bee but 
quickmng^ bp bnto bertue* X>itt ratber let b^ trlonte (Son, tobtdi 
makedj d;e entfl gcob toijetber tt toili o? no , toW) mittfo >jpce to 
uoefetutcebutobertue, ann tobtd; gupoetb euen tbemoftdnfufl 
tj&nesi,to bis gtone •, tl)t mott bmuu%to tbe eteruting of bis tufttcf; 
ann tbemoSbncertcpne,to fljcfeictmg of bis markers nottottb- 
aanning tbat be noe all djfe,pct can benot be blames to baue toi e* 
flen anp tbing m tbe naiojto 5 not to bane mamrepn cd ettili m anp 
martet a toffe^no mo?c furelp tban dje bottle 02 abiiitte of mourn j 
d;att^matdjentoid;aiamelegge > i$ t©biajnefoj^atil;cIamc 



wan Ijtftttl^tfom^ it p#iti fojtfj mfcting into tbe lego;? ,an& g«fo€ 
thtlettaztehttlwc ibctici: ic JaaMUfa all tfclame&eiTeof tbelegge* 
e^ljatfijaua If^B^^'^np boe pet ftiil Doubt of tbetbings a* 
fojerebearfeD* 35 iSill ptitfjim i>nc to onepMe; foj&teanfaere 
tobereco boon Icpruce 5 ^ toil! belceuc bim bpon bis ot^Jffje b& a 
aefpifer of <8too let \)i\xi call to mpnb if be can, \)oxo r.tucb ewll be 
fcatfj MepneD m tb* bautng of bis gooses , anD bote mad) ettiH be 
barb ensures to doc emU . Let butt r^ttember fcotp greatfp be batjj 
tpjeD fnmfeBefcririj bis ofometot!bes 5 to>menteo IjtmfeSe teitb Ijtas 
gccD fitcceflfcs , ftt fctrnfelfe on fire triben be djougbt bat to toarme 
Jim, atm fciam^reD piteajpap, tefpn be merit to baue tycugbt o- 
tbecsto tijebentof bisolaiieboUiC* .ffijtf ijebeonetfjatfearcti 
(Soviet btm causer bota mucb euffl be Jjatb left bnt>one 5 w foibca^ 
rtarr to bane fo great d^e of tbofe falfc s©Des : boto manp tbingtf 
Ijebatb toifbeD fefetcfe be teoula baueefcbetocD 3 if be bafc ffydma? 
tocn tijc nTeiwe of tljem toljicb be fa>ae aftertoarD : ba& greatlp be 
baDbeneD?eaDeDaaDrm(I&eDofotl)ers 5 tbougb be coulDuctDe* 
uife to baue Done bettenljoto often bis falles anD fiiDings baue fer* 
ucd to make Ijim to take fine fating againft finne:!joto oft bis toa- 
actings out of tbe toap fcaue niaDe ijim to efcape tbe Ipiitgs in leapt 
anD tije tbaeuertes of tlje too?I&:boft oft bis otune topics baue fee* 
ucd to curat bnn from tbe rt'gbt: * bote often bis oftme oucrfigbtg 
ijaue ferucD to tying ijim to bis mtenseD enDe:anD 3| Doubt not but 
tbe beeDfuil marking of tbefetfnng^bortj in otljers anD in btmfelf, 
toil! make bim to percepue tljata certepneeucrIaiTingp?ouiDence 
iaatrbctbouecourliues anD ail our Doings* 9tlealtU)ifebnIelTe 
toe tain Denpe,tbat to leaDe tbefojecaffes of otljers to anotber etm 
tban tbep pitrpofcD; to tying tbetmaDuifeD ouerOgbtS of otljers to 
tetter pafic tban rt&v tljcmfelues coulo toi'lfr, anD to make tbe toik 
name of tlje toifeft to Doe fcruicc, not snip to bis otone Diuinc totf* 
Dome, ( if a man map fo terme it ) but alfo oftentpmes etten to tlje 
fcuDifcroetnefle oft^e meaue^is tfje toojke of pjouiDence* 

O z The 


The xiij. Chapter. 

That mans wifedome hath acknowledged Gods Proui. 
dence,and how the fame wadeth betwene Deftinie and 

■rtcMcnof B 5jS2 S51E^ '^4 ©££M*ea$men of cfoetpmrbaueac* 
oW ty 11 *- Ar35^^/ J . kA ftnotirfeugco p maker of ebe toojlD, fonte 

m er#e(Te terme^ann otberfome bp f o* 
fequence: fo baue tijrp alfo eafelp pertei* 
ueo rbe ^outnetic e,tol)icb tbei ^auc ace* 
meDtouepeno fcpon tijefameasanap* 
purtenance tfcreunto* Jnfomucfr tfcst 
turn $ep to^tdjf>aue flatlp nenpea tire 
Creation , Ijaueneuerdjclater graumen 
tlje pjouioence, bp reafon that tljep founn it fa cleere am> manifett 
a matter ; frotobett tfjat to uenpe tlje pjouinence ann to nenpe tfje 
Creation fa all one ♦ Hermes eft)pe$ it out euerptoljere,a# toeH nr 
fte Creation of tije tirijole ana of t|e parts? thereof, ag in %Mt ojtier 
aim maintenance of ai tljingg,3ntJ if it be uemaunneo of fnm,tobat 
pjouioece it &,to Ijaue bjougljt fcojri) fo manp things tofnrfj feemr 
nauleflTe ano unprofitable; fjt?s anftuer i$ ttmt ffjapen>Cf?at ©ot* 
creates an things to ins otone glo?te:am> tfcat it i* a gto?ie 5 botf) to 
fjim to Ijaue creates all tt»ng^,ann fcnto an tijings to Ijauebm crea* 
Hcrmw m Kb te& bp fife bantu an^ifitbeeaffeeoagame 3 tDl)encert)eeuflIconv 
c fc i?us in Ws mt % rt}ac ** to#N&fc ©* anttomt&, €fcat <MDD creates tbent 
icc^d bookc. g®fc>f)oU*eit tljat(to fpea!>eproperlp)tf)ere i* notbing purelp gam 
' but onlp ©on ♦ 3a foj tbe euill, it is; come in bpon fte g©n,like a* 
all generation t$ accompanpen twtb corruption, 'Sbe pron ruffedj; 
tljou tout not topte it tipon tbe femirij ♦ tlLbe 2Bine fofcrttfo $o* 
toilt not topte it bpon tbe Omtener ♦ <£fje tbings tbat are created 
noe corrupt; as little alfo ougbtelt tl;ou to tapte k upon t^e Crear- 
tor* Why *:15cc aufe tljat onlp l;e is undjaungeable,an& it i$ meetr 
tijat tfeete u>oulrr aluiap bee fome Difference bettoame tfje Creator, 
ana t!)e rljings createti; bettoeene all 5 ann nothing, Plata in tfrat ^r 
teacljetf) tfje Creation, uotlj alfo fuffiaentlp teaclj tbeipjotuoence* 
fai ii (8(W potoerpitoome 5 ami goimefle bee equafl, 0} rather 



«H one tbtngjfake tifym bt* potoet t*,tbere i* bfa tmfcnome, ami 
tbttljer alfo ejtteiutttb bt* ganneffe^nt bt* potoer £jttenne:b euew 
to tde leaft tfjittg* ,fo; el* tbep eoulo baue no being at all: therefore 
bi* toritenome alfo etfennetb unto tbem to gupne ann gouerne tije, 
ann lifcetotfe ljt* gannctte uritbout tbe toljtcb notbtng cottlti be p*e* 
ferueo*3nn fo, (Sons p?outo*nt goDnneflfe ann gractott* totfenome 
Hoe toatcb oucr all tbtng* » 3gatne,toben a* Plato fettetlj notone 
©05 to bee tbe enn of man, ann man to bee tbe enu of all tiring* m 
tbe toojlo ann of dje toojlo tt felfe : bee fyetoetb fufftctentlp tbat as 
man tennetb to ©on, fo notb Jbfctoojlo alfo ; but nnto tljat enne tt 
ftoulo not tenn,nnle{retttoerentretfen tbetljer, ann toljo ntrectetft 
tt tljetbet , but be tljat ffril mane tt <t ®o bee (Jon , tbepem'ctflac 
fojme* of all tbmg* p^efent ann to came in refpect of b* , but eter* 
ttallp pjefent tettb ©©D , can b*tte no abpntng tmtljout a perfect 
fatouilenge ann a Ifean te n tretf ton of all tbtng** 

3But tf anp nottt bereof temame pet 001 ; let a* faaw W&at tfjt 
Platoniftw fap to tbat matter ♦ gmrelp Plotin batb mane ttoo o$ 
tb?£ bcoke* tbereof , toberetn be teacbetb pjoutnence ty all tljingss 
from tlje grcatett to tbe fmaHeft,commtng ootone zixtn to tbe Ifttfe 
flotoer* tobtcb toee fee bnbloteen to tbe moaning ann tottljereo at 
ntgbt,a* tbougb be ban mentto fap tbe fame tbtng tbat toee reane 
in tbe ©ofpell:uame!p,Confider mc the Lillics of the field ; ann 
fo fcnjtb • fllnto tbe ojntnarte complapnt concerning tlje pjofperttte 
of tbe tetcken,ann tbe anuerGtte of tbe nertuou*;be anfuieretb tbat 
tbe pjofperttte of tbe toteken is but as a ^>tageplap 5 ann tbe amter* 
fitte of tbe gonlp t* a* a gaming of ererctfe , toljerctu tljep bee tpen 
to a ftretgbt npet , tljat titty map torn tlje pn?e fo? toljtcb tljep con* 
tenn* Ento tbe ©uettton concerning eufll^be anfuierctfy tbat tt t* if^ emm 
notbtng el* but a fapfing of gosnneflfe, toljidj goetb on Hill umum* t hat fuffcrcth 
(btng tt from negrrie to negrrie eue to tbe fcttermoff; ann tbat tt pjo; be good ■, aco. 
ceenecb not from ©©D, but from tlje tmper fectton of tbe matter, plotin ]**» 
lubtcb be termetb notbtng: ann tbat tlje cuflf,(tob W conltftctb al^ Ennwd ^ 
togetber m negr^* ann tn fapltng of g©n , ) t* fo farre of from nt- 
mmtQtng ©on* piouinence , tbattt t* rntbertbetbingtobereitt 
©on*lp?ouinence fljetoetb it felfe tbe mo?e, a* tuttbout tlje ftbtrfj 
tfjere toere no p^outnence at all to be feractann pet tbat tberetuttb^ 
all,©on i* tbeatttljoi of allabtlitte* , ann tljentipofer oj ouerrnler 
of all tuillesf ♦ JBJbtcJ) tbtng^ (to attopne long ntfcourfe; are mo;c 
conuenientlp to be feene m W otone too^e** 

^)ijS Difriple Porphyrius nepartCJ not from tbe fame opinion, 

Q 3 ijotobot 


fcotobetttfjatfje toag comberen tottb tW&tpzrvlttitit&jW tfjcp 
be toi)irf) ntfputc ageittfl tt*Seeing that God (fayth he j doth by 
bis f kill ouerrule all things,and order them by incomparable 
proprietie ofvertue ;and that on the contrary part , mannes 
Reafon being very fmall,is ignorant of mod things how f kil- 
ful and curioufe fo euer it feeme to be of the trueth :Surely we 
may then call it wy fc , when it is not curioufe in ferching fuch 
doutfull and hard matters, as are matched with daunger of 
blafpheming ; but rather graunteth that the things which are 
done , are very well as they bee . For what can our fmall Rea- 
fon finde fault with or reprooue in the doings of that greate 
Reafon, to efteemethem eyther lawfull or vnlawfull, feeing 
Porphyria to wee vnderfiande them not ? 3n& in another place, If wee fuffer 
Ncmertius. a King (fatetf) foe) to difpofe of his owne affayres as he lifteth; 
mail wee deny vnto G O D the ordering and difpofing of the 
Cyrillusinhis things hecre beneath , which hee himfelfe created ? 3nna* 
fccond and gamtt fuel) as foun&e fault toritl) tlje gouerment of tt;e toenfti toWb 
Fifth bookes tfoep tnttierttamj noc^tfjefe are &fe berp tocuas* Soothly (faptl) Ije) 
agciiift lulian. tnerc ls not a more vniuft fpeech , than that which prefumeth 
to teache God Iuftice,nor a more holy fpeech than that which 
yeeldeth to the trueth ; and to think otherwife is a difeafe of 
mynd & a great cryme.For God not only dire&eth all things 
at all tymes , too the behoofe and full harmony of the whole 
vniuerfally;butalfois the cheriflier preferuer and repayrerof 
euery feuerall thing in particular. I pray you hathc hee not 
(hewed too Phificians,(who hauc fo much prouidence as hee 
hathc giuen them fkil,) the things that are too befall too the 
whole body of man,how that fome members are to be cut of, 
fome to be feared,and otherfome to be eaten away with Cor- 
rafiues, for the health of the whole body ? And yet when the 
Nurces or Mothers fee the Surgio about to do it, do they not 
weepeand cry out ryght ftrangely, notwith ftanding that they 
knoweit to be for the welfare of the childes body? But what 
doth the Father then who is wifer than they,but comfort the 
patient,and hold the playfter ready to lay to the wound?God 
lykewy fe for the curing of the whole,hath ordeyned that men 
(hould dye, (EJ;at fe tlje tljfngrijat Epicurus finnetij fault tottlj) 
& that they fliould be feparated afunder,as a Toe is fumtime 
cut of for the fauing of the whole body. And could we enter 
into the mynd of God,we fliould vndoutedly knowe why and 




to what good end hce hath from the beginning barred fome 
things from being becaufe he forefaw they (hould be to hurt- 
£uil,andvnto other fome hath giuen death in recompence of 
their godlynes.dje fumme of all is, tbat noting fe none but bp 
tbe pjouioence of (fcot^bolubeit t!»at manp tbmgs feme repugnat 
to b& lmfoome ana g©tme0,ag tlje cuttmg off of a Leg,oj tbe fea* 
ring of a member feme repugnant botlj to t&e pealing of tlje toljole 
bon^anu to tbe putpoft of ttje g>urgtom 

aifo ag touching tbe antterfitte^ of goon men 5 %>k lymt toljat g 11 ^™** 
Synefius f Platonift anfa)eretl)*The aduerfities(faptlj be)which iatonuu 
wee thinke wee indure without our deferts, doe helpe vs too 
weedeiout our affections out of our ground;which is to much 
inclyned too them ; and by that meanes the inconueniences 
which make fooles to doubt of Gods Prouidence , doe con- 
firme wik folke the more therein. For what man would bee 
contented to part hence,if he found no aduerfitie here ? And 
therefore it is to be thought,that the Rulers of the lower Re- , 
gions (bemeanetb tlje tfmW) were the firft founders of thefe 
profperities which the comon fort maketh fo great account 
of,of purpofe to bewitch men with them , and to lull them a 
(leepe here. Hierocles aifo batting mane a long tufcourfe,conclu- Hicrodes* 
nerb tbat if toe fall into anp atmerftte thereof toe* cannot corner 
ture tyz catife , it bebouerb to conSner tiiat me bee ignorant m all 
tbmg^antr ptt toe mult not pjocaae;fo farre 3 ag to fap tbat ©on tg 
tbe autfto? of ettiH,ojt tbat be batb not a care of tog -, fo? tijoft ( faptfc 

Ariftotle fpeafcetb not anp otbertopfe tjrttm in W ffreate 5^o= ^oSs to 
raflg 0} in bts little Spojalte, botobrit tbat bee be moje graueietj m Nkomachus 
bis Metaphyfiks. 5)otofoetter tlje cafe (!ano 3 in bfe boofte concern and Eudemu*. 
ning tbe toojto be grauntetb unto (Son tbe care of al gteate tbingef* 
9m> tbmfce pott it befemetb man too fet boun&g too t|e ferifoome of 
©on tobo batb Itmtten tbe natures of alltbtngg ; ana to appopnt 
tobat ©on (ball eftoeme gteate o? fmall, before tobom notbmg can 
be gteate o? fmaift jfteuertbelefTe tobereaa be faptfr tbat tlje too?to 
Hepenuetb bpon (Bon as tbe enu thereof; tlje bed of W Defcipietf 
no bp infallible conference gatijer tljereof tbe p joutoence of <Eoa* 
#0} feeing tbat tlje S£to?to tjepennt t& bpon fcpm ann ten&etl) bnto 
bimjtbebegtnnmg^tfjatDtrection cannot pjoceene of anp otljer, 
tban of trim to to&om it tenner!)* 3gein, feeing ttjat(a«ef be faptb to 
otytt places) aUftputj of rtjmgg ienntco fome one pmicular entie 

® 4 euerp 



Alexander of 
his booke of 

Seneca concer- 
ning Benefits,. 


cuerp one peculiar to it felfe, ana an mice togitljer in one tmfaeti 
f i ' i enfant) pec all of tbem Ijaue not reafon o) fcn&erftamung to ap« 
popnt tljat cnue too tbemfeiucs 5 o? to (roin tfcemfelues toitbtn tbat 
boimo* 3|t foUotoetlj tftcn tljat ft ere is a certeme pjoutoence tobicfc 
liatij tfiat reafon foj allano eua*p of tbem^no tfjat tbe famereafon 
rettetlj in ©co bpon tobo al of tljem oepenv$ Ariftotks beft ler^ 
neti interpreters ate conftrameo to confelfe^o be fljo^ tfcc quick 
fentence luljtc!) te attributed bnto frim> tobicb te, ^Lbat fuclj a^ re* 
quire a pjmfe of (Sow pjoufoence are to be anfoereo laift tlje la& 
fl;es of a <KHl)ippe : ootb giue feg fufficient create ofljt^ opinion* 

flDf tfje opinion of Theophraftus toefannot Doubt* jfo? Ije tljat 
grauntetl} tbe creation of a tbing 5 cannottioubt of pjoutoence 3 eon* 
fbering tljat potoer ano goatmeg are alike equal! in botb of ftenu 
%\xt bebolo fj#re $ ejepjefle toojog of Alexander of Aphrodife in 
Ijfe bofce of pjom&encc*That God fhould haue no wil(faptl) Ije) 
to care for the things heere beneath , k too farre disagreeing 
with his nature ; for it is thepropertie of an enuious perfon. 
And that he (hould be vnable , were to vnfeemely for him,for 
he is able to doe more than he hath yet done . Therfore let vs 
not dout of him, either the one or the other,but let vs rather 
conclude , that heeboth can and will haue care of all things 
that are done heere belowe. 9no in another place b& gatberetfc 
tbfe ticrp conduSon 3 €bat allota Welfare Ipetlj itttbt ferumgrf 
©oo,ano tilw t&e feare of bimit a gift of #*> in tljat fce fcoutfafetfr 
toertem> Iji&pjouioence bnto fefc. 

flDf tlje opinions of Plutarke ami Seneca,tf)eir otone bwkt$ &c* 
Cjrp^cflp teft iSeutamelp Plutarks treatife concerning tljeffo toe ptt* 
moment of euill oocrs, fcn ijim; ana Senecaes bojkejS concerning 
Ipketoife ootlj tbe toife pijilofopljer Epi&etus bpon toljome Sim- 
plicuis Ijatl) tojittem jfoj afcer manp ftnefpriecljetf concerning fte 
greatness ano maieftie of ©on, affile toeakeneg of man, tbep af* 
fapeo to p&toe a reafon of all things tbat ofFenaeo tfje toeaket fojt 
intfyz cafe 3 pea mtn to tlje fcerp accioenttf ano to ri;eri)tmotrclap$ ♦ 
Sun 3!i>cfirem^reaoer!9( to take tbe pepnejsf to reaoetljemtobole, 
tfjat tl;ep map fe boto conformable tbe tbingis toljidje Cb?tlrian^ 
teadje, aretotbetoifeoomeof rije bti fo?t among tbe ©eatljen* 
CBbere^nto tbep map foj an income > aooe tlji^ ©?acle of Apollo 
fciittfelfc repo^teo b^ Porphyrius* 



9{o man too hyde himfilffrom God by cunning can demxj^ 
2{o man byjlyghts or (uttlejhtfts can blind or dim his eyes. , . . 

*A 11 places h*fklfilleth 9 He is frefent everywhere, his Colkaios 

ts4ndgineth lyfi to every thing that moones andljfi doth beare. f philofophy* 

9itoa3mncemtug all orter people of tbe€artb, tntobofebe^ Oppianus 
ilfe tbe poets ( toljtcfi are full of fud) fapingg etterp toijere) map $ lo i T aM'- 
[ffcuere,ag Orpheus,Homerc, Hefiodus, Aratus, Sophocles, q iv $y V g fc 
locylicks ami fuel) otberg : furelp m as mnclj ass too* fie tbat all T£§> 
nation* Ijaue fome l&eltgton 3 ft & a btfible pjefiaent 3 $at (Cons 
oufaencefe belaueo ami recetueo of all ttritl) one accojfr* tfo} in 
rpne Doe men feme <Sotr,tf l;e fo ft not ; in bapne t>© men p?ap to 
m tf beregaro ft em not, in txapne complame tbep to trim , tfbee 
age tfjem not ,* aim to bt fbojt , m bapne ooe toee call bppon !jtm 
itb on <g>ea ano i ana, ( brfjere council aim cafualt t* feeme moff 
i take place ) fo? tlje mamtepnmg of our welfare , ano tfjc prefer* 
ttg of te from |arme •, bnlelfe toa bk tb?ougblp perftoaoeo tljat 
i Ijearetf) b$,ano tljat fee ruled) Ipeauen ami €artb ana aB tying* 
:rtjemftomaboue 5 peaano tuzntfyt btrpeftajaru of tuarreag 
aefar termctfj it, to^erem fortune fometb to beare greateft finap* 
►wc afoje toee giue our Determinate 3|uogment,toee Ijaue pet ttocr 
ouocatea to beare,namelp ti>e a&uocate of jFojttune,aito tbe 9o* 
jcateof Deffmie*JFo? Cfa^tfrrfje one)ifaH things palfe bnaerrtje: 
ttpoiny of#touiBence,i9abat becommetfj of jFojtmtttolnd) toe fo 
fo manpedbingg *t 3no (fapeft tbe ofter) toljat freeoome t&etf 
itf) man *t mull ft not neeuess be confeffet^ tbat a certetne oefiinie 
impelled euerp man to ooeu^atfoeuer be&otbV 
Slfpemeanefojtuneas ftet^pepntetibpftepoetjisbrpttu^an* AgcinftFo*. 
ngonabobrtr, emo turning toftb euerp topno rftfeag eafieto tunc 
ippe ber atoap as to papttf ber* jFo? brfjo feetl) not tbat tbere i$ m 
nifo^me o?oer, botb in fte to^u**; too^lo, auo in all tlje part^ tbtt^ 
f, ano ^ob) tben can one tljat fe blpno be tbrgupuer tberof ": aifo 
ibo rnnwrHattoetb not,tbat to moue^bmgg belongetb to ftenfaft* 
e(Te amwot tnttcr tmfteDfaflnelTe't&jt bob) can tbat tbmg rule ano 
leelo otbers^obtcb fa carpeo atoap ft felf <;©) beta can ije bolti tbe 
ernetobo flotetft ^imiafbpon tljetoater*: &&m#tf)cutbat ftere 
s fo certein o?uer in aHftnig^ x ft follotoetb tbat fortune beared 
o ftiap m anp tbmg, ann tberefo^e tbat tbere fa no fojtuneatafl* V{Cc i hsvvxion 
5ut tf bp tbrtooja/ojtunetltfp meaneasJ Proclus ootb, a rertera Timeus/ 
iumepotnertbatgatberetf) caufeg farretJiltantoneftomanotber, 
II to one enn ;furelp in ftat cafetoe be moje fr»n5^ to fortune tban 


tl)cp be* fa} toe aumtt imtot only tu tljmgs biicerfetnt toantiermg 
ano toauering , but alfo euen in ti;e tljings rijat are mode cettem, 
pea ana m ail tijtngs toljatfoeuer-, as ti;e tobtcb is but (Son Ijimfeif 
mfgupfen bnm another name* 

jftototfjen to fpeake p2opcrlp,tobat id if ojtutte *: J& it a &ub* 

fame *: Cnzn bp tbeir otone confeffion, it batb no being but in tbe 

tufo^Dcr of otljer djing^ ♦ ^baUtoeetentieitan3ccitsent? ^oto 

iuuenaii. ftoulo anacciuenttoojke fo sitters accitients?33bat is ittfjenyf it 

rho-e wants be anp tbing at alft&urelp it is a toojo tbat Ogniftetb nothing but 

no God at nil, refpediuelp,tbat is to fa^as Raiting tefpect of fome tbings oj per* 

dothadu ^^ ftUiS ti;at ilre ^°^ Cn ° f > antl ft & at & n0 S^Uim W bti\X$ &U* °f an & 

Jc fooi« y C * u our °^ nc ignojance/Ojat tol;icb is fortune to tbe Cbilne,is no 

hauc fortune fortune to tljz fatljcr: tljat tobtcb is fortune to tbe feetuant 3 is none 

dcifide.and to tl}C Startler: tbat toljicb is fortune to d;e fcoIe,is none to tfje toife 

S a Mc* b ° uc man:t ^ at ^^^ ^ fortune to tbe toife matt>is nonebnto ©on^c^ 

C ciSo. coding to tbe meafure of out knotoleoge &} igno*ance,fo notb foj* 

Error, & Blind tune increafe 02 abate* 'Cake atoap ignorance fro men,ano fonune 

nes and the is banifljeo from all tbeir ncalings ♦ Cbe farijer lettetb a tfjing fall 

not knowing i U ty# <6amen,to fee tobedjer In* cbiln toil tying it to bim oj fteale 

auftsTauc il a ^apXbe rtflte tbinkes it to be falne b? djaunce^ano bis fadjer 

brought vp fe$o knotoes to tobat enoe be mo let it fall, fmplcs at bim* 9no & 

the names of dje tbing djat toas cbaunce 0} fortune to tbe djiloe,toas of fet pur* 

Nature and p fe in tbe fadjer ♦ 9 S^apfter fenoetb fond) niuers feeruants uu 

Fortune. uerg; foates 3 all t o one place 5 to tbe intent tbat of man? ,fome one at 

tbe leaft map efcape ann come borne againe • Cljep mate tbere aH 

togedjer*9t tbe ftrff figbt tbe tljtng tobidj toas foecaU bp genu o^ 

&et,feemetb to djem to bappen bp aottenture* 9 Captapne batting 

ueuifen to take tije ©ate of fome Citit , cattfetb a Cart o? a <£ba* 

rpot to bee broken bpon t^t D?ali3b?inge as it toere bp fome mif= 

rijaunce^tbat bis ambufl) map in tbe meane lubile b^eake fcoitb ann 

enter tbe ^ofcme, Cbe CBamers fall to beating of tbe Wagoner 

foj it^nn otberfome e^cufe bint as ouertaken bp miOfo^tune ♦ 3nti 

fo tbe tbing tobicb toas a pollicie of COarre in tbe Captapne tbat 

aeuifea it, is a cbaunce o? fortune to tijc Cotone tbat lntit not tbe 

tpnunn of it .3 toife man to giue a glpke to anotber toife man 5 o; a 

Captapne to bzc;\xj)\z a Captapne, oj an enemie to uelune bis ate^ 

tttie, eppberetb a letter grortelp fo^t tbe nonce, ann fennetb it fucb a 

toap as be imaginetb tbat it Ojalbc furp2i>en* i)t tbat ligbtetb bpS 

t c is glnn of fo gan anuentuce 5 ann tbtnkiiig tljat \)t reanetb tbe fe* 

cretesi of !;i^ anuerfartw i^t, bui&ety an \fr zSwtt in g©n ear^ 



neff tipon tbtngs contriuen to necepue bim*3nn fo tbe djing tobidj 
l»as a rare neuife in tije one,ts a tare anuenture to dje otber* jftoto 
if among mcn,tobtc& are all of one kpnne 3 ann baue toelneere like 
ponton of reafon 3 tbere bee fad; oases bettoeene age ann age, be* 
ttoaene qualttte ann qual itte , ann bcttnane mi tt ann lu it jtb a ttbe 
fame tobid) in one is p?outnence 5 is fortune m another : (ball toce 
rijinke tt ftraunge, tbat tbe tbing tabid) feemetlj fortune to ns tijat 
are but bltnnnefle ann ignorance, ibouln beitngular p?ouinence as 
in refpect of 6on*t ©? tbat be Im^icI) is tbe onlp caufe of an caufes, 
ftouln baue djef kill to aflfemble tbem together to fome onecer* 
tepne effed^boto farre orffant foeuer tbep be^ 3s fo? e]tample,tf be 
make tbee to finne a 'Creafo? m nigging of a pit, o? to fcape a fall 
from a plandjer m gomg to toalke bppon tt ; toouloeft tbou fteale 
tbat benefice from tbe gconnelTe of ©©D,tobo b?ottgbt tfyk to tbe 
ane place,o? fatten tb& from tbe otber?3i fap from ©on ttrfjo is tbp 
maker , to fatber it npon blpnn jFo?tune tabid; knobbed; tbee nott 
9nn tubp (bouln it be barner fo? btm to matd? ttuo caufes togetber 
tbat are farre afttnner, tban to baue manedjemfoferreatonneg 
one from anotber*:!)? tban tt is fo? tbp felfe to put tucon to fire,an& 
fire to mater, 9 tbp meate into tbe umter,tDbid) ate caufes fo farre 
t>iffant,ann petnottmtbft anning tbou iopneft tbem togetber to one 
certepne enne, tabid; ts tbe nouriibment of tbp bonte *t 3nn tobat 
tbtngs are furtber nfftant in tbp mpnn, tban a Cbarpot, a D?ata* 
6?tnge, ann an^ofte of men; tobtcb tbtngs nottoitbffanoing rfjott 
coulneft fkfli to b?ing fitlp togetber fo? £ taking of a Cities %\)u$ 
Icoke toljeretn tbou noeft rineflp place fo?tune, tbere notb tbe rareft 
ann mofi toonnerfttflpopnt of l^?outnence moft eutoentlp fljetoe it 

T&\xt notn comes me tbe otber 3nuocate ; tab* to b?tng bs bnto Agdnfl 
Defttnie 3 ano to a certepne neteflttie of afl d>ings ann of al nofngs, Deftmk; 
maketb bis bann of all tbe tbtngs tabid; tae baue aHengeo agatnft 
tfo?tune* *&berefo?e let ns fee bota toe map taalke bedaoene iTo?- 
tune ann Deftinte , fo as toee map ^mnz djaunre t«tbout falling 
into neceflitie 5 ann percetuetobetber tbe fame be p?ouineneeo? no^ 
3|f all tljtngs (fap tbep)be gupnen bp ©OD to fome one mwnc 
enn,pea cuen tbofe aifo tobtcb feeme cafuall - y tben can tbep not bee 
rumen anp otber toap ♦ 31 toillmglp gratmt tbem tbat > 9nn tf tbep 
cannot bee tumen^tljen are not mens noutgs free,but of necelTitie* 
3f5ap,tbis cofequent is btterlp falfe;becau"fe dje tbings tobicb baue 
fceetutK toenneuer tbemfelues contrary to (Sons torill, battenot 


2 Iff O F T H « TlttWNlS 

ftee potoet to reftrepne bt* tofll from ouerrultng djettn Outlet W 
lap fa^tb tbis matter moje at large , ttjat tt map bee tlje better bn* 
uerttcoD* 2£U fee tit rije g>ftpe a great number of <§>tatres tbat are 
ftceo , ano manp alfa (as tbe planets ) tmjicb tjaue euerp of tbem 
tbetr peculiar moumgs ttintesf $ courfes feuerallp to tbemfelues* 
Mo%tbt btgbeft l£eauen,bp bis bmuerfall mourns cartel all t$e 
5§>tarrcs about , as toell tbe mouable as djc bnmouable., toitbout 
bee maoe innumerable figures afpetfs ant! refpect^ta^tcij 31 leaue 
to tbe 3ffcologcrs to Declare* &be S>tmne makedj tbe oap ano tbe 
pirejtbe 8-tone maketb tbe mon#b$$tge quartern tbe plepao* 
ano i&panjaf make tbe g>eafons • t%rfbpparremaketb tbe beate 
of tbe g>ommer,ano fo fojtb* let M£ttt tbe cafe tbat tbe bigbett 
Ipeauen fltoo (till , ano tbat rije lotoer ^eauens kept on tbetr pern* 
liar mouingsto? let bs put tfyz cafe tbat be toent on 3 ano tbat all tbe 
reft (too fttll^ attn tben (boulo tbere bee none of tbe fapo figuring* 
aao afpects to bee fcene* Kut let tbem an alone as tbep bee: let tfje 
fjtgbett fatten bp bfa moutng carte all tbe @>tarres about, ano let 
euerp of d;em contmuetbe batting ano executing of bfeofemepe* 
eultar nature,tbe mouable as mouable, ano tbe bnmottable as \*\u 
mouable, ano euerp of tbem tnoeuer aecojotnglp agatnft tbe dm* 
uerfall; ano tben (ball toee fee d;e toamoerfainelft of tbe ©eatten, 
tubtcb by an bmfojme fcpno of moutng £ leauetb to euerp <§>tarre 
bt'S proper ano peculiar moutng,peeloetb euerp oap oiuers fojmeil 
in tbe g>ftpe,tobtcb caufe alterations tn tbe ap?e ; tobicb tbing nep* 
tber bts oione fole moutng coulo 5 oc if tbe refioue of tbe fetarre* 
ftoaoe (fill , neptber coulo tbe courfes ano moutngs of tbe §>tarre* 
tying tt to paflTe, if tbep toere not carrreo about by tbe moutng of 
trim ♦ JSoto let b$ fee boto tbts example agreed) tottb our matter,. 
(Sob by W teifl ano poller batb createo all potters , ano oifpofen 
aflteiaes^batbfepotaer ouerruletb anpotoers,almen confefle* 
if oj tobo fe be tbat mafeetb a Cloche ano cannot rule it *t 15ut tbat 
bis torn (boulo oirect all tutHes to fucb enoe as be ltftetb 5 tmtbout 
finctng tbem fr5 tbetr nature tobtcb ts to be free;tbere is tbe ootort, 
©00 fo^bio tbat be tobtcb createo nature to ooe bint ferture, fboulu 
be bnable to bfe tbe ferttice tbereof toitljout marring it ♦ (Sod tben 
(fap 3I)gupoetb all tbtngs to tbe performance of bis totll, tije mo* 
uablc bp tbetr mouings , ano tbe bnmouablebp tbeir fteofafineflfef 
tbe tbings inoetueo tottlj fence,bp tbeir appetites,ano xbz reafona* 
*fe i#n$$fig t^etr toflle^e natttrall t^tngs^bj tfjetr t^aloom^ 



ana tbe ti)m$& t^at &aue tuffl,bp tf;etr fe«nomr:9n5 tfje freer tbat 
rbep be,tlje greater iu f)tss glojie, as m aaae it fa a mo?e commen* 
liable <1)ing to eaufe libertie to pfctoueelptoobeoiencebpgehtle 
&an3ling,ttian to WIe it o? font mn compultion as it toere tpeo in 
a cb&puc* 3|f tbe tutlless of all men toerc carieo bp (Sottf toill toitl> 
mitfomtag tljeir otonepeculiar naming*: tfcepotoerof (So&couU* 
not fctne fccjtb in tbem fo mucb a* it ootb noto,tofjen all Ujfllesi in* 
fojeetbcmfelueg feuerailpagainftbfe toill, ana petneuertbeleflfe 
cum in follotoing tljeir otone fooap^ooe 8m>e tljemfelueg leu (tbep 
toots not boto)tobetber foeuer it pleafetb burn jfteitber fljoufo toae 
fee tbe faiD m'uertitteg of figure* in tbe S?eauen,tobicb tyku fo or* 


uerfitte, ann fuclj otber;U)()ifb,feruealltotl)ep?ouiiienceoft&ee* 
tierlaff ing (Sou - 7 but toee fboulo fee euerptofrere one fcnifojme toill 
ijotomg all otber toilless faff fetterea , anu carrying tljem toljetljer 
foeuer it lifteo-, ana t^c mo?e ftreigbtlp tftat tfrep toere tpen bp, tfje 
fcffc fl)oulo toe efteeme of!) is potu cr^s toljo moult! fap be (tone in 
feare to let tbem tofe ♦ 3gapne,if toee imagine all tbofe toilleg to 
Ijaue free fcope 3 to follotoe tbeir otott Ipfcingg toitbout anp gouern* 
ment of bigber potoer to ouerrule tljem , ano reftrepne tbem tobett 
tbep inteno to tyeafeeout: toee fyoulo bnooubte&lp fee sitters en&g 
in tfn'ngg 3 tobereag noto tbep tztto all to one : 9m> libertie tooufo 
turne into Itofeneffe 3 fofenefle into trifbjoer, antr uifoper into &e* 
foutfion;tobereas tbe toojlo t>otb neceflarilp require o?oer,ano oj* 
*er requiretfi all tfringg to bee referred to fame one catepne ense, 
<©ou tljcr cfojc to fbcto bis potoer ut our ft&oome ant) libertie,batlj 
left our toiHeg to &S;ano to reftrepne tbem from tofcnefle, be batfr 
fo ojoereo tljem bp bis toifeaome , tbat be toojltetlj U$ otone toill 
no lefle bp tbem , tban if toee baa no toill at all * let u enforce out 
felttes aiEi mud; ag toee lift againft Ijis to ill 9 anD ^tt mm our o ifo * 
fceoiencelball turne to tbe fulfilling of bte infll ♦ let bg goe €aff* 
toaru toben W toil! goes SCtefttoartijano pet rwtfyW mouing co* 
uuct bg ftilU'Buc albeit tbat 600 tro leauefo^ft ano gupue tfre one 
toillais toella!Stl)eotber;petnottoitbftantiing rigbt bapptete tbat 
ittilltubiclj inuetteretb to follo\ae 5 ani> Unljappir ig tfjat tobicb muff 
bee baleu ann u?aggen ♦ i&etmfe in a feenell of 5pounu^ euerp of 
tftem rmtnetb acco^rtng to bfe naturaH inclination 5 ano pet aH of 
tljem feruecbepurpofe of fyt ^>unter*9lfo in an ^ofte of mcu,one 
figbcetl) fo? %onour 5 anotber fo? fpigljr,a tbiru fb? gapne,anc al fc? 
hictojie to i\)t punce tfjat ft«t tI;eminto e^e fieli* %&t from tbe 



Godes fore- 
fight or For- 



Upounns cT>cfr nacutall intimations, anu front tbe S>0RTt?fft^ tljeft 
pertrruiav m tlle<es aim utrpofit tons j and pe nac afcuap punting, anil 
tbe acmie muft nanes utfpcrfe* m> ar 

$ea(fap tbep)but <2fou fatoe al flSfng* *ao an tljc cotirftss of rtje 
toojto from euerlafting al at oneinftant,anu tinners cannot fal out 
ctbetlinle than beftatb fo^fane tbem* 3ft femetb djerfoje tbat no* 
tljmjj 10 cafualnotbmgat tbe cljopce of our fri^no?. asip tbingtljat 
ts not of n£ce!rttie*$es: fin as ©on beboloetb alt tilings tmti; one 
nietn, fo trotft bealfo bebolo euerp of tljem toorfcmg acceding too 
dcaincd(Gieth tijetr (eucrall p^opcrtted^ 0? f&tbtbejnouingof tije Kpceuen, anu 
Jj™ ou tljepawtculav mouings of tbe Sonne mm tbe q&rone to bung fo?t$ 
thy fick °«jt 1 & C ® f Kpfti* of necriKtie: Ije feetfc nihr cofultiug of toarre,of peace, 
ism vayn for of alpance anu otber tbings , Initlmglp ; anu bee &dj tbe plant* 
thectofend fpiungnp anugtotoenaturallp, E>ebimfcifbatbfet uotonetbeft* 
for the phio. conu^biru, vea 3 ann fourtlj caufes,anu badj Knkeu tljem one to an 
dwitow 6 «4^to no tnbat be mill baue uonetbut tije tbing tbat ueceiuetb m 
(anfweretk ro tbis cafe, ts tbat &e confinet not tbat out toills are among tbefe 
anothei)to caufes anu tbat accruing to tbetr fwenefle fucb as it is, tbep tnojft 
iiaue chndre; f r ^ fo t\)t uoings of tbis ftojlu , Ipke a^ all otljer caufes tooojft 
thee tocFan » * uei ? f tl # m *tf 0?&mjj to tfytit peculiar moouings, inclinations, 
%\ith thywyfb! abiiities,natures oj fcpnus* after tbe fame maner tbe man tbat i$ 
acquapmeu feaitb bte fjotofebolumatter^ 3 toil! oeeme afojebami 
tobicb of tb?ee parts W elueft fonne tnill c^©fe, anu tubicb W fe- 
conu toill cb©fe 3 tbougb be be farre of fro tljem, bicaufe be ftnotoerfj 
tbetr natures aim inclinations ; ano pet fo? all tfeat , Ijee inelpnertj 
tbemnot to tbe uooing of tbe one oj of tbe otber* 3getne, anotbet 
fojefetb tbat a$>jince mfllfuaqic peace o? make toarre, bpcaufe be 
futotuetb Wni too be eptber of a quiet 0} of an tmquiet nifpofitioiu 
Cuen fo is it tottb ©on $ fauing tbat Ije being n^re anu mnermo?c 
to al tbings tban tlje rtjings tbemfelties are,notb knolue tbem moft 
perfealp 3 Kxfytsia toe l;aue nothing but bp coniectures , anu tbofe 
Ijerpe toeafee. Co be fljojt , as in refpert of ©on tbe tbings are of 
tieceiTitie 5 tubicb as in refpett of tbemfelues are tbings of cafualtie; 
tl)t caufe toljerof is,tljat tte matter tobicb in tt e tljings tbemfelue^ 
is to come^is p?efent to bis figbt euerladmglp ; ann bis fo^efeing 
rftljings to come , is not in tbe caufes of tbeiu as it is tmto topfe 
tt:en 5 but in Ijimfeff \n\jo is tbe caufe of all caufes ; ano tljerfo?e l;e 
feetb not tbat tbou fbalt no tbis 0} (bait not no tbat [ as of a tbing 
to corae]but tobatfoeuer tbou art to uco, be fetb t\)k notng itfrom 
tmtettinsi naturally if itbe to be none naturall&anu toillinglpif 



ft be to be none toillinglp : am* pet tbp twill it no lefle fubtect to b& 
tofl!,tban tbp nature fe fubtect ta tbepotoer tbat crcateti ttmeitbes 
ig tbefteefcom of tbp^^fucb a$ it is nato after tbp fail)anp mojs 
compeCet* in taking neJrberation ., tijan tbp nature is compeHeo iti 
growing 02 ftumtng* anfjeu 31 fpcakc beere of fcauifil, 31 meanc 
not to neale toritlj tijis ©ttettton tobetfjer ft !pe in fc# to cboofe ft* 
leap of Valuation oj wxjf 0? as it 10 a tfoing tfcat formountetb tl;e 
tnbole nature of mankinn,anti ejecetoetb $ pjopajtion of our toeafc* 
fmaetftatrtmiga : fomuftit of neceffttie enfue tbat toee muft bee 
tyattcnbpfmnebpgbercaufefromabmte,a$ in a cafe tfjat con* 
mnetbtbe forking of ottr f#uesamjofour oi»ne tiefices 3 atin 
not t\)t following of tbeim Sgeine, 31 intemi not to take atoap tbt 
ortraojmnarie m^ttong tobtcb ®or> laojketb in b$ 3 toben be tofetfj 
M fometpmes beponu tbe inclination of our nature ,bp boning 
tbat in bs bp a fecrete operation,tol)tcb teas not in fcs of our feltie?, 
!But 31 fpeake peculiarip of tbefemferimtr ooings , tnbieb are pjo* 
pojeionabieto outfit an& to tbe capaciticofourreafon-, inUibicb 
things our tfratonll (agmapmca as it is) Ijatb abilitie to eyeupfe 
it felf, not uutbft cinuinac tl;at it be u ttcrip lame ami suable to mou nt 
Up anp bigber*3fter tljat maner t bcrefoje map toe toase bettoanc 
tbe jFojtune of Epicurus ami tl>e DcHinie of Chryfippus , by Pjg* 
utoence •, and bettueenc eaftraltte ano mccWitiz bp tbe toill of <0ot; 
and bettoaene loocencift anti l&omnge bp leauing cbcis motimgs 
free; tnbicb pet neuertbeleffe ft all come to tbe cm» tabic!} <£od bat $ 
litteo to appoint unto tbem^batfocuer tumninpf ami tojeatbing* 
Ibcp fame to tbemfdues to make in tbe meane tpme,3m> as tou» 
cbing tbe ueff iiue of tlje ^ftroIogersjUubo make aU tbtngs fufcie* 
to tbe tobtelinp about of tbe &>k?t y ami make at! tbings to be aa 
itmcb of neceflfitiras tbz mouings thereof: toe toil! ieaue tbem t* 
jrteatre tbeir cafe agetnft tbat greate itearneD man tbe Comtiz of 
Miranduia , piping them to confiDcr ac leafttopfe , tobetber tbe 
peatellutipcamipepntstobwb tbofegreate Clerks bawttak n 
to nifp^ooue t&is ucllinie , can bp anp meanes beefatlierenuppon 

film ri>en,fti) a fman conclutton of tM* tobote nffcoutfete M 
fap tbat <£oi3 in a fctiereine Bceing,anti a foucrein mpnb,an^ tljac 
Beeing and Mynding are all one in btm ; ami tbcrefo^e tbat as ta 
treating tbitrgs rtje might ant» po^cr of bis Beeing ettenBc n cmn 
to tljc leaa tbint^s tn els tbep ban not bin at alhfo tbep?otn'ticnce^ 
fc^ecatt am btrcaion ttW ^b tjctemi to alUbing^ o? eife tljcp 




eoulo not continue* Let not tbe ronfufion of t bmgs tobicb toe fee 
beerc bclotoe trubUle bs; fyrljc greater tbe fame is , tbe greater 
&otb ©aDspjouioence fljetoeit relf cbctc^'n, ao c!;e f ktU of a npfofr 
tton ootb m tbeintricateneffe of a tufeafc;n5wc toljo is be cbat can 
limit tbe figljt of tbe €uerlatttng ©od ': &urdp not tbe pjofperi* 
ties of tbe tmefteo ; foj tlj ep be but titfo^s: no? tbe at ucr Cries of t be 
goDlp,fy tl;ep be but * jerctfes ; np? tbe Deatbes of t(je giltleffe, 
(o) it is but a pouo:ring of tijeic brrce&cs to pjefcrue tbem to tbe 
life of poaeritie, J3ap,lct not euen fiane it felfe,tobtcb is tlje Derp 
cuill in neeae , tmk anp gruoge of m pnn in us ; fojt ©ou Createo 
JQaturegoea, but euill is fpjoongt&ercof* $e Creates freaome, 
«nn it is Degenerateointo Looceneffc* 3But let ds pjapfe <£ou fo$ 
fritting us potoers^ansletbs con&emnc our feluesfoj abufing 
cbemJLet us glojifie bim fo? cbaHiGng tos bp our otoneltoccneffe, 
foj evecu ting bis 3lu0tce bp our umua Dealings , ana foj perfoj* 
ntingtbe o?umaunceof bts rigbtfull toill bp ourinojoinate paf* 
Cons* Jitocfceatbing tobereoftoefcnovue nottbecaufe;let te 
acknotoleuge our ignojance, ano not name it fojtuneXbc caufea 
sbat are furtbeff afunuer, are neere at bans tin to bim, to pcrftymc 
toba tfo cuer be lift etb* 3If toe do anp tmreafonable tljing ; let tos not 
alleoge necefft tic* Cpe can f kill to fcfe all tbings tottbout marring 
fym i tbe moouable, accojoingto tljeir moouingsj tbe tbings in* 
octoeo toitb toill, decoding to tljeir paflions ; ano the tbings in* 
Detoeo toitb reafon, accojoing to tbeir reafoning** Jn tbinking to 
Do our o tone toill,toc tying bis to paffc&Be be free to folio toe out 
ctonc Mature ;annoui Mature is becommeeuillttyouglj finnr, 
© tojetcbeo franomctobtcb tyingetljtostmDer fucb bondage/ ano 
afftye tbis nature of ours , toe can neither fljun it no? Djfoe it from 
as : fo? toe be bontflaues toit,anb it to finne^no tl;cre bebouetb a 
Oronget tban our felues to rio us tljereof, ^bereftye let bs pjap 
(Sou to tying tbe fr&Dome of our toills in bondage to bis toill, and 
to free our foules from tbis baro ano Damnable kino of frceuomc, 
ano to graunt us bp bis grace,not as to tbe toickeo,to ooe bis toill 
in bain g an toiliin g to do it ; but as to bis e&itojcn,a t leatttoife ta 
fei toiliin g to ooeit tutn in not Ming iu 



.r^Tbex'rii] Chaffer. 
That the Souk of Man is immortall,or dycth not. 

3!tljcrtco 31 ijaae treates of tljc toojlD tbat » to 
jbc conceiuca in im&crffanfc ing, ana of tfcc fen* 
jfiblc ftOotfo ( as ilje Platonilts tearmc tljcm) 
j tbat iff to faj),of (Souanuof cljtsi^o^Djj5cU) 
foltotoctb tljz examining oft&c little m*}\* 
{ (as tljcp tctme it) tbat is to fap,of man* Con* 
awing C3ot>, "toe bane ariutotolJOgeo %im to 
be a Spirit : ana as r oncbing t be (Xtojito, toe baue fotmo it to be a 
fcoop, Jk man toce baue an atyiogntfnc of botb,namelp of ^00 in M? " " b f t! * 
cefpect of Spirit , an* of tlje ftEUuic in compofition of boap , ad Souk & ° ya 
tboigbtbcCreatojofpurpofetofet fo?tbamirrojof bis fettQk** 
intenoeo to bjinginto one little compafle botij tfce infinitencfle of 
$3 otime natttrcann alfo tijt bougenefle of tbc Uil;ole toojlo toge« 
ifoiu £Hce fain mans bonp a ftLto^crfuIl miftnxc of tbefotocr 
Clements, tlje bepnes fp^eatiingfo?tb like Kiticratotlje wtermolf 
members ; asmanp intfrtunentsof fenee 3 as iljeere be fenfible na« 
cures in tlje toojlD; a grcate nomber of fine\ues 3 jfleGjffrings,nn& 
knitter*-, a l[KaDljp fpcciall pjiuileoge Dirccteo top too i^eaucn* 
tonrD; f Ipanbs fertung to all manor of feruicrs, £ubatfocucr Ije is 
tW (!) ill conGocr no moje>bat onelp t!;is inflrument , toitljont life, 
luitljout fence , a nutoitbout moiling-, cannot but tbink toerilp tijac 
itismaoetoiKtic greatepurpofe; anobemuflneeaes fcricout as 
Hermes 0? as tlje Sarzin Abdala Dotb.tfjat man is a miracle tuljicfc 
farre furmonntet!) , not onlp tfrefe Low* Clements, but alfo tbe 
Ueric j^eauen ana alltlje ornaments thereof* OSut if ke coulo ( as it 
tuere out ofbimfclf)bcbobtbtsboopreccttting life, ano entering 
into tbcufc of allbismotions toitlj fneb fojtetoattmeffe gating be* 
■ birring cbemfclues fo nimblp ano after fo funujie faOn'ons^no tfce 
feenfes totterrngtfjeir fo?cc fo farre o^toitbout ff irring on t of tljtft 
flare rtljinft po« nottbatljeinoulo be toamtKrfullp raui^cn , anu 
fo muebmoje toomtjcc at tbe fapo life mouing ano fence, tljan at 
tbeboDp, as be to>oonDcreoafojeattbebot>p, tobebolo tbc wel- 

$ ttljac 

tl6 OF TH! T R E W N f S 

tobat companion i3tbcrcbetkicenc a lute ano a tufcplapcr,^ 
bftUKcncabumb tnftruinrnt anb turn tbat uuketb it to fbunD <i 
t&batU)oulDbefaptbenifbe couId aftcrtowt) fee Ijonxfc fame 
tinn being note) ouirknrb attepnetb mon^noment from tbe one 
Sue of t\): card; to tbe otber uutbout Qnfaag ot place ; ocfee nbintj 
&oumc to tbe centre of tbe ttjojlb, ana mounting \>p abcue tbe cut- 
let molt circle of it botb at once ; pjefent in a tboufonb places at one 
inftant, imtyat mg tbe tofcofc umbotit teu cbing it ; krecping bpoa 
Cue rartb , ano pet contevning it ; bebclmng tbe tycaHcns from be* 
neatb > anb lacing aboue tbe i?r aucns of {t)caucns botb at once <: 
fe^oulo bee not be compillcn to t fajf, ! t Jat in tbis ftllie bobp tfce?e 
fctoelletba greater tying tban tb%bff*p,grcater tban tbe canape* 
greater tl;an tbe toboic ujo?Id togitljcrtEben let be fap tuitb Plato, 
tbat man is nubble j outfcuarb , airt tntoarb, ^e outtoarb man is 
tbat tetycb W fee ftitb our epes^frcb fojgoctb not bts (bnpe tolje 
it is ocacno map tban a Lute fojgoetb Ijis Oj^pe tuben tbe lute* 
pi iier renffeci) from making it to fotmb,bottbeit tbat botb Hfe, mo« 
iung,fencc,anb reafon be out of it^bt invars man is tbe feotile 5 
anotbatts pjopcrlp tbcticrp manjtobtclj bfetb tbe bonp as an in* 
ftrument - y lobcrcunto tbongb it be unites bp tbe potoer of (Debtee 
tootb it notremouc ruben tbe bo&pronnetb»$tfeetb tubrn tbe cped 
be (but,anb fomctpmes fee tij not toben tbe cpes be top&e ope» : Jt 
traucletb tobiletbc boDprc8ctb,ano rcftetbtoben tbe bebp era tie* 
luitbout tbe btip of tbe outtoarb man,toberas on tbe concrarie par; 
tbe outuiarti toitljtmt tbebelp of tbe tntoar&.tbat is to but,tbe bo&p 
loitbout tbe pjefenceof tbe feoule,batbneitbcr fcncc 3 mcuing,Iiftv 
no no? coucinetoanceofbeeing* 3!ntbe outtoarb man tuebauea 
Coanterfet of tbe tobole toojls > anb if pe rip ticrn botb bp bp per* 
celmealc^e ftal finb a tocotiberfull agreement bettoijrt tbem*13ttt 
wp purpofe i\\ tbis booke is not to create of tbe tljings tbat per* 
tepne pecuiiarip to tbe bobp. 

3!n tbe intoarb man toce baue a fummc of tobatfoeuer life fence 
mtb mouing is in all creatures, ana mojeouer an 3mage 0* ratber 
« (babotuc(fa tfre Image is Defaces bp our Knne)of tbe vSo&bcafr 
It felfe • 3nb tbat ia tbe tbmg tubicl; toee &mtc to eramir^ in tbt^ 
Chapter* Jjnpianw, teepercepuetbatbefttieiS tbeir bonrcs tubicfr 
luee fee 3 t!jere is alfo an intoarb berturlubic^tDte fee not. joljcrcbp 
tbep liue, grotue, bub 5 ann beare fruite : tobicb bertt^toeecall tbe 
^uiciening feou!e,anb it maktb tbctn to bifer from fetonts an* 



$9ettal!e$,ttbtcb fcaue it not* 3!« fenfitiue liutng tbt'ngs, toe finne 
tbe fetfefame berttte, tobicb too?fcetb Ui!>tie tbep Hope $ are after a 
fojt ag tbe piantg;ann tbnctottbafl toe finne another certeme net< 
tue o? potoa- tobicb (ml) , bearetb , fmelletb,taftetb , ann feclet^ 
tobicb alfo in manp of tfjem not!) b©jn bp tlje t^ing^ bjottgbt in bp 
tbc fence^tobtcb matter of potter tbepianta are fcopo ot'ftbte no 
toe tentie tbe fenfititte &o ule,becaufc t^e effects thereof are nifcer* 
iten anD ejrecuten bp $e <g>ence$* 3In man tue baue botb tbe quick T £ M * n ,?* 
urns ann tbe fenfititte, tbe former bttermg it felfe i\x tbe noutifb - ^^ - 
*tg ann increafing of btm,ano tbe later m tbe fttbtilitte of fence ami 
tmaginatton,tobetetb?ougl}t)e fa botb plant ann 15eatt togetber* 
3$ut pet mo?eouer toee fee aTTo t sppnn tobicb confioeretb ann be* 
Ijolnetb,tobtcb reapetb pjofite of tbe tbings tbat are bjougbt tn bp 
tbe §>encea,tobicb bf W fetng eoncetuetb tbat tobicb it feetb not* 
tobtcb of tbat tobicb te not,gatberetlj tbat tobicb fc;& fittaflp tuljic^ 
pulietb a man atoap botb from tbe eartb t from al fenfible tbincrg, 
yea ann(afttr a fojte)ftom btmfctf to* %W noe toe call tbe rcafo* 
liable &oule,ano tt ft tbe tbtng tbat mafcetb man to bee man, (ami 
not a plant o? a bjttte 'Bead as tbe otljer ttoo noe,)ann alfo to bet 
tbe 31tuage o? ratber a ftanotoe of tbe ©onbean,tn tbat(as tucftal 
fap bereafter) tt t£ a feptrtt tbat map baue continuance of being a* 
lone bp it felfe toitbout tbe booie ♦ 3nn bp tbe toap, tobeteas 3J fap 
tbat tbe intoam man batb a quicftenmg potoer as a plant batb , a 
fenfititte potter as a ^eaft batb, ann a potter of toniierftaittitog 
ttberbp be fa a mammp meaning fa not tbattje batb tb?ee ftottle* 
but onelp one &oulc ; tbat fa to ttit^tbat Itfce as in tbe bjute 33caft 
tbe fenfitiue bottle compjebeunetb tbe quidkening<g)ott!e; font 
man tbe reafonable@>oule eompjebennetb botb tbe fenfittue aim 
tbeeitrffcenmg, ann ejrecutetb tbeoffices of tijem alienee, fa ag it 
fcotb Itttctb, feeletb , ann reafonetb t\xm as toeli ano after ti)£ fame 
matter, ag tbt mpnn of a man map intenn to bte ottne bottfebo'ftis 
matters! , to t^t affapjeg of t\)t Commontttale , aim to beattenlp 
tbmgsi ail at once ♦ i)j to fpeake mo^e Stlp 3 tbefe fyzz negreegs of 
feouleei are tfyae ftegr^ of life , ttbereof tbe feconn ercanetlj a:tn 
rontepnetbtbeftrl!, anDfbetbtrueycaiwtt ann contepnetb bot^ 
tbe ortjer mo, ^t one^ttttbout tbe toWy tbe bonie cannot Hue, 
fe tbe dottle oj life of tbe plant, ann & fo tpen to tlje bonie^bat it 
fbettetb not it felfe in anp ttife out of it. Cbe feconn,ttbicb cannot 
liue ttitbottt tbe bonie,ig tbe @>oule o^ life of tbe Keaft 2 ttbic b &orb 
ttell btter f»jtb W potter ann fojee abjoan, Jutyet not otljerttife 

$ a tbati 


tban bp t\)Z members artu fnftrumentj; of tlje bodte toJjeretmto ft 
is tped ♦ 3>bt tbird, teljid) can of it felfc lute atro continue uurfjout 
tlje booie,but not tbe boDtc tuidjout it, is tbe Motile of man,i2)!)tfb 
giuctfr life sntoardlp to all bis parts, fye&# foitfj bis lift abroad 
in tbe perceputng of all tbings fubiect to g>ence,ano rctepucti) Hill 
bis fo?ce(as (]j albe fapn bereaf:er)pea and increafed; it, euen tobeu 
tbe tfrengtb of dje borne ana tljeberp ImelincITc of tlje fenres faple* 
3nd in berp ddedc,pe fljall fee a man fo?goe all bis feures one aftes 
anodjerasdjemfttumentsof djemdecap, and pet baucftillbotfr 
Ife and reafon bnappapjedXlje cau&ujb^ reof is,djat feme of dje 
inllrumentsof life and fence doe$fcpf> but dje life itfeifetobtdj 
quickened) djem fapletb nat*9mrrtjertfo;ie dje 'Bcaft fojgcedj not 
life in lofeg fence , but be dtterlpfojgpedj fencein forgoing life* 
And tbat is becaufe life is t!>c ground of tbe abilities offence , and 
tbe fenOtiue life is a moje excellent life tfjatt tbe qaickznin$ life, as 
toberein tbofe powers and abilities are as indjeirroote* ^obee 
fbo;t,f)etbatbereauet^mauo?bea(toftbebfeofSence&, o? man 
of dje rigljt bfe of reafon, dotb not tberebp bereaue t)im of life ; but 
&e tbat bereaueri; tlje beaft 0} t\yt outtoaro man of djeir life, aotfj 
tfjeretotdjan bereaue djem of fence and reafon ♦ ^berefoje it is a 
molt furcargument , tbat tbefeouletofjid) caufed>a bcaftto liur, 
and tbe bottle tbat caufetb ittoljauefcnce, are botb one, tbat is to 
lait , one certepite fcpno of life mojc liuelp and mojc excellent djarc 
tbe life tbat t* in plants ♦ #nd Itfcetoife tbat tbe-S>oule tabid) cau* 
fetb man to liue, to Ijaue fence, and to reafon,is bxit one, tbat is ta 
tntt , onecerteptreftpndeof life moje excellent, mojeliuelp r and of 
furtber readj, tban tbe life of tbe 35eaft ♦ Vat Ifte as fence is as it 
tuere tbe fojme o) <§>e!feoemg (if 31 map fo terme it) of tbe life of a 
6eaff;fo is reafon oj imderftandingdje berp fo?me and ^elfebcing 
uf tlje §>oule of man;and(to (peak property) it is tbe pottle oj life 
of tlje <§>oulc,lifce as tlje apple of our epe is dye berp epe of our epe* 
Snd in berp d&de^fjen tlje mpnd is earnettfp occupicd,djt fences 
are at a flap ; and toben tbe itntt^ areouerbu(tcd,dje nourifljment 
and oigeftion is bitidered-,and contrarptoife: tebirt* djing could not 
come to pafle if tbe <§>oule urere anp mo tban one fukttance, tobicfj 
bv reafon tljat it is but one,cannot titter bis fojee alike in all places 
at once , but p&Idetb tlje lelfe care one \ubere ft long as it it ear* 
nefflp otcw^tJ) anotljertoijere ♦ 3!« tljis S)ouIe of man(U)bid) prt 
liottoitbftandingis but one) tbediuerfitie of tbepotoers and abili* 
tiz$ i$ nerp apjarautt^e q.uicknmgpotuer dot^ nouri^mcreafr 


m> maroeepne &s ; ana IReafon anti 8>cnce me&trte not t^rtetoftf^ 
neptbcrbauedjep po&er to unptacij d)etuojkmg thereof ♦ Cbe 
trued) thereof appeared; in tbis , tbat djofe tbings are bell Hone 
toben our mjmn is as «&aift our fences are aflopejtnfomucb djat 
ofcentpmes be fojgo tfce fence ana mouing of feme parts bp fame 
Hbctome o) fome]8aIfcp, ana pet d^ famepartd reafie not to bee 
nourilbeb ftfiLSlfi^tfie lenfittue Itfe feetb ana perctiuetb a forte of, 
pea oftentimes toitbout fettmg of d;e inputs tberebpon,oj toid;oue 
ronfoeringtobattbeftence conccpucdj* Some men tobirijbaue 
but toeake ftences,baue beg> quicke bnucrftammtg ; ana itketoife 
on tlje contrarp part*9gap$i,fomefaH into a coafttmption^bidj 
toant not dje perfect bfe of $eir &tm &. ft ometpme tlje reafonn* 
b*e part is fo eameftlp bent ami ocm^t* about tbe tbings tbat it 
Itketb of,djat b^ tbe increaOng of it felf, it burtedj anD tmninifljerf) 
tbe part djat quicfeenetb* 9Ifo it ftanaetfj in argument againft tljt 
g>ences,anti repjouetb djem of falfljm&e , ana roncluaetb contrarp 
to tfjetr information* 3na it map bee tbat tbe man 'ojijicb bad) W 
trigeffion perfect ana bte fences founa,batb not fjis toit o? reafou 
fauna in like cafe ♦ j!3oto, toere tbe feoule but onelp one abi!itte,it 
roula not be fo^But noto is ttje fame aiuiaea mamfelHp into twit o j 
bnaerftanaing,ana toili j tbe one feruing to aemfe.ana tbe odjer to 
C]te;ute* #oj toe bnaerftana aiuers tbings toljtcb me toili not, ana 
tt»ee U)i(I aiuers tbings tobtd; toec bnaertf ana not: tobtcb conrrarp 
operations ramtot be attributes botb to one potoer* jfteuertbeleffe, 
tbebniting of aUtbefe potoers togetber is totd) fucb ailtmcmeile, 
ana tbe aiftinguiQnng of djem is lxittb fud) anion f tljat o>ainanIp 
ftep mate aU together ixi one feifefame attion , tbe one of tljem as 
reaatip (hip all Ukelpbcna) as dje otber,botobett tbat euerp of tijem 
twd) bis otune toojke fcueiallp b]> ijtmfclfe , ana one afoje anotfjec 
*3 b refpetf of djeir obfects > 

Cbus baue toe fyw fo?ts of meit 5 acf o^mg to tbe tfe& poU3er5 
m abilities of tbe mftaraeman , ^2ameip dje eardnp man, luijirf) 
like diel^Iant mpnnetb nrt)in$ but fldeptng atni feeding , making 
al bis fences ami al b S r:afon to feruc to tbat purpafr 3 as in^bom 
tbe care of tbis patent life one!p,batb tseuourets ants fiuaHoUjeo bp 
bis fences anonnoerftanomg* ^bcftenfuailman(asft + pau{e 
Ijhnfdf termed) bim,)U)I)o is giuen tebollp to djefe fenfible tbings 
tmbacing ann cafting ootone bis reafon fo farce, as to make it a 
bon^flaue to bis fences ana the pleafures am> beiigbts djerof:3no 
ftereafonabIeman,^oliued; p?oj)erIp in fptrtteanu mpnn, lalja 

y 3 rn:crct& 


rateretlj into bimfclfe to knotoc bimfelfe,ano geetfc out of Jnmfdft 
to beboto <SaD;making tbis life to fcrue to tfec attepnment of a beN 
tec, ana bfmgbiS deuces but a^s inftruments ana ferusuts of bis 
reafon ♦ 3t:ter as anp of tl>efe t^ce p3toer**oe mgne aim bear* 
fiw.ip ta man, tbat is to tott, after as; a man potoetb bimfelfc motf 
to one tl)a to another of tbem;fo becommetb be like unto tbe &pi* 
rites ,tbe tyute Beaftes, oj plants, pea ano tbe berp ^forties ano 
fetones^ut it is out mfpoStion men bp kpno,to be carpeo atoap 
bp our corrupt nature 5 ano bp tbe obietfs tobiclj bemme bs ta on alt 
Goes •, but as foj ajatnll our nature pea oj bepono our nature, one 
nature is not able to Doe anp tfjin^ft dtf; 

Ji^aUJ^tt is not cnougb fo? &s to kuotoe t&at toee Ijaue a gjoule 
Itfbercbp toee iiue,feele,ano Unnerfta^ ano tobtcb beeing but one 
batb in it felfe alone fo manp funtyie potoers o^ abilities;: foj it toia 
be oemaunoco of bs bp ano bp tobat tins Motile property b ♦ 3tm 
fatblp if 3| (boulo fap, 3! cannot tell tobat it is , 31 ftoulo not belpe 
mp felfe a tobftjfoj 31 (boulo but confeffe mpne stone ignojance^a* 
tnntnp great learneo men baue oone afme me.3no 31 ftoulo ooe na 
topng at all to tbe ^>ou!e it felfe ; foj fitb toee cannot oenpc tbe tU 
feds t!jereaf,tbe lefle tbat toe be able to oeelare tbe nature ana bk^ 
tug tberjfjtbemojeootbdjeejcceHennetberof (bine fo^tb*2gdnif, 
it is a plapne cafe , tbat no tbing can rompjebeno tbe t\)in$ tbat is 
greater tljan it felfe ♦ jftoto, our feoule & after a fou Jefle tban it 
felfe,;n;umucb as it is tojappea bp ta tbts boop,in like toife as tfo 
man tbat batlj gpues aim fetters on bis feete , is after a fo?t toea* 
feer tljan bimfelfe ♦ jfteuertbeleflfe , let bs afTap to fatiffpe fuel; oe- 
maunos as toell as toee can* 8no fojafmucb as it is tbe 3image of 
<Soo,not onlp in refpetf of tfc gouewment a:ia maintenance of tlje 
to!jo!e toojfo 3 but alfo cazn in tbe berp nature thereof: as toe fap& 
Ijeretofcne toben toe fpake of tbe nature of ®£)D 3 if toe cannot e^ 
p>e(Te 0} comepue toljat it is 3 let W at leafttoife be certiSen tobat it 
ts mt ♦ tfittt of all , tbat tbe *ou!e anu tb? "Boop be not botb one 
The Body and t jmg ? but ttoo berp farre Offfenitg tbin^s.ano alfo tbat tbe §>ouie 
nm one fcif! ** u0 '9** °^ c boD ^^ *&***% of it felf tottI)out futdjer pjofe* 
Sncthing" SFo) if tbe^ouletoere ^ boop oz a part of tbebonp,it fboula rjroto 
toitb tbe boop as tbe atber parts of tbe biupoae, anntbe greater 
tbat tbe boop toerc,tbe greater alfo Iboulo tbe feoule be,.aap,con^ 
trarptoife 5 tbebotip increaltcb to a cettepne age ano tben ftapetb; 
after tobicb age is commonlp tbe tpme tbat tbe feouleootbmoft 
groto, ano t^ofe t^at are flrongett of mpno m commorJp toeafo ft 



rf bofc &ann tbe §>ou!e is ftene to be fun of KntitnctTt fa a ftngmT* 
ftuig bo&p 3 ann to grotoe tbemojc m fc^cc, bp tije &ecap oftijc bo* 
trie* Cbe Motile tljen grotoetb not to it!) tbe boty, ann t1)trefo?£ it 
is not tbe bonp 3 tto? anp part of tljc boup ♦ 9nrs tobcreas 3! fpcafce 
of gtotoing in tbe &ouIc,bp gtotoing 31 meane tftc profiting Hjfct* 
of m potoer affl> berttte , as d;c bonp grotoetb m greatnefife bp fut^ 
tber inlargmg ♦ 8gm'ne, if tbe £>oute toere t(je botsp^it fyouto lofe 
ijer ffrengtb anu fomumefle toitb tie bonp,fo as tfre mainieo m bo- 
Die Ojoulotberetottbfeelealfo a mapme m btebnneiftantiingas 
toeU as in bis membersttobofoeuer toere tick of anp nifeafe^ffjouto 
alfo bee (icfce in Ijtss reafombe tbat limpctb aj fcaltetl), ff;outo rijert* 
&mb bait ut bottle aifo: tbe blpho mans <g>oule fyoulo bee blpnn, 
ami tbe lame mans; <g>ou!c (ftoulD be lame^ut toe fee c otravitoife, 
tbat tbe mapmeo ano tbe ficfee y tbe Cripples ami tbe blpno , bane 
tbeir bottle tobolc ano founts ann tbeirtortjerflan&ingpetfett aim 
doerefigbten in it felfe* Co be 0;ojt,manp a man npetb toljofe bonp 
is fountp>ant> otfff retb not a tobit in anp part from tbat it toas tobS 
tt toas aliue,ano pet nottoitbftanoing,botb life 5 mouing,fence 3 anti 
imnerffanoing ate out of it ♦ Let as fap tben tbat in tbe boup tbere 
toas a tbing tolndj toag not of tl;e boop , but toas a farre otbct 

Sometoilfuliperfon toifl obtectbere 3 tbat dje fore ann ffrengrtj 
of tbe §>ou!e grotoetb toitb t^t bonp , ag appeal) M tbis tbat a 
man grotoen toil remoue tbat tobicb a tbtto cannot,anti tbat a rijito 
of ttoo peered oto toifl goe,tobicb tbing a babe of ttoo monetbS ol& 
cannot fcoe^ut be (bouto confioer alfo,tftat if tbe felfrfame man o? 
tbe felfefame cbtto fyoulu baue a mifebatmee m bfe ttM* o? in W 
avme^ beftoulo tbeiebp fozgoe tbeOfrengtb anu moutng tbereof, 
toberea^petnottoitbttanoingbi^ S>oule (boulo baue tyt fo^mec 
fo^ce anti potoer Ml to moue tbe otber a^ fbe aft afoje* Cbetefo?e 
tt iei to be fapa,not tbat f djilosi feoule t«i grotoen o? ftrengtbeneu 
l)ptpme; but ratber tbat bte Qneiuesare^ieo anub^tuencD tobicb 
tbcfoulenfetb as firing* ant) inftrument* too moue toit ball ann 
tberefo?e toben age batl) loofenen anti toeaheneu tbem,a man batlj 
neeoe of a itaffe to belp tbeiti tottb 3 aItbougb bebaue ag goon a toil 
to runne as be ban toben be toas poong^'&e foulc tben toljicb mo* 
wetb tbe all at one becfce,batij tbe felffame potoer in infant ie tobicb 
it batb in age , ann tbe fame in age tobicb it batb in t\)t pjime of 
goutb : ann tbe fault is onlp in tb? (nSrnment, tobicb is bnabfc to 
tyccnte t&e operations t6ereof;lifte a^tl;e cunning of a JUtepiaiet 

i^ 4 to 



O.F , T HE T R B TV N E S 

Tli .it the 

is npt oinunifbcnbp £ mopftneffc ojflaclmeffe of bis lute firing 
no? incrcafen bp tfce otter bigb ftrcpmng ant) rptgljt Wanting of 
tbcm j but innccne in tbe one bee cannot fljclDe #3 cunning ar aH, 
ann in tlje ocber Ije map (Ijetoe it moje oj IcffcXtkeUufc tlje fyeecb 
of £bi!u?m commeft toitlj tbeir tectb>bo'o&cit t!;at tfce fpecci) noe 
tftanifefUp Utter it felffitft,m*battb*£ prattle manptljingstuljifb 
tbep cannot pronounce : ann in olo men it goal) atoap agcin Untfj 
tbcirtcctb, ar.U pet tl;cir eloquence ts not abatcD tl;crcUp* 9ffb? 
DerrioftheneSjaltbougb bee furmounten alltbe ffijatojsofljts 
tpme , petUKrctljcrc fomc letters luljiclj be coulo not pronounce* 
©tueimto oinageoj imto infonyejbe fame fmelues ann tectb, 
ano as able an* luffpe iimmes arin ?n€ttibers as potub b«tb } atiti 
tbe actions tobiclj tlje foule noctb tirfftrtOe bonp ann bp tbc bonp,3l 
meawefo ftirre foojttljas conccrne tbc abilities of fence ana I? tie* 
Ipnes,Cbalbe perfojmen as tuell in one age as in auot!>er3ut ijao* 
Del! tbou as greate tnnifferenrie in tungtng of cbc fojee ann poluer 
of tljpne oume foulc,as of tbe naming of a lutcplaper, (% ftp not 
bp tbe nimblenes of bis fingars tobtcb are pcrcbatuue knotteo 
b)ttb tbe gout,but bp tlje plapne ana fiueete harmonic of bis &a« 
Imlatojte as tlj*p terme it,\ubieb makctlj tijoe to noeme bim to ijaue 
runnins taW* bean , altljouglj bee can no moje vttcr it tmtlj W 
Ijanog , ) fo as tbou trroulucft conGoer bob) tbou bail in tbp felfe a 
Defirc to go , tbougb tbp fete be net able to beare tbe ; a oifcrction 
to tun^c of tbings tbat are fpohen; tbougb tbpne cpes cannot con* 
uev it into tbee ♦, a founn eloquence , tljouglj fo? loam of tbp tcctfc 
tbou cannot \aell e jrpjefie it ; ann toljtcb is abeue all tlje reft>a fub* 
tfantiall qutcfce ann Ijwuenlp reafon , euen tuljen ftp bonp fa mofc 
eartblp aim pooping ♦ ^m tuouloeft f©ne conelutie tbat tbe fojee 
ann potoer of quickening, mooning, ann perccpttutg,ts toljole ann 
founn in tbp g>oule,ann tljat tbe nefault te altcgetber in tbp bonp* 
31nfomucb tbat if fi;e ban a netoe bonp ann netn inffruments gtucn 
bnto ljer 3 (be tooulo bee as luftie ann cljattlp asf euer ftetoas, m\x 
tbat tlje moje flje pereepuetb tbe bonp to neeap, tbe mo?e (be labo- 
retb to retpjeinto %n felf,tobicb is a plapnep^cofe of tljat (be csef not 
tbe bonp no? anp part of tlje bonp 3 but tlje nerp life ann intoojker of 
tlje bonp* 

annfitljtt fefo, tfjere ninetljnorougnxanmnglMbcnjertbe 
feoulc be a fubftanre o^ a quaiuie* foh feeing tljat quafttirt baut 
no being but in anotljei tljing tljan tbeinfeiuc^ -, tbe life tobtoft catt^ 
fct^ another t^ing to be^cannot be a qualitic ♦ jf ojafmticb tl>en ta 



$e g>ouTe maftetb a man to be a man,t»ljo otbcctotfe $ouln be but 
a CarftelTe oj €avpon:tioubt(eire(bnleifrfte Ml faptbattl>conip 
Difference tebicb is bettwt a mau ana a aeati CarkelTe , fe but m 
acriDent0)U3emuft netffcg gratmt tljat tlje Lottie is a fojmtng fufe 
tfance ana a fubftantw! forme , p^a arm a mod excellent fubff ante 
inStmdp paffmg tl;eoutu»aro manias tobiclj bp tlje poluer ana few* 
jue tbereof caufetb anotljcr tljing to baue being, ano perfected tlje 
bomlp fubft ance toljicb f&metb outtoaralp to Ijauc fo many perf ec* 

Q£ut fjerebpon tnfetnetfj anotljcr controuccGe^ljetfjer tljig fub* 
flancebeea bamlpojanunboatlp fubftancc; toljicb cafe required) 
ftmctobat longer examination ♦jjfe(otbip,tf tne eoaiber tbe nature 
ufa botipjtt Ijatlj certeine meafimngg,amj compjebeuaetb not anp 
tljing tobtebfe not pjopojtionea acceding to tlje greatnelTe anr> 
capacitie thereof* jf oj,!tfce as it felfe mud bee fapne tabaue a place 
in anotljer tljtngjfo mvflt otber tljings occuppe feme certepnc place 
in it ; b)> reafon thereof it commetlj to paffe, t!;at thing* can Ijaue 
no place tljerem if tljep be greater tftan it,\utt^ont anoping tlje one 
tlje otijer^o be fijojt,tf tbetbtng beeleffe tl>an tbe baty tbat ron* 
tepnetb tt,tbe toljole boap ibali not contepne it, but onlp fomepart 
tbereof:3n& ifitbz greater,tljen muff fomepart tbereof noeseg be 
out of it:foj tbere is no meafurtng of bootee but b^ quatitie* jftoto 
toe fee Ijoto our S>ou!e comp^ebemietb beatteu ana eattb, fc>itl;out BodiidTc; 
anoping eptber otber ; ann l&etotfe tpme pall p?efent ann to come, 
fcntbout troubling oneanotber-, ann ftnallp innumerable. places* 
perfons, ami &otones, toitljout combering of our ta&erftantmtg* 
^Dbe great things are tbere in tbeir full grcatnefle , auu tlje fma*l 
tbings in tbeirt>ttei:maftfmalneirc;botb oftljcm toijoleanti fount*, 
in tbe&0uletob«rtean&foun&,anti notbp parcelmealeo? onlpbuc * 
in part of it*9©^eouer,tlje fuller it is,tlje mo>e it is able to vecetue; 
tbe moe tbings tbat are coucbea in it, tbe moe it Hill couetetb ytinxi 
tbe greater tlje tljings bee, tbe fitter is (bee tsreccpuetbemeuen 
toben tbep be at tbe greatest folioteetij tbcrfo^e tbat tbe <g>oulc 
(tobid>afterafo?tisinfinite)cannotbeabotip.Snriio mttcb fMc 
ran it fa bee, fo? tbat tobereas it barbojetij fo manp ana fo great 
tbings! in it,tt felfe is longer in fo (mall a bonp* ggapne,a£ a tl>ou* 
faun timers places areitttbe&auleo^^pinsebntbout occupptng 
anp placebo t? tbe ^pnr» in a tboufann places toitbout cbaunging. 
of place-, (t tbat eretnljiles not bp fuccellbn of tpme 5 no? bnixvnt^ 
but oftentpmeg altogether at one uifiant3 to t|jp &oule o? ^puD 


t}4 ° * TkE T R * W N E * 

gocto Conftaritinoplc ,anbfoo;itbiiritbtoturnebacfteapfm*ta 

Rome,anfc ftvaigbt toap to be at Paris oj Lyons : IBiti tt paife rift* 

rouic America^ to go about AfTricke^mn it Difpatcbetb all tbefe 

tourncpa at a trtce:tafte totjedjer foeutr djou oirccteft it,djcre it fc; 

ano oj euer djou calleft tt bacfce,tt is at borne agapn, jf2ato,t0 djere 

a boop tbat can bee in m'uetti places at once, t% tbat can pafTc toidj- 

out remouing D oj tbat can moue otberluife tljan in tpme,pea ann in 

fttcb tymt ag(tottbin a little tmoer 02 ouec)i$ pjopoittoneo bodj ta 

bis pace,ano to tbe lengdj of djetaap tuijicb it badj to goe *t Cbeit 

is it certeiue tbat our bottle & not aboDilp fubftance ; tobirf) djing 

appeared fo mud) dje mo?e r plaiu$ ^ djat being fcogeo in djt£ 

bonp tubicb i# fo mouable,tt rtmauctpot toridj dje botip ♦ 8Kb it 

fe a furc grotmvbat ttoo boaies cSthot mutuaHp enter eptber in* 

to otber, nojcontcpne epdjer otber: but dje greater mutt altoap 

n&oes contepne, ann tbe lelfermutt neeoea bee contepnet>3utbp 

cur &oules,toc enter, not onlp epdjer into otljcra booie$,but alfo 

tptber into otberg mpnos , fo ag toee compjebeno eptber odjer bp 

mutualbnoerftanoing,ano tmfyace eidjer otber bp mutual louing* 

3!t followed) tben tbat tbiia! fubffance toftcdb fc able to recctue a bo- 

Dilefle djing , can bee no boop-, ano djat fo mud) tbe ratber,foj djat 

dje boop tobtcb feemetb to boto tt, contepnetb it not ♦ J3ap berelp, 

tf)i$ <§>oule of ours fa fo farre of from being a bofctlp fnb(lanre,an& 

in fo manifefrlp a Spirit ; djat to louge all djing* m it felfe,it ma* 

fcetb t|)em all after a ftyt fpirituall, and bereuetb djem of tbeir bo* 

me^ano tf djere toere anp booplinetfe in it , tt luere bnable to enter 

intotbeftnotoleogeof a booie ♦ &otna (BlaiTeadjoufanofljapcs 

are feene : but if ^e ctere of tbe (Slalfe ban anp peculiar fljape of it 

rtmte,$e ©laffe coulo perfo none of djofe ffjapea at aOlfo all &i* 

0ble tbmgg are tmp?inteo in tbe epe ; but if tbe figljt of tbe epe ban 

anp peculiar colour of it otone,tt tooulo be a blemiffj to tbe figbt,fo 

a* it fljouto eptber not fee at alt,o? els all tbiugs Iboulfc feeme like 

to tbat blemilb* Lifeetoife,l»b^ea^ dje tongue i« tbe nifcer ner of 

all taffegjif it be not ctere but combereo mitb bttmoursJ, all d)ing$ 

are of tall like to tbe bumour,fo as( if it be bitter, tbcp alfo be bitter; 

ano ifitbt toatrifb 3 djep be toatriflj tcojpea anu if it bee bitter, it can 

not iuoge of bitterncfle tt tittMW a djing map recepue al fbapeg, 

all colour$,ano M taftejai; it bebcuetli dje fame tt> be timt from all 

fbapes,from all colour, ano from all fauour of it mmte* 3no tbat a 

thing tttap in bnoerftanoing fenotne ano conceiue all bot»ir2f,atf out 

S)0ule Dorij a tt bebouetb dje fame to b& altogedjer bouplefic it felf; 



fpj T>an it anp bo&plint tTe at all , it couto not rescue anp bofcp into 
it* 3|f tt>& fake pet moje uderclp into tbe nature of a bonp,to& fyafl 
finfce tbat no bo&p tecciuetb into ft tbe fubtfantiat fojme of anotbec 
^opp^tuttbout lofmg a$ altering bis otone,ne yaOetft fro one fo?me 
into anotber, lutt^out tbe marring oftbe firff > as is to bee feene m 
tooo& tehen it reeepuetb ftre 5 in fceaes tobe n tbep fpjing fm?tb mta 
ii u&,airt To in otljer tljmg&sa&at is to be fain tbett of mans foule, 
toblcb receiuctb amironcepuctbtbefojmes ano fbapes; of al tbingS 
tyitbout corrupting bis atone* ana mo?eouerbecommetb tbe per* 
fecter bp tbe raoje recepuing'; jfoj tfje mo?e it recepuetfj , tbe mo?e 
it umaetftanuetb ; ano tlje ma?e it tonnerftan&etb > tbe moje petfetf 

3if it bee a botiilp fubtl ante, from tobence fa it ana of tobat mfe* 
tnre^Jf it be of tbe fotoer Ciement^boln can tbei giue1ife,baumg 
no life of tbemfelues**?^ bote can tbei giue tmwr&an&m&toutng 
jio fence*; Jf it bee of tbe nurture of tbem,boto map it bee fapa tbat 
of muers tbings tobicb baue no beeing of tbetufelues , Qeuiti be? 
mane a tbing tbat batb being 3 SDj tbat of muers outdoes (bonis 
bee maae one boop *; oj of outers booies, one §>oule ': oj of sitter* 
fceatbs, one life \ oj of timers osrfcnefTes, one figbt \ .iQap wrtljer, 
l»bp fap \»ee not tbat be tobtcb bepono nature batb ma&e tbe mix- 
ture of tbefe bodies , batb fo? tbe perfecting of our bo&p 5 bjeatbe& a 
ftouleaUb into tbeb^p^o be fl;0 t u ? tbepjopertieof abonp is to 
(utfer,aa& tbep?opertre of our <§>aule is to ooe<3no if tbebofcp bee 
tiat put f©#& bp fame after thing tban it feife, it is akerp blocke; 
toberas tlje tupim tbat is in our &ouie ceaifctb not to ftirre bp ana 
ititote in it feifea tbougb it baue notbing to matte it from tontbout* 
^berefo^e it is to bee conclu&eu b)> tbefe reafons ana bp tbe like, 
fat our &9ule is a boopleiTe fubftanee>nottoitb(iani)mg tbat it i$ 

Sun berebpon S foHojKtb alft 5 tbat ou* ^*mle is not mv ma* Vnmatcnaa.; 
tctial tfjingjfeafimicb <\s matter recepuetb not anp fo^me o? (bape 
liut acco^ing to W otntw qitantitie , artU but onelp one fojme at 
once,U)bereas our @>ou!e recepuetb all foimeg luitbout Qaanttrie, 
tame tbere neuer f j manp at onre o? fa great ♦ 9gapne,no matter 
anmttfctb ttoo cmrtrarp fojtmes at once ; buc our ftoule contn;rp= 
totfe com^ebensct!) and recepuetb tbem togetljer, as Sre anB m* 
ier,beate ano colD^Uibtte ano blacker anu not o:Kp togetber,b«t al- 
fo tbe better b^ tbe matcbing ano taping of tbem together* &o biz 
ft o& feeing tbat ty* moje toee pegart from matter, tbe mo?e t»« 


%$9 •PTKE T R E TV N ! S 

tnxocritant):ftireIp notbingfe n\o)t contrarp to tbe fubftanre of out 

&ouIe,ti?an (5 tbe nature of urtbermoje.if ibto reafona* 

ble feoule of ours to neitb<>r a bontlp no? a material! t!;mrr,noj iie^ 

pcnomarbpon matter hi tijc bed actions: tfcqpft^cn muflfit n£t>e$ 

be of ttfelfUttb uotp^or&De eptljer from boip oj from matter, jfoj 

tosfjat Dotb a boop bimg fconb but a bo&p ; ans matter but matter; 

mm material! but materiallcs % 3nn tljerefo^e it & an immaterial! 

ThcSoulc fubltance,t3t)l)tcij bati; being of tt feife* 

hath bean* of 35ut Jet bs fee tofjetfrer tbe fame bee corruptible anbmojtaHoj 

itfdf. no ♦ Sxotblp , if Plutarke bee to beteueo,(t i<$ in bapne tc "oifpute 

piutark in his tbereof* jf o? be teacbet!j,tbat tbc iadiuie of <$o$s pjoutfeer^anD 

c^a f Vhy k f ^ e lmmo ? ta ^ c °f our ^ ou ^^ aaifrffokeo togctber,tbat ti;e one 

the •HinifhT '* a,s an app^^t t0 #* ar ^* *« M berp Scioto tobat purpofe 

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tbcp labour to acfaee tottlj fo mud) fttti)tnc(Te. ^Lb'e <§>ou!e of man 

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(tantitng increafetb 5 becaufe bis epe$ are not btificn j ann fte cloe 

mans reaftm becommetb tijz mqic perfect bp tbe (ofie of bi^ S$t* 

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tbe ( §>ouIe tbe boDp;ano tbat tbe <8!aflb are out of tbe ^pectacleas 

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tfce eate tbe tiling; tbat bearetfytofjp noe teee not fee rfjtngg nubble, 
atto beare founntf nubble, feeing lac baue ram epes ana tm tares': 
3|t t* tbe ^)ouIe tijeu tbat feetfrmtn be a*etb ; ann tljcfe tobicb tuee 
rake to be our fences,are but tbe tnftruments of our fences* #no if 
ttben ourepejsbecflnffojpicktout , laeed^nbebolneatboufattD 
tbings in our mpnn ; pea aim tbat our knncrftanning is tben molt 
quickftgbten , luben tl;e qutckeft of am epfigbt te atf g©n as queu* 
cben 0? frarke nean : bote 10 it poOrble tljat tbe reasonable Motile 
fbouln bee tpeti ann bounn to tbe fences «:OT()at a reafon is it to fap 
ibat tbe S>ouIe npctb toitb tbe fenc^ 3 feing tbat tbe true fences no^ 
t ben grotoe ann mcreafe , ufeube inftruments offence Doe tipcV 
Sto tobat a tl;ing toere it ,' t*6p tbat a TSzaft is nean , becaufc fee 
jjatfo loft W epe^toben toe our&lue* fee tbat it liuetb after it batb 
forgone tbe epeg *: 9lfo 31 faw pjoouen tbat tbe £>oulrnf nettber 
tljt bonp,no? an appertnance of tbe bonp* <§>itb it tsr fo y tob? m** s 
fure toe tbat tljing bp tlje bonp,tot)icfrmeafuretb ai bonier make 
tbat to npetoicl>tbebonp, to^rebptbebonies tbatapen peamanp 
Ijunu^erj pares agoe,ooe after a certeine maner liue ftiU'tffi? tobat 
(an Ijurt tbat tbing, tobom noting frurtetfr 0? bntueretb m dje bo* 
aie^bougb a man lofe an arme, petnotb -W &&ule abine tobole 
ft illXet btm fo?ffoe tbe one balfe of lj& bonp, yzti& W S>mile a* 
founu ass afo?e:fo?itfa tofale in it felfe anotoljoleineuerp part of 
it felfe, toiiten in it frlfe ann in tfje otonefubftanceyan&bp tbe fojtre 
annpotoer tbereof it (beanetb tt felfe into all parts of tfyebonp* 
.^bougb tl)t bonp rotatoap b)> peecemeale, ftt abtnetlj tfje &oult 
all one and Mnumn#etuiet tbe blun njepne out,tbe mouing toe* 
toeake,tbe fences fapl?,an5 tbeftreng;^ periibranopet abroeti) tbe 
mpnn neuertbelefTe (buna ann liuelp ami to tbe enne ♦ Ijwr boufe 
mull bee pearcen ttyougfyon all Ktje0,ere(&e bee ciftotnapo ; Ijer 
j»aUes muft be battereo troune ere (befall to fleeting;;affi> 0;e neuer 
fb^faketbter longing, UU m rcmne be left ber to longe in> 'Crtte it 
fet tbat -flje b?ute 'Beaftes? fo^go botb life ann a^iotr tuftb tt)cit blun„ 
But a^ fo^ our g>ou!e ( if tuee ronfeer tbe matter toell ) rf & tben 
gatberen bomeinto it fel^ann tsbenour fenced are qtiendjenjtbenp 
^otb tt rnaft of all labour to furmount it felfe : tooo^king a^ g©nlp 
atfiong at tbetpme tbat tl)t bonp is at a popnt to faple it y pea ann- 
eftentpmeis farre gccnlper alio , tljan euer it nin During tbe tobole 
tifetpme tbtreot 3$ foj ejcample,it taketl) o?ner fo? it feife,fo? our 
|ioulbolD,fo? t&e Commontoeale,amj fo? a tobofe Eingnome ; anir 
tfcat witljmoie^jtglitneirej gonipneffe, tuifename^ annmonera^ 



tion&m ettet it urn afoje,pea ami perefcmce ht a bo&p fa fbjfyenf,' 
fo bare,fo confumefc, fo iwtbcreo toutfcout ana fo putrieeo tmtfcut, 
tfjat tobofoeuer Icok^ss bpcn ijtm fee* nothing but eartfc, ano pet to 
ftearefcim fpeake uiouto rauili) a man top to be ' .i, pea ano aboue 
fceauen, jf5oiu 5 U)beii a man fees; fo liuelp a feoule m fo toeake aim 
tojetckeoabo&p,mapi)enotfap as to fain cf tbebatcbing of Cf)te« 
kena,tbat tbe HjcII to bjoken,buttfjere comrnetlj fb?tlj a Cljicken* 
3lfo letba fotofjat to tljeojm'narp caufe tfjattbinga periffntf tee 
fcotb eptljer goe ont fo? toant of nourif&ment,oj to quendjefc bp bt* 
conttarp tobicb to toater^S&ater to refolueo into aire bp fire>U>btffr 
to tj to contrarp ♦ %\t caufc tofrp^BIant fcpetb, to ejtremttie of 
roloe oj tyougbt, o? tonfeafottablteutttng, o? bpolent pluckiitg bp* 
aifotbeliuingiuigltf apetbtfcougbcontcarietieof feumours, cj 
fo? toant of fa^o? bp feening topon fome tbing tijat to againft tbe 
nature of it,o? bp outtoato topolence*©f all tljefe caufes,tobicb can 
toe cbofe to Ijaue anp poincr againft our feoule': 31 ftp againft tbe 
<g>oule of man* tobidj (wittaitbftantjmg djat it be tomteo to matter 
ana to a bobie)to it felfe a fubftance tonbooilp 5 to:nnateriall,an* ou« 
Ip conceiuable in bnoerftanoing^^be contrarictie of rtjtngg^ jSap, 
tofjat ran be contrarie to tftat testify louget^ tbe contraries alike u 
quallp roljimfelfe *\ tobiclj bn&erftanaetl) tbe one of tbem bp tfje o* 
rijert tobtcfc eourijetlj tljem all tnoet one f kill ? anu(to bee fbo?t)i* 
toljom tije contrarieties tljemfelues abantion tfjeir contratiette , fa 
*$ tljep noe not anp mo?e purfeioe but mfeto: one another*: jfire i* 
&ote,ano toater colo { ©uc bonier miflike tbefe contraries anu are 
grrieueti bp tfjent; but our ntpnu linked) tbem togetber toitbout ep* 
tber burning o? c©lingttfelfe;ano itfettetb tbe one of tbem agaii.ff 
tbe otber to knotoe tljem tfje better, Cbe tbtngg tobicb azftrop one 
anotber tfyougb dje tobole to30?to,oo mainteine one anotber in rut 
inpnM » 9gaine,notl)ing to mo?e rontrarp to peace Aen luarre to; 
anti ptt mantf ntpno can fkill to make 0} matntepnc peace in p jepa* 
ring fo^ toarre,ann to lap eanteftlp foi tuarre in feeking 0} iniopinj 
of peace* €uen neatb it felfe (tobicb uifpatcbetb our ltfe)cannot boc 
contrarp to tbe life of our &oulc : fo? it feeketb life bp Deatb , anji . 
tieatb bv Itfe • 3no \$W can tbat tbing meete toitball in tfjc tobole 
toojtlo, tijat map bee able to ouertfyotoe it, ta)bicb can iniopne obe= 
uience to tbings mod contrarp? CQljat tben't^aant of fcone*: ©oln 
tan tbat toant ftooein tbetoo^lD , tobiclrcan Witt to feene on tbe 
iBboIetoD^lo*: ©^ boto (boulti tbat foifake f©oe^bic!) tbe fuller it 
to^fo muc^ tip yungrper it tojann t^e moje it fyfy bigetteu,tl?e btu 


let able it is to m'getf *♦ %\t boufl^ fcrigljt feesetb appon fome rer* 
tepne tbtngd 3 but our mpno feet>et& bpon all tying** ^afce from it 
tbe fenftblc t(Stng$ 3 ann tl;c t#ngg of bn&erllam>ing abp&e Uutb it 
fft!i:bmaue it o f ^rtyfp t!;tngs, rn^xfje ijer-uenlp remapne atom* 
fcantlp.Ca be ffjbf, ^afyitige tt of all to j$tojp tfjmg$ 3 pea ana ofe&c 
to^to tt fdfe,ft>t* euen tyen nocb tt feeae at greateft eafe.,$ maketfr 
bcHf tycereagnsablc to ijts ournc nature, 9ifo tfje bo&ilp xoid-Jjc fii* 
ktb tt felfe to a certepnemeafure , auti ueliglitetb m fome cntepne 
iftfttgtf* ^uttofjatcattftflourmpnD? jfili it ag full ag pe can u>!tl> 
ttyz fcnotolenge of things , ant> tt is IttTI eager ami fyarpe fet to re* 
teptte mo ?e.©je mo?e ic ta!?;e$ tn^tfje moje tt fttH crauetlr.anD pet 
fo? al t^at,tt neuer feeleri) anp tmne$t oj lack of aigeftion, £2%at 
©all 31 fap mn?e *; btfrijarge our tinaerftanaing fromtlje mpnainj 
cf tt fe!E>ana tljcn aorfr tt iiue m Iwmana of Jjtm m tofjom alltljmgs 
fcoe ltue*9gatne,fifl tt tottfj tlje fcnotoleage of tt felfe,ana tfjen aotfr 
it feele tt felf mod emptie^ana ffjarpeft fet fcpou aeGr e of tfte otljer*, 
jftotu tfjen.,can tljat ape c$ aecap foj &rant of foaae^fjirf) cannot be 
glttttetj tond) anp tfrtng > toljtdb fe nouriffca ana mamtepnea&itf* 
atftfjinga > ana tolitc^ltuet^tttberpti^ebppotifjtmbp tofjot&att 
t^e tljinga ferijicfo toe toonaer at Ijere beneath are bpfnia^ 

3na lu^at ete fe bpolence,but a tulHtng of ttuo baaresf togerijete 
«no fata can tijere be anp fuel) betto&ne aboate ana a fpiritttal fob* 
ftante^pea a? of turn fptrits one againft anotfjer/eeing t&at often* 
tymt& i»l;en tfjep tooula aeftrope one anqtlje^tijep lipOoln one ait 
atber^tarif tfje &ouIecarawt be puQjefratjtieit&er intoaralp nor 
outtoaralp: i$ tfeere anp tying m nature tyat can naturallp ijurt tti 
J2o : but it map pertyaunce bee toeafcenea bp tyeberp fozce of Dig 
tncomtterja* toeefeeit uotl) befallto our fences* tfoj tlje mo^e zi* 
t ellent mur t^e mo?e fenltbte tfje fttng w utfjte fcpmi tofyfyf fence 
recetueri;,fa mucb tfre nto)t dfo wl t&e fence it felf offen&ea oj grt»5 
ueo tfjertottb*9$ fo? e):ample,t!)e Selmg,bp fire;tlje tatte 3 l^ Jjar$* 
tteift; dje fmelling, bp fatmurtf tffo Rearing, bp tlje btoeoufneffe of 
»opfe,t»ljedjer it be of ©nmuerclappe 0? af the falling of aHtuerr 
antr t^e fig^t^bp looking bpon t^e §>unne,\jpon 5Tp?e^ntr tjpon all 
Irtjingsf that Ijaue a glittering tyigfaneflTe ♦ 3 omit^tfrat in tije mdlt 
cf tljefe tfjittgg 5 it fe not p^opevlp dje fence it felfe 5 but tbe outtaar> 
tn(trument offence onlp tWt feoffenueu 0? ljurt ♦ Btttlet W fee if 
tljete be tlieltke in our reafonable&oule , 3&fy, contrarptaifetlje? 
mojeofiMBerttamintganti ejccellenctetjattljetljtngisi, tlxmc^e 
totfy ttreftef^ amx cornet our mpjui*3if it bee narfee & a^ toeeim*- 



DevttoD it but bp Ijalued , fcfmrtetfj ba not; but pet Doflj it not ne^ 
Rgft 'os« J3ap,a3 toe mrreafe in twDerffauDing it,fb Dotb it like d* 
tbe better^D tbe btgbtt it fa, tbe mojc t)OCl; it Iftrrebp tbe potoet 
of our &:tt>?rt!affl>n?g , an* ( as pe tooulo fap) rcacbe t* tljc banuc 
to taftrefefli to tbe attepnementtfrcreof 9gfo; mm tbat are Dim* 
figbttD, tore faibiti tbem to bcbzlo tbe tljutgd tbat are ouecbu'gbt* 
iSitai foz fbrmtl>itare ofra'ujetfcapacitie, toee offer tbem tbe 
tljmg$ tbat arc moft SnDertfaimable* ££Jben tfje fence begtnnetb to 
pcrcepw mod Hjarplp, tben fa ttfapne to giue ouer,as (fit felt tbe 
fcerp Deatb of it felfe, Confraiptoifc,toben djempnu beginnetb ta 
DnDertfattD.,tben fa it mod uefitott* t? bolD on fftll 3nD tobereof 
c ommettj t&at,tmt tbat cur fenced foojftbp boDtlp inftritmenw,buc 
aur rcpnD luo^etb bp a boDtiefle fubtfance tobicb nccDetb not tbe 
ijelpe of rtje boop*3no feeing; tbat tbe nature,tbenouri(bntent 3 aini 
^t action* of our bottle are fo farre Differing , botb from tbe na* 
ture 3 nouri(bment,anD actions of tbe boop, anD from al tbat eur t fa 
none oj tojougbt bp tlje boDie: can tijere be anp tljing mo?e cbilDtfl) 
iban to Deeme our @>oule to be moital b^ tbe abating anD Decaping 
of our fence^o: b)> tbe mojtalitte of our boniest jftap contrartaife 
it map be mod founulp anD fubtfantiaflp concluoeD tberebpon,tbac 
mans <g>ode fa of it otone nature immoral! > feeing tbat an Dead) 
ag toefl fcpolent ag naturall commetb of tbe boDie ano b^> tbe boDie* 
what is death let bg fee furtber loljat Deatb o? corruption tt*3Ht fa (fap tbep) 
a feparating of tbe matter from bfa fo*me ♦ 3nD fo?afmucb as tti 
man tbe g>ou!e fa conttoerea to be tbe fo?me,an& tbe bonie to be a* 
tbe matter: tbe reparation of tbe gboule from tbe boDie fa comonlp 
caUeD Dead* . jftoto tben^tobat Deatb can tbere bee of tbeSoule* 
fitb H fa immaterial ag 3I batte fapD afo^anu a fojme tbat abiDetij 
eftt fetfh jfo?(a$ one faptb)a man map tafte atoap tbe roummeflfe 
ojfquarenelfefrom a table of Copper , becaufe tbep baue no abp^ 
fcing but in f matter : b\xt bat* tfyti futb a touno oj fquare fo?me,aj< 
mtgbt baue an abpning toitbout matter o) (tyffe tuberein to be,out 
of Doubt fucb fo^me o) Cbape fbouto continue fo^ twx.Sft*? (lubtci 
mop fa)botu can tbat be tbe corrupter of a ri)ing,tobicb is« tbeper* 
fettton tbereof \ Cbe leflfe co^fmelfe a man batb 3 tbe moje bat!) bt 
of reafon anD biiDerftanDing^be lefTc our mpnDS be tpeD to tbefe 
boDilp tbing^tbe mojeliuefp anD cbiirefuHbe tbep»9t aloo^D,tbe 
full anDperfect Iifetbereof,fa tbe full aim utter toitbD?aU)ing tbere* 
of from tlje boDte anD tobatfoeuer tbe boDie is maDe of* 311 tbefe 
ibinp are fo cfere a^ tljep nmz no pjcfe* JBoU) 3 U)C knoloe ftat 



t tterp tbtng toojftetf) acco?oing to tbe proper bring tberof,ano tbat 
tbe fame tobirij pcrfiectctfj tbe operations of a tbing , perfected) tbe 
being thereof alfo ♦ 3!t followed) tbetefo?e, ttjat fitl; tfje reparation 
of tbe boop from tbe §>ouIe,ano of tbe unme from tije matter,per* 
fertetb tbe operation o? tooling of tlje feoule ( ass 3 baue fapo a^ 
fo?e)it ootb alfo make perfect ano ftrengtben tbe berp being tbere- 
u^ano tberefoje cannot in anp tmfe corrupt it.9no tobat els is op* 
tng but to be cojrupteo?9no Uifjat els is cojrupting,but fuffering 4 * 
Sinn t&bat els is fuffering^ut recepuing < :9no boto cantbattobidi 
recepuetb all tbings tnitbout fuffermg , recepue corruption by anp 
tbing*; ifp?e cojruptetb oj marretb our booies, ana toe fuffer in re* 
repumg it^o ooti) alfo extreme coioe: but if toee fuffereo notljing 
I)pit,itcoulonotfrafebS ♦ C»ur fences Iftetoifearemarreobptbe 
OccefHue fojre of tbe tbtngs tobicb tbep ligbt bpon* 9no tbat is be* 
c aufe tbep recepue ano percepue tbe tbing tbat greeuetb tbem. ana 
fb? tbat tljemanerof tbeir bebauingof tbemfelues totoaros tbefc 
riuects, is fubiect to fuffering ♦ 3£utas fo? tbe reafonablefeou!^ 
tobitb receiuetb al tbings after one mancr 3 tbat is to )i)it,by toap of 
lmoerftaoing,toberetb?ougb itaJtoaptaojftetb f is neuer tojougbt 
into;boto is it pofltble fo? it to corrupt 0} marre it fetfitt 

Sto} tobat is tbe tbmg tobereat tmr £bcmle fufferetb augbt in tbe 
fubftance tbereof, 3| meane toberebp tbe fubftance of our feoule ig 
anp tubtt impapjeo o? b«rt by mpnomg o? concepuing tbe fame in 
tnoerftanoing <t 3s little oot!) tbe fire burt it as tbe ap?e , ano tbt 
ap?e as tbe fire.9s little burt receiuetb it by tbe frozen yet of Nor- 
wey,as by tbe fco?cbing fanos of Affricke. 9s little alfo ootb bytz 
moyt it as o? bytt ano bertue are fo farre of from income 
bering tbt fubftance of tbe g>oule 3 tbat our mpno ootb neuer con* 
reiue oj tmoerftano tbem better,tban by fetting tbem together one 
againft anotber* Cbat tbing tberfoje vobicb ootb no tobit appapje 
it felfe,but tafcetb tbe grouno of perfecting it frlf by an things , f au 
not be marreo oj burt by any tbing* 

9gein,iDbat is oeatb <: ^bebttermoft popnt of mottinfjaniitbe 
Wtermoft botmo of tbfe life* if o? euen in liuingtoe ope, ano in op« 
tng toeliue, anu tbere is not tbatdeptobicb toefet ootoneintbte 
life, U)btcb oootb n ot continetoallp ft ep fo^etDam bnto oeatb, after 
tbe mancr of a Dpall o? a Cloef^fobicb mounting b$ by ccrtcine 
fcegtees fo^gortb Ws mouing in mouing from ^inute to £pinute» 
3Lake atoap mouing from a boop, ano it oocb no mo?e line. Jf^otu 
let w fe if tfoefoule alfo be carpeouwtl; tbe fame mouing. 3!f it be 

£} carpeu 

242 o* rut TRIVVNU 

carpes tmtlj tlje fame moutng, tljen ootb it tm&outetrtp motie tfcerf* 
tutball* jftap,contraribrife,fc>bctber tbe mpnu red, or tobetber it be 
bu^peu about tbe proper ouerations thereof 3 it is not perceiueb 
rptber bp anp panting of bart,oj bp anp beating of pulfes,oj bp anp 
tyeatbnij of lungs* 3!t istbenasa^bippetbatcarictbbsatoap 
tombie, tttjetbertoetoalkeoj fitffill;tbe atckingfaft taljerccf o? 
tbe tping thereof to a pofte,binOeretb not our going bp ana oobme 
tn it Bftuajtf ine,if tbe feoulebe fubied to tbe finall corruption of 
tbe boop,tben is it fubiett to tlje alterations tbercof alfojanti if it 
lie fubtect to tlje alterations, itisfubiccr to tpme alfo. jFor altera* 
lions o? cbatmgcs,are fpices,or ratljcr c onfequents of mouing,anD 
tnoottingsarenotmaDe but in tpme* jftotomanmrefpettof tbc 
boop Ijatb ccrteine fiiH popnts or ttoppes,at tbe lofcieb be rcceiuetb 
manifeft cbaunges,ano tbcreafter grotoctb or oecapctb/£ut com* 
jnonlploberetbeoecapoftbeboDp beginnetb>tbere begmnetbtbe 
rbeef flrcngtb of tbe mpnb/ flpoubeic tbat in fome men , not onfp 
rbcir cbimies are cottcreb bmb ootone>buc alfo tbc ir beams become 
grap,tobofe minbs for toant of e]cercife,(beiae no figne atall eitljer 
jofrppenctfe or grotoing,$poreouer,timc(as inrefpeet of tbe bonp) 
cannot be calico agepne^but inrefpeet of tbe mpnu it is alteapea 
$tefenr t }Dea ahD tpmeperfectetl^accompliOjetb^nti increafetb our 
tnpnMm> after a fort renetoetb ano refreffljetb it from bap to nap, 
tobereas contrarpbrifeit fojtUiearctb , iDaffljetlj ataap ano quigbt 
ronfumetb,botb it fellatio tbe boop uutlj tbe We tbereof* 3it folio* 
fcxetb tben tbat tlje rcafonabie feoule is not fubtect to timenor con* 
fequentlp to anp oftbecbaungesaub corruptions tbat accompa* 
ripe tpme* jftap toe map fap tbus mttcb more; &fjat not&ing in tbe 
toljole dOojlo is ttttrnf&en britb t&ings better tljan itfelf; neitber 
bootb anp of t&em contepne greater tbiugs tban itfelf ; 15m tbe 
tbings tbat are corruptible oo line of corruptible tbings^anb can* 
.not lute tnitbottt corruptingrtbem r as for example , beafts Rue bp 
berbes,men bp beafts , ano fof©rtb* 3nb tbereforc tbings tuljteb 
lint bp bncorruptible tbtngs^ntrcanfo rceeitteanotiigcft tbem.aa 
to turne tbem into tbe mirrifbmcnt of tbctr nacui tjro pet not cor* 
mpt tbem -, are incorruptible tbem felues to, j&oto tbe feoule of 
ttian^, meane tbe rcafonabft foule ojmpnvonceiuetb reafon anD 
truecl),anb i^ feo ano ft rengtbetKD fcritb tbem, 9no reafon $ tructb 
«e tbings bncbaungeable,not fubicct to tpme,plare or alteration, 
tut fteope,bncbaungeaMe,ano enerlafting, ifor tbat t\riee tbmbe 
&tocr, auo tbat tljcre is cfje fame reafon int^je pppojtion of eigfit 


fotto fijttljatis of fotocrbnto tljjee,o? tljat in a jangle, tfoe tbjee 
Winer angles arc ctittallim'tljtljc too rpgbt angles; ann fuclj like; 
are truetfjcs toljicb ncitljer peeres noj tljoufanos of pecre* can 
cbange; as true at tbisbap,astljep toe**, to&en Euclyde firft fpake 
djem,3nb fo ftojtb of otljer tijings* 31 c follotoetb tljen £ tlje &ou!e 
rompjeljen&ing r cafon ant* truetb.toljiclj are tbings free from cojc 
tup t ion , cannot in anp uipfc be fubicct to corruption* 

3geiu , tobo i0 be of ail men t&at aeKreclj not to be immojf all ^ 
Sntj boto coulo anp man beOre it,if Ije tot&erffoobe not tobat it is* 
©jbotocouiDbebeabletobnoetftaubit, unleffeieiDcrc poflible 
fbj Wm to attepuetmto it* ^urelp none of bs rouetetb to be begin* 
aingleffe,foj none of us is fo; nettber can anp of bs be fo. 9no as toe 
cannot fo be,fo aifo can toe not compjeljenn toljat it te* jr oj toljo & 
lie tljat is not at Ijis? toitts r no , but onlp to t&mk bppon eternitie 
toitfjout beginning S ©n ty e contrarie part cfcere is not fo bace a 
mpno toljiclj cGttetctl; nottoliucfcjcucr^tnfomucb tljat toljera* 
toe looke not fojt it by nature ,toe fecke co obtepne it by f kill ano 
polltctc, fome bp booker, fome by 3imagcs, ano fome by otljer lies 
mces ; anD tntn tlje groiTefi: fojtt can toell imagine in tfjcmfcUicsS 
tobat tmme jtalttie 10 , anb are able bo tb to concepue it ana to be* 
leeue it* Sftljence comes tbi0 , but tljat our foules beeing creates 
cannot conceiuc an euerlaffingneiie toitljout beginning, ant pet 
ncucrt(jcletTe,tbat fojafmuclj as tljepbc creates immojtaUbeptJoe 
toel conceiue an immojttalitie 0} euerlattingnes toitljout cntf: ana 
tobercto ferues tljis bniuerfall befire,if it be not natural! % 0) (join 
is it natural! if it be in baine \ an& not onelp in bapnebut aifo too 
tying bs to $)z\l ana to 'Comment *t ilet bs toabepet beeper* C&lja 
can trifpute 0? once fo mud; agooubt toljet&cr tlje feoule bee im* 
ttiojtall 0? no,but &e t&at is capable of immoralities 9nb toljo can 
tm&erffanb toljat Difference is bettotrtmojtall an&immotfall, but 
fcee tljat is immojtall* Rant's able to bifcernetbe&iffercncebe* 
ttoeene tljat tobtcb is rcafon, anb tljat toljic& is not, ana tljcr ctjpoit 
toee terme bim reafonable^OBljofoeuer tooulb Ijolb opinion tljat a 
man is not reafonable , Hjottln neeoe none otljer oifpjoofe tljan l)i$ 
ctone btfputmg tljereof ; fo? foe tooulb go about to by rea* 
fom $0ancan fkill tobtfeerne tlje mojtall natures from tlje im* 
mojtall; 9no t&erefoje toe map toell fap be is immojtall, jTdj Ijee 
tljat (bonis btfpute to tbe contrarie,(balbe u?iuen to b^ing fuel) rea« 
fons , as (ball of tbemfelues make Ijim to pjooue Ijtmfelfe immo^ 
t&UVfyou fapett tlj c ^oule cau not be tmmojtall : anb tol;p \ "&t« 

€1 z caufe 


caufe(fapeff tfjou(tbat to be fa , it toouto bcbotte it to to<mfte fctte* 
rallp bp it felfe fro tbe bo&p* SBljen tbou tbinkeft tbat in tbp mpnty 
confioer tobat tbp bo&p ooorf) at tbe fame tpmc* Mw pet furtber, 
tobo batb taugbt tljee fa tuucb of tbe immortal! nature, if tbou tbp 
felfe be not immojtall H ©? toljat tao^lulp Wgljt can fap tobat tbe 
intoanfeing of a reafonable toigljt t^but ti)e toigbt to W in it felfe 
Ijatb tbe bfe of reafon*; 

2>et fapetf tbou (fill , if tlje @>oule be immojtaft, it fe fra from 
fur!) ami fuel) pafliams 4>oto entereft tbou fo farce into tbe jfrature 
tl>ac fe fo farre aboue tb& , if tljou tljp felfe beeft mojtall * 911 tbr 
x eafons tobieb tbou alle&geft agajgjttbe immojtalitie of tbe foule, 
noe feigbt oirectlp to tlje p?oofc oEitt jf o? if tbp reafon mounteo m 
l>tfff)er tban to tfce tlringa tfjat are mojtafl , tbou fbouloeft fcnotoe 
neitbermojtallno? immojtall* jftotoitte not fome one couetoutf 
man aboue all otber 3 tbat nefiretb immo?talitie,no? fome one matt 
^celling all odjtrg in toi(bome,tfyat compjcljen&etb it 3 but al man* 
kitfo txittljouc exception* 3!t i$ not tljeu fome one feuerall f kill oj, 
fome one naturall pjopertie, tbat maketlj fucb difference bettoeene 
man ano man ag toe fee to be betto&ne manp, but ratber one felfe* 
fame nature common to all tmn y toberebp tbep be all mane to oi& 
fer from otber liuing toigbtg^tobicfr bp no neeoe tjoe (betoeanp ae* 
lire tco ouertiuetl)emfelueg 3 nefcnoto boto to liue 3 $tberefo?e tbeit 
Jtpueg uoe baniff) atoap tottlj tbeir bloun,anti is; ejtmguifljeo toitlr 
fteir boniesf*3!f euer tbou tiaft loosen to npe,con(itier tobat oifcourfe 
t^oumaoefttljen in tbp mpnottljou cmtloettneuer perftoa&e tfy> 
confeience no? mafce tbp reafon to conceiue 3 tbat tljp g>oule ftoulD 
ape toitlj tbe 0i5oup ; but tarn in tfye felfefame tpme toben it mfpu* 
ttti) ageinft it felfe , it tbiftetb it felf 31 toote not boto from all tfjp 
conclulion^, antifalletb too confioer in tobat Cate it (ball bee, ana 
tobere it fljal become toben it is out of tbe boop^be epicure tbat 
fcatb aifputeo of it all W Ipftlong 3 tol)en be eommetfc to &ea$,te 
queaftetb a perelp penfion fo? tlje keeping; of a p&relp feaft on tbe 
aap of bis birtb*31 p?ap pou to tobat purpofe ferue feaftings fo? tfce 
birtb of a Stopne^aeingbe efteeme^ bimfelfe to be no better tbati 
fo *i JQap tobat efe te tbisf>t?ran a crping out of W Mature againft 
|)im, tofticl) toidj one too?& confutetb all \)i$ uaiue arguments *t $U 
notfter labouretb b^ all meaner poffiWe, to blot out in bimfelfe tfie 
opinion of immo? talitie ; ant» bicaufe Ije liat^ liuen toidkeulp in rijis 
too?lo, be toifl n&ott beare bimfelfe on banu , tftat tftere fe no %\& 
£tce in ^e too^lo tocome^ ^uc tfymti ^e tjme t^at tyt otone na* 



ture toaftetb,ami ffarcctli l3p as ft toere out of t^e bottome of a to a* 
ter 3 ano at tijat mffant painted) agame before bis cp£S,tbe felffame 
tbing tobicb (je t©ke ft murij pavttejs to ocface ; 3no in g©o fartb, 
tobat a number baue toee feene, tofctcf) baling bene oefyifers of nil 
ftciigi6,l)aue at tbe Ijotoer of oeatb bin glao to boto tfjeir Joules 
to anp &ainct fa? releefe ; fo cleere loas tfjen tlje pjefence of tlje life 
to come before t!jeircpe^3!^Ieuer(fapo2eno)to fee an Indiaa 
buroe btmfelfe djarefullp,tl;an to beare al tlje pbrtofopfjers of #e cicui.tb.i. 
toojlo oifcourfingof tlje immo?talitie of tfjefeoute; ano in berg 
uaoe ttt^a mucb ff ronger ana better concluoeo argument ♦ jftap 
tben , let as rather tap , 31 ljao#ner fee an Atheift o? an Epicure 
toitneffing tlje immo?talitie of tfee jg>oule,ano toillinglp taking ait 
Jjono?able faretoell of nature bpon a £>caffoft>,t!jmt to ijeare all tlje 
Doctor of t^e too?lo oifcourlmg of it in tljetr ptlpits* if o? tofjat* 
(better tlje Epicures fap tfjere 3 tfjep fpeafeeitaouifeolp ano (ass pe 
toouio fap)fre(banofaOing;toljeras all tfjat euer tljep Ijaue fpofcro 
all tfrttr life afo?e, ts to bee accounted but as tlje too?oes of D?tnu 
fcaros , ti)attes to toitt, of men befotteo ano falne allege in rije be* 
%bts and pleafures of tljis too?lo,loljere fyz £2ttne ano tlje ejccelTe 
af meate,ano tbe bapo?s t&at fumeo bp oftfjtmutti fpeake 3 ano not 
die men djemfeiues* mfat (ball 31 ftp mo?e«;3l &aue toloe pott al* Three iyucs & 
reaoie tljat mf intoaro man tbete are(as pe toottlo fap)ttj?# men* Man * 
tlje Iiuing 5 ti>e fenfitiue, ano tbereafonable ♦ let bs fap tljerefo?e 
tijjat in $e fame perfon djere are rij?& liues eontinueo from one ta 
another: namelp^e life of tlje pant,tlje life of tlje 3$eaft 3 ano tfje 
life of tbe Span o? of tlje bottle 4 §>o long as a man is in Ijis mco* 
tbers toombe 5 be ootb but onlp liue ano grotoe;ljis Spirit feemetlj 
to fleepe,an& bis. fences feeme to bee in a (lumber, fo as Ije feemetli 
to beeito tijing els tban a pant* JfteuertWeffiMfpe confioer bis 
epes, bis eares,ljis tongue 3 fjis fences, ano Ijis mouings,pou tuill 
eafelp iubge tbat Ije is not mane to befo? euer in t&at p?ifon,Uibere 
Ije neither feetfj no? ljearet^,no? bat!; anp rcome to toafee itt,but ra^ 
.fter tbat be is mabe to come fojtlj into an opener place , tuljere be 
map baue to^at to fee ano brijalo,ano lubcreloitl) to occult al tbe 
powers U)bt* toee fee to bee in ljmu3s fcone as fje is come out 3 be 
begmnetb to fee,to feeIe 3 ano to moue,ano bp little ano little falletft 
to tfje perfect bfmg of bis iimbes 5 ano finoetfj in t^is too?lo a pem* 
liar obiea fo? euerp of tbem 5 as bifible things fo? tbe epe , founos 
fe? W bearingjbooilp things fo? ijis feeling, ano fo fo?tlj, 3$ut bu 
fiues alltt^Uiefinoe t^ere a mpnoj ioi;icb b^ tfjeepes as bp tutu^ 

& S 5oiues 


aotoes bebotoetb tbe too?ld,and pet m altbe toojld findtngnot any 
onetbmgtoa>?tbp torcfttoboUpfcppon, mouutetbdpcabimtbat 
mane it^tobicbrnpno Ifte an ^mpiefTe loogetb in tbe tobole toojld* 
and not alonlp in tbis &o<r# > tuljtcb bp tbe fences (and oftentpme* 
alfo toitbout rfje fences) mountrtb aboue tbe fences, and ftrepnetfr 
it felf to goe out of it felfe,a0 a cfrtiddotb to get out of bis motber* 
toombe* 3nd tbetefoje toee ougrt>t furelp to fap y tl;at tbis SI3pnd 0;* 
Keafon ougbt not to bee etter in pjifon ♦ 'Cbat one day it (ball fet 
cterelp , and not bp tbefe dimme and clotoute fpettacles t d;at it 
fball come in place tobere it (bail baue tbe true obiect of dnoertfan* 
fcing:and tbat be (ball baue fjte life free from tbefe fetters? ana front 
all tbe aflfedtonjs of tbe boop* %t> fit fl)0?t,tbat as man is prepare* 
tn bte mtotbersi toombe to be fyougbt fco?ri> into tbe too?lo;ib is be 
alfo after a fo^t prepares in tlji&boty and in tbts toojlo, to liue iit 
anotber too?lo*£Oe ri>enbnderflano it,tobenbp nature it bebouetfr 
&s to depart out of tbe too?ld*3no tobat cbild it tbere tobicb(tf na* 
cure did not b^ ber tunning d?iue bim out,) toould of bmtfelf come 
out of b& CouertjO? tbat rommetb not out as gort a&fo?lo?ne atm 
fcalfe dead# ? tljat if be bad at tbac tpme knotoleoge $ fpoeeb,tooul& 
not call tbat dea:b,tobicb toe call birtfoand tbat a departure out of 
iife,tobtcir toe call tbe enterance into irt 3s- long ass toe be tb*re,toe 
fee notbin^tbougib our epes be open* sgjanp alfo dot not & mudj 
as (fere, except it bee at foirofodame fearing 0? fome atfjer like 
cbaunce-,ano as fo? tbofetbat ftirre, tbepftnotoe not rtmttfeep baue 
eptber fence o? mouing* Zflfyp tben fljould toee tbtnke it Oratmge* 
tbat in tW life ota- toioerftanbing feetb fo lit tle,tbat manp men d* 
tteuer mpm> tbe ifamo?ta!l nature,bntill tbep beat tbefaftcaft,pe* 
and fome tbmfte not tbemfelues to baue anp fucb tbing , botobeit 
tbat turn bp fo tbmStteg tbep (beto tbemfelues to bauepart tbere* 
oh 2nd imagine toee tbat tfre bnbojne babe fafy no tags mucfc ador 
b$ nature to leauetbepcojenunnnbat bete to?aptm,as toe baue* 
fcinderauce in our fences and in our impjifoned reafon,toben toe be 
at tbe popnt to leatte tbe gcoas and pleafurcs oftfn'ci too?lo,and tbe 
fcerp fle(b it felfe tobtcb boldetb *$ *& w * gtaue ^ flD? b*d tbe babe 
fome little ftnotoledgejtoottlo be not fap tbat no life toere comparai 
ble to tbe life tobere be tben te, ag toe fap tbere ig no life to tbe life 
gf tbte too?lo toberein toe be?©? tooulo be not account tbe ffage of 
our ftucees fa? a fab(e ? ag a great fo?t of M% account tbe ftagetbat i$ 
pjepareo fo? our ^ouleiai^eg; furelp: and tberfoje let te conclude 
ftfeere to ee bega% name!? tbat man i^ botb intoard and outtoard* 


3!n tfye outtoarfc man^tobicb fe tbe footite, \yz refembletfc tU bking 
ano tbepzopojtion of all tlje parts of tbe too2l& ♦ 3nu m tbe inner 
man be t efcmMctb inljatfoeuec fepnu of life is m al! tbings o> iti a* 
up ffyug tbat bearetb life m t!;e toojla^Vi fyte mmtlym \xmbe be 
Jiuetb tbe life of a plant , botobeit toitb tins farmer, tbat be bat!; a 
certepne commencement offence ana matting to!y t cb vcc&Dzfgz 
piant^ans aoe put bint in a reaspnelTe to be tmtetoefc toitl) Genres 
as a ^eatt tsu3ln tbis life be batb fence an& matting te tbetr petfec* 
tton^tobrcb is # pjepeme of a ferrfitme lutjbtjbut pet beSses tJjefc* 
$e batb alfo a beginning to reafon ann totaerftano, toljicb are a be- 
ginning of anotba* life fudi as 0t fcnfitiue toigbt feat!) not 5 $ tW 
life is to be perfected in anotber place ♦ %n tbe life to come be featlj 
t>is actions free ana full peifeeteo, a large ground to toojfce fcppoti 
able to fuffife bint to t!je full, ana alic$t to bis totterftanmng in 
Hear* of a ligbt to tijt epe*9nn like as in comming into tbt's toojls, 
Jje came as it toere oat of anotber tooilrs^ fo in going pet into ano- 
tber toojfo fie muft alfo goe out of tbis toojlo* jf)e commetb out of 
tbe ftrfc toojlo into tbe feconn , as it toere fapltng in nourifbment, 
fcut groining in ft rengtb totto mouiitg ano fence t ana be gortb out 
•of tbe fecono into tbe tbir&,faplmg in fences ana moumg,but gro* 
Hn'ng in reafon ana fcn&ertfasing. jf2Dto,feeing toe call tbe paflfage 
*ut of tbe ftrft toojlo into tbe fecono a birtb , tobat reafon is it tbat 
toe ftoulo call tbe paCTage out of tbe feconu into tbe tbtr v ueatbt 
%o be fbo&be tbat conGoeretlj bets all tbe actions of mans mpnu 
temrto tl>e tpme to come, toitbout poffMttie of (Japing ty$m tbe 
jnefent time,boto pleafant ana oeligbtful foeuer *tfie:toe map toefl 
Mrerne b^ tbem all 5 tbat bis feeing(tobitb ineuerp tbing(as faptfj 
Ariftotle) fotlotoetb tbe tooling tbereof ) is alfo toballp bent to* 
Snaras tbe tpme to come ; as toba tooula fap tbiS pjefimt life toere 
into itbwt as a narcotoe grinale^n tbefurtber fiae tobcreof(as it 
toere on tbe banke of fomeffreame 0? running lasater, ) %t toere to 
fintiebis true atoelling place anu berp borne in nmc+ 

^ut no)33 is it tymz to fe tobat is fapo to tbe contrarie : to^ere- cbicaionfe 
in toebaue to confioer eftfajnes tbat tufjtd) toefpafce of afo?e;nautt- 
ip tbat if all tbatetter is inus toere traufito?teanu mo?tall, toee 
(boulo not be fo totttp to examine tbe 31mmo?talttte as toe be : fo* 
of Contraries tbe f kill is all one. 3Jf a man toere not mojtall, tftat 
is to fap, if fee Ijas no Ipfe, be eoulo not Difpute of tl?emo?taUlpfe ; 
tieitber cctfn be fpeake of fyt 3!mmo?tal,if Ije ^btmfelf alfo toere not 
ammo^talL ^erefo^elet^^goebacfeeretrpue^ g>omeroantoii! 

U4 % 


fap y tl>at tye Lottie Dpctb toity tljc boop 3 bpcaufe tye @>ou!e ana 
ilje boop are but one tying , ana be befeuety tyat tyep beboty but 
eme^bpeaufe \yz feety no moje but tye boop* Cbis argument is all 
tiucuaitl) tyeiiS,tobity ucuperj tyat tyere is aup (£on,bpcaufetyep 
fatoebimnot* 33utpetbpbis nootngstyoumapftpercepue tyat 
tyere is a <0od j tiifcerne Ipketoife by tyeoooings of typ foule,tyat 
tyou bafte a g>oule, f oj in a oeao botip tyou feeff tye fame parte* 
remapne^bttt tyou foft not tye fame fcooings tyat toere in it afoje* 
&Ltben a man is neat), bis epe feety notying at all, aim pet is tycre 
notying tyaungeo of bis epe:but tobple bee is aliue it fety infinite 
tbings tyat are apucrs* ^\)t potoer tyen tobity ftety is not of tye 
hoDp* ^et nottoityftanning bQto Ipuelp ana qmckefigbteo fo euet 
tbeepcbe;ttfctynotitfelf*GBoonoernot tyerefojetyougb tyott 
Ijaue a foule, ann tyat tye fame fcule fee not it feff* jfoj if typne ep* 
figbt fatne itfelf; it toere not a potoer oj abiiitie of feeing , but a tou 
fible tying ; Ipkctoife if typ g>oule fatoe itfelf, it toere no mo?e a 
&oule tyat is to fap tye mooter ana quickener of tye bo&p , but a 
fcerie bo&p 3 bnable to Do anp tying of it felf, ami amaffie fubffance 
fubiectto fuffering* jfojtoefee notytng but tye boopana bomlp 
fubtfances* 3i5ut in tyis tyouperceiueft fometoljaufe tyan a bonp, 
(as 31 baue fapn afo^e; tyat if typne epe ban anp peculiar colour af 
it otone 3 it coulo not mfcerne anp otyer colour tyan tyat* Seeing 
tyen tyat tyou eoncepueft fo manp upuers bomes at once in imagu 
natiomneeos muft tyou fjaue a potoer in tyee tobicb is not a botip* 
%z it ( fap tyep ) tyat U)e baue a potoer of ftnee ; pet baue toe not a 
poloer of reafon ; fo? tyat toljicb toe call tye potoer of reafou m toi* 
fcerffanDing , is notying byt an ejxeliencie o? ratyer a confequence 
offence, infomuty tyat toben fence &pety 3 tye reSoeto trpety tyere* 
toity alfo, <§>©tyelp in tyis toljity tyou l;afte fapa , tyou bafte for* 
mounteo fence ; tobity tying tyou Jjatmetf not oone,if tyou fymtft 
notying in tyee bzyono fence, jf oj tobereas tyou fapeft, if tye fence 
ape, tye reft opety a!fo;itisareafon tyat pjocee&ety from one 
terme to anotyer 5 ann it is a gatyeringof reafons toljity conduce 
one tying bp anotyer* jfloto tye fences do in Dceoe percepue tyere 
obiects^ttt yet boto Ipuelp fo euer tyep be, tyep reafon not IZXz fe 
a ^mioake^fo farre ejctenaety tye (zncz^nt if toe inferre, tyerefye 
tbere muff neeoes be fire , ann tyercupon feeke tobo toas tye fcma* 
let tyereof : tyat furmountety tye abtiitie offence. Z&z bcre a peece 
of SpuCcke; tyat map anp bead no as toril as toe.'But bis bearing 
vHixiA but as of a bare torn - } toijerea? our Rearing tljerof i* as of 


«tt!)ffl:monp 3 anb toem'fcernetbecaufeof t^cronco^ m Difco^xjsf, 
tobicb eitbec ncltgbt o? offeno our fence* Wje tbing f> fjearetb t\yz 
fount) to tbe fcnc^bttt tlje tbing tijat togetb of tbat tobicb tbe fence 
concepuetb 3 i* anotber tbing tban tbe fence* 3Lbe Ipke te to be fapo 
of fmeUingjtaffing^amj feeling*©ttr fmelling of fents 5 our tatf ing 
of fauours, ano out feeling of fubftances, fe m neene tbe toaqfte of 
our <g>ences*35ut ass foj our waging of p tntoaro bertue of p tbing 
h? tbe outt&aro feuttbereofjoj oftbe tobolfomnes oj toniaboUbm* 
nes offco^e bp tbe tatfe tljereof , ox of tbe toljotneflfe o? bebemencie 
of a feaer bp feeling tbe pulfe;pea ano our pjoc&Ding etten into tbe 
toerp botoete of a man , toljetbcr tbe epe beeing tbe quicfceft of aB 
fences it not able to attepnejfureip it i$ tbe bwjke of a mojte migfc 
ttepotoer tban tbe fenced 3noin aerie oecoetbere are bealtts 
fcibicb bo bere,fee 5 fmeU,ta{fe, ano feele mucb better ano quicklper 
tban man ootb* 3?e tnottmtbftanoing none of tbem conferred tbe 
contraries of colo;t$,founti3 5 fentg aim fauouries ;ttoite fojtetb tbem 
out to tbe feruing one of anotljer , o? to tbe ferutng of tbemfelueeU 
C&bercbp it appeared) , tbat man excelled; tbe^eafts bv anotber 
potoer tban tbe &zncz$ ; ano tbat tobeceas a man is a pepnter , a 
Spudcian > 0} a pbifition ; beljatb it from elfoobere tban from bfe 
fences!* J2ap , 3! fap furtber , tbat oftentpmes toe conclude cleane 
contrarie to tbe report of our fences* ©ur epe percfjauce telletb b$ 
tbat a Cotoer tobieb toe fee afarre of ig rountj^bereag cur reafott 
oeemetb it to be fquare : 0} tftat a tbing is fittafl, tobicb ottr reafoit 
telletb bs is greate : oj tbat t^t enos of Ipues in a long fthilfce 00 
nteete i\\ a popnt, tobereag our reafon certified; bs tbat tbep rtmne 
tpgbtfainb toiti; equal! biffanceone from anotber* #*} toantof 
tins btfcretion , certeine Clepbanes ( faptb Vitellio ) tobicb ixiere 
paffing ouer a long bjtoge 3 tuweo bacfte beeing mz?\xz* ; anb pee 
tbep toanteb not figbt no mo?e tban toe bo3ut tbep tbat leo tbem 
toere not oecepueo*Cbeir Leasers tben bcSnes tfeetr el'Ggbt? l;an 
in tbem anotber bertue 0? potoer tobicfj cojreeteu tbeir fij#t , am* 
tberefoje ougbt to be of bpgber elTimation* 3!n iftz cafe ig it imtlj 
tbe rett of f otber fences* jf 01 our bearing telletb bs tbat tbe tfmn« 
' uerdappe k after tije lpg!)tening; but ftiH alTuretlj bs tbat tbep be 
botb togitber* Jfoj tbere i^ a certeine potocr in bsf , tobtcl) cm f kil 
to&tfcecttetobatpjopojtionis bet^eenebeannganu feeing* aifo 
tbe tong of bim tbat batb an ageio,beared) btm on bano tbat tnzn 
fugreisbitter,tobtcb tbing be knotoetbbpbte reafon to bebntreto* 
$0 be d;ojt D tl;ofe tufjtdj l;aue ttjeir fences moft qtuicfce an$ Ipuelp, 



bz net cf tbe created teifouift ann tmnet(tanntng*3 matt tberefoje 
tffieretbffom aJbeafl^ttfli excelled) men bp fomeotberpotoer djait 
fence, jfo? fcjeixasi ic is comonlp fapn,t!jat fucij as baue fame molt 
lire comemtp of greatet! ffcilfctol fee djat maw baue trauelen farce 
bs:b bp fta aim tao,tobtcb baue come borne a# totfe as tf)ty toent* 
foo)t\). 3 bo?feftatb ag goon epe3 a* betbatrpnes bpenbim, and 
pet fa? all bis traueimg, neither be noj paramtenture but Bpnet 
tobom be fczaretl) become anptoljtttbe topferbptbattobicb tbep 
fjaue feene: toberebp it apperetb djst it is not enougb to fee tbtngtf 
imlelTc a man no alfo mpnn tbem to btetenefite* 

jftoto tijei-e is great Difference beftoeene tbe Ipuelpnes of tftc 
1&zmz , ann tbe potoer tbat $dfuemedj tbe §>ence ; Ipke as tbe re* 
j)o?t of a &>ppe fe one tbtn&aitt jfte feppe btmfelf is anotber^ann 
tbe toifiwm of tbe Capteine tbatrecepnetb tbe report of tbe g>ppe 
is atbtrn.Jfrap 5 tobQ cannenp 3 tbat&enceannlI&afonarenpuer$ 
tbms* ; o? tatber tobo totlnot gra«nt,d)at in manp tbtngg tbep be 
tleane contraries S>ence binnetb tiaf Gbun ann efdjeto greef- tobere* 
.aal&eafQntoiUetb&S topjoferourleg fometpmeto tbe Sttrgum 
to be cut offence plucftetb our bann out of tbe 6re,annpet toe out 
fellies put fee to our bare (Tutu 5pe tbat (bouin fe a Sceuola butne 
of W otonebann,toitbout fo mud) as once gnaibingbte t&tb at ft, 
laouln djinfcebetoerebtterlp fenfieffe: fo nugbrtlpnootb Keafoti 
Duerruie fence. Cobefbojt, &encebatb bis peculiar inclination, 
tubtcb fe appetite; annl£eafou Ipfcetopfe bad; bfe , tobtcb t^ toil!, 
3nn Ipfce ag reafon notb oftcntpmes ouerntle fence ann is centra* 
tit to i^ fo toifl co?rectetb tbe feitfuall appetpte oj lixft tbat i* in &$, 
ann toarred) ageinft fc JFo* in an 3geto toe couet to njtnk, ann in 
an SpopTejcte toe couet to fleepe, ann in bungre toe couet to eate: 
aim pet from alltbofe tbings notb our )xiil reftrrpne ns*Cbe mo?e 
a man follotoetb bis Iuft,tbe lelfe is be leo bp toiflt ant) tbe moje be 
iiannetb fepon ri# pleaCng of b& feence^dje Jefle reafon nfetb be 

9gaine 5 letfcsJ conGner tbe fyutelfrraffeg tobtcb baue djfe fen* 
Uttue part as! toeK as toe* 31ftoe baue no mo^e tban tbat,boto com* 
metb it to paffe tbat a little d;iioti?tuetb toboleflacfceg ann beam* 
oftbemtobetberbe lidetb, ann fometpmes tobed^er djeptoouto 
not*: 2ffilbereof commetb it tbat euerp of tbem in tljeir hpnn 3 not all 
!iue,ueGle,ann fing afcer one fo^ttjtoberea^ men baue djeir laiDejf, 
CormttDntoealetf, tinners aP6nptoirtg , ann fo?meg{ ofreafoning, 
aicxo.nlpniucr^butalfo commonjp contrarp^jaoto^tobatcanbar* 



btt tfcefe contrarieties togetljer, but onelp rijat tolnrf) bat^ not mtp 
tbing contrary bnto it, ano toljerem all contract tbings Boe lap a* 
loap tbeir contrarietie^&urelp it is not tbe S>ence tbat can Boe it, 
tubofe proper oj peculiar obied is mod contrary to tbe fence ♦ TSt* 
fines tbis(as 31 bauefapBafbje) tofjereas toeconeepucimfeoome, 
f kill^bectue^ano fuel; otljer tljtngs tobicb are an boBile{Fe ? our fern 
ces baue none otber tbtngto toojfce upon, tban tbe qualities of bo* 
fcilp fubtfances:3toB tobereas toe make bniuerfall rules of particu* 
lar tbings ; tbe fences attepnrno further tl;an ta tbe particular 
things tbemfelues: 3no torijeras toe conclude of tbe caufes bp tijeir 
effects > our fences percepue no moje but tbe bare effects :9n& 
tobereas concerning tbe tbings tbat belong to tmBerftanBing 5 tbe 
tnojebnBerffanBable t^ bee,tbfcmo?etbep reftelb bS;€ontrarp* 
toife,tbe ftronger tbat tbe fenftble tbings are, tlje mo?e no tbep of* 
feno tbe %>tnct>Mo be (bojt, tbefelfefame tbing tobicb toee fpeakr* 
in bebalfe of clje&ences , pjoc&Betb from elfmbere tban ftom tbt 
feences ♦ 3nB toe toiilearelpBifcerne, tbatlje tobicb benpetb tbat 
beK&eS tbe common i&tncc tbere is in man a reafon o) tomerftan* 
aing, fcttf met ano fettered from tljc &>znc2 , is bopB bod) of fcnBer* 
Canning ann of g>encr* 

%ut fee bere a grofle reafon of tfceirs;£fris reafottoj {wtoer of 
tmBerftanning(fap tbep)tobteb is in man 5 ts corruptible as toell as 
tbe potoer of percepuing bp ^ fences* 31 tbinfce 31 baue p?©ue& 
vaz contrarp alreanie ; neuertbeleffe , let bs examine tbeir reafons 
pet furtber « *&be fo?me o? (bape of euerp tbing (fap tbep)notb pe* 
ri(b toitb tbe matter. J2oto, tbe gjoule is as pe tooulo fap $ fojme 
o? (bape of tlje boopitberfoje it corrupted) toitb rije bonp* Cbis ar* 
pmenttoererigbflpconcluBeB, if ittoerement of d;e material! 
fo^me.'But 31 fcauep?oue& tfcardje <§>oule is totmaterialljann l;ad* 
a continuance of it felfe ♦ 3n& in mw tlje moje it is Bifrfjargcn of 
tnattevfremoje it retepnetb bis otoite peculiar fojme ♦ <£berefoje 
tb* corrupting of tfce matter toucbedj mt tbe <§>ou!e at all* 3gatn, 
if mens joules litre(fap tbep)after tbeir boaies, djen are tbep in* 
finiteffo? tbe tao;lo is toitbout beginntug anB toitljout enmngjan* 
(as toee tnotot ) nature can atoap tm'tl> m infinite tlnrig: tberefo?e 
fbep Itae not after tbeir bodies ♦ ^es fap %?fo} 31 baue p? oueB ftat 
ti)t tnojlB ban a beginning , ana tbat toitlj fa ftibffcmn'aH reafons, 
as djou m not able to &ifp?o!te,'£berefoje it foliolDetf; tbat tbe in* 
tvnnmtnct tobicl; tbou aUcBgedcan baueito place.^notber hitijr 
3f oeaB mens joules line Gill ^ toijp come tftcp not to tell bs fat 



9nt? be t^nrikctf) be &atlj ffumble t> bpon a taconucrftil futtfe&eutfc 
But boto Bod) ttys follotoe tn rcafon ^ lEbere ftatij not comeanp 
man toito tiss from tbe Jnoics of a long; tpmc:crgo tljetc be no 3!u* 
Dtc^ ♦ Sfrap not tlje fame argument ki\xz as toell to pjoue tftat toee 
our fdursf are not^becaufc toce ncttcr toent tljetljer*: Slgame^toijat 
intercourse is tberc bettoametbin^s tljat baue booies, ana tljing* 
tbat baue no booies^ bettoene beattcn ano eartlj 3 amil&ering tbat 
tijere is fo fmafl intercourse euen bettooene men , tobicb \i\xt all ton* 
ner one felffame femme^lfpe tljat is maoe a s©agitfrate m bis otott 
Country , ootlj not toillinglp rettmte to tlje place of bisbanilij* 
mentXikctoife tlje @>oule tljat is f ongeo in tlje lappe of bis <SoO s 
ants come borne into bis natiue fople,fo^goetb tbe seCre of tljefe lo* 
toertbings,tobtclj to bis Ggbt bcffolm'ng tbetn fro aboue 5 arelelfe 
tljan tbe point of a j3riftIc,£Dn tfc-btber fioe^lje tbat is put in cloft 
pnfot^Cboto ocKrous foeuet be bee) cannot goe out ; fo tbe ftoute 
tobicb fc in tbe Japleof bis fouereine Lo?o <Boo 3 ljatlj no refptt oj 
fponingtpme to come teB as tobat ts none tbere ♦ SJnto rtje one> 
tbe bebolotng of tbe Cuerlafting (Sou is as a $aram'?e toberetn be 
is totfling to remapne;ano into tlje otber,bis otone conoemnatiott 
is an imp^ifonment of bis toill* But toe tooulo baue ©on to fenoe 
fcotb t^t one ano tbe otber tmto bs to mafce bS to beteue ♦ 3s toba 
tooulo fap,tt ffoooe i;mt greatlp on Ijano to bauebs to beteu^an* 
not ratber bs f> lue fijoulo beteue* 3no in effect toljat els is al tljis, 
but a oeGtmg £ fome man migbt returne into bis motbers toombe 
again^, to incouragepoung babes againfttbepincbes anopaine* 
tobtcb tbep abioe in tbe birtlj>toljereof tbep tooulo be as (bpe as toe 
bee of oeatlj , if tbep ^an tbe Iftt fcnotoleoge of tbem *t But let &£ 
let tiicb canities paflte,ano come to tbe grouno* 

gee beare bs on bano ( fap tbep ) tijat tbe §>ou!e of man is but 
one, tbougb it baue opucrs potoers* sabereof toe fee tbe fenfittue 
ano tbe grotomg potoers to be co?rupteo ano to perifl) t tberefoic 
itlljoulu feeme tbattbe UnoerlianDing o^ rcatbnable potoeralfo 
fooulo oo tbe lpke*9t a tocD}0,tl)is is al one as if a man ftoulD fap f 
poutellmee tljat tbis mau is botb again man, a gtoo S>to©?lu 
plaper,auO a gmn iuteplaper altogitber-, fr tljat bpcaufe W fto©^* 
falls cut of bis banti,o? bis ftano itfelf becommetb lame, tljerefoj" 
be cannot be a genu o? boiteft man (Wl as pou repoiteo bim tabf^ 
j^ap tbougb be lo& tbofe mftruments^et ceaffetb be not tberefo? 
to bee an boneft man , pea ano botb a ^toooaoplaper ano a lute* 
glaper to,as in reject of ftill, ipketopfe toljen our joules baue 



fd^Ofonetftefe C)cetctrt0,pccccanret6ep not to be tbe Tame tbep lucre 
afoje* ^o inlpgbten tbis popnt pet ma^e^oft^e potters of out 
g>ouIe,fome are cjrercpfeo fap tbe inftruments of tbe boote , anti o* 
tberfome ttitbout anp betp oj furtherance of tbe booie atalL'&bofe 
ttbicb are eicercpfeo bp tbe booie , ace tbe fences ano tbe potoersi of 
tbe fences; ano tbe potters of tbegrotting , ttbicb map earpe tbe 
fame likenelTe tbat is bettteene a JLutet ano a JLutz ♦ QBjeake tbe 
Jluters lute, ami bis cunning remapnetb ttill, but bis putting of 
it in pjactife fatletb^tue bun anotber JLute, anti be falles to plap* 
tug nette againe* put out a mans epes,ano pet tbe abilttte of fee* 
tngabp&etb ttill ttttb butt, tbougb tbe toerp act of feeing bk oifap* 
popnteo* 'But gtue bnto tl;e oloeft i£>ag tbat is tbe fame epes tbat 
Ije bao ttbenlje ttas poung,ano be (ball feeas tteHas euer be tito* 
after tbe fame maner is it ttttb tbe grottingoj tfyiuing potter* 
Kettojetttto it a gtoo ftomacfce,a founir itiuer,ano a perfect beate; 
ano it (ball execute bis functions as ttell as euer tt nin afoje* 'Cbe 
potter tbat ttojftetb of it felfe ano ttitbout tbe boop , is tbe potter 
0f reafon oj tttoerftamiing,ttbicb if tte ttil ttemap call tbe mpttfu 
3no if tbou pet ttill ooubt tbereof , confioer ttben tbou mpn&eft a 
tbing eameftlp ttbat tbp boop furtberetb tbp mpno tberein# tbou 
flralt percepue tbat tbe moje ffreolp tbou tbinftett trpon it, tbe lelfe 
tbou feed tbe tbings before tb#;ano t^t mo?e tty mpno ttanojetb, 
tbe moje tbp boop reftetb t as ttbo ttoulo fap tbat tbe ttojfcings of 
tbe boop , are tbe greateft bin&erance ano impeoiment tbat can bo& 
to tbe peculiar ootngs of tbe mpno* 3no tbis abilitie of fcnuerttau* 
tttngmapbeelilteneo to aman,ttbtcb tbougb bebauelottbotb W 
fcano ano bis lute, ceafTetb not tberefoje to bee a man ftifl, ano to 
fcoe tbe true o#oes of a man,tbat is to tttt, to oifcourfe of tbings v 
to mpno tbem,to bfe reafon am fitcb lifceypea ano to be botb a £\i? 
ter ano a matt as be ttas afoje,notttitbftanoingtbat be cannot put 
fcts JLuteplapingin ejcercifefo? ttant of iuttruments*j$ap, (ttbicb 
tnojeis) tbis bnoerftanoing part grottetb fo mucbtbettronger 
ano greater,as it is lefle occuppeo ano bttGeo about tbefe bace ana 
corruptible tbings, f fe altogether ojatten borne ttljollp to it felfe; 
as is to be feene in tbofe ttbicb ttant tbeir epes, ttbofe mpnos are 
cammonlp mod apt to tonoerttano , ano moft firme to remember* 
Doetteoebate of a tbing in our felues^Beitber our boop uoj our 
feences are budeo about ii> Doe ttee ttill tbe fame*: 9s little rroe 
tbep ftirre fo? tbat tan'&o bnoerftano ano to ttill (ttbicb are tlje o^ 
gerationji of tbe mpn&^tbe&ottfe batb m naue of tbe buoie -, ano 




as fo j tooling ann being, ttyp accompany one anotljer faptfi AnV 
ftotle, Cberefoje to continue Ml in being, tbe Soulefjatb not to 
Hoc tot'tfc tlje boop, no? anp neeae of tbe bonp: but ratljer,to to©?ke 
tuell an& to be toell, tbe feoule ouc^ijt eptijer to be toitbout tfoe bte 
bie,o? at leatftuife to be btterlp bnfubiect to tbe borne* 

2?ea(fap tbcp)b\it pet tt>e fee men fo?goe tbeir reafon, as fooled 
anb melancfjol&c perfons : anb feeing it is faigone,it map alfo b& 
co?rupteb 5 anb if co?rupte&, it map alfo ape: fo? tobat is bead) but 
an bttcr ana futt co?ruptnefle *t jflap , tljou (bouloeft fap ratber,S 
Jjaue feene biuertf tobicb batting feemeb to Ijaue lot* tfceirrigbt 
im'ttes , Ijaue recouereb tbem againe bp gob nptt anb mebicinable 
tyinkes ♦ 35ut l;ab tljep benp btterlp loft ann forgone, no pinficke 
couto batte refto?eb tbem agapne : ana ^an tbep bene btterlp peri- 
(ben , tbe parties tbemfelues fyouto ijaue ban neither fence no? life 
remapning^berefoje of neceflttie t\)t foule of tJjcm toas as founn 
as afoje, 3But our feoules toee fee not otljertoife tban bp rfje bobie 
anb bp rfje intfruments of tlje borne as it torn bp g>pecraclcs ; aim 
our mpna teljicb brijoloetfc anb feetlj tbjougf) Ijis imaginations ag 
tt toere tfyougb a Clotobe,is after a fo?t trubbleb bp tfjebtmming 
cf tlje Spectacles anb bp tlje fmoakineflfe of tlje imaginations*^* 
ter tfjat maner tije @>unne feemetl) to be bimmeb anb eclipfeb ; aim 
tljat is but bp tfje comming of rt?e S^one o? of fome Clotobes be* 
tto&ne Ijim anb bS ; fo? in Ijis ligljt tfjere is n? abatement at all* 
JLiketoife our epfig^t concepuetl) $ings accojbing to tbe fepecta* 
tics toljeretbjouglj it lookettj , o? accojbing to dje colour tbat otter* 
t&toartetlj tlje things torfjirfj it toketlj bpotn Cake atoap tlje impe* 
aiments , anb our epes (ball fee ctere : purge atoap tbt bumottrSj 
anb our imagination tyall bee pure: anb fo our bnberftanbing fljall 
feeasbjigbtas it bib afo?e, mm astbegmnnelbinetb after tlje 
putting atoap of tbe Clotooes*9no it fared) not baitl) our feoulejS 
as it botb l»iti) our bobies,tobicb afttr a long CcknelTe retepne tttH 
cptljer a ^arbnelfe of rfje ^>plene, o? a (bojtneffe of b?eatb,o? a fal^ 
iingof tbe Ubetumebppon tbe itmgs, o?a fkarreoffome great 
tuouno tbat cannot bee toojne out becattfeof tbe b?eake tbat loa* 
ntabe in tbe ba^ole » jf o? neitber in tbeir bn&ertf anbing , neitber m 
cljeir brilles bo our Joules feele anp abatement, fauing tijat tbere 
abpbetb fome mapme o) blemilb in tlje inffruments 5 to U)it (as 31 
toili neclare bereafter)fo farre fcoitb as it pleafetb c^OD fo? a iutt 
jtmiCbmeitt , to put tbe g>oule in fubiection to tbe bobie tuljofe fo^ 
ccrejne it toatf createb to Ijaue bene , becaufe it l;atl; neglecteb tbe 


\M of tbe Creator to follotue tbe luffes aim Ipkmgg of tbe booie* 
Cbitf appeared; in lunaticke foite antj fuel; otijera , tobicb Ijaue 
tftetr toittes troubles at tpmesi ano bp fittest* f o? tljcp be not toer e& 
but at tbe (faring of tbett burnout , beeing at otber tpmess fober 
mro ujcU cnougb ffapeo fa tbeir tnitte-s ♦ Cbe like is feene in tbem 
tbat baue tbe falling Itc^nelTc* iTo? tbeir imoerftammtg feemetb to 
be eclipfe^ano ag it tocte ttttimx toitb a 'Cbtmoerclap, nuring tbe 
tpme of tbeir fitter ; but aftertoaro tbep bee as oifcreete as tbougb 
tljep apleo nothing* 'Co bee fl;o?t,tbe bo&p fe fubiect to a tboufauu 
mfeafe$,toberetoitb tofc fee tbz fcnoertf anomg to bee no tobit «flte* 
reo , becaufe tbep toucb not tbe inftrumentg of tbe g>eitce$ ano of 
tbe 3imagmation$,tobicb moue ft* Mtoerilamjmg^roubleD tt i& 
in oeeoe bp tbofe fetoe tbingg onlp, ttfyiti) infect tbz S>ence ano tbe 
pagination, tuljicb bp tbat meaner report tbe tbings imfattbful* 
Ip tobereon tbz mpnn oebatetb^berfoje pe fljall neuer fee anp bo* 
uie out of bte toittetf o? out ofijt'js rigbt mpnu, m tobom tbe pbifi- 
ttou^ map not manifettlp percepue, eptber fome uefault of tbe in* 
fftumentg , ag a miibapen aim mifpjopojtioneo Ireao ; oj ete an o* 
ueraboun&ing of fomemelancbolikebumour, rtjat troubles an* 
marreu f^t;^ boxtiz afoje ft troubles oj mtpapjen W mpn&»3no like 
as tbe toifeft men being mzpuzK by falfe fi£ppe$,&o make te?ong 
iielibetatron0,botobeitpet groum&o bpo g©o reafon^bM) t&mjj 
tljcp coulo not hoc bnleflTe tbep torn ttufc in o&oe : <§>o tbe rtafon 
tbat fe in our mpmi maketb falfe m'fcoutfetf, ami gatberetb to?ong 
concIufiong 3 t>ppon tfrc falfe reports; of tbe imaginations •, tuljtcfe it 
coulo not uoe^if it tore eptber uimimfbeu oj tmpapje&5 oj none a* 
toap* SBbereunto acco-ioetb tb& awtfient faptng^ That there bee 
certeyne folfyes which none but wife men can commit, and 
certeyne Errors which none but learned men can fall into: 
becaufe that in fome cafes, difcretion and wifedom are requi- 
lite in the partie that is to be deceyued, euen to the intent he 
may bee deceyued ; and learning is required in a man that he 
may conceyue and hold a wrong opinion . Ste fo? erantple, ta 
be begupto bj> a mibbletiealtng g>pp m by tlje furp^idnKof a cofe* 
ning letter 3 belongetb to nonebut to a tmfe man* jro? a grofi)eatie5 
fcolenetterfyeaketb W bwnz about fudb matters as; migbtb?mg 
bim to tbe mafeingof falfe conrluamia by miftt&inziikzlyl)®** m 
fieau cftrutbXiketoifeto fallinta^refiebpmifcontepumgfome 
bigb ano neepepopnt^befalletb not to an ignorant perfon; fo2 ftet* 
not of capacities nept^eruotb tyt bunerfta^mg mount fo'btgfe 


Co be (T)0?t,tobofoeucr faptb tbatmans <§>oule pertffjetb toftfj t&e 
borne, becaufe it is troubles bp tljc oiffemperature 0? mifp?opo?* 
tionateneflfe of tbe borne-, map as toed fepboln tbat tbe Cbtto m ftc 
mcotbcts toombe trwb untb fjief mcotber 5 becaufe be mouetb tuttb 
bcr,ano to partakerimtb free of bee barmes ana tb?otoes,bp reafoit 
of tlje ftrcpt contuiutton tljat is bettocene tbem;botobeit tbat many 
cbilo?cn baueliueo fafe ann foum^nottottbtfanmng tbat tbeir moa* 
tbers baue&peu ; pea ana fome baue come into rtje toojlo tarn bp 
tbe nearij of tfjeir makers* 

Sim tobereas fome fap , tbat becaufe out ntpnu coneepuetb not 
anp tbing bere,but bp belpe of pagination; tberfo?e toben tbe 31* 
imgination 10 gone toitb tbe wftruments tobereunto it is tpeo>tbe 
g>oule camiot too?fte alone bp it felf, no? cofequentlp be alone bp tt 
felfet furelp tt is al one as if tfjep (bouto fap,tbat becaufe tbe Cbito 
being m bis mcotbets toombetafcetb nouritymentofberblutibp 
bis nawtfljtberfoje be cannot liue tobe be tt come out of ber toomb, 
if bis nauillft rings be cut off* iftap rontrarpUufe 3 tben is tbe tpme 
tbat tbe moutb^tlje tongue , ann tbe otber parte of tbe Cbilne ooe 
tbetr ouette 3 tobtcb ferueo erft to no putpofe/autng tl;at tbep tuere 
p?epareo fo? tbe tpme to come* 9fter tbe fame manet alfo ooe toee 
cberity our mpnb bp 3Imagination in tbis ftconu life ; tobtcf) in tbe 
tbiro life being ( as pe toouto fap ) fcapeti out of pjifon,(bafl begin 
to totter bfa operations bp btmfelfe,anb tbat fo mttcb tbe mo?e cer* 
tepnlp,fo? tbat it (ball not be fubiect to falfe repo?ts,no? to tbe fen* 
tes eptber intoara 0? outtoam , but to tbe toerp tbings tbemfeluea 
tnbtcb tt fyall batte feene ano leatneo^o fcee (be?t 3 it (ball ttue 5 but 
not in p?tfbn;it (ball fee 3 but not tb?ougb ^peetarle^it (ball tmaer* 
tf ana,but not bp repo?tS;tt (ball Itff ,but not bp toap of luffing i tbe 
infirmitie tobtcb tbe borne caftetb bpon it as noto, (ball tbeu bee a* 
toap:tbe fo?ce tobtcb tt b?ingetb noto to tbe boap,(bal tl>en be mo?e 
fteft anu liuelp tban afoje* Jl^oto tbeit,nottottbftam>tng tbefe aaptt 
reafons of tljeirs,let bS conclune, Cbat our foule is an tontierftans 
uing 0} reafonable poller 5 ouer tbetobiebneitbemeatb no? co?s 
tuption baue naturafip anp potoer,altbougb it be fitteo to tbe borrp 
to gouerne it ♦ 9im if anp man tioubt bereof , let bim but examine 
|)imfelfeifo? euen \)i$ otone Doubts totll p?oue it tonto butt* ®) if bt 
tDilldano in contention ttil,let bim fall to reafoning toitb bmiftlft: 
fo? bp concluoing bt'S arguments to p?oue bte S>oule mo? tall , be 
©all giue iuogement btmfelfe tbat it is immo?talT* 9no if 31 bmz 
left aap tljtnguuaHeogen tol;icl; migl;t make to t^is pwrpofe^ (fo? 


hrfjp map 3! not,fcmg tbat mm tbe felfiame tftingtfltffefcfe 31 ftatte 
Inn able to alletrge on tljebrbaifofittpiTeaBuerfarit^.na^tuetljeirt 
tbereunto*:) let bg: tbmfte alfo tljat l>e ua^tcl; fcelcti; bimfclf coning 
ten tit bimfelfe, atto fo? tobofe bebaife ana benefite it nterc greatly 
totb to beteue it ano to confefle it, nriecetl) \\» moje biligent p?ofe 
tban featb bene mane alreatrie ♦ *&ut if anp man arill pet of fppgbt 
ftanntoilfullpMaptnabtmrelfe, Ictbim trpebfltobecanmakc 
anfwer to m? fojefapa arguments : ana in tfje meane tobfa let bs 
fee taljat tljc fapa opinion of tbe tutfelt men , pea ana of tlje toljolt 
too? to batb bate bpon tfyi$ mater* 

The xv. Chapter* 

That the immortalitic of the Soule hath bene taught by 
the Philofophers of old tyme,and beleeued by all peo- 
ple and Nations. 

©ortrfp it fjabbeue aberpjat&c cafe,fft&fa 
mpnu of ourg toljid) fearc betlj fo man? tijingtf 
in nature,l)ati not taken fome fepfure to fearcfj 
it felfe ami tbe nature tI;erof,anb bp fearcbing 
j attepttcb to fomepopnt nt tljat brfjalfe ♦ 9nt> 
I tbereftne ass tljere baue at al tpmes bent men, 
!fo (ball toe fee alfo tljat men Jjaue at all tpmetf 
fceteueb $ abmittetj tbe immojtalttie of tbe Sbom>,3i fay not fome 
xme man o? fome one Ration , but tbe toijole toojlb tutt^ generall 
confent , becanfe all mm bniutrfallp ana perticularlp fcaue learnefc 
it in one fertile , ana at tbe moutb of one Ceacber , namely mm 
tbeir otone fcnotnle&ge nt tljemfelueg* Cbe fcolp Scripture toljicfj 
teacbetb ba onr faluation , bfed) no fcb©leargument$ to make b$ 
belaue tbat tljere fe a (Sob: anb tljat fe becattfe toe cannot ftep out 
cfourfduea neuer fo little, but free muff ftce&etf ffnnebimpiefent 
to all our %>mtz& ♦ 3nb it feemetlj to fpeafce bnto w tbe IcflTe ej;< 
p?e(Tp of tbe immojtalttie of our foules, fpeciallp in tlje firft bafcW 
iberof,becaufetoe cannot enter into our felucs be it neuer fo little, 
buttDemttff nriaieg perceiue iuTBut inafmucb as from tlje one ena 
hereof to t(je otI;er, tt bedarefy bnto bg tbe toiU of (Sou ; in fo so* 

m tag 


ing it &ot& bs to bn&erftaffl>,tf)at it is a tying toberoftt t'smrt late* 
Theopinion full foj bs to Doubt ♦ 9no toljereas it fettety fo?ty fo pjecifelp from 
of the Men of age to age,tye great aim manifblo troubles; ana paines tobity goto 
old tyme. antl g 0l ,xp mm ty mt fuaepnen tit inoeuering to follotoe tyat toiiyt 
(betoetytrfafliblptyattyeirfo Doing toas in anotyet refpecttyatt 
foj tyis pjefent tojettyeD life ♦ ,ff oj tobo is be tbat toouto Depart 
toity anp pace of i>is otone Ipfcing m tbti3 life 3 but in bope of better 
things*: ano tobat toere it foj bim to lofe fjis life , if tyere toere not 
anotyer life after tyist^bis feruety to anfiuer in one toojtr to furij 
as oemauno eitpjefle tejts of Scripture, ano are loty to finoe tbat 
tying in tye 3ftpble,toi)ity is cotepneo tyere,not onlp in euerp leafe 
but aimoft in euerp line* jfoj tob*rec# (Sou creates man after tye 
too?to toas failp fintfteo ano perfected nws as mud) as if fjeijaa 
fcjougijt fr im into a Wjeatre pjepareo foj Ijim , botobett after atto* 
tyet fo?t tban all tye otyer liuing tyings ttrfnty toere to Do fcim fer< 
uice*9s foj 3$eaffes,^irDS,piants,anD futy otyer tyings,tye €* 
Jements bjougfjt tyem foojty : but 9^an recepueD bis g>oule bp in* 
fpiratttm from (Son, 3lfo tye tyute Beafrs are pxtt in fubiectimt ta 
man,butman is in fubiection onelp Unto 6od> 3nD tye conuepmg 
cftyat gott man Henocke out oftyis life foj bis goDlinefle 3 toaS 
to none o tyct ettn 3 b ut to fct l;tm in anotber life bopo of all null ami 
TbcWcefe of full of all g<DD*But tofcen toe reaDe tbe perfections of Nde,tye o* 
the Pauiaxkcs. uertytoartings of Abraham , tye bamQmtent ano taapfatings of 
*"* Iacob,am*tye otftreffes-of Io{eph,Moyfes,auD all tyetefiDetoe of 

tye jFatyers ^rtjep be all of tyem Demonftrations tijat tyep DiD tm 
tepnlp truft anobeleeue tyat tye g>ouie is immojtaa r th%t tyere & 
anotyer life after tyts,amr tyat tyere is a iuogement to come ♦ jf oj 
ftaD tbep bene of opinion tbat tftere fe none otijer life aftertbiS;tj()C 
fleft luoulo baue perfmatiety tljem to baue Wo tbemfelues in quiet 
iere, ano tfyzp tooutoftaue Iikeo nothing better rijan to baue follow 
toeo fiwdetlp ^e cSmon traue of t&e too?lo,Noc among ijts fremrs, 
Abraham antong tbe Chaldees,Moyfes in Pharaos Court ? ana 
fo fao?tb*S>o ften,altbougb tbe Scripture feeme to conceale tt^et 
uatb it fpeafteberp lotme thereof in naDe ., confiocring*ttet all tbe 
crpes of tbe g©u ann goolp, anoalltbe trefpap^es oft^eurickeii 
tolricb it Defcribetl) bnto ^ooe fount! none ot&er tying bnto bs, tf 
lye baue eares to beareit* 3m> it map bee 5 tbat in tbe fame telpett^ 
tyis artirieof tye3mmo?talitteof tbefeoule toas notput into tbe 
auncient CraoeoftyeIev*rcs , no? alfo peculiar!? into tbe Craw 
*f te Cfottttans 9 becaufe tot* beiauc beponu rca&n, ano tbis ii 



toitbfe tbe bounos of reafon ; ano tobofoeuer treated of fteligioii 
muft naoes p?efuppofe <$oo eternall ano man mtmo?tan,toMbouf 
tfje tobicb tt»o,all Heligion toere m bapne* Mojxfym toe fee tt»at 
€Mlinefle,3Iti(h'ce,ano bertue toere commenoeo among tbe f^ea* 
fben of ail ages : it is all one a* if toee ffjoulo bcare tbem p?eacb in 
ejcp?efle too?os tbe 3!mmo?talitie of tbe feoufotf o? tbeir fo ooing 
is! buptoeo euerp tobit tippon tbat,as bppon a foundation tombout 
tbe tu^td) tbofe tbings coulo not flatty 31 toiU fpeno mp gooes o? 
mp life fo? tbe maintenance of 3!uffice* 22Jijat is tbis 3Iuftice but « 
fcapnename,o? totobat enobaueSlfcmanprelpects, if 31 Icofcefoj 
tiot^m^ out of tbis p^efent too? to bere * 31 tuifl(fapo a man of otoc 
tpme)ratber lofe euen tbe reputation of an boneft man,tlj a befjaue 
mp felfe otbertoife tfjan boneiHp ♦ QBut toljp fljouio 31 foe fo, if 31 
Me fo? no gootj in another too?lo, feeing 31 jaue nothing but tuiU 
tjere'rfeurelp ift^erebenoneot^rt^mgt^antljfelifejtfrenfetjei:* TjicwifcMq^ 
tue to be bfeo no furtber, tban p?ofite ar.o commooitiemap grotoe of *&**■ 
&pon it; ano fo fl; outo it become a Cbaffer ano Sgcrcbano ifc,^ not 
fcertue in oaoe l 2>et notfcutbftanoing,tbofe are tbe o?oinarp fp«« 
tbes 3 euen of fucb as fpeafce ooubtfullp of tbe 3Immo?taIitie of tbe 
£>ouie i %i)tt tfojc tbep ooe but oenpe tbe grouno ano pet graunt 
*b* cefcquencc-,tuf)i(lj in all one as if a man bauing firtt bin burnef, 
ftoulD fall to oilputingtabetber fire be b or o? no* l&ut noto (tobicti 
ts better fo? bs ) 31 fcrill bett gatber togetber tbeir otoue fpacfce* 
*ne after anotber* 

Hermes oeclaretb tnljfe PeemanderJbotoat tbebopceoftbe e* Homes mW 
tterlaffing,tbe Clements p&loeo fo?f b al reafonletfe liuingluigbts Pamandcr. 
as it bao fan out of tbeir bofomes* 3$uttoben be tommetb to man, tori*. vW* 
ijefaptb,He made him like vntohimfelfe,he linked himfelf to TwinncM 
him as to his Sonne,(for he was beautif ul and made after his ^@J au s 
owne Imagejand gaue him al his works to vfe at his pleafure. 
Sgaine , be erbo?tetb him to fo?fafee W borne , ( nottottbffanoing T * ^ f , 
tbat be totontier greatlp at tbe cunning too?feman0jip tbereof ) as *{f® n f* '- 
tbeberp caufeof bis oeatb, ano tomanweiis&oulefcjbirf) is t*-- ^^ 7 'f , ^♦ 
pable of tmmo?talitte,^ to confioer tbe o?iginan note from labencs 
it fp?ang,tobi^ i* not eartblp but beauen!p,ano totnitbt»?atn bmt^ 
kUmm from bis fences ano from tbeir traiterous anurements, 
tof after bimfelftoboflp into tbat mpm of bis tobicb te b*ti> from 
<Boo, aim bp tbe tobtcb be following i^oos tno?b 3 map become as 
<£2DD* Difcharge thy felfe (faptb be)ofthis body which thou 
beareft about thee a for it is but a cloke of ignorance, a foun- 

K z datioa 


dation of infe&ion 3 a place of corruptio, a liuing death,* fen- 
(i blc carryon^a portable graue,and a houfehold flat* 
tcreth thee becaufe it hateth thee, and it hateth thee becaufe 
it enuieth thee.As long as that liueth,it bereueth thee of life, 
and thou haft not a greater enemie than that . jftoto, to Uoljat 
purpofetoetett foj b*m tofo^fahe tins; Itoffjt , tljtsf atoentngplace 
antr tbto life , if betoert not fur* of a better in another too?lo(a0 be 
Hcrmwinhis ^ mftlfe fa P^ mojelargelp aftertax ?)flDnri;eotber Gt>e,tobat to 
Pocmandcr. $>* Sboulc '; The Soule (fapt!) be)is the garment of the my nd, 
up.ia and the garment of the Soulcis a certeyne Spirirwta reby it 

is vnited to the bodie. And this Mynd is the thing which wee 
call properly the Man,that is to fay a heauenly wight which is 
not to bee compared with Beaftes, but rather with the Gods 
of Heauen,if he be not yet more than they .The Heauenly can 
notcomedownetothe earth without leauing the Heauen, 
but Manmeafureth the Heauen without remouingfrom the 
i ia-kiJ^H earth .The earthly man then is as a mortal! God>and the hea- 
iivdfHi ©% uen ty God is as an immortali man .^o bee fljojr, bto conetofion 
to>%b&t man to imbbIe,mojtaH a$ touching W btfam&mfmaf* 
tan ag taitcbing W feoule r tofotcfr S>ouIe to tbe fubffanttafl man 
ana tbe berp man ereateo tmmemadp of <Sot> (faptb bt)&$ f figbt 
HermttinFus tobjefc tmme&tatlp of tfje Valine ♦ 3noChaleidiusfaprbtbatat 
Efculaphis. ty$ treatfrbe fpafcetbefe toojbeg . I goe homeagaine into mync 
AEnaeas Gaz. o ^ ne countrie.where my better forefathers and ktnffolk be. 

concerning the ~ J « , J «. .... », 

immortaiftic C£ Zoroaftres toljo to pet of mo?e anttquitte tfjan Hermes,U)e 
of the souic. fcaue notbing but fragments* jfteuertbeleffe,manp report ft is; at* 

Chaldeans, titlt t0 be on * of W > ^ at mzn * Routes are tmmoj tal^ann tijat 
one trap djere (ball be a general! rpfing agahie oftrjeir boateg ; ana 
tbeanftoers of tbe (LfttfemmofChaldye (tobo are tbe bent* of 
|it0 Dottrine) uoe anfbaer fufficientlp foj bmt ♦ ©jere to one tbat 
ertjojtetb men to returne totrir fpa&e to tbetrbeauenlp fatbrr 3 tobo 
Ijatb fern rijemfrom aboue a <§>oule imjeta* tottb mucb bnoer* 
ftanutng^tio anotber tijat etfjcntetb r!;em to feefteljtara&tfe as tbe 
peculiar utoeUing place of tbe g>oule.3 tbttb faptb djat tbe g>ottte 
of man batb (Son as it toere ftttt bp in it ,. ano tbat it batfr not anp 
mojtautie tbereim jFo? (&?$ be) tbefeoule to ag it tore tyonfcea 
tottb <BotJ 3 ano fbeuierb fco^tb bto torcn&ersf in ti)t barmorae of rbto 

mojtafl boup* 9iin agapne anotber faptb.Jt to a dare ftrtp?oca. 
nmg from tbe potoer of tbe beauenlp fatber, an bnco^rwptible fub* 
tance a (u^ti)e maqttepner of Kb, coutepumjj aimoll all fte tobole 



teojfo totd) $e Mil plentie tbereof in b& bofome/But one of tyzm 
piot&mfy pet further , affirming tbat be tobicb fettetb ins mpnue 
fcppon <&otrtinefre,fljafl faue bfe boDp,frapIc ttjougfj it bee*9nt) bp 
tljofe too?&s be acknotoletrgetb tfjefcerp globing of tbe borne* 

3f2oto,aU tbefc fapings are repojtcn bp rtje Platonifts, $ name* The Grcdcs. 
!p bp Pfellus ; ann ifyi p rehife not to be acknotone tljat Pythagoras 
ann Plato leatnet! tb£ of tbe Chaidees; infomucb tbat feme dim!?, 
cbat t!;e fojefapa Hermes ana Zoroaftres ami tbe refiaetoe afo?e* 
mentione&,are tfjefame of tobom Plato fpeaketfj m W ftconn C* 
piftle 3 ana in W eleuentb bcoke of JUtoe* 5 totjen J;e faptb tbat t\)t 
auncienc ano bolp ©jacleg are to be beteuc&, tobitf) affirme mens 
g>ou!es to bee immojtall , ana tbat in anotber iife tbep mud come 
before a 3!ubge tbat tofll require an account of al tbeir &oingSu'&be 
effect toberof commetb to tbfe^bat tbe feoule of man pjoceeuetf) 
tmmem'atlp from <£otr 3 tbat fa to fap, tbat tbe fatber of tbe bonte is 
one.ann tbe fatber of tbe 8>dule i$ anotben'&bat tbe ©oule te not 
a boaflp fubftance 3 but a Spirit anu a ttgbt: &bat at tbe departure 
tbereof from bence 5 it is to goe into aparatrife, ana tberfoje ougbt 
to make bade tonto ueatb : 3na tbat ft fe fo farre from mojtalitie, 
t&at ft mafcetb eiten t^t boap immojtafl ♦ ZSXW can toee fap moje 
at tbt« &ap 3 euen m tbe tpmz of iigbt toberein toe be? Pherecydes p^^; 
tbe Syrian,tbe firft tbat toag knotone among tbe Greekes to baue 
t»2ttteu in pjofe,taugbt tbe fame* 9nn tbat tobicb Virgin faptb in 
W feconu €glog concerning tbe D?ug 0? fepice of Aflyria , anti Aflynum vui- 
tb e grotoing tljereof euerptobere,fe interpreter of fome men to bee g° n ? fa * ur a- 
ment of tbe 3lmmo?taIitie of tbe g>ouIe 3 tbe Marine tobereof Phe- momum * 
recydes bzougbt from tbence into Greece; namelp, tbat ft (boufti 
be imnerftcDD euerptobere tbjougbout tbe tobole toojto* 9Ifo Pho* 
cylides tobo toaa at tfje fame time,fpeaketfj tfjerof in tbefe toojas* 

4ux« <&' a^«v«T®- kj «y rigac <Jh (Aia tt«vt3c. ®b^t 10 to fap: ph 0c ylid<;& 

T^f 5<?«/^ of man immortaU u/tndneaer Vvedres away 

With any age or length oftymejwt liuethfiejhfir ay. 

Stat* againe, 

A&4,ocw oMoixofxivw ovta-to Slot r^KUcnoiU 

4v\<u yoL%i4{AVov<riv ockh^coi iv Q&ifAivwrtv. 

The Remnants 'tohich remaineofmen vnburiedinthegraue, 

'Become as Godsend in the Heanens a life moft blejftdhaHe. 

For though their bodies turne to duft y asdayly We doe fee. 

Their Sonles line ft ill for eitermorcfrom all corruption free. 

flto& in another place Ijefapeg agapne: 

ft 3 Ka? 


Pindar in the 


We hope that wejhallcome agaync 
Out of the earth to light more playne. 

Sim if pe affce btm t&e caufe of all tijisu fce XuiTX anftoer pou in att* 


nutty/** y^p esi vk* XC^'C GvhtoTji >y «k^, 
'Becaufe the SoHle,Gods instrument and Image al/o if. 

Z&LW) faping l)C feemetlj to baue taken out ojtbid toerfe of Sibils. 

In very reafin Manflionld bee 
The fmage and thepjapetfmee. 

SDFtfje fame opinion alfo are OrphcuSjTheognis^Homer.He- 

fecond fongof fiodus,Pindar,am> all tbe poets of oln tpme; tobicb map anfeaer 

his olympiads fofy ty tljemfelued ano tl;eir otone Countried,ant> fo? tlje refioue 

S«of oUl)tit aseaXfoetotfe Pythagoras a nifctple of Pherecidcs, ijefo 

hisiUads. opmiont^attlje&oulet^aljotipleireaniiimm^tallfuWtancejpuc 

into tbid botip a<3 into a pjifon fcn finning 3nt> toberead tbe flee* 

ting of fouled out of one bo&p into another, 10 fatljereo bpon Jjirn; 

altljougb tbe opinion be not airectlp againft rije immojtalitie of tljt 

feoule , pet aoe manp mm tbinke tbat bee batb tojong scone fcnta 

him, 3mr bid £)ifcipleTimcetisof Locres reported) otbertopfe of 

feint ♦ ,ffoj tubat puniftment toere it to a boluptuoad man,to baue 

W S>oule put into a beaff, tbat be migbt becometbe moje bolup- 

tuoud toitbout remenfe of fitme ^ 5§>©tblp ft te all one ad if in pu* 

moment of burner 0? tbeft,pee tooulu make tbe ^umerer to cut 

tbe potest of l)i$ otone f atber an& $9otber 5 oj tbe %\)ki to com* 

wit trecberie ageinll (Sofc^potofoeuer tbe cafe ffatu^b* teacbetb in 

bid ber&d,tbat man id of beauenlp race, and tbat (ad Iamblichus 

repojtetb)be id fet in tbid toojto to bebolrr ©on* 3m> bid Dtfriple 

Habitus as Arcnitas &?*» ftac <So& b^cat&tu reafon ana ^nuerttannmg: into 

hclHcportcd &* m * &&*toife Philolaus afftrmetb tbat tbe Diuined ano^o* 

by phib. $\)tt$ of oto time bare reco?o,tbat tbe Motile toad cupples tottb tbe 

Epicharmus as bonp foj hit finned, ana burpeo in tbe fame ad in a (Sraue* fflf Epi- I 

Jjcisrcported c harmus toe baue tbtdfaptng^ If thoubeeftaejood maninthyr* 

SffliSS. heart > Death can doe thee no harmc , for thy Soule (hallliuc; 

happyly in heauen^c. 3lfo of Heraclides toe baue tbid faputff,* 

We Hue the Death of them(tfjat i$ to fap of tbe bleffeo)bid mea* 

VO^*' n 12 " n ^ n ^ l ^^ at toe b* uot ^ ucieri ^^ mt ^°^P^ ; and we dye their 

Tnd zc- L y fe '^ ac fe to fap,toee bee (till after tbid bonp of ourd i^ tiea&*€)f 

$e lifee opinion are Thaks, Anaxagoras > ano Piogenes coucc u 


f .;cncs 


tttftg tbfe popnt ; pea ann fo it Zeno tco , botobeit tbat fje tljougbt 
tbe g>oule to bee begotten of 8&an,toberein bee toas contrarie too 
limfelfe* Co bk ffjio&fcarflp toere tbere anp to be founn among 
tbe men of olo time, faue onelp Dcmocritus ann Epicurus , tijat Epicurus 
beln tbe contrary toap ; tobome tbe poete Lucre immitaten after* 
taatn in bit berfetf* S?et notimtbftanoing toben Epicurus ijoulu 
npe 5 b# commaunnen au atoniuerfarie o j i?#rmpnn to bee feept ttt 
remembrance of tym bp b& Difcipleg : fo greatlp neligbten b# to 
a bapne tyanotoe of 3!mmojtaKte,baumg (baften offtbe berp tbing 
ft felf*3nn Lucrece(ag it it tojttten of btm)mane W boofte beeing Luaetiu* 
wan,at furij timzt'at tbe fitter uf bit mannetfTe toere off bim,fure- 
ip moje man toben be tbougbt bimfelfe tapfeii, tban toben tbe fitg 
of bte pbjenfie tnere ftrongeff bppon bim*2Bbofoeuer reaoetb tbe 
go&nlp ntfcourfe* of Socrates apon bit tyinfcing of popfon,ag tbep Soaates,Phto 
fcee repojteo bp Plato ann Xenophon bpmfelfe ; can not Doubt of and . Xcno P ho * 
bte opinio m tbte cafe*jf o? be not onlp beteuen it btmfelf, but alfo 
perftaanen manp men to it tottb liuelp reafonj^pea ann bp bfe otmt 
neatb mud) mo?e tben bp an W Ipfc* 9no fo pe fee toe be come bn* 
to Plato ann Ariftotle , toritb confent of an tbe topfe men of otoe 
tpmz y nngeinfapn of anp , fauing of a ttoo oj ttyzz malapert tojet* 
cbes , tobom tbz bngractoufeft of our napeg tooulo efteeme but ag 
tyonfcen fottes ann ni^arn&Certeire Plato(tobo migbt paranuen* PIat0 In his 
ture baue beam fpeafee of tbe booto of Moyfes ) noerb in bfe Ti- Tima:u *- 
mseus tying in ©on giutng commaunnement to tbebnnergonneg 
tobom be creates , tbat tbep (boulo make man botb of mojtall anu 
of immojtall fublrance&ilBberein it map be tbat be aUuticu to tbis. 
taping in (fifenefi^Let vs make man after our owne Image and 
lykcneffe, 3!n tobicb cafe t(je 3letoeg fap tbat <&D® nirecten W 
fpeedje to bfe 9ngel^ ; but our Diutixzz fap bee fpafee to bimfdfe* 
tfeut anon after , botb tn tbe fame ba&e ann in manp otber places 
Plato(ajes it toece comming to !jfm bimfelfe ageine,) teacbetb tbat Phto in his 
<B£)D creates ^an bp bimfelfe, pea ann zuzn bit JLpuer ana big Tim *"s,and 
tB^apne mtu all bte ^ence^i ; tbat t* to fap 5 tljz Lottie of rjtrn, not '" hi , s thi ' d 
mtelp iimwn toitb reafon aim bnnerttanm'ng, but alfo toitb fence c^wok, 
ann abilitie of grotuing ann increaGug; ann alfo tbe tnlrrumentgi 
tobecebp tbe fame noe tomjfte* ^o^eouer bee maketlj fucb a mani^ 
fellntffecencebettoanetbe§)ouIeattntbebonp; at tbat bee mat* 
cbetb tbem not toogitber at matter ann fo^me , at Ariftottle notbt 
but at a pilot ann a &btp>a Commontoeale aim a ^agiarate 3 ait 
3image ann tym tf^at beared it bpou \)imM\hat greater tljing can 

E 4 t^ere 


Plato in his tbere be tban to be like <£oo * Jf2ob)(faptb Plata in W Phcedon) 

his i of The Soule °. f Man is vcf y like the Godhead > Immortall,Rea- 
ftatcjn hL°Al- ^".^lejVniforme, Vndiflbluble , and euermore of one forte, 
cibia«Mnd w:Mch are conditions(fatri) fje)m l)t0 matters of <§>tate)that can 
in the tenth not agree but to things molt diuine. 9itD tbereftne at bfa&e- 
booke of his p ilr cmg out of tl;e tocnlo,be imileo fjfe Soule to returne borne too 

Comonwcale. Jj0J . ftfaal| ^ t0 ^ firft ^g^tfjat (g t0 tlM, (a$ lj* bimfclfe 

faptb tbere)to ttre topfe ano immojtall ©o&beao tbe jr ountaine of 

all granne*, a^ calleo bome from banifbment into bet otonc nattue 

Plato in his HHmtrie* %>* termed) it o?&inarilp f uy>m «S tS 3 tbat ig to fap 3 of 

fifth booke of kin vnt ° God , aift COnfequentlp aayivjt vy a8otvaTOK S/aovu/*0{/, 
JUwes. tbat te to fap,Euerlafting , and of one felfefame name with the 

immortall ones, a Ipeauenlp ]0lant ano not a €artblp 9 roteo in 
$eauen ano not in €artb , begotten from aboue atnr not bare be* 
neatl) , ano finally fuel) ag cannot ope beere, fcnafmucb a$ it liuetfj 
(till in another placebo be u)ojt 5 faing(fapctb be) tbat it eompje* 
bennetl) tbe tbings tljac are Diutne ano immojtall, tbat i0 to txitt, 
tbeGfoobeao, an&tbetbinga tbat ateimcbaungeableanotmco^ 
ruptible^s tcuctb te : it cannot be accounted to be of anp otber na* 
turetbantbep* Cbe fame opinion ootbPlutarchealfo attribute 
tmto bim , tobicb appeared) almott in euerp Ieafe of^tst fcniring$„ 
£$ toucbing tbe auncienter tint of Platonifts , tbep agree all toitfy 
one accojtr in tbe immojtalitie of f foule, fauing tbat fome of tbent 
Beriue it from <0oo,amr fome from tbe g>oule of tl>e 22lo?lD,fome 
make but tbe Heafon oj mpntr onelp to be immojtall, ant) fome tbe 
tnftole g>oule : trfnrij tufagreement map toell be falueo , if toe fap 
tbat tbe Soule all tobole togetber fa imrnojtafl in potter oj abili- 
ties tbougb tbe execution antr performance of tbe actions brijtcl) are 
to be ocone bp tbe bo&p , be fojgone toitb tbe inffrumeutg 0} menu 
bergoftbeboop* - 

^betrifegreement concerning tbfepopnt among fucbasf ft matt 

map fcoutfafe to call bp tbe name of Philofophers,feemetl> tobaue 

begonne at Ariftotle , botobett tbat W Dtfcipled count it a com* 

mentation to bim, tbat be fjatl) giuen occaSon to ooubt ofljfa opt* 

nion in tbat bebalfe* tfo} it it certetne tbat bfe neiufoutio noctrtne . 

of tbe <£tetnitieo? euerlattinpefleof tlje 2Bo^lD,batb utfiroublett 

bfa bjapnein manp otl>er tbing^, asi commonlp it faBetb out, tbat 

Aft t ' h* onec ^^b?0eoetbmanpotber»Becaufe nature (faptb be) could 

^conTbooke 5 not makc euer y man Particularly to continue for euer by 

o f Mo thinss. WmJel^therfore (he continueth hlmin the kind by matching 

° ^ Male 


Male arid Female together. %W te fpotat eifter gtoffelp 0* 
aoubtfullp* But tobereas be fapft ftat if fte $&pm> fcaue anp m* 
tooling of it otone toiftout anp Ijelpe of fte Sences 0? of fte bo* 
&p,tt map alfo continue of it felfe,concluoing ftereuppon tftat ft en 
it map alfo be feparateo from fte boop,as an tmmojtal fting from 
a ft mg ftat is trantitojte ano mojtall 1 3t follotoeft confequentlp 
alfo, ftat fte g>oule map baue continuance of it felfe , as thereof 
be wtereft ftefe iuojos, nameip, C&at fte ^oule rommeft from Anftwfc m 
toiftout,ano not of fte fooe of #au as fte boop ooft,ano ftat fte ^ ^csouk! 
g>oule is fte onelp part in w ftat is Diuint. ji3oto,to be Dtuine 
ano to be Ji)umane,to be of fetoe ano to be from tmftout,ftat is to 
fep,from <6©D ; are tiring* flat contrarie,tobereof fte one fojtt is 
fubied: to co^uption,ano fte ofter not ♦ 3!nftetenftboofceof&tS Ariftotfeinhis 
Avails Ije aclmotoleogeft ttoo fojts of Ipfe in man 5 ft e one as in tenth booke 
sefpetf ftat Ije is compofeo of Bonp ami §>oule,fte ofter a* m m <***>*&*> 
fpect of Sppno onelp; ft e one occupies in ft e potojes tobift are cal* 
ieo humane antr booilp, toljift is alfo accompanpeo trnft a feltcitie 
in ftt'S lpfe- 7 ano fte ofter occupieo i\x fte fcertues offtempno, 
lul)ift is accompanies alfo tutft a feltctte in anoftet Ipfe* %W 
totyft confiff eft in contemplation,is better ftrnt fte ofter; ano fte 
feliritie ft ereto belonging, is peculiarly oefcribeo bpbim infyis 
fetaftes of 5>eauenaboue *&pme, as tobtft confifteft in fte franfce 
ano ft* looking of fte flppntr, 9 in beboloing fte fouereme (Sotr* 
3nO in g©0 fcoft, full tuell Ooeft Michael of Ephefus fcppon ftiS Michael of 2- 
faping of W concluoe , ftat fte <§>oule is tmmojtaH ; ano fo mutt £5^°^ 
al W morals alfo xutom oo,con(ioering ftat too liue toel, fcr&efter J^ 
itbeto amans felfe 0? totoaros ofter men, tore els abainefting 
ano to no purpofebut to bejce our mmos in xiyti lpfe*31n W boafces $„ ls &, a t - 
of fte <§>oule, bee not onelp feparateft fte Boopfrom fte g>oule, f *• 
but alfo putteft a oifferenre be rojftt fte feoule it felfe » fte ®ino, w f s <rt/; J^ 
terming fte g>oule fte tntoo^mg of fte botsp anooffteboo6pin= ns**®'* 
trcuments ; ano fte mpno ftat reafonable lubffance uifjift ts in us, &*$*****» 
tobereof fte ooings baue no fellotofbtp t»ift fte ootngs of fte bo^ 7 ®*-#yfF 
op 5 anot>bereoffteg)ouleis (as Plato fateft) but fte ©arment* sow^y*?. 
This Mynd (fapft be) may be feuered from the body, it is not a7ra gij 7H 
in any wyfe mingled with it, it is of fuch fubflaunce as cannot > / . ,„ * c/t 
be hurt or wrought vpon, it hath being and continuance ac- t * 

tually and of it (elfe ; and eucn when it is feparated from the j^f * ftcon< ^ 
body,then is it immortall and euerlalting.To be {hort 3 it hath b "J k s c ^^ 
not any thing Uke vnto the body. For it is not any of al thofe scuk. 



things which haue being afore it vnderftad thcm.And there- 
fore which of all bodily things can it be ? 3n0 in another place 
be fapetb tljUjS t As concerning the Mynd, and the contempt 
tiue powre , it is not yet fuffkientlyipparant what it is. Ne- 
uertheleffe it feemeth to bee another kind of Soule , and it is 
that onely which can bee feparated from the corruptible , as 
the which is Aycuerlafting. %o be ffjo?t 3 loben ag be puttetb tbij* 
quettion, tobetber a jftaturall pbtfofopber fe to oifpute of all ma* 
net of <g>oulcg,oj but onelp oftijat feoule tobtrf) i$ immaterial*: tt 
foWoU)etft tfjat be gratmtctft tftat tl;cr^ fe fuel? a one* 3naagamc, 
toben as be mafeetb tW argument; Looke what God is eucrla- 
ftingly,that are wee in pofsibilitie according to our meafure: 
but hee is euerlaftingly feparated from bodily things , there- 
fore the time will come that wee (hall bee fo too. tye taftetb it 
tbat rfjere fe an 3lmage of ©oo in b$ , pea men oftfjc Diume na* 
ture tobicb Ijatlj continuance of ttfelfe*£Jerp toell ano rigbtlp rber* 
fine ootb Simplicius gather tbero£,tbe tmmojtalitte of tbe feoule* 
jFoj tt oepenoetb bpon tbte reparations topo conthtuance of being 
in the bft (,f tt fefc'BeGueg tbfe be faptb alfo,tljat bunting of bealfe fa grafo 

p^s ofbeafts m t0 mm b ? ^ e * atoe of ^ atttre 5 becaufe tbat tberebp man dja* 

L the tcmhJf^S^wotbmg but tbattobtcb naturally te W otone, 3$p tobat 

his supematu- rigbt % pjap pou,tf trjtre be no mo?e m bimfelf tban in tytml Qnv 

raUes. fc)(jat fa tfjerc moje tn bim tban in tbenyf tbep baue a fouie equal! 

book ^f * m &'* * ^ebnto mafee a] N W* commensationg of (SoolineMf 

i&ioffa™™' HeKgton 3 ofblefletme$ 3 ana of contemplation* tfoj too tobat enoe 

ferue all tbefe , toljicb ooe but cumber bg bere belotoe *: Cbereftne 

furelp it fa to be cocluoeo, tbat as be fpakeaoubtfullp in fome one 

place, fo be botb termeo ano alfo taugbt to fpeafce better in man? 

otber places , ag appeared} bp bfa Difciple Theophraftus, tolja 

fpeatob pet mo^e euioentlp tbereof tban be* 

The opinion ^be latutg (as 31 baue fapo before) fell to ]pbtfofopbie fome* 

ofthc Latin ^i )at i mt ^ m fa 0*$^ gno as touching tbeir common opt* 

wntai " nton, tbe ejercifes of fuperftttiou tbat mere among tbem , tbe ma* 

uet of fpeecbes tnbtcft toe marfce in tbeir 8pifto?ies, tbetr contempt 

of oeatb 3 anu tbeir bope of anotber life •, can giue bg fufificient toar* - 

Cicero in his taut tjereotCicero fpeaketb bnto te in tbefe tooj&a* The origin 

firft booke of nail of our Soules and Myndes cannot bee found in this lowc 

his Tufculane earth: for there is not any mixture in them,or any compoun-r 

Queftions 5c jingthat may feeme to bee bred or made ofthc earth. Nei-» 

Z Com&rt! ther is therc an y mo i ^ ure > an y wyndineffe, or any firy matter 



in them. For no fuch thing could haue in it the powre of me- 
morie,Vnderftanding, and conceit , to beare in mynd things 
paft 3 to forefee things to come , and to confider things pre- 
fent,which are matters altogither Diuine. 3nH W conciufton 
i0,tbat tljerefoje t^ep bee Deuueu from tije 3Bpno of <££>D , tijat 
ft to fap,not tyea oj begotten of £pan,but creates of (So&mot bo* 
5rtp,butbnbooUp;U3b«e^ponttfoIIoU)etI>ti)attbeS>ouleeannot , 
be co?tupteo bp tfjefe tranKtojte tljm£$, 3Dfje fame Cicero tit ano* jr^ro ^» 
ttjec place fapetb rtjat bettofete ©on ana $$an tbere ft a funrea of c ££ e N °° r * 
*eafotyft ft w* ft betto&ne man $ man a ftmrea of Muscat tlje fthe Gods: 
fellot»ff)tp betto&ne man ami man commetb of tlje mojtall boup, and in his firft 
bu<tbe fellotofttp bettoeene (Sod ano man commeft of (Sod Urn* t> ookeoF 
felfe luljo cteateo tbe <§>ou!e in tft*By reafon whereof (faptl) b#) *** 
we may fay we haue Alyance with the heauenly fort , as folke 
that are defcended of the fame race and roote j whereof that 
we may euermore be myndfuli , we muft looke vp to heauen 
as to the place of our birth,whether we muft one day returne. 
9no tijecfojepet once aptnebe conclunetf) tbus of bimfeIf*Think 
not(faptb feejthat thou thy felfe art mortail^t is but thy body In sdpioct 
that is fo. For thou art not that which this outward (hapearcamc 
pretendeth to be,the Mynd of Man is the man indeedc , and 
not this lumpe which may bee poynted at with ones Fingar. 
Aflure thy felfe therefore that thou art a G O D ; For needes 
muft that be a God,whichliueth,perceyueth, remembereth, 
forefceth, and finally reigneth in thy body as the Great God 
the maker of all things doth in the vniuerfall world. For as 
the eternali God ruleth and moueth this tranfitory world/o 
doth the immortall Spirit of our foule moue& rule our fraile 
body . ©eretmt© content all rije tojttotf of Ijft tpme , ag Ouid, 
Virgin am otfjers^tofjofe&erfeg are tit etterp mans remembrance* 

There wantedyet the "bight that fhould all other heights exceeds Onid in hfs 
fn loftie reach offlately Mynd y who like a Lord in deede firft booke oi 

Should oner all the refdewe r eignefT hen fiortly came firth zJWan, M«amorpho- 
Whom eyther he that made the World and all things eh began, 
Created out offeede diuinejr els the earth yet yoong 
And lately parted from the Skie, thefeede thereof vncloong 
t ReteynedftillinjrHtefitllwombe:which Japetsfinne did take, 
*And tempering it with Water pure 3 a wight thereof did make, 
Which fijonldrefemble euen the gods which fitter eine ft ate doe hold. 
And Where all other things the ground with groveling eye behold-^ 

468 OF THE TR!FN! J 

HegAue to m*n <tft*tely looke andfuttofcMaiettic 
Commaunding him With ftedfafl looke to face thcflarry Skie. 

Seneca writing ty m a man mtttbt bjmo; tn almoff all Senecaes touting* ; but 
» LudJkl nd a toll[][contcnc ^P relfe tontb a fttoe fapmp of ty* ♦ Our Soules 
us * (faprb fje)are a part of Gods Spirit,and fparkes of holy things 
(liming vpon the earth . They come from another place than 
this lowc one', Whereas they feeme to bee conueriant in the 
bodie , yet is the better part of them in Heauen> alway neere 
vnto him which font them hither. And how is it pofsible that 
they (hould be from beneath,or from anywhere els tha from 
aboue,{eeingtheiouerpan*eai fhcfe lower things as nothing, 
and hold fkorneofall thtit et-er we can hope or feare ? ^fjttfr 
pe fe^oui be tearfjetb tija; ourfirieMtas come into our boot'esi from 
aboue*®ut tobetber jo cfjep agapne,toben tbep separt bence'-.Lec 
&3 bare bmt toljat be fapeg oftrje JLaup Martiaes S>omte tbat toa* 
Seneci eoncer- &eati t He is now euerlafting (faptb be) and in the beft ftate, be- 
nmg the Lady re ft of this earth! v baggage which was none of his, & fet free 
™u£ C <W to . h imfelfe.For thefe bones,thefe finewes, this coate of fkin, 
ncflc of this " tn * s &ce,and thefe feruiceable hands, are but fetters and pri- 
life in his Que fons of the Soule. By them the Soule is ouerwhelmedjbeaten 
ftions,and ii 7 downe, and chafed away . It hath not a greater battell, than 
with that maffe of flefli. For feare of being torne in peeces, it 
labourethto returnefrom whence it came,where it hath rea- 
die for it an happie and euerlafting reft.3n& agapmThis Soule 
cannot be made an Outlaw:for it is a kin to the Gods,equaU 
to the whole world,and to all tyme ; and the thought or con- 
ceyt thereof goeth about the whole Heauen,cxtending it felf 
from the beginning of al tyme to the vtteimoft poynt of that 
which is to come.The wretched coarfe being thelayle & fet- 
ters of the Soule,is toffed to and fro. Vpon that are tormets, 
murthers, and difeafes executed . As for the Soule, it is holy 
and euerlafting,and can not bee layd hand on . When it is out 
of this body,it is at libertie and fet free from all bondage,and 
is couerfant in that beautifull place(wherefoeuer it be)which 
receyueth mens Soules into the blefTed reft thereof as foone 
as they bee deliuered from hence . Co bee fl)0?t, be feemetb to 
pjtcfce Detp nere to tbe rpCng agame of tbe aeafc* tfoi in a certejme 
Cptttle to Lucilius,bfe toort$ are tfjefe* Death,wherpf we be Co 
much afrayd,doth not bereue vs of life,but only difcontinew 
it for a tyme ; and a day will come that (hall bring vs to light 




agayne. %W map faffifrto giue irt knotoleage of tlje opinion of 
tfjat great perfonage , in tofcom toee fee t^at tfce mo?e be gretoe in 
age,tbe ncrer l>e came fttll to tfje true Mrtfc #0? m bis latcft brakes 
ije treatetb attnaies botl> mo?e aflureolp ana moje eufoetlp tberof* 

aifo tbe taping of Phauorinus is notable ♦ There is nothing Fauor ia U!} , 
great on earth,(faptl) be) but Man ; and nothing great in Man, 
but his Soule.If thou mount vp thether, thou moutefl abouc 
Heauen.And if thou ftoope downe agayne to the bodie, and 
compare it with the Heauen jit is lefle than a Flye, or rather a 
thing of nothing, at one tocnD, tl>is is as mucb to fap,as tbat m 
tbis clou of clap, tbere oteHetl> asinine ant> knxojruptible nature: 
fo? boto coulo it els be greater tban tbe tofcole toojlo 4 : 

#stoucbingtbe illations ofolo tpme,toereaaeoftl)emau',tSat The common 
tbep b*& certcpnel&eligions ano Diuine&eruices/o a3 tbep belee* opinion of ail 
wea tfcat tbere is a $eU,amj certepne deities tofcicb tijep call tfce E- nations, 
lyfian fields,as toe fee in tfte poets Pindarus,Diphilus,Sopho- 
cles^uripides j otbers* <&l)t moje fuperfticious tfcat tbep toere, porphyria m 
tbe imne fufFtcientlp fcoe tbep toitneflTe fcnto as tofrat toas tn tbeir his 4 .bookc t 
Conference ♦ jf oj true Keligion mb ^ttperftition Ijaue botb one Abftinencc. 
grount>,natwelp tbe feoule of man-,am> tljere cottto be no Religion 
at all, if tbe <§>oule liuea not toljen it is gone Ijence ♦. 2Bee reaae of which with 
t^e Indians, rijat tbepbumeo tljemfelues afo?e tbep came to e]t* t heirownc 
treme otoage^eruting ittfce letting of men Me, ana tlje freeing, of hand&made 
tbe bottle from $* boot e:ana tbe fsmer tbat a man n to it , tfce tni* thc firc f ° . 
fer toas be eff&mea ♦ Wbitf) cuSoinet* oMeuteo ftill at tbis Dap {^f^and 
among tfce people tbat Dtoefl bv tije Kiuer Niger otbetitiife caileo c lwe a n ue the 
tfjepeople of Senega in Aflfrkkc , tobo offer tbemfelues toiilinglp kindled flame 
to be burpea quicke )nitb tbeir $N(terS*9ll tbe Demcnurations of thatfhouid 
JLogicke anD^atSematidve ( faptlj Zeno> iyat\z not fo mucft fb?ce c ?" rumc thctf 
to p?oue tbe immojtalitie of t^e foule , as? tfjis onlp Doing of tbeirs mnc * 
jatb ♦ 9lfo great Alexander bauiwf. taken p^ifoners ten of tbetr 
^bflofopbers, (inborn tljepeaflGimnofophifts) affeeo of one of 
tbem to trpe tbeir toifeuome , to$etbet tbere tuere mo men aliue 0? 
neaD* ^be pbilofopl)? r anfutfrevbat tftere Wit mce aliue: Se- 
caufe(fapo be)there are none dead.JDe map bjeiftink fytv gatie 
a typemodte to all tf>e arguments of Ariftotle ano Callifthenes, 
mbicb tmtl>aH tbeir pWofopljie bat^ taugbt tbetr fcboler Alexan- 
der fo euilt jJDf tlje Thracians^exeaDe t&at tbep fo?rotoeD at tbe 
birtbofmen ann reiopceoat t^eaeatboftbem, peaeuenofdjeu: 
otone 4to|en^ 3nD tfat mas becaufe ti)t% tl;ougJt tijat tofcicij uiee 




tan beatb,not to be a beatb in t>#&e,but tatter aberp Fjappfei trffr 

ana tfjcfc be tfjc people tobom Herodotus rcpojtetb to fcaue bene 

ralleb tbe Neuerdying Getcs, anb toljom tbe Grcekcs ralleb tbe 

Neuerdying Gctcs or Thracians. <DHbo lucre of opinion tbat at 

GcbAaac, *W* Departing out oftijtss toojlo , tbep toent to Zamolxis oj Ge- 

thatisto faV, beleizie,tfjat i? to fap(after £ interpretation of tbeGetifti oj Go- 

Rcgirtcr or gu tiOi tongue ) ttrbim tbat gaue tbem bealtb , feluation ojt toelfare, 

u St° fcazc & anD ff at ^ erctl ^^ togetfjer*Cfce i*e 10 fapo of t&eGalles,cbieflp 
of tbe inijabitcts about Marrilles ano of tijeir Druydes^of tije He- 
trufcians ano tbeir $i0jop$ $ ano of tbe Scythians anb tfceir S>a* 
getf ; of tobom all tfje Icarninganb toifenome toa$ grounbeb bpon 
tbti popnt ♦ jf oj Icnfee bom men tub fpjeab abjoab, fo alfo bio tbi* 
ooctnnCjlDbtrb is fo baplp p?mteb m man, tbat Ije cannot but carie 
it continualFp mitrj bint ♦ SQbicb tbing fe to bee feenepetmoje ra 
tfjat toljicb ttjee reaae concerning tbebearersf of Hegefias t&e Cy* 
renian , tobo bpeb toillittglp after tbep lja& bearb bim bifcourfe of 
tbe ffate of meng Routes after tb& life*, anbl&etoife concerning 
Clcombrotus tfce Ambraciote, toljo fletoe fcimfelfet&|jen fre baa 
reao a certepne tmtib of trje immojtalitie of tfce&oule* if n? ^am 
it not bene a Doctrine melt cuibent to mans font , tbep tooulb neuet 
$aut bincarieb fo farre bp tt 3 a$ to tfje farting of rfjeir bobie&3tm 
if among fo manp people,tbere be perrfcaunce fome fetoe tujetcbea 
rapttfe^, tbat baue bojne tbemfefae* on banb tbe contrarie ; totyti) 
tljing neuertbelefffc trjep coulo neuer pet fullp perftoabe trjemfelue* 
to be out of all boubt 0? queftion: furelp toeemap beleeue t&at tbeg 
Jab betp mud) aaoe anblaete brterlp befotteb l&e Djunfearbtf, a* 
fojetbep coulb come to tbat popnt:fo as twee map toell fap of tbem 

Hcroc!csin his a g Hierocle tl)t Pythagorift fapbet namelp. That the wicked 

it.Chapta. WO uld not haue their Soules to bee immortall , to the intent 
they might not be puniihed for their faults:But yet that they 
preuent tbe fentence of their Iudge , by condemning thei 
felues vntodcath afore handout if tbep toil neitbet lieare <Sotf t 
no? trje tobole toojlb,no;t tbemfelue«{:Iet tbem at leaflimfe tjearfeei 
to tlje Deuill ag toell asaf tf)cp ooe in otber tbing« ; tobo ( tt faptl 

pimarkc in his pi u tark)mabe tJjig anftoer to Corax of Naxus ano x>t(jer$ in t| 

treatifcofthc ^fe^ 

ing^f dx wk- If were a & rtAt VKkednefftfor thee to fry 
}&&. The SohU to be mortall or fir to decay \ 

flab bnto Polytes \t anfloeteb t\)u$> 


%As long as the Soule to the body is tyde, 

Though loth yet all for owes it needes mnftabyde. 

"But when fro the body Death-doth it remoue, 

To heaxen by and by then itfiyes vpabone. 

And there eueryottthfill in blip it doth reft, 

*As God by his wifidome hath fit fir the be ft. < 

Bo t tljat anp faping of tbe Deuflte* oiune tss to bee alfeBgeb in 
toitneflfe oftbe truetfyftosberfcojtb tban to Ibetoe tbatbe fpeakea it 
&p compulllonof ©ona migbtie potocr , agtmcfceomenoiuer* 
tpmeiai Hoc toljen tbep be bpon tlje lRacfce*i2oto toe b# came to tbe 
time 0} nere to tbe time tbat tbe beauenlp Doctrine of 3I*fu$ Cbjut 
toa$ linen ouec f tobole toojlMito tobicb tpme 3I bauc pjoueo \ 
continuall fuccellion of tbat ooctcine 3 tobtcb coulo not but bee bnfe* 
parablp topneo toitb tbe fuccefltonof mein^ut fro tbfe tpme fcojtb Theopimoja 
it came fo to ligbt among all jSationg ami all perfon$;tbat Garnet of the later 
Auftin after a fo# trpumpbin joner bngoDlineire,crpetb out in oi= ^ Uofi> P hcrSa 
tierg pIace£,faptitg:Whois now fo very a foolc or fo wicked,as 
to doubt Ml of the immortalitie of the Soule ? Epi&etus a 
fetofepbtfofopfrer, tobo toaa ban in berp great reputation among 
alltbe men of bte tpme, is full of crjccnlp fapingg to rfje fame pur* 
pofe*May wee not bee a(hamed(faptb be)toIeade an vnhoneft Epi^ctuj. 
fife,and to fuffer our felues to be vanquished by aduerfitiePwe farlm&ffc- 
be alyed vntoGod,we came from thence, and wee haue leaue l~ 
to retur ne thether from whence we came, ©ne toljile, a$ in re* ^ f 
tpect of tbe«§>oule 3 be termetb man tbeoffpjing of <©€>£>;, oj ag it 
toere a tyatmeb of tbe (Soobeau ; an& another tobfle fee calletb fttnr 
a autineprnpe oj a fparfc of ©ombp all wfyify too ^(botobett tbat 
tbep be fometobat bnpjopet) (fo? tobat tuo^ne^ can a man finoeta 
fit tbat matter*:) be fljetoetb tbe bncojruptfoleneffe of tbe fubftance 
of mans <&oule* 3no tobereag tbepbilofopber Simpliciusfeatb shnpSdu* 
fo biligentlp commenteo bppon bte b©kes , it irotb fufficientlp an* 
fimtfoj bis opiniS in tbat cafe,tottbout e?p;tefftngbi$ toojw bere* n ™ n *X 
Plotinus tbe erxeHenteft of al tbe PIatonifts,batb mm nine trea* £ lonn -j lb - * • 
tifea er^ettelp concerning tbe nature of tbe <&ou!e 5 befeesf tbe c ^a'th c 
tbmgsitobicb be batb bitten bifperfeMp beereano tbere motber&edng D ofthc 
placesl*^ djiefe concluflong are tbefe^ ^bat mzwt g>oule£p?o= Soulc > & ub 2 
ce«ienot of tbeir borrte*,naj oftbefeeue of tbeparentg , but come ca P r - & Hb ** 
from aboue 5 ano are & pe toulo fap graffeo into our bnie$ b?tl)t ^£Z$£t 
bano of ©oo:^bat tbt &oule fe partlp tpea to tbe boap antr to tbe cap. 1 1 ■.& the 

iuOrumentjJ tfjmoSatm uartlp fran&ejfr^o^ful^f continuing ftauench boot 

0f throughout 



oftt frifc ; am* pet rtortmtljffanm'ng tfjat ft is neither a &oap no; ft* 
fjarmsntc of tlje bobp , but ( if toee confioer tfje life am> operation 
tul^tcb ft giuedj to tlje bo&p) it is after a fo?t tfje perfettion[oj ratljet 
tlje pert ectoj] of tlje bo&p; auo if luce Ijatte an epe to tbe bnnertf an-- 
Ding tuberebp it gupoetb tlje mouings ano uoinggt of tfje bor>p;te is 
as a ^otternour of tlje bonp : Cfjat tlje further ft is uritytyaunte 
from tlje fecnces,tlje better ft fctfcourfetlj of tljingSj infomurfj tljat 
tobenitisbttcilp fcparateu fromtfjem, ftbmierftamjetlj tijtngs 
tottljout &ifcourfing,reafoning o? sebating,pea etteii m a moment; 
becaufe tbis nebatingifiS i>\it a certepne lightening oj bjigbtneffe of 
rijemptrtie, taljftlj noto tatet?) aouiftment in matters hereof it 
Doubtetf),ano it ooubtetlj toljerefoeucr tbe bobp p&toetlj anp impe* 
Dimeuts unto itjbut it (Jail neitber fcoiibt no? fefce atmtfement an? 
ittojetnljett it is once out of tlje bo&p, but fljall concepue tlje truetb 
tmtljouttoauering; ©jattlje bottle in tbeho&pisnotpjoperlp 
tbere as in a place,o? as in a groumv&ecaufe ft is jtot rontepne t> oj 
compjefjeMjeo t{jerein,an& may alfo bee ftparatefc from itj but ra* 
tljer if a manijau epes to fee ft toitball, &e fbottlD fee tftat tlje boDte 
it in tlje S>oule,as an acceffacp is in a p?mctpafl,oj as a tljing eon* 
tepneuinacontepner, o? afteat»inffo?iiqui5tijinginatijingtbat 
is not liqttto,bec<mfe tlje gvottle imfyacetb tlje bo&p,ano quicfenetfi 
tt 3 ann mouetlj ft eejuallp ana al&e in all parts * Cljat eueip abtlttte 
thereof is in euerp part of tlje botrie,as muelj m one part as in ano* 
tljer,as a toljole gboule in euerp parte; notimtljffaffljing t&at euerp 
feueraH abilitie thereof feeme to beefeuerallp in feme particuler 
member oj part, becaufe tlje inffruments thereof are d>ere ; as tlje 
fenfitiue abilitie feemerfj to reft in tbe bean, tlje pjefufl in tfce beart, 
ami tbe <*uicfcning in tlje iiue^becaufe tlje feinetoes,5>artftrings 
an& ftapnes come from tljofe parts: Qltfjereas tlje reafonable po* 
i»er is not in anp part, failing fo farre f©?tl* as it too?!het^ ami ljatfc 
^is operation tljere,neitl)ei: Ijatl) it anp m*c of place o? tnflrumeiu 
fo? tlje wcuting of it felfe, 3im to be (boj^tbat tbe S>oule is a life 
fcp ft felfe,a life all in one,bnpartable$ tubic^ caufet^ to grotoe,anD 
grobietb not ft fdfe ; tobic^ goetb tbiottgbout tbe botue,an& pet ii 
«ot contepneo of tlje boaie-, tobicb bnftttlj tbe fences 9 ann is not 
lieufoefc bp tlje g)enceS;at«> tljerfoje tljat it is abotrifelfe fubffance, 
tubic^ cannot bee toucbeu neither from toit^in no? from toitljout, 
ijauing no neeue of tbe bouie eptljec outtoamlp 0? mtnamlp, 9 con* 
fequentlp is iramo?tall,0tttine,pea am almotf a berp ©oij: Z&biti) 
rijtnjj* ^epjouetl) bp manp reafon^toljiclj tocre t» long to bee re* 



fcearfea bere*2?ea be pjoeaoetb ft farre a* to fa?,£ tljep tobtcb arc piotinus in hk 
patfe* mtoaitotijer too^.^jauetietr memo?teM, notlmtbftan* ^ookcofthc 
&mg tbat to feme mens feemmg tt pe atoap totd) tfte g>ence0 ajs ^odc eL 
tie treafurp of tfje <g>ence&$ott)bett be affirmetb ft to be tbe moje 4 .Hb. 3 .and in 
^cedent fcpmi of memojiejnot tbat tobtcb cau*etb tb tn g$ agapne to his book* of 
mpno ag alreaoie paff, but tbat tobtcb bctoetb ano bci)olnct& tbem doubts conecr- 
dill a* altoautf pjefent ♦ £>f tobtcb ttoo fojt^tbte tetter be calletb ™s l x h 6 c s ™* 
sppnofulneMift tbe otber be calletb Eememberance ♦ 31 totll aw> p ' 
but onelp one fentetteemoje of bfa foj a full p?eGoent of bfe Doc* 
trine»The Soulc (faptb be) hath had companic with the Gods, 
and is immortaljand fo would we fay of it(as Plato affirmeth) 
if we fawe it fayre and clcere.But forafmuch as we fee it com- 
monly troubled, we thinke it not to bee eyther diuine or im- 
mortall , ho wbcit that he which will difcer nc the nature of a 
thing pcrfec"Hy,muft confidcr it in the very owne fubftancc or 
being,vttcrly vnmingled with any other thing. For whatfoe- 
uer els is added vnto it, doth hinder the perfect difcerning of 
the fame.Therfore let euery man behold himfelf naked with- 
out any thing fauc himfelfe, fo as he looke vppon nothing els 
than his bare Soule : and furely when he hath vewed himfelfe 
in his owne nature merely as in refpeft of his Mynd, he (hall 
beleeue himfelfe to bee immortall . For he (hall fee that his 
Mynd,ameth not properly at thcfenfible and mortall things, 
but that by a certeine cuerlafting power,it taketh hold of the 
things that areeuerlafting , and of whatfoeuer is pofsible to 
be conceiuedin vnderftanding:infomuch thateuen it felf be- 
commeth after a fort a very World of vnderftanding & light. 
%LW fa agamft tbofe toljtcb pjetemj a toeafcenelfeof t|eg>oule, 
bp reafon of tbe tnconuem'enreg tobtcb tt immretb toerp often in tbe 

£>f tlje fame opinion are Numenius,Iamblichus,Porphirius, 
ami Proclus , nottoitbftanaing tbat noto amr tben tljep pafie tbett 
bouno^fuffertng tbeir trie* to runneropet,. tfty in tbett jpbilofo* 
pbte tbep bati none otber rule,tljan onlp tbe tntft of tbetrotone tea* 
fon*31t toas commonly tbougbt tbat Alexander of Aphrodife be* Alexander of 
touen not tbe tmmojtalttte of tbe &oule, becattfe be nefineo tt to [Aphrodifeui 
be tbe fojme of ti)t boop pjoceem'ng of tbe mature $ temperature hls bookes of 
of tbe eiementis^urelp tbefe too?** of bts ooe b$ to bntjerftano, thcSoulc 
ettbertbatljementto oefinebuttbe fenfittuelpfe onelp (asmanp 
otfcetf ooe)am> not #e reafonable foaiejo;* efe tbat &e fcarietb from . 

fi> bimfelft 

In hjs fccond 
bookc of Pro- 

Galen in his 
bookc of the 
Manners of 
the Soule. 

of the do&rine 
and Plato. 

In hisbooke 


Ijimfelfe in ot&er placed ♦ 9fnti fit bcrp nine bee fapetfi tmmetuatip 
aftertoaro , tbat be fpeaftetb of tfje tbings tabid) are fubiect to ge* 
neration ami cojruption^ut fpeaking ofrtje £>oule be fapetb it is 
fq?arable 3 tonmateriall,bnmij;eD,antJ bopti of pairions 3 fenle(reper« 
cbaunce toe map tbinke as fome ooe,tbat bp tijis bottle be meane 
but onelp ©oMffli not alfo tbe g>oule tbat is in bs ; foj ti>e tobtcfc 
tbinglje is ffjatplp rebukea bp Thcmiftius, tobo nottarityitamitng 
fpeafeetb netter a tobit better tbereof bimfelfe* potofoeuer be oeale 
elfetobere,tbefe toottis of bis following are toitbout anp ooubtful* 
lies at all* The Soule ( faptb be ) which isjin vs, commeth from 
without and is vncorruptible.I fay vncorruptible becaufe the 
nature thereof is fuch , and it is the very fame that Ariftotle 
affirmeth to come from without. 3mi in bis fecono boofce of 
lPjoblemes,fearcbing tbe caufe tobp fte abilities of tbe §>oule are 
oftentimes impeacben : If a mans brayne be hurt (faptb fce) the 
reafonable foule dooth not well execute the a&ions that de- 
pend thereon. But yet for all that,it abydeth ftill in itfelfe,vn- 
chaungeable of nature, abilitie and power , through the im- 
mortalitie thereof. And if it recouer a found inftrument, it 
putteth her abilities in execution as well as it did afore. Q5ut 
3 toil reafon mo?e at large hereafter againff ^t opinion tfcat is fa* 

W)at (ban toe fap of Galene,(tolio fafljerertj t^t caufes of an 
tfnngs as mucb as be can,bpon tbe Clements ami tbe mature ami 
agreeable cottcop of tbem ) if after W aifputing againft b& otone 
g>ottle 3 be be conftrepnen to poelti rtjat it is immojtall ? <g>urelp in 
l>is facoke concerning tbe manners of tbe S>oule be ooetb tbe t»o?ft 
tljat be can againll Plato : ana in another place bee oottbtetb tobe* 
tber it be immojtall, ann tobetber it baue continuance of it felfe 0? 
no*S>et nottoitbftan&ing,in bis bcofce of tbe nortrine of Hippocra- 
tes ami Plato, It muft needes be graunted(fapetb bee)that the 
Soule is either a (heere body and of the nature of theSkye,(as 
the Stoiks & Ariftotle himfelf are inforced to confefle ) or eh 
a bodilefle fubftance^whereof the body is as it were the Cha- 
riot,and whereby it hath fellowship with other bodyes. 9n& 
it appeared) tbat bee inclpnetb to tin's latter part : f 0? bee mafatfc 
tbe bitall {pint to be tbe eteellenteft of all booilp tbings^amr pet be 
grautetfj tbe @>oule to bee a fartemoje excellent tbingtbantbat* 
&Ltl;at fljall toe tljen ooe *t Let bs tocp W wo^ns fet ootone in W 
6©fce of tye conception of a Ct)ilu m t&e Sgcotljers 22Jombe. The 



Soule of Man (faperf) be)is an influence of the vniuerfall Soulc 
that defcendeth from the heauenly Region , a fubftance that 
is capable of knowledge, which afpyreth alwayes to one fub- 
ftknee lyke vnto'it felfe , which leaueth all thefe lower things 
to feeke the things that are aboue , which is partaker of the 
heauenly Godhead,and which by mounting vp to the behol- 
ding of things that are aboue the heauens,putteth it felfe in- 
to the prefence of him that; ruleth all things. Wim it teafon 
t^zn tbat fudj a fubffance comming front elfetofjere tban of tbe bo* 
up , ano mounting fo farce aboue tije boop , ftjouto in tbe enoe ope 
toitfj rbe boop,becaufe it bfetb tbe feruice of tbe boop^s 

jftoto bereunt© 31 coulo aooe infinite otber faring* of tbe aun* The vniuefiB 
dent autbojg botb Greeke ami. Latin jpbitofopberg , poetg, ano confcnt - 
flDjatojs from age to age,toberein tbep treate of tbe iuogement to 
come,of tbe retoaro of goo men,of tbe punifbment of eutfi men,of 
phraoife ano of fytiBjofttib are.appenoantg to tbe immojtalitie of 
tbe €>ou!e : but as noto 31 toifl but put tbe reaoer m mpno of tbem 
6p tl)t toap , referutng tbem to tbeir peculiar places* %t\ bee fbojt, 
let itf runne at tb& oap from €aff to Wlttt , ano from jfrojtb to 
feoutb,31 fap not among t&e Turkes, Arabians, oj Perfians, (fo? 
tbeir Alcoran teacbetb tbem tbatmang feouleiua* tyeatbeo into in&cAkorS* 
btm of <8oo,ano confeouentlp tbat ft is; bncojruptiMe) but euen a= ™> :2 s-™ 
mong tbe mott barbarou$,ignojant 9 beafilp people of tbe ffiEtolo, 
31 meane tbe berp Caribies ano Cannibals ; ano toe (bail fino tbfe it appeared 
bel&fereceiueo ano imbjaceo of tbem alt flBbicb giwetb bs to bn^ by the Aoiy« 
oerftano, tbat it fe not a oodrine inuenteo by fpeculations of fome ™ th ,5 ** J and 
pbtfofopber$,conuepeo from Cowxtxiz to Countrie bp tbeir otfet v ycSl 
plesijperitoaoeo by l&elpboojs of reafong, 0? (tco be (bo?t) enteren 
into mang toit by U& *are* : but a natiue fcnotoIeoge,tobicb euerp 
man finoetb ano reaoetb in bimfelf,tobicb be carietb euerptobere & 
bout toitb bimfetfe,ano tobicb fc as cade to bee perttoaoeo unto all 
fucb ag bietoe tbemfelneg in tbemfelueg, as it igs *afie to perftnaoe 
amantbatneuerfatoebfe otoneface,to beteue tbat be barf) a face, 
by caufing bim to beboto btmfelfe in a glaffe* 

Cbereremapnepet ttoo opinion^to be confutes %bt one fe Ageinfi Aucrr- 
tbe opinion of Auerrhoes,ano tbe otber is tbe opinion of Alexan- hoC5, 
der of Aphrodife,U)bo affirme tljemfelueg to IjoId botb of Arifto- 
tle ; namelp in tbat tbep bpbotoe tbat tbere is but one bniuetXaB 
reafonable feoule 0} mpno,tDbicb too^kcrb al our fctfcoutfeg in w> 
feoliobeic oiucrflp in euerpfeuerallperfon. anotl;ij3iti;ing(ifU)ee . 

& 2 betew 

al the difcourfc 


beteue Auerrhoes) is none accoutring to t&e oiuerfftte of $ pfiatu 
. talietf o? 3lmastnacioiitf toljcretmitb tfee ntpnn to lerucn act ttDttfi in* 

b"re thefc ttrument*. *«t if toe belrieue Alexander , ft is Done arrowing ta 

tcrmes & their tlje Diuerfities of tbe capable mino as tijep tcrme ft , tbat id to fap, 

fignifications ofdje abtlttte o? capabtlttie tbat id in men to bnocrftano tbtngs^bp 

ia Mynd,for recepuing tbe impjeffion of tbe bniuerfafl mpno tbat toojfeetb into 

euerp of tijem b>bi<1) m refpect tbereof in calleo of tbem tfje tooo?* 

feer* gxotblp tljefe opinions are futb as map beeDifpjomeo in one 

toojoe* tfo} tbfe onelp one Sppno , tobetber in poffibilitie oj in ac* 

tion , couiD not baue receiueo o? impjimteo in euerp man one felfe* 

fame common belaf ano conceit of tfje immojtalitie of tbe g>oule, 

in fo great Diuerfitie of imaginations^ info manp jftattons 3 a$ 

toe fie ooe beteue ft , confioering tbat il)t berp fame conceit is t*U 

rectlp repugnant againft it* jf5ap,it map biell bee fapoe tbat Auer- 

rhoes ano Alexander baDberp Diners conceits ami imagination* 

one from anotber,ano berp contrarp to all otber mens, feeing tbep 

fcao fo outers ano c6trarie opinions impjinteo either in tteir mino 

o? in tbeir imagination Jpotobeit fojafmud; as djere map be fome 5 

f brill make a Doubt of it •, Let bs examine tljem feuerallp pec mo# 

AueirKoes/vp- aouifeDlp* Jfirlt Auerrhoes brill noeoes beare Ariftotle on bans, 

JS,^5?" ^! at Ariftotle is of tbat opinion* Let bs fee bob) tbis furmt?e of 

Iris can agree britl) tbe pjopofitions tabid) Ariftotle barb left bS* 

Ariftotle telletb bS tbat rfce bottle is knit to t\)t boup as $ fbjme 

ojlbapetco tbe matter; tbat tbe feoule batb tbjeecbiefe pouijes, 

itamelp of lpfe,of fence 5 ano of bnoerffanoing ; ano tfcat tt;e bnoet* 

ttanomg part conteinetb in Ijis pobier botrj tbe otber ttoo potoers, 

as a jf iuefquare eonteinetb botb a jf otoerfquare ano a triangle* 

Ariftoticmhb flftjfjereupon it follotoetb tbat if anp one of tbe tfneepotoers oftbc 

5£^™ kc S>oule be iopneo to tlje boop as a fojme to tlje matter ; all tfje tfya 

be iopneo fo to,as toljirf) are all in one foule as in tbeir rtote* Jftotn 

Auerrhoes neither can no? bull Denp tbat tlje potoers of grobung 

ano of perceiuing bp t\)t fences are iopneo after tbat maner t © tbe 

boop$ ano tberfoje it follotoetb tbat tbe bnoerftanoing potoer is fo 

Ariftotle in his *°P ncI > aHMifo confequentlp tbat accoutring to Ariftotle,as euerp 

tirft bookc of boop batb bis fojme/o euerp boop batb bt's bottle* Cbe fame A- 

thc Souk, riftotle finuetb fault baitb tbe former pbtlofopbers fo? boloing o- 

pinion tbat a S>oule migbt palTe out of one man into another : be^ 

raufe(fapetb fte)tbat euerp certepne feoule mud neeocs be appo^ 

tioneo ano appopnteo to fome one certeineboop* J5ob)lmkebp 

tofyat &oule a man Uuet^^p ty e fame S>oule ootb ^e bnoerQano: 


third booke 



foj ft fe but one & oulc iiumcD tott^ tlj?ce Diuers abilities , ad Ijc e 
#mfelfetcaebetbopentlp«©neDnDer(lanDtngoj sppno tberefoje, 
muff (accoping to Ariftotle) toojke Out in one feuerall beop , am* 
notinmanp boopes*9lfoaeco;tDtngto Ariitotle,a $$m f aOSeaff 
agree in tljts , tbat botb of tbem baue one fenfitiue potoer ano one 
felfefame imagination of tbingspcrcciucD bp tty fences, 9 tbat 
tljcp Differ in tljis, tba t man bat!; pet further a mpno ano r eafon a- 
boue tbe beaft,tobicb tbin g tbe beaft batlj not* Jftoft tft&fe QnDcr- 
ftanoing 0? Sj&pnD be toi cljouc tlje man , as tbe Sonne is tmt&out 
tbe Cbamber tbat it Ibtnef b into ano inligbtenetb 5 tben cannot be 
be calico reafonable oj inDetoeo toitb tmocrttanDing, neitbcr notfj 
be confequentlp Differ front a bcaff ♦ tfo} t be Difference mud bee m 
nature,ano not in acciDent* 3no fo fboulD it infue tbat Ariftotle* 
fojefato Definition of a man id falfe,as if be ftoulo Define a Cbabec 
bp tbe Ibprnng of tbe Snmnc into it: £Di faptbat a DogDiffcretfr 
not from a man in fetnD; pea anD tbat ^eafts are capable of turner* 
Canoin g 3 fo?afm u cb as tijep bane imagination reaDp af 0? e b an d to 
receiue tbe influence tbereof as tnell as toee* TBut Ariftotle is al« 
&aies one in bis Defining botb of bead $ of man; anD Auerrhoes 
alfo boloetb Ijimfelf to it , tottljout Doubting tbereof at all* Cbfe 
conclugon tberfo je cannot in anptoife be upbelo bp fttcb grounw* 
Sgame, if tbere bee not in euerp feuerall man a feuerall mpnD, 
but onelp onetmiuerfall mpno common to aH men 5 tobtcb becom* 
tnetb Diuers b]> tbe onelp Diuerfitteof our imaginations : €ben in 
refpect tbat toe baue funojie imagmations 3 toee (ball bee funDjie It* 
tting toigbtS;ano in refpect tbat toe baue al but one mpno^tue ibaH 
tee all but one man. go} man is not man in refpect of tbe fenfitiue 
potoer,but in refpect of tbe reafonable part tnbtcb fe t^t minD3ut 
Ariftotle grauntetb tbat toe be not onlp titter* liuing totgbts, but 
alfo Diuers men*3no tberefoje be mult n#oes meane alfo, tbat toe 
Ijaue not onlp outers tmagmations 3 but alfo Diuers mpnos • Jf3ot» 
befioes manp otber IReafons tbat mtgbt be alleogeo 5 pe mtgbt aou 
tbt* alfo 3 %W otbertotfe Ariftotles $po?alles ano btS oifcourfe* 
concerning 3Iufitce, jrr&totll, tH)t 31mmo?talttte of tbe <§>oule, tbe 
bappte bli(Te,tbe retoaro of tbe gtoD,ano tlje papnes of tlje totefceo, 
toere Dtterlp fruteleffe ano to no purpofe: ffo} as our fancies 0? p* 
magtnattons DtD come ano goe,fo toaulo al tbofe tbtngs come anu 
go liketotfe-,anD fo fboulD tbep baue no continuance of tbemfelues, 
but onlp be as a fbaootoe ano bapne fantafie* 35ttt let Ariftotle a* 
tate,(foj tie fcartj tojong)ano let ds come to tbe matter it felf> Cbe 

^ 3 Wte 


jpbtlofopljct^ noc ojainarilpmafteatmbblempnti; ti&eonetobtcfr 
rl;ep callpofltble 0) inpofTtbilitte , tobtcb is capable ana of abilitie 
to imoerftami tbings ; ana ibis tbep liken to a fmcotb table - T tbe o< 
tber tbep call tooling oj tDojkfull^bicb tyingetb tbe abtlttte inttt 
act,tobereas nottoitbftan&ing tbep be not ttuo mpn&s , but ttoo fe* 
uerali abilities of onlp one rnpnu, jftoto,as foj tbis abtlttte o? pof* 
Cbtittte of im&erftanaing, toe afftrme it to be in tbe §>oule of euer? 
manXontrarpurife, Auerrhoes affirmeo onelp one imiuerfall ca* 
pable mpna to be (ben abjoaa euerptobere tb? ougbout an menjanu 
tbat tbe fame is aiuerflp perfaten am> bjougbt into act in euerp fe* 
tterallman, accojutugto tbe utuerfittrof tbe imaginations tobicfr 
tip man toncepuert^euen b^ tbe belpe ojinfluence of tbe fapn bni* 
ttecfall forkful! nyx® , tofyitb be faptb is alfo a fobftaunce fettered 
ftom man 3 ano (in refpect of tbe bntierftamiing in pofltbilitte) is as* 
tbe gmnne is to tbe figbt of our epeS;an& tbe bntierttatung in pof* 
Cbtittte is to tbe imaginations^ tbe figbt is unto colours* JQoto, 
31 nemaunu firft of alljiubetber tbefe bniuerfaH Sppntis of bis 3 bee 
fubftances creates o? tottcreatea*3[f tbep bee createu,tolrere become 
tnetlj tben bis conclufion > ©bat tbe toojto is tottbout beginning, 
ann tuttbout enuing, feeing tbat be taill baue tbem to be continue* 
euerlattinglp in all men tl;at bauetene,are,oj ©all be*t3!f tbep bee 
fcneceatea , boto can fa excellent fubftances bee mane fubicct to out 
fonu imaginationSjto peeto influence into tbem at tbeir pleafurest 
2);tratber boto bappenetb it tbat tbep co^cttbemnot^tobap* 
penetb it tbat tbei leaue tbem in fucb errojS,pea mtn in tyz fcnoto* 
lenge of tbemfelues,feeing tbatbp tbe erring of tbe imaginations^ 
tl)t berp tmoerftanaingauo reafon tbemfelues mud alfo nce&es be 
fo often beguplea *t 3gaine 3 as concerning tbefe fubftances, tobicfc 
tfftm-tntn fomanpplaceS;aret&ep30trie^o^g>pirits < : i&oto can 
tbep be 15onies,feeing tbep be in infinite places at one inftant,anii 
no infinite tbings,pea ana flat rontraries*:3nti if tbep be &ptrtts r 
&otb it notfolloto tberbpS, tbat tbep be toljollp in al men,$ tobollp 
m euerp man ; tbat is to fap , tfjat euerp man batb tbem tobole to 
Ifjimfelfe^ 3n& tberefo?e tbat if tbep bee necepueB b^ tbe fantafie of 
anp one man,tbep be confequentlp uecepuen in all men«;9tt& tobec* 
of comes it tben , tbat one man ouercommetb W imaginations, 
an* another man not*:®} tbat one man refiftetb rt;em,ano anotbet 
fttfFeretb bimfelfe to be carpel) atoap b^ tbem*: 2gtojeouer,tobo can 
nenpe tbat a man totfletb tbings , tbbereof be batb bnoerftanuing; 
«ns i&euufe$atlje totlietij fome things W$ ?je tm&erttantictfr 



not; ann tbat be bnnerffanirrtbfometbtogs tolwbbetottlertjnott 
Ann alfo tfeat be toilletb tbmgjs euen co.utrary to W appetitcSjanti 
conclunetb oftentymes contrary to W tmaginations 3 as commetlj 
to pafTe to Djeames ann in 1 cokingglalTeS; toljicb tb ing tbe bjute 
•Beaffes not nott <!Bben a man totlietb contrary to bis appetites, 
toilletb be not contrary to bis fence* , yea ann contrary to b& ima* 
ginatton tco \ foj tobat els is fantaOe 0} imagination , tban tbe re* 
bounding bacfee of tbe fenced': 3no tf tbis loojkfutitmnertfanniu $ 
be tbe only tooj&er to bis pofltble nnnetitanning by meane of ima* 
gination ; boto eommetb it to paflfe cftat a man toifletb contrary ta 
btS imagination* 9gatoe,toben eitber tn ^earning o? to nebating, 
reafon conclunet J) cleane contrary to tbat toljicb fancte o? imagina- 
tion offeretbjtoljerof eommetb tt tbat a man is contrary to fy'mfelf, 
c} tbat tbe neene is contrary botb to tbat tobiclj impjtoten tt 3 ann to 
tbat tobecein tt is impjtoten?3lfo tobat els is imagination (acco^ 
titng to t^t opinion of Auerrhocs, ) tban a certeyne operation an* 
nejeo to tlje boDte, teaming bp from tfcc $art to tbe ^ayne^nu 
on tbe contrary part toljo can fay nay 3 but t&at fye flUifl ann On- 
fcerftanntog are able to perfojme tbeir operations! toitbout tlje to* 
iiruments of tbe bony , feeing tbat a man notfo both toili ann nebate 
tbings tbat are motf rejwgnant to tbe bony': 2>ea ann tfjat (as A- Ariftotkin Ms 
riftotlefaytb) tbofebeenot actions tobiebpafleinto tljeouttoarn«ofsu. 
man 3 but tbofe tobicb abyne toitbin ann make perfect t&e inner ma 4 : ponatwaUi. 
8nn tobo can make WLili ann Qnnerftanning to be tbings nepen* 
Ding bpon imagination , feeing tbat botg malting ann floeping an* 
allmaneroftoaiesels, tbeynayly titter infinite tungements ana 
Determinations agatoft it*: jf5otn 5 if toe bane notbing in ns aboue 
imagination: tben confinering tbat tuee noe botb toil! ann tinner* 
ttano,it mull neenes bee tbat tijtss potoer oj abflitie to toil! attn an* 
ncrffann is (ben into ns from toitljout ♦ 3nn if it be but only one b* 
niuerfaliy to an men; tben feeing tbat tbe actions thereof are ejeecu* 
ten ton'tbout tbe imagination, toitljout tbt fences, ann toitbout tlje 
tnftruments of tbe benie, yea ann agatoft tljermit foflotoetb tljat it 
brilletbann bnnerftannetb to bg tobatfoeuerit Iiketbannltltctbj 
euen to nefpite of all impeniments ann lets of tlje bonie^ann tljat a< 
it is but one>fo it fijaU toili but one felffame tljtog 3 ann iftetotfe al* 
fa bnnerfomn but one felfefame tljing in all men ♦ jfo? if ( as Ari- 
ftotle confelfetb ) our imaginations mafte not our Ml ann reafott 
fubiect bnto tbem;mucb lefle noe tbey make tbe fojefayo bniuerfall 
w^nn fubigct to tl;em as Auerrhoes p^etennetlj3ut itoto contra* 

& 4 ntoifc 


rtoife toee fee tbere bee as manp lilies a^men, pea etteu m one 
matter j ano rtjat tbe tmacrfcutungs of men are not onelp Diuers, 
but alfo contraries 31t folloMetb tben tfrat euerp particular perfou 
fcatb in tljat beljalfe a particular fubtf atutre, tobicb toilletb aim bn* 
aerffanoetb , ftanke ano free from all imaginations; tobenfocuer it 
iiffetb to retpje into it fellatio not tljat tbere is but one imiuerfafl 
mpxto tobicb tafifetb ano bnoerftanoetb all tbings in all men ♦ 3$e* 
fioes tbis 5 bp tfteiturgement of Ariftotle as 31 fapa afo^e^tbigi bni* 
uerfallmphiicoulo nottoojketoill anobnoerffanoing mfcs : fo? to 
ixiill ana fcnoerffano ( faptb be ) are operations tljat palfe not into 
tbe matter no? into tbe outtoaro tbing,but abioe M m tbetoojfcer, 
tl;at is to fap intbempnt^as actions ami perfections tbereof* 

JLet bs pet agapne tafte of tljat tobicb ftatg bin fapo afo?e*3!f tfee 
fapo bniuerfall onlp one tooling mpno, ba«e tojougbt from euer* 
laffing in tbe fapo uniuerfall onlp one capable mpno , bp tbe 3!ma^ 
gination# of men: tben batb tbe Imotoleoge of all tbings bixx euer* 
moje impjinteo m tbe fapn capable rnpnn ,*foj it ffcal euermoje baue 
fcjougbt tbeabilitieinto act:3no tbertoitbal,tbe toojftmgamiper* 
fection of tbe tbing tbat is euerlafting , (ball baueoepenoeu upon * 
tbingtbat it temporal! j tobicb is bnpo(ttble*3mi aftbougb Auer- 
rhoes fuppofeb not t\)t WXo}to to be euerlaffmgtpet nottoitbff an* 
fcing, tbe fapn capable mpno tobtfb batb btm fet a toojfce To manp 
fjtm&jeo pares , bp fo manp imaginations of men, ano in ft manp^ 
funtyp Jftations,cottto not noto mate toitb anp netoe tbing toljet* 
of it ban not tbe fmotaleoge afo?e, tf oj tbt's capable mpno(faitb A- 
oerrhoes )i^ a certeine fpirituall fubffanee, lu!;tcf; fpjeauetb it felf 
fcojtb into all men ano into all ages , amr tbe nature of fuel; fo?t of 
fubftaunces is to be all in tlje tobole , anu an in euerp part tbereof* 
4Tojt tbep bee not tytn to anp one place , but are tobercfoeuer tbep 
inojke, anrr tbeir tooling is in refpect of tbe tobole ano not in re* 
(pert of anp one part,fo?afmucb as tijep be bnoiuitmble* Cberefoje 
it (boulo follotoe bp bis opinion(as 3! baue fapn afoje)tbat tbe one 
imiuerfall capable mino i^ $ toojketb tobole ano bnparteo in euerp 
man*3no if it be To ; tben is p being of it tbere,not in toap of meere 
abilttie o? portibilitie onelp,but in toap of operation ano perfect to* 
tuo?lung 5 as a toidkeo fpirit i^ in a faBitcb , in a Ipptbonefle o? tn * 
poireffeo pcrfon : lobicb fpirit , (toere be potfefleo of tbe man as be 
limfelfe potTeffetb tbe man, ( afterlobicb maner Auerrhoes affir* 
metlj bs to polfelTetbe bnoerttanoiug in polfibilitie, bp our imagt* 
iiation^ j )Uaouto maftc t^e man capable of all tfcat zm tbe Spirit 



imfelfe knotoetlj o? is* t&t&creupon it tuiH follotoe, tfoat tljis tm« 
erffanoing in poflMitie ©all euerlainnglp in all men from t^ctr 
erp birtfr, actuallp anoerttano ano krwtoe all tljings tljat all men 
n&erffam>,as well in tlje olo ag t&e poong, anti in tlje ignorant as 
je f kilfull 1 fo aa luce fljail baa* no mo?e tieenc of fence* y no? of 
nagmatton to vnoerttano UiitbalL ^oo be a;o#>aitijOUglj Auer- 
boes a&mittetlj not tfce SOojiD to bee tDitljoutfyginning t pet at 
jaaiuife be luill not oenp.but tljat [bp Ijis reckoning;! tfcep tobtclj 
ome into tde lxio^lo at tljiaoap, tboulo come farre moje f kilfull 
ban all tljeir pjeoecefftys , ano tlje cbilojen of tljem ritoje f kilfull 
ban tljetr fatljers, ano tl>e offpjing of tljofe cljtlojenmoje f kilfull 
ban tljofe cljilojen tfremftIues;ano fofojtljonjbecaufe tfcep tt^ulD 
jcceeoein t&e knottier) ge continueo tfoougbout all ages*SBijer* 
pon it toili alfo infue^tljat all fectenees tyalbe etjuallp in all met* 
bat make pjofeflion of tl) em* 3s fo? cjcample,toc mill fpeake Ijeere 
ut of fome one fpeciall Science, as ©rammer auo 3ritljmetike, 
ftott if tljere bee anp oiucrfitie in tlje f kill tbereof, tljat tJtuerfitic 
annot come but of tlje oinerCcie of tlje fubiert o? grouno tubem* 
be f kill is, jftotu tjje ground of tlje f kill fe t&e capacitfe of t&e 
ttpnD o? UiiDerttanDtng, (U)l)tcb Auerrhoes fuppofctli to be but on* 
p one,comon to-all men)ano not tlje imagination , fcrfjicb is but a 
eflerton o? rebounoing backe of t&e &ence* 9no fo fo?afmucb a* 
bere i0(bp &is Taping) but one grouno in al men-, it foliotoefcb tfcat 
be knotoleoge ojt fkiil of tljis ojtfcat Science mud neeoe* bee e* 
uall $ alike in allmen to? els tljat if it be not tqualfc&nt ooe toarp,. 
s twee fee itoootfr in oiuers oegrees ; tljen tlje fame carping o? 
iuerfitiebappenetb tbjougbtbeftiucrGtie of tbe grouno ttbere* 
n tlje fkiil te,ano confequentip cfja t tbcre fe one particular tonocr * 
tantiingo? one peculiar mpno in cuerp man,ano not onewiucrfal 
itpno comon to allmen.9lfo it ti a general* rule , tljat t&e recet« 
ler of a tl)in^ l;atf) not tl}e tljing afoje fee rcceiue it* jf o? ( ag Ari~ Ariftotie in hit> 
btlcfaitb(tbat tofcieb ia toreceiuea tbing,mutfneeoe0 befirltbt* third bookc of 
erlp uopoe of tljz tljing toDtclj it recciuetl/* ^oU) afo?e tbat our ot the So 
^enceano imagination bao anp beeingatall,tljtgmuucrfaH co- 
non mpno &ao receiueo $ pofleifeo alt tbings afo?ebano •, anu not 
mlp receineo tbem,but alfo kept tbem togetftcr* jFo? agf Ariftotie 
jimfelf fattb, tt)at maner of mpnt» is tlje place of allmtoerkinos 9 
[bjtes of things , ano tljcreto fcatb no leffe potoer tljan t&e Jman- u 
«ation,to reteine toljatfoeuer tfte fences receiue,3In uaine tbere* 


confiwrfogt&at it bnocrffanbetb Dp it felfe ; in bafne Iifcetoife 
ftoultjtbe JniasmauoHstrt^ninttbofe tljtngs in it , tofciclj uerc 
tuipjinteb tnit ft long afo?<^ ana in twine is Ariflotks fettmg* 

(tanning in abilute , from poflibilitte into action $ if tl;c fepb onclp 
one tmiuicfatt mpnu oj bnocrfonoing be perfect of it felfe from e« it foUotyctbro be toppon tbe opinion of Aucrrhoes. 
jQcitycr is it to be fapo.tijat altbougb ti;c conn puabie bnocrfcin&s 
of tbings baue bene impjintcb Ctterluttinglp in tbe fapo wiucrfall 
mpntJ; pet nottoitbttan&ing tbete nee tctTan Imagination fo? tbe 
imbertfanbing of tijetiMs tbcre ncc&ctbnoio tobcrfoeuer uie unll 
Ufcc&etbmss t^ac uic baue feene o> lcarncbafoje« jfbj bp tbat ree« 
kenfci j, to iearne all maner of s&timceisfrn mo?e but 
to betbtnkc teby imagination , of l&e tbings tljat toerc alreabp a« 
fo^Ijano in tbe faiD onlp muucrfal one mpnb,as toe Hoe tbe tbingff 
tbat banc bene printeo fomctime in our memories , ano are Tome* 
to&at flipped out of our remembrance ; anb To migbt toe our felucg 
ieame ail fcienees tottbout a teacber, bcca ufc cljac in tbe fapb tmi* 
uerfall mpnbe of ours , toee fboulo baue all tbc f Kill tljat euer anp 
man ban actepneo to , in like maner as tbe pcrfone tljat batb once 
Ijabtljeftullof 3ritbmettkorCofmograpbie tbrougblp fettle* in 
ijis mpnb.neebetb no teacber to teacbe it bim agcine , but onelp to 
ouerturne bis otone imagina£ton,ano to fearcb bis mcmorie for tbe 
Snoin g againe of tljat toljicb fee baa lapu bp tljcr r ♦ j9o to toe fcnotoe 
t|jat tobofoeuer leantetb notbing,ftnotoetb notbin g,anb tljat or&i« 
ttarilp be tobicb mod ffuopct b , mod Irani etl) : anb tljat all tlje toft 
fins anb turmopling of a mans otou e imagination tljat can bee all 
bis life iong,toiU ncuer make b tm to attaine o f btmfclf t o fo mucd 
as tfre berp principles of tbe Ieaft fcience tbaf is* 15v reafon tober* 
of it foIlotoetb,&bat toe Ijaue not tbe f fell of anp fcience in bs,bn« 
till free eitber be taugljt it or finn it out bp beating; our touts about 
it : ano tljat our imagination fcruetb not to reuiue tlje Science* 
in bs,but to tying tbem into bs,aab to plant tbem in b& 9nb for* 
afmuclj as all tbe Sciences fljouio bee tn ail men from tbe begin* 
jiing, if tbere toerebut onebniuerfallmpnoinail men, [tobicb i% 
not fo jit follotoetbtbat tfcereis in euerp particular perfone a par* 
ticular anb peculiar mpno, ano not anp onebniucrfailmpnb com* 
mon to ail men* ^o^eoucr, our mpno attepnetb after a fort to tbe 
tmoerftanbing of itfelf: toljicb tbing it coulo not ooe in berp beeoe, 
if fyw fecre but out uniacr fell mj nb common to ail men . )f oj too 



bcrttamut felfe,it mutt nceoes toojke bpon it felft, 3&tit if toee 
[ccue Auerrhoes , our mpnD ftaL'jttt onelp be luiou^ljt toppoa 
d receiue into it from the imagination , as a (DUinbotoe rerep- 
tb Iigbc from the !§>unne*ageme 5 the eapacitie of the bniucrfaH 
Derftaitt tug in pofTibilitte.cotilo not Doe that* jr oj it behoucD it 
[>auc fome other thing beftoes itfelf, to b}in$ iefeffe into action* 
id furclp pagination coulD not hrtpe it, fo? itWth but offer fc? 
: fcitfible things bnto it, 9 atteineth not fo farre as to ttjc things 
it are to bcbifcerneD b^ o^ift of reafon*jr>et nottoithttanDing toe 
Dcrdauo tOit iwce unticrdano , ana toe reafon ann iuogeboth of 
r imagination, anpaifo of our reafomnganDtmDerftanDing it* 
fe^&he thing then tobtcb Doth fo enter anD pearce into itfelfe, ts 
ot^er manet of potocr than an 31maginatton , oj than an toniuer» 
I Dnoerttanttug in polTtbtltcte^Obat is to be faiD to tbis,tbat of 
e fclfefame3[ma(jination,onefelf fanwperfone concltiDetb nolo 
er one fojt , anb bpanbbp after in another fojt ; ana thereoutof 
itoethboth contrarieargumlcsanD contrarie Determinations: 
^at outers perfoiis bpiMuers tmastnatrona Doe clofe togitljcr in 
e toill anD one mpnD % as it poflible that this thoulo pjoeeefc of 
euerlafling fubftance in one felfefame perfone,fecingtbat cner* 
lingneffe is not fubtert to anp change of tpme oj place *t S>} tb at 
houlD pjoceebe of an? one fclfefame Jubilance in manp ttm*,fte< 
gthat theimaginationaof them be fo Diners one from another* 
leatttoife tf the faiD fitbOance toojfce not but bpfucfr inftrumets* 
3s touching the opinion of Alexander of Aphrodife,toho Dp* Againft Afo 
loeth a cerceine bmuerfal tooling minD that impjinteth things xander of a- 
the toiDerff anDing in poflibiiitie,tbat is to fap in cuerp mans fe.» phrodif* 
:raH caparftie , anD bjingeth it foojtfr into action : thrmoff part 
the Eeafons alle&gea afoye againff Auerrhoes , totll alfo ferue 
famfthim » lj)otobcit fojafmuch as bp this toojkfuHmpnD 3 hce 
emeth to meane (Sod himfelfyhers iz thus much mo^e tobeaa* 
:Dbnto it ; Zfat 05oD toho is altogether gco&anb altogithcr toife 
iouId not imprint in our mpnDe the fonDanD totckeD conceited 
ihtch toe finD there, no? leaue & great ignojaunceano Darkened 
* tore ftele there , but tooulD in all men ouereomme the infection 
ihtch the boDp bjingeth : anti although hce iafpireD not all mm a* 
ke toith W gracious giftes , accojDtng to the Diuc rfitie of their 
opacities after tijemauer of a planes Cable; pet tooulohenot at 
ttfftoifepeint the t&opt toith fomanp falfe ^o?tra?ture sr anir 
Craf at* , a^euerp one of ^ map perceiue to bee in our felues^ 



agapne,t>ere tbere anp fucb fnfptration o? influence, ft ftoufobee 
eptber continuall o? but bp i .nes*31f continual! o? euertaOin^toc 
ftottfoUHtbout labour and aittfeput rtmmngbnberffanb all tbat e* 
uer our imagination offeree!) bttto bs ♦ 3nb ff ft bee but at tpmes, 
tben ftoulbitnotlpeinbsto lift o? to bnbectfanb anp tbing at all, 
tbougb toe tooulb neuer fo fapne. jf o? contrarptoife,tue baue mudj 
a Doe to bnberftanb Tome tbings,fo as toe mttS bee fapne to tuinne 
tijem from our ignorance bp peecemeale: anb tbere bee fome otbet 
tljings, bfticb toe bnberttanb bp mm bp as fame as tljep be put bit* 
to bs 3 anb toben toe W* our fetoes* 'SLbw is tljen in bs a potoer of 
3ateberlhmbin{ktbougb berp feeble;but petiieuertbelatcr obebient 
to our toillttobicb tbing cannot be fatbereb bpon 6ak3lfo if tbere 
t e b ut onelp one Sppno footing in aH men , tbere ft an bee but one 
felfefame buberftanbing in all men, :jmeane natural!? ^uottuttb* 
fianbing tbat it Differ in Degrees ♦ jf o? into tobat place foeuer tbe 
ft unite boe ft eb bis beames,be botb botb inligbten ft ami beate ft, 
tiotobeftbiuerflpaccojbingto tlje nature anbeonbftion ofrtjepla* 
ces anb things tbat recepue Ijim 9 fome mo?e anb fome IeflTe , fome 
tytgbtlper anb fome bim!per ♦ 35ut Ijotofoeuer tfje cafe ftanbe, bi* 
Jigbt pcelbetb no bartateire,no? W b^ ate anp co!b ♦ ft o tben^if tbe 
biuerfities of mens imaginations boe caute biuerGttes of effects in 
tbe ittfpiratioito? influence tbat flotoetbinto tl)t capacftie of out 
bnoerftanbing ; furelp ft mull neebes bee after tfrt's maner,namelp 
tbat one man ft all bnberflanb one felfefame tbing mo?e , anb aito* 
tber man leire;but ttot in tbat anp man ft an tafee bntrut!) fo? trutb, 
imrigbt fo? rigbt,o? one tbing fo? anotber* JQoto 3 toe feebnto Ijoto 
tttanp errors toee bee fubied: , 31 meane not in fuel) tbings as tbis, 
ttamelp , tbat one man feetb better a farre of,anb anotber better at 
&anb-,bttt tbat one man feetb tobite Mb anotber feetb blacfee(tobic& 
are tbings contrarp) in one felfefame grounb anb at one felfefame 
tpme ♦ 3lt follotoetb tbcrefoje tbat biuers anb funnies mpnbs boe 
toojke in biuers perfons 3 anb not one felffame mpnb in al perfoits* 
23p fojee of tobicb reafons anb of fucb otbers,3l fap tbateuerp ml 
ibaH finbe m bimfelfe anb of bimfelfe^bat euerp man bat!) a par- 
ticular ft oule b^ btmfe!f,tbat is to fap a fpirituaH ftibftance bnitea 
to \0bo^ , tobicb in refpect of pixins life to tbe bobp is as tljt 
fo?me tberof,anb in refpect of giuing reafon,is as tbe gupbe of out 
atfions^bat in euerp man tbere is a certepne ftunbeame of Rea< 
fon, toljerebp tbep concepue tbings anb bebate bpon tljem; tol;ere* 
*!#ausfjftcommet&topa(rej tyat oftentpmes tyep agree botb i« 

6t CKRISTIAW ftlLIGlOX* 28j 

fte fteafon ft felfetobicfc id onejantu in fte manifeff grotm&s tljet^ 
dfjana in tobatfoeuer oepen&etb euft .tip bpon tfjc fame: Cbat c* 
uerp man batb alfo a peculiar bop^ b t vtmfelfe, ana Iftetoifepecu* 
liar completion, ljumours, imigpiations, ebueatum,cutfome ano 
traae of life : uiljercof it commetb tbat euerp mantaftes a oiuets 
toap 5 pea ano tbat one felffamepcrfon fttjantetfanuerflp from tbe 
fcnitie of Heafon toljcrof tbe patb is but one,ano the tnates to (trap 
from it are infinite: Cbat tbis %gibeame of reafon tobtcb (bineti) 
ano fbeasetb it felf front our mpjtfijis property tbatbri&erftantiing 
iubfcb is termeo The vnderftanding^n abilitie or pofsibilitie, 
tobicb ig; increafe&'anb augmented b'p aB tbe tbmgs tobicb it feetl;, 
Jjeavetl) , t} Iigbtetl; bppon , like fire , tobtcb gathered) mcreafe of 
ftrengtb bp tbe abunoance of tbefetoell tbat is put bntoit 3 ana be* 
commetb afceta fojt infinite bp fpjeaoing it felfe ab;oao:3lfo it te 
tbe fame tul^id^ otberbiife toe call the Memorie ofvnderiUding, 
or myndfull Memorie:an& it id nothing els but an abundance of 
Keafon 5 and as it lucre a banner bp of tbe continual! iniluences of 
$e Sppnot^ljat t!;e $ppnb from tobence tbis flotoetb as from bte 
£pjmg>is pjoperlp tbat tofyitb tbty tbe fapb Auerrhoes anu Alex- 
ander ooe terme tbe working or workfultMynd^bicb is a cer< 
tepne potter 0} fojce tbat can fiull to ejrteno reafon from one tbing 
to i another , antf to pi ocee&e from tbings fendbie to tbmgs bnfen- 
fible , from tbings mouable to tbings bnmouable , from bobilp to 
fpirituall, from effects to eaufes, ana from beginnings! to enos bp 
tbe meane caufes.CbiS Sppno is in refpett of Reafon 5 as cunning 
ts in refpect of an 3In(ftument oj tcolejano Reafon, as in refpect of 
imagination ano of tbe tbings tbat are (enfible , is as an 3!nffrti* - ' 
went o? tole in refpect of tbe matter 0} tfuffe tbat it toojfces bpom 
£>} to fpeafce moje £tlp,tbis sppnn is bnto Heafon , as tbe mouet 
ufa tbing is to tbe tbing tbat is mouabfcanu IReafon is to b*t *b* 
iects 3 as tbe mouable tbing is to tbe tbing tobereunto it is mauetu 
jTo? to reafon oj bcbate, is notbing els but to p?oceen from a tbtng 
tbat is im&erftort^to a tbing tbat is not bntrerft©oe,of purpofe to 
DnDeritanu it: aim tbe bm>erffan&ittg hereof is a ref!mg tbat infe* 
loetb bppon tt 5 as a ftxpin$ 0} refting after mouing: -Cbat botb of 
tbem as men tbe one as tbe otber 3 are but onelp one felfefame fub* 
ftance*,an& like as a man botb toben be mouetb aim tobe \)t reUetb, 
is all one ano tbe fame man > o? as tbe potoer tbat mouetb tbe S>i* 
nemesis one felfefame ftiil, botblnbenitftirretbtbem, anntoben 
it fcotoeti) t^em ftflljtb t^e rea&nable 0} bnueraanuing @>oule tbat 



fe in cuerp man, is but onelp one felfefame fubffance boapleflTe m 
immaterial! , waiting \)i# potters: partlp of it ftlfe ana partly bf 
our boatcs ♦ 3na feeing tljat Auerrhoes ana Alexander make ft 
great eftimation ana account of tbe effects tob'cbare to?ougbtin 
t>s , tbat tbep bk info?cea to attribute tbem to fome b -tcojruptible 
ana euetlatting^pna ; let as take of tbem, tbat m bcrp truetb tbe 
tbing vwljtcb too?fcetb fo peat toamaers in tlje boap, ran be nettber 
fence , no? boap, no? imagination ; but a amine, Uncorruptible aim 
immo?tallmpna,as tbep tljemfelues fap* 

:But let li0 learne tbe tbing of mo tban tbem,toljtcb a! toife men 
teacb bS,ana tobicb euerp of as can learne of Jnmfelf; namelp,tbat 
tbis CJnaerffanaing o? fl^pnae is not mtebniucrfall tljingas tbe 
feunne 10 tljat tfnnetlj into all tbe to maotoes of a Citie 3 but ratbet 
a particular fubllance in euerp feuerall man,as a ligbt to leaae bmi 
in tbe aarfcneffe of tbis life 5 fo? furelp it toas no mo?e aiffieultie to 
tbe euerlatting 0a)D,to create manp funa?ie &oules,tbat aterp 
man migbt baue one feueraHp alone bp bimfelfr,tban to baue erea* 
tea butonelp one Soulefo? all men togetber ♦ 3£ut it toasfarrc 
mo?e fo? b& glo?ie , to bee fenotone, pjapfea, ana ejcaltea of manp 
Soules , pea ana mo?e fo? our toelfare to p?apfe, eicalt ana fenotoe 
bim i pea ana to Hue of our fclues botb in tbis life ana in tbe life to 
come: tban if anp otber bmuerfalll Spirit, Soule 0? sppna tobat* 
{better, ftoula baue liuea ana anaerttooae eptber m bs 0? after bS* 
$2oto tben, fo? tbis matter let as eoncluae, botb b^ reafon,ana bp 
antiquitie,ana bp tbe knotoleage tbat euerp of as batb of bimfelfe; 
Cbat tbe Soule ana tbe 3oap be tbings aiuers*&bat tbe Soule 
1$ a Spirit ana not a 35oap : icbat tbis Spirit batb in man tb?ee 
abilities 0? potoerS,tobereof ttoo bee epercifea bp tlje boap,ana tbe 
tbira tuo?ketb of it frife tottljout tbe boap : Cbat tbefc tb?ee abfli* 
ties are intH)t one onelp Soule as in tbeir rcote x toljereof ttoo aoe 
ceafie toljenfoetter tbe boap fapletb tbem, ana pet nottoitbttanain j 
tbe Soule abiaetb tobole toitljout abatemft of anp of ber potoers, 
as a Craftfman continuetb a Craftfman tbougb be toant toales to 
ino?fte toitbal: 3na finallp,tljat tbis Sottle is a fubff ance tfjat com 
tinuetb of it ftlfe, ana is bnmateriaH ana fpirituafl, otter tbe totyfy 
neitber aeatb no? co?ruption can naturallp baue anp potoer* 

3na fo? a conclusion of all tljat euer 31 baue treatea of betberto 
intbisbooke, letasmaintepne, Cbattbereisbutonlpone (Soa, 
bibo bp bis otone gcoaneffe ana toifeaome is ^t Creato? ana go* 
ueroer of tf;e toojla ana of all t&at t^ therein; ^at in tfje too?la be 



creates S^an, after W mm* 31mage as in refpect of mpn&,amii af* 
w tbe 3|mage of bis otber creatures as in refped of life, fence,an& 
ntouinftmojtafl ft farre fcojtb as ftc^olnet^ tb e lifteneflTe of a crea* 
ture ; ann immojtall ft farre fcojtb as be beared tbe 31mage of tbe 
Creator tbat is to lflit,in bis <g>oule: Cbat be tobtcb goetb out of 
Ijimfelf to feetbetoo?to,ootb fojtbtoitb fee tbat tbere is a ©on,fo? 
its toojftes Declare bim euerptofjere : 'ftbat be tu^tdj twill pet fffil 
aoubt tbereof,ne*Detb but to enter into bmtfelfejano be (ball meete 
|jim tbere^fo? be fbafl finae tbere a potoer xufttdj be feetb nonCbat 
be tobtcb beteuetb tbere is one ©on, beteuetb bimfelfe to bee im* 
mojtafljfoj fuel; confitoeration c$uto not ligbt into a mortal nature: 
affl> tbat be tobicb beteuetb btmfetfeto beimmo?taI,beteuetb tbat 
tbere is a <e>on:fo^ toitbout $e bnutt erable potoer of tbe one (Sou, 
tbe mo?tafl anti immojtatt couft neuer topnetojetben Cbatbe 
tobtcb feetb tbe o#er of tbe toojto , tbe proportion of man, ano tbe 
fjarmonie tbat is in eptber of tbem compounuen of ft manp con- 
traries,cannot Doubt £ tbere is a pjoufoence; fo? t%z nature tobtcb 
fjatb furoiibea tbem tberetoitb , cannot bee tmfurmfbeo tbereof it 
fetfejbut as it once ban a care of tbem,ft can it not (bake of tbe fame 
care from tbem^bws baue toe ttyk Articles tobtcb foflotoe inters 
cbaungeablponeanotber* 3nftmucb tbat be tobtcb pjwieftanp 
one of tbem,notb proue tbem afl tb?a,nottoitbftaning tbat 31 baue 
ueateti of euerp of tbem feucraflp bp it felfe* jftoto,let as pjap tbe 
euerlaaing ©oo , tbat toee map glorifie btm in fyz toojkes in tbtS 
toojlB , ami be tooutfafe of bte mercie to glojifie tts oite nap in $e 
toojio to cornerman 

The xvj. Chapter. 

That mans nature is corrupted , & man falne from his firft 

€Z fo? afltbts, let not man bet p?ouae of tbe ejxefc 
lencie o? immortatttie of bis g>ouIe : foj fhz mm be 
$atb recepuea of bis maker , tbe mo?e is be inuebteo 
to btm ; anti tbe mo?e excellent tbat bis nature is, tbe 
moje lo^fomc amnwungerous tS $e corruption 



tberof, %\yt ipeacockc i* fapb to be p?oub of fci* gap ftfyMJxflm 
be fetg bp bis taple rounb about bim: but toljeu be batb once ftm« 
rfjeb out big toings^be fallen into a bump,anb as fane ag be fake* 
bpon W fett&t cafomde botone brt taple aim ig atbameb*£uett 
fo,as longaa toe tbinke bpon tbe liuefaieflfe of our g>pirit 3 ami ti)e 
ejcellencie of out $>ouIe aa in refpect of tlje nature tbereof ; furclp 
toee baue tobereof to glo?ifie (Sou tbat gaue it bnto b$, anb of b& 
gracious gcobneffe batb boutfafeb to bono? ba aboue a! otber crea* 
ture^©n tbe otber Koe,if uee confiber bob) tbfe nature of our* ii 
ttraungelp uefilen anb co?rupteb,anb bob) farre it fe bigrefTeb from 
tbe firff o?igmaH tbereofcfurelp t&ere i* no remebie but toe mult be 
afbameb of our feluea,anb tuconber to fee from bob) great a beigtfr 
be be noto falne anb funke bototie*€uen fo tbe beft HMwz becom* 
metb tfce fljarpeff anb eagreft Qineger,anb of tfggesoabicb toerc 
in oto tpme tbe Delicate of Rings)** mabe tbe rankeft popfom tf oj 
Icoke tobat begrce of gcobneffe a tbing botoetb tofjtie it abpbetb in 
W nature, tbe fame begra? of euill botb it come bnto , toben it faU 
letb into corruption ♦ Jftoto tben 5 Icoke boU) mucb our o?igtnafl ge* 
neration toag tbe better ; fo mucb ftafl tbe corruption tbat ligbtetfc 
into it be t^e toaster : tofjicb tbing acco?bing to tbe o?ber tobitb 31 
baue bfeb betljerto, toee map examine totoarbs €od 3 totoarbtf tyt 
i»o?!b,toi»arb^ men,anb toumrbs our fduea. 
Man$ comip- ©reatlp in gob f©tb te man bounb bnto (Sob, if fce tooulb coiu 

SIhi?S>? Rm ft J anD * erp w P n * ** *>* ff ^ e ^ aue not t3 ^ f m t0 P^ceiue fci 

to Godward. © f tfje great multitube of Creatures tobicb <&ab bab creates b« 
bat!j giuen to fome but onelp bare bating; to fcme,botb baring aim 
Ipfe ; anb to otber fome botb baeing,!pfe,anb fence ; "But bnto man 
be batb giuen an tbefe,anb mojeouer a reafonaWe mpnb, tobereb? 
be ( anb onelp be baere beneatb ) fenotoetb in all tbingg tobat fyc? 
baue anb tobat tbep bee , tobicb tbing tf)ty tbemfelues? knobje not^ 
JQbicb fe an eutbent p?oof , tbat lobatfoeuer thtf baue oj tobatfiu 
euer tbep be 3 tbep baue it anb are it fo? man, $ not fo? tbemfelue^ 
jTo? to to&at purpofe are an tbeir bertues' anb ejrceHent propertied 
if tbep tbemfelues; knotoe t!jem nof: %\)t g>ontte ejxciletb among 
tbe celeftiall bobpe^,anb tbe l&ofe among flobaers, %ty Oeaft i3 a 
begree aboue t\jz Crees, anb among tbe 35eafte* , one batb fome 
one popnt tobteb anotber batb not/But toljat fkilleg it bobat tfjou 
art o! tobat tbtrn baft, if tbou knobue it not^ 2Bbat botetb tbee tbe 
ligbtjif tbou fee it not ? tobat art tbou tbe better fo? fujaete fent*,if 
^oufmeH^cm not % £>; to&at auapfcty tt t^ee to ejccellmanp 


tbittg tfcftou m'fcowie it not*: ©fa truetb,onlp man of al tljc tbtng?s 
intbiS inferio? <!B6?lo , can Ml of t&cfc tbings ano fjoto to iniop 
tbem ; ano tberfoje it mttfl n&oes be tbat tbep toere maoe fo? none 
but bint; tftat is to toit,tfjat to fpeafee p?operlp, ©ADD batb giuen 
toito l)tm tobatfoeuer all otfter creatures eitber baue o? be ; ano b* 
batb not Dealt toitb birn fiutplp ass toitb a Creature , but ratber as 
toitb a Cbiltr of bis>fo? tobom be batb ejepjeflp createo tbis toojloe 
ano giuen it bun to poffefle* jftoto if tbe tfyi ng tbat is poffefleo bee 
tnfinitelp IeflTetban tbepoffeflb? tbereof; ano tbetoo?lo is giuen to 
man to poffeflTe : boto farre ti)m ootb man ejtcell tbe too?lo *t 9ntr 
fcoto greatlp is man bouno bnto <Soo,tobo createo btmof notbing 
tbat is to fap,not onlp batb giuen tbe too?lo bnso man,but alfo $i* 
um mm man to man bimfelfe*: 522berefo?e if be acfutotoleoge not 
fitm to tobom be tjaf beboloen, not onlp foj tbis inberitance but alfo 
tuzn foj bis otone being: toljat (ball toe fap but tbat be is an *mna* 
turall ano baffarolp Cbifoe, turn fucb a one as batb loft not onelp 
W rigbt mpno,but alfo euen bis fences *i 3ftut of fo manp men,of 
mbom all ano finguler perfons llano bo uno,botb iopntlp ano feuec 
sallp in tbe tobole ano fo? tbe tobole of tbat great bono fo? perfoj* 
tttance of tbe Condition tbereof,b o to toe be tljcre tobicb tioe once 
■tbixtoz of it, ano boto mucb fetoer be tbere tobidj tbinfce toell of it*; 
jftap , boto fetoe bee tbere tobicb knotoe tbat tbere is fucb a bono, 
ano boto mucb fetoer ooe oifpofe tbemfelues toacknotoleogeitt 
9no if percbaunce fome one o? ttoo among manp ooe oifpofe tbem 
felues tbereunto, pet nottoitbitanoing tobo is be tbat euer toas a*: 
tie to attune fcnto it 5 conftoering tbat it impojtetb a paloing fcnto 
<$oo of tbat tobicb ts W sue t tbat is to toit, tbe imploping of our 
felues ano of all tbat be batb giuen bnto as , mm our tobole being 
ano life, our <g>enees, our Hleafon,our ooings,ano ttnallp all tbat 
*uer toe baue botb toitbin ano toitbout bs , in bis feruice*: ano tbat 
toee contrarptoife turne all tbings to our felues as to tbeir proper 
*noe,pea ano mm our felues to our felues tobicb are notbing *x 3|f 
toe kept a reckoning of our life,boto fmall a part tbereof oo toe be= 
fiotoe bpon <8»oo *t Jpoto fetoe of our fteppes ooe toee toalke in bis 
feruice*j Cpoto fetoe of our tbougbts are oiretfeo bnto bim *t 3no if 
toalokebppon our berp p?apers,tobat are tbep but continuall o5 
fences, feeing tbat torn in tfyt miooeff of our greatetf beljemencie, 
toe baniib atoap b^ ano bp into bapne imaginations,ano are carieo 
its farre atoap from our papers into toanoering concepts 3 as bea^ 
wen is oiftant from earc^anu further*; Ca^at §>onnctoiUnotfan 

© out 


out tot'tfj Tjint tljat fpeakes euill ofljiss jf atljet *: 02 elsJ all tftat ffann 
frp tuiH count Ijim a cotoatD if Ijc pafle it ouet luttb filence? Contra* 
rptoife , fculjiclj ofl>gi is moueo tobcn be Ijeatetlj (Sous name blaf* 
pljemeo ^ 0} tffte be moueo, tljat fcttetlj bimfelfe m Defence of bim: 
B} if be fet bimfelfe in Defcnce,oo$ not bp anD bp forget tt *: COljat 
tljen Dotlj tljis atgetoe , but tljat in toerp ttuetlj 5 our <&oule liuetb 
notjbtit out ISoDp j ant! tljat out §>oule Ijatb not Ijet mouings and 
actions fteeanDliuelp , feeing it ts not moueo at tlje iniurtes tljat 
ate Done to tlje Sboule ano to tlje fatljet tbat maoe tf)e <§>oule 3 but 
at dje tD^ongg tbat ate Done to tbe boDp anp to tbe fatber of ti;e bo^ 
Die^f a man bjeake tlje ^cutcljions of out $tmes,toee take it to 
bee a gteat oifgtate to bs , anD a toucljtng of out eteoite; ano if \jx 
fyeake out 3Images 0? pictutes,loe fall out toitlj Ijim anD null nc* 
mt be teconcileD:3no if it be none to a pjince,fce makes it a popnt 
of biglj ^teafon ; anD tljat toe Doe not tbe lihe 3 tt fe not fo? toant of 
p?tDe,but fojioant of poloet to teuenge iu ©ntijeconttarp pattc, 
tobiclj of &s is gtteueo at tbe lojong tbat is Done to bis nepgbbo?, 
0} ratf>er ttrf>icb tytongetlj not Ijis nepgbbojt euetp Dap*: ffij tabid) 
is mud) moueD ttrfjen be feetb a man flapne before Ijis fare, tmleflfe 
fce be bis bjotijer 0? neete ftietiD*: JSap^bicl) of us out felues Dotb 
not oaplie W W tyotbet , eptbet in uetp Deeoe, oj in beatt, eptbet 
iuitlj tlje g>u>ojD 31 meane , oj b^ fratteo, euen fo? tbe lead offence 
tbat can be pjetenoefc, anD fo tested; 0} bjeaftetb not tbe 3jmage of 
©od tolrirt) l)t fjatb papnteD anD tngtaueD tit man , euen euetp ljo* 
loet toitfjout anp tegatD ?)8oto toljat els is tljis,but tfrat toe fcnoto 
itot tbis 3lmage of 05od to beefn out felues *t JF02 odjettoife boto 
Dutff free bee fo p?efumptuous 5 as to offer anp butt 0? barmrimto 
it , but becaufe tlje fectet confent of all mankinoe in fuclj outtage, 
confefTetlj it to be quite anD clcane fojgone,o? at leafftoife to bee fo 
UiffiguteD anD Defaceo 3 anD fo fttaungelp betapeo,tbat it cait fcatfl? 
bee DifcetneD anp mo?e*t 3nD becauft tlje kinDjeD tfjat is btthjmxt 
all men , DettueD ftom tlje fatbet of tljeit Joules, mouetb bs bet? 
little Jnit tlje bple feinD?eD of tlje fleil) mouctlj DS betp muc^ luljic^ 
is as fatte infetiout to tlje otbet , as tbete is oDDes bettnitt f foule 
anD a lump of cattb>o? betiaeene tlje fatljets of eptbet of tljem;tljat 
is to tott 3 betto£ne C5^DD anD Spant^et not^itljftanDing,feeincf 
tljat tlje tuidkeDDelt man in tlje toojlo,anD fucb a one as fecmetlj to 
bee toucbeD tuitl) notljing 3 baumg once flapne Ijim lubom be Ijateo 
molt of all men , ootlj b^ anD b^ aftet tlje DeeDe Done 3 feele a batt* 
bpting m ^is mpnD 3 anD a tojmeut in ^is Confidence 5 totyd) tljing 


fa feeletb not fo? cfte kffling of a tljoufann beaded euerp nap; toljat 

ran tot fap t o be tije caufe tljereo^but only tije remapnner of ©000 

3[ntage common to all men,tobtcb puttetlj \jirn in mpnn oftije tote* 

kennefle tbat be batb none 3 mm fa bigblp offenoen at bfa titxine of* 

fence 3 aria toljtcb ( accruing to ttiis^ fapingThe good blud lyeth 

not)maketlj our innptement of tt felf, ann tooulo fapne euen it feif 

be reuengen of M tottbm Wt 'Cfeerfojelet bg fap(toljicb fbt'ng toe 

rannot nenpe tinlelle toee nenpe our felueg ) tljat ©on createo man 

to be to btm asi a Cbiln, ann tljat man fa grotone out of kpnn, pea 

Craungelp grotone out of kpno 3 not regarding (ag toee fee m moft 

nten)to bee knotone eptljer of bfa father oj ofljfa bjetb?en,(tobtclj 

tiring nottottbttanning tbe baft arns of tbfa too?ln no feeke to tljett 

fcttermott to noe) but bp bfa ftriH going about to aboitiT) bfa P^e- 

gw ano al bfa titlte of ktnnjen 3 tbat be mtgljt be callen tije feonne The Come of 

of tljeeartb,(tobtcb toaa tbe name ofBailarog in olo tpme) ratber thecal 

tljan tije fonne of btm tljat begate ljim,ann createn fo manp tfjtngs 

foj btm to iniope, jFo^pjcofe tobereof to be true,tobat ame toe at in 

all our ftuoieg ann mneuer^but tlje eartb ann eartblp tbingsytpaa 

toe contimten ft ill in our ojigtnall creation,toee fljouln accojoing to 

tbe fpirttuall fubllaunce of our g>oule$ 3 fymz naturallp purfetoefc 

fptrttuail tbmgg,pea ano baue mounteo bp aboue tlje berp beauen* 

£ tbrngg^ut toljere feeke toee noto our inberitance,our toelfare, 

ann our feltcttce,but in tbefe tranGtojte tljinga^ano tobereof are al 

our fatten ano quarrels in tbfa toojlo,but of €attell ? of Cojne ann 

of JLano^aHberefoje toe muff nines confefle, tljat tt fa a tottnelfc 

of tbe ntfberettng of S^ankpnn from tbe berttage of fetes fatber., ana 

tljat be fa in bfa fatberg oifpleafure ano oifFauour 3 ano tljat be notlj 

but runne after peafecooneg as tbe pjontgall Cljtloe nin 3 toben Ijc 

ban toalten bfa inberitancelicenttouflp* 

T5ut noto to come to tbofe toljicb make mot! pjofeffion of gon* 
itne(re;tobence(tbtnke toe) commetb tije otftrufttbat all of bs baue 
naturalip of ©ons gxonnefle ann alfidance^but of tije feeling of out 
lul! ntfljcrtfon,tobtcb our confetence fa greeuen at tottljm bs^ ^Tlje 
fonne of a goto ann riclj fatber beljtgbtetb Ijmtfelfe ajs mttclj releefe 
agi b(s fatber fa able to paelo , ann as be bunfelfe Ijatb nd^ne of ♦ 31f 
?tot;but tljat tbe Cbtln noubt tbereof:toe p^efume fo farre of tbe fa* 
tljets gannefle,tbat toe conclune tijat bfa fonne Ijatlj offennen ljun, 
ann manebmtfelf tottoojtljp of bfa gconnelfe bp fome great crpmc* 
JJ5oto tben,feehtg tljat ©on fa t^e berp g©nne(le ann rtcljes tijem^ 
felues,to^erof commet^ it tljat no man can aflure Ijtmfelf of tbem^ 

% z tljat 


tbat no man can reft bmtfelf bololp enough topon &nn?rtjat no matt 
can trttft bnto fctotfo attureolp a* W gajonefle requtrctlj <: ano ft* 
nallp tfjat our requeftes arc fo fun of oiftruft,ano our bcarts fo fun 
of bnbetefe^urdpjfeing tl>cfault cannot be to (Sons gcoonefle, 
tobtri) is a fountapne tbat cannot be 02epneo o?pc:tt mud n&oes be 
tbat tbe fault remapnetb alonlp in tbe naugbtinefleanofrapltteof 
ourfelucs , tobicb nare not bopefajgroo at tf;ebano of bmttobiclj 
is( molt ejccellentlp gcoo , becaufe our tobole nature tclletb bs tbat 
toe bee toitoojtbte of btf grace^ bp reafon toe ijaue ofifenneD btm tea 
in rcCpca of 3!f toe conGoer tbe gouewment ano.ojoer of tbe ffilojlo , toce 
the world, map tntn tbere alfo fino apparantlp, tljat man boloetb not bimfelf 
in bis ftate^but is falne frotu tbe feate of bonour toberein 600 ban 
placeo bmn (Son ban fet btm aloft , aboue tbe Atones, aboue tfje 
piantes 5 aboue tbe ^jute beaftes,pea ano aboue tbe toojlo it felfe, 
3|fbeabpoeftill in bis oegree, tobence commetlj it tljat fomanp 
mtn make tljemfelues bonoflaucs to (Solo ano otljer mettals^ana 
tljat fo manp men ooe leane tbe life of plants ano bjute beaftcs in 
tbe boopes of men *; fome giuing tbemfelues to nougbt els tban to 
eattog,o?toktog ano Iteping, ano neuer lifting tljemfelues bp anp 
Ijigber; ano otberfome confuming ano toafting tljemfelues in moft 
beaftlp oeligljts f pleafures \ tfo} tobat beatt is tbere tbat tooulfc 
be a^lantjO? plant tbat (bcotetb not lip to get out of tbe grouno^ 
Co be fyojt , tobat tljtog is tljere in tlje tobole toojlo fauing onelp 
man , tobicb notb not berp pjecifelp keepe tbe otone date ano oe* 
gree *: 31 WV V*m ff a man fiboulo fee one toitb a ppcelp Crotonc 
al mpjp on bis bean filling fte grouno ano follotoing tbe piougb; 
tobat tooulo be tbinfce but tbat be toere ocpofeo from bis &b?one, 
ano tbat fome mtfebief toere befalne btm *: 9no tobat tben is to be 
fapooftbatman, tobicb topletb to Doongbils ano ffculftetbtnta 
corners to toallotoe btmfelfe in a tboufano fojts of filtbines , ami 
implopetlj alibis toit bpon fucb tbtogs : but tbat be is falne from 
tbe toppe of bis mpnoe,ano tbat b^ tbe greeuonfnes of tbat fall, be 
batb fo lameo ano mapmeo all bis abilities, tbat it Ipetb not to btm 
to returne againe from tobence- be is falne H tfo} tobo can oenp but 
fce is bojne to greater tbings tban bee ooetb ? ©? tobo can tbinke 
tbat <S © D batb giuen bim an immojtall ^oule, to tbe intent be 
ftouloimplop bimfelfe altogetber about tbings tobicb are not fa 
mucb as toojtbp to be mojtall *: © j a countenance tobicb be caflcrfj 
jcominuallpto t&empnntogof^eauen, to tofce grouping on ;tlje 


ntpje % ©? a Scepter, to plap tbe bi^aro toitb it m a plape *;€>?« 
triple space to rake Doungbilleg toitljall, o? too aigge tbe grouno 

3game ? boto fe tf>e iatoe ana ojaer of gouernement tob«b ftu 
netb fojtb m tbe tobole toojto ami tn all tbe parte* thereof, turnea 
apfioeootanein man tobo is tbelitle *KHo?to,bp tbeatfobeoience 
of tbe 75oop to t^e Ǥ>oule <i 3|n planter , in ^ree* ? ana in tyute 
beaftea^tbe foule oiffributetb nurrifbmft bp pjopojtiomCbeir bo* 
apes obepe tbe oirection of rtjetr &oule$ toitbout gepnfaping, ami 
mrpabilitteperfojmetbbfe&uetie accojuinglp* Cb^tmrrinjmg 
abttitiefollotoetbbfe appettte^,anti goetb not bepono tbem* %\)Z 
fenGtiue follotoetb W naturaH oeligbtj^but it aiolatetb tbem not, 
25at as foj man, tobat (ball tuee fapof btm *t Smrelp tbat btsboop 
commaunoetb W &oule , a* if tbe piougb (boulo ajarae tbe Ipoj- 
fes,a tbep Cap ; tbat bis toill fufferetb it felfe to be rule* bp bts ap« 
p etites ; tljat bis reafon rs an bnnerlmg to bfe fence^anD tljat bt'a 
fcerp tobole nature is mod commonly quite out of o?ucr« So mud 
toe nee&cs confelTe an ouertbjotoe of nature, in Ijim fcu tobom ne« 
aertbelefle nature tt felfe teas mane,antj tbat man toas ftoarueo a* 
(ioe from Ijis rigb t toap/eetng tbat all o tljer parted of tbe (KJojito 
Doe follow tbetr jQature, amubat jftaturettfelfe teaebetb bstt* 
dftbat is to be fapo tben,but tbat man is not onelp falne from tbe 
ftate toberem be toas , to be fet tn lotoer Degree tban be toag afoje* 
but alfo tbat be is falne in btmfelfe an* from btm felf e,tn ana from 
bis otonc peculiar nature ? a&ojeouer tt is manifeft tbat tbe fcoojlo 
toas createb foj mans bfe ; f oj tbe toojlo futotoetb not tt felfe , no? 
tbe creatures tbat are tberetn*3no agetne, as fo? tbe Angels, tbep 
neebeo tt not ■, ana as fin tbe b?u te beaftes 3 tbep baue no f kill to bfe 
tt«©neip man batb bnDerffanoing to bfe tlje ferutce tbeteof,ant> a 
booptbatbatb neeoe of tbetr ferutce* St'tb tt is fo ,^bo can Doube 
tbat <&ot> creates man latcl; a itnourfe&ge of bis creature^ auo al< 
fogauebtrnpotoerouertljem*; (Lfllbereofcommctbtttben tljat tlje 
beaded Doe naturallp know tbetr feafons , t\)t remctiies of tljcir 
tifeafes , ano tbe Epcrbcs tbat baue a p?op?tette of nature to beale 
tbem ; ano tbat onlp man among all otber Ituing tljtngs>knotoetlj 
tbem not , tnfomucb as be is fapne to goe to &cboole to tbe tyttte 
bealles to learnetbem *t 9lfotobereof commetb tt tbat tbefe crea* 
tures(ujbicb furelp <0©O mat>e not to be fnares to man, fo? tbat 
ban bene repugnant to tbe goonnes of tbe Creator , but fo? mans 
benefice anD feruice) doc nolo iu'eke ano fpur ne agetnfi man , pea 

% % eueit 


euen t(jofe toln'rb baue no potoer oj ttrlgtb at all to tottfjtfanti Jim? 
Let bs omit &£Joolues,ieopart>s,am> ILpons,\aal)tclj feemeto baue 
fome fojce to ouermatclj tbe meakencs of man* £&bat meanetb it 
tb*t too? mes make bs taarre toitbm our Botocls, p bermin bcuou* 
rctb our Cojne 3 anD tljat tbe eartlj pec loctb bs not anp kinfc of fruit 
tojjjtdj (jatlj not a peculiar enemte in it , to marre it ere it come to 
our Ijanu : Out to ojiue bs to confefle , tbat man mult neenes Ijaue 
oSfinDcn bt* maker rtgbc greeuouflp,anb tl)at u-bercas (Sous put- 
tin^ offjts creatures in fubiectton to manias to tlje enu tljat man 
fljouloljaue continues in obebiencebnto 6©D,noU)becaufe man 
Ijatij rebelled againft <£5otrs ^aielTie , (Sou alfo fuffcretlj cbofe to 
rebell againft man,U)ljomljelja&put tnfubiecrion to man,pea tmn 
to tljeucrp offkourmgs of tlje eartlj *; tfo} toljat els is tljts contra- 
rietieoftbe eartlj toljim tljatttlletb it, oftljeS>ea toljim tljatfap* 
letb tt^anti of tlje aire to tbe fueceflc of all our labours ana trauete, 
but a pjoteffation of brfjolc nature,tljat it utfoeinetlj to fcrue a crca* 
turedjattoas fo pjefumptuous as tobifobep bis Creato?; a crea* 
ture 31 fop > \nbici) bp boing feruiceto tlje creatures, Ijatljfojgone 
t&e autljojttie tnljiclj be baa receiuea of bis spakert 

in refpeaof j/^o\xi confequentlp let bs conSuer man totoaws man*£Oljat is! 

Man ' tfoere moje nifojocrea ojt moje corrarie to naiure,tljan is tbe nature 

of manljimfelfe*: 31f bcatfes of onekinti aoe kill oj eateone ano* 
tljer; toeetakeit fojanouglptljing* tfftiljatan ouglpneffetbcn 
ougljt it to be bnto bs , toljen toee fee botu men ( tobo alonlp be in* 
iiueD Intel) reafon,) Doe euerp Ijotoje kill one anotljer,ann roote out 
oneanotljer VJftaprntljcrisitnotagreac toonaer to fee goon a« 
greement ann freno(bip 3 not among jl2ations,not bettoeene Colt* 
tries,not among Companies ; but euen in boufcljol&s 3 pea ana be. 
tteecneCljamberfcllobjes^SItoltteg areciueli: but pet intoljat 
race of 2noUtesfl;alltoee finb Caribiesanb Cannibals ? JLpon* 
alfo are cruel! : but pet trfjere tocre tljep euer feene in fatten one 
z$m% anotber *: BoVa toljatis toarre , but a gatljcring anb pac* 
kin$ Dp togctljer of all tbe fojts of bcaftlmestljat are in tbe toojlD^ 
3no pet u>ljat is moje common among men tban tljat ? 9 15eaft 
(fop fome)totUbarke o? grunt erebc bpte; abaufetotll cracke ere 
tt fillfcottne; ano tlje WXinD Uabiflietb ere it bjeake tbings* ^uc 
contrariteife tobat is man totnarbs man H tubo euen to laugbing, 
t^eatuctb 3 in faluting (leaetb^ $ bnber faere countenance of cour* 
teotts intcrtepnement , clokrtb a tboufom yberpents, a tbottfann 
L^on^ a tljouCanb ©uicfefanb^ ant» a tljoufenD Rocket at once^ 



8JM :Ietbs leaue tbe totckeo tobicb Difcouer tbemfeluea coo 

mucb* COfjat Doe toee m all our bargapmnj , buying anD fcIUngr, , 

but beguple one anotljer *t oj tobat Doe toe in our Dalping , but De* 

luDe one anotbcr/ranD tobat els is tbe toljolc for icttc of man tobiclj 

toe fo bigblp commenD>but a felfgatne, ano a iierp incrocbing one 

bppon another , tbe greater fojc as tpjancs bppon tbe meaner, tbe 

meaner upon tbe inferiour fo?t , ana tbe infer tour foit one bppon at* 

nocber too take bun m fome trtppe <: ^o bee (bojc , if toee Doe anp 

gooo, it is but to tbe ena to bee feene ; asfo? in ferret, toee toill doc 

none at aiLa$eine, if mee fojbeare to Doe euill , it is but fo? feare 

lead tbe cKIIojlD IboulD kno toe it ; anD toere tbat feare atoap , toee 

tooulD (lick at notbing* (EObcrto tben feruetb ds our reafon tobtcft 

ftoulD furtber fcs bnto ail gooDnes, but to couer our nau^btineiTe, 

tbat is to fap , to make us toooife anD moje bnreafonaDle *t pet not* 

imtbit.tnDing boto tmreafonable fo euer toee bee in all our Doings?, 

toe cannot but knotoe tbat tbere is a reafon ; anD toe re it not in bs, 

toe coulo not concaue it ; anD toere it not cojrupteD,toe (boulD noc 

fujaruefrom tt •, anD pet if toe examine ourefelues, tot (balnotbee 

able to Denp,but tbat toe Digreffe be rp farre from it 4 €fc rcfojte toe 

ma? toell Deeme of our reafon , as of an epficrbt tbat i? either im* 

papjeD o) incbauneeo* 3t batb tbe grounD of (tgbflftll; but yet it 

ftanDetb tht partte in no tteao , but onelp to beguple l)im bp falfe 

images ano illuflons. 

Lee ds come to man in btmfelfe,anD fee tobetber at leafttotfe be ^ n *"*$*$ 
loue bimfeifc better tban otber men : anD tbe moje toee (frrrc bim, 0l hunfdfc 
tbe moje (bill toe feele tbe fftnebe of bis co?ruptton,CQben a Difea- 
feD mm feeles pane , toee (ap tbere is corruption in bis boop ; ano 
furtbentiojetbsttlKre is a Default in jftuure , ojtbat tbe partie 
batb tdken fome ctreat furfet,tobicb batb bjougbt bim to tljat cafe* 
jftototben tobat fyal toe fap of tbe peat nomber of tsifeafes tobnr* 
toitbmankinD ispepneD.anD toberetottbbeis fo tobolp ouertobel* 
meD,tbat tbere is not anp age of bis life, anp part of hie boap, 0? a* 
up froalifciHig in «p part of bis fle(b,tobicb b«b not fome pccult* 
ar Difeafe *: fitsy 31 fap furtlnr,tb it man alone is fubtctf tco mo ct* 
fetfes , tban all other liutncc tbtngs in tbis CSto^D togttber* €l;e 
Pjilofopbers fatoe tt,anD baue maac bookes ejep^cflp thereof, anD 
are Dtterlp amafcD ano graueles in fcektng out theemte thereof, 
anD tbep coulD nai?r pelt p&lDe anp Heafon tbrreof tobicb might 
fatiffie otbers oi tbemfeiues, j^euertbelc!Te tbe moa parte of 
t&em come to tfeis point > tl;at man is tbe mod fcnijappieil of all lu 

% 4 uiug; 


tiing totgljt S; anD tljep finn fault tottb (Son an d nature foj tt,to&om 
tiotttutbaantungtbepconfcffe coljaue oooncnotbfagbut iuttlpto 
t&ac beljalfeXne Tapes , tljat onelp span flcactb bimfclfe tlj?ou gb 
impatience of grecf. ataotberfapes^bat tbe Ipfe of man is fuel;, 
as tbat ucatb is r atbcr to bee ncfireo of bun tljan Ipfc* 3no of TucG 
fpeecbes ooe alltbeir fecljcoles ring* €bere is another tubicb toritb 
great iaoon&crment,rcckcnctb up ccrtcincljuntycM ofoifeafe* 
lulj cr eunto tlje epe alone is fubiect, J3oiu tobicb of all tlje bcatte s 
Ijatbfomucbastbctljittitbpart oftbem in bisboap^Ss itlikclp 
tbat (Sou , tobicb Ijatb gtuen to Span To great pjebeminence aboue 
all bis creatures, create* !jim of purpofc to tojment bim aboue all 
otljer creatures \ SD) ratljer is it not to be fapvbat man to in* o}U 
gin all toas treat et> far re after anotbc r fojt tljan be noto is,tobetfjec 
it be in refpett of tb c Creator Ijimfclfc , oj oftfje enbe fo? tuljiclj bee 
ereateo bim \ feurclp djen 3 let us fap as toe baue fapae afoje , tbat 
tlje uerp cauTe tub? 9©an alone batb mo bifeafes in bis boop , tljan 
allotber Creatures toogttljer; ts fo? tbat bee bauingabufeo Q3ods 
gracious gifts, batb boone m o?e eutll t ban all t b ep coulo T kin too 
Doe: ana tbat tbe berp euill ano bntotoarbnes tbat is in tbem, ig 
but to ptmiflj mm fcuitljall : as fo j c x ample,tbe Epa pie anb gpnoiue 
feme not to burt tbe eartb oj tbe fruites of tl;e eartfj, but to punifg 
Ijim tbat Qjoulo take tbe benefitc of tbettn 

againe,U3ben toe conte to confioer t\)t &oule ami tbe boop knit 
together; tobat a number of affections boe toe mate toitbail rtjere 3 
(tobidj as faitb Plutark)are To mucb moje fojotofufl am> greeuoug 
rfjan t\)t booilp oifeafes , as tbe g>oule is moje Snfufl ano blame* 
too?tbte tban tbe booie ? Co tying tbefe palfions to Tome reafona* 
bleo?ber, tljepbflofopbcrsbaue maoe bakes e]tp?eflp of #&ojaU 
fcertue, ano giuen precepts (Tap rtjep) to tying djem to obeoience: 
tobercm tbep confefle tbe rebellioufoefle tbat is naturallp in bs a* 
gainft reafon^ut tobo feeletb not in bimfelfe 3 tbat djeir remeoics 
feme not To mud; to take atoap tlje mtfdjief,as to cloke it? Wlflfy 
ts a plapne oeriaration, tbat it is not a fpot Mjicb map bee toafljeu 
ittoap 3 but a neepe imp jeffion tyonoeo in nature as it toere toitb a 
fearing p jon , toljicb in berp beeoe is not to bee toppeo out agapne, 
tut couerefynoj to be fuboetoeb ano ouercome^buttoitb mucb aoo 
to bercftrepneo an&btlo fl)o?t, jfuttbermoje 5 fecing djatreafonis 
fo mucb moje excellent djan paffton oj atTcdion 3 as djefo^me tynyt 
0} falbionffap d)ep)is mo?e eiccellent tban ^ matter oj ftuffe tober^ 
in it iiaijualjcnce commeti) tl;tj3 infection in w$tt maked; t^e mat* 



fcer to ouermapff er fte fo?me ? ana r aufeft fte fojme (as: pe toouto 
fap)to recepue fyape ana fafbion of fte matter;ftat fa to fap^tobift 
^uttetii reafon in fubiertion to affection^ to fte impjefftong tobift 
affection peelaeft,contrarp to fte o?aer twljtcij fa obferuea in all fte 
toftole toogto befiae ? jfo? tobat efa fa tbfa intemperance of ourtf, 
but reafort(fuft ag it noto remapneft)imp?mtea toift luft ana con* 
cupifcence? 3na tobat efa fa anger,but reafon attepntea toift fto* 
Ier 3 ana fo fa?ft of fte retf ?3na if a man toil! fap,ftat ftefe ftingg 
are naturall tn b&tobereof commeft it ftat of ftefe affectiong,toee 
concepue intoaralp remo?fe,ana outtoaralp fljame ; pea ana tbat fo 
natttraHp,a$ toee muft of neceflttte noeaeg feele tbem tobefter toee 
toill o? no,ana can no mo?e let ftem ftan toe can reftrepne ft e bea* 
ting of our ipulfeg o? fte panting of our l£>eart$ : but becaufe tbat 
ft ame ana remote fo? finne ate naturall tn b^bttt fte Snne it felfe 
fa againtt nature?9te fo? e*ample,ftere be ftings fte aoing tober* 
of fa m bis bpce;ana m bjute 3$ea(te,nature:fo? ftep be angrp,ftep 
aauenge tfjemfelue^ano ftep companp togefter inaifferentlp an* 
m open ligbt : ana of fo aoing tbep bee not afyamea, becaufe tt fa 
fteir nature ♦ j!2oto 5 toere tbefe affections ana fleflrfp pleafures a* 
naturall in ifa as in fte Vz&tttfyte little (b oula toe bee atfjamea of 
fjjem,a$ ftep ♦ "But contrarptoife,if an fjoneff man come in tofjtle 
toee bee angcie,bp ana bp our rage is repjelfea, as toljo tooula fap 
but bpce aia bpae it felfe from bimtana if a man come bpon us *m* 
atoares in taking our pleafure(pea tbougb it bee toell latofull)toec 
WuflMs if our blua toere aettrous to biae ann to couer our ooingg* 
J)ea ana fcoto fccre tip foeuer toe be alone b^ our feluegi in wcutio 
of our fyct$ ; toee incounter continuallp toitb a companpon in our 
felue^tobtft not onlp bearetb toitnefle of t!;em 5 but alfo consent* 
ueft ana punifyeft tbem in tfa ♦ ^coftlp ften, tbe motions of an* 
ger ana lull agamft reafon in man , are not naturall no? ojigmall, 
ftat fa to fap,ftep pjoc&ae not of bfa ftrff creation; but are come in Diodon» lib. 
aftertoara b^ corruption. 9ina tberefo?e tbe remojfe tobicb bappe= Herodotusin 
netb tonto M in tljofe palTton^tS notljingbut a fecrete(botobeitbe-' his cuo, 
rp liuelp ) toaming of nature , tobicb tsJ aftamea to plap tbe b?ttte 
bea^tobicb tbing (be tooula not be,if tbofe tbtng^ toere ojiginaflp 
of mang nature ♦ 3na inberp aect;e 5 tbe bniuerfafl confent ofmatt* 
i^pna in being afljamea to goe nafcea, infomuclj tbat tbep Ijaa letter Auftin in his 
to fee tbe ffcinne of a 3$eaft , o? tbe excrement of a eftcojme toppon woorkofthe 
tbemfelues,tban to fe tbeir otone fleff>:ann dje tbing tobicb S>aint ^f c T^ 
Auftin notetfc in all men j namelp , ftat ftcp totll rafter aoe open 17 ; an a l8 , 



tojong in aH mens figfotijan Ijaue to noe tottlj tbeir Iatofut tout** : 
opcalp ; noe euinentfp (betoe tfjat tlje beaftlinefle (tbat is to fap tlje 
conruptlcence oj lufr) tbat is m tarnall copulation, is not an ojigi* 
nan nature,bnt a mere coemption tbereof* flBbicb tbtng our p?e* 
fent age ( but furelp notljing to ber pjapfe) map bettefj??oue bnto 
bs,tl;an al tbe reafons in tbe toojftMf 02 certepnlp,contincrmg t!>e 
etcelTiueouerflotoing of bices tobicb is to be feene, $ f> cuttomable 
b e of tljem, pea ttitn of fuel; as are againft nature , turnco almoft 
into nature ; if euer boluptuoufnefle couln baue tranffojmen it felfc 
into nature,ann pjeuaplen againtlnature 3 ttmuff n&nes baue bene 
in tbis our age; toberein nonmtbftanning, as ftronglp armcn,att* 
tbo?ifco , ann reigning as \)v^ feemctb to be, pet is fl;e infojeen to 
Ijpneberfclfe euen in tbe minneft of ber trpumpbs,nnnoubtenlp a£ 
acknotulenging tfjat fye reignetlj not ouer Yjtt otone,but ouer ano* 

3gapne,tf pe baue an epe to frtenn(btp,to rfjaritte,to tlje tying* 
tngbpofCbtlnjea, to focietie in $pariage;tobotmlI not fap tbat 
foj all our trapning bp to leanebs tbeceto , ann foj all our rcaning 
to inftmtt bs tberein,pet toe ban nriene to refojt to tlje bjutt beafteg 
to learne of tljem, ami to take example of tljem , tobicb is a token 
(as 31 fapa afoje)tljat tbeir nature is lefle corrupt tban ours?3!f tbe 
cafe concerne tbe turning atoap from tbe bpces of 3!ntemperance, 
!ccberie,D?imkennelTe, Unreff,^ fucb otljers: tobo tooulo tbinke 
thzt our nature being fo e]tcellent,ann(bcfines tbe nifcourfe of rca* 
fon(batting fo manp Latoes,g>tatutes,l{3enaltics,£ Spagiffrates 
to belpe it;ano being bipnlen loitb fo manp naungers,fo2otoes and 
papnes infetoir.g tbe fame ; fljouln pet nottmtbftanoing not bee re* 
ftrepnetutobereas on tbe contrarp part, tbe bjute beaftes noe nam* 
rallp foibearebotb foooe ann pleafure, fauing onelp To farrefoo?tfj 
as nature requiretb,tljat is to wit, fo? tbe maintenance ann prefer* 
uation of tbem felues ann of tbeir kinn ? 3nn feeing tljcir nature 
notb fo bpboln it felfe , ann ttjat our nature beeing ftapeo fo manp 
luapes,ann clofen in mttb fo manp barres , cannot bee bpbeln no? 
kept toitbin compaffe : tobo can fap tbat our nature (in cafeas it i<& 
nolue,)is not in tuojfe plpgljt tban tbcirs is ? Sinn yzt tobo \&\\ fap 
tbat tlje Mature of tbe eitcellentetf of all otber Creatures , batb afc 
toapes bene fuel) from tbefirft original! beginning tbereof? 911 tbe 
fapn tbings are comon botb to Span ann 33caft:but yzt n*o?eouer, 
£©an glo^ietb of an ercellencie of mpnn innrbeo bp <5on tm'tft infi- 
nite goonlp giftis* SBljat i^i to be fain tf;en , if in tlje tijing ujljercbn 




fcc furmountetb tljem,tie be founn inferiour to tbem ': ©? tftn tljat 
toljicbof it felf is uncorruptible, corruption be mod open anoeufc 
acne ': ©f fo manp men inoetoeo toitb Sicafan , 31 P?ap pou Ijoto 
manp be tbere tljat bfe it ^ €ljat is to fap , Of fo man? men, Ijott* 
manp be not bjute beailes *: ©? Whit rarer tljmg is tbere among 
men, tljan a berp man in oeeoe ^ 3no of fuel; as ufe Keafon , boto 
manp be cliere tljat bfe tc tocll -, tbat ts to fap , Ijoto manp bee tljere 
toljtcij be not Diuels*: jftotu take mee out of mauktno tlje beatlcjaf 
ano tljetriucls,ano tofco Drill t&inke it ttraunge tljatapijilofopljer 
tooke a ^o?cb at bigb nameoap,to feeke fo? a Span tit tlje mtooes 
of a multttuoe *i ©ne fojt alltljetr life longooe fet tljetr mpno up* 
pon noting but tljis Ipfe ; tljep fpare not fo mucb tpme as to con* 
fioer tnljat tbat potoer isfcifjiclj tooojketlj tljat tbougfjtintljem* 
What bootetlj it rbefemoje to baue a mpno,tljan tt bootetlj a man 
to b aue epes tlju ootb natljing but deeped ©tljers implop it about 
tlje oefpling of fome mans toifc,o? tbe oeflotojing of fome maioen, 
o? tlje glofiug of fome tujong , o? tbe elumng of fome rigljt , o? tlje 
fotoing of oifcojto in fome Ijoufe&olt? , o? tlje fetting of fp?e on tlje 
fotoer corners of fome Kcalme* %o tubat purpofe ageineis it fo? 
tljefe men to baue a myito > toljtcb is bent ano intenbeo to notljtng 
tut mifcljief *t ©? loljat els is fuc& a mpnD,t&an $ epe of tlje * bead * The c *™: 
of £gipt,toljicljktlletlj tbofe toljomit looked bpon,ano it felfalfo \£ <^kT 
bp f rebounoingback of bis otnne figbt ^ &>ome in oeeoe o© lift up tr yce, 
^epeoftbeirmpnbaloftjbut^oujfarreo?toljatfeetbep? Smrelp 
(as fattlj Ariftotle)euen as mucb as an ©tale in tbe bjigljt funne. 
%fyz <£oge of bnoerftanoing rebatetb at tlje outBoe of tlje ieaft 
tbittgs tbat are x anr> botu tben (ball it be able to enter into t&enrt 
©ur mpnoisoafeleotmtljbapojS; anotoljattmllitbctljenattbe 
fln^pjoclnble ligbt fo? tobiclj it toas createo ? © © D createo tlje 
flEtoilo fo? man ; tljerefoje Ijis intent t»as tljat man fljoulo Ijaue 
tb< feruice tbereof : ano tljat &emig;&tbaue tlje feruice of tbings,tt 
bebc»uctibimtoknoti)etbenn Contrari\i)ife 9 tDljat tljingooe toce 
linotne fuStctemlp ? SLtbat kno^e toee in comparifon of tljat twee 
fcnntoe not ? Inn Ijotu cantu^ bfe tlje feruice of tljem, feeing eueit 
tlje (raft tbings commannn bs ; not tbe 15eaffes 3 tlje Iperbes 3 atm 
tlje Atones onlp,but alfo turn tbe Cartlj ano tlje tjerp r??o(fe tljere* 
of^c^oDbatlj createo m^nfo?ljtso\ajncglo?p; ant; as man is tlje 
cnooftbemo?lo,fois 6©D (ljeenoof^an» 3nt?^isnottobe 
toubteo, but tbat as @oo $mz man knutale&ge of x%z \DO?loe,tba t 
bee migljt ufe it too bis befcoofe j fo l;ee gaue fjim knoWetige of lji« 



©onbcan,tbatbe migbt fetue Ijim* 3£utboto manp be tbere tobfefc 
ame ac tbis matke ? ano btib (fail toce bit it if toee ame not at it *: 
enn Ijoto (ball toe ante at tt 5 tf toe fee it not <: ano Ijoto (fall toce lee 
tt , if toe tljtnke not on it no? parte not fo? it *: ^gaine , let bs bend 
out toi 1 1 cs to it as ffou tip as ujc can ; tobo to be tljat f ale tb not bim 
felf e to quaple,toben be is to t bin k npon ©oo<; CO bo is be tbat bur* 
ftctb not , if bee fttcpne bimfelfe to farre *t 3no tobeteof commetfe 
tbis , but tljat tbe ffring of tljis Botoe fatlj falne into tbe Matter, 
anD is in ad c fo tact tljat it toil ferue to no purpofe anp mo?e.' %\)i& 
m pno to ingetlj foo? tb neenes ; ann becaufe tbep be fometofat Goto, 
tbep be none toitb tbe mo?c aouifement* T5\\t toljat ate tbe bed of 
tljoTe scenes but finne % j f toec commit anp crpme , all out toboie 
mpnu goctb toitb it ,an o out Doing of tbe euill is fo? tbe euils fake* 
33ut if toe Doe anp goon-, tobiclj of bs Dntb it not as a bptocojkc fo? 
fome otljcr tbings fake, tatbet tban fo? tbe loue of tbe goon itfclfe; 
us one fo? bonout , anotbet fo? gaine , ano a tbitD fo? feate \ 9nn 
toljat elks is tbis , but a fetuing of nanitie, ano not an obeping of 
tier tue *t 3no tobeteas euill is nougb t els tban a beteuing o? toath 
ting of goon : tobo is bee on tbe conttatie part, tobiclj tljtnkctlj not 
bimfelfa man goonpnougb,if be Doe no euilhSs toljo toouln fap £ 
goD alfo toerenotbing ete but tbe beteuing o? abfence of mil 9m> 
tn ber? neeoe tobome Doe toe call gooD ano boned men^but fu clj ajes 
abffepne from Dooing men to?ong , from Healing, from c t to?tin g, 
ano from lenning nppon Ctfurie , albeit tbat it beboue tbem to p?o« 
ran e far tber,ann to be liberal! in giuing, fo?toarn in Ijelpmg, ann 
Diligent in fetuing , fo?afmucb as goonnes is not a Defect o? a not* 
Dcoing of tbings,but an effect o? Doing of tbings,anD confiftctb not 
tn onelp t eftepning o? ceaffing , but in tooo?king anD petfo?ming* 
3nn in cffcd v tofjat els is it to Define an Ijoncfi man to be fucb a one 
as Dotb notbing a cal; tban to Define a gooD 3r cljer to be fucb a one 
as neuet (bootetb at all ? Cljis minn of ours Dotb alfo palofooitlj 
too?DS : ann tbep pafle out mo?e ftoiftlp tban oeenes,pea euen from 
tbe toifeft«3!f a man toouln keepe a teckening of bis too?ns but fo? 
one nap ; toljat fljouln bee finn at nigb t but a beapc of nanittes , as 
backebptings , flaunoer s , leafings, raplings, befines a tboufann 
fojtes of flippctneuices ann inlctoo?ns, tobiclj euen bp tljeit onelp 
inlenefle noe toell beto?ap out nanitie *t 9nn fitlj it is euinent tljat 
tofjereasfpeecb toas giuento* to procure ann maintepne focietie, 
toe fee it is commonlp applpcn to tlje b?eaking tljcrcof, b^ fotoing 
of nifcojn ann nebate; to(>o i#n nenp but tljat tl;crc i# a notable coj* 



ruption in tbe mpmi , tobicb btteretb fojtb ttjat fpeecbe *: ageine, 
feing it i$ an bniuerfal upce,agem(itoWclj tbe better fojt no ttriue 
tottb an tbeir fo?ce am> cannot ouercome it; toljo can Cap it ig a \*itz 
tbat is mrinent but to fome peculiar perfonej5,anr» not to tbe tobole 
fepnn of man*; (Lftijat i<3 to be fapo tbenuf our tbougbtg ana totttg, 
tobereof tobole tboufanos palfe tbjoug!) our mpno in an Ijotoer, 
tobicb our mpnss can neither repieffe no? ejcpjelfe *; © boto man? 
noe toe efteeme to be g©n men, toljome toe ffjouto fie to be toickea 
wen if tbeir tbougbts lap open, oj if toe Ijao epejs to fee into tbenVt 
£) tobat a fcnt of toiloe beaftes fbouto toee fee barberefc in a man* 
beart a$ in a jf ojefft 9nn tobat is tben our f kil 3 but ignorance; out 
lut?tiome,tiut fcanitie •, ami our bonnes , but bipocrtfie <i ^ijerein 
confiftetb our toertueybut in concealing our fcpce0,tobenag in trutfr 
(ag faptb Ariftotlejit mere botlj mo?e fo? our beljoof ano mo?e ap* 
pjocbiug to rigl;tuoufneg,if toe lapo tbem open ^ ^o?eouer,tobat 
it all our infycing of our felues to banquifl; our trices, but a labo * 
rmg to outronne our otone fbaaotoe, tobicb (noe toe tobat toe can) 
toill altoapes accompanp as tobetber toee toill o? no t 3ift furelp 
toe ougbt to be afyamen , not fo mud) fo? tbat toee bee fucb,a$ fo? 
tbat eitber toe knotoe not our feluea to be fucb,oj be not fufftcient* 
Ip aibameo tbat toe be fucb* jfteitber is tbere a (Jronger p?©f of our 
co?ruption 3 tban tbat; in like maner a^ toe semte tbem to be filtbte 
jmo Sinking , tobicb are raking in p?iuies ana feele not tbe ftindjc 
af tbem ; ami tbofe to be moje M tobicb fele not tbemfelues tick, 
tban tbofe tobicb are moff pepnen toitb tbeir uifeafe : anu tbofe t© 
be moje frantick tobicb finu not tbem felues to be tyapnKcke , tbatt 
tbofe tobicbe feeke to tfjepbifition fo? tbe curing of tfreir fren?te«, 
j tfo} baa toe tbe toit to confioer our cbaunges 3 to fale tbe im&ueti* 
neffeof ourptlfes, ana to obferuetbetfeamingbp of our bumojg 
toitb tbe impjeffious tobirf) tbep make in our bjapne x toee (bottlu 
bp fucb nifceroingof our nifeafes , become balfe fikfolfce anu balfe 
jpbifitions^ut furelp tonfi&eriug t\)t date toberein to* noto bee, 
boto toe liue ag it toere b^ a bo?rotoet> g>oule ^ 31 toote not tobere^ 
t»nto 31 ftouto compare bs5 3 e]ccept it be to certetne tiifeafeti perfons?, 
of tobom Hippocrates maketb tbfe ejcp?e(Te 9pbo?ifme , faptng; mj$o\q> 
When fuch as are very fore fkke,do feele no payne,but fall to yx<ri. 
playing with their Couerlet, pulling out the heares , and pic- 
king out the motes ; the cafe goeth very hard with them, and 
there is fmall hope or lykelihod that they (hall liue. 3n& tobat 
*te it til)i$ life of our^but mm twfy'i Wit lap tticke to fticke 3 ftone ; 



to &tonc, ano l^ennp to Jpcnnp , no moje muring tfjeltfe of out 
<g>oulc , tban if toee ban nffj&ito^ at all* 3if aup man noe pet Hill 
ooubt l)creof,3l offer Ijtm $M^on,tt)bicf) if be luiliput in trpall, 
3! Dare allure Ijtni Ijee tutt!;i9m;j^preof no moje* let bpm but fee 
ootone in to^ttng,aU tl;e djptfgtjfce! aim imaginations tbat come in 
bis bean bp tbe fpace of one oap,ano at nirftt let tym reuieto tljent 
ano tafte tbe account of tbem ; 3no 31 nate nnoertafeebe (ballfpntt 
in tljem fo manp banities,fo manp crpmes, fo manp !j)obgobIin$, 
ano fo manp sponfterg ; fo Oraunge/o fono 3 fo foule, ano fo oug* 
Ip;tbatbeftaibeaftaio ofbimfetfelifce tbe bead tljatftarfcletbat 
tbe fooeine figbt of Ijimfelf in a loohinffglaife; ano tbat be (Tminot 
ttano gating, enamo jeo at Ijis otone beaucie as Narciffus oio ; but 
ronneatoap afyameo oHjis foule Dcfo?mitie,to fefte toljereto mfy 
aui ap tbe m pi e tbat be b a tb toallotoco in t C&b at a tbing tben ttti£ 
tt,tfbe conGoereo ittbus ail tbe toccfte long uiitbcut putting it in 
Uniting, a un boft mud; moje tone it, tfijee Gjoulo noe it a tuljole 
?ere; ana finallp all bis tobole lifd %n be (bojt,to fet man in fefce 
toojos before our epe$,toe reaoecomonlp tbattberearfrfb&er po^ 
la?es o^ abilities in mans &ottfe,namelp,(I&tit,8IUU tbe abilitie 
of baring; a»grie,ano tlje abilitie of iufting,ano in tljefe fotaer tods 
longe fotoer nertues,tljat is to fap, m Z&it, KHijoome; in (toil!, 
l&QCbt f ulneffe ; in tbe abilitie of being angrie 5 famine fie ; ano in 
tl)Z abilitie of JLufting,<g>tapeonefleJQoto, dOttis; mapmen totb 
ignorance ; £23ill,toitb tojongfnlnes ; Upamineffe , tottb Cotoaro* 
Iines,ano ^tapeonefle , toitb ilicentioufncg ; fo as in tljia toojloe 
t&ep can neitber be cureo toitljout f karre,noj be bjougbt to a f fear* 
9lfo toe percciuc tljere are in man tbe outtoaro fences, 3ltnao;itta« 
(ion, ann 3ppctitc,toljicb tb?a tbe tyute beads Ijaue as toell as be, 
otter ano bcGnes tbe tobicb , bee batb alfo toit ann tofll as peculiar 
g iftcs n;iuen \)im of 6on* 9 no if toe be men , toe effame our fcluctf 
better tban beaffes , ann looke to baue tljem to be ourmtoerltngs* 
Contraritoife, tobercas 3[maginatton ottftbt to rule tbe g>ence$, 
ann Keafoa to rule 31magination,ano U)ill to rule appetite: nom 
tbe outluarn fence carietb attmp 3magination,3}magination Rea< 
fon,ann appetite toiil, infomucb tbat t\yz onelp fence being betoic* 
cl>en o? begupien , carietb a man fceanlong into all euill after tbe 
maner of Phaeton lubom tbe poets fpeakeof* 3it is a plapne cafe 
tbcrcfojc , tbat man batb mane bimfcife an bnnerling to tbe beaff, 
aim confcquentlp tljat mankinn is curnen ftrangelp upGocnotone, 
aan noubcleffe farre mo^e montfruouflp , t^an if m few |)im n;oe 



bponljis bean tmtb bfebeeles uptoarn* j^o\utijen 3 feeing tljat man 

is fo oucrturnet) a tol)crcof can be b$K$gtaf ofFenning (Bon uncefr 
fantlp incljt!3life 5 antJoftn6nU^^pm£nt in anotber Ipfe,ac* 
coding to tbe inftnitenefle of 0^mt^^z batb offenoetrt3nn to 
tobat purpofe tljerefo?e C&aU Ijte ifojnfoltaUtte ferue Ijtm^ut to npe 
flicrlaffinglp ann neuer to be oeaxt* 

"But let us ieaue tbis matter to anotber pirn, Sinn fo?afmucb whence 
as bp confioering man tobat be is to <Sontoaru,to tbe mo?lt>vuatu, corruption 
to 9|§anU)arn 3 anu tobtmfetfe 3 3l baue euinentippjoueirbts cojrup* mcdu 
tion $ ftotoaruneffe; namelp 5 tbat be is utterly contrary to tbe enne 
to tobtebbe toas createn of (fott^to tbeojuer of tbetobole £&o?ln, 
to tbe toetfare of all spanfcinue , ann to btS otone beneff te: 1 et us 
bentefojtb coftuer from tobence ann from tobat tpme tbis mifcijief 
map baue befabte btm, ann toljat map baue bene tbe caufetbereof* 
Certefle,if toe fap it came of (Sou ann tbat be ban it of bis creation 
toe blafpbeme (Sou t©t© gcolfelp % if o? (Sou is g©n,anu tbe uerp 
gcouneffe it feife:ann tberfoje be cannot baue mane anp tbtnrj euilU 
llfo it appeared) tbjougbout tbetob&le gouertroiet of tbe toojln, 
tbat be is tbe mapfter ant* maintepner of ojuer*9nn tberefo?e botu 
is it poflibie tbat be (bouln make tbt little toojlu ( nameip man) ta 
bz a mouln of confufion ann nifo?ner? &gapne,no otber tbing tban 
$is otone glojie ann tbe Welfare of man^moueu btm to create man; 
ann pet man beemg m cafe as bee is , fo?beavetb not ta blafpbeme 
<Sous name, ann to pttrcljafe bis otone nettructiou ♦ j##ues tbett 
muff it be tbat Span teas mane a farre otber creature at tbe begin* 
ning , tban be is noto % as in uerp ueeue tbe Spuf bannman create^ 
not tbe Uriuellin t\)Z Cojne^noj tbe ftintener tbe fo&ernefTe in tbe 
WLinZyXto} tbe Ǥ>mitb tbe ruft in tbepjon ; but tljey come in front 
elftubere ♦ |2euertbelefre,tbe man tbat neuer ujanfce otber njinke 
tban SJtnege^Uioulu tbinfc it to be tbe naturall fap ann tafte of tbe 
©rape ♦ 3nn toeelftetoifetoba neuer felt otber in ourfelues tban 
cojruptiou,ann are fyefc ann bjougbt up in narknelfe Ifte tbe Cim« 
merians, tooulnbeare ourfelueg on l;an^ 5 tbat ®©D ess tbecaufe 
ann autbo? tbereof* jf5ota 5 lettJsi tabtcb baitetalle^botb tbe SLIme 
ann tbe CJmeger, runge t»bat maner of creatures toetttap baue bin 
in our ftrtt creationrm nomg toijereof tbere te pet notittttbUanning 
tbts( great nifference 5 tbat tbe palat of our bontlp moutb is able ta 
uifcemc tbe ftoeete fro tbe fotoer;but tbe palat o? tafle of our foule, 
is bnable to no eptber of tbcm boti)',tbt ou^becaufe corruption can 
not iunge of cleanneffej, mtn tbe otl;er 3 becaufe it eannot iunge toell 



3 04 OF T ft E TRBWNI9 

nf it felfe^n ZZXm ano tlineger tot oifcernea liquid nature come 
mon to than botb : but as concerning tbeir qualities,^ SEtine is 
ftoeete, toaime > ano frienolp to nature ; lubereas tbe integer fa 
(barpe 5 col&,ano cojrofiuetpea ano tfje berp colours of tljem are m* 
like one anotfterXo fcere ttoo tying* bcterlp contrarp;an&pet not* 
tottbtf attring , tbe Clineger is notbing els but 2£ime altereo from 
bis nature* 3no becaufc toe baue feene tbe one as toelas t^e otljer; 
toe toill neuer bee maoe to beteue, tfjat tbe OJincger toas Olinegec 
from tlje berp (DrapeXet bs tuoge of our Joules tottfj like ntfere* 
tion ♦ Wit finoe tijere a fpiritttall nature,immatertatf ano immo?* 
tail ; anu tfjat it tbe onelp remapnoer of ber firft ojigtnall^ut pet 
tbfa Spirit of our* fa fojetoarti to nothing but eufll, no? mdpnea 
to anp otber tbau bace ano tranfitojte tbings ♦ 3jt clingetb to tfyt 
eartb,ano 191 a bonoflaue to tbe boop^o be fijo?t,m tteao of ftphtg 
fcp,it crauletb 31 toote not boto^contrarp to tfje nature of a fepint, 
tobicb mounted bp on Ijigb, ano cannot bee ffmt tip mtljefebple 
ano ojolfie tfjings^erefoje it mult naoes bee fapo,tl;at tljfa tta* 
ture of ours toas not fo of nature? it oepartea not fucb as it noto it 
from rtje ijano of t&e toojftmapfter : but contrarptoife, gooo, fra*, 
jure^ano moetoea totth farre otljer qualities t&an it Ijatb nolo : fo j 
aoto it fa ftcpneo toitf) naugljtineire, bonoage of finne 3 ano cojrup* 
tmn, jftap mill fome man fap , feeing it toas rreateo cl&re from all 
rojruptio 3 tobo toas able to corrupt it as tot (tt it to be noto ?<Sure 
toee be tf;at it is a fpirituall nature: ano tberefoje neprijer tbe €le* 
ments no? anp otber bobie 5 coulo naturallp no anp burt into it;anb 
as little alfo coulo tpme uoe anp tbing tberetotfo? tpme is notbing 
but tbemouingofbooies^ojeouerittoas freeof itfelfe,afno La* 
nte of tbe booie 3 ano tijerefoje coulo not recepue ber firfl corruption 
from tbe booie*3no pet nottoitbftanoing toee fee,tbat as noto tt is 
fubiect to be cojruptco,botb of fjer otone flelb ano of tbe banities of 
rije toojlo,tobicb b)> nature bao no potter oua* iu jftaeos tytn muff 
tbe mafcer of nature btmfelfe 3 b^ue giuen a potoer to tbefe tbtngjj 
aboue tbeir nature , tobcrebp tbep migbt p?euaple agapnll tlje na* 
ture of tbe <§>oule-, tbe ooing tobereof furelp coulo not but baue bin 
tigbtfull in bim,conlioeringtbat be is tbetjerp rigbtuoufnelTe it 
felfe* jfo? 3Iul!ice lapetb not anp puniO)ment,buttub^te fome fault 
a? offence Ijatb gone afoie^bcrefoie it muft noeoes bee fapo 3 tbat 
man bao committeo fome beprams crime agamftbfa maker,\i)ber= 
5jpon fucb pettaltie ann bouoagettere appopnteo iufflp bnto %inu 
anu tI;erefo?e let W ftp 3 tljat tl;e ^oule of man being tl;e firft cor- 


ittptet of it fefcofo of it otone accojo banilb atoap as ffiHinetumetti 
in it felfe ana of it felf into Qinegentoljereas if tlje feouleljan fjtlti 
ber felfe in atoe ano bmier couerture^na Ijau reften oil \)tx Lees a?s 
ts fapo of mint ; tl;at is to fap,if 0je ijan abtonen tte&faff in beljol* 
aing Ijcr manker,tuttbout feektng ber toelfare m ber felfofye migbt 
&aue continues iittcrlp bncojrupten ftill ♦ 9na agapne,tl)at by tur* 
uing fo atoap from (S©D to Ijer felfe,(be offenses Ijer maker.,att& 
foment t&e gracious giftes toljicb (be Ijao recepueo of \)imft\)ttc* 
Upon follotoeo tl;e curfe of t&e Creatokano tfte fentence of W iutt 
fcijatb bppon &i* creature -, t»beretb?ougb tt came to paffe^tljat tfje 
fame toas not onelp bereft of all t&e grace tofceretoitlj it t»as reple* 
ttiften by be&ofoing it felfe in fcim,but alfo toas maae an bnoerling 
ta tfje felfefame tbings tuljicfr toere maoe to &aue none it feruice* 
Jfloto toljat tfcis fitme toas, toee cannot better bnberftamr,tl)an by 
*&e puniftment tfrereof*,f oj pumfljment ano finne l;aue a mutual! 
refped one ta anorijer,as a foje aim a falue>ano map after a fojt be 
fmoiune tbe one by tty otber* ©juer tooulo tfcat our lute fyoulo o* 
iiep <WDD, an* tbat all our fences aim appetites ftoulo obep out 
reafom b\xt toee fee tftat as noto our fences ana appetites bolo rea* 
fon bnoer ftDte^fn's pumfyment ougftt to fet our fault before ouc 
tyzt&tyn as toee fee our felues falne ootone ann tfeutt tmser ouc 
felues;namelp,tbat man intenaeo to ftaue mounter* bp aboue @otu 
%\)t fame ojoer toouto alfo tfcat all tbe toljole toojto anti tojl&lp 
things (boulo Ijaue fertteo man,ano man fjaue ferueo ©£>D; tljat 
<So& migbt fraue bene tbe marke of man, as man fyouln baue bene 
tfte marke fo? all otfcer tljings to fcaue amen at3ut toee fee tfcat at 
fi)i$ oap man in an fenDerling to tfje leaff things tbat are:mfomuclj 
tbat euen tbofe tofctdfj fjaue neither fence no? life uoe refift ^im,ano 
Ijepitcljctljtljeenseofallljts sefires in eartljlp things , asiftbep 
toere of mo?e baletoe t^an (jtmfelfe,acco?mnglp as all of bS knoto, 
tbat tlje ens i^ altoaies better tba tlje tljings tljat tenrr to t&e fame* 
feaiugtljent^at nature isreuoltenfromman, itiscertepnetbat 
tnan is reuolteu from <Bob:fo? it is tbe o?l»inarp ptmiftment of re^ 
bellious @>ubiects , ttjat tbeir otone feruaunts ann bnserlmgs alfo 
no kicke ami fpume agapnl! tbem*9nu mo^eouer, teeing tbat man 
not onlp ftrtnetb all maner of mifi^iefe ans mtfFo^tune in l)imfetfe 5 
fiut is alfo fo blpnn as to feeke bis klkitit in tfje mp?e 5 ano in tbe 
iurtte sungbils of tfjis toojto; it is a token tljat be fougbt bis bap^ 
pinefle in f)imfelf,anb eltobere tban in (Son ? Zo bee fibo&toa bet 
ftr&entn m Spaules toit^ ignorance of tbe things t^at are moil 

U iiccufuU 


tiaufufl for b<* ; ana ut our boutes toitb continuall infirmttiesf 5 aim 

finally toitlj t*eatlj:anu rfjat ia becaufc toe Ijaue bene curious m fee* 

fang trtfeiing tbingg,ag not contented toitij tbeiellbn tijat 63DD 

ban giuen bs ; ami toouto n&seg baue mane our felues immortal!, 

botobeit not bp tbe euerlafting potocr of <£>ot!0 quickening fpirit, 

but bp tlje forbitmen bfe of tratiKtojte tbtngfc , pea mzn tobtcb baa 

no life in tljem* Cbus fee toe noto toijereof tbe corruption of man* 

kpna te come , nameip euen of our otone tranfgteffiottj ana of tbe 

pum'tfjment tbat follotoeti bpon tbe fame* 

How long ago 35ut it fe bemaunneu ofU0 pet further, boto long it fe ago (Inee 

corruption & tbfe befell* 3if toce !jat> efppeo tljis corruption in bs b»tftom fome 

camcintoma. certepne l;unu>eu peered ijence,- it toere not foj btf tofeekeanp fur* 

tberfor it* 13ut letbgljofoonourcourfebp tbe ftreame of Span* 

kpnu euen to tije Wx\tx$ fteati , anu toee (ball finoe it (till aitoaies 

foule anu muuupjann toe fijalftom age to age beare tbefe outcrpes 

mtn among tbe be(! 3 I loue well the good,but I cannot doe it; 

anu(to bee fijort) that man is inclyncd to doe euill,and fubieel: 

to receyue euill*, luljtcl) are in one toor& botb tije fault ana tbe pu* 

niffjment* 3gapne,toere it but in fome boufebotos,or but in fom* 

Jftationg onlp , men baottln not If icfee to farmer tbe fault bppon tbe 

Clpmate ami tije &op!e, o? bppon tije mifteaebmg or roiferampte 

of tije l|3arentg3ut tofon toe fee tijat in tijat refpect airmen are in 

one felfefame taking, aftoeil tbe men ofoln tpme ag tije men of out 

baieg , fautng tbat finne increafetb continually , a$ toell bnber tije 

Cquinoctiall Ipne ag bettoeene botb tije 'Cropickg , ano ag toell on 

tlje furtijer fine as on tbe b*tljer Goe of tijem,fauing tbat fome take 

more papne to keepe it from figbt tlja otljer£,anti tijat tljofe toijiclj 

baue moff toit are too&rffjforafmucb a$ 31 baue alrea&ie fufficientlp 

proue& tije creation of tije toorto ano of tije firftmamtoee be &rtuen 

to mount bp agapneto tije fame man, ann to fap tbat agijeitfrtje 

tmtt of our offpjing , fo td be aifo tije toeifpjing of tbi^ corruption 

tobicb reignetij in \j$>ti& in toljom ota* toijole race tuasf botlj atteiu< 

ten tnttij &tne,anti attacijeu toitb puniibment* 3In tiji^ beijalfe it i$ 

not fo^ b£ to pleatie againll <S©D,but to fubmit our IboultierjS to 

bt$ 3lu(f ice 5 anu to lift bp our epeief to iji^ mercie ♦ fox necelfarilp 

from popnt to popnt ootb tljiss confequence enfetoe: %\>z g>oule isf 

corrupten in all mankpnn : £0^bo te To corrupteo tijat ije feeietij it 

not?^b^ corruption cannot procrien from tbe Creator*jTor toijen 

$to euer pureneffepoelo fortb corruptt5?Ebe otber creatures coulu 

not ^aue Befiiea iu $0} toijat matet^ a tying bndeane, but tbc ta< 



fuiKj uf uncleannefle unto tc ? ana tobat cattfetfc tbe taking of bn* 
cleamtefife bnto tt^ut tbe tourfjing tbereoftano tobat toucbing one 
af anotber can tbere be bettoeene a Spirit ano a 'Booie':^ t remap* 
itctb i\)ttfo}t tbat our Soulc cojrupteo tc felfbp forking &er oue* 
tie 3 eptber of ber otone accoiD , oj bp tfje admitting bnto it of fome 
imckeo Spirit , tbat fe to ftp lip perftoafion of tbat Spirit, Mjtrfj 
perftoafiou is* unto Spirits' a as tourijrng is unto booted ♦ 3no a* 
gapne^ t\& co?uption is from all tpme : tben corner it not of trap* 
iting,9no in all JRation&tljen corned it not of Conftellation + 3n& 
in all ages,botl) olo poung ana mfoole fo?t: tben corner tt not of U 
mitation ^ jejampletalung^berefoje tt mutf \\mt$ pjocotf botlj 
from one onlp man, ano from tbe firftcreateo man , tobo turner a* 
toap from <Bo& ti^ougib p?foe,toberbpon 6on alfo m& iuftlp turn* 
a*uap from fjtm 5 as teee reane of our ftrft father Adam tn tlje Ijolp 
Scripture ♦ jftoto tben 3 tobat remapnetb moje foj b£, but to con* 
tlun^ tbat tbing bp nature,t»birf) toee bel&ue tbjougb Scripture? 
namelp, ^at <So& creates man gart : 'Cljat &e tola btm Ijtgi tmfl: 
^batman cbofe to liue after biSotonelpfting, ana tooulb n&aeg 
become erjuafltoitb ©out ^battberebponbetoasbanilbeo from 
(Sons pjefence anti fauour : 'SDbat tbe €artb became rebellious a* 
gainft man , ana man againft Ijtmfelfe : anu to bee lbo?t, trjat man 
bias tnjappea in tbe fc^etcbetmelTe of tljig toojfo , tntangletj toitfr 
finne tn bimfelf^iuen to liue eua* oping in tbiz ltfe,ann(iuere not 
0onjai tojatb appeafto toioarus feint ) fare to ape eueclatfiuglp in 
t&e life to come* 



T/tf xvij. Chapter. 

That the men of old time agreed with vs concerning mans 
corruption and the caufe thereof. 

] % follotuetb tbat toee gather tlie bopces ana 
wtjgement$ of tbe tuifeft fo&pea $ of all men 
tn general! ; tbetobidj htmpne opinion ougbt 
% to beare tbe nto?e ftoap tottfj U£i,becaufe it isi a 
I khmlp ttjtng luitb us 3 botb to loue ottr felue^ 
; anu alfo to tbinke ouertwell of our feluesi* tfo} 
to^at caufe fca$ a man to complapne, ifbtitt$ 
U z tmu 

cncc of Sinnc. 


ma&e 3!uage in Ijis otone cafe,be frame bis otone imiptement,amj 
lutUinfflp beare toitneflTe againftbiwfetfe , bp bis otone boluntarie 
tonfeffion *t gmrelp, tbat man is ftrattnglp infeaeo toitb bpcrjtt is 
tottneffeo fuffictenclp bp tbe Itrtffojies of all ages 3 tobuty in effect 
are notbing els but regitfers of tl>e continual! spanflaugbtcrs, 
2Ubo?eoomes 3 ©uples, Kauifbments, aim WLmmZn* toben 
31 fap Wme$> 31 tfjmkc tbat in tbat too?&e 31 compjebenB all tbe 
The Confci. mifefjief tbat can be imagines 3n& t^ae tljefe bpces toere not crea* 
ten in mans nature , but are crept into it -, it appearetb fuffictentlp 
bp tlje bcofces of rfje Ceremonies of aJ Bations 5 afl tobofe Cburcfc 
feruices are nothing but Sacrificed , tbat is to fap, open p^tefta* 
ttou^e botb eueuing ami mo?ning>tbat toe Jjaue offthbea G^oo, aim 
ougbt to bee facrift^eo aim ffapne fo? our offences stroking to out 
uefarts , in fteab of t&e fillie ^eaffes tfjac are offtreo bnto bim foj 
bS*!£)ati man bene createo toitb bpee htbim, lie tyoufti baue ban no 
confeience of flnne no? repentance fo? it* tfo} repentance p?efuppo* 
fetlj a fault, ano confeience mifgiuetb tbe infetoing of puniibment 
fo? tbe fame^no tljerecan be neitber fault no? pumfbment in tbat 
tobicb tss Done accoj&ing to creation , but onelp in ana fo? our tfe* 
ningatoap from creation* Jf2oto,tbe C&urcljferutreano Ceremo- 
ttiesofallBationS, uoetoitneirebnto bsacertepnefojtbinfcing 
ano remote of itnne againft ®ot»*3tm fo tbep toitnefle altogether 
a fojefeelmg ofbis to?atfr,tofjicb cannot bee funaleo againff nature 
tobiclj be bimfelfe createir,but againff tlje faultmelft ano ttrikttrolp* 
iteffetfjat are in nature* 

3lfo tobat els are tlje great number of Latoes among bs , but 
autljenticaH Kegiff ers of our cojruption^atm tobat are t\yt mm* 
foto Commentaries bitten bppon tbem, but a btrp corruption of 
tbe Latoes tbemfelucs *: 3no tobat ooe tbep toitnetTebtito bs,but 
u$ tfje multitude of pbifitions ootb in a Ct'tie ; namelp 3 tbe multu 
tu&es of our otfeafes-, tbat is to toit,tbe fc?es aim botcbes tobf reta 
our Joules arefubiect , men to t^z marring anu popfoning af tbe 
bcrp plapfters tfjemfelues^game^tobat ase tbepunifbments be^ 
to?ap tnbicb toe baut o?uepneo fo? our felues, but tbat toee cbaftifc 
tn i3S,not tbat tobicb @©D batb maue 0? to?ougbt in b^but tbat 
tobicb toee our fclues %tmt bnoone 0? tottojougbfcno? tl;r nature it 
feife,but tbe oiffiguring of nature*: ^5\xt pet toijen toe confioer tbat 
among all j3ation$ , tbat latomaKer is Mwm ano fbllotoen bp 
ana bp, tobicb faptlj^btJuftaltnotM^tbou (baft not ffeale 3 tbtut 
ftalt not beare faUe toitneife^ to^era^ great perftoaSon is requires 



to all oft er latoes tobift ate not To naturalist mult na&es be con* 
t luueo , ftat fte Conferences of all men are perftoaoea of ftem* 
felues,ftat fte fame is fitme 3 antr ftat fiune ocferueft pumtbment; 
ftat is to tmt,ftat Knne is in natus&but not nature it feffe* But to 
omit fte bolp <§>ctipture 3 tobifttS nofting els but a JLafegglaflfe 
to (betoe bs our fpots aim blcmtftc^ ; toljat are all fte g>ft©les of The . iol| 
tbelpbitofopbets 5 but inttructions of fte&oule 4 : 3no toljatels is ofthe Aund- 
jebifofopbie it felfe, but an arte of (jealing fte g>oule,toftereof fte cm Phiiofo, 
firft precept is ftis fo greatlp renotomeo one,know thy felfe ? A- P h « s - 
riftotle m fcis goalies, fbetoeft ftat fte affections muft be rule* ArUtotlc - 
bpteafon > auo our mpmi bee tyougbt from fte extremes into tlje 
meanes,ano from iarting into rigbt tune ♦ flBljift is a token ftac 
our mpno is out of tune znm of it oume accoja , feeing tftac it n&* 
Betl) fo man? precepts to fet it in tune agapne^no pet is not Ari- 
flotle fo pjefumptuous as to fap^ftat euer &e b?oug^t it to paflfe i\x 
Sits otone mpntu Theophraft bis Difciple toas toomt to fap, ftat rhcophrak 
tlje <g>oule papo toel fo? bet Duelling in fte bom'e,confitoering bola 
muft it fuffereo at fte bom'es fjana* 3n& foftat els toas ftis,but aix 
acfmotoleogement of tbe Debate bettoome fte booie ano fte mpno? 
But(as raprij Plutarke) Ije fyouto rafter &aue fapo,ftat fte borne 
tiaft gcou caufe to complapne, of fte turmoples, tobtft fo irfcfome 
ano troublefome a gueft p jocureft bnto l)im ♦ Plato toljo toent a* pi at0 j n ^ 
foje ftem,fatoe moje cl&rlp ftan botb of ftetm Jpe connemnetb e-- phcdrui. 
tierptobere tbe companie ano fellotoibip of fte boop toitb tlje foule, 
ano pet be eontiemneft not tbe Uiojftmanfl;ip of <£oa ♦ But Ije teas 
fteft bS ftat tlje feoulc is noln in tb is booie as in a p jtfon , o? ra^ 
tijer as in a Caue 0} a graue* 3no tbat is becaufe lie perceiueb euf* 
nentlp,tl;at contrarie to tbe ojner of nature,t^e &oule i^ fubiect ta 
tbeboniejitottoitbttanning tbat naturallp itftoultianocancomi 
mantan it ♦ ^Lbe fame Plato faptl; furtljer,tbat tbe @>oule erapet^ 
bacelp bpon ftefelotoer tbings, attti t^at it is tpe& to tbe matter of 
tbe botiie:tbc caufe thereof be afftnttetfj to be,tbat Ibe baft b?ofeen 
6er toings tobicb fi)e bati afo^e^is meaning t\)m is 3 tljat tlje foule 
of bet oume nature is toingeti anu flpetlj bptoaro^tljat is to fap, is 
of a beauflp » amine nature, tobt'eb toings (be Ijatb loft b^ meanes 
of fome fall * But to get out of rtjefebonns 5 anu to recouer bn 
toings 3 ft e remeuie ftat Plato giueft bet, ts to auuaunce ber felfe 
totoaius ©on, ano to fte ftfngs tbat concente fte mpno ♦ Bp fte 
remeote tue map coniectttre tobat be t©ke fte aifeafe to be-,namelp, 
ftat our gpouleljauing bin auuaunceobp 6on to a notable a ignis 

as tie, 

and Pythago- 

^herecydes al- 
lcdged by Orr 
wen againft 
Hermes in his 


tie, tlje toljtclj ft migbt Ijaue kept ftill bp (hefting bttto (Son ; fell to 
gating at Ijer gap featljers^tilllbe fell beanlong into tljefe tranttto* 
rte tbings, among tlje tofjtclj (be ct#petlj nolu like a fillte tocojme, 
retepmng nothing as noto ofijer birnltfte nature>faue onelp a roto* 
0ng ofijer featljcrgf ami a bapnc flapping of Ijer toings ♦ jftoto be 
ftptlj tbatljelearneo all tbis of a fecret £>?acle ? tbetoljicb be Ijan m 
great rcuerence ♦ 3nn of a truetb 3 in tbis noctrine of tbe ojiginall of 
out: cojruption,tr)ee baueto marfte tlje fame popnt tobicb toeeljaue 
noteo in fome otbec tljtngS afoje; namelp,tbat tbe neerer toee come 
to tlje ftrft tuojln^lje mojc dare ann mantfeft toe finne tlje matter*, 
Empedocles aun Pythagoras taugljt tbat tbe g>otdes tofjt'rfj Ijan 
olfennen ©on , tuere conoemnen ann banifljen into Homes bere be* 
lotoe 1 3nn Philolaus tbe Pythagorian annetb 3 tljat tljep recepuen 
tljat opinion from tlje Diuines ann pjopbets of olo tpme* %\)tix. 
meaning is,tbat tbe bonp,toljicb ougbt to be tbe boufe of tbe foule, 
tS by ©ons iutt iungemet turnen into apjifon to it-, ann tljat toljicb 
tuas giuen it foj an inftrument , is become Spanicles ann Stocks* 
g>o t|en 5 tbere is botb a fault ann tlje punifbment : ana tlje fault 
jnuft neenes pjoceeoe from one firff man , zuzn in t^e iungement of 
ibofe men of oloe tpme, tofjtclj aclmotolengeo tfyt Creation of tlje 
toojln t aifo rljofe auncient fathers feeme to baue beam tobat p?o* 
uoften tbe firft man to finnr ♦ ifo? Homer fpeafcetb of a ©onneflTe 
toljomlje called) Ate,(tljat is to fap Wafte,Lofle,o? Deftru<5Hon) 
tobiclj troublen beaueu,ann tberefoje toas caft notone to tbe eartb, 
toljere (be Ijatlj euer Rncz troublen $panfcpnn*9nn berebpon Euri- 
pides calletlj tbe iFeenneS 3?e*vo7rer«e>tbat is to fap 3 Falne from 
Heauen.3n& tlje iEgiptians 5 tobo bee of moft tmtitimtie, bim anB 
taugbt t\)t fame in tyzix 9g)ifferics*31t is a m&tlp tizzxz (baootoe of 
tbat luljiclj w reane in tlje Scripture concerm'ng tlje fall of tlje tie* 
utll^fcoljerefcnto be u^euae manftpuo aftertoarn b^ Ijis temptations* 
Tftut )$bM %$ Pherecydes tlje Syrian agreeing tljerein toitb Sibil, 
telletlj bs C]cp?eflp tljat tljis Deuill toljicb Ijatfj marreo ano aeftro; 
pen tlje luljole eartb bas a Serpent, (tobom be calletb oQioyivn 0? 
ocpjoviov, tbat is to lap , Snakebread 0} Adderbread, ) toljicb ar- 
metb men b^ toljole trcopes againft ©on: toe bp gatljering al tljefe 
teftimom'es togctljer,lball baue tlje tobole ftojie of tbe fall of mam 
Hermes being auncienter tban alltljefe,notlj plainlp acfenotolcnge 
tbe corruption of man, pea ann tljat fo farre, as to fap tbat tbere ijJ 
notljing but euill in ns, 9 tf)& tljere is no toap fo? bs to loue ©on, 
but bp Ijating our feIue&3too to feerge bS from accuRng tfje Crea= 



to?,The workmaifrer(faptb be to rut off all quarclimgjis not the 
procurer of the ruft , neytheris the Creator the author of the 
filth and vncleannefle that is in vs. ©n toljom tl;en (ball toee fa* 
t|>cr tbe caufe tberof?God(faptb be)crcated man after his owne 
likenefle , and gaue him all things to vfe . But man in Head of 
flaying vppon the beholding of his father, would needes bee 
mcdling and doing fomewhat of himfelfc,and fo fel from the 
heauenly contemplation into the Sphere of Elements or of 
Generation. And becaufe he had power ouer al things,he be>- 
gan to fall in loue with himfelfe , and in gazing vpon himfelf, 
to wpnder at himfelf- whereby he fointanglcd himfelfe, that 
he became a bondflaue to his bodie, whereas he was free and 
at libertie afore, jftoto fee mtangletb tf)i$ trued) tottb W accuffo* 
meo fpeculattong ♦ 15ut yet tobat i$ tf)i$ m effect, but tbat tbe firft 
man bemg pjouo of tbe grace tobtel) be ban recepuetJ 3 tyotoiteft t)tm 
felfe m tbe loue of rjtmfeffe 5 toljereas be migfct baue Itueo etterla? 
tttnglp by inmfcmg (till of tbe loue of <M)D ? 3mi if toe mount ftp 
pet bigber to Zoroaftres , tobo (ag is tojitten of ijt'm) toag Noes Zoroaftres* 
graumicbifo: toee (ball fin&e tbat in bte £>?acle$,be betoapletij tlje 
race of spanfepnft m tbefe toojOSu Alas alas,the Earth mourneth 
euen vnto Children/ tobicb tooj&si cannot be otljertoife interpje* 
tea tban of o^ginall finne, tobicb batbpaiTeo from trje firlt man in* 
to all bfe offpjing ; after tobicb maner trje Cabaliftes ana namely 
Ofias tbe Chaldian interpret tt>, tobereftnto Gemiftus tbe Plato- Gemiftu* 
nift fe not repugnant „ ami ag toucbing ^t original* of tijtsf tm6 
ri)ief,be oenpetb tn tbefe too?DS tbat it came of creation;The thing 
that is vnperfe(5t(faptb be)cannot proceede of the Creator, 

jftoto tbat toe be come as it toere ftp tbe ftreame to tbe firft man 
Adam bp tobomdnne entereft into tlje too?lo 5 anft bp Gnne 5 fteatlj: 
Jet fts fee beceftntb tobat tbe opinion of tbe Pbilofopbers batb bm, 
dice tbecomming of tbe fecono man 3!efus €l))ift. SOebauea 
Itctleboofeeof oneHieroclesaStoick, ftppon tbegotoen fapinga HwociesAc 
of Pythagoras 5 tobicb (ball anftoerbotb fo? tbe Pythagorifts an* aS 
fojtbCMoiks.Man (fapetljbe) is of his owne motion inclyned 
to follow the euill and to leauethe good. There is a certein 
ftryfe bred in his affedions,which fteppin g vp ageinft the will 
of Nature, hath made it to tumble from Heauen to Hell , by 
undertaking to fight ageinft God. He hath a free will which 
he abufeth,bending himfelf wholy to incounter theLawesof 
God:and this freedum itfelfis nothing elfe but a willingnefife 

V 4 to 


to admit that which is not good,rather than otherwife. Sftfoat 

els is tbis,but as tbe Ijolp fcrtpture faietlj,tljat al tlje imagination* 

of manes Ijart arc altogttbcr continetuallp bent to militant) tobicfc 

toce&aplpbtfputeof, namelp tljat our free&ome isfnujamifcne* 

toaro unto euill, but lame ano laOeimto oooing \m\i *t 3lf pee af he 

fcimtlje caufetljereof, Let vs not blafpheme for all that, (fapetfo 

\)Z ) nor fay that God is the author of our (innes : but rather 

that man is of his owne accord become vntoward ; and that 

whenfoeuer we fall into finne , we do that which is in vs , but 

not which was in vs from God. ipototljenfljnll toe make tljcfe 

pjopofittons of Ijis to agree ; namelp tljat 0od crcaten man ; tljat 

mantefrotoarfc anacojrupteti;an&pec tljat ©overeaten not man 

fwef) a one : unlefle toe fap tftat (Sou creates man poo,ano t^ac 

aftertoara man oegenerateo from (jig nature ^utitia tbeberp 

tljing hereunto be eommetfc ofljtmfelf* Ambition (faptlj Ije ) is 

our bane ; and this mifcheefe haue wee of ourfclues, bycaufc 

we be gone away from God,and do giue ourfelues to earthly 

things,whichmake vs to forget God. 9nU tljat tbis miftljeef ic 

tomon to all mankpno , be confefletfc fufficientlp in tljat be gmetfc 

as an bm'uerfall reme&ie t^at is to toit Heligiom the which alon- 

ly is able(fapetlj Ije) to rid vs from earthly ignorance, without 

the riddance whereof, we can neuer come agein to our forme r 

fhape , and to the lykenes of our ky nd , which was to be lyke 

vnto God.jftoto tf all tlje tofoole kpno be oefileo as be fapetlj it 10; 

furelp toe mud reftnt backc to one fir a fatljer, fro toljcm it is fujea 

Kuwrkc in his out into t|je reft bp naturall jjeneratiomPlutarke Opting of flpo* 

bookc of Mo- ra i[ fcertue,ftmjctlj it a toerp (Jara matter to make our affection fufo 

• al h Cr b UC, k nd * ect t0 r ca f on > att ^ 1 & C b*t otoient to ttje fpirit* 9m> be w ^tuett 

o( the n^tuaii to maruell greatlp, €bat our fete fijoulo be fo reaup to 5 oe 0? too 

louc hetwecne ttano Bill toljenfoeuer Keafon Icojenetfc o> pulletlj backe tbe #?p* 

Parents and tile ; dtto tbat on tlje contrarie part > our affections ffjo tilu carrp b* 

dwir children. atoa p f jjca&long fojt all t&e retire nit tljat toee can make* 9lfo bee 

Bettys hauc ftwtotb it Grange, tbat in our aifcourfe* of t&e greateft mattery 

Reafon. a* of JLouc,of tfjc b?tnginrc W ofourCbiltnen,anoof fur!jlike,tot 

be tyiuen to take tbe bjute beaffeg fo? our 3!ut>jr^0,ae; tobo tooufte 

fap tljat nature tjao ftampeo no p?int of tbem in our felues $ 9n& 

tie finnetb bimfelf fo fo?e crraueleo in Ijis confioeratton ,tbat be p?c* 

ferretb tlje b?ute beaffes before to in all tljings/aumg in tbe capa* 

titie toljtclj toee Ijau c to know (Son ; bn&oubteblp as percciuing a 

continual! following of rtjeir kinoin aHof t^m, to^rag wwtm* 


fptbereiscontraritoffe fucbantonfetolpana ^aflaralpjiSature, 
t\)V not turn tlje belt of fcsbaue anptobit of our former nature re* 
mapning in us, fauingonelp ftame tbat w bane it no mo^e* 3no 
tbis&erp gift of knotting; ©on tobicb remapnetlj to man , graue« 
letlj Plutarke moje tban ail tlje relf *Man (faietb be) is a reafona- 
ble Creature; God hath fet him in the world to be ferued & 
honored of him, and he hath made him to be borne to com- 
mon ciuill Societic. Whereof commcth it then that in his do- 
ings he is more vnreafonable , more contrarie to Gods will, 
and more againft the Lawe of Nature , then the very brute 
beaftes? 3|tubispcrplejtitie, one topple be faitb tljat man Ija&re* 
reiuet> fapje ana fount) &eeue, but tljat be cojruptea tt aftcrtoarfc: 
Snotbertobtle l;cc faptlj tljat be t»elt toitlj reafon as perfumers sec 
toitlj Oplcjaf, tobiebneucreeaflfe mealing ana mingling of tbcntj 
till tbereremapne no fent of £)plc at all : 3nD in one place , per* 
ceiuing(bp all likeltboa) tljts corruption to be fo lwiuerfal:be faitlj 
furtber , tbat at tbe berp beginning ano from tljeir firft camming 
into tbe 3tfto?lt>e,men tntangleo an* confounoeo tl;emfelues toutfe 
finne* flBberebp toe mapperceiue , tbat Ijao tbe tbing bin occlareB 
tsco bim in fuel; fojt as voce bcteu c it ; furelp bee tooulo twllinglp 
feaue imbjaceo ana receiuea it, as tbe onlp folution of fo manp per* 
plenties tuber ein be toas in tangle*. 

ice us come to tbe Platonifts,3ll of ttjem agree in tbefe points 
©bat tbe feoule of 90an is a fpirit ; ano tbat a fpirit cannot nam* 
rallp receiue anp affection from a bot>p,ncitfrer tubieb map caufe it 
to perifb, no} tuljicb map &oc fo much as once trouble it. get not- 
tutcfcttan&fcg, ontoljtdjftDefo euer tljep turne tljcmfelues, tljep 
cannot ocnp but tbat our mpno s are trubbleo toitb infinite affecti* 
tm ano paffions in tbis boap,anb tljat tljep be fubiect one toljilc to 
Bartingbefiuestbcmfelues tbjougljpjp&Mngerojtenuie* an ano* 
tljer Mobile to be call ootone uutb Etfottcmfncs , ©luttome, ana 3!* 
rtenes; pea ano to receiue Diners impjeflions not onlp from tbe So- 
ftp ,but alfo from tbe aire, tbe toatcr, ana from 89ii!es,ana finallp 
from eucrp little tljing in tlje ujojla* J3otoboto can tbis contraries 
tie be reconcilea 5 cjtcept tbctr meaning be as ours is.tljat natural* 
Ip onr Joules are not fubtctf to anp of tbefe tW%*> but tbat t^ 
bee put in fubiection to tljem bepona tlje f ourfe of nature *; 3if it bee 
fcepona tbe courfe of nature ; b^ ujbome is it Done, but bp bim tbat 
tommaunaetb naturcto tobome it is as cade to put a fpirit in W 
fon^jsto lotjge a man in a fcoufe * 31f it be Done b^ tyro fc&° i« *te 



rtgbtuoufncjs it fclfe \ aotb it not folloUie tbat it toas foj fome fault 
committer) bp tbe feoule *: 3!f foj fome fault •, tljtn feeing ti;at tbe 
pumtyment tljcrcof is in ail men , in tobome (boulo tbat fit tt fault 
tc,bu 1 1 u tljac man U)fticij U)as t be o?t'3 inall of all men,a0 m UJljom 
all ofus ( lap 3i ) tuere materially 1 jftoto againc,tbis fault cannot 
btc imputeD to tbe botip, foj it is iH tlje lutll, ano tlje bobp of it fclfe 
Ijatb no twill : neither can it be imputes to anp tmfettion recciueo 
fitft from tbe boup; foj tbe feoule couto not be tojougbt into bp tbe 
boDp*3in tbe @>ouletljerefo?e muff tlje fault ofmanhuumeebes be, 
ano foj tbe foulcs offence &otb tlje <§>oule itfelf fuffer punitymcnc, 
ana make tbe bobp alfo to fuffer toitlj Ijer, 
■ 8poU)beit,tbat toe map tbe better iubgeofrtjeir optntons,let to* 
beare tljem in tbe cbief of tbem one after another, Plotine bauing 
conOoereb tljat tlje £>oulc ts cf nature biuine, beaucnlp, anbfpiru 
tuall ; concluaetlj tbat of itfelfe it is not lojougbtinto bp tlje bob?* 
Piotin:Enn.3. xut afteraarb perceiuing Ijoto it is befilcDiOuermaiflreb bp fixmt : 

Alfo Enn i anl1 b ? fo?ce of wc * e M**** ^ nt0 ,utt 5 &* c°ronietlj bacfee to t|ii^ 
iib.6 CapY. folution, ^Ijat bit beeing bere beneath is but a baniftment tco ber, 
Alfo Enn. i. tobic& Ije tetmetlj ej;pjeflp a fall,anu ocljerto>ife(asPato &otlj)a loc P .i 4 . fingofbittoings:€:i;attljebertueti3ljicljlbebatlj, is bmaWLtim* 
& Enn.6.iib. 9 nant n ^ lx f 0?mcr natttre , ^ at tbe bpee tobiebflje batb, is taken 
. bp Healing bp tbefe bace anti tranfitojietljtngs: anu too bee Q>Q)t 3 

tbat al tljeuertuetobicb is learner*, is but a purging of tbe bottle, 
lubicb «tutt be fapne to be as it toere netafurbidie&jto fcotire of tbe 
. greate Kuff tbat batb oucrgrotoen it* 3ln tbefe Contra&idion* 

Im ca i *&erefoje tot mafcetlj tbis queftton to bimfelfe : What Aiould bee 
ap,! ' thecaufc (faptljljee) that our Soules being of a diuine nature, 
Ihould Co forget both God their father,and their kinred, and 
themfelues ? Surely (anftueretb be) the beginning of this miC 
cheef,was a certeine raihnes &ouerboldnefle,wherethrough 
they would needes plucke their neckes out of the collar, and 
be at their owne commaundement ; by which abufe turning 
their libertie into licentioufnes 3 they went cleane backe , and 
are fo farre gone away from GOD, that(like Children which 
being newly weaned , are byanby conueyed away from their 
Fathers and Moothers,they knowe neither whofe , nor what 
they be,nor from whence they came, jftoto in tbefe toojDs be a* 
greetb tottb our Diuines 5 notonlp m tbis,|> coemption came in bp 
Horin. Enn.i . fin ^ ut a * fo ™ $ WnIJ of finne,namelp l£jp&e,toberbp toe be turneu 
^b.s.cap.^ . ' atoap fro our ^aher t 3i« onotfper place,Thc Soule(faitI; be) which 



was bred for heauenly things , hath plundged itfelfe in thefe 
jnateriall things,and matter of itfelfe is fo euill^that not onely 
all that is of matter or matched with matter , but alfo euen 
that which hath refped vnto matterjs filled witheuill,as the 
eye that beholdethdarknes is filled with darknes.fiperepefe, 
not onelp from tobence w beturneb atoap,but alfo tco tobat : tbat 
fa tco toit, from @ob, to Canute, from tlje Creatoj to tbe creature, 
from goon to enili* 15ut of tljis inclpning to tbe matcriall things 
be fometpmes maftetlj tfje bobp to be tlje autljo?,as tljougb tlje bo* plotIll Enn ^ 
Dp Ijao caries tlje @>ou!e atoap by fojee of bis imaginations^ anb be ub. 5 cap. 5 •! 
accjuittetbtbe mpnoe|bereof as mneb as tie can, infomucb as bee 
fitckctt not to affirimr ; clj^c nottmtljffanbingaiubismarrebneffe, 
pet tbe <§>oule ItuAfc anfl afctoetb pure anb cieane in 45ab,pea cuen ^, nn3 Xih ^ 
&bple tbe &oule(ttibereof tlje fl&pno is as pee tooulb fap tbe berp Cap ** 
eitlsbt 0? apple oftbeepe)fctoelletb intbisbobp^potobeitjbefioes 
e^ac be is repjoueo foj it bp Porphyrius , Proclus anb others ; bis 
otone reafons toljerebp be pjouetlj tbat tbe Soule is not naturally 
fubtectto tbe boop,befoffrong; tljat it lucre bnpofliblefo?ljim too 
tbift bimfeif from tljennjn tbis tbe great pbilofopber is ouertbot, 
tljat be uull neeoes feefcc out tbe caufe of finne in span as span is 
notoflBljere finbingEeafon carieb atoap by 3!magmation,anb 3« 
magination oeceiueo by tbe fences ; be tbougbt tlje fault to Ijaue 
pjoccenco ofcljat; toljeras in oeebe be fboulb ljute fougljt tbe caufe 
w 8g)an as be toas fir (r createb , toben be Ijab bis fences an* ap- 
petites abfoiutelp at commaunoement , toljofe toilfull offending 
|atb bjougljt bppon bs tbe neceCTitie of punilbment tobiclj toe in* 
Dure* 3no in goon fcotb, tbisfaping of bis in anotber place cannot 
be interpiettii otljerfe)tfe;namelp tbat tbe caufe tobp tbe&oule 
inburetlj fo manp trubbles anb patTions in tljis bobp,ts to be taken 
of tbe life brfjicb is lea afoje out of tbe bobp : tbat is to fap,tbat tbe 
fubiection of tbe &oufe to tlje 1Bobp is not tfje original! caufe of 
ibe fimie tberof,but ratber a conoemnation tbereef to punitbment* piotin.Eun r. 
jScitberalfo can be fcape fro thefe eonclufions of bis oume,name» Hb.s.cap. 1 4- 
Ip tbat tbe ^oulebeeingfeparateb from tlje bobp, [jatlj bertoings &iid.3.cap.* 
founb anb perfect : ami tljat tl>e 3£obp being iopneo to tbe g>oufe, 
Jacb no potter to bjeafee ber torings^nb pet tbattye finbetlj bet felf 
tberetobetoeafceanbbridjouttoings: except be ljoIbtoitbbs,tbat 
tbe §>oule batb by tyx fall forgone ber ff rengtb , antr tljat tbe boop 
bp tbe feeblenes of tbe <§>oule anb tbe fentence of tbe Create?, is 
Srengtbeneb in b& toeafteneOe i tbat is to m , in fo mud; as tlyz 



Iwup (a* J &aue fapbe afo?e) is of a t^oufe become a IpjtTon to t&e 
&>oule.Co be fl)0?t, graumteg ©000 3!udtce,as be botb -, bee can 
neuer urnta bimfelfc out of cljia queflion tobicb bebimfelfmaketb; 
tiamelp U)i;p tbe finnes arc imputes to tl;e <s>oule , feeing ft &otfc 
tbcm not but by infection of tbe bobp ; wileffe be make tbts infecti- 
on to be a punt fyment f tl; e fault U)& t clj t Ije Motile ban commit tea 

^5ut Porphyrius , tnbo percepueb tljcfe inconuenienretf, fcatb 

fpoken moje mttinctlp of tbe matter tban bid Spaptter sib , agra* 

5. Auftm iti | n g tottb bim neuertbelelTe irnfyt corruption of man , ana in tbe 

G^d C iib C f°o cIwnGn S of tbe&oule; Which cleanfiog of th ^oule(faptb &e) 

Cap.23 .ami is fo ttecdfull a thing , as that it cannot pofsibly bee but that 

j z. God hath prouided fome vniuerfa! meane of cleanfing man- 

kynd . How is it pofsible then (faptf) be ) that the fall of the 

Soule, fhould come of Imagur tion which knitteth the Soule 

tothebodie , feeingthat the higher things are notdrawne 

downe by the lower , but contrarywife the lower are drawnc 

vp by the higher ? Nay rather (faptb f)e)the higher fubitancea 

come downe in themfelues from vnderftandinginto imagi^ 

nation , from fpirituall things to bodily things , from high 

things to lowe things, fro perfect things to vnperfed things. 

Audwheras by flicking fait vn to God they might haue abid- 

den nrme , not fo much by their owne ftrength as by his,and 

might haue liued and wrought as vnder his forme; they bee 

V h riu ' come to a ^ of themfelues by Hooping to matter. And ther- 

hb'bookc 511 *° re (faVtyty) m thefubftaunces which are inclinable to fuch 

which fhc- things,there is befalne(as men fay)a (inne,and a certeyne vn- 

weth how to beleef which is condemned,becaufe they fell in loue with the 

do the things Creatures,and turned away to them from the Creator.Co be 

* nwS at ^ 0?t > ^ e comtmt & t0 M* P°P nt ? ^ ac $ e fafl nfmenis g>ouIe* , i* 

only by rcafon l&e tlje fall of tbe jF&n&es tfoat it taugbt bp tbe 3letoe$ , ana tbat 

and vndcrftan- tbjougb tbe fault of tbe toit ana t^e tDtU , tabidf) ije termetb bnbe* 

ding. j a fe en bnfatt&fulne(Te 5 man fe falne into tlje foHp of concupifcpir e 3 

Ifd b k ** at ** tD fa?5 frDm ^ e fal * int0 ^ e Pwufljment ftereofjfrom tyz 

if Abtowncc. tcbelHott of tbe g>oule,into tbe bottbage tbereof to tbe borne* 3nn 

* yt mud not tbtnfte toee fpeafce contraries toben twee fap,one toljfle 

tbat man Cimeo bp atwauneing btmfelf ten bigb,anu bv p ( ? efitmin j 

to become^g it toere equan \»itb ©00 ; anu anotber tobfle tbat be 

fmneo bp ittoping uotone to tbefe bate anu lotoe tbmgs* tfo} iu be^ 

*2 *&>*) *>¥ lifting bp of a man* felfe to ©obtoaru, ifi tl;e true a* 

v baring 


forcing ann foumWingofbimfelfe: fo? toboisb&tbatcmtrigbtlp 
Icd^c bp to <0ot>, ana make account of fttmfeIfe,o? rather not bee a* 
baceb m bimfeife ? 3tti to mcipne to a mans felfe,is in berp tructfr 
a perfuming to mafte bimfeife equall to <&ov,ffoi it is afeefcing cf 
tbat tbtng in our felues , tobtcb in not to bee founti but in <££DD, 
namelp of toelfare ann feltcitie; ana tobat els is p?toe 3 but afelfettt* 
matton oj an ouertoeemng of a ntans feifitt 

Produsbotb &?mttarilp call tbe inclpningof our nature bnto z? produscon- 
tttfl 3 a nefcenotnj o^iomrning tiotone-,anb t%z corruption thereof, a caning the 
faH,becaufetbtitg^eatbat our <feou!e am attepne mo> in tbe be> soui«nd con- 
fcotomg of ©a? i Sn&tb^efeenbing, a©ping,oj camming aotone "Sap^ 
tbereotys to fall wtq efjmtation of our felues; arnr tbe fall urtottc 
tb juft &otone0u ihtefltfQbjt&er our felues,like a boap tfcat fallttfc 
from fan* bigfr place^ut as touching t&e caufe of tbe corruption, 
Ije fi$eretb it bppon our $ppn&,tbat is to toit, tbe bigbrf* part of 
jur g>oule;faptng tbat if tbe fame ban continue fount> 3 an& ftickes 
fad bnto ©oa, (as faptft Plotin) ft Ijao alfo btto reafon fount! ftffl, 
tobtcb t$$ tbe ^unbeame tbereof 3 ann ccmfequentlp all our artiontf 
iboulb bauebene fount) , fo as toee ifwrnla not baue bene fubtect to 
Cnne^eeing tl;en tljat tfje punilbment in come zum to tbe bigW 
part0ft»s 3 tort)icb toe fee combereo toitbfo manp patnons,irimme& 
toitb ft murt) oarfmeffi^anb nefileu tottb fo manp bpces:fur|lp tije 
fault p^ocaoea midp from tbence4>eretotto toe migfjt an manp o* 
tber fapings ; but toee toill content our ftlues as noto toitb onelp 
Simplicius tbe famous interpreter of Ariftotle. As long as mans KmpBam vp- 
Soule (faptb be) deaueth faft vnto God the author thereof, it P onE P lto - 
abydeth found, and holdeth her perfection wherwith (he was 
created of God :but fall (he once to (hrinking away from him, 
by and by (lie withereth as hauingloft her roote , and comes 
to nothing; neyther can (he recouerher former liuelyneffe, 
except the be reunited agay ne to her former caufe . jftoto pet* 
cepue toe ruerprbone of bS,tbat our nature in toitberefywa tbere* 
f ojejet bS fap tbat toe be flippen from our roote, 9m> tbe rote lea* 
urifa not tbe tyauncljes 3 but contrarptoife tije bjauncbesleauetbe 
roteAet bs fap tben tbat toe bauebereft ouifeltte* of tbe gracious 
gartmefle af <£oD 5 tobo toouto baue maintepnen bs ft iljrfo? to nou* 
ri(b ana quicken , in tbe popertie ami nature erf tbe rtote ♦ 3In one 
anlp tbing boe t^z pbifofopbets Differ from bs in tbts bebalfet 
namelp , tbat t&ep bpljolb all mens Joules to baue Cnneb euerp 
finew^imfelfe ^ ann toee fnp, ^Ijat fye onelp firftman Cnnen.anti 



tljcrcbp fjatl) uottnu all l»* totjole offpjing to tbcpumtymtnt. But 
pet ace Dot!; come baefce agapne to one popnt , teeing tfjat eucn bp 
djeir otane reafons 31 pjouco tbe creation of tfce luo^ln , tabidj of 
ncceflitieleaMtljbs to one man tlje father of Wall, fcul;erea$ tlje 
13l;iiofopl;eifii Ijang tuauering Hill tyirefoltten in tfjat popnt* 
Vniucifaii 3moug all people toee fee rijere toere papers to cratte paroon 

context, fo finne^acriftces to appeafe <0ods to?atl;, autocall toaOnngs, 
ann 5g>atiffacto?iejai oj Clctamjst tijat luere ebarge&toitlj tfce firaietf 
of fome tofaleftealme, Citie, o?&tat^9iltljefe(as If! Jjaue fap& 
aftne)are publick p^oteftattonjS of a publick corruption* Clje Tpfyi* 
lofopbcts toere foje combereti m finding a uieane to cleanfe Spatt* 
fcpno from Ijfs ftltkutelTejfome taoulo Ijaue Jmtit b$ tije Sgtojate; 
fome bp tlje SpatbematicatejanD fome&p^ligibua Ceremonies: 
but in tlje ena tbcp con&fle tfjat all tbefe rtjings tm Hoe nothing in 
ft at bdjaUV^bep be ftcles in tfteir remem'es 3 but toife in oifceming 
tbe oifeafe ♦ cXJee reane of tl;e people of Affrkke at tbis &ap, (u^c 
fiee giuen enough to contemplation, ) tfjat tfjep fall into great con- 
cepts of mpn&,amj are not able to perfttjaoetijmfeiuestijatall 
tljeir Cburcljferuices are fufficient to make tfjem cleane* 9no tbat 
is a pjtofe tljat tljep foele a mifdjief toitljiu tfjem 3 toljere«tto neitbet 
tlje epa pftlje pbifttion can fee,noj tlje metricine tbat be miniftretij 
t g f Ki3 til canatt^pne + 9lfotljePerfianstDeretaa)ntto6oltialjoIpoapeuerp 
of the PcrO^ V*tej*m tteP calleo The Death of vyccs:%\\ tlje toijicb jfeaff, 
Warres. &? a token of oeuotion, t&ep killer of aH fo^tjs of Serpents $ luplo 
Mealies ♦ 9Lko aoubtlefTe tljat toas becaufe fyup bao learneo, tfjat 
man oorij rouertlp carie in bis b^eatt all maner of Beads, £ tobtrfj 
it bebouetf) bim to kill in Ijimfelfe , arrowing to tins Taping of tfct 
Platonifts, Qfyat tfje reaaiefl: tuap to returne bnto <&o& , aim cons 
The generaii ftqyzntlp to a mans ftrff nature,is to ktll Ijis oUme affertions*But 

hid I °«ca° 1 12 to!;at ^ aW ^ C ^ t0 rtj3C to ^ C ^ ^ * ;aUC ^ arlicri IIX ^ cfe our & a ^ 

n yes 2 * among tbe barbarous Rations of t&e GUeft 31nineS^There came 
a man into their Cbuntrey (fap tfytv') which called himfelf the 
Son ne of the Sonne, who by his word and power replenifhed 
the Land with men and women whom hee created,and gatie 
them great abundance of fruits. CCtijo &otb not berebppon call 
bp ann bp to^cmemb^ance tlje citation of man ano tooman in tfje 
Scripture, ioljcre 000 faptlj into tljem , Increafe and multiply 
and fill the earth,I hauegiuen youal hearb bearing feede,and 
all trees bearing fruite,an0 fo fo^tlj < ;But(faptb 1 tbebookeof tljett 
JDiuinitie) becaufe fome men prouoked his difpleafure, he af- 


terward chaunged the good foyle which he had giuen them, 
into dryeand barreyne fands,and bereft them of Rayne,and 
kft them nothing, but a few riuers to helpe themfelues with- 
all by their great labour and trauell. WU)V efppetb not Ijcie a* 
gapne tl)e fimte of man , ©otitf curfe toppon tbe tartly ann namelp 
tfjefe toojUg > In the fweate of thy browes (lialt thou eate thy 
bread all the daies of thy life ? 3nU tofjo fijoulo bee ignorant of 
©on ^ tu&ai as euen tfjofe Imotoe bim , tobont toee eteue to bee 
almoft of anotber fepnn tban toe be^ 

15ut bete tb^lmcfeeti percepuing tbemfelue£ to toant matter to obie&oa* 
teplp^po fall tolling again!* ©on* <§>cemg tbat man(fap tbep) 
finnen tfeougb tficfrft^iU tobicb @®D puc unto Ijtm; I30I0 can 
©on be caUen gan^aiii^ giuen man toljeretoitb to {mneV^p tbe 
fame reafon 31 ftp at otice fo? all,if ©on be gco^tobp Ijatb be inane 
Span , o) aatptrjingfo? span *: if be fljouln take from tftce all tbat 
tbou abufeff, 31 pjap tbee toijat (boulo bee left tl^ %\y$ fteafct*: 
SBbat tjs tl;ere in tb& tbat mafcetb tb& mo jelmreafouable ? 'Cljp; 
S>enceiBi *t %t\ tobat otber feruice noeft tbou put tbem, tfran to tbe 
marringof tbp<§>encesft'CbP Congue't I?otomudj mojeeloquet 
to it in fpeaking eui&Vban in fpeafuug gcoo Y Co bee (bo&tobere 
fijal tbe goon tbings become tobicb be fjadigiuen tbff foj fte'mam* 
tenance of tbp bealtb ann life <; j[2ap,on tbe contcarp part ? tofncb of 
tbem tgf it tbat tbou turneft not to tbp ucatl; ann to tbp bane 4 : jftotor 
i$ tbefotmoerof tb^mtoblame,tf tljoufeilltbp felftoitb tbetfjingg 
toitfjout tljetobicb tbou couloeftnotliue ? ©? if tbou become euiK 
bp tbe tbinga toitbout tbe tobicb tbou coulneft not be goto*: ©£)D 
Ijatb giuen tljet a toiUjann Hattrjout toill tbou roul^eft' not bee gram 
Onto totll bee batb annen a gton toit to gupne it t ann toitbout tutt 
tljou coulnefl not be toife*3lf tbou bz lotb to be eptljer gcon cj toife, 
itisbutbecattfetbouartlotb tobeearman* Cbp toill toasgtum 
tb« to lone ©on toitball ♦ j^oto, loue neligbtetb to bee freebarteD; 
neitber tooulc ©on bee loueo of b$ ajai incbaunteu to it , but frcelp 
< mx> utterlp bnconareinetj^berfio?e it beijouen tljte twftl to be free^ 
Iffi^ftiife tbp tote toag giuen t\)& to bebolo ©on toitball, 9ni) ban ^ 
i^a tbou but onelp tbp g>zntz$ , tobat ijasneft tbmt mo^e (ban tbe 
6^ute 3$ea(res ? 9nn if tbou bannel! no moje tban ftep; tDbp toere 
tbep ann all dje tobole too?lo manefoj tl;ee *x Jf5oto tbeu, M)W) of 
tbefettoo caitft tbou fintie fault toitb, feeing tljat toitbouttfjem 
bot^tljou coulnett be neitber gcDn,nojt toife 5 no no? a man *t Cbou 
toulneft ftaue bin creates bnclaungeable^otobcit^not a^ a l&otk 


0} a $(90tmtapne 3 but a<* a $©am^urelp tbe bncbatmgeabfenefTe of 
5^pirit^ , tua$ creates to Depart fcppon tbeir linking tn tottlj tbeit 
mataXboutoouloeftpcraoucitfurebaucbin an Sngehbut tbere 
are eucn of tbe angels tbat arc falne;amrae( cftei torn farre bigber 
tfcan tbou,fo loas tbeir fall moje &aungerou3 tban tbpne*© man, 
actmotoleoge tbe goaones of tbe Creator in creating tijee gcofc; ami 
acknotole&ge tbe banitic of tfje creature, lobtcb cannot flans in bis 
oUme ga>twcfle,but tn tlje goatmefle of tbe Creatoj^ut efpeciaflp 
afeoueafltbingfli comment) tbou bte gcomteflfeanB mercte, in tbat 
Ijc batb not onelp reteueo tba in tljp fal!,but alfo u it torn bpljila 
$# tbat tbou migbteft fad tbe fofter* 

another tafeetb exception to ©ons 3Iu(TtcK^gf)at 31uftiee fat ic 
(faptlj bOto punifb a raan fo rigojouflp &j Ibffrtan fffimlrtBap, 
iabat te mo>e iuft tban nature <; £2%at fe moje naturaH tban tu 
tunne into uarkne(Te,tobcn a man turned) atoap from fyz fttmnrt 
£))(*$ Piotin faptb)to impapje ana toe* ttaugbt, to&en a man ae* 
partetb from tfje fouerepne gatfrtlftut © tbou man tabic!) tbinkeDc 
thy felf iuflec tban (Son, teljat ptmifljment tooulseft tf)ou appopnt 
to rijp feonne,not being a babe 0} a pong cbilse^but being come to 
peered of aifcretton,ans a mangtotoett; not pincbea ana ppnea^but 
BoUiiag in ad toeaftb s if bpon a biauerie ana luffmeflTe of courage, 
i;e fnoula aifobep tfjae fo? a tfjing of nothing** %\# fet tbou Adam 
alfo before tbpne t?t$ uml? come into tbe t»o?ln bp tbe gajsnetTe 
of tbe Cceato^not ffarfte nafeea,but furoffljea toitf) f toljole toojto 
to feme bimjnot toHtleflTe,but toitb a pure fount) ana OuifuH mpna; 
not fubiect to W Iufteg, but able to bolae tljcm in atoe to bis mill, 
ana patting ty$ toill obeaient to reafom jftofe^tobetber tbou confe 
i>er W fhxttgjpit rebellion,^ bnfaitbfulne$ 3 ana bis p}iae;oj tobe^ 
tljer tbou baue an epe to t^t eafinca of abffepning from finne:teljat 
pumfljmeut unit tbou not a&me bim toojtbie to battel 

$?ea(fapefftbou) buttoljpbfetbbctbia rigour agamttbt^ cW* 
u^en $ j^ap rather, fap,tobp ija: be fo mercifull, iul)? it be fo graci* 
ouei^s to kipe tftem loto in tlxir fatbera; fall 3 leaft rtjep fboulo faB 
Cmojegrdeitoudp ] ri^ouglj tbe fame rafljnefTe ^ 'Cboubuilaeita 
Citit , auo tbe cuffome ie( to beantifie it toitb Ipnuileugesi ♦ after- 
iDara tljte Citie rebelletb;tf)ou takeft atoap tljeir p?iuflcnm,tbei'r 
*BeUe0, fteir armour, ano tbeir toeapon^;ann tW pumftment of 
tljeir Jnfurrertton ertennetb to all tbeir pofteritte, albeit ^ toere 
but fetoe at tbe beginning , ano gretoe to bee migbtilp mttltiplpen 
rftrrUjarD ♦ ^(je jjratmting of t^c ipjiuiletigw to t^e firfo toa« a 



popnt of gcotmeflTe ; foj ocftertnife tfcep mig&t gatte bau or cation to 
complapne of tbaeJlikctotfe it is Suffice to take tbem fo from tb5 f 
anomercie to toitbbolo tbem from tbeirpofferitietobobaue tbe 
famerebefliousmpno unbent , ano baoeferunnebeaolonginto 
extreme pumlbmentg ♦ ©on gaue djee tbe pjtutleoge of freeoome* 
ano inricbeo tbae toitb lingular gtftgf botfj of boop ano mpno:p?a:Te 
tljou bfe gaoneffe, j3oto,becaufe tboubaft abufeo tbem,be eptber 
taketb tbem cleane atoap 3 o? els oimimlbetb tbem : acknotoleoge 
tbou ^iiai Suffice ♦ 3no becaufe tfcp cbilojen migbt ooe a$ tijott baft 
aone,ano tooulo not be amenoeo bp tbine ej;ample 3 be tafeetb ttym 
from t&em alfo ano oiminilbetb tbem in tb# : commeno tbou ff til 
W mercie in fjfe 3«jfiee,but fpectaHp fronoj t^ou bis 3Iu(fice in W 
merrie, in tfatofaljfe rebellious; race!)* eaufetfjtijepartietobee 
jc,2ne,to!jtcb can appeafebte 3lufftre* 

S>eefojaHtbis, tbepgiuenotouer* 3!fbp tbe finne of tbe ffrfl! 
anan(fap tl;ep)natur c be cc jr up tea in all men : tobp be not tbe clj t i« 
&?en mojc cojruptco tljan tbeir jf atftertf ,'bp mcanes of fo manp 
font* committeo bp tbeir tfatljers \ 3In tljis bebalfe tbep nuflpke 
of 60133 clemencie , ano pet coulo not 6000 3[uffiee l;auc con ten* 
*cd t&enUQoto tbe lojto intent in pumGjing tbe rebellious Ciiu 
? ens , to as to make tbem fubmit tbemfeiue* againe bnoer bis .50* 
acrnemencano not to ocltrop tbem bttcrlp, 3no teums (Sou^ in« 
cent to \)\xmblz mankino bp making fcpm to feele t^z {matt of Ijttf 
fall'; ano not to tyeake bim in peeces in bid tojatb,but to reclapme 
turn b^ biz mercie+gftle bee falne into a ]jMt , toe be bine from one 
btgbnc g : no to to&at tooulo a fecono fall be ? (KB e bauc bjoken our 
tOings alt eaop again!! tlje €artb ; tobctb er too ulo toee fall at tbe 
n cjtt f all,b ring enable to make a fecono flight ? £2Ja be falne ( fa? 
3i)fcom t&e gooone* of our nature into naugbtine&from ©000 fa* 
uour into bis tojatb : &oto can toee fall anp lotoer ^ Bap ratber bp 
creeping balfetyoken tjpon tlje <£artb,toe knotoe tljat toe be faint; 
ano feeling tbe lofle tobicb toe baue futtepneo, toee crpetorto ©on 
fo* relief, ana like little Burcecbtlojen toe befecfc dim to Cap an* 
apfrotti be toitb bte migbtic bans* 

Jftoto therefore let 130 conclude fo? t^efe ttooo lad Cbaptera, 
Cljat mans nature i* corruptee 5 ano tbat it toas not fo create of 
€tot> ; but tbat man abudng (SoO)3 grace , oio caff bimfelfe ootom: 
ftom gemtefle into naugbtine^, ano from ©00s freefauour intoo 
bis iuft oifpleafure ; ano tbat tbe man in tobome tbe fapo Mature 
toas firfl cojrupte o,tow tl;e fitff man ; from tobom toe l;aue re ca- 

? tte» 



tKD our cajru?ticm 5 a3 tocll as our nature* But let bs trot fomurfr 
mufe to take ait account boto toue be faine into tbts pit of infection, 
as earneftlp bctijtnke tis bp U)l)ac meancs U)e map get out againe, 
lafcielj is tlje tljing tijat toe baue to create of ncjt* 

The xviij .Chapter. 

That God is mans fouerein welfare ,and therefore that the 
cheef marke which man fhould anient; is to returnea- 

]€ Tap tfcat tbe cfjaefe popnt toljerein fortes ttf* 
|fer from tmfememts tbat fortes fljeote out tbeie 
oooings at allaucnture into t!jc aire , ano tljat 
jtoife menturetf alltfceir oooings to fome cer* 
teine eno.ano againe,tbat fte popnt tobercm 
poo men oiffer from eutti men , is tbat goon 
Jmen determine tomb tbemfelnes upon tbe gcoo 
fljings, airo-cuttl men bpontbe emll tbtngs , tfce goon bppon tljac 
toljicb is poo inoeeoe, anocbeeuilluppon tbattoljiebis goon in 
fyotoe* TOjerfoje it (lanoetl) ds greatlp on bano,botb to batte fome 
one czwinc marke,ano tlje fame to be gooo:$ to baue but one,be* 
caufe ©oobatbgiuentosbutonetmt, ano tbe perfection of tottis 
toilsome : ano to fjatte tlje lame goou,becaufe be batlj giuen us but 
one &jitl,ano tlje perfection of tlje toill is gootmes*<§)urelp <3o& be- 
ing tbe uerp goosnes ano torpome it felfe , Haas not toritbout tbte 
onemarfce ano tbe fnmeberp gartMabenlje firff createo altbings* 
Sfo} Mature (fap tbepljtWopbers) ootb nothing otljertoife tfjatt 
tocll an* to a gcou enne ♦ 3|f tbep fpafce fo of tbe Upanumapo^ tobat 
(bail toe fap of tbe S^aplf er of tlje Ijoufe^ut fcnafmucb as ht bmt 
felfis tbe beginner,tlje fjoloer on, ano tlje cnoer of all rtjingstbe in 
Thii^gsarc faid all W &oings ota not fet ootone anp otfjer eno tban Ijimfelfe* ZZXt 
to be good, tys creatures,tobo tate our beginning ano continuance from bim, 
either by caufe can ^ mt nmz ot j jec enll ^ m jjim^et nottoitbftanmngjtlje reafa* 
lood^nTw naWe n* atttce totibetu toell to ft felfe , ano ootb aluiatc* purpofc a- 
wc pumofed certepne eno tottlj it felfe,tobtcb it tbintecb to be bebcoffull* f oj tbe 
toa S oo4ead. em* of mrp tljin&i.s tljejjeculiargca^benefitCjOjwlfaret^erof: 



fm&tfjfefceftrc being in as bpfcpna, cannot be in bapne^erefojc 

it mutt naneg be tbat tbe true toelfate of man confitfedj in b& true 

tune o? in bis true amingpopnt x ana tbat tbe true amingpopnt of 

man , ana tbeenuc tobtcb tbe Creato? intenfceDjmuit m#te iumpe 

togetber: 'Cijat i$ to \nit$z muU implope bimfelfe to t%t glojie of M * ntt «en<! <* 

<£ou ? t»bofe creating of all tfjingg ttag fo? b& otune glo^anti bp ^a hi wd&rc 

ten&mg tbttbertoaro attepne to b& atone toelfare 5 tobicf) ig £ tijing condor rc ft 

tfjat all tbingg ooe naturaHp feefce*Snn tberefo?e iflne finue either both in one 

mans efciefe amingpopnt,oj W fouerepne Welfare; toe finse tijem thin s* 

botb:fo? tfjep be botb but one fetfefame tbing; tobicfc i» refped: tbat 

fife toitte I©ketb thereat , is cafleu ijis amingpopnt, ano in refped 

t&at big toifl rctt etf>rijereon,fa caHeti W Welfare, bet!; of tbem to* 

getter being tbe tcftingpoint of tbe tofcole man^nu bnto tbfe ena 

te be toapplpe bimfelfe ana all bte motions, allijfe intieuerg ana 

alibis uefire^aia: to W WgW* felicitiebenefite ana Welfare* 

j$oto,l)a& toe continues in our o?iginall nature 3 toe (boula fcatte The Mark* 
Ijatinopapitfatafl tofefce tfjemtfo? ourtoittoas inligbtenetitoiri) whereby to 
tbe figljt of our matfte , ana our toill toag tyatoen bp ourtetfare, ^rT^m 
tbat ig to fap,bp <0©D bp toijom aim foj toijom toe toere create*; and wS"of 
toljereas noto tbjougb our pjitie our epeg are gating at all things, Man, 
fauing our rigbt toap ana our rijieftatlfare,$?et nottoitfcftanmng, 
Uuee map trace it out ty certepnemarte , fpecialfp iftoeebeare in 
mpn& tbat toe be falnet fo? tben toee toill not flanu groping fo? it in 
tbe filtb of tbe tbingg tbat are bere beneatb^s folfte amazes at out 
fall ; but toee toili feefte fo;t it in tf# grace mxb in t\yt face of our ma* 
fcer from toljence toe be falnet o j like ag toben toe feefce to fcnotoe 
tlje bfc ann £©mte(Te of a toole (as fo? sample, of a ©atoe, ) toee 
tonfioer it not b^ tbe rutfineifetbeteof tbat batb eaten atoaptbe 
tm b,oj bp tbe tj?eafeegi tbat it bat!) taken b? fome fallen, but bv tint 
tktl) tbereoftalncl) are founti,fl)arpe,anD fmo^fudb ag tbep tuere 
toben tbep came netoe aut of tlje ^pt^emafeerg (bop: cuen fo mutt 
tȣ noetoicb tnat^tae muU not iunge of bte enu bp tlje blpntmefle, 
ignorance, naugbtinelfe, ann co^ruptneife t^at is; come i^p'on (jim, 
tmtbp tbeercellencie, gootmeffe, antiligljt tljattnaii in bim at tlje 
firfttoljen ®©D creates f)tm + 91fo toe iuuge not of tljefcfe of tbe 
S>aioe bp tbe mettali thereof in tbat it te &>t®iz y Q} in tbat itbatb a 
fjannie^ o? m tfjat it ^atlj an enge to c«t mit^all: fo? a fcnife batb all 
tljmgiEi , Mjtri) pet nottoitbltanuing fe neuer tip mo?e a ^atoe fo? 
*fl tbat: buttue nemte thereof bp fomepemliar fbape 3 anlitp fome 
J? opertie ofti&e t«t|i t^erof, to^icij mafee it to ntife^not onlp from 

% a 4fenife, 


a Knife , $e tobidj batb no tectb , but alfo from a f pie tat)tc6 &at| 
t&tb,botobeit of another fo?t« TOjen let \>$ ooe d>e like (till in man* 
3If toee n&me of tfte bfe tobcreto ©on f>atb appopnten l>im,bp tbat 
be liuetb,oj bp tbat be batb fences ; tobat nanedj man to be mane, 
feeing tbat tbe plants are innetoen toitb life, ann tbe biute^eafta 
botb toitb life ann foment nato batb be mane Sjg)an,ann be batfr 
not mane btm m napne^be bfe of bim tberefoje is to be taken, of 
tbat part tobtdj <S©D batb gtuen bim fpeciallp ann peculiarly ta 
make btm a man ; of tbat (31 fap) tobtcb maketb btm to niffer from 
tbe tbtngs tobtfb Ijaue but onelp being,life,ann fence:31 meane tbe 
fcerp btgbeff part of bis feoule ♦ 3game,tbe fapo perticular 0jape 
tobtcb gtuetb a perticular bfe to tbe <§>atoeits comm'ott to all t©Ies 
tobtcb beare tbe name of a g>atoe:ann tberefoje tbe ferial pjoper* 
tie of span tobtcb fftuetb btm a peculiar bfe tabid; w #ber Grea* 
turebatb, muftneenes bee after fucb afo2t{t&uliarbtttobtm 3 as it 
map neuertbeleffe bee common to all of tbt fame kpmi t tbat is t& 
fap,as al men are createn tod; tbat pjopertt^fo all men mttft tenn 
to tljat enn*8nn fojafmucb as tl;at enn is d;e fouerepne Welfare of 
Cpan^tljad; confequentlpcertepne marker oj tokens toberebp tt 
ts to bee kno tone* Span fearetb notbmg mo je tban W eno,neidiei: 
nefitetb be anp tbtng fo mucb as to continue foj etter: ann pet mt* 
toitbffannmtj tbe fouereine toelfare is t^t enn of span t ann tbere* 
fo?e it muXt n&nes bee an enn toidjout enn ; an entr tobtcb notb not 
confume o? toafte,fo as tbed;tng tobtcb tennetb to ft ftouln tberbp 
be fo?oone:bttt tobtcb perfected) 9 fulfilled; ft 3 fo as beponn tt tbere 
is not augbt tbat can bee nefiren 0? be*3lf tbere toere anp odjer be* 
pono itjit toere nettber an enn,tto? fouereine oj cbtef* 1$ut fo? fu<1> 
a one noe toe feeke^nn if it couln epdjer toatte oj perilb 3 toe migbt 
be afrapn to lofetttano tbe greater tljat tbe pleafure toere,tbe grea* 
ter alfo fboulo tbegreefe tbereof bee* 3£ut t^t pjopertte of ftltcitte 
0} bapptneflfe is,to content tl;e oeKre 9 to ercluoe feare* jfrototben, 
m toucbtng tbe tbtng tol;td; toe feekejtn refpect tbat toe feeke tt a£ 
our enn,tt bebouetb it to bee agreeable to tbe berp nature of span, 
peculiar to rije tobole kpnn>ann contmon to all tbat brof tbe kpnn: 
tnn in refpett tbat tt t's our fouereine toelfare , tt bebouetb it to btt 
bniuerfall, perfect, ann continual! ♦ 3na noto let H (tt toijat tbat 
map bt* 
^^J, ft)urelp i f toe confiner man ann tbe toojfo ; fn man tbt feence*; 
which man anB tn tbe SSJojlo dje fenftWe tbtngs x man as tbe beljol&er, ann tbr 
vis jwdfc tojfta^a^cacrc: manage pcii, in tytmp t(je^caS p?e* 
*- " pared 


pareu of all tljtngs conuenient foj &tm : toe toifl fap bpanobp , not 
onlp tbat tfjep be maoe tljc one foj tlje otber , but alfo tbat m fcerp 
aeeoe tbe 2Hojto toas mane ft? man,ano not man fo j tlje J3o jlo o j 
fo? anp tljtng t^erettn 3no ageinc , if toe conGoer Ijoto c&at in tlje 
CBojtlo tljere to toberetottlj to content tlje epe tbe eare ano ail tl;c 
fcncesf; but notbing tbat can fufftcientlp content tbempno, tbe 
tobtcb (as eartljlp as it is) paffetb from tbe tbingsuifiOie to tbe in* 
ttiGWe,from tbe booilp to tbe goSlp, ano from tbe creatures to tbe 
maker : Gail toe not eafilp conclude (tobiclj tbtng 31 toill treate of 
i iioje at large bereaftcr)tbat a s tbe toojloe cannot be mans enne, fo 
can it not alfo beljtecontentatwn % 9uo pet nottottbffanotng mau 
is not cwateu fo? nougljt ; nettber is tbe oeGre of bis otone toelfare 
planteo tn tyim to no purpofe* ff 0) as fap tbe Pjilofopljers D nat ure 
IjStb ma&ejtotbutg in i*pn,nettljer is (be map meo tn tying* neeo* 
fultXberefoje it muff nceos be, ano otbertopfe tt cannot be , but 
ibat tbe creator is tbe eno ano contentment of man , tobofe mpnti 
cannot be fatiffpeo no? bis totll contented to tlje full, if anp part of 
Sim oore8bppontJjefe&ple anotranGtojietljtngs* 3$p tbe toap 
toljereas toe comonlp affirme tljat ($00 is botb tbe eno ano tbe toel« 
fare of all djings foj tbat tfjep begupoeo ana lea tobitljerfoeuer be 
iiffetb by bis pjoutaence , ann alfo be maoe partakers of bis gooo* 
ties : toe mutt bnoerftanB tbat tbist's uertfieo of man after a moje 
Jjigb ano excellent maner* fflftbe Creatures Jjere beneatlje,fome 
baue but fence ano appettte,ano otljer fome but onlp a bare tncltna* 
tionofnature: onlp man Ijatb toitte ano toill ,toljiclj make bunas 
wan, jaoto all tbefe are tmfalltblp oirecteo toljetberfoeuer tt plea* 
fetb (Sod , as tlje arrotoe is leueleo at fome marke bp tlje 3rcljer. 
toljo Qjootetb tlje 3rroto ftrepgljt tljouglj it baue no epe to fee toitb* 
55ut man bp a peculiar p j mile oge batlj an imoe t ttano tog to tt toljtrij 
toas giuenbnto bmt cleereGgbtco ano cleane 5 tljat be migbt fee tlje 
marke tobereat be is leueleo; ano toill 3 toljtcb be recepuco frank ana 
free^ tljat be mpgbt repofe all bis oelpgljt tljerein : tlje one to knotoe 
ano oifcerne it, tlje otber to loue ano imbjacc tt ; tlje one to fee , and 
beljolo it, tbe otber to obtepne ano entop it» jQotot^en, as tlje bttijer 
enn of all Creatures bere beneatlje is man , ano tlje furtljeH f no of 
tbem isi <Soo : fo tbe neereft ano immeoiat eno of man is to knotoe 
(Solano bis onlp toelfare is to ff t'eke toljolp Dnto Ijtm* 

let^simagtnmanasmucljastoelt^to be Sit as fouuo as euer God is the end 
be toas: pet tobat enn,o? Wjac contentment coulo be l)m but on!p or Marke that 
tibto% 222e make greate account of riclje^tobat coulo be be tbe bet* Mail amcthat. 

$ 3 m 


tertobtcbba* gotten all, oitobtcb baD aHricged gotten fojljfm an 
rcanp to I;ts l}auo '; fo^ tuljjat els is tUe getting of tbis toojlD, but a 
pjoofe of U)ant anD pouertie ^ toe efteeme bpgblp of bouoj,of baine 
tptles,anD of Dignities : 9nr> toijat els are all t&efe but a bapnc ga« 
ftng anD toonDerment of people,tobtcb can be none at all toljere no 
people are v§>urclp t Ijcn toas not man fet in tljc tooilD,to tlje intent 
tbat tbat fyoulD be bis warh to ame at 5 anD muclj lefle eoulD be feefce 
bis contentment tbere*S>et nottoitbttanDingbebao recepueDmoje 
toit tban toe baue,anD not to no enD*3nD tberefoje toe mutt nceoe* 
fap it toas to Direct bim to fome further tljing tljan banitie,tobicb at 
tbat tpme eoulD baue no place atalU &ome toill Tap , bis fouereine 
toelfare confiffeo in bts f^altb* Z&fat toas bis beaM)> but bis berp 
being,anD tobat mafcetb beltb to be eSeemeu,but ufmefle^ano tobo 
longed fo*t it,but be tbat isDifeafeDVBut tobertto fer uecb ft ejrcefc 
lent a tott, if it be to baue nothing moje tban $ bjtite bca(h3iiotbct 
fates it cofitteu in bertue*Spoto in bertue,toing f bertue is notbmcf 
els but tbe fubDuing anD conquering af affection bp reafoii;tobereof 
foe toas i\\ poffeffion air eaDp bp nature 3 [anu baD bilD it ftill toitljou t 
rotcaDictio]if be l>ao not of bis otone acrejD peelDeo bimfelf to euil-t 
no to cben tub a t remained; , but tljat fojafmucb as man bat) not anp 
tying to Doe, either toitbin bimfelf oj toitbout bimfelf, bis toit toas 
giuenb'fm to ftpe bp botb aboue tbe toojlo^ aboue bimfelf,tbat is to 
toit,to tbe bebolDing of tbe €reatoj,to peelD bim thanks anD feruice 
foj bis innumerable benefits^ to be tobolp tnflameo toitb t^t lout 
of binrtnoto loofte tobat toas tbe en& anD fouereine toelfare of# firtt 
ntanjtbe fame muft toe tljtnfc to be of al otber men^ottoitbCanDing 
tbat out toit be toeafceneo $ our toill befotteD, $ all our nature eo* 
wereD ouer toitb rutt 3 $ marreD Ipke tbe teetb of a ^atoe^berfoje 
as tbe enD of tbe firft man tob5 be toas in bis perfect founDn es,toas 
to atteine bnto <0oD; fo tbe enD of bs in tbat fmall founfcncfle tobicft 
remained bnto bs,mutt be to tenD bnto bim-, $ like as p firft mans 
fouereine toelfare toas to QitU bnto 6oD;fo cannot toe bope to at* 
ttim to our fouereine todfare,but b^ returning bnto bim, In tbi* 
toelfare anD btmoft en& tobieb toe fet Dotone bnto man , let bs trpe 
tobetber toe can finD al tbe marftes tobtcb toe Ijaue requireo tberuu 
iFir(! 5 it ougbt to be peculiar to $ fcinD of man,$ confequentlppla* 
ceDin£nobleftpartof bmnjfroto inalltbefelotoer tbmgs,tobere 
is tbere an totDerftanDing toit, but onlp in man ; anD in man,tobat 
is moje noble , tban bis bnBerftanDing t anD tobat is it ( to fpcake 
Koperl?)tljat maketb bim a man^ut bnDerftauDing ^ ^ojeouer f 


tobo fee* not tbat man? b?ute beaffes hoc paffe man in Ipuclp fo? ce 
bottj of life ano fence ^ut in tbis alone be(as Plutark faitb)oot& 
paffe tbem all* g>eeonolp , it muff neuertljelt ift bee comon to alt 
men* j9oto ( as otterlp blinoeo ano cojrupteo as toe be ) tobat is 
iua?e common among OS ail,tljan tbe knotoleoge of ©oo \ 3lf Kt« 
cljes ano ijjono? bee tbe marke toe tycocc at ; bo to featoe of fo manp 
men tobicb leuell at it tutclj Speart,epe$>ano,ano &inetoes, ooe 
bit it ? Jf our toelfare confift m pairing cur bealtfcin baringocrtti* 
ous 5 in Healing op?igbtlp,o? in calmeneffe of mpnO; bo to featoe toa 
in top it * ©n t be contrarie part , tobo is To blpno , tbat be fecrtj noe 
©oo , as foone as bee ootb but looke out tottlj bi$ €pcs * o? tob i c& 
finoetb bim not tottljin bim felfe * o? tobicb attepnetlj not to bim. if 
be looke abou$!)imfeife'; 3no tobo feetb not tbis marke Jocleere 
(bat tbe tuo^Iti is but a ifcaootoe to it* fo great tbat tl;e tobole too?lo 
to notbing to it; ano fo ri&re,as tbat toe be not noerer to our fclucs? 
©j tobo can be afrapo to bee (but out from it, tobofe greatnes b uli 
roome inougb fo? all,anu tobofe fuffi cienc tejs fucb » as tbe fo?m c* 
(botte can be no impediment to tbe latter to baue a ligbtingplace* 
ft urelp tberefoje toe map ft el fap,tba t if toe bao continueo fo two, 
toe coulo baue bao none otbet m arfce o? eno but bim ; fo? all tbings 
els ban bin notbtng*9no noto alfo fo? all tbat toe be co?rupteo ; toe 
mtgbt not to teno o? inteno to anp otljer tban bim ; fo? be alone can 
be all to all, ano tljis popnt can be notobere but in bum Co be fljo& 
like as tbe bottle is tbe (bape of man,fo is tbe knotoleoge of (Son 
tbe true (bape of al onoerffan&ing of man* jfteuertbelelfe,altbougb 
tbe (bape of man toas oiffigureo in tbe fir tt man , pet tbere remaps 
netb a certeine comon concerning of ©oo 3 botobeit fo oefaceo ann 
fceflubbereo 3 tbat eicber toee oifcerne bim no mo?e to bee our enoe, 
tbougbb^e put os inmpno tbercofonall floes;o? els imagining 
our felues to leuell at tbat marke,toe ftoarue afioe one tobile to on* 
goolpnes,ano anotber tobpie to fuperffition; o? at Icafttoife toe bao 
leuer fo? tbe molt part,to roue at euerp tbmg tbat our fences mate 
tottbail, ano too toaliotoe in tbefc bace tbings like Seaftes tobicfc 
baue no mo?e but tbetr fences 

Wcolp in our foucreine toelfare, 31 reriuireO tbat it ffjoulo bee 
Ottiuerfall*jj5oto tobere (ball it be founo to be fo but in ©oo,tobo is 
in oeeoetbeoerp gooo of all gooones , ano tbe oerp toelfare of all 
toelfare tbat is in tbe too?lo *t 9lfo tljat it (boulo be perfect ano full* 
9tto tobat oeCre toee but tbe tbings tbat are * 9no tobst can bee 
toant , totycb potTeKetb b*m in tobome all tbings are * 3game , a 

% 4 aooco 


atvtien tljat cfjc fame mutt be euerlaff mg ant> tmebaungeaWe* jftoto 
tobo can bee fo , but tlje maker of ojoer ant) cljaungc it felfe S ana 
tobat tljing fee toe bare in tljis too?o,pea enen in our fclues,tobirlj 
abpoctij in one Hate bp tlje fpaee of ttoo moments ^ Co be fijo^e , if 
toee oefire to content our fence*, bee Ijatb maoe fenfible things ftj 
tlje nonce ; ano if toe oeGre to content our mpnt>,lje bimfeife is tbe 
tljings tbat are to be mpnoco • SSberc tljcn is tbe tljing to be rero* 
uereo tobicb toe couet , but onelp in Ijim *t j3oto as touching tbitf 
bniu cr fall fouereine gooo,true it is tljat all of us are able too nefire 
it.bu t fo^ tbe mo(t part of M , enable to oifcerne it, ant) none of Da 
able to att cine fento it ♦ Cljere remainetb notljing to us at all , 31 
meane euen to tlje belt of bs fince our f ali,but a graf tbat me baue 
it not anp mo?e , anb tbat toe be not able of our felues to recouer it 
ageine bare belatoe^ben let bs fap,tljac as it bat) bin a Ijappp cafe 
fo? bs,t o baue continues ff til in our firft date : fo is it no to f o j bs to 
teturne tbitljer againe; tbat is to fap,to be fet againe in ©obsfo 
uour,tbat toe map onjpap fee bte face pet againe^no becaufe tljia 
tteffeones canot be tyougbt to perfection in djts Rfe fo full of tojet* 
cljebnes t toe nrntt btfpofe our Ipfe in tljis toojl^not to liue ff ill in 
tbe toojfitfmt to ope in refpetf of tljefe oeab tljings,anb to liuebn* 
so ©otr; atleatttoifeif toee tntenb toliue tbe true Ipfe , anb to Urn 
The faifcends jQoto tben toee fee tbat toee baue feunb our true refffagpopnt 
and the faifc a n $ ottr true toelfare 3 tljat is to toit tlje tumingageine totto ©oo r 
welfares. from ^ ofc f mnt ano fellotolbip toe be tepartetr. tf o? pjoof tber* 
of,toe neeoe but to examine from point to point tbe otbec enbs anu 
toelfares toljirb toojlolp men Doe fct do tone to tljemfelucs, bp tlje 
tokens 9 pjoofes tobicb 31 baue maoe of tlje otljer alreaop^HBber* 
fcp as toe (ball fino a common oefiroufenes in all men tofeeke tbe 
toelfare ; To toill toe ooubtleffe toonoer at fuclj oiuerfitie of tailes, 
totjtcb Ukt to tbe luffing* of tbem tbat baue tbe grdene feicknefle, 
(tobo be greeop of Duff 3 Coales , 3(bes ana fuclj otber baggage) 
cannot but betojap bnto bs a ffraunge oiffemperature ano corrup* 
tion of our toljole nature* Spoft men (jaue in all ages fpent tljett 
toljole life a eitljer irt raking to^ithtx of ricbes,o? in 9mbition 5 o? in 
gurcbaBng of laht>s,oj in puffingup tljemfelues tottfc t\)t toino of 
J^poe* 3no toljat can bee mo?e contrarie to tlje Ipking of our ton» 
berftanbing,tban tljofe tbings f Zl)t ent> toljereto tbtngs teno 3 igf 
Setter tljan tlje tbings tljemfelues* ^Stbat is it tfjen fo? a man too 
Senb Ijtmftlfe to tljefe outtoarb things 5 but too $etoc tljat toee be 


too?fe ti)tn €artt) ann Damg ^ 3no tolj d tooulo not btl&ut tbat 
tbe g>oule of man toere infinitelp lefle mane fo? fuel) tfjmgg , t&a» 
dotb of <fi5oto to to?ap top mp?e ano nirt int 

3lfo toee feeke t&c attermofl; eno of mam jfroto tofjo ft fje tftac *«**&■ 
Beftretb not l&trfjea fo? fome otljer eno, tban fo? tbe Hicljes tljem* 
felues *r namelp tbat bee migbt rptnu tbem ettber toantonlp o? bo* 
no?ablp,o? neceffarilp ? Bap tnijo tooulu paflfc fo? tbem at all,tf ije 
migbt Ijauc tbe otber tbtngs toitbout tbem*; Mm it not fo ; toljat 
tuere mo?e ta^etdjen tban man in toijofe eno confitfetb W toelfarej 
feeing tl;at citljer tlje £2ttno,o? Jf p?e,o? robbing map bereue b$ of 
t&ac fclicitie ; tfjat fe to toit , ouertobelme US toitl) mtferies in out 
moment ^ 3gaine , fr oto can l&icljes be tlje common marke fo? alt 
men to (&atfe at , feeing tbat tlje inricljing of one man is tlje impo* 
verifying of anotfjer *t gea ano tljat t&e berp baeing of tfjem confe 
ftet& but in tbeopiniotrof men,fome counting (Solo, fome ftonetf, 
fome <6>&eUeMtt& fome Butter to be Hicljes ; ami ail refembitng 
powg c&ito?en,tobtcl) fet al rtjetr felin'tie in Cljeckffoneg 9 pirate*.* 
Sim torfjat fe it fo? men to fet tfjeir felicitie in tbingg taljirf) ace nei- 
ther Span no? of span,a$ if tljep (boulo fet t&e goone* of a ftnpfe 
in tbe &&eatb, 0? of a ^fe in W jf ©teclotb 0? feaoole *t Co b& 
fto?t,boto can tbat bee tbe fouerein ©art , tobiclj ig no gcoo at alft 
fcrijicb te common ag toel to tbe batrasi to tlje ga&,an& uotj ratljee 
impaire mm tban ameno tlj£m *: £)? botoe can tbat bee our rijerfe 
marke to (bote at, tobicb of all tljingg tttrnedju^ moll fr5 tfje true 
marke 3 tliat i$ to toit 5 from ©00 ; ass in truertj tbere i0 not a reaoiec 
Suap to D}iut b$ quite ano cleanc from ©on, ti)&n to D?ato w ne^ 
rer ano neerer to too?Wp riclje^ 

aino tobat fe Qmbititm'tWiz mfgljt nifcourfe of tfjat tpme toirij^ Honor* 
nut enu:fo? in berp oaoe it tjatl) no eno^ome attepne to fome cer* 
tt^nt popnttotfjerfome be quitt ejccIuoeo*(I22birf) of tfjem in our 0* 
pinion are tbe bappiett *t S>cotbIp tljep t&at are ejccluoeo are oifap^ 
popnteo of tljeir p?etenteo felicitie^ljat is al tfte barme tljep bauc 
ftp iu%\)tp tljat attepne to ljono?,are in continuafto?ment,fpigbt* 
full 0? fpigI)teo,ooing mifcbiefe 0? recepuing mifdjiefe, ouermatcn 
0} ouermating.SBIjat in tbfe but manp euilto To? ane^ano a mul* 
tiplping of miferies( toitljout number, fo? t\)t obt^nement of one 
Cllie (ftaBotoe of felicities Wit twill leaue tbe reiioue to oeclamericit 
toljat are tlje fruited of tljefe^ellifl) to?mentg,\jul)at are ftep^jTc?* 
fotb!Ipottour,l^eputation,anii potoer 0? 3utbo?ttic* fi^batis all 
^buttopno^ictj cannot ftUUjs,noj fcarflp puffet»^ t?p?3i ^?nU 



$$0 OF THE T R E W N E S 

be Taltttcu as 31 goe afyoaue,3! (ball fit bigbett at matfags*3fn h*i 
uing tbefe tbings 3 tobat baue % tobicb a toicfceo man map not ra* 
tber baue tljan 3ft 3nn if it be a gcoa tbtngjjoto is it giuen to ^uifl 
meirt 3! (ball baue reputation ♦ 31f it bee among euillmett 3 © \)M 
fljal 3! be blameo among gcotj men/perbaps 31 ft al baue it among 
got* men»3If fo? bertuettobo fort not tljat reputation is but a (ba< 
aotoe , maae to follotoe bcrtuet 3no tobo Ml runne after tbe (ba« 
$otoe,to fojgoe tbe botip^f freelp fa notbing. (as men fap)bpon 
Creatte : tobo knotoetb not tbat tbing to be noting toojtb, tobicfc 
is giuen foj nougljt , anu bp fucb as are nougbtftiojtb *t 9nu teb* 
Ml bel&ue tbat toe be bojne to fucb an enn as tbat*: » jftap ratber, 
boto manp be tbe flaunoers toberetmtb gcoa nitf be cbarg*& : info* 
mucb tbat timers tpmes tbep bee fapne to fojtgoe tlflrir reputation, 
fojtbep?eferuation of tbeir Confcienre? ^ >■ 
powre A«- .f inallp, 31 ftall baue obtepnea potoer ana autfiojttie ♦ 3If tbat 
Il!l?"^nH? bt tit* m of span 5 boto bappenetb it tljat foj one mans i)miii$ of 
it 3 fo litany millions are fapne to goe Mbout ittana if it be bis fcu 
uereine gi^tobereof commetlj tt^tbat not onlp it is turner to cml* 
but alfo commonlp turnetb tbe pofleflbjs hereof to euill ? T5ut let 
fcs put tbe cafe tbat an tbis te gartuCo tobom? jFo? euerp one tbat 
is bono^eu as apjince, ten tboufano are fapne to im&le : f oj one 
tbat trpumpbetb,abuntyeotboufan& are Ie& in capttmrietjfoj one 
tbat reignetb,ten fjuntyeu tboufanu ferue as g>Iaues* 35p tbis rec* 
fconmg,fante onlp one man (bouin be tbe eitn of manp memanu tbe 
felicitie of tbjfc 0} fotoer fbouio bee tbe infelicitie of a tobole tao^Itr* 
Mmb our feeing is fo? tbe en* ami feIicitie,not of fome one o? tloa 
ttten,but of all tbe tobole fepno* SQbat toiflpe fap tljen if euen tbofe 
fetoebaue it not <t 31 ta&e to tmtnefife tbe bappieft Courtiers tbat 
are,tobetber one injpelcofte of tbeir prince &o not ftt'ng tbem moje 
at tbe beart,tban a tboufanu flatterers ana as manp eroucbers ann 
cappers can aeligbt tbeir eares ana epes <: jQap, 3! report me euen 
to t\yz grratett princes tbemfe!ues,lob^tber one Hebeflion of tbetc 
feubtects againft tbem 3 ooe not be? tbem mo?e tban all tbeir bono* 
rable trpumpbs atrereiopce tbem? Sinn toere it not a fljame to fap, 
tbat mans fottererar goon (Tjouln ttantj in atueoj oepenn uppona 
grim la&e H SHbatels. tljen are all tbefe tbings, but refemblances 
of tbe Apples tbat groto about g>ofcome, tobicb beingpleafant to 
tbe epe 5 mn p^ouofttng to tbe appetite , noe baniib into fmoafce oj 
into fcote as fame as a man puts bte tatb to tbem^ 
^etoe? tl;is 3 t\)t feliritie of man ougfjt to abpce in tty tbtng it 


ftlft^uc tbe contentment of tbe ambtcioug perfon,nepenbetb & p e 
pon anotber,9lfo it ougbt to be euerlafting: T5ut ambition enoetfc 
tortb tbe bot>p,an& fe burpea toitb it in tbe fame graue*3gaine 3 tbc 
tbingg tfjat ambition crauetb > are fougbt fometpmeg foj fome o* 
tber tbings fake : but tote oemauno an eno toberebpon to retrain* 
not a meane to an enne ♦ %o bee (bojt/o farce of fe ambition from 
being a toap to tying b$ to fottereine gcob o? felicitie ; tbat in berp 
truetb ( ajs 3I baue fapb afoje ) it caftetb b* miferablp bofcme , an& 
tnaketb btf to fall quite ana cleane from it. 

jftoto/eeingtmarmotfinmJjetbinfftoe^ T&enmoft 

mong men,noj in tbefe too?tolp tbingg; &otb it not foiloto tbat toe €nd f- ^°" CTeio 
mutt feefce it in ow^Iu^gmrelp tbe toojto te not of it felfe, no? f^i^. 
fo} it felfe 5 but.jpag mape bp anotber,ano foj anotijetjneptber batb raf. 
man bfe tftone b^gimting of bimfelkano tberefo?e be cannot be tbe 
ma of bmtfeIfe*Cbe maker of a tbing maketb it not To? tbe tbing* 
Me,but fo? bfe otone faketantr tberefoje be bimfeffe is tbe enne of 
fug toojke ♦ 9gaine,tbe tbing tbat ig mane i$ not gcob in refpcct of 
it felfjbut foj tbe bfe o j eno tobereto tbe maker maketb ittano tber* 
foje tbe maker bmtfelf i* tbe fouereine g©o tbereoMSut let bg tiifc 
couer tbe matter pet mo?e Iargelp*$pau fe compofeo of ^>o&ie ami 
feoule ; tbe 3$om'e mo?tafl,tbe §>ou!e immojtalL Motojf toee fet 
mans felicitie in W borne on!p;toe &oe too great to?ong,bofb to t^t 
g>ouIe 3 ano to tbe tobole man, f oj if it conftft in tbe bo&ie, it peri* 
fbetb anb faoetb atoap toitb tbe bo&ie* 3n& tben tobat remapnetij 
to tbe feoule tobicb ouetfiuetb, but tojetcbetmeffe 'tT&ixt toee Icoke 
foj a felicitie tobicb belongetb to t%t tobole Span, ano to bfe tobote 
life botb togetber* Slgaine^bat fbouto be tbte felicitie of tbe bo&p, Bcaude. 
tmletfeperbapg it bee^eautie; tobicb glaooetb moje tbebeboluer 
tban tbe bauer tbereof^atto pet toitbin a tobile afreet's loft b^ fome 
toouno ? fome fo?e, feme pimples, o j fome S>unburntng % %n t%z 
feoule iopneb toitlj tbe booie toee baue tb?a abilities , namelp of 
Iife,of fence>ano of bnoerftan&ingXet bja; fe in tubicb of tbefe tb^a 
tnang fouereinetuelfare anrr cm map be barberen* %ty ^>oule gt^ 
ttetb life to manji bobie, ans tbe perfection of life iss bealtb \ 3Jf our HdA 
life ferue to none otber eno tban tbatjUJbat barr tbe firft man to ooe 
Doitb it , tuljo toaji creates bealtbfull > 3If it mnft bee tbe eno of b$ 
noto after our co?ruption-,tobat tsai mo?e bnbappie tban man*: Jf5ap, 
tobat i$ mo^e bncapable of bappinelfe tban man*; 3 booie fnWtt to 
aftoufanooifeafejs 3 atboufano barmen, atboufeorfaunger^ 
toedke, fraple^ fraught toitfc miferie^ioitljm, tojappeo in tljem 




lmtbout;alb)ate$ bncertepne of Itfi^altoateg Cure of bea$; tofjoma 
Jfttojme^anl^ear^a grapneof ouft map kill : tobo if betokcb foj 
none otber bappineflfe tfjan tljat , baere mipb better to bee a plant 
tban a ^an ♦ 3garae 3 tobo is fo founb an& bealtbie of bon(e,o? fo 
btfeafeo m mpnr^tobtcbCtfbe torn put to tbe cbopce)bao not leuet 
to baue a founb mjmo in a ficke 6obie 3 tban to bee out of bte brittetf 
fcauing perfect bealtb of borne *t 5§>atblp tben it 10 a berp cfere ar« 
guraent,tjb*t our cbiefe bappmeflTc retfetb in our mpnb 3 feeing toee 
can finoe in our Ijartsss to rebomte it toitb tlje miferieg of our boot** 
Boaity Plea- let b# come too tbe fen Gtiue parte* %\yz bappines tbereof fee^ 
furc,voiu P - metb to confiff in ftoluptuoufenes o? &en(lialitie* 3ift(iac make 
tuoufciiew ^bappp;tbenbapppbeb?utebea8e0,aj5li)5oopei)feic botbrno^ 
freelp anb uu tb moje beipgbc tban toee : an^imbagpp ftman,ttbu> 
cannot tubolp becone a bead, botnbatfce catt t <£fee beat! taketbbte 
pleafurc,britbout regarb brtjo feesbim,butbout remote of confct* 
ence , ana toitljout an? argebnng agetittt bmtfelfe* Contrary 
tutfe , tobat man is bee brijtclj faletb not a Latoe inbtmfelfe tbat 
goes about to bjpblebmi; tobicb feeletb not a bartbpting in tbe 
ini&os of bfe pleafure ; oj tobofc greateft belpgbts leaue l)im not a 
Oing of repentance bebinb tbem *t 3no tuljat bapppneg can tljat U 
labwcof toe be atbameo, ana tobicb compelled bs to feeke couere 
fo? tbe booing tbereof * 3!fo toljat a fono tooojkman toa* be , tbat 
ft ameb bs fo farre bnKt fo> r fuclj a purpofe. ? infomucb tbat toberas al 
our bobp is Ipable too acbes $ fficb e« botb toitljw $ tottbout anb on 
all finest e fcarflp baue aboue ttoo 0} tbjee parts bpo bs capable of 
pleafure 3 anb euen tbofe alfo fubiect to greef anb pepne. let tbere 
be a man (fapetb Plu tarke)tbat batb leb bis tobole Ipfe in pleafure 
am> fenftiaKtie;an& about a ttoo 01 tl^ee botoer* afoje be bjatoc to- 
toar&s Deatb.lct Um be put to bis t^tz tobetber be bab leuer too 
beligbt btsi fences b^ Iping bJitb l)i* Lais, o^ belpgbt bis minb tuir& 
^eliucrtngbisf Countrp from fome greate periLbiil be(tbink pou) 
lie fo berp a beafoas to bout biljtcb of tbem be fbal cbcofe^^bo ftctb 
not tben tbat tbe pleafure of tbe nun&,fe botb greater tljan tbe plea* 
fure of tbeboDp,anb mo?c peculiar to man^anb mo^e agreeable tea 
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